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Reviewed: 01/03/11

More beef than you can shake a stick at!

The thing about indie games, is that since they usually have no major publisher support; they are usually ignored. However, in some cases, they will have so much quality that it will be noticed by someone, and then someone else, and etc. etc. I am quite glad that I not only noticed it, but got to play this amazing (albeit hard) game.

Story: 5/10
You are Meat Boy, and are in love with Bandage Girl. That is pretty much it…well, except for the fact that Dr. Fetus doesn’t want that to work out. He hates everything, especially Meat Boy, and you two won’t be getting lovey-dovey anytime soon. In a Mario-esque sequence, you’ll be rescuing Bandage Girl, only for her to continue to stay out of your grasp; at least until the very end. So, it’s not very original, nor will you remember this game for the story.

Graphics: 8/10
They are pretty well done flash graphics that stay fluid throughout the game, even as Meat Boy splatters all over the stage with the many deaths you’ll encounter. At times, you’ll even have a Limbo-esque view of stages; as well as Gameboy, 4-bit, and 8-bit stages. It goes a long way to bring a feeling of nostalgia, as this game strongly reminds me of NES titles.

Sounds/Music: 9/10
There’s not much in the way of sounds. You’ll hear the squishing of your footsteps to the slipping and sliding off walls and other such objects. The one main sound you won’t forget is the splattering of your dead carcass, for that will be one that you’ll truly remember after a while. As for music, Danny did an excellent job as most indie titles I have played either have no music, or slightly above generic music. Not only are the tunes well done, but they will stick into your head well after you have completed a world.

Gameplay: 10/10
It’s exactly as Team Meat has described it, a tough-as-nails platformer. As you go from world to world rescuing Bandage Girl, you’ll go through a forest, a hospital, a salt factory, and even Hell itself; as well as a few more other worlds. What makes it particularly different is the precise amount of control you have over Meat Boy. He moves about as half as fast as Sonic (give or take some speed) and you can stop him on a dime as well as take off rather quickly. This is necessary as the stages will slowly introduce you to the game and then will get to the point where your mastery of them will determine if you finally reach the end. Meat Boy will dodge all sorts of saw blades, spikes, syringes, maggots, lasers, and several maniacal creatures each and every stage.

There’s not only the stages you can plainly see, but warp zones that reminiscence other (character’s) games. Not only can you play as Meat Boy, but the character from the Warp Zone should you complete it. There are also other secret stages, but I’m not going to spoil it. After beating a certain amount of stages in each world, you’ll encounter a boss which is usually a glorified stage with requirements.

Every level (with the exception of the boss stage) has a time rank that if it is met, you’ll unlock the dark version of that stage. This version of the stage usually has different colors, different placement of fatal objects, and is just generally harder than its light world counterpart. Beating their time requirements unfortunately doesn’t unlock anything more than more % completion and bragging rights if you’re into that sort of thing.

Length: 10/10
Getting all the way to the end of the game can take a while. Then there’s collecting all the bandages that unlock more characters. Even after doing that, you can try out different characters and see how far you can go. It really depends on how much the person can take as for some, this could just end up being a rage-worthy game; or it can be a rather challenging, yet fun game. If one was to tackle all 300+ levels as well as collect all the bandages and do all the hidden stages, it could take around 20-30 hours. That’s easily longer than a good number of well known games and it only costs around a fraction of the price. If you get into speed runs for world records, even longer. Iron man runs? Most definitely. Hell, you could do both at the same time, though I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a great deal of patience (and sanity).

As of now, there’s no level editor, but it will be coming in January to add to its replay value as there will most likely be high quality levels coming from it.

In conclusion:
This is one meaty package. If you like challenging platformers, then I most definitely recommend it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Super Meat Boy (US, 11/30/10)

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