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    Walkthrough by starlin17

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                                 Puzzle Quest 2 Faq
                                     For the PC
                          Guide by Starlin (Matthew Pumphrey)
                                     Version 1.0
                   Contact the author via e-mail: mtp1717@yahoo.com
                   This guide is Copyright (c)2010 Matthew Pumphrey
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    Table of Contents
    I... Introduction...........................[01.Intr]
    II.. Walkthrough............................[02.Walk]
      A. Verloren
        ii...Rescue the Farmers
        iii..Crye's Problem
        iv...Flaming Joe's
        v....Trouble in the Town Square
        vi...Goblin Raiders
        vii..Defeat the Troll
        viii.Defend Verloren
        ix...Speak to Matt Derrell
      B. The Ice Caves
        i....The Goblin Boss
        ii...A Door for a Key
        iii..Explore the Tower
        v....Ruby Rescue
        vi...The Royal Door
        vii..Fight your Way to King Godd
        viii.King Godd
      C. The Orc Tribe
        i....Find the Orc King
        ii...The Fallen Shaman
        iii..The Fallen Berzerker
        iv...The Fallen Wolf Master
        v....The Fallen Orc
        vi...The Fallen Chieftain
        vii..The Sigil Stones
        viii.The Shadowbringer
        ix...The Sealed Catacombs
      D. The Catacombs
        i....Grip of the Hammer
        ii...Head of the Hammer
        iii..Laurella Lost
        iv...The Hunt
        v....Deeper Into the Dungeon
        vi...Ralthea's Journal
        vii..Defeat the Lich
        viii.Forging the Hammer
        ix...Shatter the Ritual Stone
        x....Defeat the First Necromancer
        xi...Defeat the Second Necromancer
        xii..Defeat the Third Necromancer
        xiii.Exit the Catacombs
      E. The Dark Dwarven Laboratory
        i....The Dark Dwarven Laboratory
        ii...Find the Southern Lever
        iii..Find the Eastern Lever
        iv...Find the Western Lever
        v....Escape The Laboratory
      F. The Dark Elven Keep
        i....Help Brek!
        ii...Find Laurella!
        iii..Free the Farmer
        iv...Escape the Arena
        v....The Iron Golem
        vi...Free The Prisoners
        vii..Defeat the Dark Elven Boss
      G. Gorgon's Cathedral
        ii...Mini Quest: Ralthea
        iii..The Daemon Gorgon
    III. Side Quests............................[03.Side]
    Chapter I - Introduction - [01.Intr]
    This is my second FAQ/Guide.  I plan to try and do several guides over the next
    two months starting with this one.  I played through the first puzzle quest on 
    the PSP and loved it.  When most puzzle games in the past had tried to add RPG
    or combat elements the games seemed to turn out very short.  Puzzle Quest was 
    by far a full game.  I'm looking forward to Puzzle Quest 2 to be just as in 
    depth and story driven while smoothly inserting combat elements into the 
    puzzles.  I'll try my best to have minimul story based spoilers in this FAQ,
    but be warned, some will exist here.  As always if you have anything you'd like
    to add or see in this guide please contact me at the listed e-mail address.  
    Enjoy the game and good luck!
    Chapter II - Walkthrough - Puzzle Quest 2 - [02.Walk]
    A. Verloren 
         I    I
         I A. I
    I    I    I    I
    I B. I C. I D. I
    I    I    I    I
    I E. I F. I G. I
    I    I    I    I
    I H. I I. I J. I
         I    I
         I K. I
    A. The Frozen Keep
    B. Chapel
    C. North Gate
    D. Town Market
    E. Town Portal
    F. Town Square - Bram One-Eye
    G. East Market - Chapilekorum's Shop/Upgrade
    H. Old Barracks
    I. South Gate
    J. Shady Marketplace - Crye's Shop
    K. South Wall
    From the start of the game, speak to the guard, Rhan.  He will offer you your 
    first quest.  
    	A.i. Rat-O-Phobia
    Enemy: Rat Swarm
    Hit Points: 10
    After accepting the quest the Rat Swarm will apear to the right of Rhan.  
    Click them and select Battle Rat Swarm!  This first battle is a guaranteed win.
    The enemey does not get to take turns.  Simply match sets of skulls to reduce
    the Rat Swarm from 10 Hit Points to 0.  Claim your reward and then speak to 
    Rhan again to turn in the quest.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +50
    Exp: +300 
    Pick up your next quest, Rescue the Farmers.  Then click the arrow leading to
    the next zone.
    	A.ii. Rescue the Farmers
    Entering this zone you'll see a few farmers and a Goblin standing in the middle
    of the zone.  This Goblin is the target of your second quest.  Click him and 
    select Battle Goblin!
    Target: Goblin
    Hit Points: 16
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 1
    Weapon: Shortsword
    Spells: Slink, Sneak Attack
    The goblin is your first opponent that will fight back.  You'll start this 
    battle.  Try to build up mana that matches your first spell.  If you are a 
    Templar, try to get as many skull combinations as you can.  Until you get a
    weapon or an offensive spell this will be your only method of damaging an 
    opponent.  The goblin should drop easily as he will frequently ignore the
    chance to make 3 skull combinations.
    Once the Goblin is dead speak the to little girl the the "?" over her head,
    Gess.  Claim your rewards and then begin your next quest.  You can now take the
    arrows south to the south wall, or east towards your next quest
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +50
    Exp: +300 
    Item: Choose one of the following - Shortsword, Bastard Sword, Axe, Bow.
    	A.iii Crye's Problem
    Entering this zone you'll see a beast of a humanoid to your south and a Goblin
    ahead of you.  Crye, the humanoid, begs you to handle the goblin.  You can
    click on Crye and select shop, but if you do you will run into the goblin on 
    your way to Crye.
    Target: Goblin
    Hit Points: 20
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 1
    Weapon: Shortsword
    Spells: Slink, Sneak Attack
    Another very easy battle.  This goblin has a few more hit points than the 
    previous one, but he is still as simple on his strategy.  Only now you'll also
    have another spell and a weapon.  This battle should be even quicker than the
    first one.  Speak with Crye to complete the quest, claim the reward, and then
    the next quest will activate.  Head north to investigate the calls of Fire.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +50
    Exp: +410 
    	A.iv. Flaming Joe's
    Upon entering the East Market you'll find a Dark Dwarf named Chappilekorum.  
    You'll also see a small fire to the east.  Chappi would like you to help him 
    put out the fire.  Click on the fire to begin the Put out the Fire!
    Target: Blazing Fire
    Hit Points: 25/50
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 1
    Weapon: None
    Spells: None
    This is your first challenge fight.  Challenges are unlike normal battles.  
    They have special rules or changes in how the combat plays out.  The fire will
    not fight back in this challenge.  The rules here are match Blue mana to deal 
    damage to the fire.  Try not to match Red mana, it will heal the fire and do
    damage to you.  The fire starts at half health.  Once you put out the fire 
    you'll complete the challenge.  This should be a very simple challenge.  Speak
    to Chappi to complete the quest.  After completing the quest you hear a shriek
    of alarm from the west.  Head that way to discover what it is.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +50
    Exp: +410 
    Item: Choose one of the following - Cloth Boots, Ancient Cloth Robes, 
    				    Cloth cap, Buckler
    	A.v. Trouble in the Town Square
    The town square has a few people in it, Bram One-Eye, a farm, and a goblin
    witch.  Bram asks if you think you can handle a goblin with.  Click on the 
    goblin witch and select Battle Goblin Witch! to see if you can!
    Target: Goblin Witch
    Hit Points: 29
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 3
    Weapon: None
    Spells: Zap
    By now you should have your third spell and a few pieces of gear.  You're 
    becoming a more complex character.  This should give you new tactics to work 
    with.  The witch is a very simple fight.  Try to deny her any red mana and use
    your own offensive attacks and skulls to defeat her.  Afterwards speak to Bram
    to complete the quest.  As if on que a ruckus to the north draws your 
    attention.  Head that way for your next quest
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +50
    Exp: +410 
    Once you reach the north gate Matt Derrell will tell you that goblins just ran
    through and they are headed to the Chapel!  Continue west to the chapel.
    	A.vi. Goblin Raiders
    Outside the Chapel, Jarrum Blackstone will inform you that a goblin has
    barricaded himself inside the chapel.  He suggests you put your weapon to use
    to bash down the door.  Can you feel a challenge quest coming on?
    Challenge: Bash
    Hit Points: 20
    Turn Limit: 21 turns.
    In this challenge game you create new gems called Bash Gems by making regular
    matchs using the normal mana, action, and skulls.  Another very important thing
    to remember on this challenge is that matching 4 or more gems gives you extra
    turns just like in a normal battle.  These extra turns are added to your turn
    limit.  The first time I did this challenge I completed it while having 20 of
    21 turns remaining due to earning extra turns.  After Bashing in the door enter
    the chapel to face the goblin.  You'll see him standing in the middle of the 
    aisle.  Simple click and Battle Goblin!
    Target: Goblin
    Hit Points: 24
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 1
    Weapon: Shortsword
    Spells: Slink, Sneak Attack
    Use the same strategy you have in the past against the goblins, as well as your
    new spells and weapons, and you'll quickly overpower him.  Exit the Chapel and
    speak to Jerrum.  Big surprise, you hear a deafening rumble to the east.  Let's
    get moving back to the North Gate to see what this new threat is.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +50
    Exp: +560 
    	A.vii. Defeat the Troll
    The North Gate has been obliterated by the Troll.  Matt tells you that the 
    troll seemed to dislike the torch he was waving and offers it to you.  When you
    are ready click the troll and select Battle Troll!
    Target: Troll
    Hit Points: 49
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 1
    Weapon: None
    Spells: None
    Special: Regeneration - Unlimited.
    Your first act here should be to try and get enough action points to use the 
    Torch.  Otherwise the troll will fully heal himself each turn of all the damage
    you have done to him.  Attacking him with the Flaming torch will disable his
    regeneration for 10 turns.  Try to make sure you always have enough action
    points to use the torch again before the flaming wears off of the Troll.  As 
    long as you keep him from regenerating the Troll is still a very simple fight.
