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Guide and Walkthrough by OgesMC

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/20/2011
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Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker Walkthrough
version 1.0
By: OgesMC


[SBX]   Introduction
[SB1]   Walkthrough
[SB2]   Other things to do
[SB3]   Disclaimer

[SBX]   Introduction

Lair of the Shadow Broker is an add on for Mass Effect 2 that was released for
download on September 7th, 2010 for the cost of 800 Microsoft Points.

The content adds a new mission that reunites Commander Shepard with former
squadmate (and romance option) Liara T'Soni, in an effort to help her track
down the elusive Shadow Broker. Besides the cinematic Action Movie esque 
combat and story, Lair of the Shadow Broker adds two upgrades, access to the 
Shadow Broker's intelligence center, and a chance to rekindle your past romance
with Liara (if applicable). If you did not romance Liara in Mass Effect, you 
can still spend an evening with her, though it won't be as intimate.

This guide is my own work and is based off of the Xbox 360 version of Mass 
Effect 2. All versions should be the same but if I missed something or 
something is unclear in the guide, do not hesitate to contact me right away by


As always, any additions or comments are credited to those who made them if 
they are implemented into the guide in any way.

[SB1]   Walkthrough

Check Normandy Mail

As with other Mass Effect 2 content downloads, Lair of the Shadow Broker begins
as a private message. Read the message to learn that Cerberus has information
on recent purchases by The Shadow Broker. This information is likely very
useful to Liara T'Soni in here search for the Shadow Broker. A new mission is
added to your journal after you read the message, and you can now head to 
Illium and speak with Liara about it.

And before you ask, yes. Checking the Normandy Mail really is a mission..

Speak to Liara

To find Liara, you must first travel to Illium. From the Galaxy Map on the
Normandy, use the Mass Relay to travel to the Crescent Nebula System, and then
to Illium (the second planet from the 'sun').

Please note that you need to insert Disc 2 to land on Illium and the game will
prompt you to insert Disc 2 if you have Disc 1 inserted.

From the market area, go upstairs through the administration door to find Liara
and speak with her. Choose the "Let's get the Shadow Broker" dialogue choice to
initiate the quest. Liara is pleased with the information you have, and she
mentions a friend, Feron. Feron helped Liara recover you after you died...

Continue the conversation how you see fit, learning more of Feron and Liara's
take on the matter. Liara agrees to meet you at her apartment, so make your way
to the docking bay to take a cab there.

Take Cab to Liara's

To reach the docking bay from the administration office, first head back down
the stairs and enter the door at the bottom. Pass through the shipping room to
the transportation area, and head to the end of the docks to the Cab console.
Call a Cab and choose your location, Liara's apartment. 

Enter Liar's Apartment

As you enter the apartment, there are police everywhere. Someone has made an
assassination attempt on Liara! Tela Vasir, an Asari Spectre clears the 
apartment of police and starts talking to you. Inquire about the attack, 
investigation, and Liara's location to learn more. Apparently, a sniper fired 
a few shots into the apartment but there is no body nor blood, Liara likely 
made it out. Tela Vasir also mentions that Liara didn't leave the apartment
right away after the shooting, so whatever she was doing at the time had to 
have been important! 

Investigate Scene

-First Floor-

After the conversation with Tela Vasir, it is time to look around Liara's place
for clues. Examine points of interest around the apartment:

Shot Impact: The rifle used was not standard issue here, and though Liara's
Kinetic Barrier reflected the shots, they were still strong enough to penetrate
the apartment's glass.

N7 Armor: Part of your old armor.

Degree Certificate: A doctorate from the university of Serice. Obviously, Liara
has put that education to good use here on Illium.

Painting: A painting of Ilos, seen through Liara's eyes obviously from the 
team's time there in Mass Effect.


Picture: Changes from the Normandy to the Prothean Dig Site when you touch it.
Tela Vasir suggests checking the various Prothean objects around the place.
Perhaps Liara did leave a message for you..

