Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
                      Hidden Objectives and Hero Moments

by Justin Smith
Version 1.0
Last Update: 1/15/05

1. Quick Checklist
2. Autosave Checkpoints
3. In Depth Explanations
   a. Bootcamp
   b. Pearl Harbor
   c. Makin Atoll
   d. Guadalcanal
   e. Tarawa
4. Problems/Other
5. Contact/Legal

1. Quick Checklist

Here's a quick checklist of all of the hidden objectives and hero moments
in order as the game progresses.  In depth explanations can be found in section
3 of this guide.

TARAWA PROLOGUE (0 hidden objectives, 0 hero moments)

BOOTCAMP (3 hidden objectives, 1 hero moment)
1. Hidden Objective 1 - Achieve 50% accuracy at the shooting range.
2. Hidden Objective 2 - Achieve 75% accuracy at the shooting range.
3. Hidden Objective 3 - Achieve 100% accuracy at the shooting range.
4. Hero Moment 1 - Achieve 100% accuracy at the shooting range.

PEARL HARBOR (3 hidden objectives, 1 hero moment)
5. Hidden Objective 1 - Bring 3 wounded men to the medic on the docks.
6. Hidden Objective 2 - Bring 4 wounded (including XO) to medic in the ship.
7. Hero Moment 1 - Bring XO to the medic in the ship.
8. Hidden Objective 3 - Shoot down 60 enemy planes.

MAKIN ATOLL (2 hidden objectives, 3 hero moments)
9. Hero Moment 1 - Blow up transport truck with AA gun before it unloads.
10.Hidden Objective 1 - Blow up radio tower before the call for reinforcements.
11.Hidden Objective 2 - Find the documents in the hut by the sea plane.
12.Hero Moment 2 - Rescue the downed pilot.
13.Hero Moment 3 - Shoot down both Zeros attacking the rafts with the BAR.

GUADALCANAL (8 hidden objectives, 5 hero moments)
14.Hidden Objective 1 - Find documents in a village hut.
15.Hero Moment 1 - Allow all 5 allied planes to take off safely.
16.Hidden Objective 2 - Save the fox hole crew from mortars.
17.Hidden Objective 3 - Find documents on dead enemy soldier.
18.Hidden Objective 4 - Deliver the ammo to the machine gun crew.
19.Hero Moment 2 - Bring the wounded ammo runner to the medic station.
20.Hidden Objective 5 - Sight the Japanese patrol without being seen.
21.Hero Moment 3 - Sneak to the portable machine gun without being seen.
22.Hidden Objective 6 - Blow up the supply cache in the river-side camp.
23.Hero Moment 4 - Rescue the POW's in the jungle near the village.
24.Hidden Objective 7 - Destroy the radio station in the cave.
25.Hidden Objective 8 - Destroy all of the trench MG towers.
26.Hero Moment 5 - Shoot down the chase plane behind Frank.

TARAWA (2 hidden objectives, 1 hero moment)
27.Hidden Objective 1 - Destroy the Japanese gun emplacement with the mortar.
28.Hero Moment 1 - Kill Japanese AA crew before they shoot down the plane.
29.Hidden Objective 2 - Blow up the torpedo bunker.

2. Autosave Checkpoints

Here's a list of the checkpoints that the game autosaves at.  You can access
these checkpoints anytime after you reach them for the first time by simply
loading them.  An asterik means that there is a hidden objective or hero moment
in that stretch of the level.

