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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RagingTasmanian

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    				Bioshock Infinite
    				  Version 1.00
    			        By RagingTasmanian
    About Me:
    This is the second walkthrough I have written, and some of you may have
    read my first walkthrough of the PS Vita game: Persona 4 Golden.  I really
    like the Bioshock series, and Infinite was no different.  I will be honest
    though, it was really hard to understand at some points and a lot of things
    stopped making sense.  But despite that, I loved the gameplay and the adventure
    with the story being quite alright.  Something I felt could have been better,
    but you know, it was alright.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me at gravesight@live.com and putting
    Bioshock Infinite in the subject line to discuss any points with me.  I would
    love to hear back from readers and am open to feedback.
    Version History:
    Version 1.00 (Started April 6th 2013, Finished April 16th 2013)
    I had to play through the game at least once before I felt I was qualified to
    write a walkthrough on it.  What has been written so far is a first run
    where I recorded every single detail that I noticed while playing on Hard.  I
    will have to go back and edit some details, as I am missing a lot of
    information.  But the walkthrough should still prove sufficient for those who
    want to beat the game.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    This was written by Victor Tan and will remain written by this author
    unless stated otherwise.  Any attempts at plagarism may face subsequent
    legal action.
    Version 1.00
    Copyright 2013 Victor Tan
    Table of Contents:
    (I'll improve this later, but for now please bear with me!)
    -Credits and Thanks
    It is 1912.  And a technological wonder has just risen in the world.
    A city in the sky, Columbia.  It represents the pinnacle of American values
    and traditions.  It is also technologically advanced and ahead of its time.
    It is led by Father Comstock, a religious figure, who controls Columbia and
    maintains an iron fist against those who would dare to disrupt Columbia's
    However, a man named Booker DeWitt arrives in Columbia.  Tasked to find
    a girl named Elizabeth to bring back to New York, his attempts to find
    her disrupt Columbia's peaceful life, and begins to slowly unravel the
    flaws that Columbia has tried so hard to hide.
    Booker DeWitt:
    A man plagued by debt and a seemingly complex past, Booker DeWitt is tasked
    with finding a girl and taking her back to New York in order to pay off some
    of his debts.
    A girl with a mysterious ability to open dimensional tears and is locked up
    in Columbia.
    Father Comstock:
    The ruler of Columbia.  He looks over the city and ensures that everything is
    going perfectly.  However, he seems to have a secret agenda for Columbia, one
    that Booker threatens to expose.
    Robert and Rosalind Lutece:
    The twin duo that assist Booker in his quest to find Elizabeth.  Why are they
    helping Booker, and what is their ultimate goal?  Shrouded in mystery, only
    time will tell.
    Not surprisingly, combat is the name of the game in Bioshock Infinite.  This
    happens to be one of the games where story takes a backseat, and you will
    have to get violent, because Columbia doesn't seem to want Booker, and Booker
    isn't leaving without Elizabeth.  Naturally, there is a problem.
    Combat takes (surprisingly) three aspects in this game.
    1. Melee combat
    2. Ranged combat
    3. Vigor combat
    Most people can walk through this game barely touching melee combat.  It is,
    however, very unlikely that you can beat this game without ever using ranged
    and Vigor combat.  As you get into the harder difficulties, you may find
    yourself needing to use more Vigors than you do your ranged weapons.  I will
    describe the three in detail, because it will help you develop your own style
    of combat.
    Melee Combat:
    At the very beginning of the game (and no spoilers here), you are given a
    melee weapon.  As Jack had the Wrench, Subject Delta had the Drill, Booker
    has the Skyhook.  The Skyhook has only one attack, and it's used to confront
    enemies that get into melee range.  If you hold down the melee attack button
    when a skull appears above an enemy, you will be able to instantly execute
    them, taking away all their remaining health and killing them instantly.
    To be honest, it's not a very great way to fight.  However, boosted by the
    various Gears in the game, you can eventually turn the Skyhook into a
    powerful asset, being able to fight against even the toughest enemies in
    the game.
    Ranged Combat:
    Also at the very beginning of the game, Booker will get a pistol.  No real
    surprises here, but you will need firearms in Columbia or you will find
    yourself dead.  Guns only have one mode of firing in Infinite, but to make
    up for that, you will find alternate versions of some weapons to give you
    more choices in your combat style.
    Your firearm choices are:
    	- Pistol
    	- Machine Gun/Burstgun
    	- Shotgun/Heater
    	- Hand Cannon
    	- RPG
    	- Sniper Rifle
    	- Volley Gun/Hail Fire
    See which guns work for you.  You can only carry two at a time, so do be
    sure to specialize in a few.  You can't upgrade everything effectively
    anyway, so it is always best to try out weapons and see which guns fit
    your playstyle.
    Vigor Combat:
    You will encounter Vigors very early on.  Just like the ADAM you found in
    the first two Bioshock games, Vigors will provide Booker with the special
    edge he needs to take down the military force of Columbia.  They have many
    different uses, and there are 8 in total.  They are:
    	- Possession
    	- Devil's Kiss
    	- Murder of Crows
    	- Bucking Bronco
    	- Shock Jockey
    	- Charge
    	- Undertow
    	- Return to Sender
    You will have to experiment with them to see which ones work for you.  They
    also have different combinations that provide extra uses, so do try to use
    more than one Vigor when fighting an enemy.  You never know what you might
    Prior Notes:
    I am playing the PC version on Steam, and I did buy all the Season Passes and
    other such additions to the game before it came out.  I also am writing this
    guide on Medium, only because unlike my expertise in my other FAQ that I wrote
    for Persona 4 Golden, I'm not a great FPS player.  While I don't think I am so
    bad I need to play on Easy, I don't think I want to start cringing through Hard
    just yet.
    I have, though, played through this on Hard and wrote the FAQ as it was on
    Hard Mode.  So all the content should be compatible with all levels of
    I also won't be listing all the items that you get from fallen enemies or from
    searchable objects.  They all seem to differ, and it would seem awfully
    repetitive and technical if I went through everything.  I will, however, make
    notes of more important things to keep track of.
    I will also try keep spoilers to a minimum.  However, if there's stuff you want
    to talk about, you can drop an email and talk with me about it (or look it up
    on the Internet and such).
    "Booker...are you afraid of God?"
    "No.  I'm afraid of you."
    The "We're on a boat" reference applies well here.
    You start off as Booker Dewitt, and you're sailing with an unnamed gentleman
    and lady (who start off aptly unnamed), and you're handed a box with Booker's
    name on it.  While the gentleman and lady are conversing in what appears to be
    a non-sensical conversation, Booker opens the box, revealing a pistol, a
    picture, and some other box items.  The picture is of a girl with the name
    Elizabeth written on the front.  On the back are instructions to (presumably)
    bring her back to New York unharmed.
    After a while, you'll arrive at the port.  You gain control of Booker at this
    point, so climb up the ladder on your right.  Once you climb up though, you are
    abandoned by the gentleman and the lady as they row away.  Fantastic.  You can
    also go in to the small shed in front of you, and if you turn to your left and
    look at the ground, there will be some Silver Eagles.  That's the currency of
    this game, and is used to buy things.  More on that later.  But it's not such
    a large amount that you NEED to pick it up; just saying that it is there.
    Keep heading towards the lighthouse.  Once you are at the door, you can run to
    the left where you will find a barrel that you can search and a Silver Eagle.
    Once you're there, walk to the door and knock.  That message on the door is
    eerie.  And so is the sign when you come in.  Booker sounds pretty calm despite
    all this.  I'd be pretty scared right about now.
    You can check the basin if you want, but nothing happens.  Keep going up the
    stairs.  At the next floor, you can check the cabinet for some items.  At this
    stage in the game, you might be prompted about searching places for items.  For
    most players, the cabinet on this floor is the first time you will search and
    get any sort of item.  You will also learn that you can search places for items
    and such.  Keep that in mind, as it will be very handy.
    You can also use the telephone and sink on this floor but they do nothing.
    Climb up the stairs again to find Silver Eagles on the table and a dead person
    who has apparently been stabbed in the face.  Ouch.  The person also has a note
    written on the front telling you not to disappoint them.  Creepy.  Even Booker
    gets a little creeped out after seeing that.  You can also search the barrel
    on this floor.
    Continue the climb up until you are at a door with bells.  You can quickly run
    around the other end to search a barrel, but nothing important.  Now examine
    the bells and Booker will pull out the card you saw earlier with symbols and
    numbers.  Well, what a coincidence, it looks like that is the code to ring the
    bells!  Ring the scroll once, the key twice, and the sword twice if you aren't
    looking at the card while doing this.
    The lights and sky will start turning red at random, and then the door will
    open after that is all finished.  Sit in the chair, and whoops, looks like
    Booker lost his pistol.  That was a terrible way to lose it, but nothing you
    can do about it as you are launched 15,000 feet into the air shortly after.
    Welcome Center
    "Why would He send his savior unto us,"
    "If we will not raise a finger for our own salvation?"
    "And though we deserved not his mercy,"
    "He has led us to this new Eden,"
    "A last chance for redemption."
    After you have arrived in the city of Columbia, you will be released from your
    bindings and see your health bar appear.  Looks like things could get serious
    in a bit.
    You can check where you need to go with the corresponding button/key that is
    shown (for PC users, it's the N key by default).  I will write the rest of the
    guide as if you used it to know where to go.
    There's only one way, so go left into the Welcome Center, and you have a number
    of routes.  The left of the statue has Silver Eagles for collecting, as well as
    a saying "And in my womb shall grow the seed of the prophet".  To the left of
    that is a searchable gift box and Silver Eagles, but if you search the right
    side, you will find your first Voxophone.  These are similar to the Audio Logs
    in Bioshock/Bioshock 2.  They don't have subtitles, but don't worry, you can 
    find transcripts of the Voxophones in the Gameplay Menu (opened by the O key),
    so don't worry about having to know what it is saying without subtitles.
    On the right of the statue with the sign "The Lamb, the future of our city"
    has some more Silver Eagles.  Both the left and right of the sign have
    searchable objects (barrel and fiddle case) and Silver Eagles respectively.
    When you are done, go to the center path with the man in white.  After a
    conversation, go down the spiral staircase and make your way to the crowd.
    Here, you will have to go up through the crowd until an option appears to make
    your way to the front of the crowd.  Eventually the priest will say a few words
    and offer to baptize you.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, you need to
    accept the baptizing in order to get into the city.  Watch the resulting scene
    that follows.
    You will wake up in an office space.  You are not sure where you are, but it
    concerns Booker and the deal he made.  There's not much to do here, so open the
    front door and see what follows.  It's important to note that there are two
    doors; the one on the right can't be opened, so open the door in the front.
    After the vision, you will wake up in a new area.
    The Garden of Eden/New Eden Square
    Once you wake up, follow the stairs.  Both left and right lead to the same
    area.  Once at the top, you can turn left/right to the benches, where some
    fruit and Silver Eagles are.  You can take the fruits, as you may have noticed
    you lost some health.  More money is obviously more appreciated.
    Follow the path; it's pretty linear so nothing to see.  You can dive into the
    pond for some Silver Eagles (not something to do in real life by the way) if
    you would like.  There are also more benches that have fruit and a soda.  The
    soda isn't very important yet though.
    Once you pass through the door, you are officially in Columbia!  Now you can
    begin your search for Elizabeth!  And don't worry about having to see all the
    city has to offer; you can come back here later.  I'll point out when you make
    critical decisions that force you to leave an area.
    When the city has aligned, you can get off and explore.  You will now enter
    New Eden Square, and eventually reach a large circle with Father Comstock, the
    city's founder and prophet, in the center as a statue.  You can head to the
    right of the circle, in a store called Hudson's, to obtain Voxophone #2 and
    a handy Kinetoscope, which contributes to your Sightseer Achievement.
    That's the only place to explore, so keep heading along the path until you
    reach a small parade that you must wait for before continuing.  It's a little
    bit about the history of Columbia, so it's a little interesting.
    Once you are through, you can proceed onward.  You learn a bit about a raffle,
    but that doesn't concern you yet.  You can search the field of grass to your
    left for some food, and then go up into the grocery store for some goodies
    and a health kit.  Despite the honor system, you are still able to grab all
    the Silver Eagles in the box, even the one you put in yourself.  There is also
    another Kinetoscope to the left of the grocery.
    After leaving the grocery, you come at a crossroads in which you can head
    either straight or right.  Since right is the way you need to go, we can head
    straight first.  Follow the path to the garden, and sitting on a table in the
    garden is Voxophone #3.  There are also searchable places around here.
    Follow the path, picking up foods and searching places as you go.  If you
    wonder where the music is coming from, search around the flying airship to
    find a singing quartet.  Keep following the path until you reach a statue and
    then receive a telegram from a boy.  It's from a person named Lutece which
    gives you a little bit of info about what not to do, especially not picking
    the number 77.  Don't know why that's there.  You now have a new objective.
    You can go either left or right.  Left has a Telescope you can look through
    as well as some searchable goodies.  Keep going right to enter a fair.  You
    can also explore more but nothing more than searchable goodies.
