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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/19/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BioShock Infinite FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa (andrew.c.testa@gmail.com)

    Version 1.5 (4/19/13): Added "Voxophone Locations & Transcripts" section. All 80 Voxophones covered.

    This document is Copyright (c) 2013 Andrew Testa. All Rights Reserved.

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    The Lighthouse

    After the quaint little boat ride, climb the ladder and listen to the couple as they (or he!) row off into the distance. There is a shed right next to you on the wooden dock that houses a boat and also a few Silver Eagles, which are the currency of the game. Collect the Silver Eagles that are scattered on the ground and walk over to the lighthouse.

    After climbing the stairs, ignore the lighthouse door for the moment and go left on the walkway to reach a dead-end with a barrel and a Silver Eagle on the ground. After looting both, return to the lighthouse door and go inside.

    You can try to use the basin if you want, but Booker decides against it; however, it's still interesting to try to use it as Booker's response functions to set up the story and the tone of the game. Right now, your main goal is to get to the top of the lighthouse. At each floor, there will be a little more monologue from Booker and a lot more containers to loot and Silver Eagles to pick up. Take care to search each floor thoroughly for these things, and you might also enjoy interacting with the different objects (telephone, sink, etc.) even though it won't yield anything.

    At the top of the lighthouse, follow the circular pathway around to the dead-end and loot the barrel and the Silver Eagles on the ground. Head back to the cryptic bell door and Booker will get out the answer to the "code." It's from left to right, so you must ring the Scroll bell once, the Key bell twice, and then the Sword bell twice. After the series of spooky noises, sit on the red chair and witness the grandiose opening scene.

    Welcome Center

    Voxophone "Love The Sinner"Voxophone "Undeserving"
    Voxophone "For I Am Lonely, Too"Kinetoscope "Father Comstock's Gift Of Prophecy"
    Kinetoscope "Beware The False Shepherd!"Kinetoscope "Envy of All His Peers"
    TelescopePossession Vigor
    Voxophone "Everyman, All At Once"


    Once you're out of the confines of the chair, search the room for Silver Eagles, then proceed to the adjacent area with the big statue in the middle. You'll see two corridors on the left and right; search both of the areas thoroughly to find a Voxophone ("Love The Sinner") as well as a good number of Silver Eagles.

    "Love The Sinner" Voxophone on the stand.

    When you're ready, go down the stairs next to the Male Pilgrim (donned in white) and walk all the way over to the circle with the priest. Enter the circle and agree to the baptism. In the rather small, dream-like sequence that follows, open the door (Booker's investigation door, aka the door with the people pounding on it!) and you'll eventually reawaken back in Columbia.


    Head past the statue of Father Washington, go up the steps, and follow the green courtyard to the "Seeds of the Prophet" door. After opening it, wait for the pathway to connect with the other side. Head straight down the path and pass the hotdog stand to reach the square with the huge statue in the center of it.

    To the right of the statue, there is a clothing store called "Hudson's." Go inside and use the Kinetoscope ("Father Comstock's Gift Of Prophecy") next to the counter and pick up the Voxophone ("Undeserving") behind the counter. Back outside, go to the opposite side of the statue to find a big street. Before you go down it, jump over the fence of the restaurant to the right and eat the Bread and Cheese on the table to recover some health.

    The "Hudson's" building flies in.

    Head down the street to the parade and watch as it passes by. When the bridge opens, cross it and ascend the steps to a grocery store on the side. To the left of the grocery store, you will find another Kinetoscope ("Beware The False Shepherd!"). Ascend the steps to the left of the Kinetoscope and cross the bridge to reach the Home and Garden store. Go in the small garden to the right of the store and pick up the Voxophone ("Everyman, All At Once") on the small table.

    Head back across the bridge and go left down what originally looks like an alley, but actually turns out to be the next area that you need to explore. Ascend the stairs to finally see the objective - the statue - and then you'll receive a rather ominous and cryptic telegram.


    At the location where you received the telegram, go left to find a Telescope, then head right and go up the stairs to reach the fair. This fair has several interesting things in it: there are fair games, a vending machine, a plethora of containers to loot, and several fun exhibits. The fair games are rather self-explanatory and don't really need to be covered; just shoot the darn things and try to get the best prize.

    This is an easily missed telescope.

    There are containers scattered around the area that contain various loot, such as Silver Eagles, so you should be on the lookout for those while you enjoy the fair. There is also a "Veni! Vidi! Vigor!" vending machine that sells the Bucking Bronco Vigor, but you won't be able to afford it right now. Finally, there is a Kinetoscope ("Envy of All His Peers") across from the Vigor display.

