What are booms and how do they work?

  1. Can someone please explain what the boom is and how to take advantage of it?

    User Info: nikmesh

    nikmesh - 8 years ago

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  1. When a boom occurs, one particular type of item, if displayed in your store, will attract large (and I mean truly LARGE) numbers of a certain type of person to your store. For instance, if Sinister items are suddenly popular amongst housewives, put a dozen Focus Staves in your store and you will see a LOT of women coming in.

    While you can use these booms later in the game to garner extra money, chances are you will make more use of these booms by stringing a huge experience chain together. Unbroken, you'll be hitting 128 exp quite a few times. You'll also boost the customers' budget up significantly.

    User Info: cheeseball341

    cheeseball341 - 8 years ago 2   0


  1. To add to cheeseball's answer:

    When a boom announcement happens, you usually have a day or two to take advantage of it. It is sometimes possible to trigger the boom twice, but I've only ever had that happen if I trigger it one day and then first thing the next morning.

    To trigger the boom, 4 suitable items in your store's front window is usually sufficient. It's random, and additional qualifying items elsewhere in the store may help. (Or you can just load and try again -- even with just the 4 items in the window, I always get the boom by the 3rd try.)

    Once your shelves have run out of suitable items (and occasionally even before that) customers will ask you for that category of item. You can take advantage of this to upsell them -- for example, if the boom is for Focus Staff, the category is Weapon, so you can sell 4 Focus Staves and then another 5-7 of the most expensive weapons you have on hand.

    Booms also allow you to unload items that customers usually don't buy directly from you -- for instance, checkered flooring (holy) or heretical flooring (sinister).

    Customers with outstanding orders still come in during a boom trigger, so I like to trigger a boom first thing in the morning. That way, you get even more +128 bonuses.

    Also, during the boom, the increased customer volume means you'll probably sell more items from vending machines.

    User Info: benjaminkc

    benjaminkc - 8 years ago 1   0

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