    Once in the fair, to the immediate right is a Kinetoscope you can view.  Here
    is a time you can test out your FPS skills, as well as test out using the new
    Vigors that Bioshock Infinite introduces.  These are basically just like the
    Plasmids of the previous Bioshocks, and are powered by Salts.  You may have
    seen this come up a few times, but it's not any different from the EVE
    that powered the Plasmids.  There is a lot to see, but not much to do but play
    really.  There are also prizes to be earned, so do take that into account.
    After you're done playing, keep heading through the fair.  You can pick up the
    new Posession Vigor from the girl on the side, which will introduce you to
    Vigors and how they work.  Posession in particular lets you take control of
    machines that you may find around Columbia.  This is necessary to pick up as
    it will let you get past that annoying security machine in the front.
    Once through the gate, you will be approached by a man and a woman, who sound
    suspiciously like the ones who rowed you to the lighthouse.  How they ended up
    there is a mystery, but they ask you to flip a coin.  Regardless of the result,
    just keep heading forward.
    You now see the first of the vending machines, Dollar Bill, which you can buy
    supplies at.  There shouldn't be anything you really need, but you can stock
    up on health or salts depending on what you need.  You can also test out your
    Posession Vigor on the vending machine, in which it spits out Silver Eagles for
    you to pick up.  Keep in mind this only works once per machine though; it can't
    be repeated for infinite money.
    There are also some Silver Eagles on the ground next to the vending machine, as
    well as some food.  Keep going on the path; there isn't much to see apart from
    searchable items along the way.  You'll reach a sign that talks about the
    False Shepherd, who is coincidentally identified by the same mark that Booker
    has on his hand.  That can't be a good thing.
    Keep following the path to the Raffle Park, where there is another Dollar Bill
    machine for you to purchase from/Possess.  You can go to the left, but there
    is nothing there but a roadblock and policeman, so go straight and follow the
    path of people, picking up some searchable objects as you will.
    The path is quite straightforward, so just proceed on and you will see the
    raffle, hosted by Jeremiah Fink.  Make your way into the crowd (you can't move
    on anyway) and eventually a woman will call out to you.  Talk to her and you
    will start participating in the raffle, as it is free to join!  You now have to
    draw from a basket of baseballs.  However, Booker draws #77 (the number you are
    supposed to avoid according to Lutece), and as it turns out, that's the winning
    number.  You are now asked to step up and throw the baseball at what looks to
    be an interracial couple.  You do, however, also get the option to throw the
    ball at the announcer.  Pick your choice.
    Before the ball is thrown, however, the police catch Booker and interrogate
    him, with Fink announcing that Booker is the False Shepherd and needs to be
    taken care of.  Before the police handle Booker, he decides to retaliate and
    take control of the situation by killing the policeman and taking his weapon.
    Watch the scene, as it is one of the coolest scenes ever.  I guess this is
    what Lutece was getting at, but Booker still is pretty good at this.
    Sadly, the coolness is short-lived, as you now have to get to killing the other
    policeman and subsequent reinforcements.  You have a Sky-Hook now, which works
    as your melee weapon for the game.  It's pretty useful, but now your only
    weapon of choice, so use it well.  Kill the reinforcements, and after a short
    while, a message will come up, saying that if you see a skull on the enemy,
    you can hold the melee attack button (the V key for PC users) to execute the
    enemy.  The benefit of that is you are invulnerable during this process, so do
    try to take advantage of that when you can.
    There are two more Policemen waiting for you at the top of the stairs, so kill
    them as well.  You hear more reinforcements coming, and this results in two
    more Policemen arriving.  One has a bat to hit you with, and another will shoot
    you with a Pistol.  Kill both of them, and you will get a nice Pistol to use.
    Now that will serve as your ranged weapon for the time being.
    The path is pretty straightforward for now, so pass through the gate into the
    areas with cages.  There is also a vending machine here if you need it, as well
    as another Voxophone you can pick up.  This vending machine caters to Vigors,
    but chances are you don't have the money to buy the upgrade, nor have the Vigor
    to upgrade in question.  More Policemen will arrive, and this is a good chance
    to test your shooting skills out.
    Follow the wooden bridge up and you will see a mechanical Turret in front of
    you.  Right now it would take a lot of effort to destroy, so use your
    Possession Vigor on it and proceed on, taking care of the Policemen that will
    come to dispatch you.  Jump off the platform with the turret and you will find
    yourself back in Raffle Park.  Continue straight to the area that had the road
    block, and keep killing the Policemen, who will now start to have Pistols to
    fire at you.
    If you haven't started, search the bodies and boxes for some health, salts,
    and ammunition for the pistol.  At this point I'll stop referencing what you
    can search unless you're in a closed space, as most of what you'll find outside
    at this point is usually the typical searchable objects.  Unless, of course,
    there is something of note to get.
    Keep proceeding through the gate, but do be careful as there will be a turret
    firing at you.  You can destroy it if you want, but I suggest Possessing it
    first before you run from it or destroy it, as it will hurt you badly.  You'll
    see two more Policemen trying to stop you, and they will reference a "Fireman"
    that is coming to take care of you.  Doesn't sound good.  Stock up as needed
    and when you're ready, open the gate.
    And there's the Fireman we're talking about.
    Well, he's not REALLY a boss.  But he will be much tougher than the Police that
    you have been seeing (I hope that was obvious though).
    The main offense of the Fireman is that he throws flame orbs (or grenades) at
    you, which cause a lot of damage.  The orbs/grenades will also explode after
    a short while, so you need to keep moving around to avoid getting hurt.
    Getting close is not recommended, so you need to shoot at him with your
    Pistol to defeat him.  To close the distance, the Fireman will also run
    around to try and hit you, so keep moving while taking cover and firing at him 
    with the Pistol.  Take cover when the grenades are thrown (there are carts 
    around the area you can hide behind) and keep  shooting and aiming.
    Eventually, you will kill him and he will explode.
    After he dies, you can check the remains to find a nice health kit, restoring
    salt bottle, and the Devil Kiss Vigor, which will give you your first offensive
    Vigor and the ability to throw flame orbs/grenades like the Fireman did.  You
    can also hold the Vigor button down to generate a flame trap for enemies who
    try to get close to you.
    Keep going forward and you will face a Turret and four Policemen.  I recommend
    using a Devil Kiss throw on the Turret, as it fires faster than the Policemen
    and has better aim, which will make short work of you.  After that, the four
    Policemen aren't much of a problem.  Keep going along the path, as there's not
    much room to explore now.
    You'll reach a place called the Blue Ribbon.  It's a restaurant apparently.
    Search around and enter when you are ready.
    Blue Ribbon
    When you first enter, there are three Kinetoscopes right in front of you.
    Look at each of them, and continue on, searching as you go.  If you bought the
    Season Pass, you will be notified of the rewards you get, and how you have to
    pick them up before you leave.
    Keep walking through the restaurant, deviating from the path to search around,
    until you reach the Gentleman and Lady from before.  Talk to the lady first
    before you keep searching, and you will receive the Shield upgrade, which will
    defend you from incoming attacks as long as you have some Shield power left.
    This will be represented by the yellow bar that has now appeared above your
    If you bought the Season Pass, there are 4 gears on a table, as well
    as 5 Infusions scattered about the place.  Gears are like equipment that give
    you different properties in combat (like the passive ADAM upgrades in the past
    Bioshock series) and the Infusions are upgrades to your health, salts, and
    Shield bars.
    Go past the Lady after your preparations and go into the kitchen, where another
    Voxophone awaits you.  There is only one path to follow, so walk until you are
    outside.  There, you will see a Skyline and instructions on how to use your
    Sky Hook to ride along the Skylines.  Jump to the Skyhook and get used to the
    movement while you reach your destination at the end.
    The Hooks
    If you're not sure where the hooks are, at the end of the path, look up and
    see if there is a hook that glows green.  You see that you can attach to it,
    so attach to it and you will start jumping around.  At the end of the path,
    you will see a Policeman who can't see you.  You can either drop down and kill
    him, or you can do a Skyline Strike and kill him instantly with the Sky Hook.
    At the bottom, you will find a Machine Gun to use as well as some ammo for it.
    Proceed onward and a group of Policemen will try to ambush you.  There are
    about 5 of them, and it will be a small area, so do your best to avoid damage.
    There is also a small hut you can take refuge in.  Past the hut is a Turret
    and more Policemen.  Take out the Turret first, using the hut to hide behind.
    As you proceed, there will be another Turret, so be careful while running down.
    That Shield upgrade sure comes in handy in times like these.
    Walk down the stairs and there will be three Policemen waiting for you.
    Dispatch them, and you can either go on and jump to the Skyhook or if you look
    at the glass panes, you can break one of them to enter the Lansdowne house and
    explore a little.  There is even a Voxophone to be found in the child bedroom
    as well as lots of searchable goodies.  In the child bedroom, you also get an
    optional quest to find a key that will unlock a chest that can't be opened
    right now.
    When you're ready, jump back on to the Skyhook outside (which will also let
    you back into the Lansdowne residence again) and jump down.  Enter the building
    with the door on the right, which leads you to the Montgomery Residence.  Head
    to the left (right is full of searchable objects) and you will find a man and
    a woman bickering.  But they put all that aside when you come in, and they
    happen to shield you from the police that come looking for you.  I'm not sure
    if you can kill them, but as I would rather not fight if I can avoid it, I did
    not attempt to.  Search the house if needed, and continue outside.
    Outside, there is a vending machine, as well as eight Policemen and a Fireman
    waiting for you.  The Fireman will not come immediately though, so take care of
    the Policemen as soon as you can to make sure you can fight the Fireman without
    any interference.  There is also a Kinetoscope behind the cloth tent near the
    Montgomery Residence and the Grocery (over to the right).  On the wooden stage
    area with the Wild West Show sign is another Voxophone.
    Continue on until you reach a building known as the Fraternal Order of the
    Fraternal Order of the Raven
    Enter the building, and keep going forward until you reach a statue of John
    Wilkes Booth.  Strange image, but no matter.  You can go either left or right,
    but you will be fired on by four men regardless of the area you go to.  On the
    left however is a Voxophone.
    When you are done searching, climb up the staircase and proceed until you reach
    a room with a man talking.  Look down to see a man with birds talking to a
    group of hooded individuals.  Go down either the left or right, but the left
    has some salts and a health pack if you are badly hurt.  As there is no way
    past peacefully, you'll have to fire on the crowd and start killing as much as
    you can.
    On the table below, there is an Infusion and a Key to the Chest, which if you
    found the Lansdowne Residence earlier has the chest that the key opens.
    Backtrack if you want to, but either way don't miss out on the Voxophone in the
    church seats.  If you backtracked to the Lansdowne Residence, the chest
    contains an Infusion, as well as salts and a health pack.
    Either way, proceed onwards into the next room and enter the elevator.  Push
    the button and head to the ground floor.  There is a vending machine, so stock
    up if needed and head through the door into what looks like a meeting room.
    You can head left, right, or straight, but I would head left first to pick up
    a Voxophone.  Then head right, move the bookshelf (it can be moved and you can
    see behind it) to be able to pick up a Gear.  This may be the first Gear you
    obtain, so to sum it up quickly, it's a piece of equipment that Booker can
    wield to boost his combat capabilities.  He can equip a hat, shirt, pants, and
    shoes, which leads to 4 equippable Gears.
    Do note, however, that the Gears are put into categories of clothing, so you
    can't equip a Hat Gear as a Shirt Gear and then equip another Hat Gear.  You
    can only have one type of Gear as you have clothing, and a Gear must be
    switched out to obtain different effects.  Also, the Gear you get is totally
    random, so this can be good or bad depending on how often you reset
    checkpoints or start where you left off, as you almost never get the same
    Gear twice, even if you pick it up from the same spot.  Doesn't mean you
    can't find it again, but it means that you might not see the same Gear
    for a while if you reload your game without saving.
    After that, go straight to find your way into a garden, where another fight
    Like the Fireman before, this isn't really a boss fight per se, but it is
    treated as such.
    This basically just like a Policeman fight, only the Raven Man can disappear
    and reappear at random locations, has more health, and tends to slash at you
    in melee combat.  As with the Fireman, melee combat is not advised, but is more
    feasible in a desperate situation.  To make this easier, you can drop Devil
    Kiss traps that will hurt and stun the Raven Man, allowing for easier hits.
    Keep the pressure up and he will fall eventually.  After the fight, you can
    check the remains to get the Murder of Crows Vigor, which lets you shoot crows
    at an enemy to stun them.  Holding it will let you set a trap that stuns with
    Don't let your guard down though, as Policemen begin entering during and after
    the Raven Man fight, so still keep up your killing spree.  Head up the stairs
    after you are done, but look around the area to find another Gear.  Then head
    through the doors.
    You are now back outside, where Booker notes he can take a gondola up to 
    Monument Island.
    Before you ride the Skyhook, jump to the floating ship on your left and look
    at the telescope there.  Then jump back and find the Skyhook. Ride the Skyhook
    and stop at a place with an open door.  Dismount and walk in, climbing down the
    stairs.  There should be a female talking when you first enter.  You should
    encounter a woman, two Policemen and a man.  You can kill the men as they will
    attack you, but you can spare the woman. After some thought though, I just
    killed her too to see if there would be a reaction.
    Resume your Skyhook jump and kill the Policeman outside the station.  Another
    will appear, but nothing to worry about.  Once done, enter the gondola station.
