Spoilers. Question on the very last scene?

  1. How does Booker become the Booker of that alternate universe at the very end of the game(and in a few other scenes)? Booker does not take over Comstock when he goes to Columbia but he takes over the body of other Booker's in some of the other tears. Does he go through a special kind of tear or something like that?

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    MN_Oh_Canada - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I think the writers were watching all the episodes of Sliders back to back and got tripped out and due to said tripping out made that ending.


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Other Answers

  1. Every decision booker ever made or will make exists in an alternate universe.

    when booker gets baptized he refuses but in an alternate verse he accepts it and becomes born again comstock.

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  2. He doesn't take over the body of the other Booker's, if he did, he would not exist in one of the alternate Columbias (the one where he is a martyr. Also if he did take over the body of the Booker/Comstock that lived in the reality he moved to, he would replace Comstock at the beginning of the game.

    My theory is that he simply enters the reality as a new, out of place individual (this is why he subconsciously creates new memories). He enters the realities as the only "Booker", because in every other reality other than his original one, he becomes Comstock. But since he and Elizabeth start messing with tears, other Bookers and Elizabeths potentially mess with them as well (infinite possibilities, infinite worlds). My guess is that he either enters at the right place/right time (thus avoiding any other incarnations of Booker/Elizabeth), or the Bookers/Elizabeths in the timelines he enters are dead.

    The Booker at the very end of the game is a product of Booker returning to the critical moment (his baptism) and deciding to drown. The reason why this works is because some events are bound to happen, even with the infinite realities idea (the coin being heads, the fact that he never rows, songbird will stop him unless he gets help from future Elizabeth etc.). The Booker at the end is a new Booker that results from the erasure of the previous timelines, since he finally gets to have the life he wants for himself and Anna now that Comstock is no longer a reality.

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