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Reviewed: 08/05/13

As good as a well done steak

Super Meat Boy is a Platformer developed by the indie Developer Team Meat.

This games isn't your average run of the mill platformer. Super Meat Boy is unique, and not for everyone. The challenge this game provides is incredible, and while it may turn off some players, it will keep many interested.

Graphics : 9/10

The graphics of this game are beautiful. Even though this game was developed on a limited budget, the worlds and levels are beautifully designed. Enemies, bosses, and every single obstacle is detailed very well. The art style is amazing. Characters are designed really well, and while there are a few graphical glitches and issues, they don't depreciate the value of the game or graphics. Overall, this games is very nice on the eyes and enjoyable to look at.

Story 10/10

The game doesn't have much of a story, but the cute love story is nice. Pretty enjoyable. Not much else to say here other than that.

Gameplay 9/10
Every single level of this game will make you want more. These levels come with many puzzles and challenges, and even bandages to collect in every level. In every level if you complete it within a certain time limit you get a grade of A+ you get a chance to play the levels in a whole new light, adding even more content to an already big game.

Now onto the difficulty of the game. This is not an easy game. The hardest levels may take a hundred tries to complete, maybe more. Most of the time you'll take a few tries before completing the level. While the difficulty may deter some, this challenge makes the game feel fresh and adds a lot of value and replay value to the game. If the difficulty doesn't make you quit, you'll really appreciate it and love the game for it.

Music 8/10
It is awesome but a bit forgettable. While I will remember some tracks and sounds, especially the sound of meat boy getting destroyed, the Music of this game was a bit lacking. It is very fun to listen to while playing the game but doesn't add much to the experience and sometimes I played it on mute and it felt the same as playing it with the volume. Though the music isn't what I would consider the best around, it doesn't mean it isn't worth listening to at least once when playing the levels.

Final thoughts

Super Meat Boy is one of those exceptionally rare platformers that you can't stop playing. The gameplay is incredible, although it is tough. I'd say give this game a shot, even though it is tough.

Super Meat Boy was a very enjoyable experience for me and I'll continue to play it in hopes of getting a 100%

Final Score 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Super Meat Boy (US, 11/30/10)

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