Can't seem to deliver car with bomb under seat ?

  1. If I drive under 30 or 40mph it blows up. Any easy routs to deliver the car or any other help would be appreaciated. Thanks, Onil

    User Info: Onilone

    Onilone - 9 years ago


  1. youtube have the answer. There're dozen off vids showing how to complete this broken mission in this broken dlc. Use round, bug turn alot. At the end of the long road, make a detour to the right instead of going left like the way point cuz it's a hard 180 turn which pushes your speed to 0 and you blow up. If you go left around the street under the highway you can turn 90 at the end of the mission, giving you enough time to mush "end mission".
    That's hard!

    User Info: Ijustplaythegam

    Ijustplaythegam - 9 years ago 0   0

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