Do any of the choices you make affect the ending?


    Do any of the choices you make change the ending at all? Like does sparing/killing Slate change anything other than him appearing in a cell. Or choosing the Raven Medallion over the Cage medallion for Elizabeth other than what she wears for the rest of the game. Is it possible to change the ending at all? After all, in the other two Bioshock games there were different endings based on whether you saved all the little sisters from harvesting just one. Or the second game where sparing Gracie or not decided whether Lamb lived or died.

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    Silveron714 - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Got the Official Strategy Guide and according to it any choices made only have superficial effects on the game, but none whatsoever on the ending. So choosing a pendant, for example, only affects what see Elizabeth wear for rest of game, no effect on ending or gameplay. Same for hurrying clerk or shooting him, only effect is what's said in conversation afterwards, whether hand is wrapped or not, but no effect on gameplay or ending. So ending same whether only kill those trying to kill you or shoot at everything that can be shot irregardless of hostility.

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