    Gondola Station
    "The Lord forgives everything.  But I'm a prophet, so I don't have to.
    At the entrance, you'll see some vending machines catering to supplies and
    Vigors to your left, and a Kinetoscope to your right.  Head north in either
    door to find a couple of Policemen and a Turret.  Dispose of them in any way
    that you want.  After the scurry, head north and either pass through the door
    or go left and right to search for some supplies.  Head through the door and
    you will find yourself outside.  If you need to purchase anything new, there
    are vending machines to your right.
    You will try and board the gondola, but sadly it turns out it won't move for
    you, so you will have to get to Monument Island through the Skylines.  This
    looks fun.
    Attach to a Skyline the same way you would with a Skyhook, which is looking at
    the Skyline and attaching to it.  Note the green arrow that points to the
    direction you will travel.  Once attached, you get a set of directions that
    lets you control your movements on the Skyline.  Just like with the Skyhook,
    you can also use your firearms/ranged weapons on the Skyline, only it may be
    tricky because you are moving at the same time, so you may want to brake if you
    are aiming.
    Along the Skyline though, you will notice your path is blocked by some crates.
    However, there is also an area to dismount (called Monument Tower Maintenance)
    that has the controls to remove the crates.  Fortunately/unfortunately, it is
    armed with Policemen.  Drop down and take care of them.  If you turn around
    after dismounting, you might find a Telescope you may want to look through.
    There is also an Infusion in the right of the area that you may want to pick
    up before you go.
    Continue along the Skyline to the second half of the Maintenance area, kill
    the Policeman there, and search for the controls to the crates on the right,
    where a lever can be pulled. The right has a Voxophone you may want to pick up,
    opposite where the lever was.
    With the crates out of the way, jump back on the Skyline.  The crates will
    reach the end of the line, but that's the least of your worries as Policemen
    notice your presence and try to kill you.  Do your best to take them out,
    keeping in mind they will also fire at you from the building.
    Once the shootout is over, you can aim yourself at the Skyline past the crates
    and proceed on, search the building for some goodies, or you can explore a bit
    with the Skyhooks.  If you search the building, look behind the small cabinet
    to the right of the bed to find a Gear.  Also beware of a potential rogue
    Policeman you may have missed in the earlier shootout.  Nothing serious, but
    it may take you by surprise.
    After you proceed to the end of the Skyline, Policemen are still shooting at
    you, but for some reason Comstock tells them to stop.  As a result, all the
    Policemen just stop and pray.  You can kill them if you want, but nothing
    seems to happen apparently.  Proceed through the door and use the elevator,
    doing what you will with the others.  Comstock will taunt you through a
    projection (manly, right?) and talk about Booker's past.  Once you're at the
    top, keep following the path.  There's only one path, so no side trips.
    Once you are at a certain point though, Comstock's zeppelin smashes through
    the wall.  Guess you've got a new objective.
    As for how that is accomplished, personally I do not know.  But you're going
    to do so anyway.
    This is relatively easy, as strange as it sounds.  The zeppelin has a Skyhook
    that you can attach yourself to and board the wing of the Zeppelin.  Kill the
    Policemen that try to fight you off and you now have a new objective.
    That doesn't sound too hard.
    Pass through the metal door to find a lady and the controls. Check the controls
    only to learn that Comstock won't give you the zeppelin so easily.  The woman
    will then light herself on fire forcing you to evacuate.  I don't know why, but
    you cannot kill the woman even if you try.
    This is pretty self-explanatory.  Just run to the nearest open door.
    Make sure to grab the Skyline immediately after jumping, or you won't be able
    to catch it later.  Ride the Skyline to the end and jump off.
    I must say, Comstock did a pretty good job of making sure you didn't use his
    resources.  You still got to a station though.
    There's not much here other than vending machines for supplies and Vigors, so
    stock up and search if needed, then head through to Monument Island.
    Monument Island
    Now that you're here, time to begin the search for Elizabeth.
    Head straight to the entrance, but it's blocked.  Funnily enough, the entrance
    has Skyhooks that you can latch onto and jump off of to get to the other side.
    That sign was not helpful.
    It's a pretty straightforward path, so keep walking until you enter the
    building.  To the left is an open locker with a Voxophone in it.  Keep going
    forward, even through the area with the Siphon and the levers.  Do note that
    you can play with the levers, though it's somewhat weird.
    Past the Siphon room are three rooms.  Explore as you wish, but the one to your
    immediate left has a Voxophone.  The other two rooms contain images and a
    recording of a girl, which Booker finds to be quite stalkerish, and I can't
    blame the guy.  Go through the door to find another Voxophone on the table.
    Walk past the Siphon machine and board the elevator.
    Once the elevator stops, walk around and follow the path.  Pull the levers to
    see Elizabeth and keep track of her as she moves around the different rooms.
    You'll notice something interesting in one of them, but I'll discuss it later.
    Keep following the path, even when it takes you outside.  Eventually you will
    drop in on Elizabeth (literally) and after some talk convince her to leave with
    you.  However, something seems to be coming, which forces the two of you to
    leave ASAP.
    This is pretty straightforward.  Just keep following Elizabeth throughout and
    let the story play.  Also, you can't hurt anything, so no point in firing your
    guns, even when you get the option to shoot.
    After all that chaos, you'll wake up in Booker's office again.  Elizabeth is
    there this time, but all you can do is open the door.
    Elizabeth meets you when you wake up, but you have to pass out again (don't
    know why) so Elizabeth lets you rest while she runs off.  Now you have to find
    Battleship Bay
    You wake up on a beach and now have to find her.  Don't miss the Voxophone that
    is under one of the carts though.  Once in the building, there is a Kinetoscope
    at the intersection.  Keep going to the second half of the beach, where you
    will find Elizabeth dancing.  Talk to her to get her to go with you, and head
    to the gate to proceed.
    Go to the turnstiles on the east side of the beach.  It's the place where a
    family was taking a picture earlier, but now they're gone, so you can pass
    through.  You will come across a room filled with Comstock's image, and
    Elizabeth will comment.  Search around as needed (lots of searchable goodies
    to find), and keep going up the stairs.
    As you proceed, you run into the Gentleman and the Lady again.  This time, you
    pick a locket for Elizabeth; a bird or a cage.  I personally pick the bird, but
    you can pick the cage if you want.  When you proceed forward, you are given
    the chance to look at the Tower you just escaped from.  It scares people, and
    it is a bit strange.  But there's nothing else of interest, so just keep going.
    Head up the stairs into a station, where you realize you have no ID to buy a
    ticket and get past.  So Elizabeth proposes another way in.  Follow her, and
    she'll pick the lock on the door to get you past.  This introduces you to her
    lockpicking ability that will get you to previously inaccessible areas.  For
    the record though, only locks that are story-related can be opened without much
    of a problem; optional doors and locks require a certain number of Lockpicks,
    which Elizabeth will use.  Don't worry though; they're quite common.
    Pass through the door and head up the stairs to find a vending machine.  And
    somehow Elizabeth finds you money to spend at the vending machine.  How nice of
    her.  And convenient for you.  Now Elizabeth will throw you money at random
    times, and you can spend it however you wish.
    Enter the door to the north to find a Gear and a Voxophone, as well as some
    other searchable goodies.  Head back to find the couple that you rescued at the
    raffle, even though it was unintentional.  They have a nice Gear for you that
    they think might help you.  That was really nice of them.
    Head north past them to reach an arcade, that contains some Duke and Dimwit
    cabinets you can take a look at.  There is also a Motorized Patriot stand,
    which I will use to identify direction in this room for the time being.
    West of the Patriot are the bathrooms.  If you enter the male bathroom,
    Elizabeth will not follow you in, but there is a Voxophone in there as well as
    other things.  There is also a Kinetoscope to the north of the bathrooms for
    your viewing pleasure.
    South of the Patriot are three Kinetoscopes, which are nicely lined up for
    That's all there is, so head up the stairs past the Patriot stand to reach the
    turnstiles.  After a case of mistaken identity, head through the turnstiles.
    Do be warned though, that there is no way back after you head through, so make
    sure you are 100% sure you looked everywhere before you head on.
    Head up the stairs to the ticket counter, though you may head down the other
    set of stairs for some searchable goodies.  Approach the ticket counter, and be
    rudely rebuffed.  You either draw your weapons or demand attention, but it
    quickly turns ugly, and you are forced to defend yourself, to Elizabeth's
    horror.  It's a bunch of Policemen, so nothing you haven't seen before.  Also,
    don't worry about Elizabeth, she will not take damage and hide during these
    fights, so you never have to worry about her at all.  Which is good, seeing as
    she can't defend herself that well.
    Do be careful though, Elizabeth runs off and another round of armed Policemen
    enter the room, so don't think you're safe after round 1.
    Self-defence really got to her.
    Climb up the stairs after her, but duck to the room on the right for a second
    to pick up a Voxophone.  Do be warned though, if you run into this room, the
    ticket counter man will run in and try to kill you.  Not too hard, but it might
    scare you.
    After your search, run after Elizabeth, but when you reach a three-way split,
    head into the room on the left to find an Infusion (it's also the inside of the
    ticket counter place).  Head to the north path to find a room of searchable
    goodies, and at the end of the path, a Voxophone.  Head east to chase after
    You'll find her trying to board a gondola.  Don't worry, she can't actually
    move the lever, so you can continue to take your time and search if you missed
    Elizabeth reacts fiercely, and while it seems pretty silly of her, let's also
    not forget that up until now, she probably never imagined people getting
    killed, or knowing someone who would kill people.  After Booker talks some
    sense into her, she bandages your hand, which is awfully nice of her.  And to
    be fair, I think I would've acted like she did.
    Thankfully Elizabeth is now more aware of her circumstances so she won't start
    hating you per time you have to get into a firefight.
    Whichever direction you choose, head up the stairs, but don't miss the
    Telescope that you can look through.  Now head through the turnstiles to leave
    Battleship Bay
    Soldier's Field
    "What happens when someone finds us in here?"
    "We tell them we got lost looking for the bathroom."
    "And people will believe that?"
    "Not usually, no."
    Once in Soldier's Field, you'll notice it's a nice carnival place.  Hey, it
    might not be so violent this time.  You know, because carnivals are peaceful!
    Okay, yes, it's Bioshock.  Not happening.
    Anyway, head to the right to find a vending machine and a new item: lockpicks.
    I talked about them before, but here is the first instance of them.  The
    vending machine here is also special, because it is an Armory machine that
    contains weapon upgrades.  Whenever you want to power up a weapon, go here.
    Upgrades will be unlocked as the game progresses, not as you acquire weapons
    or weapon usage, so do keep that in mind while purchasing upgrades.
    Also, I highly recommend specializing in a few weapons (unless you're trying to
    get weapon achievements).  You won't have enough money to buy everything, and
    honestly, a lot of the weapons are somewhat similar after a while, so buying
    upgrades may waste money.  Money that would be better spent on Vigor upgrades
    (that are always useful) and potential supplies.
    There is also a Kinetoscope further to the right of the vending machine, with
    the floating model of Soldier's Field.
    The left contains a locked door, which can thankfully be opened with a lockpick
    that coincidentally is right next to the door.  Notice it requires 1 Lockpick,
    as it is optional and requires actual tools (don't know why).  Inside is an
    Infusion, some weapons, searchable objects, a Voxophone, and a safe that can't
    be opened right now because it requires 5 Lockpicks.  You'll have to come back
    later to open it.
    Now proceed to the middle, where a gate shuts and blocks your progress.
    However, Booker proves to be strong enough to open the gate by hand, so have
    him open the gate and you can proceed onward.  Man, he is one strong rescuer.
    Elizabeth will notice the Shock Jockey advertisement, but nothing important.
    Proceed on, but don't miss the Salt Machine behind the advertisement, as it is
    free replenishment of Salt without paying anything.  Head on forward, and look
    at the airship pass by.  Now you have a little free time, so you can head on
    and chase the airship or explore town a little bit.  I'll write as if we had
    explored the area, but you can proceed on if you wish.
    On the left is an ice cream shop that has a Voxophone.  You can also take money
    from the cash register, but this will draw aggression on you and bring enemies,
    so do weigh the benefits before you take the cash.  You will know this because
    the option to take money appears red, meaning it is stealing and has some
    If you search a store named Founder's Books, there is a Voxophone at the very
    top of the stairs.
    You can enter the Toy Soldier store to steal a Heater Replica (which I am not
    sure what it does) and more cash from a register.  Be warned, stealing from
    the register alerts the police.
    When you're ready, head to the airship dock and try to operate it, but it looks
    like it won't work without Shock Jockey.  As it turns out to be a Vigor, you
    just need to find it and use it to signal the airship.
    The problem is, right after this objective, the authorities will be alerted to
    your presence, requiring you to fight your way to the Hall of Heroes.
    Go to the Hall of Heroes (only place with vending machines nearby), enter the
    elevator and press the button.  The elevator breaks down, so you will have to
    work on the fuse box (not hard to find).  A bee comes in, and for some strange
    reason, Elizabeth thinks opening an interdimensional tear to get rid of it is
    much easier than slapping it with her shoe or a book or something.  Regardless,
    this sets you up for using these tears for combat purposes.  This can extend
    to bringing out health packs, bringing new weapons, creating covers, bringing
    allies to the field, almost anything as long as you can create a tear in a
    Once you leave the elevator, you can head to the right for some searchable
    goodies, but do be warned that there are enemies in one of the bathrooms.