    To continue, go to the end of the fair and grab the "sample" Possession Vigor. This Vigor allows you to turn machines into allies. You will be using this Vigor on almost every machine that you see throughout the game; not only will it disable the machine temporarily, but it will also clear the area of enemies, or at least serve as a distraction. It can also be used on vendors to obtain cash. For example, go back to the vending machine in the fair and cast the Vigor on it; you'll receive some Silver Eagles for your effort, and you can easily refill your Salt back at the Possession exhibit.

    When you're done with the fair, use the Possession Vigor on the ticket machine near the Vigor exhibit. Now that it's possessed, the machine gladly opens the gate for you. Once inside to raffle area, flip the coin (isn't that both ridiculous and mysterious at the same time?) and take note of the vending machine in front of you, which is a type of machine that sells health and salt.

    Follow the street to the statue of R. Lutece. Under the statue is a bench that has a Voxophone ("For I Am Lonely, Too") on it. Continue down the street to the "AD" billboard, which curiously has something very familiar on it.

    The Voxophone below the statue.

    Raffle Square

    Voxophone "Solution To Your Problems"
    Devil's Kiss Vigor


    You're going to want to search this area for money before you continue because it will be a bit harder once you've got enemies to deal with. Don't take any food yet unless you (somehow) aren't at full health. When you're ready, head past the statue to the raffle itself.

    The crowd of blocks you off in a circle, forcing you to partake in the raffle. Talk to the women in front of the stage to receive number seventy-seven (well whaddya know) and watch the horrific events unfold. It doesn't matter whether you choose to throw the baseball at the couple or the announcer; either way, it ends in a fight. You do receive an extra item later, however, if you chose to peg the announcer.

    Equipped with the Sky Hook, press the melee button when near a cop to bash his lights out. These guys are rather easy to kill: they are only equipped with melee weapons themselves and they also take around two hits to defeat.

    After clearing the enemies near the raffle area, ascend the stairs and lure the next policemen to your position. Since you don't have a ranged weapon yet, you should try to stay out of line of sight and make them come to you. After a few enemies are gone, a policeman with a pistol decides to fight. Take cover behind a crate or billboard and wait for him to come to you. Bash him with your Sky Hook to receive your first gun, the trusty Pistol.

    The Pistol is actually much more effective than you might originally think, and definitely more effective than melee currently. You should try for headshots at all times with the Pistol and use cover to shoot enemies from afar with impunity. In addition, loot the corpses for additional ammo and food to keep you in fighting shape.


    Follow the street, go down the stairs to reach a vending machine, and purchase the Possession upgrade so you can possess humans. In addition, there is a Voxophone ("Solution To Your Problems") on the table and a bag of money on the ground.

    This Voxophone is on the table between the two cages.

    Wait near the vending machine as the enemies run down the ramp to attack you. While they are charging toward you, shoot them down and then loot their corpses to replenish your ammo. Afterward, go up the ramp, collect the goodies on the desk, and use Possession on the turret in front of you. While it is possessed, jump down to the street and lure the policemen over to it to watch them get gunned down by their own ally. Remember to destroy the turret when the Possession ends as it will "turn on you" after a while.

    It's best to continue luring enemies over here until they are all gone. Afterward, go down the steps to reach the street that you were originally on before all this mess got started. The gate at the end of the street is now open - if you went exploring before, you probably saw the two guards outside the gate. Before you go far down the street, take cover behind the pillars and use Possession on the turret to watch all of the policemen get mowed down by it.

    If there are any stragglers, you should easily be able to pick them off with the pistol from behind a pillar. There is a blue police box in the middle of the street that contains pistol ammo if you need it. Once the turret has reverted back to an enemy, shoot at it with your pistol from cover, using an in-out-in-out strategy so you don't get hit.

    Down the street, grab the ammo and health from the police box and go past the police barricade. When two policemen spawn, go back to the barricade and take them down from this cover. They will mutter something about a "Fireman," which is the next challenge you're up against. Loot all of the consumable items scattered around the street before you open the blue-gold gate at the end.

    The Fireman jumps down to the center of street, ready to fight you until he burns out. Obviously, the Fireman's main arsenal is, well, fire, and you should constantly move around the area for the entire fight. Fire with your pistol while you are dodging him; he's not very dexterous, so you shouldn't have much trouble if you use this strategy.


