1. Daniel Remar Game Design, Script, Programming, Graphics, SFX/Voice Edit
  2. Tom Mauritzon Music- Boss Theme
  3. LifeForce covering VNV Nation Music- Ending Theme (Further)
  4. Captain Goodnight covering Machinae Supremacy Music- Hero 3D Theme (Hero: Wretched8 Remix)
  5. Chris Geehan Music- The Iji Soundtrack
  6. Dan Byrne McCullough Music- The Iji Soundtrack
  7. Annette Nielsen Voice- Annihilator Iosa, Tasen Elite, Komato Assassin
  8. Camila Dalence Voice- Assassin Ansaksie
  9. Lisa Lenkel Voice- Assassin Ansaksie
  10. Louise Stigell Voice- Assassin Ansaksie
  11. Ola Holmdahl Voice- Assassin Asha
  12. Henrik Engstr Voice- Dan, Komato Trooper
  13. Erik Sjöstrand Voice- Elite Krotera, General Tor, Komoto Annihilator, Komato Beast
  14. Anna Ashabova Voice- Iji
  15. Monika Mikucka Voice- Komato Berserker
  16. Miguel Nalvarte Voice- Tasen Commander
  17. Johannes Helgesson Voice- Tasen Scout
  18. Birgitta Johansson Voice- Tasen Soldier


Data and credits for this game contributed by BartSmith, BlackKnight437, misschu, and NanoBitSplit.

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