    Thankfully you take them by surprise, so saving ammo with your Skyhook isn't
    too hard.  The left has a locked door you can open, which has a Gear, a safe
    and a Voxophone inside.  Do be warned though, this is guarded by a Turret, so
    be ready to either fight it, or Possess it and destroy it.
    Proceed on and you'll find a Vigor.  Unfortunately it's not the Shock Jockey,
    but it is the Bucking Bronco, which lets you levitate enemies and disables them
    for a short time period.
    Proceed onwards, but you will see some Policemen in the area.  This means a
    fight is brewing, so get the first jump on them and proceed to fight it out.
    A Raven Man will also appear, so do be prepared for that as well.  After the
    fight, you are free to explore the area.
    If you search the open area on the right, you will find a code book that can
    be used to decode messages and lead to new rewards.  It's inside the cannon,
    so you may have to search a little.  There is also a Voxophone on the top floor
    next to a Carbine.  On the bottom floor is a Kinetoscope as well as a locked
    door with a Gear inside.
    The building on the left contains a Voxophone as well as the message that
    can be decoded with the code book.  This leads to a weapons chamber, where you
    can pick up the RPG Rocket Launcher for the first time.  In order to find the
    chamber, you'll need to find the message in the bathrooms, then head to the
    other stall and investigate the hat.  That will open the chamber, which holds
    an Infusion and a Voxophone.  What a catch.
    Now head to the Skyline controls to the north of the buildings.  You can't take
    the normal route (surprise surprise), so pull the lever, clear the Skylines,
    and jump on.
    Just pull the lever.  Not hard.
    Ride the Skylines up to the Hall of Heroes.  Once there, dismount and you will
    hear Booker discuss someone named Slate.  Search the gondola to the left to
    find a Voxophone.
    When you head up to the Hall of Heroes, Elizabeth will call out a sniper.  This
    is important because the sniper is extremely hard to hit without a Sniper Rifle
    (you can kill him without it, but it wastes ammo).  Thankfully, Elizabeth will
    throw you a Sniper Rifle to use, and after this she will now throw you more
    ammunition for your equipped weapons.
    The sniper is hard to find and retreats a lot, but will be indicated by a shine
    of light that appears.  It's small and hard to see, but when you see it you
    will know what I'm talking about.  You'll have to use your Sniper Rifle to hit
    him, because other weapons won't reach as well.  And try to cover; the sniper
    will most likely break your shield and hit you for some damage with one shot.
    Bait him out by moving, and then fire with the rifle.
    Once the sniper has been dispatched, you will now have to handle the swarm of
    Policemen, but that's not too hard to deal with.  Once at the entrance,
    head right to view a Kinetoscope, then head inside.
    Hall of Heroes
    "Well, I want a puppy, but that doesn't mean I'm going to get one!"
    When inside the Hall, head to the left and enter the room to find a Voxophone.
    Fight some Policemen that come waltzing in, and then head north.  Here, you
    are approached by Slate, who wants Booker to, strangely enough, kill all of his
    men and them himself.  The men are waiting in the different exhibits, and you
    will have to venture through each one in order to find Slate.  What makes this
    necessary is that Slate has the Shock Jockey Vigor, so unless you find him, you
    won't get the Vigor.
    Well this is annoying.  Anyway, you'll have to go through each exhibit in order
    to pass.  You can choose from the Peking exhibit or the Wounded Knee exhibit.
    We'll start with the Peking exhibit, but there is no real difference.  Before
    starting though, you can head through the room on the right to find an Infusion
    for keeps.
    Go to Peking on the left.  Stock up at the vending machines if needed.  While
    in the Peking exhibit, once you reach a crossroads going left and right, head
    right to find a Gear, but a Policeman will enter shortly after.  Dispose of
    him as you will, and proceed on.  Here, Slate will describe Comstock and a bit
    more of his dissatisfaction with Comstock.  After that, Policemen and a Fireman
    will appear.  After killing them, the exhibit is completed, so head over to
    Wounded Knee.
    Wounded Knee is on the right.  Head forward, and once you reach the crossroads,
    head left to find a Gear and a Policeman.  Kill him, and head to the arena.
    You learn more of Booker's accomplishments in Wounded Knee here, and then
    the battle begins.  There will be Policemen and a Raven Man to deal with.
    Kill them all, and learn more about Booker's past from Slate.  Now there is
    only one more path to take.
    Head back to the vending machines and take the North Exhibit, which is the
    First Lady exhibit.
    Head through the doors and you will find that it is much more calm and peaceful
    than the other two exhibits.  Here you learn some interesting truths about
    Comstock and Elizabeth.  Keep going, and have Elizabeth pick the lock on the
    door.  In the next room, head right to find a Voxophone.  Keep walking on
    through the doors, and eventually you will enter the Courtyard, where Elizabeth
    helps you get past a gate, but a fight begins.  You can now start utilizing
    Elizabeth's tears, so I'd get used to it now.  Do note only one tear can be
    active at a time, so don't think she can go tear crazy and open up everything
    on the field.
    You can open up tears for a Turret with cover, or you can tear Skyhooks into
    the field (I know they're called freight hooks, but I like Skyhook better).
    Kill the enemies as you will, and then head forward.  You can tear a Discount
    Dollar Bill vending machine, but it never had anything for me, so I didn't know
    how it would help.
    Head into the door, and take note of the Kinetoscope to view.  Proceed onwards
    to meet a new kind of enemy, Motorized Patriots.  These are powerful enemies
    who can take a beating and deal a lot of damage, but are not intelligent and
    don't dodge your attacks, making them easy to take down as long as you can
    disable them.  You can hit the gears on their backs to deal more damage, and I
    suggest doing so, because it is difficult to take them down otherwise.  You
    may want to stun them first, or use the Gun Automaton for a distraction.
    After the fight, you can pick up the Patriot's Crank Gun as a weapon.  It's
    sort of like a minigun, and it can only be gotten from Patriots, so if you
    are trying to get an achievement with it, hang on to it as long as you can.
    You also can't upgrade it or refill the ammunition (not without another
    Patriot's gun) so once it's out, discard it and move on.
    After the fight, don't forget to view the Kinetoscope in the middle of the
    arena, and when you have healed/regained the Salts, find the locked door and
    unlock it.  It had all the Shock Jockey, but it looks like Slate took all of
    it.  Thankfully, he left a trail for you to follow.
    Head back out to the Courtyard, where Slate is, but Comstock's airships are
    also there, and Slate sends his men out after you.  It will consist of
    Policemen, a Fireman, and a Motorized Patriot, so be prepared for a long fight.
    If the electric spikes on the ground are causing problems, fire at them to
    remove them.
    After it is over, continue your pursuit of Slate, but check the left room on
    the ground floor to find a Voxophone and an Infusion.  Now proceed to the right
    room and head up the stairs.  Slate will throw more electric spikes and send
    more Policemen after you.  Kill them all and proceed on.
    Enter the door, and note that Slate is weakened and cornered.  If you try to
    take the Shock Jockey though, he will grab Booker, but knowing he will die,
    gives Booker the option to kill him.  You can either kill him or spare him.
    He is more satisfied if you kill him, but sparing him enrages him.  Either way
    you will get the Shock Jockey from him.
    Only thing you can do is head back to the Gondola at Soldier's Field.  On your
    way back at the exhibits you will face more Policemen and a Raven Man.  You
    then see Elizabeth talk with Booker about the past.  You will then see the
    gate close on you, but you also get instructions to use Shock Jockey on an
    outlet to restore power and open the gate.
    Outside the Hall will be another firefight between Comstock and Slate's men.
    They're all Policemen enemies, so nothing terribly special here.  Kill all of
    them (Slate's men turn on you even if you back them up) and continue to explore
    the open area.  Now that you have Shock Jockey, you can open up new places.
    One example of this is the Maintenance area on the right, where you can
    use Shock Jockey on the outlet and open up a path to the upper levels of the
    Hall.  Up here is a Gear and other goodies.
    Now run down the Skyline, but you will attacked by Policemen on the way down.
    Dispose of them, and do be warned, as one of them has a rocket launcher, which
    will hurt you badly and break your shield.
    After the enemies are dead, continue moving down the Skyline back to Soldier's
    Field, where a Fireman and some Policemen await.  Afterwards, stock up at the
    vending machine and prepare to make your way back.  When you reach the elevator
    to go down, a Motorized Patriot awaits.  It's a lot easier to deal with when
    you have Shock Jockey, so stun him and fire away.  Then go down the elevator.
    Back at the lower levels of Soldier's Field, Elizabeth discusses a bit more
    about her tears and what they do.  You can power up the gondola, but you can
    also ride around the Skylines and look for a Shock Jockey outlet on one of
    the houses.  Charge up the outlet and you can find a Gear and a Voxophone.
    Now power up the gondola, but Comstock has found you, so it is time to get
    ready and fight.  You'll encounter Policemen and some with rocket launchers,
    A Motorized Patriot will soon appear, so dispatch it as you will.  I suggest
    using the Skylines and tears as much as possible to give yourself an edge.
    After the fight, go back to the lever and board the gondola.
    More discussion of Booker's past follows.  When the gondola stops, run outside
    and enter the building, but some Policemen will attack you.  Kill them all,
    and climb the stairs.  Do note the Kinetoscope right next to the airship model
    on the ground floor though.  Take the elevator and board the airship.  There is
    an Infusion in the rear end, so do take that before you start the controls.
    Booker then pilots the airship for New York.  Unfortunately, Elizabeth knows
    it's not Paris, and Booker comes up with what is the worst lie in history
    (I would've just told her I needed to pick something up or we'll need more gas
    in New York).  This results in her hitting you, the airship subsequently
    getting hijacked, and now Booker meets Daisy Fitzroy.
    You now have to get weapons for the Vox Populi in order to get your airship
    back.  But you need to find Elizabeth, who has disappeared in this chaos.
    Finkton Docks
    That was a painful drop.
    When you wake up, head to the door on the left for a Voxophone and new upgrades
    at the Vigor vending machine.  Make your way all the way to the right room
    and enter the Employees Only door.  In here is a Gear, and while it constitutes
    stealing, to me it is worth the trouble, so take it, kill the guard (or the
    other way around) and prep up for a firefight.  Otherwise, run to the right
    and follow the path to Elizabeth.
    Booker really should've come up with a better lie.  He wasn't really a saint
    to begin with, so there wouldn't have been a problem there.
    Just keep running after her, even with the tears,  Eventually she'll be
    kidnapped by Policemen and you'll have to fight them off to rescue her.
    There is a door on the left that will take you to where Elizabeth will be.
    Follow it and run through the path, and the enemies will attack you.  They're
    just Policemen, followed by more Policemen, one armed with a rocket launcher,
    and a Turret.  Dispose of them (the Skylines help here), and then ride up the
    Skyline to the second floor and enter the door on the left (opposite the room
    with the vending machines).
    Ride the Skyline Elizabeth has just made and follow her.  However, you are then
    attacked by a Handyman, but are saved by Elizabeth.  She then rejoins you 
    so that she can leave the place.
    Elizabeth is still mad at you.  Not surprised.  Booker needed to tell a better
    There is a telescope near the gondola, so do take a look before you leave.  You
    can also have Elizabeth unlock a door on the gondola that leads to a Gear.
    When you're ready, head up the doors into Finkton.
    Once inside, you discuss your arrangement with Daisy Fitzroy with Elizabeth.
    Go to the left to find a Kinetoscope for viewing and Vigor vending machine.
    Continue on in, but you run into a roadblock on the way.  Booker decides to
    break into Finkton, so that's the next goal.
    You can check the nearby office for a Voxophone.  If you are able to open the
    locked door on the opposite side, you can find an Infusion in there.
    Now head down the stairs and unlock the door.  This leads to a service elevator
    but you have to face off against a large group of Policemen and a Motorized
    Patriot.  Kill them all and then proceed down the elevator, but do note the
    vending machines in the area if you need to equip and stock up, as well as
    the Voxophone in the locker next to the elevator.
    Before the elevator arrives, Elizabeth will pick up her mother's diary from the
    open locker.  It has some interesting truths, but for the meantime, enter the
    elevator and ride down.  The elevator stops halfway, with a message from Fink
    to Booker.  Looks like Fink wants you, which is never a good thing.
    At the bottom, you are met by one of Fink's associates, who gives you some
    supplies, including a powerful weapon (and my personal favorite) the Hand
    Cannon.  Take what you need and proceed on.
    There's not much here, but when you go outside you will be attacked by
    Policemen, a Mosquito (a flying turret), and some Turrets.  Dispose of them,
    and explore the area.  Not much you can do until you meet Chen Lin, so go
    to his place and enter.  Inside is a Voxophone sitting right in front of you.
    Above Chen Lin's place is a Gear, but it will require using the Skyhooks to
    reach the top of his place.
    He's not in though, even as you search.  Talk to his wife and learn he was
    taken to the Good Time Club.  That's your next goal.