Prothean Relic: This relic must be worth a fortune!


Prothean Relic: Tela Vasir comments on Liara's taste, "She was certainly into
Ugly. No offense."

Prothean Relic: There is a backup disk hidden within the final relic. A 
recorded call between Liara and a contact named Sekat. Sekat has narrowed down
the location of the Shadow Broker and asks Liara to meet him in his office at
Baria Frontiers in the Dracon Trade center. Tela Vasir knows where the Trade
Center is, and takes you there.

As you reach the Dracon Trade Center, the building explodes! Liara must be 
inside, and you have to find her!

Enter Trade Center/Find Baria  Frontiers

Whoever just set off the explosions inside may still be here, be on your guard.
Enter the door to the main lobby and examine the dead employee. The locker 
nearby contains some credits (3570). Examine the elevator to inform Tela Vasir
via com link that the elevators and security are down. 

Head up the stairs since the elevator is out, taking the Medigel from the
Medical Station at the top. You now enter the Atrium Offices. Examine the dead
employee to find that he is riddled with military grade bullets. Explore the
area, grabbing the Medigel from the Medical Station and credits (2500) from the
PDA near a corpse. Head up to the second level and Hack the ATM for credits
(6250). Head right from the ATM to the back of the balcony to find some power
cells, head back towards the ATM and past it to find a Bomb on the right side
near the door to Baria Frontiers. Examine the bomb to find it to be of military
grade also, but it is not armed..

You can now enter the door to Baria Frontiers.

Baria Frontiers/Search For Liara

Use the log book right in front of you, Liara signed in just minutes ago.. The
door to the offices is now open, proceed inside. As soon as you start down the
hall, you are hit with a concussion grenade and attacked by a few Shadow
Broker Agents and a Shadow Broker Heavy. Take cover at the beginning of the 
hall and take them out. The Shadow Broker Heavy carries heavy weapons (just
like Shepard can), so be cautious when facing it. Enter the room just before 
the hallway to find a terminal that holds credits (3000). There is a Shadow
Broker Vanquard, more Agents, and Heavy waiting down the hall. Take out the 
Vanguard first, as they can be quite troublesome on the higher difficulties. 
Make sure you use powers to strip her barrier, and then use anything you'd like
to finish her off. At the end of the hall, find cover as you are attacked by
Agents, Heavies, and a Shadow Broker Engineer. Advance slowly using the offices
or hallway debris for cover, and make sure you take them down quickly from a
distance. Access the Terminal in the offices for credits (3000) and grab the
Medigel from the Medical Station at the end of the hall in the Kitchen area. 

Head through the open doorway in the Kitchen to find the stairs blocked by 
fire. Vasir suggests finding a switch to activate the fire suppressor systems,
so enter the room to the immediate left and activate the Maintenance Console.
The flames throughout the building are now doused and the stairs clear. Salvage
the now accessible machinery for credits (1500) and the Refined Element Zero
(1000) before leaving the room and heading upstairs.

As you reach the top of the stairs you hear a Broker Agent talking to his 
buddy, and you can watch as a concussion grenade rolls out in front of you.
Evade or take the concussion blast (preferably stepping back to evade) and 
fight off the Agents at the top of the stairs. One agent is right there on top,
and the others are at a distance, use cover to take them out and advance to
the room they were guarding. Access the Research Terminal in the room to find
a Heavy Pistol Damage Upgrade, excellent! Head to the next room and open the
wall safe for credits (5000). Open the door to the next room.

Liara's contact is shot by a Broker Agent and Vasir steps in and shoots the
Agent.  As you enter, Vasir asks if you have found Liara's body and Liara steps
out of the shadows and points her weapon at Vasir. Try to figure out what is
going on (through the conversation wheel) and Liara says Vasir is the one who
tried to kill her. Liara backs this claim by mentioning how she doubled back
after the shooting at her apartment, and witnessed Vasir breaking in. Advance
the conversation as you draw your own weapons on Vasir. Vasir signaled the
Shadow Broker forces, took Sekat's Data, and then killed him.