    After defeating the troll speak with Matt.  He'll reward you with an item.  It 
    seems the town is finally safe.  You should return to Rhan at the South Wall.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +50
    Exp: +750
    Items: Padded Cloth Armor, Fine Buckler, Dagger, Great Club
    	A.viii. Defend Verloren
    Exit the south gate and speak with Rhan.
    It seems the townsfolk have gathered a small reward for all the effort you put
    into beating back the goblins, fires, goblins witches, and the Troll.
    Exp: +1500
    	A.ix. Speak to Matt Derrell
    Not all is as it may seem.  We head to the North gate to find Matt.  On the way
    to the North Gate, at the South Gate, you'll have an option to take on your 
    first side quest.  This is marked by a Silver !  The side offered there is The
    Stuff of Nightmares.  See the side quests section for information on this 
    quest.  Bram also offers a side quest.  A new area, the Old Barracks, just west
    of South Gate, offers a side quest.
    Once you reach the North Gate, speak with Matt.  He'll suggest that the way to
    keep the goblins from returning is to slay a Goblin Boss.  It's Boss hunting
    time!  Let's exit the town and head north for the Frozen Keep.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +750
    B. The Ice Caves
    	The Goblin Boss
    Here is the entrance to the next zone.  You'll find yourself standing outside
    of a broken bell.  Enter the bell to Enter the Frozen Keep.  Once you enter
    you'll be inside "The Bell Tower."  Take the rope ladded down to "Descend 
    deeper into the Frozen Keep.  At the Bottom of the ladder you'll find and fight
    a Rat Swarm.  Slay the Rats then move North to Descend the stairs.  Now you're
    in the Ice Caves.  At the bottom of the stairs is a Goblin Rat Keeper.  Slay
    him and then open the nearby chest to start a new kind of challenge.
    Challenge: Loot
    Turn Limit: 16 turns.
    This mini-game let's you win gold, trade items, and rare items.  Simply match
    as many as you can before the stones reach the top of the battle board.  The 
    more matchs you make the more loot gems are made.  Make matches with loot gems
    to upgrade them.  Do this three times to get the rare item gems.
    After the loot challenge open your mini-map.  If you picked up "The Stuff of
    Nightmares" and "Kurak" side quests you'll see their silver "?"'s on the map.
    Head to the door to the south and "Bash" it open.  If you do not have the 
    sidequests follow the map to your destination.  The following section will
    assume you do have the sidequests and walk through those as we go through the
    Ice Caverns.
    Travel south through the newly bashed door to encouter a Goblin Wizard with 
    another "loot" chest.  You can skip him if you'd like or challenge him to win
    the chest.  Next head east where you'll find another two enemies, a goblin and
    a goblin witch.  You'll also note a hidden object in the room.  Click search to
    start another mini-game.  Every match you make covers a square as "searched."
    Meet the requred squres in the limited turns to uncover the hidden treasure.
    Challenge: Search
    Squares: 40
    Turn Limit: 31 turns.
    Challenge: Loot
    Turn Limit: 16
    After searching and looting, challenge the 2 enemies or move south.
    Move south to enter the ice cave.  Another Hidden Item is in this room, meaning
    two more challenges.  There is also a goblin here.  Search the room to discover
    a Trap providing you with yet another mini-game.
    The trap mini-game is played by matching components instead of gems.  Match
    enough components to complete the required set to disarm the trap.
    Challencge: Trap
    Components: 9 Yellow, 10 Red, 11 Blue, 10 Green, 10 Teal.
    Skull Match Limit: 5 
    Turns: 31
    Damage: 10
    After dealing with the Trap and the goblin head south through the "Crack in the
    Here, you'll find a goblin guarding a chest, a frozen door of ice, and a path
    to the east.  Kill the goblin and claim the chest, then bash open the frozen
    door.  Go through the door and kill the skeleton there.  Go west and confront a
    Cockatrice.  After killing it ascend the stairs to slay the boss of this
    side-quest, the Rakshasa.  Claim it's braid, claim the chest in the room, then
    take the path back to the first room with the goblin wizard and chest at the
    first door you smashed.  Check the side-quests section for details on defeating
    these new foes if you have trouble.
    From here head north.  You'll find a goblin witch, goblin, and a loot
    challenge.  Clear the room then head south into the "Polar Bear Caves" if you
    have the "Kurak" side-quest.
    Again, see the side-quest section if you have trouble with any of these fights.
    In the caves, attack and kill the first Polar Bear you find and then cross the
    bridge heading West.  Here you'll find another identical polar bear.  After
    slaying this bear head north into Kurak's Lair.  Kill Kurak and claim his
    stash.  Take the portal back to town and turn in your two side-quests.
    At this point you can return to Verloren and turn in the Kurak side-quest and
    pick up the follow up side-quest that also takes you into the Ice Caverns.
    The following continuation of the walk through will assume you did.
    Take the portal back to the Bell Tower and enter the ice caves to the south.
    Then travel east and north to enter the Yeti Cave.  Immediately upon entering
    you will encounter the Yeti and see his stash.  If you are strong enough kill
    him, although unless you've grinding out several levels you'll most likely need
    to return for this one.  I myself had to skip him at this point in my quest.
    Exit the Yeti Cave and head west twice, then north.  Here you'll find a Goblin
    Rat Keeper and a Goblin Witch.  The Witch is guarding a chest.  Kill them and
    claim the reward then head west to face the Goblin Boss.
    Target: Goblin Boss
    Hit Points: 68
    Damage Bonus: 3
    Defense: 28
    Weapon: Masterwork Ancient Battle Axe
    Spells: Slink, Gnaw, Belter
    The only thing the Boss has going for him is that weapon.  Keep an eye out on 
    his Action Points and try to prevent him from using the weapon.  Otherwise
    beat on him with normal strategies.  Claim his necklace from his chest and 
    return through the portal to town.  Turn the necklace in to Matt to complete 
    this quest.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +100
    Exp: +940
    	A Door for a Key
    Do you remember the dead end right before the Frozen door that lead to the 
    skeleton?  Near "The Stuff of Nightmares"?  Well, let's hit the Portal back to
    the Rakshasa's Lair and see if this crescent key fits the crescent keyhole....
    Sure enough, it does.  If you don't remember how to get there, after taking the
    portal, go down the stairs and as far east as you can.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +940
    	Explore the Tower
    After opening the door enter the South Tower.  Fight the Skeleton then head up
    the wooden ladder.  Take out the Goblin Witch you find and climb up the next
    ladder.  At the top of this ladder you'll find a smaller goblin being picked on
    by a larger goblin.  Let's watch them fight it out!  Or let's help the little
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +100
    Exp: +1120
    You've fought dozens of goblins so far, just take this one out the same.  After
    talk to Gibbens.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +100
    Exp: +1310
    Items: Fine Ancient versions: Spell Staff, Saber, Great Club, Longsowrd
    	Ruby Rescue
    It appears now that we are working for the goblins.  How did this happen???
    Take the portal that appears back to the Goblin Boss' Lair.  Exit his lair and
    enter the Ice Caves from here.  Engage and defeat the Rat Swarm and then Bash
    down the door, pick the lock, or use an unlock spell, then enter the Ruined
    Keep.  Inside you'll find a Goblin Rat Keeper and a Troll.  Kill them and take
    the stairs up into the north tower.  Here you'll find the Gelatinous Cube and
    it's hidden treasure.  Kill the Cube, claim his treasure, and take the portal
    back to Gibbins.
    Target: Gelatinous Cube
    Hit Points: 134
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 41
    Weapon: Tentacle Lash x2
    Spells: Slime, Engulf
    The Cubes strategy is simple.  Make or get 18 green gems and engulf you.  This
    is not a big threat as long as you can match skulls afterwards.  His tentacles
    don't hit hard.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +100
    Exp: +1800
    Items: Fine Ancient Leather Boots, Fine Ancient Leather Helm, Fine Ancient
    Leather Armor, Ancient Pendant.
    	The Royal Door
    Take the Portal back to the North tower and make your way down and out of the
    tower.  Then take the door to the east.  Fight the Rat Swarm here and continue
    east.  Fight the goblin here, claim his treasure, and continue again to the
    east.  Defeat the Goblin Rat Keeper you find here and unlock the Royal Door.
    Sometimes the game will bug and not let you enter this door.  If that happens
    loop all the way around to the opposite side towards the yellow question mark.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +1500
    	Fight Your Way to King Godd
    Enter the Royal door to find a special goblin waiting on you.  Gather blocks
    your path to the king.  Slay him to continue forward on your quest. 
    Target: Gather
    Hit Points: 82
    Damage Bonus: 3
    Defense: 24
    Weapon: Masterwork Hellforged Longsword, Masterwork Ancient Dagger
    Spells: Slink, Belter, Gnaw, Battle Finesse
    Gather is a Goblin Boss with experience.  He has all the same spells as a
    Goblin Boss but with one extra, Battle Finesse.  He also has some nasty weapons
    for a boss.  At this point, though, Gather has low health compared to most 
    fights you've had recently.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +1500
    	King Godd
    Crawl over Gathers dead body and climb the rope ladder up to King Godds
    chambers.  Move forward and engage King Godd
    Target: King Godd
    Hit Points: 186
    Damage Bonus: 5
    Defense: 22
    Weapon: Epic Hellforged Great Club
    Spells: Termor Stomp, Noxious Gas, Foul Stench
    Special Abilities: Slow'n'Steady - Adds mana and action points every turn; 
    				   Reduces the number of turns that are taken.
    King Godd is a giant pushover.  After your first turn you'll get 3-4 actions 
    per turn.  He moves so slow.  You can set up some very specific combos this way
    so be sure to take advantage of it.  After getting your quest reward be sure
    to claim the two loot boxes here.  
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +100
    Exp: +2250
    Items: Fine Ancient Necklace, Fine Ancient Amulet, Fine Ancient Purple Mana
           Potion, Fine Hellforged Round Shield
    	The Orcs Below
    Take the key given to you by King Godd and go back down the rope ladder.  Now
    approach the door to the north that was prviously locked.  Use the key to
    unlock this door and head down into the next dungeon zone.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +1500
    C. The Orc Tribe
    	Find the Orc King
    Now in the next area, Gibbins is waiting to direct you on your path.  Talk to 
    him to find out more about hunting down the missing Orc King.  Be sure to take
    the portal back to town now that you've finished the Ice Caves.  Sell off your
    unused junk, turn in your side-quests, and pick up new side-quests for The Orc
    Tribe.  Upgrade gear if you'd like as well then Portal back to the Orc Tribe.