    Go over to where you killed the Fireman and pick up the Devil's Kiss Vigor. This is a pretty powerful Vigor that allows you to throw fiery grenades and set explosive traps. It is a lifesaver at this point in the game, as it is the first direct-damage Vigor you have. As stated previously in this guide, every Vigor is useful in its own way, but Devil's Kiss is a more all-purpose Vigor that you'll be using on basically everything that isn't fire-based.

    The Devil's Kiss Vigor is on the ground by the Fireman's body.


    Back to the task at hand, grab the ammo and Salt from the blue police box and walk down the street. The fire CAN hurt you, so don't just stand on top of it. When the street veers off, you'll see another turret mounted on the wall and hear more policemen grunt as they jump down from the sky line. Use Possession on the turret and run up the stairs behind the turret. The policemen try to get into melee range, but instead get mowed down by the turret. Finish the remaining enemies off, then destroy the turret when the Possession has ended.

    There is more Salt in the blue police box by the gate. Cross the bridge to the Blue Ribbon Restaurant. Before you enter, eat some of the food on the tables outside to replenish your health.

    Comstock Center Rooftops

    Voxophone "Half A Jew"Voxophone "Otis' Nimble Fingers"
    Voxophone "A New Hunt"Voxophone "The Gift Of The Emancipation"
    Voxophone "The Lie Of The Emancipator"Voxophone "Symbols Of Our Lady"
    Kinetoscope "A Look Back at Opening Day!"Kinetoscope "The Prophet Stands Up to Foes: Within or Without!"
    Kinetoscope "We Secede From the So-Called 'Union'"Kinetoscope "Danger On All Sides!"
    Infusion (2)Gear (2)
    TelescopeMurder of Crows Vigor


    At the entrance of the restaurant, turn around and search the cabinet and also behind the counter to find ammo and food. You probably should not use the tradeoff food, such as +Health for -Salt or +Salt for -Health, unless you desperately need health. The latter is even more ridiculous, as there is no heal Vigor in the game.

    Down the hall, take a gander at the three Kinetoscopes up against the wall ("A Look Back at Opening Day!", "The Prophet Stands Up to Foes: Within or Without!", and "We Secede From the So-Called 'Union'"). Inside the bar, you'll find your favorite couple waiting to help you. They'll give you a Shield, literally on a silver platter, that helps you tenfold on your adventure.

    Just as in other games, the Shield takes damage first, and it regenerates automatically if you aren't hit for a certain amount of time (the time depends on what difficulty you chose). This way, you can retreat to cover, wait for your Shield to regenerate, and go back to fighting, all without having to scrounge around for food.

    There is a cash register and a wallet in the bar, as well as other items like cigarettes and alcohol. It is recommended that you don't smoke or drink, in real life or in the game. These in-game items are "tradeoff" items that will take health for salt, or vice-versa.

    After you're done ransacking the place, go through the doorway next to the bar to reach the kitchen. On the counter lies a Voxophone ("Half A Jew") and some food to replenish your health and salt. Continue through the restaurant into the storage room and loot all of the crates and boxes for ammo. Funny how the restaurant sells bullets, too. :)

    The "Half a Jew" Voxophone on the counter in the kitchen.


    Go out to the balcony behind the restaurant. It feels like a dead-end, but you can actually attach to the hooks on the buildings in front of you. Go from hook to hook as you venture further through the rooftop area. At the last hook, you should see a policeman walking around below; use the "Sky Line Strike" to jump down from the hook and one-hit-kill him.

    Use these freight hooks to traverse the rooftops.

    Next to the now deceased policeman is a machine gun and some crates with machine gun ammo. Now that you have two weapons, you can switch between the two whenever you like. Just remember that you can't have more than two guns, so you'll have to choose your weapons wisely later.

    While the machine gun may at first seem superior to the pistol, it inflicts rather low damage and loses ammo fast. However, machine gun ammo is on almost every enemy at this point in the game, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about ammo. It's your choice on which weapon to use, but it is recommended to stick with the gun that has more ammo.

    Next to the crates with the machine gun you'll find a lockbox and stairs that lead down to a small, foggy pit. Stay at the top of the stairs while you fire at the enemies in front of you: they are either in the pit or on higher ground on the other side. Take out the charging enemies first and loot their bodies for ammo and food.

    When the area is clear, go to the other side and take cover inside the shed with the large barrel in the middle. Using the wall of the shed as cover, peak out and fire at the turret on the floating ship. When the turret starts to fire at you, go back into cover and repeat this process until the turret is destroyed.