Vasir attacks using Biotics, calling Liara a Pure blood as she does. Liara uses
her Barrier to block the attack, Shepard tackles Vasir, and the both of you go
flying out the window. Watch the skirmish unfold on the ground, and liara soon
jumps down and chases after Vasir. Your squad rejoins you just as some Agents
enter the area. A Broker Vanguard will enter soon after so be cautious, and
focus on her first. After the Agents are dealt with, follow after Liara. When
you make it back to the main lobby take cover and prepare for a few waves of
Broker Agents along with a Broker Heavy and two Broker Engineers. Be vigilant
and survive the assault before heading outside.

Outside you find Liara and Vasir in a shootout. Vasir summons her vehicle when
you appear, and hops in and drives away. Liara jumps in her own ride as do you.
It looks like it is time for some space-car chase action! Choose a single 
squad mate to bring along for the ride (of the two that were with you) and go
after Vasir!

Pursue Vasir

Skycar Controls:

Left Control Stick (forward) - Accelerate
Left Control Stick (left/right) - Bank left or right
Right Control Stick - Steer
Left Trigger - Speed up

Ok, for the Skycar chase keep after Vasir's vehicle and do not let it out of
your sight. If you lose sight of her, you have to restart from a checkpoint,
so keep her in sight and try to catch her! Vasir will lead you through tunnels,
oncoming traffic, and sharp twists and turns in an effort to lose you. After 
a short time, Vasir starts to throw proximity bombs out so make sure you avoid
them since your Skycar has no weapons to speak of. Once you catch up to Vasir,
she slams head on into another Skycar and crashes down below. Vasir calls for
backup and flees on foot. 

Hotel Azure

Once you land, Liara joins your squad along with the other squad mate you chose
before the chase. Before you run off and continue the pursuit, take a moment to
enter the squad power screen through the start menu so you can distribute 
Liara's points.

Liara T'Soni

Asari Scientist


Submachine Gun


Turn to the Skycar and open the Medkit for Medigel. Did you distribute Liara's
points in the squad menu? I hope so, you're in for a fight. Walk up the stairs
and the first wave of Shadow Broker scum will transport in via Skycar. Take 
cover by the plants and take out the first group. The next group will transport
in on the left (you may still be fighting the first group, so be aware). Use
the same plants for cover, but adjust your position accordingly. The next two
waves will drop in on the right side. Again, adjust your position so you stay 
behind cover relative to the enemy position. The fifth wave will come in right
near the plants, on the right side. The final wave will drop below, where you
originally were (on the Skycar parking area). Each wave includes a Engineer and
three regular Agents.

Note: After running through the DLC a few more times, it seems that the waves
drop in different locations and it is seemingly random. The above pattern of
Center, Left, Left, Right, Right, Below seems to occur most often though. Just
be aware that the Agents could drop in Center, Left, Right, Below, Right, Below
or any other combination of the drop points.

Search the surrounding area to find thermal clips laying around (which you most
likely now need) and check the Bank Terminal near the first Agent Landing to
find some credits (1500). Advance to the left of the first landing, and enter
through the now open wall that the Skycar so generously crashed into. Enter the
suite through the automatic doors and hang a right to find a Wall Safe in the
kitchen. Bypass the safe to find credits (6000). Grab the thermal clips from
the "dead" Loki Mechs and step into the other room to find two civilians 
cowering in the corner. While in this room, view the Lustful Video and Liara
will describe the Hotel to Shepard. 

Now that you know what Azure stands for, head out on to the balcony to find
some power cells near Tela Vasir's Skycar. Examine a broken panel on the Skycar
to find a Damage Protection Upgrade. Liara spots a blood trail leading away 
from the Skycar, follow the blood trail along the balcony to the next suite.