 Tarawa - Starting
 Tarawa - Get On That Fifty

 Bootcamp A - Starting
 Bootcamp - Briefing
 Bootcamp - Obstacle Course
*Bootcamp B - Starting
 Bootcamp - Heavy Weapons Training

 Pearl Harbor A - Starting
*Pearl Harbor - Docks
 Pearl Harbor B - Starting
 Pearl Harbor C - Starting
*Pearl Harbor - W.Virginia Deck 3
*Pearl Harbor - W.Virginia Deck 2
 Pearl Harbor D - Starting

 Nightmoves A - Starting
 Nightmoves - Campfire
 Nightmoves B - Starting
*Nightmoves - AA Gun
 Nightmoves C - Starting
 Nightmoves - Village
*Nightmoves - Radio Tower
 Mandown A - Starting
 Makin Atoll - Mandown
 Mandown - Stealth Jungle
*Mandown B - Starting
 Mandown - Jeep Camp
 Mandown - Fuel Depot
 Mandown C - Starting
 Mandown - Tank Camp
*Mandown - Pilot Rescue
 Sitting Ducks - Starting
*Sitting Ducks - Return to Rafts
 Sitting Ducks - Nautilus Defense

 Henderson Field A - Starting
 Guadalcanal - Henderson Field
*Henderson Field - Beach Landing
 Henderson Field - The Airfield
 Henderson Field B - Starting
 Henderson Field - Assault
 Henderson Field - Supply Depot
 Henderson Field C - Starting
 Henderson Field - River Defense
 Henderson Field - Tank Attack
 Henderson Field - Dense Jungle
 Henderson Field D - Starting
 Henderson Field - Outpost
 Henderson Field - Marine Camp
*Henderson Field - Escort Pilots
 Henderson Field - Reclaim AA Guns
 Henderson Field - Dive Bombers
 Henderson Field - Wounded Catalina
 Bloody Ridge A - Starting
*Bloody Ridge - Second Ridge
 Bloody Ridge B - Starting
*Bloody Ridge - Jungle Clearing
*Bloody Ridge C - Starting
 Lunga River A - Starting
*Guadalcanal - Lunga River
 Lunga River - River Ambush
 Lunga River B - Starting
*Lunga River - River Camps
 Kokumbona Village A - Starting
 Guadalcanal - Kokumbona Village
 Kokumbona - Hill Bunker
 Kokumbona - Village Outskirts
*Kokumbona Village B - Starting
*Village - Jungle Valley
 Village - Bridge Barricade
*Kokumbona Village C - Starting
*Village - Beach
 Village - Artillery Installment
 Flyboys - Starting
 Flyboys - Autosave01
 Flyboys - Autosave02
 Flyboys - Autosave03
 Flyboys - Autosave04
*Flyboys - Autosave05

 Tawara A - Starting
 Tarawa - On the Pierhead
 Tarawa - Aboard the LVT
 Tarawa - Red Beach 2
*Tarawa B - Starting
 Tarawa - Buildings Clear
*Tarawa - Emplacements Destroyed
 Tarawa C - Starting
 Tarawa - Nice Driving
 Tarawa - The Command Center
 Tarawa - Into the Tunnels
 Tarawa - Halfway Through
 Tarawa - From Bad to Worse
 Tarawa - Anthill
 Tarawa D - Starting
 Tarawa - Survived Banzai
 Tarawa - Tank Support
 Tarawa - The Last Stand

3. In Depth Explanations

a. Bootcamp Hidden Objectives and Hero Moments

-Achieve 50%, 75%, and 100% accuracy at the shooting range.
-Location: Bootcamp B - Starting