    Descend the stairs near the shed and look to the right to see nothin' but fog. Run a little toward the fog, then backtrack to the stairs and use the wall as cover. An armada of enemies jump out from ships, the sky line, heck maybe they even spawn out of thin air. Using the corner of the wall as cover, mow them down with your pistol or machine gun. You can also spring a trap with Devil's Kiss, or use a strategically thrown Devil's Kiss grenade to thin the flock.

    While there might be no more enemies charging, you still aren't out of danger yet. If you get too out in the open, you'll probably hear the rattle of a turret firing off bullets. Use the chimney stacks and other various structures on the rooftop as cover while you fire at the turret on the ship off in the distance.

    After destroying the turret, jump on the ship and then jump on the rooftop to the right. There is a skylight here that you can use to drop down into the Lansdowne Residence. In this room, take all of the Silver Eagles in the various containers, such as the purse, then descend the stairwell.

    Down the stairs, go across the hall and enter the room on the right. This room contains a locked chest that begins an optional quest in which you must - shocker! - find the key to the chest. Take note of the chest's location, as you must backtrack here after you get the key.

    You'll also find a Voxophone ("Otis' Nimble Fingers") on the bookshelf near the bed. Go back out to the hall and descend the stairs to the bottom floor. You'll find a "progressive" male citizen here, who promises to keep his mouth shut. He doesn't have any loot on him, so you can do whatever you like with him. More importantly, there are some Silver Eagles on the dining table.

    The Voxophone stuffed in the bookshelf.

    Go back up two stories to the master bedroom with the skylight, then exit via the balcony. Here, attach to the hook on the building adjacent to you, then jump down on the patio of the Montgomery Residence. Before entering through the brown door, loot the tables outside to find Silver Eagles and food.


    Inside, you are prompted to perhaps not result to violence in this area. The residents inside here won't alert the police to your presence if you don't start firing at them. Take this opportunity to pilfer the place of all its Silver Eagles. If you're inside too long, the police eventually barge inside. This is actually a good thing, as you can use the layout of the house as cover to safely take them down.

    Specifically, you can use the hall as a chokepoint and just machine gun away as they charge at you. Also note that there are two doors that they can come through, but they seem to just like the near one. You can also set a trap to make things easier, but there is also a Fireman that attacks. Obviously, these guys are immune to fire, so you'll just have to gun them down the old-fashioned way.


    Out of the Montgomery Residence, use the vending machine if you need health or ammo. Don't get too out in the open, as there is a turret down the street that can fire at you if it gets line of sight. Using the various structures near the vending machine as cover, fire at and eventually destroy the turret.

    Head over to the "Wild Wild West" exhibit and jump up on the small stage. You will find a Voxophone ("A New Hunt") on the small table. There is also a Kinetoscope ("Danger On All Sides!") up the stairs to the right of the exhibit. Afterward, go down the street to the statue of an Angel holding a scroll, then go up the stairs. Go through the white-beige door at the end of the street to reach the outskirts of the "Fraternal Order of the Raven."


    Inside the building, grab the money in the circular room, then proceed to the next room with the big statue of John Wilkes Booth. Enter the bar to the left and gun down all of the patrons, who are enemies anyway. Grab the Voxophone ("The Gift Of The Emancipation") on the counter of the bar. You can loot all of the stuff on the first floor now if you want: there are no more enemies on this floor. The dining room on the opposite side has some Silver Eagles and perhaps even some food, but unfortunately the ravens ate all of it.

    Go back to the center room with the statue of John Wilkes Booth and go up either staircase. Head through the door to reach a church-like area. You should see a strange raven guy on the stage, with all of his strange disciples below him as groundlings.

    This is a big fight just because of the sheer amount of enemies. It is recommended that you stay up on this second level and just go back down the hall when you have the attention of everyone. That way, you can use the hall as a chokepoint to lay traps and also to gun down the enemies. For the initial engagement, you should throw a Devil's Kiss grenade in the center to hopefully thin the flock of disciples. Afterward, fall back down the hall and wait for them to appear. They shouldn't overpower you with their numbers now.

    After clearing the area, head down to the bottom level and grab the Voxophone ("The Lie Of The Emancipator") on one of the benches that face the stage. Up on the stage, grab the key for the chest from the optional quest, and also use the Infusion to permanently increase one of your stats. The choice is entirely up to you, but it is recommended to increase Shield because it can regenerate on its own.

    The Infusion and the keys on the stage.