Take a immediate right into the bedroom to find a Medical Station (Medigel) and
a weapon loadout locker, where you can change your squads weapons if you wish.
There is another Medical Station in the kitchen, so grab the Medigel and then
examine the Personal Datapad on the in-table for credits (2500). Take the only
other door to exit the suite and pick up the blood trail.

Tela Vasir, when confronted, grabs a hostage, and points a gun to the poor 
woman's head. You are presented with some dialogue choices which do not make
any difference, but the next set will. Tela Vasir commands you to drop your
thermal clips and power cells on the ground, else she kills the hostage. If you
have high enough Paragon or Renegade ratings, you can follow one of those paths
to talk down Tela Vasir. Otherwise, you either lose your ammunition or wound
the hostage. Hopefully you have enough of one rating to initiate those 
conversations, as it adds to the Mass Effect experience!

I'll shoot if I have to - _     _ - [Drop thermal clips]
     -Paragon-             \   /
                           ( o )
                          _/   \_
        You're Pathetic -         - [Wound the Hostage]

No matter how the hostage situation ends, you now have to duke it out with
Tela Vasir, and she is one tough Asari.

Boss: Tela Vasir

Vasir will use Biotic charge to sprint around the area, and she has a barrier
and armor. She will use shockwave on you and summon rocket drones and Broker
troops (Engineers) every time you do substantial damage to her. Her barriers, 
armor, and health are all pretty strong/high so stay in cover and keep chipping
away at them. Make use of Liara's Stasis and Warp especially while Vasir still 
has a barrier up. 

Once she is finally defeated, Liara recovers the data and Vasir, still alive,
begins preaching about why she did what she did. Continue the conversation for
some interesting last words from Vasir. Reflect on them for a moment, and then
Shepard will head back inside where Liara is examining the data and inform her
that Vasir is dead. Liara transfers the Data to the Normandy and mentions her
friend Faron and her plan for the Shadow Broker.

 **** There are two Paragon conversation interrupts here 

 - Use the interrupts to extend the conversation, comforting Liara and to
express your thoughts on the past.

 **** There is also another interrupt if you romanced Liara in Mass Effect

 - Use the romance interrupt and Liara expresses her past and present feelings,
where they took her, and how things are now.

Liara can get you to the Shadow Broker, and has a plan: Get in, get Faron, get
out. Killing anyone in the way. 

Sounds like a solid plan, Liara is coming along so select your other desired
squad member and continue. 

Hagalaz - Broker Ship Exterior

Liara talks about the ships location during the scene, and also informs you
that you have to land on the exterior of the ship and look for a way inside.
She is also quick to warn you that the team must move quickly to get in and
avoid the harmful weather effects.

Note that the violent winds will work in your favor, and using throw or pull
powers (or other similar ones) on enemies will lift them up into the atmosphere
and out of the fight.

Take a left and head down to the edge of the ship, moving along the edge. A
few maintenance drones attack, deal with them and move on. After the second 
batch of drones, head up the ramp on the right, salvaging the Conductor 
Components on the ramp for credits (3000). Move down the walkway towards the
lightning capacitors and a few Agents appear. Take cover and shoot the one of
the capacitors to zap the Agents, shooting the other if you need to. From now
on, whenever you see these lightning spires, shoot them if enemies are near to
deal the heavy electric damage to them. Note that once shot, the spire is 
temporarily unavailable for 'use', and takes a few seconds to recharge before
you can shoot (or use powers) on it again.

Pass by the capacitors and take a left, going back down to the edge of the ship
to find three Loki Mechs, take them out and head up the ramp on the right. Take
cover, as some Agents, drones, and an Engineer will attack. The good news is 
that these guys are right near a lightning spire, use it for some easy damage
and then take them out with your powers or weapons. Activate the Rod Controls
near the spire to retract a part of the ship that was blocking your way. You
will be attacked by some Agents, a Vanguard, and a Heavy. Use the spire for
some quick damage again, and then finish them off however you'd like.