Once instructed to, grab a box of ammo at the ammo tent and go to station 3 on
the shooting range.  Once the target appears down range, go prone and aim down
the sights of the rifle for the best accuracy.  Fire off 10 shots (no more) and
make sure to hit the target with all 10.  Occasionally, a small red disc will
swing up in front of the target - this will block your shot if you hit it.  So
aim for the bullseye of the target and make sure to avoid the red disks.  After
hitting the target 10 times, you are told to grab a scoped rifle from the ammo
tent.  Grab the scoped rifle and return to the range.  Again, go prone and aim
down the sights (or scope in this case) for the best accuracy.  Fire off 7
shots and make sure to hit the target with all 7.  Afterward, you'll listen to
a short dialogue with Willy bragging about his shooting.  Then you are
instructed to grab a Tommy Gun from the ammo tent.  Do so and return to your
station on the range, but don't start shooting right away.  The target you were
shooting at with the scoped rifle is still out.  Wait for it to go away and for
the new target to appear, much closer to you.  Once again, go prone and aim
down the sights for the best accuracy, and hit the target 25 times.  Because
the Thompson gets very inacurate if you hold the trigger, only fire in 3 or 4
shot bursts to guarantee that you don't miss the target at all.  Also, make
sure to only fire off 25 shots.  Between the 3 guns you fired at the shooting
range, you should have fired off 42 shots.  A hidden objective is awarded for
50%, 75%, and 100% accuracy.  Additionally, the Cap from Boot Camp is also
awarded for 100% accuracy.  So if you don't miss a single shot and don't shoot
more than what's required, you will complete all 3 hidden objectives and the
hero moment at the same time.

b. Pearl Harbor Hidden Objectives and Hero Moments

-Rescue 3 wounded sailors on the docks.
-Location: Pearl Harbor - Docks

As soon as you gain control of your character after the car wreck, you can
begin working on this objective.  Sailors' injuries are not scripted, so as bad
as it sounds, hang out behind some cover and wait for sailors to get shot by
the strafing planes and fall down.  Once you see a wounded sailor, go and pick
him up and head down the dock.  The medic station is about half way between the
starting location and the PT boat.  While carrying the wounded sailor, dodge
the attacking planes as best as you can (which it is fairly difficult) and drop
him off at the medic so he can be healed.  Often times, the sailor will get
back up after the medic heals him and he'll get shot again.  But once you have
helped him once, just leave him alone.  You have to save 3 different sailors,
and it won't count if you keep saving the same guy over and over again.  Just
keep helping wounded sailors until you complete the objective.  Backtrack if
you have to (like if the same couple of sailors are the only ones near the

-Rescue 4 wounded sailors on board the West Virginia, including the ship's XO.
-Location: Pearl Harbor - W.Virginia Deck 3 AND W.Virginia Deck 2

Unlike the previous objective on the docks, the wounded sailors on board the
ship are all scripted events, so it is easier to complete.  After beginning
Pearl Harbor - W.Virginia Deck 3, you follow a sailor down a corridor with
explosions following close behind you.  Grab the axe on the wall and hit the
valve of the tank on the floor with the axe.  The tank will fly off towards the
jammed door and blow it open.  As soon as you enter this new room you'll see a
medic who will tell you to bring any wounded sailors you see to him.  The 1st
wounded sailor is to your left as you enter the room.  Go grab him and drop him
off at the medic, and crouch to avoid the areas with thick smoke hovering
above.  Now go through a hallway with steam shooting out from the pipes.  Hit
the red section of pipe to your left with the axe to clear the way.  When you
enter the next room, a medic will be ahead and to your right, and a second
wounded sailor is ahead and to the left.  Bring him to the medic.  Now go to
the door with the sailor trying to break it down.  Hit the door a couple of
times with the axe to bust it open.  Go to the right until you come to a stack
of boxes that blocks your path.  Break them up with the axe to get through and
climb up the ladder to start Pearl Harbor - W.Virginia Deck 2.  Continue down
a long corridor where you'll see a sailor get electrocuted at a power box.
Take a right from the next room and then look to the left and you'll see a
sailor asking you to help him stack some boxes.  Then the boxes fall on him and
he gets hurt.  Use the axe to break away the boxes on top of him and pick him
up.  Carry him down the hallway to the north and note the voice you hear
yelling for a medic.  The medic is straight ahead and to the left.  Once you
drop off the wounded sailor, the medic will ask if anyone is still alive back
there.  Backtrack to the hallway you were just in and look for the door that is
partially open and jammed.  Hit it a couple of times with the axe to break it
down and you'll see the ship's XO (executive officer).  Pick him up and take
him back down the hall to the medic.  If you rescued all 4 injured men, you'll
complete both the hidden objective, and receive the Burnt XO Cap at the same