    As you leave the place, a Handyman attacks.  It's a tough enemy who constantly
    pursues you and deals a lot of damage, but you can stun him and shoot him in
    the heart (the orange center of his body) to deal extra damage.  Take him down
    and move on to the Club.  Check near the remains of the Handyman to find a
    If you make a small side trip to the open area southeast of the entrance to
    Finkton, you will find a locked door that has a code in it.  It requires a
    code book to decode, so remember the location and come back later.
    Good Time Club
    Once inside, Fink greets you and talks about his need for Booker.  After he is
    done, head up the stairs to an Armory vending machine and a Kinetoscope.
    Proceeding through will give you a short background introduction to Fink's
    "application" process, which, unfortunately for Booker, is a grueling round
    of endurance against Fink's men and the other applicants.  The enemies will
    come from the center of the stage, so if you prep your weapons and Vigor traps
    well enough, you might be able to take your enemies by surprise and kill them
    before the fight spreads out.  And trust me, the fight CAN spread out through
    the entire area, so unless you like shoot-outs, ambush the enemies by setting
    up near the curtain on stage.
    First up is a Fireman backed by Fink's men.  Not too difficult to handle.
    Second is a Raven Man, also backed by Fink's men.  These men come in from the
    top of the stairs, and the Raven Man himself appears above the box at the very
    top of the stage.
    Third is a Motorized Patriot accompanied by two Turrets.  This is then followed
    by two Mosquitoes, so do be aware of aerial assaults.  These come from the
    boxes that you have seen on stage, while the Mosquitoes fly out from the back.
    After that, Fink ends the "auditions" tells you more about the job, which
    Booker rejects.  Elizabeth points out you can head to the back, so head to the
    back where you reach a dressing room.  Here is a Voxophone and another way to
    proceed.  Before you head down the stairs though, a lot of areas in the Good
    Time Club have opened up, so do take the time to go through and see what
    goodies you may have missed.
    Going back up the stairs to the entrance, head to the left, where you will
    see an open door.  Head through it to find a Gear and a safe.  Head down the
    stairs and down into the area near the Dollar Bill vending machine, where
    you will find a Vigor vending machine and a Kinetoscope.  Head to the
    Dollar Bill vending machine, where the door next to it is now open.  Head
    inside for supplies and an Infusion.
    Head down the stairs into a cellar of sorts, where you will see
    a few Policemen talking.  Kill them and proceed.
    Head through the door on the right (door on the left has supplies) to reach a
    prison roster.  Chen Lin is in Door #9, so you need to make your way there.
    Head through the door and you will find two Policemen in a furnace room.  This
    is also the area with the code book (lying on top of a box), so search around
    for it.  You can head on or head back to decipher the code.  If you head back
    and decipher the code, it will tell you to adjust the clock to reach midnight.
    The clock in question is the clock on the right of the code, so set it to find
    an Infusion, a Voxophone, a Volley Gun, and a Lockpicking Bag.  Nice.
    Run all the way back to the furnace area and proceed on.  You now reach a
    projector room, where you can see Chen Lin's interrogation.  Head on through
    the door to find a Voxophone waiting for you and two guards.  This is the cell
    room, as you might realize after the guards are dead.  If you spared Slate,
    you will find him in one of the open rooms.  There's not much you can do for
    him right now, but if you would like to, kill him (they did say earlier that
    sparing him is not a mercy, but killing him is).  Nothing happens if you don't
    kill him though.  He's not conscious enough to respond anyway.
    If you can open the optional lock at the end of the hallway, a Gear is inside
    the cell.  Otherwise, open the required door and head on through.
    As you make your way down, you will find Chen Lin, only he is in no condition
    to make those weapons.  Turn on the lights, and the truth will hit you.
    However, the Gentleman and Lady reappear to give you a potential answer; going
    through another tear might help you find Chen Lin when he can make the weapons.
    Without much of an option head through, but DO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SEARCHED
    If you have, then go through the tear.
    Things have changed greatly.  Chen's no longer there, and the area around you
    has changed drastically.  Well, now you have to find Chen.
    Only, you realize that there's a dire consequence to what you're doing.
    It sure feels like you're in a different place.  Keep making your way back
    to the store.
    You notice that people who Booker has killed have "come back to life", so to
    speak, but have bloody noses.  When you exit the backstage, you will get into
    another fight, but notice that all the tears you had previously are gone.
    Oh, but something to note is that all the goodies that you picked up (like the
    Gears and such) are not here if you picked them up before.  So you can't get
    multiple goodies (sad, right?).
    Once inside the shop, you'll notice some massive changes.  Go up and find Chen
    Lin, only he's changed a bit too.  Head down to talk to Mrs. Lin (who has
    changed the most) and learn that his tools were taken away.  You need to go
    get them back.
    Head over to Shantytown, the place where the police took Chen's tools.  As you
    leave though, Policemen will begin to attack you, so kill them all and head on
    over.  If you tried to come here earlier, it was blocked, but the obstacles
    have been cleared now, so proceed and activate the lever to get to the other
    Once past the door, a fight will break out with Policemen and one armed with a
    rocket launcher.  Tear up a cover if needed, or a support automaton.  Once
    done, head through into the offices (noting the closed office) and head up
    the stairs.  Go into the elevator and into Shantytown.
    Leave the elevator to see the slums of Columbia: Shantytown.  Not a bad place
    though.  You can choose to check out the bar straight ahead or go right into
    the police station.  On the left is an Infusion, but you'll get marked as a
    thief if you try to take it.  I suggest taking it.  It's worth the effort.
    If you go into the bar, you'll be confronted by a few men who want your money.
    You can kill them and the best part is it won't cause a fuss.  Go into the
    bar and look around.  If you take anything behind the counter, it'll be
    considered stealing.
    Head down the stairs to the right and you'll find a boy trying to get some
    food.  You can eat all the food, or do the humane thing and play the
    guitar that happens to be there.  That'll make him happy.  There is also a
    Voxophone in the area, as well as a set of keys that will open something.  It's
    an optional quest though.  There are other searchable goodies in this area as
    On the way to the police station, you will find people looting a vending
    machine.  It will be considered stealing if you take the spoils, unless you
    have Elizabeth open a tear that reveals food sacks, in which case the people
    forget about the money and eat the food.
    Continue along the path until you reach the Police area.  Enter, and take note
    of the broken booth in front of you, as there is a Gear on the ground next to
    it.  You will reach the impound, but will have to fight through a bunch of
    Policemen to get to it.
    This is hard to notice at first, but this is in fact referring to the gold
    gatling guns that are below some of the buildings.
    Either way, you're going to have to deal with a large amount of Policemen in
    order to get to them.  The turrets deal out an incredible amount of firepower,
    so do try and break them first.  It helps to shoot Shock Jockey at them and
    shoot away with a long-range weapon like the RPG/Sniper Rifle.  The Machine
    Gun works well in a pinch.
    You may not be done with the fight yet, so kill off any remaining Policemen.
    A Motorized Patriot will appear as well, so remember to kill it off.  After the
    fight, board one of the Skylines that leads to the higher levels, and drop off
    at the first available stop.  There is a Voxophone here.
    Drop back down and get to the front of the Impound.  Have Elizabeth open the
    door and walk through.
    Bull House
    That's the name of the impound.
    Head forward, but enter the area on the right to find a Kinetoscope.  Head
    through the door to encounter some Policemen.  Kill them all, and a Motorized
    Patriot will appear.  Don't stay behind the cover too long, because the Patriot
    appears from the entrance, which will result in painful damage if you don't run
    in time.
    Now explore the first floor.  On the left, near an interrogation room, is
    another Voxophone.  On the stairs down are the tools, but I'll get to that
    later as there are a lot of other goodies around.
    Go up the stairs, where you may run into leftover Policemen.  On the left is
    an office with a locked door.  Inside is a Gear, an Infusion, and a bunch of
    weapons (namely Carbines, which seems to be the favorite choice in Columbia).
    Head to the office in the middle, where the upper left office has a Voxophone
    and a chest that can be opened with the keys you found in Shantytown.  Inside
    the chest is an Infusion.  The locker room on the right just has some
    searchable goodies.
    Head back down to the first floor, and then down the stairs again.  You'll see
    the tools, but will need to head down a long path in order to reach it.  Down
    in the cells, you'll see the tools, but you obviously can't lift them back to
    the shop.  Fortunately for you, a tear appears.  You can't go back to the
    previous areas once it opens, so search everywhere before you jump through.
    Jump on through.  And the tools have been moved.
    As the objective says, walk back to Chen's store.  Back in Bull House, there
    is a Voxophone on the table.
    Leave the impound to notice a war going on between the Vox and Founders of
    Columbia.  And the Vox seem to be winning.  Fight your way through past some
    Policemen, and then head up the path back to Shantytown.  You learn that Booker
    is now the hero of the Vox, but he has conflicting memories.  All of that gives
    him a nosebleed.  Ouch.
    You'll come back to a scene of the Vox killing off some of the Policemen.
    They won't hurt you though, so head back to the factory for a bit, or you can
    head back to the bar and find two men taking pictures with a Handyman.  There's
    a Voxophone near the Handyman.  Enter the bar to find another Voxophone on the
    bar.  Now head back up the elevator to reach the factory again.
    Back at Finkton, you can now check the closed office to find that it has been
    smashed open, but a previously inaccessible Vigor bottle can be obtained.  It
    is the Charge Vigor, which lets you ram enemies.
    Outside, you will face Policemen, a sniper, and one with a rocket launcher.
    Take care to kill them all, especially the sniper.  Now proceed on back to
    Finkton, pull the lever to move the cargo, and make your way to Chen's place.
    Only to find something totally unexpected.  Well, regardless, the deal is done
    so Booker suggests finding Daisy and getting the airship back.  Before you
    leave though, a Voxophone has now appeared on the shelf, so take it.
    As you leave, you find a path to the factory being carved open.  It will
    open and you will fight (thankfully with some Vox) your way to the top of the
    factory.  The Vox are pretty reliable, so fighting your way through, even with
    the Turrets and Motorized Patriot, is still not too hard.  However, as the Vox
    try to get the factory door open, they are blasted by a zeppelin.  You will
    need to destroy it in order to give the Vox enough time to get the gate open.
    Ride the Skyline above you that will take you near an area where you can board
    the zeppelin.  Once on the zeppelin, you will be met by some Policemen and a
    Turret.  When you kill them off, enter the zeppelin to be met with more
    Policemen and a Motorized Patriot.  After they are destroyed, go up to the
    engine, destroy it, and leave by jumping onto a Skyline.  The factory is now
    open, so enter.
    Once inside, you will face some more Poliecmen and a Turret (but still have the
    Vox).  Keep making your way, but inspect the bodies near the elevator to pick
    up a Gear.  Go up the elevator, where Daisy will contact you.  Apparently,
    Booker died for the Vox, and you are being accused of being impostors, so now
    the Vox gang up on you.  Once the elevator stops, kill all the Vox that charge
    at you.
    Go to the left room and search behind the vending machine for a Gear.  Go to
    the top part of the room to find money (and lots of it), the Undertow Vigor,
    which lets you throw enemies with water, and a Voxophone.  There are also
    vending machines where the Gear was, so stock up there and upgrade if needed.
    Unlock the door and pass through.  There, you see Daisy treat Fink in an unkind
    manner, and she sets the Vox on you.  There will be Vox accompanied by a
    Fireman, and then a Handyman will join in later.  It will get intense, and
    thankfully there is a vending machine nearby if you need to pick up some
    emergency supplies.  Afterwards, head to the other side of the tower to see
    Daisy.  You'll need to put Elizabeth through the vent, and then distract
    Daisy.  Once she is distracted, you are able to regain control of the airship.
    Just walk up to the vent and boost Elizabeth into it.   You then have to
    distract Daisy, as I just mentioned.  
    After that, Elizabeth saves the child, Daisy is incapacitated, and you can now
    board your airship.
    But before you do that, duck into the left room to find an Infusion, and duck
    into the right room to find a Voxophone.  Now board the airship.  Elizabeth
    has retreated into the doors, so knock on the door to call her a few times.
    Then operate the controls.  She later joins you at the controls in a new look.
    As the airship takes off, Songbird decides to jump in and break the moment
    (you know, the flying bird from before).
    "They...well, at least she invented the technology that allows the city to
    "Giant balloons?"
    "Quantum particles. Suspended in space-time at a fixed height."
    "So...NOT giant balloons?"
    After that rough landing, bust open the door and approach the Gentleman and
    Lady, who are playing a piano for some odd reason.  It turns out that it's a
    clue to preventing Songbird from getting in your way.  Take the card from the
    Gentleman, and the two disappear.  Push the piano out of the way and get ready
    to enter the town.
    Everyone is evacuating, but Elizabeth suggests going to Comstock House in order
    to find a way to prevent Songbird from being a problem.
    As you continue along the path, you will run into Vox that are attacking the
    populace.  There is a Vox armed with a flak cannon, so do try and keep moving
    at all times.  You can move along the bridge or go right upwards (the area with
    an Armory vending machine) to confront them.
    After the firefight is over (and it will be intense), head north to the locked
    door.  Unlock it and head on through.  Here you'll enter Port Prosperity, and
    there are vending machines here for Vigors and supplies.  If you turn around,
    you can tear open a Skyhook that grants you access to a wooden scaffold.  That
    scaffold has a Gear.  There is also a locked door to your left that holds an
    Infusion.  Head to the open gate on the right and you will run into two Vox.
