Review by mrshade101

Reviewed: 04/05/12

A very meaty game indeed

Games are too forgiving these days. Back in the past, almost every game wanted you to die. Ninja gaiden and Kid icarus on the NES, super Mario kart on the SNES are just a few. Then casual gamers came and most games became easier. There were some hard games still but never as the past. Only one game though surpasses all the retro games and new games in terms of difficulty and it’s, you guessed it, Super meat boy.

Starting as a flash game, it spread and eventually got boxed and put on Steam. The games plotline is basic stuff, Meat boy’s girlfriend Bandage girl gets kidnapped by Doctor Fetus so meat boy goes to save her, not realising on the way there are millions of saws and blades to pass.

The goal of a stage is to get to bandage girl and then she gets rekiddnapped at the end of every stage. Also in some stages there are bandages to collect which unlock new content when the reach certain amounts you have. You can also find warp zones which unlock new characters or give you a retro styled level.

The platforming itself is rock hard. Making near impossible jumps, wall jumping away from death and building up blood pressure, no mistake, this is one of the hardest games mankind has ever seen. The characters are cute and charming like the way meat boy leaves a trail of blood as he walks or how when meat boy comes, rabbits jump into blades getting them all covered in blood and there’s something about meat boy’s face that makes him charming.

There is a wide range of characters in the game to unlock. These are form other indie games like Commander Video (Bit. Trip) Tim (Braid) Steve (Minecraft) and only in the Ultra edition, Alien Homid. These characters each have a one of a kind ability like Steve can place blocks, Tim can rewind time e.c.t. They each have a warp zone based on their games mainly to demonstrate their abilities.
There are boss levels at the end of each world which are hard as hell. All this leads to a epic game with 360 levels, bandages to collect, 16 characters, a level editor and a dark world that will make you cry your eyes out as it adds in more saws and blood.

There are some bad things about the game though, first of all there’s the sheer difficulty. It may remind of older games but a easy mode would be welcome. I have owned this game for a week and I not even past world 1. There are also the controls, they seem to be slippy and I find the controls are a high chance the controls muck up my winning streak. The biggest flaw is the level editor. First, it doesn’t come packed with the game. It has to be downloaded separately. It also is too complicated to get your head around.

Still, these flaws still make this a game with truly meaty content
Graphics: 9/10

Audio: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Replay value: 10/10

Final verdict: 8/10
A good game let down by difficulty and controls.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Super Meat Boy (Ultra Edition!) (EU, 08/26/11)

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