-Shoot down 60 enemy planes.
-Location: anywhere during the Pearl Harbor level

The total number of planes you've shot down anytime throughout the level is
kept track of.  To shoot down 60, it helps to take a few easy steps.  When you
first gain control of your character at the start of Pearl Harbor - Docks, work
your way down the dock until you get to the medic station.  Take cover behind
the 2nd stack of boxes along the wall to the right just after the medic
station.  Stand on the left side of the yellow barrel and crouch.  There are
probably many good places to take cover, but this just happens to be the spot I
prefer.  Anyway, you have a Tommy Gun with 530 bullets for this part of the
level, so put them to good use.  The attacking planes only come from the
direction you need to head, so face that way and stand up.  Pick out 1 plane
that's coming at you and shoot 3-5 or so bullets at it, until its tail starts
to smoke.  Follow the plane with your crosshairs as it flies overhead, then
shoot another 3-5 or so shots at it (or however many it takes) until it blows
up.  It's important to mention that you should never hold the trigger down.
Only fire in bursts.  Holding the trigger makes the Tommy Gun extremely
inaccurate.  It usually takes me around 13 or 15 bullets to take down a plane.
Repeat this process until you completely run out of ammo.  Crouching behind the
boxes will give you complete cover, so do so while you're reloading or taking a
breather.  You should be able to shoot down a good number of planes by doing
this.  Now, get to the PT boat farther down the dock to start the next part of
the level.  While on the PT boat, use the .50 caliber machine gun to take out
as many planes as possible.  This isn't as easy as it sounds because the boat
is rocking around in the water and chaos is ensuing all around, but do the best
you can.  Most of the time, the planes fly grouped together in 2's or 3's, so
if you shoot down one, look for more in the immediate vicinity.  Eventually,
the PT boat reaches the West Virginia.  Continue on through the West Virginia
until you eventually emerge on the top deck for the final portion of the level.
Head clockwise around the perimeter of the deck until you hear for a sailor
yelling for firing support for the Nevada.  Run of the 2 sets of stairs and get
on the .50 caliber machine gun the sailor tells you to use.  Like on the PT
boat, shoot down as many planes as possible while defending the Nevada.  Most
of the planes you need to worry about come from around ENE on the compass.  If
you're a decent shot, this is usually the part of the level where you'll reach
the objective of 60 planes.  If not, don't worry, there's more.  After the
Nevada is safe, a plane crashes into the side of the ship and takes out the gun
you were on.  Head farther down the deck until you see a sailor manning one of
the quad guns get killed.  Take his spot on the gun.  This is the very last
part of the level, so if you haven't shot down 60 planes yet, make sure to get
alot here.  The quad gun is much more sluggish than the .50 caliber machine
gun, but luckily your crew on the gun tells you which direction the planes are
coming from.  They come in sets of about 3, so eventually, you should be able
to get 60 planes.

c. Makin Atoll Hidden Objectives and Hero Moments

-Destroy the transport truck with the AA gun before its passengers unload.
-Location: Nightmoves - AA Gun

Beginning from the checkpoint you'll run through a skinny path through the
jungle until you come upon a small Japanese squad standing around an AA gun.
There's a short conversation between Frank and the translator and Frank will
tell you to sneak around to some boxes to the left.  Sneak over to the boxes
and wait until Willy shoots (or just start shooting yourself, it doesn't
matter).  Anyway, the AA gun is facing up the road already, so shoot anyone
behind it with your own guns, then hop on the AA gun and take out any Japs to
the front of it.  Keep watching the bend in the road ahead until you hear a
truck coming.  Once you can see it, light it up with the AA gun.  If you
destroy it before the troops have a chance to unload, you'll get the Hood

