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Guide and Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 11/18/2010

Version 1.2 11/16/10

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A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2010

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Guide
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew: 
Secrets Can Kill: Remastered. It's a remake of the first 
game in the Nancy Drew series, in which you play as Nancy 
Drew and go around and solve mysteries.

If you want to contact me, e-mail 
ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject blank 
if you do. If you want to reproduce this guide in some 
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

002-Video Guide

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
see it at...


The video comes complete with my commentary and such.


Jake Rogers: The murder victim, Jake was disliked by 
pretty much everyone. He was rude, selfish, and he had a 
weird fascination with puzzles.

Nancy Drew: Our heroine! Nancy's job is to figure out who 
killed Jake, and why. She also is supposed to find Jake's 
notebook, which is hidden somewhere in the school.

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend. She can call Ned for 
hints if you're playing on Junior Mode.

Eloise Drew: Nancy's aunt, who is the school librarian. 
You never see her in this game, although a few things 
happen in her house. 

Hector "The Hulk" Sanchez: The school's star football 
player, who hates Jake. Rumor has it that he was recently 
injured in a big game.

Connie Watson: Connie is the school monitor, which mainly 
means she fixes the soda machines if someone sets off the 
alarm. She hates Jake, but rumor has it that she dated 
him at one point.

Daryl Gray: The student body president, who works at 
Maxine's Diner. Rumor has it he was involved in some 
illegal activities in order to pay for his expensive car. 
He flirts with Nancy a lot.

Hal Tanaka: A Japanese exchange student who is working 
very hard to get a scholarship so he can stay in America. 
Rumor has it that he cheated when writing his English 

Detective Beech: Nancy's undercover contact. Detective 
Beech is pretending to be her Uncle Steve. He's kind of a 
nerdy fellow.

Mitch Dillon: The school's air conditioning man. Mitch 
calls and threatens Nancy at one point in the game.


In this game, you can play as junior or senior detective. 
In junior mode, Nancy can call Ned for hints, and she 
keeps a to-do list. In senior mode, she doesn't. That's 
the main difference between the two modes.

"Dear Dad,

Who would have dreamed that taking a semester off to 
visit Aunt Eloise in Florida would result in another 
case? Seems a student was murdered at the high school 
last night, and an undercover police detective wants me 
to pose as a student to search for any leads at the 
school. So it's undercover I go! I'm calling this case 
'Secrets Can Kill'.

Love, Nancy"

The game starts out in Aunt Eloise's apartment. There are 
several things you can do here, but most of it (such as 
looking at all the paintings on the walls) is optional.

Aunt Eloise's and Maxine's

Right in front of you is a desk-table. On top of it is a 
message from Aunt Eloise. She's left the key to the 
library in the safe, and the combination is hidden in the 
house. The safe is behind the tapestry in that little 
niche in the corner, but don't enter in a wrong 

Look inside the drawer on the desk-table. Inside is a 
piece of paper with Greek letters. Specifically, the 
letters are "sigma phi kappa delta". That's the entry to 
the safe! Pull aside the tapestry and enter that 
combination to open the safe.

Once the safe is open, take the spare key to the library. 
Click on the little box with a picture of flowers on it.

It's a slider puzzle. On junior mode, it's a 3 by 3 
puzzle. The way to beat it is by getting the top row into 
place. Now without moving the top row, get the two left- 
hand pieces into place. From there, rotate the remaining 
three pieces, and you're done.

On senior mode, it's a four-by-four puzzle, which 
requires more strategy. Here's my four-by-four slider 
puzzle strategy.


The key to every sliding puzzle is the order you put the 
pieces in. When the puzzle is solved, the missing piece 
goes in the lower/right corner. For some reason, this 
means you have to solve the upper/left corner first.

Using my fancy diagram up there, do the following:

Put piece 1 into place. Never move this piece again. Put 
piece 2 into place. Never move this piece again. Put 
piece 3 into place. Never move this piece again. Put 
piece 4 into place. Never move this piece again.

Hmmm, was it really necessary for me to list out each 
piece separately? Maybe not. Oh well, now you've got the 
upper/left quadrant done. You don't need to touch any of 
those pieces again.


Find piece #2. Put it in spot #1. Find piece #1. Put it 
in spot #3.

Now, you can move the empty square to spot #2, and from 
there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
don't need to touch either of those pieces again.

We repeat the process.


Find piece #2. Put it in spot #1. Find piece #1. Put it 
in spot #3.

Now, you can move the empty square to spot #2, and from 
there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
don't need to touch either of those pieces again. Now the 
entire left-hand side is done!


Find piece #1. Put it in spot #2. Find piece #2. Put it 
in spot #3.

Now, you can move the empty square to spot #1, and from 
there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
don't need to touch either of those pieces again. As you 
might have guessed, you repeat the process.


Find piece #1. Put it in spot #2. Find piece #2. Put it 
in spot #3.

Now, you can move the empty square to spot #1, and from 
there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. Now 
just mix around the final three pieces until they're in 

Inside the slider puzzle box is Aunt Eloise's computer 
logon. Now you can get on the school computer in the 
Teacher's Lounge!