    Since we have the key now, you should go back to the Lansdowne Residence and open the chest. It's not *that* far, and although some of the enemies have responded, you can just run past them. :) If you didn't find the locked chest the first time, it's back at the Rooftop with the skylight: between a freight hook building and a ship. For the backtrack expedition, you will receive another Infusion from the locked chest.

    Back at the main room of the raven house, enter the door to the right of the stage and take the elevator to another floor. Out of the elevator, go around the oddly-placed wall in the middle of the room to find a vending machine that sells health, salt, and ammo. Enter the next room, which is circular and has a table and projector in the middle. Push the bookshelf on the right side of the room to reveal a prison-type secret area.

    The secret room past the open bookshelf.

    In this room, grab the Gear in the package and also take the purse on the ground next to it. Go back to the circular area with the projector and head over to the opposite side of the room to reach an area filled with desks. On the desk under the "Protecting Our Race" sign, you will find a Voxophone ("Symbols Of Our Lady").

    Head back to the circular room and take the final door. This door has steps leading up to it, and before you reach the door, you will hear a Prisoner. Open the door and witness the horrific murder - the poor guy is killed by a ton of crows.

    It's now your turn to face the crazed crow-man. The best and easiest way to defeat him is to just follow the directions that the game gives you: use Devil's Kiss to plant a trap. Place the trap in the center of the area, then lure the crow man to it. While he's burning, fire with your machine gun to quickly defeat him.

    After you defeat him, pick up the Murder of Crows Vigor. This is a decent Vigor, but you might want to swap back to Devil's Kiss if it overwrote it. There are some enemies in the next room, so it's best to fire a few shots to get their attention and then run back to the crow courtyard before you engage them. Once the area is clear, go into the back room and grab the Gear package, then exit back outside to the rooftops.


    Back outside, we finally have a sense of direction: Booker states that we can use the Gondola to get to Monument Island. Before you proceed further, go left, jump onto the ship, and take a look into the Telescope. When you're ready, attach to the hook on the building in front of you, then continue across the hooks (the last two hooks are on stand-alone towers) until you reach the outside of the station.

    Before you jump down to the ground, target an enemy so you can Sky Hook Strike 'em. There are only two enemies down here, so kill the other and then enter the door to the station.

    Monument Island Gateway

    Voxophone "Another Ark For Another Time"Kinetoscope "Uncanny Mystery In Columbia..."


    At least now we know the means of transportation to get there: a gondola. When you begin in this area, you're already in a potential mess. In front of you is a glass window that shows the adjacent room, which is full of enemies and even a turret.

    If you're like me, you probably alerted the enemies of your presence before you had a chance to get a shot off. If that's the case, you can either use the benches in the opening hallway as cover and throw down some traps, or you can simply restart to the last checkpoint, which is coincidentally right before this.

    The most effective strategy is to creep up either doorway and use Possession on the turret on the other side of the room. I say *creep* because you should probably crouch and try to be as quiet as possible. When you have the turret possessed, it's a much easier fight. The turret acts as a great distraction while you fire at the enemy, and you will fire mostly at their back. Not necessary the most noble strategy, mind you, but an effective strategy nonetheless.

    If you are using this strategy, you're going to want to move up in the room - to the pillar, to the statue, and finally to the police barricade. This is because enemies run out of the adjacent rooms to attack also, and the turret won't last forever. Speaking of which, you might want to re-Possess (ha!) the turret if it has a good portion of life left after the initial Possession. It's also fine to fight from the beginning hall, using the benches as cover and waiting for the enemies to come out of each side.

    The beginning hallway also houses a Veni! Vedi! Vigor! machine with upgrades for two of the Vigors, but you most likely won't be able to afford them yet. If you can, though, remember the golden rule of buying stuff in this game: save your money for the stuff that you'll actually use. In addition, there is a Dollar Bill vendor that sells ammo, health, and salt.

    On the opposite end of the hallway, there is a Kinetoscope ("Uncanny Mystery In Columbia..."). Finally, scattered throughout this area you'll find ammo, health kits, and salt phials. Of particular interest are the ticket rooms on the far end of the room. These contain a bevy of containers - such as desks and even a safe - as well as loose money all around.

    After inspecting the area, exit through the light brown door near the ticket rooms. Out here, you should find two vendors to the right, but they sell much of the same thing as the vendors inside. To the left, you'll find a doorway to the outside area, which is full of those neat-o sky-lines.


    Attach to the sky-line to begin a fun rollercoaster-esque experience. Keep an eye out for a platform on the left, because you must dismount on the first platform that you come across. There should be a policemen walking around this platform, so either use the sky-line strike or jump down and blast away.