    Once again we'll be assuming that you have picked up all the side-quests.
    Start by heading south from the entrance to the Orc Tribe.  Kill the Goblin
    Wizard that you find there and head south again.  Here you'll find an Orc
    guarding a loot chest.  Kill him, loot it, and head west.  Kill the Orc you 
    find in this hallway and head west again.  Here is the Armory and the room 
    that Gess hinted at hiding in.  Once you find her turn in and complete the
    Head west again and confront the Wolf Master and Berzerker in that room.  Claim
    the loot there and this time head north.  FIght the lone goblin in this hall 
    before continuing north.  Here you'll find a Chieftan with two goblin wizards,
    clear out the room and then head west.  Search this hallway to find a trap.  
    Disarm it and continue west to pick up another side-quest for The Orc Tribe.  
    Talk to the goblin in this room to start the side-quest "It's a Trap!"  After
    completing this side-quest head north.  Search the room to find a trap.  Kill
    the skeleton here and disarm the trap then move northward, into the Ogre's 
    Lair.  Slay him if you can, return later if you cannot.  Exit the Ogre's Lair
    and head south down the hall.  Bash, unlock, or pick the door to the south and
    go through it.  Slay the Berzerker in this Hallway and continue south.  In this
    room you'll have a Goblin Boss, a Goblin Rat keeper, and a loot chest.  Clear
    the room and head west.  Head south from this empty room.  In this Contested 
    Zonr you'll find a Goblin Witch and a Shaman guarding a loot chest.  Clear the
    room, claim the loot, then head south and follow the next hallway south to
    enter the Smithy.  Slay the Berzerker here and claim his loot chest before once
    again heading south.  Now we can start picking up some more side-quests.  Here
    in the Training Rings you'll find your dear old Goblin friend Gibbins.  Slay
    all of the enemies that enter the Training Ring to complete this short 
    side-quest.  Then move west into the training area and speak to the Hobgoblin
    you find there.
    After helping Crye enter his "home" head east out of the house and again out of
    the Training Area and back into the Training Ring.  Head south from here to 
    what appears to be an empty hallway.  Search the area to expose a trap.  Disarm
    it and continue south out of this hallway.  Here, in the Wolf Kennels, you'll
    find a Wolf Master offering a side-quest.  Afterwards head east through the
    next hallway, slay the rapid wolf you find there and claim his loot then 
    continue east again.  Clear out the wold and rabid wolf before heading north to
    another side-quest.  The Werewolf's Den holds none other than a werewolf.  Slay
    it and perhaps you can discover what happened to Crye's son.
    After taking the Portal to town and turning in the side-quest, take the portal
    back to the Werewolf's Den.  Exit the Den and then head south again.  Here
    you'll encounter a Wolf and Wolf Master.  The wolf is guarding a loot.  Slay, 
    loot, rinse, repeat.  Bash the door open to the east and head on through it.
    You'll find a Goblin Witch waiting for you in this hallway.  She has a job for
    After completing the two side-quests from the Goblin Witch, you should have all
    the side-quests for The Orc Tribe completed except possible the Ogre Challenge.
    This is assuming you have followed the order of this guide.  Without further
    interuption, make your way back to the Training Ring.  Head east from the 
    training ring to another empty training area.  Head east out of this room and
    into The Royal Walkway where you'll face an Orc guarding both the northern door
    and a loot chest.  Kill, loot, and head north through the door and then north
    through the hallway.  Challenge Brek, the chief shaman.
    Target: Brek
    Hit Points: 130
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 10
    Weapon: Ancient Spell Staff
    Spells: Enrage, Lightning Bolt, Rune Ward
    After engaging and defeating the shaman there will be a very small cut scene.
    This is the completion of your quest to find the Orc King.  Collect your 
    rewards and begin your next five main quests.  You'll notice that the few areas
    that we skipped are where each of the Fallen are kept.  Take the nearby Portal 
    back near the beginning to the Armory.  Then make your way north west to the
    first of the fallen.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +200
    Exp: +2060
    Items: Fine Hellforged versions of: Scimitar, Battle Axe, Dirk, Necklace
    	The Fallen Shaman
    You'll fight a Skeleton Warrior in the hallway outside of the Fallen Shaman's
    Lair.  Then move west to enter the lair and confront the Shaman himself.
    Target: Dark Shaman
    Hit Points: 150
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 18
    Weapon: Masterwork Ancient Spellstaff
    Spells: Draw Mana, Elemental Roar, Fireball, Darkness
    The Dark Shaman will use his draw mana to build his other mana reserves to cast
    his spells.  Fireball can deal a large amount of damage fast if he hits a red
    cluster with it.  Not much else to the fight.
    Quest Reward
    Items: Fine Hellforged versions - Regular Healing Potion, Red Mana Potion,
    				  Blue Mana Tonic, Manticore Poison
    	The Fallen Orc	
    After defeating the Dark Shaman, exit his lair to the east, follow the hall
    east, then south from the room and south through the next hall.  Head west
    through the next two rooms to enter the hallway that leads to the Dark Orc.  
    You will again need to fight a skeleton in this hallway before facing off
    against the Dark Orc.
    Target: Dark Orc
    Hit Points: 114
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 26
    Weapon: Masterwork Ancient Great Club
    Spells: Enrage, Savage Beast, Pummel, Darkness
    The only thing that differs from this orc and nay other is his savage beast
    spell and his darkness spell.  Darkness is wasted here and savage beast will
    only harm you if you rely on a lot of green mana.
    Quest Reward
    Items: Fine versions - Ancient Hardened Leather Armor, Ancient Studded Leather
    		       Helm, Ancient Studded Leather Boots, Runic Necklace
    	The Fallen Wolf Master
    After defeating the Fallen Orc head to the next Fallen target.  This time we'll
    take the portal to the Training room.  Exit the training room east then the 
    training arena south.  Head south through this hallway and the next room to 
    reach the final hallway.  Defeat the Shadow Wolf here and head south to enter
    the Fallen Wolf Master's Lair.
    Target: Dark Wolf Master
    Hit Points: 177
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 16
    Weapon: Ancient Longsword
    Spells: Fetch, Fearsome Howl, Darkness
    Again, the only difference here is Darkness.  Defeat him like you would any
    other Wolf Master
    Quest Reward
    Items: Fine versions - Hellforged Hardened Leather Armor, Hellforged Studded 
                           Leather Helm, Hellforged Studded Leather Boots, 
    		       Glyphic Amulet
    	The Fallen Berzerker
    From the Fallen Wolf Master's Lair, take the portal to Werewolf's Den.  Exit 
    south and then south again.  Turn east into a hallway and east again into the
    next room.  Here you'll find a skeleton warrior guarding both the next door to
    the east as well as a loot chest.  Slay and loot then head east to the Fallen
    Berzerker's Lair.
    Target: Dark Berzerker
    Hit Points: 206
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 9
    Weapon: Bone Claw
    Spells: Berzerk Rage, Blood Fury, Pummel, Darkness
    Again, this is a normal berzerker with the added Darkness spell.  Deal with him
    as you have berzerkers in the past, but beware he does have a lot more Life
    Quest Reward
    Items: Hellforged Versions - Fine Clawed Glove, Fine Saber, Fine Battle Axe,
    			     Kite Shield
    	The Fallen Chieftain	
    From the Fallen Berzerker's Lair portal all the way back to the armory.  Exit 
    to the east to enter a hallway and exit east again.  From this room head south
    and then south out of this hallway.  Face off against the last skeleton that 
    guards the Fallens and prepare to face the Fallen Chieftan.
    Target: Dark Chieftan
    Hit Points: 146
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 21
    Weapon: Fine Ancient Great Hammer
    Spells: Taunt, Warcry, Darknes
    Just like before the only difference in this battle is Darkness which should
    not harm you or affect your strategy.  Fight him as you would any other
    Quest Reward
    Items: Fine Versions - Hellforged Chainmail Helm, Hellforged Warhammer, 
    		       Daemonic Amulet, Daemonic Pendant
    Quest Reward (after defeating all five Fallen Orcs)
    Gold: +200
    Exp: +2400
    	The Sigil Stones
    After defeating the five Fallen Orcs, take the Sigil Stones back to Brek.
    Take the portal to Grumm's Throne Room and deliver the Sigils.  Use the Sigils
    to battle the Sigil Markings.  This will be a challenge, but it plays out like
    a battle.  You'll have 25 turns to gather 15 of each mana and cast the Sigil
    Stones spell.  You'll only need to cast the spell once to break the seal.
    Afterwards Brek will join you as a friend.
    	The Shadowbringer
    Enter the Trap door to enter the Shadowbringer's Lair.  The Shadowbringer also
    guards a loot chest.  Slay him to claim it.
    Target: Shadowbringer
    Hit Points: 176
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Defense: 22
    Weapon: Crushing Bite, Poisonous Claw
    Spells: Dark Blast, Darkness
    Surprisingly the Shadowbringer is a simple fight.  His Darkness spell is
    useless to him as a strategy except to deny you red or yellow gems.  It can,
    however, fuel his Dark Blast.  That spell drains all his purple mana to use, 
    though, so don't expect him to rely too heavily on it.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +500
    Exp: +2700
    Items: Masterwork Hellforged versions - Composite Bow, Morningstar, Scimitar
    					Battle Axe
    	The Sealed Catacombs
    Take the portal from the Shadowbringer's Lair to the Fallen Chieftan's Lair.
    Exit the lair heading east and take the new option east again from this hall.
    Laurella is here trying to open the door to the Sealed Catacombs.  Battle the
    Sigil Markings sealing the door the same as you did to the Shadowbringer's
    Lair.  This time you will only have 20 rounds to gather the necessary mana.
    After opening the door you learn that Laurella is Jerrum Blackstones daughter.