    Kill them and move on (shouldn't be much trouble).
    Here, Booker will discuss with Elizabeth more about the prophecy business.
    Do get ready though, because after this discussion a gondola arrives, carrying
    Vox and a Motorized Patriot.  Kill them off and board the gondola.  If you
    check the right side of the gondola, you can find a telescope for your viewing
    Port Prosperity
    As you ride the gondola, Elizabeth remembers, for some odd reason or another,
    who the Gentleman and Lady are.  They are Robert and Rosalind Lutece (which
    somewhat explains the note that you were given earlier) and they supposedly
    disappeared a few years ago.  Spooky.
    After the gondola stops, head up the stairways and continue along the path, but
    some Vox stand in the way so kill them.  You can either choose to enter the
    ticket booth for some goodies on the left, or head to the right path and face
    some more Vox.  Kill them and keep making your way forward.  As you move
    forward, you'll see a body with a Voxophone near it.
    You can head left towards Comstock House, search the nearby office for some
    goodies, or if you have enough lockpicks, unlock the door to the Salty Oyster.
    Inside the Salty Oyster are some Policemen who have holed up there (haven't
    seen them in a while).  Kill them, and you get a store full of goodies and
    a Kinetoscope for viewing.  There is also a Gear under one of the tables near
    the bathrooms.  And for your weapons, there is an Armory vending machine.
    Head out of the Salty Oyster and up the stairs to find some Vox and a Fireman.
    They are picking on a man, so rescue the man (or rescue and then kill the man
    yourself).  Then head up the stairs into a wide area.  Yep, it's time for a
    Vox firefight.
    There will be Vox, a Motorized Patriot, and a Fireman to deal with here.  Take
    advantage of the large area to move around and duck for cover and supplies.
    Another Fireman will appear later, so do be careful here.
    After that chaos is over, move back to the entrance of the area and search
    the left and right doors.  The left has some supplies, while the right also
    has supplies and a Voxophone in the backroom.  Also move around the area for
    some supplies, as there are a ton of goodies abound.
    When you're done, go to the locked gate in the front and unlock it.  You will
    be greeted by two snipers, so do be ready when you enter.  You can tear some
    cover in the front, or you can tear a Skyhook on the top and jump to it to
    ambush the snipers.  Do be warned you need to move quickly though, as these
    snipers hurt.
    Now you can either head north past the turnstiles or head west into the nearby
    bookstore to investigate.  Do be warned that if you head north you can't go
    back, so explore the west side as it can't hurt.  You'll need one lockpick to
    enter the bookstore, but once inside you'll see a Gear and a Voxophone.  Handy.
    If you go downstairs you will find another Voxophone, but some Vox will come
    down and search around.  Kill them as you please, and keep searching.  The
    Voxophone will note that there is a button under the cash register in the
    Salty Oyster, and a woman is supposedly locked inside.  After you leave the
    bookstore, you will be ambushed by four Vox, but they shouldn't be too hard to
    If you returned to the bar, press the button under the cash register (that
    option will now appear) and a door will open.  Inside is a Voxophone, an
    Infusion, a Return to Sender Vigor, and some other goodies.  A good haul for
    sidetracking.  As you leave the bar though, you are ambushed by four Vox.
    Again, kill them (they seem to be really good at finding you when you find
    extra stuff).
    Now head through to the turnstiles, go right and call the elevator.  Here
    Elizabeth talks about needing a code, so search the tables for the code book,
    and the table all the way to the left should have the code.  As you find the
    code, Songbird comes back through and searches for you.  But as it can't find
    you, it leaves.  Elizabeth remains scared, so Booker promises he'll do what he
    can to protect her.  Now head through the elevator and head to Downtown
    Downtown Emporia
    On your way down you'll be hit by a rocket and forced to jump onto a Skyline
    in order to escape.  This leads to a shootout with some Vox, so keep your
    tearing eyes open and your combat skills fresh, because this will get intense.
    The enemies consist of normal Vox, those with rocket launchers, one with a
    flak cannon, and a Handyman.  The Handyman is particularly annoying, since it
    can electrocute the Skylines if you use them a lot, so try to kill it quickly.
    After the fight, run around and see what goodies you can pick up, and then
    head through the gate on the west.  There are also vending machines nearby if
    you need to stock up.  Head through the path and there are more vending
    machines nearby.  Proceed onward and there will be four snipers waiting for
    you.  I would recommend tearing open a Hook to jump to so you can shoot at them
    normally, but if you can outsnipe them, that tactic works too.  One of them
    will be on a roof, so do look up if you are still getting fired on.
    After this, head through the store with the cover tear below it.  Head down
    the stairs to find two Vox, and when they are dead, a Voxophone.  Enter the
    building to the left of this store, which has a lock that requires three
    lockpicks.  Open the door to meet a man who will try to ambush you in a small
    room (you can see him before he runs in though, so you can run in and kill him
    easily), and if you climb the stairs you can find a Gear.
    Head up the path and the stairs, and eventually you'll run into more Vox and
    a Fireman.  They will be fighting against some normal men and a Motorized
    Patriot.  Unfortunately, you'll have to kill them all in order to proceed.
    After they are all dead, search the left of the area to find a locked door
    that needs three lockpicks.  Open it to find a Gear and a Voxophone inside.
    Head into the area labeled Memorial Gardens and go up the stairs.  You will
    see Comstock House right in front of you, but before you go knock on the 
    door, search near a picture of Lady Comstock on the stairs to find a Voxophone.
    Open the gate to Comstock House, only to find that you'll need Lady Comstock's
    fingerprints to open the door.  Elizabeth comes up with a pretty nasty method
    of solving the problem, but to be honest, there didn't seem to be a much better
    method anyway.
    Head through the only open path forward and make your way to the graveyard.
    Along the way, you may find other areas holding some goodies.  The graveyard
    has only one path, so just follow it.  Once there, head to the First Lady area
    of the graveyard, tear a lock open, and approach the body.  Unfortunately, it
    seems like Comstock is aware of what you're doing, and somehow revives Lady
    Comstock so that she is some mix of alive or dead.  Here we go.
    This battle would actually be really easy, if it weren't for the fact that you
    have to deal with Lady Comstock's other ability.  Apart from her flying all
    over the place, she will stop and summon undead warriors to stop you.  The
    problem is that she can do this an infinite amount of times, and unless you
    deplete all of her health she doesn't stop doing it.  The good news is that if
    you kill her, all of the undead disappear, and if you kill some of the undead,
    they do drop some items, so you can restock partially to buy yourself some
    time.  I do not recommend it as a long-term strategy though, as the items
    gained are dismal compared to the supplies you'll need, and it's basically
    there to give you a small pickup that'll keep you going.
    After the fight, Lady Comstock will leave, but Booker is too confused to keep
    going.  Not trying to help, the Luteces appear and mention that Lady Comstock
    is currently alive...and dead.  As a result, she's not liking this combination,
    and you need to somehow set it right.  Not sure how, but you'll see some
    spectral footsteps leading you to the next area.  That's a good start.
    As you leave, the Luteces appear and give you more detailed information on
    what you need to do.  You'll need to find three pieces of evidence that will
    calm Lady Comstock down.
    Sadly, they need to be opened by tears in order to be accessed.
    Follow the footprints (if not, the mission navigation key works just as well)
    to the next objective.  Along the way you might hear some familiar music.
    Follow the music to find a Voxophone.  As you proceed onwards, you'll find some
    Vox outside the first location the footsteps run into.  Kill the Vox and enter.
    You'll be inside the Lutece Laboratory.  Enter through the door and open the
    tear on the first floor.  After the tear is finished, a Voxophone will fall
    on the floor.
    Before you leave though, search the right of the area where the tear was to
    find a Voxophone in the kitchen.  Go up the stairs into the bedroom to find an
    Infusion in plain sight and a Voxophone to the right of it.  Now head outside
    and continue to follow the path of the foosteps (but duck into the nearby store
    for some vending machines if needed).  Along the way, you'll encounter a
    Fireman.  Kill him, and then go to the left of the area where the Fireman was
    to find a locked door.  It needs three lockpicks, so open the door and go
    inside to find a lot of money and an Infusion.
    Keep following the path and when you see the bloody writing on the wall, head
    right into the store, head down the stairs, and right past the bucket to find
    a code book to the left of the sink.  Head back on the normal path and unlock
    the door to find yourself back to the area where you first started.  Head
    towards the bank, but you will quickly be confronted by two Raven Men.  They
    will be joined by some Vox as well as a Fireman, so do be quick about killing
    these enemies.  Once you are done, enter the bank.
    As you enter the bank you will see three Kinetoscopes, however these are pretty
    similar to the ones you have already seen and won't count for anything.  Enter
    the elevator and press the button.
    Once you stop, leave the room and you will see a large bank area.  Well, the
    Vox are in here too, so time for a fight.  After you kill all the Vox, head
    north, but before heading into the vault room on the right, take a detour to
    the left and search around.  When you arrive at a split between going north
    and going east, take the east path to find a Gear near a dead body.  Take the
    north path to find a room with a code scrawled nearby.  If you found the code
    book before, Elizabeth tells you to type the code in on the typewriter.  Do so,
    and the cabinet to your left will move aside to reveal an Infusion, a Voxophone
    and some other goodies.
    Now head back through to the vault room, and keep going until you reach a
    Raven Man.  He'll set four Vox and a sniper on you.  Kill the Vox and stay away
    from the middle door until you are ready to confront the sniper.  Then run in
    (or strategically aim) and kill the sniper.  After that is done, keep going
    until you find an entrance that has apparently been burned open.  Before going
    through, search the right area to find a Gear in a bucket next to a dead body.
    Pass through the burning entrance to find a tear, but before opening it, search
    the left room to find a Voxophone near a safe.  As you are about to open the
    tear, the Raven Man finally attacks you.  He's a bit tougher than a normal
    Raven Man, but not by much.  After he dies, he disappears (and leaves nothing,
    that jerk), and you are free to open the tear.  After the tear is opened, a
    Voxophone drops down and you can pick it up.
    You can't get out the way you came in, so head forward, where the vault door
    opens very eerily.  Outside is...Lady Comstock.  And here we go again.
    This is really no different from the first fight, only this is the same area
    as the Vox in the bank.  Also different from the last fight is that you have
    access to a Dollar Bill vending machine which pumps out supplies that will
    actually help in this fight.  And unlike the graveyard fight, there was a lot
    of money to be found in this bank, more than enough funds to win you this
    battle.  Actually, if you spend more than $300 in this fight, I'll be quite
    The only issue you'll encounter is that Lady Comstock revives the dead really
    often, which can lead to an overflow of enemies you'll have to fight.  It
    helps to have a crowd-clearing weapon like the RPG to buy yourself some time.
    Focus your fire mainly on Lady Comstock, but also kill off the undead if they
    are too annoying.
    After the fight, Lady Comstock will leave.  Now we need one last tear.  Head
    into the elevator and press the button.  After stopping, leave the bank and
    follow the spectral footsteps again.  The path is pretty linear at this point,
    but you are now headed for a locked door.  Have Elizabeth unlock it, and you
    will enter a photography area.  In it is the final tear.  Open it, and you
    will now be able to go back to Comstock House.
    Do pick up the Voxophone that dropped though.
    On your way back to Comstock House, you will run into two Vox with flak
    cannons and a normal Vox member.  It might be tough to find them, but they
    should jump down eventually and make themselves easier to kill.
    Make your way back to Comstock House.  Here, you will be confronted by Lady
    Comstock.  So begins what is hopefully the final round.
    Here's the problem.  Like the last fight, you have access to some vending
    machines nearby.  However, your enemies are hiding behind some steel shields
    that block your bullets.  You'll have to finish Lady Comstock quickly.
    After the fight, Elizabeth will confront Lady Comstock in a lengthy scene.
    After that though, Lady Comstock will open the gate for you and disappear.
    Which is good, because it's quite difficult to keep up with those fights.
    Enter Comstock House.
    Comstock House
    Run up and pull the lever.  However, Songbird attacks and throws you at a
    building.  I'm surprised you don't lose health during this.
    You wake up in Booker's office again.  You can't open the front door so open
    the side door.
    You wake up again but this time in reality.  Before you can respond though,
    Songbird crashes through.  Elizabeth rushes in to save you and succeeds, only
    she's been taken away now.  Booker now needs to save her.
    Jump to the Hooks and jump down to the bridge.  Cross the bridge, only to find
    that it is snowing around you.  This is strange.  You have no choice but to
    keep going though.
    Enter Comstock House, and run past the tears.  They just tell you a bit about
    what happened to Elizabeth.  Keep going until you see a bunch of beings who
    don't interact with you.  There's something important to note here.
    This is the only time in the game you will encounter an enemy which has been
    named "Boy of Silence".  It was on the official website and Bioshock Wiki, so
    I have no idea how this was conceived, but that is what it is known as.  It's
    an enemy that doesn't hurt you, but searches an area with a camera light.  If
    you are caught in the camera light, it will sound an alarm and disappear.  This
    later results in Booker being mobbed by those beings that move around as if you
    don't exist.  Your job is to hide from these Boys so that you don't get into
    useless fights.