    Use these sky-lines to quickly travel around the city.

    There is another policeman further inside this small area. He will charge out to you after you've killed his buddy. Once you've taken him down too, go inside the little building, turn right to find a voluminous amount of beer, and in this room you will find another Infusion! There is also a Telescope on the platform where you landed.

    When you're ready, attach back onto the sky-line and ride until the next stop, which is literally a stop because there is a freight in the way. You'll find one policeman on this platform, as well as a Voxophone ("Another Ark For Another Time") in the room across from the controls room. When you're ready, pull the lever in the controls room and hop back on the sky-line.

    After another fun ride, you'll stop at yet another freight blocking the way. To your right, you'll see a ship with a policeman standing around. Sky-line strike him, then use this position on the ship to shoot at the enemies on the ground below. There are two enemies on the ground floor, and one or two enemies that come out from the balcony in front of you.

    When you're finished, use the hook on the pharmacy building to get some altitude, then dismount on the balcony where you killed the policeman. There might be one or two more enemies in these rooms, depending on whether you previously alerted their presence or not. Most importantly, you will find more Gear behind the dresser in the master bedroom. The dresser is to the right of the bed, and there are some Silver Eagles glittering on the ground to help you find it.

    Head out the back porch of this building and attach to the sky-line. (Press the button to go in the reverse direction if you are going the wrong way.) Ride the sky-line to the next platform, which has six or seven cops kneeling down in a circle. Thankfully, the gear that you've acquired probably has a good chance to burn everyone to death, so jump down in the center of the circle and you should kill them either by flame or by pushing them off the platform. If you didn't get the gear, dismount near cover and use Devil's Kiss to clear them. They might not even fight at all, though, like the men inside.

    Head through the door to find a projector of Comstock and a room full of silent people kneeling, similar to the people outside. Get on the lift, pull the lever, and enjoy the angry, psychopathic Comstock taunt Booker. When the lift reaches the top, exit to the left and follow the halls. Don't worry about the cops: they won't fire at you right now.


    Your goal is to jump onto the hook and then dismount onto the zeppelin. This might seem easy, but there are around five enemies that are alerted of your presence as soon as you land. A good strategy here is to pick them off from the building you're in right now: you can use the floor as cover as you move backward and forward while blasting away.

    You can also elect to sky-line strike one of the enemies and defeat the rest of them as they run out of the door. Finally, you can try to bunch up at least two of the enemies, and use the dismount near them so you burn or push them. When you've cleared the area, you receive a new objective.


    Open the door on the left side of the room to find the controls of the zeppelin. There is also a women in white by some candles. You don't need to blast her, just do as Booker tells her. Rig the steering on the zeppelin for an interesting turn of events: Comstock menacingly reveals himself on a ship in front of you, and the women drops a torch that starts a fire on the zeppelin.


    Run back to the previous room (don't stand on the fire) and jump out of the zeppelin in the now-opened middle part of the ship. Don't worry, you'll catch a sky-line after you jump out. Ride the sky-line to the freight-block and dismount to the ground.


    Follow the platform to the door that leads to Monument Island. You'll also find vending machines on each side, which contain similar items to the ones you saw previously.

    Monument Tower

    Voxophone "Tiger By The Tail"Voxophone "To: R. Thompson RE: Fuses"
    Voxophone "A Reward, Deferred"Voxophone "The Source Of Her Power"


    Go past the fountain and attach to the hook above the gate. Once you've dismounted on the other side, go up the steps and through the blue door. Finally inside, check in the open locker to the left to find a Voxophone ("Tiger By The Tail") and grab the Silver Eagles scattered on the ground near the chair.

    The Voxophone poking out of the locker.

    Enter the next area to reach a hallway with sparking electricity on the side from some kind of machine. Continue down the hall to the 72 Hour Quarantine Zone. Pull the three transpose levers if you wish, then go into the following room. Here, go left immediately and enter the "Specimen is Dangerous" door. Grab the Voxophone ("To: R. Thompson RE: Fuses") in this room and exit back to the hall.

    The other two rooms in this hall contain interesting backstory about the "specimen" that is locked up in the tower. On the left is a room that contains some strange pictures, and on the right is a room that has a projector. You can turn on the projector and look at all of the specimen's "accomplishments" if you want (lockpicking!), but otherwise go back to the hall and enter the door at the end.