-Blow up the radio tower before they call for reinforcements.
-Location: Nightmoves - Radio Tower

From the checkpoint, approach the radio tower cautiously because the Japs have
several machine guns and a sniper in the platform to the right of the radio
tower.  Stay behind the boxes and go around to the right.  Take out the sniper
in the raised platform and the Jap at the machine gun on the right.  Run up the
hill and shoot any red barrels you can see to kill multiple Japs at a time.
Stay low and kill any remaining Japs on the hill and plant your explosives on
the radio tower.  If you didn't make it in time, a regular objective will be
added and you'll have to take out the enemy planes.  But if you were quick
enough, the radio tower will blow up before the planes can be contacted and you
won't have to do that objective at all.

-Find the fleet movement documents in the hut near the parked sea plane.
-Location: Mandown B - Starting

From the checkpoint, fight your way through a small camp and eventually you'll
come to a small village along the ocean with a sea plane parked at the dock.
In the hut just to the right of the sea plane you'll find the documents.

-Rescue the downed pilot.
-Location: Mandown - Pilot Rescue

From the checkpoint, you'll come to a clearing with the wrecked plane.  Race
out towards the second half of the wreckage and you'll find the wounded pilot.
He's being attacked by 4 or so Japs, so kill them, pick the pilot up, and get
him out of the way before the wreckage blows up.  Bring the pilot back to the
little circle of rocks where Jimmy is waiting for him and drop him off.  Hold
off the attacking Japs until the pilot is healed.  You'll get the Pilot Goggles
at the end of the level.  Note: because Jimmy is busy helping the pilot, you,
Willy, and Frank are on your own.  If Willy or Frank gets wounded, they'll die
if they lay there for too long.

MAKIN ATOLL HERO MOMENT 3 (Altimeter from Zero)
-Take out the 2 Zeros with the BAR while escaping in the rafts.
-Location: Sitting Ducks - Return to Rafts

This objective can be frustrating.  From the checkpoint, you have to first
rescue Willy and bring him back to the raft.  Head NNE into the jungle and kill
any Japs surrounding him.  Pick him up and take him back to the raft.  While
the raft starts heading out towards the submarine, mortars start taking out the
Japs on the beach, but kill any of the survivors if you feel like it.  All of a
sudden, 2 Zeros fly overhead.  Frank hands you his BAR and tells you to take
them out.  Aim at the first one while Frank is handing you his gun so you can
get a few shots off at it before it flies overhead.  You should have got the
first one smoking before it flies overhead.  Follow it with your crosshairs and
fire off some shots at it (3-4 shot bursts) in the distance until it's
destroyed.  If the first plane makes a second pass overhead without being
destroyed, load your game and try again.  After the first one is gone, repeat
the process on the second on.  If you're a good shot, you can blow up the first
plane, AND get the second plane smoking before it flies overhead for the 2nd
time.  Then, you can take some pot-shots at it in the distance.  You should be
able to take out the second plane before it flies over the top of the
submarine.  This objective is not easy though, because of the BAR's too-small,
20 shot clip.  If you take out both planes before you reach the deck of the
submarine, you'll receive the Altimeter from Zero.

d. Guadalcanal Hidden Objectives and Hero Moments

-Find the intelligence map in a village hut.
-Location: Henderson Field - Beach Landing

From the checkpoint, follow your squad until Frank and the scout talk for a
second and Frank tells you, Willy, and a new guy to go around to the left to
flank the machine guns in the village.  Fight your way through this first
section of village.  After the first section, you'll come up to a building with
covered windows, but as you approach the building, 2 Japs bust out the covering
and start shooting at you.  There is a large building to the left of this one.
After you clear out the village, look in this larger building to the left and
you'll find the intelligence map.