Head around the spire and back down towards the edge of the ship (left) to find 
more Loki Mechs, and some Conductor Components that hold credits (4000). Take
a right from the Components to reach the very edge of the ship and then head
along that edge, fighting off the Loki Mechs and Agents that drop down until
you reach a door. Enter the door to the Engine Room and examine the Ship's 
Engines and Motion Dampeners to hear what Liara has to say about them. Grab
the power cells and Refined Palladium (4000) and thermal clip in the corner
before heading back outside.

As you advance past the support beams, grab the Medigel from the Medical
Station on the left. Continue up the ramps until you reach some spires. Take
cover right in front as some Agents, a Vanguard, and a Heavy attack. Use the
spires to damage them easily, and finish them off with powers or attacks. Climb
over the barriers to make it to the other side of the ship, and head to the 
ship's edge. Take cover as some Loki Mechs appear, and advance slowly while
you take them out. After the Mechs, start the climb back up and take cover when
you see the Vanguard and Agents. Take them out, focusing on the Vanguard first,
before moving past them to the Panel Controls. Since your way is blocked by
the extended panels, use the controls to retract them and clear the way. Make
your way to the next lightning spire, and fight off the Agents and Engineer
there. There is another Vanguard and some Agents guarding the Rod Controls near
the next spire, defeat them and activate the controls to open a new pathway.

Follow the new path straight to the Hatch, grabbing the Medigel from the 
Medical Station before activating the Hatch Controls. Liara sets a bypass to
work on unlocking the Hatch, but it is going to take some time. While you wait
for the Hatch to unlock, Shadow Broker forces begin to close in. You have to
defend the Hatch against the attacking waves..

Defend the Hatch

The first wave of enemies will come from the right side of the ship (right as
if you are facing the Hatch), right near the spire. Use the spire for some
easy damage and make sure you are in cover! The enemies are a mix of every
Broker type you have encountered so far, so use the same strategies you have
been using throughout. After the first wave is dealt with, the next will come
from the area behind you (near that spire) so readjust your cover accordingly.
After the second wave is defeated, some rocket drones fly in right in front of
you, stay in cover and take them out quickly. The next wave comes from the left
again, and the one after that from the left. After the fifth wave, the hatch
opens but there aren't anymore enemies so check the area for thermal clips
before rushing inside. After you have restocked your ammunition, head into the
ship through the Hatch.

Broker Ship interior

-Find Feron-

As you see in the cutscene, some Agents are onto you and will take cover at the
other end of the hall. Once you have control take cover yourself and take out
the Engineer, Heavy, and Agents from a distance before advancing. Take cover
where the Engineer was, because more Agents accompanied by a Vanguard will be
down the next hallway. Deal with them and head up the stairs, where Liara will
mention she has downloaded the ship's layout, and you are heading toward the
prison block, and Feron. 

There is a Vanguard and an Engineer guarding a door with some Agents, use the
limited cover and element of surprise to take them out. Enter the side room to
find a Med Kit on the ground (holds Medigel), some thermal clips, and a
Terminal on the desk which holds credits (4500). Bypass the locked door in this
room to find Feron. Liara tries to release his restraints but the tampering
causes a surge of electricity to pass through Feron. Obviously the Shadow 
Broker has set a trap and further attempts to free Feron. will likely kill him.
Feron's chair is hooked into the Broker's network, so you have to cut the power
in order to free him. You should take the time to talk with Feron. about the
prison and guards, and assure him that everyone is getting out of here alive.
Feron. tells you that Central Operations is right down the hall, and there you
can cut the power to his restraints.

-Help Feron-

As soon as you leave Feron., the Shadow Broker alerts all forces to block C, 
which is obviously the prison block because you are attacked again. Take out 
the Agents and Vanguard and head through the now unlocked door at the end of 
the hall. Head down this new hall until you reach a new door guarded by an
Agent. Take out the Agent and grab the thermal clips and Medigel (Med Kit) from
the ground, and access the Terminal on the desk for credits (4500).