    Perhaps you should see him when you return to town.  Travel east to the
    Horrifying Pit and enter it.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +3000
    D. The Catacombs
    With a new area open you should take the portal back to town and pick up any
    side-quests available.  Start by speaking to Bram One-Eye.  If you have
    completed A Greater Challenge - Cave Ogre turn it in, otherwise just pick up
    A Greater Challenge - Arch Lich.  Then head to the Shady Market and speak with
    Crye to pick up Imp!  After picking up these two quests head back into the 
    	Grip of the Hammer
    Start by heading south.  Here you'll find a zombie and ghoul guarding a loot
    chest.  Slay them and claim the loot then head west.  There will be another
    ghoul here in the Pauper Pit.  Slay him and continue west.  You'll find another
    zombie in this hallway.  Kill him and continue west again.  Here in the Grand
    Tomb you'll fight your first wraith, guarding a loot chest.  Their most vile
    attack is Drain Soul.  Not only does it reduce all of your mana to 0 it also
    damages you at a 1 to 10 ratio.  Claim your loot before heading north.  In
    this hallway you'll fight a Giant Skeleton.  Take him down and the bash, pick,
    or unlock the door to the north and head through it.  The Morgue is empty so 
    head east unobstructed.  Here you'll find the Arch Lich.  See the side-quests
    for more info.  Slay him and claim his loot or leave him and return the way you
    came back to the Grand Tomb.  Do this by way of west, south, south.  Head into
    the hallway to the west and defeat the ghost you find there.  Then continue 
    west.  Here you'll start the Lost! side-quest, in the Mausoleum Entry.  Once
    you have the quest in your logs head north into the hallway and north again to
    the Mausoleum itself.  Defeat the skeleton warrior and wraith there to loot the
    loot chest then head west.  Slay the skeleton warrior you find in this hall and
    continue west.  Here you'll find a ghost, skeleton warrion and a loot chest.
    Clear, loot, and head west.  Slay the skeleton in this hall before Bashing,
    picking, or unlocking the door to the west.  Here you'll find Crye offering you
    a side-quest as well as a loot chest.  Complete this side-quest and then head
    back east through the hallway and into the next room.  Head north from here and
    kill the wraith guarding the way to the next room.  Be ready for a trap here
    then continue north into the monster's lair to claim the Grip of the Hammer.
    Target: Bone Wraith
    Hit Points: 230
    Damage Bonus: 3
    Defense: 40
    Weapon: Bone Claw
    Spells: Bone Barrage, Wake the Dead, Spines of Bone
    The Bone writh won't be much stronger than your average Skeleton Warrior.  By
    now you should be very familiar with Wake the Dead.  Bone barrage is a fairly
    strong 20 point direct damage attack.  Try to keep up your shields when you see
    him with enough red and yellow mana.  When he uses Spines of Bones simply do
    not attack with your weapons until it wears off.  
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +400
    Exp: +4500
    Items: Broken Hammer Handle
    	Head of the Hammer
    Claim the loot chest in the Bone Wraiths Lair and then take the portal to the 
    Catacombs Entrance.  Head south and then west 5 times back to the 4-way 
    intersection.  Head south into the hallway.  Bash, pic, or unlock the door at 
    the end of the hallway and follow through it.  Here, in the Grand Tomb, you'll
    find a goblin witch offering you a side-quest.  Talk to her to accept it.
    Complete the side-quest to unlock a portal to this room.  Then begin the Goblin
    witchs next side-quest.  After completing these two, or skipping them, bash, 
    unlock, or pick the door to the south and enter it.  Travel south through this
    hallway to a room with a Wraith guarding a loot chest.  Slay, claim, and head
    south.  Slay the skeleton warrior in this hallway before continuing south.
    Here you'll enter the Catacomb of Skulls.  The first room will have Mummy and a
    skeleton guarding a loot chest.  Clear the room, claim the loot, and head 
    east.  Open the loot chest, then claim the loot, finally continue east.  In 
    this room you'll battle a skeleton warrior before continuing to the east.
    Search the hallway to uncover a trap.  Disarm it then move east.  You'll find a
    mummy and two zombies guarding the way east.  Once you clear the room head that
    way.  You'll find a skeleton warrior in the next hallway. slay and continue on.
    Here you'll find a wraith guarding a loot chest and your way north.  In this 
    hallway you'll find Laurella.  She blocks your path north but offers to open 
    the door for you if you can find more evidence that her mother made it this 
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +4500
    	Laurella Lost
    Take the portal that appears next to Laurella back to the Grand Tomb, then 
    bash, pick, or unlock the door to the east and head through it.  You'll find a
    ghost in the hall.  Kill it and continue east.  Here you'll encounter a Lich
    guarding a loot chest.  Kill, loot, head east.  Slaughter the ghould in this 
    hallway and head once more east into the Pauper Pit where you will face a 
    Vampire guarding a suspicious looking wall.  Search the room to uncover the
    first of the three journal pages.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +5250
    	The Hunt
    Head back west twice and then head south.   Clear the room of the four skeleton
    warriors and then move south again.  Face the lich and loot chest in this room
    and then head to the hallway to your east.  You'll encounter another skeleton
    warrior in this hall.  Remove it from your path before moving eastward.  Here 
    you'll find another Vampire guarding a suspicious floor section.  Slay it to 
    retrieve the second journal page.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +5250
    	Deeper Into the Dungeon
    Again take the portal back to the Grand Tomb.  Head south twice before turning
    your eyes westward.  Search the hall to find some hidden loot!  Take it and go 
    westward.  Here you'll find a lich guarding a loot chest and a wraith.  After
    you kill them both and loot the chest head west.  A lone zombie guards this 
    room.  Slay him and move south where you'll find another zombie blocking this
    hallway.  Slay him as well and move south again.  You'll face no vampire this
    time as you enter the room.  Search the room to find the third and final
    journal page.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +5250
    	Raltheia's Journal
    After reading the final page, take the portal that appears back to the Catacomb
    of skulls where Laurella waits to hear what you have found.  Afterwards she'll
    join your party to aid you in defeating the lich.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +5550
    Friend: Laurella
    	Defeat the Lich
    Once Laurella joins your party, pick the lock on the door to the north.  Head 
    through it to find a giant skeleton.  Slay him and then head west.  Here
    you'll find the imp related to your side-quest of the same name.  Gather his
    left behind loot after turning him into Crye and then head east twice.  Here
    you'll find the lich.
    Target: Lich
    Hit Points: 200
    Damage Bonus: 1
    Defense: 82
    Weapon: Fine Draconic Spell Staff
    Spells: Wake the Dead, Explosive Mana
    As you can clearly see the spells wielded by a lich are mediocore at best.  His
    weapon can cause some minor issues, but the hardest thing is his Defense.  It 
    will take a bit to whittle him down, but he'll succumb soon enough.  Once 
    defeated, the Lich leaves behind a broken hammer head.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +500
    Items: Masterwork versions - Glyphic Purple Mana Potion, Glyphic Blue Mana 
    			     Potion, Glyphic Spell Staff, Runic Amulet.
    	Forging the Hammer
    Once you obtain the broken hammer head from the lich, head west twice.  Take 
    the portal back to town and visit Chappilekorum.  He'll forge the broken halves
    into the Hammer of Righteous
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +500
    Exp: +5770
    	Shatter the Ritual Stone
    After recieving the Hammer of Righteous, head back to the portal and back to 
    the Mausoleum Entrance.  From here head south.  Slay the ghost in this hallway
    and continue south.  You'll find the entrance to the Gran Tomb guarded by two
    giant skeletons and a wraith as well as a loot chest.  Clear the room, gather
    your loot, and head west.  Bash, unlock, or pick the door that you find in the
    next room, then proceed through it.  Search this hallway for a trap, disarm it,
    then continue west.  You'll find a skeleton and wraith guarding the 
    Necromancer's Circle.  Slay them and again head west.  Here you'll smash the 
    Necromancer's Stone.  You'll have 25 turns to gather 50 action.  Once you do 
    use the hammer of righteous to shatter the stone.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +5770
    Items: Masterwork versions - Glyphic Pendant, Glyphic Amulet, Draconic
    			     Necklace, Glyphic Platemail Helm
    	Defeat the First Necromancer
    The room that held the Necromancer's stone also holds the entrance to all three
    of the necromancers you must face.  The first is to the north.  Slay him, loot
    his chest, and pull the lever.
    Target: Necromancer
    Hit Points: 220
    Damage Bonus: 1
    Defense: 4
    Weapon: Epic Draconic Spell Staff
    Spells: Warcray, Bone Shield, Wake the Dead, Bone Reaper
    Nothing the necromancer has is new to you.  Use the same strategy to beat him
    as you would any other dungeon encounter.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +500
    Exp: +6000
    	Defeat the Second Necromancer
    Exit the First Necromancers room by heading south.  Then head west.  Slay the 
    second necromancer and claim his two loot chests.  Pull the lever and return to
    the Necromancers' Stone room.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +500
    Exp: +6000
    	Defeat the Third Necromancer
    Exit the second necromancers room by heading east.  Then head south.  Slay the
    third necromancer and claim his loot chest.  Pull the lever and listen to the
    orc shaman.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +500
    Exp: +6000
    	Exit the Catacombs
    Exit the third necromancers room through the door to the north.  Take the
    portal to the Grand tomb.  Head south five times to reach the Catacombs Exit.
    From here enter the Dark Dwarven Lab.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +6190
    E. Dark Dwarven Laboratory
    	The Dark Dwarven Laboratory
    Travel north from the entrance to the Dark Dwarven Laboratory.  Slay the
    Cockatrice you find there and then continue north into a hallway.  Go north yet
    again to find the first of four levers that you will need to pull in order to
    escape the Dark Dwarven Laboratory.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: 4800
    	Find the Eastern Lever
    Travel south twice from the northern lever room.  From here travel east into 
    the hallway.  Search the area to find a trap that you will need to disarm
    before continuing on to the east.  Bash, Pick, or Unlock the southern door and
    then head through it.  Kill the Cockatrice that you find in this hallway and 
    then take the southern exit.  Head east from this room to yet another hallway.
    Slay  the Troll found here and continue east again.  Kill the Ogre in this
    section of the Mine and head east yet again.  Slay the Troll here before
    traveling east one last time to enter the Minotaur's Lair.