    You have no choice but to provoke this Boy of Silence though because there is
    no other way past.  Kill the guards (use ranged weapons, melee is not advised)
    and then proceed past the door.  You can't proceed immediately though, so hit
    the intercom and attempt to get in.  The problem is, there is no response on
    the other side.  Thankfully, a really slow elevator comes down that will take
    you to the warden's office.  From there you can open the door.  It is slow so
    you'll have to wait for the elevator behind you to come down.  After it
    arrives, board the elevator.
    There is a Voxophone in the elevator which you can pick up.  Push the button
    to go up.
    As you exit the elevator, be careful, as a Boy of Silence will be supervising
    the area.  Once the light is out of range, sprint (walking is not recommended
    here) past him to the other side on the right.  You can also duck left for some
    supplies and a Kinetoscope.
    Once past the Boy of Silence, you'll find yourself in another room with a tear.
    You'll see more of what's happening to Elizabeth, and then it closes.  Run into
    the furnace room on the left to find another Voxophone, and then continue on
    to the right.  Here you'll find a corridor with another tear, and then another
    room with a Boy of Silence to evade.  Run behind some cover quickly, determine
    which side you're going to run on, and wait for the Boy to not cover that path
    before running.  Do take some time to read his pattern though, it could save
    you an unnecessary fight.
    Past the Boy is a wide area backed by some Guards, a Raven Man and two Turrets.
    Then Guards aren't any different from the Policemen and the Vox that you've
    seen thus far, but the Turrets are placed in such a position that if you don't
    destroy them first, they can hit you in any place that you try to hide.  Take
    them out first (or Possess one and buy yourself some time) and then kill the
    other enemies.
    After the firefight, head up the stairs and into the entrance.  Walk to your
    left and follow the path through to find another tear.  Comstock has quite the
    plans for Elizabeth.  Proceed on to find another Kinetoscope.
    Keep going through the room and proceed until you reach a Boy of Silence.
    Normally I would tell you to avoid the Boy, but there is a Gear near where the
    Boy is standing.  You risk being noticed if you take the Gear though, so do
    weigh your options before taking it.  There is also a Voxophone in the area
    behind this Boy.  Make your way to the open entrance when you are done.
    Keep making your way to the Warden's Office, running past a projector room that
    does explain a little bit of Elizabeth's current mindset.  As you keep going
    you will run into another Kinetoscope, though you may have seen this one before
    and as such it won't count towards anything.
    As you walk into the Security Center, before running up the stairs, walk around
    the perimeter of the area (no enemies yet) and when you reach the projector,
    you will find a Voxophone nearby.  To the right of the stairs, on top of a
    desk, is another Gear.  When you walk up to the Warden's Office, there is a
    Voxophone immediately visible when you walk in.  Pull the switch and you will
    be able to rescue Elizabeth now.
    Unfortunately, a Boy of Silence will, for some odd reason, have snuck up on
    you and immediately sounds the alarm, sending a wave of enemies after you.  You
    will be confronted by a series of Guards, but these shouldn't pose too much of
    a problem at this point.  After they are dead, run outside and you will face
    more Guards.  Some Guards will be on the other side of the railing (that you
    conveniently can't reach), so hopefully you have a long-range weapon that can
    deal with them.  After the fight, head down the stairs, and you can now
    conveniently board the elevator with a Voxophone inside.
    As the elevator stops, run through the newly-opened door and you will run into
    another tear.  The Luteces are also here, but as always, they don't really make
    much sense.  Run past them and head left to find...
    Only something's not right.  Run up to her and you'll see why.  You'll now
    realize what was going on with the change in scenery.  Elizabeth will show you
    a vision, but gives Booker the key to changing that vision.  She then sends him
    back to the place he's supposed to be in so he can actually rescue Elizabeth.
    I have a lot of problems here.  And to be honest, some of these would be
    solvable if more content was added here.
    Now that you're back in the present, run through the front door (other doors
    are locked) to find Elizabeth and Comstock.  Your first view of him, but he
    runs.  Anyways, you need to rescue Elizabeth.  The way to do that is to destroy
    both of the machines on the left and right side that are hurting Elizabeth.
    You will face some Guards along the way though, so do be ready to fight.
    You can go either left or right, but there will be a Turret and some Guards
    on both sides.  After dispatching them, the center area has two Turrets and a
    few more Guards.  Now go up either staircase to stop one of the machines.  When
    you do, you will need to go up the other staircase to stop the machine.
    However a Motorized Patriot and more Guards come to stop you when you do. When
    you stop both machines, Elizabeth is freed and all you have to do is go and
    pick her up.  Run down to the machine, find Elizabeth and tend to her as she
    slowly recovers.
    Head back to the central area which led to the machines.  You can unlock the
    door on the left that will take you to Comstock's zeppelin, or you can take a
    slight detour, open the lock on the right for three lockpicks to find an
    Infusion and a Voxophone.  Now head the other way, unlock the door, and head
    up the elevator.
    Hand of the Prophet
    "Booker...are you afraid of God?"
    "No. But I'm afraid of you."
    This is a very interesting map as most of the battles will now take place in an
    aerial setting.  So no, I'm not being vague here on purpose.
    Not too hard.  After scrounging around the area, unlock the door and head
    outside.  As you proceed, you will met by Guards and Motorized Patriots.  You
    are in a wide area, so do try to take advantage of your surroundings.  After
    the battle, you can check the locked door at the other end fo the area for
    some goodies, and if you check the left door, you can find a Voxophone.
    As you proceed further, a gondola will descend.  This will bring more Guards,
    but no other enemies so it should still be manageable.  After the fight, before
    boarding the gondola, there is a telescope to your left for your viewing
    pleasure.  After that, board the gondola and head to the Hand of the Prophet.
    However your rest time is cut short as Comstock's men attempt to kill you in
    the skies.
    This will require you to jump to different places in order to repel the
    assault.  Be quick here because these enemies are not tough, but you will be
    fighting them on small areas, so this may result in you fighting multiple
    enemies in a small space.  After a while some Vox will jump in, but it won't
    be any different from what you've been seeing before.
    Afterwards, you will dock below the Hand of the Prophet ship, and now begins
    the infiltration into Comstock's quarters.  You'll always be fighting enemies
    now, so do make sure you have mastered your combat tactics at this point.
    This floor has Turrets and Guards.  Nothing special, so fight your way towards
    the Skyline, clear it, and then check around the area before moving on.
    The second floor has some more Guards, but a few more goodies.  There is a
    locked door that requires three lockpicks to open near the end of the floor,
    and inside are some goodies and a Gear.  As you try to clear the Skyline
    though, Vox will attack the ship as you are boarding, which means you'll have
    to kill them off in order to continue your journey peacefully.  They bring
    flak cannons and a Motorized Patriot, so do watch yourself.
    After all enemies are killed, take the Skyline up and drop when you are above
    one of the wings.  Take the door and enter the Engineering Deck.
    Engineering Deck
    As you proceed forward, there will be some Guards and a Handyman ready to
    greet you.  There are some Skylines and tears around, so keep moving and take
    advantage of your surroundings.  Afterwards, proceed north to find more Guards
    and a Rocket Turret.  Kill those, and check back where the Handyman was to find
    a Gear.
    Head up the staircase and Elizabeth will mention a Skyline you can take to the
    Prophet's cabin.  Jump on and ride up.  When you see the first platform you
    can drop to, jump down and open the door.
    Head into the room and go forward.  Here is Comstock.  Now watch what unfolds
    and interact where needed.
    I'll be honest here, I wasn't expecting things to go this easily.  When the
    confrontation ended, I was really, really surprised.  Well, I won't spoil
    it here.  Anyways, now that you've talked with Comstock, you now have to
    find a way to destroy the Siphon blocking Elizabeth's powers.
    Head through the only door open, and climb up the stairs.  You'll find yourself
    on the second floor of the ship.  As you walk to the next set of stairs, before
    going up, enter the door on the right to find a Voxophone on the bed.  The
    door on the left also contains a Voxophone.
    Head on up to the top floor to find a locked door.  Have Elizabeth unlock it
    and take control of the zeppelin.  However, the Vox attack and threaten to
    board.  Elizabeth suddenly has a revelation and learns how to control Songbird
    in time to save you from the Vox attack.  But things aren't over yet.
    And now Songbird is under your control.  A great ally to have while you are
    fighting against a massive number of airships.  Here's the thing though;
    Songbird has a certain amount of health (shown in the upper right hand corner
    of the screen) and can only be called when not on "cooldown".  It can take down
    anything though, but only while it has sufficient time to rest.  Elizabeth will
    tell you when Songbird is ready to fight again.  You will have to direct its
    attacks to protect the zeppelin.
    Eventually, the Vox will increase their assault, and zeppelins will appear.
    I suggest using Songbird for this; it would be too difficult otherwise.
    Other than that, just keep clearing the deck of Vox and later, Motorized
    Patriots.  There really isn't a solid strategy here other than to keep trying
    and keep fighting.  Eventually, the battle should end after all the Songbird
    directing and defending.
    After the defense is over, you will reach Monument Island.  Here, you will be
    able to talk to Elizabeth.  Once you talk to Elizabeth, the ending begins, and
    I won't walk you through it because it is pretty self-explanatory.
    I hope you enjoyed the ending, and I also hope you enjoyed playing Bioshock
    Voxophone Locations: (Incomplete)
    As with the audio pattern that we have seen in Bioshock 1 and 2, the
    Voxophones reveal more of the storyline and interesting stories that players
    can use to learn more about what is really going on in the story, as well as
    understand the viewpoints of the characters in the game.  Do note that not
    all characters in the Voxophones will be encountered.
    There are 80 Voxophones in total.  See if you can find them all!  You will
    also get the Eavesdropper achievement if you do.
    (Note: I haven't found them all yet as I haven't been playing this game
    often enough to run through it multiple times.  However, I do plan on
    updating this list as I find them.)
    #1. Once in the Welcome Center, take the left path that leads to a picture of
    Lady Comstock and a sign that says "And in my womb shall grow the seed of the
    prophet".  To the right of that is the Voxophone.
    #2. In New Eden Square, right when you enter Columbia for the first time, you
    can head to the store called Hudson's, where the Voxophone will be near the
    bottom of a safe.
    #3. In New Eden Square, after leaving the grocery, head straight up the path
    and into a garden.  Once in the garden, search the top of the table for this
    #4. In Raffle Park, after the scuffle with the policemen, walk into an area
    with cages and a Vigor vending machine.  Search the table inbetween the cages
    to get this Voxophone.
    #5. In the Blue Ribbon, after the Shield upgrade, walk into the kitchen and
    the Voxophone should be on the counter.
    #6, In the Lansdowne House after the scuffle with the Policemen, look for the
    child bedroom in the house (it has toys in it) and the Voxophone is on the left
    #7. Outside the Montgomery Residence, after the shootout, go to the wooden
    stage of the Wild West show, and the Voxophone should be on the left.
    #8. In the Fraternal Order of the Raven, on the first/ground floor, is at the
    bar sitting on the bartop.
    #9. In the Fraternal Order of the Raven, on the ground floor after the fight
    with the hooded men, search the church seats and it should be visible.
    #10. In the Fraternal Order of the Raven, in the meeting room, go to the left
    room and it should be on a table.
    #11. In the Monument Tower Maintenance area, in the second half, search the
    area on the right to find the Voxophone on a desk.
    #12. In Monument Island, right when you enter the building, on your left is an
    open locker with this Voxophone.
    #13. In Monument Island, past the Siphon room, when you first enter, go through
    the door on the left side with white lights, and when you enter you should be
    in some medical area.  On the table on the right should be this Voxophone.
    #14. In Monument Island, after entering the Siphon room, this should be right
    in front of you on a table.  Hard to miss.
    #15. In Battleship Bay, when you wake up from the fall, search the shaded part
    of the beach, and under one of the carts is this Voxophone.  Key word is under,
    so remember to look below the cart.
    #16. In Battleship Bay, after Elizabeth throws you money for a vending machine,
    go north of the vending machine (the route without a couple) to find a Gear and
    this Voxophone.
    #17. In Battleship Bay, in the arcade, go west of the Motorized Patriot stand
    and enter the male bathroom.  This Voxophone is within sight.
    #18. In Battleship Bay, after the fight at the ticket station, head up the
    stairs where some Policemen came from and head to the room on the right.  There
    is a Voxophone on a table there.
    #19. In Battleship Bay, while chasing after Elizabeth, you'll encounter paths
    to go north, west, and east.  Go north to enter a room full of searchable
    goodies and a path leading to a Voxophone near a table.  It's on top of some
    #20. In Soldier's Field, when you open the locked door at the entrance, this is
    in a closet all the way in the back.  It's in the room with a safe, and the
    Voxophone is right across from it.
    #21. In Soldier's Field, after you see the First Lady Airship, head left to the
    Duke and Dimwit ice cream store, where the Voxophone is sitting on a table.
    #22. In Soldier's Field, after you see the First Lady Airship, look for a store
    called Founder's Books, and the Voxophone will be at the highest point in the
    store, at the top of the stairs.
    #23. In Soldier's Field, after Elizabeth's tear, head to the locked door on the
    left that contains a Gear and a Turret.  This Voxophone is on one of the tables
    to the right.
