• Steam Achievements

    A New TrickTeach a pet a spell
    Apprentice BaiterFish 10 times
    ArachnothanatologyDefeat the Winter Widow
    BreakerBreak 100 breakables
    Bull In A China ShopBreak 10,000 breakables
    ButterflyHave 50 friends
    CartophileUse 100 maps
    CasualityDefeat the Nether King in Casual difficulty
    Casually HardcoreDefeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (casual)
    Century MarkReach level 100
    Champ BattlerDefeat 25 champions
    Champ MasterDefeat 100 champions
    Champ OverlordDefeat 500 champions
    Chest NutOpen 500 chests
    ClassistDefeat the Nether King with each of the 4 classes
    Continuing EducationLearn 4 spells
    Critter CrusherSquish 1000 critters
    De-Aleera-iousDefeat Aleera
    DEAD THINGS!Defeat One-Eyed Willy
    DestructorBreak 1,000 breakables
    Ding DongDefeat Cacklespit
    Dragon SlayerDefeat Vyrax
    ElitistDefeat the Nether King in Elite difficulty
    EmancipatorDefeat Kidrik the Mauler
    EnchantedUse an enchanter 10 times
    Ezrek GoneDefeat Ezrek Khan
    Fair VeronaDefeat Verona
    Fetch A Fair PriceSend your pet to town
    FlyswatterDefeat Bloatfang
    For A Rainy DayHave 100,000 gold
    FriendlyAdd a friend
    From The PitDefeat Mordrox
    From The TopBegin new game plus
    Gambling EnthusiastPurchase 20 items from the gambler
    Gambling FiendPurchase 100 items from the gambler
    Gambling ProfessionalPurchase 50 items from the gambler
    Gem HoardingRecover 100 gems from items
    Gem PreservationRecover 10 gems from items
    Gem RecoveryRecover a gem from an item
    Get This Party StartedStart a multiplayer game
    Ghost BusterDefeat Thiss
    Gib AficionadoExplode 1,000 enemies
    Gib TycoonExplode 10,000 enemies
    GibsterExplode 100 enemies
    Globe-trotterTake 100,000 steps
    Goodbye Cruel WorldDie with a hardcore character
    Gooey SolesSquish 100 critters
    Grand RegicideDefeat Grand Regent Eldrayn
    GuzzlerUse 5,000 potions
    HardcoreStart a hardcore character
    Hardcore VeteranDefeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (veteran)
    Having A BlastFish using dynamite
    HypercriticalDeal 100,000 critical strikes
    I Know a SecretFind a secret room
    Ice BreakerDestroy 100 socketed gems
    In Service of SecretsFind 10 secret rooms
    In Your WorldJoin a multiplayer game
    Journeyman FisherFish 100 times
    Killbot・KilledDefeat Killbot
    Lizard BreakerDefeat Aruk
    ManticoreDefeat the Manticore
    Map EnthusiastUse 10 maps
    MarishkabobDefeat Marishka
    Massive CritsDeal 10,000 critical strikes
    Master AnglerFish 1,000 times
    Mission AccomplishedDefeat the Dark Alchemist
    Mod ManiacPlay a game using 5 mods
    Mod SquadInstall a mod
    ModpocalypsePlay a game using 10 mods
    Mushroom PickingDefeat Boletus Rex
    Nest EggHave 1,000,000 gold
    No More SecretsFind 100 secret rooms
    NormalizedDefeat the Nether King in Normal difficulty
    Normally HardcoreDefeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (normal)
    OverpowerDo 10,000 damage with a single attack
    PeddlerSell 500 items
    Performance EnhancerUse an enchanter 500 times
    Pet SavantTeach a pet 4 spells
    Pinned to the MistDefeat the Wraith Lord
    Playing With DollsDefeat the Ancient Rag Doll
    PlundererOpen 100 chests
    Pogg SlammedDefeat King Pogg
    QuafferUse 50 potions
    Revolt Against ArtificeDefeat the Artificer
    Rock CrusherDestroy 10 socketed gems
    Self ImprovementUse an enchanter 50 times
    Siege BreakerDefeat the Siege Guardian
    Skill DevoteeObtain a tier 2 skill bonus
    Skill EnthusiastObtain a tier 1 skill bonus
    Skill MasterObtain a tier 3 skill bonus
    SocializerHave 10 friends
    SocketeerSocket a gem into an item
    Spectacular FindFind a legendary item
    SpellcasterLearn a spell
    Squish GallopSquish 500 critters
    Stepping OutTake 10,000 steps
    Stone SmasherDestroy a socketed gem
    The Band Played OnAssemble TrillBot
    The Big ChillhoofDefeat Chillhoof
    The BlingbearerSocket 500 gems into items
    The Fall of the WildDefeat the Grizzled Alpha
    The Felled GuardianDefeat the Fallen Guardian
    The King is DeadDefeat the Nether King
    The One PercentHave 10,000,000 gold
    Thinking CriticallyDeal 1,000 critical strikes
    TipplerUse 500 potions
    TraderTrade an item with another player
    Trash MagnateSell 50,000 items
    Treasure HunterOpen 20 chests
    True BerserkerDefeat the Nether King as a Berserker
    True EmbermageDefeat the Nether King as an Embermage
    True EngineerDefeat the Nether King as an Engineer
    True OutlanderDefeat the Nether King as an Outlander
    Twinkle Twinkle BobbaSocket 50 gems into items
    UnmaskedDefeat the King In Masks
    UnstoppableDefeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (elite)
    VendorSell 5,000 items
    VeterenatedDefeat the Nether King in Veteran difficulty
    WandererTake 50,000 steps
    Well DressedWear a completed armor set
    When Grell FellDefeat General Grell
    Who's Your FriendDefeat the Manticore's Mate
    X Marks The SpotUse a map

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