    Target: Minotaur
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 20
    Spells: Minotaur's Charge, Gore
    After defeating the Minotaur, pull the Eastern Lever.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: 1000
    Exp: 5250
    	Find the Southern Lever
    Travel west four times from the Minotaur's Lair to return to the Mine.  Move 
    South and defeat the Vampiric Mist you find in the hallway.  Move south again
    to come to a four way intersection.  Begin heading West from here into the next
    hallway, and then west again to reach the next room.  From this room head south
    to confront a Vampiric Mist in another hallway.  Once he is dead move south
    into the sleeping quarters.  South again will lead you to confront a Shadow
    Wolf who is guarding the entrance to the Owlbear's Lair.  Slay the Shadow Wolf
    and enter the lair.
    Target: Owlbear
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 0
    Spells: Bearhug, Claw Assault
    After defeating the Owlbear, pull the Southern Lever.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: 1000
    Exp: 5250
    	Find the Western Lever
    Take the portal from this room back to the Dark Dwarven Laboratory entrance.
    Head north and then west into the Hallway and slay the Imp you find here.  Move
    west into the Pit and then south into another Hallway.  Search this room to 
    discover some loot.  Claim it and slay the Rakshasa guarding the door to the
    south.  Defeat the Troll you'll find here in the Smithy and continue west.
    Move west again from this hallway to reach the Archives.  Defeat the Rabid Wolf
    and Ogre in this room before heading west.  Here you'll find the Western Lever
    in the Medusa's Lair.  Slay her and then pull the final lever.
    Target: Medusa
    Hit Points: 330
    Damage Bonus: 1
    Defense: 19
    Weapon: Epic Ancient Wyvern Poison
    Spells: Shadow Strike, Petrifying Gaze
    The Medusa's Shadow Strike can be painful if you are playing a build that
    creates a lot of Purple Mana, like the Assassin.  The Petrifying Gaze is more
    annoying than devastating, although it can allow her enough moves to build up
    the Action Points needed for her powerful poison.  All that aside she's a very
    simple boss.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +1000
    Exp: +5250
    	Escape the Laboratory
    With all three levers pulled it's time to escape the Laboratory.  Head east
    three times to reach the Smithy.  Here you'll find two Trolls to defeat before
    heading north.  Search this room to find a loot pile.  Slay the Rakshasa here
    before claiming the loot and heading north into The Pit.  Slay the Dark Orc
    you find here, claim the loot, then head west.  Battle the Imp and proceed to
    the north.  Here you'll find another Dark Orc guarding a loot chest and the 
    door to the north.  Slay, loot, and then bash, pick, or unlock the door.  
    Inside you'll find Crye in his Lab.  This guy sure gets around.  Talk to him to
    begin another of his side-quests "Insurance Fraud."  Once you complete this
    quest take the Portal to the Dark Dwarven Lab Entrance.  Crawl north three
    times to encounter the Dark Elven Boss.  After a small chat challenge the Dark
    Elven Warrior.
    Target: Dark Elven Warrior
    Hit Points: 248
    Damage Bonus: 5
    Defense: 38
    Weapon: Hellforged Nightblade
    Spells: Besiege, Dual Shot, Hand of Ice, Battle Finesse
    The Dark Elven Warrior packs a moderate armor and weapon.  To top that off he 
    has four spells.  Besiege is a nice board clearer, destroying a 3x3 cube of the
    board.  Hand of Ice will hurt you if you need action gems but help if you rely
    on Blue Mana.  Battle Finesse gives the Warrior action points.  It's basically
    two spells that allows him to claim most of the action points on the board for
    himself.  His weapon is not that strong, though, so this strategy will not hurt
    you much.  If he manages to get 16 of each mana he can use Dual Shot.  This can
    add up to a lot of damage if he crits.  Overall he's easier than most of the 
    trash mobs in the Dark Dwarf Laboratory.
    Next up, you'll be challenged by a Dark Elven War Mage.
    Target: Dark Elven War Mage
    Hit Points: 254
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Defense: 49
    Weapon: Legendary Daemonic Spell Staff
    Spells: Mirror Shield, Dark Blast, Hand of Ice
    Again you'll face the Hand of Ice which means less here than before.  The Dark
    Blast spell is a very basic direct damage spell, but can do heeps of damage if
    the mage has a lot of Purple Mana.  With 49 points of defense already, Mirror
    Shield can make the mage nearly invulnerable for awhile.  This should be a
    simple and easy fight, but it might be a slow one.
    Finally you'll be faced with a Black Iron Golem.  Both of your allies let you
    know that it's time to fall back.  Heed their advice and attempt to escape.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +5620
    F. Dark Elven Keep
    	Help Brek
    You find yourself in the middle of the Dark Elf Arena with Brek nearby.  Speak
    to him and a Two-Headed Ogre will appear.  Slay this beast and be on with your
    Target: Two-Headed Ogre
    Hit Points: 258
    Damage Bonus: 8
    Defense: 29
    Weapon: Legendary Runic Great Axe
    Spells: Double Headbutt, Tremor Stomp
    With a strong two-handed weapon, a common Tremor Stomp spell, and the new 
    Double Headbutt spell, the ogre is actually weak for what you might expect this
    near the end of the game.  Beward letting him cast the headbutt too often.  A
    few quick chains of Red and Blue Mana can mean some fast damage.  Otherwise
    beat him down as you would any foe.
    Speak to Brek again.  He thanks you and you begin your next quest.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +2000
    Exp: +9000
    	Find Laurella!
    Head east from your starting point.  Slay the Troll here, take his loot, and
    head north to find Laurella.  Slay the Basilisk that's trying to kill Laurella
    to complete this quest.
    Target: Basilisk
    Hit Points: 301
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 58
    Weapon: Massive Bite
    Spells: Dissolve, Petrifying Gaze
    The Basilisk has a strong bite and some very nice Defense.  To top it off its
    Petrifying Gaze can keep you out of the action for four turns.  Dissolve is a 
    basic poison that does double damage if you are petrified.  Nothing super
    nasty here.  Again, you faced harder challenges on the previous level.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +2000
    Exp: +10500
    	Free the Farmer
    Head west after saving Laurella.  You'll need to search the area here to find a
    trap in the center of the room.  As if the four Giant Skeletons you need to
    kill wasn't enough.  I think six actions in one area may be the most we're done
    so far in the entire game.  Clear the entire room and head west again.  Here
    you'll find a lone werewolf.  A much easier room to clean up in before heading
    north to the farmer.  Here you'll need to slay a Manticore to free the farmer.
    Target: Manticore
    Hit Points: 309
    Damage Bonus: 1
    Defense: 70
    Weapon: Crushing Bite, Poisonous Claw
    Spells: Elemental Roar, Manticore Sting
    As is the normal for the entire elven section so far, the Manticore has a high
    Defense with moderate damage weapons.  His two spells are fairly expensive to 
    cast.  Elemental Roar is very random and has a chance of targeting your high
    mana pools and hurting you for it.  The Manticore Sting is hugely overpriced.
    For 40 Mana total he poisons you for 10 points of damage over 5 turns.  As you
    can guess, this will be a simple fight.
    After slaying the Manticore, speak to Drayle.  He'll then join you as an ally.
    Most likely just to save his own skin so you can guide him out of the Dark
    Elven Keep.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +2000
    Exp: +12000
    	Escape the Arena!
    Head east after you free Drayle.  Listen to your companions, then slay the Dark
    Elf that is guarding the door.  Bash, Pick, or Unlock the door and find your
    freedom from the arena.  Go through the door and battle the Dark Elven Warrior
    in the hall and then head north.  What happens next was expected.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +2000
    Exp: +13500
    Items: Legendary Draconic Chainmail versions: Armor, Boots, and Helm,
           Legendary Daemonic Pendant.
    	The Iron Golem
    Clear out the Portal room of the two wraiths and Dark Elven War Mage.  Head 
    east.  Search this hallway to reveal an ambush!  A Dark Elven Assassin is was 
    waiting in hiding here.  Slay her and continue east.  You'll find two Dark
    Elven Warriors in this room guarding a loot chest.  Defeat them and claim the 
    loot before heading east.  In this hallway you'll need to search for another
    assassin ambush.  Find her then defeat her.  Afterwards bash, pick, or unlock
    the door to the east before heading through it.  Upon entering this room you'll
    find Chappi in his Emporium.  He'll instigate a side-quest for you.  After 
    completing the quest take the portal back to the Dark Elven Keep Entrance.
    From here head west.  In this hallway you'll find a goblin wizard giving you 
    your final side-quest "Spelling Bee."  Head west after learning the new spell.
    In this part of the prison you'll find a Dark Elven Warrior guarding a chest.
    Slay him, take the loot, then continue west.  Search in this hallway to uncover
    a trap.  Disarm it and continue west.  In this four way room you'll find a
    Rabid Giant Wolf and GIant Wolf.  Slay them and then head west to find the Iron
    Target: Black Iron Golem
    Hit Points: 551
    Damage Bonus: 1
    Defense: 102
    Weapon: Great Iron Fist
    Spells: Crushing Kill, Breathe Poison
    The Black Iron Golems Crushing Kill spell takes 65 Red Mana, but if he can get
    that much you are finished as it deals 999 damage.  His fists hit for huge
    amounts of damage, 56 points, and over 100 if he crits.  His Breath Poison
    spell is not too devastating itself but it lasts for 100 turns so expect it
    to last the entire battle.  To top it all off he has over 100 Defense.  Try to
    equip yourself with a weapon that gives you starting action points as you will
    have a special weapon to use for this fight, molten metal.  While it's possible
    to beat the Black Iron Golem with conventional methods, using the molten metal
    will deal 9999 damage to the iron golem.  It requires you to save 99 Action
    Points though.  So gather as many action points as you can!  Bring spells that
    stun and otherwise cause the opponent to lose turns. Make combos not based on 
    the spells you can cast but on getting 4 and 5 combos to get extra turns.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +14250
    	Free the Prisoners
    Once you finish off the Iron Black Golem, exit the furnance through the eastern
    door.  Head south from this room to a hallway.  Search here to uncover some
    hidden loot then head south.  You'll find two skeletons and a giant skeleton 
    in this room of the prison.  Clear the room out and continue south towards the
    prisoners.  Search this hallway to find another ambush.  Slay the Dark Elven
    Assassin before moving south to the next room.  Defeat the Imp and Dark Elven
    War Mage you find in this room.  Loot the chest and head to the hallway to the
    south.  Banish the Ghost in this hall and exit to the south.  Finally you'll
    reach the prison proper.  Clear the room of the Dark Elven War Mage, Lich, and
    Vampire you find here.  Take the loot and head west.  A lone Dark Elven Warrior
    guards this final room before the prisoners.  Once he is out of the way head 
    south.  Finally you reach the lost townsfolk.  To free the prisoners all you 
    have to do is to defeat a simple old Dark Elven Warrior.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +14,250
    Companion: Jerrum
    	Defeat the Dark Elven Boss
    Take the portal to the Dark Elven Keep Entrance and unlock to door.  Search the
    first portion of the room to discover a trap.  Disarm it before heading north.