Name: Eloise Drew.
Password: O Wise Elder.

Speaking of the Teacher's Lounge, Aunt Eloise hid her key 
for the teacher's lounger in her house. Go into her side 
room, where there are many things to look at. Inside a 
book on the right bookshelf, you find the key to the 
teacher's lounge.

That's all you have to do at Aunt Eloise's--get the key 
to the Teacher's Lounge and the library--so you can leave 
now if you want. When you do so, Nancy gets a phone call 
from her contact, Detective Beech. He's waiting for you 
at Maxine's Diner.

At Maxine's Diner, you can talk to Detective Beech. He's 
sitting in a booth, drinking coffee. When you talk to 
him, he gives you a briefing on the situation: Jake 
Rogers seemed to be a normal kid, but he had a huge bank 

Presumably, he got his money from some illegal activity 
like drugs, blackmail, or gambling. He had a top secret 
notebook which he used to record his illegal activity. If 
Nancy can find this notebook, it will probably lead 
straight to the killer.

Another person is here at Maxine's Diner: Daryl Gray! He 
works at the counter, and he's the student body 
president. He talks a bit about the murder, but he says 
that he didn't know Jake very well.

Other things you can do here are play the jukebox or the 
Barnacle Blast arcade game, using the quarters that are 
scattered throughout this game. When you see a shiny 
flash during this game, click on it to find a quarter.

If you want, you can go to the kitchen area in Maxine's 
to find various things, including several hidden 
messages. The most important thing you can do here is 
solve a bolt cutter puzzle. Under a "safety first" sign 
is a black container with the soup ladle inside. Under 
the "danger flammable materials" is a bolt cutter. Take 
the bolt cutter and replace it with the soup ladle. Now 
you have a bolt cutter!

You don't have to get the bolt cutter to beat the game, 
but it helps with the boiler room puzzle later on.

So, Nancy has been to Maxine's and to her aunt's house. 
Time to go to Paseo Del Mar High and investigate there!

Paseo Del Mar High

Map of school: 

 Jake's locker           Boiler Room
      |                      |
      |                      |
    |                        |
    |                        |---Connie
    |                        |

The high school (as well as Maxine's and Aunt Eloise's, 
to a lesser extent) is FILLED with hidden messages. Every 
bulletin board that you can look at contains at least one 
message, and Nancy will keep track of them in her 

You can talk with Hulk Sanchez at the gym. Hulk is the 
star football player for four years in a row. He doesn't 
like Jake very much.

Hal Tanaka, the exchange student, is studying in the 
study hall. He tells you that Daryl's family recently 
lost a lot of money.

You can talk to Connie Watson in the phone room. She 
doesn't like Jake Rogers, and she has a thing for Daryl 

Talking to the characters lets you talk to them about 
each other. Hulk and Connie think Hal studies too much. 
Hal tells you that Hulk was recently injured, and that 
Connie was dating Jake.

You can also return to Maxine's and talk with Daryl about 
the various characters, too.

Once you finish talking to the characters (or before you 
talk to them, either way), you can open Jake's locker. 
Hal gives Nancy a clue as to how to get inside Jake's 
locker--Jake looked at his phone when opening his lock. I 
don't remember Hal ever saying this when I played the 
game, but the observations in Nancy's notebook say he 
did, so I'm going to trust her on this. When you check 
your phone, you'll notice that the letters J A K E are 
the numbers 5 2 5 3. That's the combination to Jake's 

Open Jake's locker. Inside is a VHS tape box that's 
empty, a library book about etiquette, and a judo 
magazine. Look at all of them. Apparently, a mystery 
competitor won the male judo competition. There's a 
poster for this competition near the soda machines in the 
gym, if you haven't seen it already.

Look at the bottom of Jake's locker. There's a newspaper 
about somebody stealing steroids from the Vandelay 
Pharmaceutical building. Oh my!

Besides for the characters and Jake's locker, the library 
is the only other place of interest in the school (for 
now). It has a lot of books that you can look at. Most 
contain completely unnecessary information/references to 
other games in the Nancy Drew series.

There are two things that you have to look at in the 

1. On the side, there are encyclopedia sets. Find the one 
that has K for Kanji, and Nancy will note that the kanji 
symbol that Connie is wearing stands for "crane".

2. Near the encyclopedias, there are magazines. Read the 
sports magazine to learn about a steroid, hectanol. 
That's a steroid that was stolen from the pharmacy.

The Teacher's Lounge

Hey, you know what? Nancy got the key to the teacher's 
lounge from Aunt Eloise's house, but she can't go inside 
it! Connie the School Monitor won't let students inside. 

Connie never leaves the area unless someone sets off the 
alarm on a soda machine. And one of the secret messages 
in the school says that you can set off the alarm by 
ordering grape grape orange cool. Hmmm...

Go to the soda machines near Hulk, and press grape twice, 
then orange, then cool. The soda alarm starts blaring. 
Then, go see Connie and tell her to fix it.

While Connie is gone, you can read what she's writing 
(looks like a break-up letter) and go inside the 
teacher's lounge.