Now is a good time to save your game...

The Shadow Broker

Pass through the double doors to meet the Shadow Broker, a Yahg, who begins to
explain his actions as only a villain can. Banter with him if you'd like and
admire Liara's reformed character as she belittles the Broker herself. The 
Shadow Broker has had enough, and throws his table at the squad, pinning your
second squadmate and leaving Shepard and Liara to fight this personal battle
by themselves.

Take cover right where you are and start working on the Shadow Broker' shields
and armor, relocate to new cover when he closes in and keep at it until his
defenses drop. After you strip his armor, the Broker activates a new form of
shielding which blocks bullets. Do what you do best, run right up to the 
bastard and start punching! After Shepard gets a few good hits in, the Shadow
Broker summons an energy shield and knocks you away with it. 

While you recover from your knockdown, the Broker refills his Armor and Shields
so move from cover to cover again, shooting him the whole time. The Shadow
Broker will now charge at you, and can destroy your cover so keep on the move.
When he goes into his vulnerable stance again, run up and melee once more, and
again, you will get knocked away before you can too much damage.

Liara has a mid-battle plan, and suggests that you get the Shadow Broker to
bring up his special shield again. Since his defenses are refilled once more,
keep shooting until you can melee him again. Liara uses her biotics to destroy
the Broker while he is occupied with you. The power is diverted from Feron's
restraints, and he is set free.

Afterward, meet the new Shadow Broker, and then hug Liara (a kiss if you had
romanced her in Mass Effect). During the kiss, you can have a more intimate
hug/kiss if you use the Paragon interrupt here. 

Liara checks over the Broker's terminals and they are all open and ready for 
use. Check back in later and perhaps you can make use of something there.

New Bonus Power: Stasis

                      ====Mission Complete=====

[SB2]   Other things to do

After the mission summary, Liara mentions that she has set up some terminals
for you. You have some interesting options here to catch up on Mass Effect 
lore and you can speak with Liara again as well.


Liara is doing well and shows you some of the secrets the Shadow Broker had.
Ask Liara about what she has, and she will talk about how the Broker knew 
about the Reapers and even the Protheans. You can inquire about Feron. to find
he is doing well, and ask about the Prothean data. Ask Liara about the Shadow
broker's species if you'd like to learn more about the Yahg.

During the conversation, you can rekindle your previous romance with Liara or
just have a fling if you didn't have a romance in Mass Effect. The two of you
will board the Normandy and have an evening together. Obviously the dialogue
will be more intimate if you were a couple in the first game, but either way,
it is a nice touch.

Shadow Broker Terminals


View Dossiers for each squad member and other various figures of the game. 
These are detailed files and some of the information, such as Legion's Gamer
profile, is pretty amusing. Make sure you check them out!

Advanced Training

For 1000 Element Zero, this terminal allows you to redistribute your squad
member's ability points. Costs 1000 E.Z. for each character, each time you use
the training. 

Delivery Pickup

Each day, in between missions, you can pick up random resources or upgrades here
for free.

Survey Information

At the cost of credits, you can purchase maps to the location of mineral rich
planets (for mining yourself).

Shadow Broker Ship Model

Right on the table next to the Survey terminal, this model will be displayed
in your cabin on the Normandy should you take it.

Shutter Control

Open and close the shutters to view the planet from the Broker's ship.

Investment Opportunities

At the cost of credits, you can distribute Intel to different organizations 
around the galaxy. Warning an Alliance fleet of space pirates for example.

Armor Locker & Upgrade centers

Customize your armor and purchase or view your upgrades just like you can on
the Normandy.

Back room

You can talk to Feron. here, play music using his datapad, and view the video
archive. The video archive has some interesting security camera clips that are
worth watching! 

[SB3]   Disclaimer

This FAQ/Walkthrough is my own work, and has been created by me for use on

Websites allowed to host this guide:




This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2011 by John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski

Contact Email: jwkwitkowski@gmail.com


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