    Here you'll face the Dark Elven Boss.  Slay her to continue your journey.
    Target: Dark Elven Boss
    Hit Points: 466
    Damage Bonus: 3
    Defense: 63
    Weapon: Draconic Greatsword
    Spells: Hand of Ice, Slaughter
    The Dark Elven Boss has a beast of a weapon.  It hits for 39 points of damage.
    She only has two spells and Hand of Ice should be common to you by now.  
    Slaughter makes her weapon strikes even more powerful, but considering the
    Action Point cost to attack she won't use that combo often.  All in all I
    expected more from the ruler of the Dark Elves.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +15000
    Items: Legendary Draconic versions: Pendant, Amulet, Necklace, Wyvern Poison
    G. Gorgon's Cathedral
    After killing the Dark Elven Boss claim the loot and then go through the 
    western door.  Here you'll need to bash, pick, or unlock the giant vault door
    that leads to Gorgon's Cathedral.  The Cathedral has a very simple layout.
    Slay the Hellhound that guards the first chamber and the loot chest.  Claim it
    and then head west.  In this chamber you'll find a Dark Chieftain.  Slay him 
    and then make sure to search the room to uncover the Hellhound waiting in 
    ambush.  Afterwards, claim your loot and then head north.  Here you'll find a 
    giant Daemon guarding both a loot chest and the path north.  Slay him, claim 
    the loot, then make your way north.  Search this room to uncover a trap.  
    Disarm it before challenging the Hellhound here.  After both beast and trap are
    dispossed of continue north.  Here you'll find a Daemon and Imp guarding a 
    Loot Chest and your last path northward.  Slay, loot, and march forward.
    	While working on the Gorgon Quest you'll be given this quest when you
    	reach the door to Gorgon's Chamber.
    	Target: Raltheia
    	Hit Points: 489
    	Damage Bonus: 2
    	Defense: 75
    	Weapon: Legendary Draconic Bastard Sword
    	Spells: Smite, Darkness
    	The Darkness spell is an oldie and not really a goodie, no need to
    	worry about that one much.  The Smite spell can sting a bit, dealing
    	double the main hand weapon damage, except that the weapon isn't that
    	powerful.  Some moderately high armor and high Hit Points makes this a
    	slower fight but a very easy and simple one.
    	Quest Reward
    	Exp: +15000
    	Items: Epic Daemonic versions: Nightblade, Spell Staff, Greatsword,
    				       Holy Sword
    Once Raltheia has been released, enter Gorgon's Chamber to face Gorgon.
    Target: Gorgon
    Hit Points: 363
    Damage Bonus: 9
    Defense: 75
    Weapon: Epic Daemonic Halberd
    Spells: Draw Mana, Wrack, Darkness
    Again the Darkness spell is thrown in.  It's almost used as a filler sometimes.
    Be more concerned about her 38 point weapon and her high armor.  The Wrack
    spell is a mid strength poison spell and Draw Mana seems to simply fuel the
    Darkness spell.  Either clear out the purple gems quickly or simply deny Gorgon
    the spell use.  This is a weak fight and for reasons that will soon be made
    obvious.  Once Gorgon is defeated leave Gorgon's Chambers and begin heading 
    back to town.  As soon as you reach the exit door to this chamber your quest
    will be completed.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +15000
    	The Daemon Gorgon
    The True Gorgon reveals herself after the room is destroyed.  You must now
    defeat Gorgon's True form.  This is more like what you would visually expect 
    from an end boss.
    Target: Gorgon
    Hit Points: 565
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 16
    Weapon: Claw of Gorgon
    Spells: Subjugate, Destroyer, Skull Crusher, Darkness
    Again with the Darkness spell.  Ignore not or use it for your own good.
    Subjugate is the one to really watch out for.  If you let Gorgon draw on 50 Red
    Mana, the fight is over.  Destroyer gives Gorgon a whopping +50 Action Points,
    to top it off the users turn does not end!  She'll use these action points to
    attack with her 109 damage claws.  Skull crusher is a small direct damage stun
    spell.  Try to deny Gorgon Red Mana and keep yourself with high Defense.  Use
    your standard combos to overpower her.  This may take awhile as Gorgon also
    has some huge spell resistance.  I highly suggest using poison on this fight
    regardless of your class.
    Once you defeat Gorgon's True Form, you'll once again be told to head back to
    Verloren.  So, exit Gorgon's Chambers to get your quest completion and your end
    game cut scene.
    Afterwards you'll be back in Verloren.  From here you can continue to explore
    the depths of the dungeons.  Complete side-quests that were not already
    finished, open up more maps, max out your level, and generally free play the
    rest of the game.
    Chapter III - Side Quests - [03.Side]
    Verloren Side Quests
    After completing the quest "Defend Verloren", a soldier, Drayle Perden, at the
    Old Barracks will offer you this side quest.  It seems you missed a goblin 
    during your run of clearing the town.  The guard says he can handle it by 
    himself just fine, but we know better.  
    	Left Behind
    Challenge: Bash
    Hit Points: 20
    Turn Limit: 21 turns.
    After bashing the door down, Enter the Old Barracks!  Inside you'll find the
    hiding goblin.  Battle Goblin!  While he is still tactically a goblin he is no
    ordinary goblin.  This is one toughened little green man.  By now you are no 
    green warrior yourself though and it should still be a straightforward fight
    like every goblin before him.  After defeating the goblin, exit the barracks
    and speak again to guard Drayle Perden.
    Target: Goblin
    Level: 5
    Hit Points: 40
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 17
    Weapon: Shortsword
    Armor: Cloth Cap
    Spells: Slink, Sneak Attack
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +40
    Exp: +200
    	An Able Replacement
    After defeating the Goblin King and accessing the Orc Tribe, visit Khan the
    first NPC you set your eyes on.  He wants to thank you for all your hard work
    by joining you in your quest to slay the evil threatening the lands.  All that 
    is left to do is find a replacement for him.  He first suggests you head over
    to Drayle and check in on the new recruits.
    Head to the Old Barracks and speak with Drayle.  He seems to be shucking his
    duties again.  This time he wants you to help complete the recruits training.
    Head inside the barracks where it should be quite obvious that one of the new
    "recruits" is actually a zombie.  Even after you defeat him Drayle can't tell
    what's going on and is all set to asign the walking corpse a post.  Head back
    to Rhan.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +1200
    Items: Fine Ancient Reaver, Fine Ancient Leafblade, Fine Ancient Arachna
           Poison, Fine Ancient Necklace
    	Restless Visitor
    After completing An Able Replacement, head back to the barracks and examine
    the locked door.  Drayle will tell you not to bother, but go ahead and pick
    the door.  Go through the door and down the stairs to meet Mort, the restless
    visitor and also another undead.  There is a chest in the room but you will
    obviously need to get past the skeleton first.
    Target: Skeleton Warrior
    Hit Points: 122
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Defense: 48
    Weapon: Battle Axe
    Spells: Wake the Dead, Battle Cry
    Once you defeat the warrior three times (yes he reincarnates twice) claim his
    loot and then go back and speak with Drayle once again.  He seems surprised
    that you are still human and not a zombie... I wonder where this will lead to.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +40
    Exp: +375
    The Ice Caves Side Quests
    	The Stuff of Nightmares
    After completing the quest "Defend Verloren", a small girl at the Verloren 
    South Gate will offer you this side quest.  She has trouble sleeping because
    she is afraid of the Cat-Man.  She asks that you help her by findin the 
    Once you are able to head to the Frozen Tower you can begin this side quest in
    earnest.  Head down through the Frozen Tower to the Ice Caverns.  Make your way
    to the Frozen door southeast of the ladder that leads into the Ice Caverns.
    Bash down the door and head on through it.  
    Challenge: Bash
    Hit Points: 20
    Turns: 21
    Here you'll fight your first 
    Skeleton.  He might be quite a challange here as you have 6 stone blocks at the
    base of the battle board.  Expect a LOT of mana drains.  After killing the 
    skeleton head west to battle another new foe, a Cockatrice.
    Target: Skeleton
    Hit Points: 58
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Defense: 26
    Weapon: Reaver
    Spells: Wake the Dead
    There are two main things to watch out for from the Cockatrice.  His venomous
    peck, which deals 14 damage and a 3 round poison.  Make sure you always have
    enough mana to cast your "remove effect" spell.  The next is his 4 round stun 
    spell.  Hard to avoid but be prepared for it.  This battle may be slow, but
    you shouldn't have too much trouble.  After defeating the Cockatrice ascend
    the stairs for the final battle of this side quest.
    Target: Cockatrice
    Hit Points: 55
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 42
    Weapon: Claw, Venomous Peck
    Spells: Ghastly Shriek, Petrifying Gaze
    Entering the room you see the Rakshasa and a treasure chest.  All three of his 
    spells work together.  Darkness and Freezing strike both work to turn gems
    into purple gems to power his Stealth.  Stealth is fast and deadly while 
    protecting him at the same time.  Try to scour as much purple gems as you can.
    Target: Rakshasa
    Hit Points: 56
    Damage Bonus: 0
    Defense: 1
    Weapon: Poisonous Claw, Fine Longsword
    Spells: Stealth, Freezing Strike, Darkness
    Once you defeat the Rakshasa, take it's braid back to town and show it to Gess.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: 40
    Exp: 900
    Bram tells you of how he lost his eye to Kurak, an old Polar Bear.  He says
    it's time to put the polar bear down.  Slay him and bring his pelt back to town
    to Bram.