    Ahead of you is a huge surging electrical structure and a chalkboard with the words "Facility Unsafe" on it. The desk under the chalkboard contains a Voxophone ("A Reward, Deferred"). More importantly, on the ground behind the desk you will find an Infusion. It's slightly "missable," but the flicker of the Infusion should give away its location on ground.

    The slightly "missable" Infusion behind the desk.

    Go down the steps and into the elevator by the sign that reads 168 Hour Quarantine Zone. (That's, like, 7 days, right?). Push the button in the elevator and exit after it stops. Pull the lever to open the blinds to the specimen's room. Afterward, go down the hall to the left and activate the specimen location tracker to find out that the specimen is in the dressing room now.

    Exit through the dark metal door on the left, then follow the linear wooden walkway to the next metal door. Inside this room, pull the lever to catch your first glimpse of the girl. When she scurries to the next room, repeat the process you just did: go into the room on your left, activate the specimen location tracker to find out where she's at, go through the door on the left, and follow the wooden walkway to the next specimen observation area.

    When you pull this lever, you see the specimen with a run-of-the-mill painting of the Eiffel Tower, but then she seems to "rip" the environment and you briefly see the real, live Paris. After this little showcase, take the left door to the hall, exit through the left door, ascend the wooden ramp, and ascend the stairs to the next specimen observation.

    Grab the Voxophone ("The Source Of Her Power") on the chair to the right of the lever, then pull the lever to see the specimen gazing out of the window in the library. Take the left door, activate the specimen tracking system to reassure Booker that she's in the library, then go down the hallway to the dark metal door.

    When you open it, you'll be out in the exterior of the tower. Follow the pathway up the stairs to the next set of doors, then walk into the circular room to trigger a long scene. Booker makes a smashing entrance into the library and the twosome decide to escape this elegant prison.


    Open the door that Elizabeth used the key on, then follow her down the stairs as mayhem begins to ensue. Since it's "his" job to keep Elizabeth locked up, he's decided to literally tear the whole place apart to find her. For now, just follow Elizabeth back through the tower as you get knocked around by the destruction.

    When you reach the elevator, Elizabeth comments on all of the peeping toms that have been watching her over the years. After that, Songbird - the big black raven of destruction - destroys a wall and you get a nice look at him. Don't waste your ammo firing at him as it will have absolutely no effect.

    Follow Elizabeth through the rupture in the wall that Songbird just made. Jump down onto the metal debris and ascend the wooden stairs. After a round of stairs, open the door to reach the exterior of the statue. Follow Elizabeth up the walkway to the very top of the statue, and there will be another long scene. You'll end up in the ocean and back in the la-la dreamland at Booker's investigation office. Just as before, open the office door to wake up again.

    Battleship Bay

    Voxophone "Born In The River"Voxophone "Heaven"
    Voxophone "A Dog's Loyalty"Voxophone "Take Her Alive"
    Voxophone "The Golden Path To Heaven"Kinetoscope "Battleship Bay"
    Kinetoscope "Solving The Irish Problem"Infusion
    Gear (2)


    Findin' this darn girl is starting to become a recurring theme. Walk up the beach to the boardwalk and look under the red-white striped stand to find a Voxophone ("Born In The River"). From here, go left and inside the building with the Airship poster on the wall. There is a Kinetoscope ("Battleship Bay") in this small building.

    The Voxophone under the red-white striped stand.

    Continue back out onto the beach and walk toward the small pier. Elizabeth is one of the very, very happy people dancing at the end of the pier. Walk onto the "dance floor" and get her attention to have a small scene - Booker uses Paris to bribe Elizabeth, at least for the time being.


    Follow Elizabeth back onto the beach and through the turnstile doors to reach a building that sells Comstock posters. Ha! The game points out that you do not need to "protect" Elizabeth in combat and that she can handle herself - this roughly translates to a single word: invulnerable. So yeah, you don't need to be a human shield or anything, just fight as you normally would.

    Go up the stairs to leave the Comstock gift shop, then walk down the boardwalk until you meet your favorite couple again. This time, they offer Elizabeth one of two pendants: either a bird or cage. Get Elizabeth's attention and then it's your time to choose. This decision makes no difference gameplay-wise, but she WILL be wearing this pendant on her neck for the rest of the game, so choose whichever you gravitate towards more.

    Take a gander at the statue you just escaped from, then use this off-time to pilfer some of the loose change laying around the boardwalk. Specifically, the purse on the bench and, if you're sly, the coins on the exhibit counters. Afterward, go up the stairs to the "Police Search" area, otherwise known as the arcade.