    #24. In Soldier's Field, after getting the Bucking Bronco and the firefight,
    go to the building on the right and climb to the top floor.  The Voxophone
    should be next to a gun, which in this case was the Carbine for me.
    #25. In Soldier's Field, after getting the Bucking Bronco and the firefight,
    go to the building on the left and go into the kitchen.  The Voxophone should
    be hanging from a cabinet.
    #26. In Soldier's Field, after getting the Bucking Bronco and the firefight,
    go to the building on the right and find the code book.  Once you have it, go
    to the building on the left, go to the bathrooms, and decipher the message.
    Then investigate the hat in the other bathroom stall to open up this area.
    The Voxophone is sitting on the table.
    #27. In Soldier's Field, after riding the Skylines, search the gondola to the
    left, and the bottom half should contain this Voxophone.
    #28. In the Hall of Heroes, near the Armory vending machine on the left of the
    entrance, go into the room, and the Voxophone should be on your left.
    #29. In the Hall of Heroes, in the First Lady Exhibit, after opening the locked
    door, head right to find this Voxophone.
    #30. In the Hall of Heroes, after Slate's men attack you in the courtyard,
    there is a room on the ground floor to the left that has been opened with the
    electricity.  Enter it and find a Voxophone on the table.
    #31. In Soldier's Field, after obtaining Shock Jockey and before you activate
    the gondola, ride around on the Skylines and there will be a Shock Jockey
    outlet that you can charge up.  Charge it and enter the area it opens.  This
    Voxophone is sitting on a bed.
    #32. In Finkton Docks, right after Daisy drops you, head to the door on the
    left (will need to walk up a small ramp).  The Voxophone is inbetween two desks
    on the left.
    #33. In Finkton, in one of the empty offices, is this Voxophone sitting on the
    #34. In Finkton, before going down the service elevator, check the lockers on
    the right for this Voxophone.
    #35. In Finkton, inside Chen Lin's place, is a Voxophone sitting in front of
    #36. In the Good Time Club, once you head backstage, in the dressing room, this
    Voxophone is on a table to the left.
    #37. In the Clock Shop, after finding the code book in the Good Time Club,
    head all the way back to the area with the code in Finkton (to the right of
    the entrance to Finkton) and decipher the code.  Set the clock and this
    Voxophone is inside.
    #38. In the Good Time Club, past the projector room, is this Voxophone sitting
    right in front of you.
    #39. In Shantytown, in the bar, walk down the stairs to the right, and the
    Voxophone is on the table in the room there.
    #40. In Shantytown, at the Police Impound, ride a Skyline that will take you
    to higher ground.  At the first place you can stop at, drop down.  The
    Voxophone is right next to a hat.
    #41. In Bull House, after the fight, go to the left side, and at the entrance
    to the interrogation room, there is a Voxophone sitting on the bottom.
    #42. In Bull House, on the second floor, go to the middle office and search
    the upper left office.  The Voxophone is sitting on top of a table.
    #43. In Bull House, after you have opened the tear, it is on the table after
    you leave the cell area.
    #44. In Shantytown, walk back to the bar to find people taking pictures with
    a dead Handyman.  The Voxophone is near the Handyman.
    #45. In Shantytown, enter the bar, and this Voxophone is sitting on the table.
    #46. In Finkton, after returning to Chen's place, this Voxophone is now on a
    #47. In Finkton, after Daisy's call, before you unlock the door, search the
    right to find this Voxophone.
    #48. In Finkton, after rescuing the child from Daisy, search the right room to
    find this Voxophone.
    #49. In Emporia, near the ticket booth, head forward and you will find this
    Voxophone next to a body.
    #50. In Port Prosperity, after the huge firefight between the Vox, Motorized
    Patriot, and the Firemen, go back to the entrance and check the left and right
    doors.  The left door should have a Voxophone in the backroom, and it should
    be visible when you go in.
    #51. In Port Prosperity, before you head through the turnstiles, head west and
    unlock the door to the bookstore.  Once inside, look to your right to find a
    Voxophone sitting on a shelf.
    #52. In Port Prosperity, when you enter the bookstore, head downstairs and this
    Voxophone will be sitting on a table.
    #53. In Port Prosperity, if you picked up Voxophone #52, head back to the
    Salty Oyster bar and press the button under the cash register.  This Voxophone
    is sitting inside a bucket.
    #54. In Downtown Emporia, head into the store below a cover tear, and head
    downstairs.  There will be two Vox in here.  Kill them, and this Voxophone is
    to the right of where the Vox were, in a little shelf (or space).
    #55. In Downtown Emporia, after the fight with the Motorized Patriot and
    Fireman, search the area to the left and you should find a door that needs
    three lockpicks to open.  Open the door to find a Gear and a Voxophone waiting
    for you inside.
    #56. In Downtown Emporia, outside Comstock House, there is a Voxophone sitting
    on the stairs near a picture of Lady Comstock.
    #57. In Downtown Emporia, after the fight in the graveyard, follow the spectral
    footsteps, and when you hear Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" song,
    as well as Elizabeth saying she remembers Albert Fink's house, turn around and
    you may see a pink tear.  Jump onto the building (you may need to wait until
    it comes down in order to jump) and you will find this Voxophone on a piano.
    #58. In Downtown Emporia, in the Lutece Laboratory, this appears right after
    opening the first tear.
    #59. In Downtown Emporia, in the Lutece Laboratory, to the right of where the
    tear is/was, search the kitchen area to find another Voxophone sitting on a
    #60. In Downtown Emporia, in the Lutece Laboratory, in the bedroom on the
    second floor, search the area to the left of the bed for this Voxophone.
    #61. In Downtown Emporia, in the Bank, in the room with the code, decode it to
    find a Voxophone in plain sight after the cabinet moves.
    #62. In Downtown Emporia, in the Bank, right before you open the tear, search
    the room to the left.  Near the safe (or behind it) is this Voxophone.
    #63. In Downtown Emporia, in the Bank, after you open the tear, this Voxophone
    drops down where the tear was.
    #64. In Downtown Emporia, in the photography shop, after you open the tear,
    this Voxophone will be on the shelf after you view the tear.
    #65. In Comstock House, as you board the elevator to rescue Elizabeth, you will
    find this Voxophone right when you enter.
    #66. In Comstock House, after evading the first Boy of Silence, run into the
    room on the left (the furnace room) to find this Voxophone sitting in a bucket
    near the flames.
    #67. In Comstock House, where you encounter the Boy of Silence standing near a
    Gear, this Voxophone will be in the area behind the Boy.
    #68. In Comstock House, once entering the Security Center, you will find this
    Voxophone near a projector on the left side of the area.
    #69. In Comstock House, in the Warden's Office, sitting on a chair to the left
    is this Voxophone.
    #70. In Comstock House, after you save Elizabeth, before you chase after
    Comstock's zeppelin, go to the other door on the right that needs three
    lockpicks to open.  Up the stairs is an Infusion and this Voxophone.
    #71. In Hand of the Prophet, after the fight with the Guards and the Motorized
    Patriots, unlock the door at the other end of the area.  Check the left door,
    and once you open it, there will be a Voxophone waiting for you.
    #72. In the Engineering Deck, after confronting Comstock, head up the stairs
    to the second floor of the area, and enter the door on the right.  Search the
    bed and the Voxophone should be there.
    #73. In the Engineering Deck, after confronting Comstock, to the left of where
    Voxophone #72 was, head to the door and enter.  Walk around and you should see
    this Voxophone on the desk.
    Sightseeing Locations: (Incomplete)
    While trying to achieve the Sightseer achievement, you'll need to view 37
    unique Kinetoscopes or telescopes that will show you a bit more of Columbia's
    history, beliefs, and sights.  Try and find them all!
    (Note: I haven't found them all yet as I haven't been playing this game
    often enough to run through it multiple times.  However, I do plan on
    updating this list as I find them.)
    #1. A Kinetoscope in the Hudson's Store, right along with Voxophone #2.
    #2. A Kinetoscope to the left of the grocery store in New Eden Square.
    #3. After receiving a telegram, go to the left and look through the telescope.
    #4. At the entrance of the fair, a Kinetoscope is on the right.
    #5. Inside the Blue Ribbon, right when you first walk in.
    #6. Inside the Blue Ribbon, right when you first walk in.
    #7. Inside the Blue Ribbon, right when you first walk in.
    #8. Outside the Montgomery Residence, behind the cloth tent on the right.
    #9. Outside the Fraternal Order of the Raven, after the Raven Man fight, jump
    to the floating airship where there is a telescope you can look through.
    #10. In the Gondola Station, at the entrance to your right is a Kinetoscope
    you can view.
    #11. After dismounting the Skyline at the Monument Island Maintenance, turn
    around and you will see a Telescope to look through.
    #12. In Battleship Bay, when you are at the intersection that leads to the
    boiler room and the beach, the Kinetoscope is on the right.
    #13. In Battleship Bay, in the arcade, north of the bathrooms is a Kinetoscope
    for your viewing.
    #14. In Battleship Bay, in the arcarde, south of the Patriot stand, is this
    Kinetoscope for viewing.
    #15. In Battleship Bay, in the arcarde, south of the Patriot stand, is this
    Kinetoscope for viewing.
    #16. In Battleship Bay, in the arcarde, south of the Patriot stand, is this
    Kinetoscope for viewing.
    #17. In Battleship Bay, after getting off the gondola with Elizabeth, it is
    right up the stairs.
    #18. In Soldier's Field, all the way to the right, past the vending machine
    is a floating model of Soldier's Field and a Kinetoscope right next to it.
    #19. In Soldier's Field, after the Bucking Bronco and firefight, in the
    building on the right, search the bottom floor, and near the Armory
    vending machine is a Kinetoscope for your viewing.
    #20. In Soldier's Field, outside the Hall of Heroes, to the right of the
    entrace is a Kinetoscope for your viewing.
    #21. In the Hall of Heroes, after the fight in the courtyard, this
    Kinetoscope is between two vending machines.
    #22. In the Hall of Heroes, after the fight with the Motorized Patriots,
    the middle of the arena has a Kinetoscope for viewing.
    #23. In Soldier's Field, when you are boarding the airship, near the
    large airship model is this Kinetoscope.
    #24. In Finkton Docks, after Elizabeth rejoins you, search near the
    gondola and there will be a telescope for your viewing.
    #25. In Finkton, to the left of the entrance, is a Kinetoscope and a Vigor
    vending machine.
    #26. In the Good Time Club, at the entrance, go up the stairs and next to
    the Armory vending machine is a Kinetoscope.
    #27. In the Good Time Club, after the fight against Fink, head south of the
    stage to find a Kinetoscope next to a Vigor vending machine.
    #28. In Bull House, right at the entrance, search the office area to the right
    to find a Kinetoscope.
    #29. In Emporia, when the gondola has arrived, on the right side is a
    telescope that you can look through.
    #30. In Emporia, in the Salty Oyster, there is a Kinetoscope next to the
    #31. In Comstock House, after leaving the elevator, run to the area left of
    the Boy of Silence to find a Kinetoscope waiting for you.
    #32. In Comstock House, after you find a tear with Comstock discussing
    Elizabeth, follow the path to find a Kinetoscope.  It's before the room with
    all the head masks inside.
    #33. In Hand of the Prophet, before boarding the gondola to reach the airship,
    look to your left to find this telescope.
    Credits and Thanks:
    While a lot of this information was obtained through trial and error, there
    are still some credits I will need to make for where I got some information.
    Thanks to Irrational Games:
    This was a really enjoyable game and I loved the other Bioshock games that
    came out.  Keep on making those games!
    Thanks to the Bioshock Wiki:
    I have no idea how you knew those enemies were called Boys of Silence, but
    with your help I figured out what they were called, and I managed to make some
    sense of the story with your help.
    And thanks to you, the reader.
    I hope reading this FAQ/Walkthrough was not the most challenging thing you had
    to do and that it helped you as you played.  Feedback is well appreciated and
    I would love to hear from readers.
    That is all I can think of as of current writing.  This list will grow as
    I obtain more information and start revising.
    A short mention if I may:
    It is my most sincere apology if I missed you.  I did not mean it and I will
    credit you accordingly.  Your emotions may be well directed towards me, but you
    will find that you will reach a simpler conclusion if you are calm and willing
    to be civil with me.  I will also treat you with such civility, apologize, and
    have you written down the next chance I get.
    However, I would ask that you be reasonable in your requests.  All authors have
    the same constraints, limitations, and tools to work with.  Some are better
    than others, and some styles may look better in general (ie. borders).  Yes,
    if you have borders that look like mine, it may look suspicious, but I ask that
    you be reasonable in that with only a limited amount of characters, this was
    bound to happen with more than one person.  But if you do feel there is a
    problem, please inform me first, and I will be more than happy to fix the
    problems (ie. if I really did copy your format by accident, I will change
    the format, apologize to you, and credit you).  I would prefer to solve things
    pleasantly, but do not mind getting dirty if I must.
    I sure hoped this helped you.  Thank you for reading!  Now scroll back up for
    the information!  Please, please, please if you have any comments, feedback,
    and/or suggestions, email me at gravesight@live.com with Persona 4 Golden in
    the subject line.  I welcome constructive feedback, and only constructive
    feedback.  Flaming or inappropriateness will not be tolerated by me and will
    be ignored and blocked.

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