    You'll find the entrance to the polar bear caves inside the Ice Cavern.  Your 
    first foe will obviously be a Polar Bear.  Neither of the bears spells are very
    powerful, though claw assault is a large burst amount of damage.  His weapons
    are deffinitly his power point.  Deny his Action and the battle should go
    smoothly.  Slay the Polar bear and head across the bridge to tne next zone
    west to find another identical polar bear.  After slaying the second Polar Bear
    head north into Kurak's Lair.
    Target: Polar Bear x 2
    Hit Points: 79
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Defense: 21
    Weapon: Polar Bear Claw, Crushing Bite
    Spells: Bear Hug, Claw Assault
    Kurak doesn't bring much else to the table.  He's just another Polar Bear
    except he has a slower Claw attack and his stomp which is a bit more direct
    damage.  Besides that use the same strategy you used to bring down the polar
    bears.  Afterwards claim his stash, 
    Target: Kurak
    Hit Points: 83
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Defense: 31
    Weapon: Kurak's Claw, Crushing Bite
    Spells: Tremor Stomp, Bear Hug, Claw Assault
    Quest Reward
    Gold: 40
    Exp: 900
    	A Greater Challenge - Yeti
    After completing the side-quest Kurak, Bram will offer you another side-quest
    that leads you back into the Ice Caverns.  He asks you to return and slay the 
    Head back to the Bell Tower, the Ice Caves, and enter the Yeti Cave to engage
    the Yeti.
    Target: Yeti
    Hit Points: 115
    Damage Bonus: 7
    Defense: 27
    Weapon: Massive Claw, Massive Bite
    Spells: Crushing Kill, Ice Storm Icy Breath
    Special Abilities: Cold Blooded - Unlimited - Recovers Life Points every time
    a Gem is matched.  Unlimited - Deals Damage every time a Gem is matched.
    The main objective here is to forever try to keep the yeti from getting Blue or
    Red Gem combos.  It will take a lot of red but if he hits 65 it's over, period.
    The blue is a little more finesse.  8 Blue Gems allows him to create 14 more
    Blue Gems which allows him to hit you for 14.  Try to prevent him from getting
    Action Combos as well.  The Yeti has no real tactics except damage, damage, and
    more damage, so it's not hard to out think him.  If you want to beat the Yeti
    at a lower level it could be a huge matter of luck, but when you lose you'll
    still gain a heafty amount of exp.  The first time I lost to him at level 9 I 
    still gained over 1200 exp.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +100
    Exp: +80
    The Orc Tribe Side Quests
    	A Greater Challenge - Cave Ogre
    Once you gain access to The Orc Tribe, Bram has yet another hunting challenge 
    for you.  There's a beast of an Ogre that the goblins are hoping will stand up
    to the orcs for them.  Bram wants you to slay the ogre and break their morale.
    Make your way to the Ogre's Lair in The Orc Tribe.
    Target: Ogre
    Hit Points: 472
    Damage Bonus: 18
    Defense: 74
    Weapon: Epic Daemonic Great Axe
    Spells: Tremor Stomp
    The Ogre's spells are not a great threat.  Tremor stomp takes out a row of gems
    whils Headbutt deals 20 damage and dazes you for one turn.  You take one point
    of damage less for every blue mana you have so keep your blue mana full and you
    won't feel a thing.  Getting a nice maxed out poison is an easy way to deal
    some nice long term damag eto the ogre negatting his huge Life Points.  This is
    more of a survival fight than a kill it quick fight.  Take your time and he'll 
    fall just like any other for.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +160
    Exp: +1500
    	Hide n Seek
    Grumm sure is a changed child.  No longer fearing the Cat-Man she's ready to 
    delve into the second layer of the dungeon to play Hide'n'Seek!  She marks your
    map and then she's off.  She gives you a clue as well, she's in the room with
    lots of crates.
    Make your way to the Armory in The Orc Tribe.  Search the room here and
    complete the search challenge to find Gess.  Your reward for finding Gess in
    this room is a Portal.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +160
    Exp: +1100
    	Crye Wolf
    Crye is hoping that since you are going back down into the second level of the
    dungeon that you might try and find his son.  Suppossedly he went down there to
    play with some puppies.
    Make your way to the Werewolf's Den deep within The Orc Tribe.  Slay the 
    werewolf you find there.
    Target: Werewolf
    Hit Points: 126
    Damage Bonus: 1
    Defense: 47
    Weapon: Werewolf Claw, Crushing Bite
    Spells: Howl, Blood Fury
    All wolves are pretty straight forward fights, werewolves included.  Finish him
    off and take the gem he drops back to town through the Portal.  I'm starting to
    get the feeling Crye might be using us.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +160
    Exp: +1100
    	It's a Trap
    Deep in The Orc Tribe, in a corrupted zone, you'll find a lone goblin offering
    you a side quest.  Speak with him to discover that there is a bear trap on his
    leg.  After disarming the trap and freeing the goblin, speak with him again.
    He thanks you with gold and exp.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +160
    Exp: +800
    	Eye of the Owlbear
    Deep in The Orc Tribe you'll find Gibbins in the Training Ring.  Speak to him 
    to begin this Side-quest.  It seems this Training Ring has a hefty gambling
    ring on the side.  Gibbins asks that you lose a few fights for him.  The quest
    obviously asks you to defeat the beasts, so perhaps there's some lack of 
    communication going on here.  Your first fight will be against Grug
    Target: Grug
    Hit Points: 102
    Damage Bonus: 5
    Defense: 6
    Weapon: Ancient Great Club
    Spells: Enrage, Savage Beast, Pummel
    Grug is a big push over using standard strategies.  Just smack him down and
    prepare for your next target.
    Target: Blark
    Hit Points: 106
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 5
    Weapon: Ancient Longsword
    Spells: Enrage, Fearsome Howl, Fetch
    Blark is a beast of a wolf trainer, but not much more than a glorified Rat 
    Trainer.  Use normal beat down tactics to finish him off quickly.  Gibbins is 
    really starting to wonder what you are doing, he just bet the farm and lost it,
    Target: Nargg
    Hit Points: 106
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 11
    Weapon: Glyphic Spell Staff
    Spells: Enrage, Elemental Roar, Fireball, Draw Mana
    Nargg is a Fire mage so don't be surprised by his fire and elemental attacks.
    He'll often use draw mana to power up for his Enrage which in turn supplies him
    with red mana for his Fireballs.  Elemental roar can be a real pain if you 
    rely heavily on one color and he continues to "randomly" destroy that color.
    Target: Bolaba
    Hit Points: 106
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 34
    Weapon: Legendary Ancient Warhammer
    Spells: Enrage, Warcry, Barbaric Roar, Taunt
    This will be your final fight.  Poor old Gibbins, you'd think by now he'd just
    bet on you.  He could have been the richest goblin in the Orc Tribe.  Strangly
    the last 3 all have the same Life Points and Damage Bonus.  Taunt can be a huge
    pain if you like to use Red Mana, so try not to stockpile on it.  Be careful of
    the enrage that over produces red mana as well.  His roar shouldn't bother you 
    much unless you are a very defensive Templar.  Try to use his Warcray +5 Skull
    against him.  As you can see another very simple fight.  After slaying your
    final opponent speak to th distraught Gibbins.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +160
    Exp: +800
    	Breaking and Entering
    Speak to the Hobgoblin that you find in the Training Area just after completing
    Gibbins side-quest in the Training Ring.  Crye asks you to, uh, break the front
    door down so he can get in his own house.  Sure, why not!  He's sold you
    quality goods so far and seems to help Veloren.  After you bash in the door he
    pushes past you quickly.  Enter the one bed home that suppossedly houses his 
    seven children and speak with Crye again.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +160
    Exp: +200
    	Man's Best Friend
    A lone wolf master in the Wolf Kennels seems to have lost control of once of
    his pets.  Looks more like a zombie dog to me, but either way you'll have to
    put it down.
    Target: Fluffy
    Hit Points: 163
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Defense: 17
    Weapon: Rabid Bite, Claw
    Spells: Howl, Shadow Curse, Fearsome Howl, Slam
    Bring along your Action Items, cause Fluffy's Slam attack will keep you from 
    accumulating much mana the entire fight.  His Shadow Curse will keep those 
    blocked as well.  If you have any poison this is the fight to use it on!  All
    of that aside, Fluffy himself won't hurt you much.  He'll just try to drag the
    fight on forever.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +160
    Exp: +160
    	The Fashion Conscious Goblin
    Find the Goblin Witch hiding in The Orc Tribe east of the Werewolf Den.  It 
    seems like shes very interested in a wolf pelt.  Low and behold there just so
    happens to be a wolf magically beside you!  Slay it and take its pelt for her.
    Target: Wolf
    Hit Points: 133
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Defense: 18
    Weapon: Bite, Claw
    Spells: Howl
    As you can see this is no ordinary wolf!  Well, actually it is.  Just a plain
    old wolf.  Slay it quickly to complete this quest.
    Just when you thought you were done you have a new mini-game to play.  Clear
    the board so that you can claim your new spell.  Move the bottom left most 
    Green Gem up.  After the cascade move the right most Red Gem left.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +800
    Spell: Battle Cry
    	Green Like Me
    After completing The Fashion Conscious Goblin, the Goblin Witch will offer you
    another side-quest.  She'll offer to teach you another spell.  You'll need to
    clear the board once more.
    There are four clusters of Blue Gems.  In the center vertical column are two 
    horizontal pairs of Blue.  Move the left Blue Gem from the lower of these two 
    pairs.  Next match the three Red Gems on your left.  Then match the three
    Yellow Gems on your left.  Do this in reverse on the right side to clear this
    spell challenge and claim your new spell.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +800
    Spell: Green Mana Block
    The Catacombs Side Quests
    	A Greater Challenge - Arch Lich
    Another great evil that Bram wants you to take out for the good of the town.