    Walk into the center area with the barricade and police searching people, then go right and head down the hall. At the end, try to open the door, but the big shiny lock has different ideas. It seems, though, that Elizabeth is a master at lockpicking, and she has the door open in no time. You will be using this "feature" of Elizabeth for the rest of game: after you've gotten some lockpicks, you can request for Elizabeth to unlock doors. The rooms behind these locked doors always contains something valuable.

    Follow Elizabeth into a storage room with a worker scrubbing the floor, then go up the stairs to reach a hall with a vending machine. Elizabeth flips a coin to you, saying that you can use it at the machine to patch some of your wounds. This is another "feature" that she'll do throughout the game: she's like a loyal dog and constantly fetches Silver Eagles and ammo for you.

    Go all the way down the hall to reach a small room with the radio turned on. There is a Voxophone ("Heaven") in the brown basket and a piece of Gear in the package on the small table. After collecting these two items, go back out into the hallway and take the other hall at the junction.

    Don't miss the Voxophone in the basket that blends in with the clothes!

    Here, you find the bride and groom from the raffle, and if you decided to throw the baseball at the announcer, the bride and groom have some Gear for you on a dresser near them. If you didn't peg the announcer, the gear won't be there.

    Go through the door at the end of the hall to reach the arcade proper. There are three Kinetoscopes ("A Look Back At Opening Day!", "The Prophet Stands Up To Foes: Within And Without!", and "We Secede From The So-Called 'Union'") at the end of the isle of arcade games, but you probably saw those three at the beginning of the game.

    As usual, you can find ammo and money scattered throughout the room. If you go to the "whites" hall that houses the restrooms, you can find a Voxophone ("A Dog's Loyalty") on the table near the sinks in the men's bathroom. Elizabeth won't come in with you, though, because her solitary confinement education at the Monument Tower prison tells her that's not right. That, or the Raven quoth so. You can also go into the girls' restroom if you want. Teehee!

    This Voxophone is on the counter in the restroom.

    Continue down the hall to find another Kinetoscope ("Solving The Irish Problem") and two dead-ends. Back at the arcade, head northbound this time, up the steps by the motorized patriot, and over to the entrance gate. Here, a women named Esther curiously mistakes Elizabeth for someone named "Annabelle."

    After that mistake of identity, use the turnstile and go up the stairs. Follow the hall up to the Gondola Station and ring the bell at the ticket station. The ticket seller ignores you and seems rather suspicious, so you are given the choice of whether to draw your weapon or demand the tickets. If you demand the tickets, you get stabbed in the hand with a knife and must wear a makeshift bandage on your hand for the rest of the game. Conversely, if you draw your weapon, the ticket seller just puts up his hands. The decision is, yet again, purely a cosmetic one - do you want something on your hand the rest of the game, or a nice, fresh hand with AD engraved on it?

    Either way, a fight breaks out. This is a good time to whip out those Vigors. Specifically, Murder of Crows can stun these guys and make them easy kills. You should take cover behind the desks on the left side of the room. If you crouch down, the cops must run inside here to shoot at you. They are easy prey at this point.

    After the initial wave of enemies, walk to the opposite side of the room and watch Elizabeth scamper off. Before you can run after her, another wave of troops drops down from the skylight. You should go back over to the same place as before - the desks and short wall on the left side of the room - and crouch for cover while you take them out. One of the cops has a Shotgun, which I recommend you swap in for the pistol.


    Again, we gotta find this girl. Head over to the opposite side of the room to the now-opened gate. Here, go right and walk into the "Columbia Authority" room. Inside, grab the Voxophone ("Take Her Alive") on the desk in front of you.

    The Voxophone in the police room.

    Go back out and head all the way down the hall. Turn left, and then go inside of the area of ticket station where you "requested" the tickets earlier. You will find an Infusion on a desk in the central area of the ticket room. Exit back to the hallway; before you go outside, enter through the door at the end of the hall. Here, go down the steps to reach the bottom level, and make a U-Turn in the room to find a small "cubby hole" under the stairs. In this little area, there is a Voxophone ("The Golden Path To Heaven") on a crate of whiskey near the desk. Additionally, there is a lot of other random stuff you can loot down here, such as Silver Eagles, if you look around the room.

    This easy overlooked Infusion is in the now-vacant ticket room.

    When you're ready, head back up and go outside. Ascend the set of stairs to the right and follow the path to the lift itself. Elizabeth is struggling with the lever but can't quite get it, so pull the lever for her so you can ride up to Soldier's Field. Finally, follow Elizabeth to the gate and leave Battleship Bay.