In the teacher's lounge, you can see many things, such as 
a newspaper which says the Gray family's company is going 
out of business. You can log onto the computer with Aunt 
Eloise's information to see what the various passwords in 
the school are. You can also print out a security report 
for the night Jake was killed.

The thing you absolutely HAVE to do is check the file 
cabinets. Read Hal's senior essay. It's just like the 
book in Jake's locker! Hal is a cheater! Oh no, not Hal!

When Nancy leaves the teacher's lounge, she should get a 
phone call from Mitch Dillon, the HVAC guy. He threatens 

At this point, confront Hal about being a cheater. He 
confesses, but says that he didn't kill Jake. He seems to 
hint that Daryl Gray is the killer. That's your clue to 
go talk to Daryl.

Boiler Room Puzzle

Go to Maxine's. Daryl should have a note for you from 
Mitch Dillon. If he doesn't have the note, go back and 
talk to the characters at school about everything (as 
well as look at the two things in the library). Make sure 
to talk to Connie about her medallion, and make sure to 
talk to Hulk about his injury.

The note says that the key to the mystery is in the 
boiler room. Head over there now. It's locked with a 
Braille code, but using the book on Braille in the 
library (and the passwords on the computer in the 
teacher's lounge), Nancy knows that correct code is 
"note". That looks something like this:

..    .    .
  .    .  ..   .
.     .   .     .

Press the button to ride the elevator down.

Oh no! The boiler is about to explode! You can rip off 
the chain with the bolt cutters from Maxine, or use the 
combination on the wall (1967) to open the lock.

On the ground here, you'll find a toolbox with gloves. 
Grab the gloves so you can pull the levers. You want to 
pull the levers so they resemble the diagram on the wall.

Solution: Pull the left lever twice, the right lever 
twice, and the left lever twice. 

Whew, disaster averted! Time to look around a bit. In 
this room, we have a matchbox from Maxine's, which 
contains the final clue to the mystery. Hooray! We'll 
examine that soon, but for now, check out the grate 
behind the boiler. It has a VHS tape on it.

Go through the grate to leave the school. Then go to Aunt 
Eloise's, and turn on the TV. Put in the VHS tape and see 
what's on it.

You can't leave via the elevator, so leave through the 
grate behind the boiler. Crawl through it, and Nancy 
finds a VHS tape.

Go back to Aunt Eloise's. Turn on the TV with the remote 
and stick in the tape.

OH MY!!!

Jake's tape has footage of Hulk stealing drugs! Hal 
cheating on his senior essay! Connie entering the judo 
competition by cross-dressing!  Oh, no, say it isn't so! 
All our characters are up to no good, and Jake was 
blackmailing them!

You can now talk to all of the characters about the 
blackmail, and accuse them of killing Jake. No one 
confesses, however.

The Final Clue

The final clue was the matchbook from Maxine's. The 
hidden messages that Jake left over the school say that 
it's the first clue to the elements puzzle. WHAT elements 

Go to the library. Inside the maps drawer, you'll find a 
hidden clue, which you can decode by color. It says to 
insert Jake's locker combo on the library card catalog.

So, go to the card catalog and insert 5253. What pops up? 
A note from Jake, saying that the evidence is under his 
chair. Go to the second floor of the library, and under 
the periodic table of the elements, you'll find Jake's 
chair. Under that, we have the elements puzzle.

This can be tricky to figure out, but it's not 
impossible. There are many elements on the periodic 
table, as well as many elements/clues that Nancy has 
found all over the school. She listed them all in her 
notebook, and if you arrange them in the proper order, 
you get this:

He : U2
C  : R1
Na : L3
Cl : D2
K  : R1
Zn : D1
As : U4
Kr : L2
Y  : D3
Zr : R4
Ag : D1
Te : L3
I  : U2
Xe : R3
La : U2
Hf : L1
Ir : D2
Hg : L3

He comes before C on the periodic table, C comes before 
Na, which comes before Cl, which comes before K, etc., 
etc. That's how you "put the elements in order", as 
Jake's hidden clue says.

Now, you need to open Jake's locked box. Press the symbol 
which is on the matchbox. Then, go up twice (U2) and 
press that symbol. Go right once (R1) and press that one. 
Then go L3, D2, R1, D1, etc., etc., until you finish. 
This will open the box and get you a VHS tape!

Go to Aunt Eloise's house and watch the VHS tape. It's 
another tape by Jake, and it says where the notebook is: 
under a book cart at school. It also identifies the 
culprit of the game.

Leave to go to the school, and the culprit appears. The 
culprit pulls out a gun on Nancy and demands to have the 
notebook. Time to catch the culprit...with Aunt Eloise's 
ridiculously elaborate security system!

Remember? If you insert the wrong combination to the safe 
three times, a cage drops down and traps you.

Tell the culprit that the notebook is in the safe and 
give the culprit the wrong combination three times in a 
row. The security system will be activated, and the 
culprit is trapped. The end! Enjoy the ending cutscenes!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2010.  If you 
want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
(instructions under general information).

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