    Deep within the Catacombs lies the Arch Lich's Lair.  Once you reach him you'll
    need to slay him, loot his treasure, and take the portal back to 
    Target: Arch Lich
    Hit Points: 417
    Damage Bonus: 4
    Defense: 67
    Weapon: Epic Daemonic Spell Staff
    Spells: Drain Soul, Wake the Dead, Explosive Mana
    The Arch Lich has a moderate to high Defense, loads of Hit Points for the level
    range at which you get this quest, a decent hand weapon, and actually does not
    have the Darkness spell.  Wake the dead is pretty common to you by now.  Drain
    Soul could perhaps be the most devastating spell, draining ALL of your mana and
    dealing damage to you based on how much mana you had.  Explosive Mana is nearly
    as destructive, but hurts the Arch Lich for half that damage.  Clear out the
    initial skulls in the area and begin your own combo runs.  Keep in mind to
    spend your mana as efficiently as possible and try not to get too much of any
    specific type of mana.  As is to be expected, the Arch Lich has immense spell
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +400
    Exp: +3000
    Pick this quest up in town from Crye.  It seems another one of his two kids
    have run off.  This time he was dragged off by an imp!  He wants you to chase
    down the imp and bring back his son.  Once you find the imp near the lich's 
    lair, capture him.
    Target: Imp
    Hit Points: 203
    Damage Bonus: 3
    Defense: 23
    Weapon: Epic Daemonic Mace
    Spells: Shadow Strike, Improbable Armor, Daemonic Mark, Darkness.
    You should be well versed in darkness by now.  Shadow strike targets purple
    gems to you while improbable armor is pretty random.  Daemonic mark is a cheep
    way to place four Red gems on the board.  The fight is simple so get it done.
    His Daemonic Mace is very cheep so he uses it often.  Take the portal back to
    town and turn the imp over to Crye.  He'll take the imp and finish the quest.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +400
    Exp: +900
    In the Catacombs, at the Mausoleum Entry, you'll find a lots wizard who wants
    you to take them home.  Travel to the nearest portal.  If you are following the
    walkthrough simply journey forward to the first part of the hammer and use the
    portal you find there.  Once you reach the portal, teleport to the Orc Tribe,
    Entrance to the Lower Levels.  Speak to Gibbins.  Once you return him to 
    Gibbins, the wizard will be so grateful that he'll teach you a spell, if you
    can learn it.
    Move the bottom left most red gem to the right.  Move the bottom left most 
    green gem, the one with yellow gems touching all four of it's sides, to the 
    right.  Move the second left most Yellow gem up then move the bottom left most
    blue gem up.  Move the bottom right blue gem up, match the green trio, then
    finish matching the final yellow trio.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +1200
    Spells: Charm 
    	Learning Difficulties
    Immediately after completing Lost!, take the portal next to Gibbins to the
    Catacombs Masoleum Entrance.  From here head west into the hallway.  Search the
    hallway to find some hidden loot.  Claim the loot and head west again.  Here
    the goblin wizard has found his way back into the Catacombs and wishes to teach
    you a third spell.
    At first glance this spell looks very complex, but with a few moves you'll see
    just how simple it really is.  Start by matching the vertical yellow gems with
    a 5 match combo.  This will clear nearly the entire board!  Match the red gems
    and then the green gems to clear the rest of the board.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +1200
    Spells: Banestorm
    	Shady Dealings
    Deep in the catacombs, near the Mausoleum, you'll find Crye guarding a loot 
    chest.  You cannot open this chest without first speaking to Crye.  He says his
    daughter found it but he can't open it.  Help him and he'll share it with you
    50/50.  Pick or bash the lock open to the chest.  After opening the chest 
    speak again with Crye for your reward.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +400
    Exp: +2750
    	A Cure for the Blues
    These goblin witchs just love to share their knowledge.  Complete the minigame
    she offers to learn a new spell.  Move the far bottom left green mana to the
    right.  Then move the bottom left Red mana up.  Then match the three green on 
    the left.  Move the bottom left Blue Mana up.  Then do it again.  Move your 
    leftmost yellow mana to the right.  Move the bottom central red mana up.  Match
    the last set of Green mana.  Then match the far left trio of Red mana.  Now you
    should have two vertical Yellow mana to your left.  Move a yellow mana above
    them to match it.  Move the farthest left Red mana to the Right.  Match the 
    remaining Yellow Mana, then make the obvious move to match the Red & Blue mana.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +800
    Spells: Blue Mana Block
    	Yellow Bellied Goblin
    As I said above, Goblin Witchs love to share their knowledge.  After completing
    A Cure for the Blues, the goblin witch wants to teach you another spell.
    For starters move your bottom left most yellow and blue mana both down.  Move
    a Yellow mana on the left so that you make a three mana horizontal match.  Then
    move your bottom left most two red mana's up.  You have two yellow slightly
    above the bottom in the center.  Move the right of the two Yellow manas to the
    right to make a vertical trio match.  Now move your bottom left most blue mana
    to the right.  Now move your bottom right most blue mana down.  Move your
    bottom right most yellow mana up.  Now move your top right most Yellow mana
    down.  Match the remaining Yellow mana trio on the right vertically.  Then
    make the obvious move to match the Red mana trio, then the Blue mana trio, and
    finally the Yellow mana trio.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +800
    Spells: Yellow Mana Block
    The Dark Dwarven Laboratory Side Quests
    	A Greater Challenge - Green Dragon
    Deep within the Dark Dwarven Laboratory, you'll find the Green Dragon's Lair.
    For many this will be the final battle you complete in the game.  He is by far
    the largest beast you will encounter.  He has more than double the Hit Points
    of any normal combat in the game.  There is no trick to this battle, it's just
    long, drawn out, and devastating.
    Target: Green Dragon
    Hit Points: 1161
    Damage Bonus: 7
    Defense: 39
    Weapon: Massive Claw, Massive Bite
    Spells: Tail Whip, Wing Bufft, Breathe Poison.
    The Green Dragons weapons are paltry compared to some later in the game.
    Dealing 26 and 20 damage respectfully.  His strongest spell is his Breathe
    Poison spell.  It only deals 3 points of damage per turn, but it lasts for 100
    turns.  That's 300 damage overall if the battle lasts 100 turns.  The good news
    is that it can only be cast once per battle, so if you have the means of 
    removing it do so and that spell will be no more threat for the rest of the
    battle.  Tail Whip will deal 25 damage plus more for his Green Mana.  Finally
    Wing Buffet will destroy all the Green Mana gems on the board giving the Green
    Dragon full benefit of the Green Mana.  Bring your largest combos, best poison,
    and means to heal yourself if you have trouble surviving.  If you wait until
    post-game to defeat the dragon you should have enough armor to protect you from
    all of his direct damage attacks.  You should also have a poison that will deal
    double or triple his poison damage.  It will be a close balance, but one that
    you can overcome.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +800
    Exp: +4000
    As I said before, for most this will be the hardest battle they face in the 
    game.  I personally played through as an assassin.  When I beat the Green 
    Dragon I had the following.
    Level 50			Spells
    Hit Points 	- 428		
    Strength	- 15		Blackjack
    Agility		- 37		Swiftstrike
    Intelligence	- 8		Disarm
    Stamina 	- 16		Stealth
    Morale		- 24		Calm
    I was equiped with Epic Draconic Chainmail Helm, Legendary Draconic Pendant,
    Masterwork Scalemail Armor, Epic Runic Scalemail Boots, Epic Daemonic
    Nightblade, Epic Hellforged Manticore Poison.
    These items and stats give a total of +7 Skull Damage, 95 Defense.
    Many people might ask why I didn't use a higher WYvern Poison.  Simply put the
    Action Point cost of the Wyvern point is so much higher than the Manticore that
    you spend more time gathering Action Points for the increased damage.  Those
    extra Action Points are better used, in my opinion, on a direct damage weapon.
    I used Calm solely to remove the Breathe Poison effect.  Since this fight is so
    long you will take 30-40 turns or more in damage.  That one spell used only 
    once prevernted over a hundred points of damage.  I used Blackjack everytime it
    was available to buy me more turns of action and the dragon less.  I then used
    my watered down combo of Blackjack+Disarm+Stealth to get 8 times damage for my
    It is a long battle and it took me three attempts with this set up.
    	Fancy Book Learnin'
    Deep in the southwestern portion of the Dark Dwarf Laboratory, you'll find this
    goblin wizard in a Sleeping Chamber guarded by a Gelutinous Cube.  Speak to him
    for the chance to learn a new spell!  Although the board is entirely full, this
    challenge will be more simple than it looks.  Match the top right trio of Blue
    Mana first, then match the five hit of Yellow at the bottom right.  Now match
    the vertical five Green Mana.  From here just match the remaing Red and Yellow
    mana trio's.
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +1200
    Spell: Banefire 
    	Insurance Fraud
    You'll start this quest in Crye's Lab located in the Dark Dwarf Laboratory.
    Crye asks that you help him burn down his lab.  He has it insured and wants to
    claim that insurance.  So start up a fire!  This challenge gives you one spell
    that costs 4 Red Mana.  It does 4 damage for every Yellow Mana you have,
    draining all of that Mana.  It seems you did your job too well, though, and 
    the fire spreads quickly.  So quickly that you'll have to put it out just to 
    escape.  As in the past, match Blue Mana to put out the blaze.  Afterward, take
    the portal back to town and meet up with Crye.  Head back into the depths of 
    the Dark Dwarven Laboratory.
    Quest Reward
    Gold: +800
    Exp: +3500
    The Dark Elven Keep Side Quests
    	Deep Delving Dwarf
    Make your way to Chappi's Emporium within the Dark Elven Keep.  Once you find
    Chappi, he'll tell you how the Dark Elves captured him and that there's one
    nearby!  Defeat the Dark Elven War Mage then talk to Chappi.  After completing
    the quest, a portal appears in this room and Chappi offers you some rare items
    that he found while making his way back to his Emporium.
    Exp: +1500
    	Spellcasting Bee
    Just west of the Dark Elven Keep Entrance you'll find the last goblin wizard to
    share his spell knowledge with you.  Talk to him and complete the challenge to 
    obtain his spell.  TO complete the challenge begin by matching the bottom left
    trio of Red Mana.  Then match the bottom left Yellow and Red Mana trios.  Make
    sure to match the Yellow first.  If you match the Red first you'll lose the
    horizontal Yellow trio to a vertical one.  Afterwards match the new bottom left
    Yellow trio.  Now Match the bottom right Red trio and then repeat the previous
    process of matching the bottom left Yellow, then Red, then Yellow trios.  From
    here move one of the center Blue Manas to the left and one to the right making
    two Blue trios on either side.  You'll now have the spell from the goblin
    Quest Reward
    Exp: +1200
    Spell: Baneshadow
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.

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