GUADALCANAL HERO MOMENT 1 (Cactus Air Force Patch)
-Allow all 5 allied planes to take off safely.
-Location: Henderson Field - Escort Pilots

From the checkpoint, exit the hut and kill the Japs that start coming over the
hill to the East.  If you see any allied planes on the ground blow up, don't
worry, these are scripted events (the one's you have to protect in a minute all
escape safely right now).  Follow your squad over to the half wall to the south
and kill all of the Japs that are banzaiing across the runway.  When the banzai
attack is gone, you're ready to start protecting the allied planes, so get on
the .50 caliber machine gun to the right.  The planes you have to protect are
lined up on the opposite side of the runway to the right.  One by one, a plane
will taxi out onto the runway and start taking off past you.  Each time a plane
tries to take off, a group of 2 or 3 enemy planes will start strafing the
runway immediately behind the plane trying to take off.  Those are the only
planes you have to worry about.  So just keep watching to the right and each
time a plane tries to take off, shoot down the 2 or 3 Jap planes that follow
behind it.  Repeat this process for all 5 allied planes and you'll receive the
Cactus Air Force Patch.

-Save the fox hole crew from mortars.
-Location: Bloody Ridge - Second Ridge

From the checkpoint, run up to the top of the second ridge and get on the
mortar cannon in the back corner.  Look NNE and you'll see the enemy mortar
position on the opposite ridge of the ravine.  Position your mortar at around
57 or 58 degrees and launch one to take them out.

-Find the hidden documents on a dead Jap officer.
-Location: Bloody Ridge - Jungle Clearing

From the checkpoint, follow Frank and jump down to the clearing below where you
can see Jap bodies lying around.  It turns out to be an ambush, and the Japs
get up and start shooting at you.  When they're all dead, Frank says that you
should look for intel on the bodies.  If you follow the edge of the area to the
left of where you jumped down, you'll see the documents on the ground by a dead
Jap and a big rock.

-Deliver the ammo box to the machine gun crew.
-Location: Bloody Ridge C - Starting

From the start of the level, run up to the top of the third ridge and get on
the Howitzer in the tent in the middle of the ridge.  Aim for the center of
groups of multiple enemies for maximum effect.  After a minute, you'll see an
ammo runner go down the hill from your right side.  He'll get hit and fall down
wounded.  Frank tells you to go help him.  When you get down to the wounded
ammo runner, he tells you to take the box of ammo to the machine gun crew, then
come back for him.  Pick up the box of ammo and take it to the foxhole straight
down the hill from the wounded ammo runner (NNE down the hill).

GUADALCANAL HERO MOMENT 2 (Letter of Commendation)
-Rescue the wounded ammo runner.
-Location: Bloody Ridge C - Starting

Continuing from the last objective, go back and pick up the wounded ammo runner
and carry him up the hill to the medic station in the back corner of the ridge.
Drop him on one of the stretchers and you'll get the Letter of Commendation.

-Sight the enemy patrol without being seen.
-Location: Guadalcanal - Lunga River

From the checkpoint, follow Willy upstream until you come to a waterfall.
Willy will mention how these dead guys were from the ridge.  Keep following
Willy through the jungle until you come to a spot overlooking a riverbend.  Get
your binoculars out (weapon slot #5), and watch the bend with them.  Suddenly,
a bunch of Japs come out of the trees and bushes and start walking downstream.
After several Japs reveal themselves, Willy says you guys need to warn the
captain.  Then you'll complete your main objective of scouting the river, but
don't follow Willy just yet.  Keep watching the bend until all of the Japs are
gone and completely out of sight.  Wait a second more and you'll complete the
hidden objective as well.

-Sneak over to the portable machine gun without being detected.
-Location: Guadalcanal - Lunga River

Continuing from the last objective, follow Willy back to the squad.  Along the
way, Willy will stop you because you'll come across a small Jap squad sitting
around a small camp.  They have a portable machine gun set up to the right side
of the camp.  Willy tells you to sneak over to it.  Crouch and walk through the
brush and stay far enough to the outer edge of the area that you won't be seen.
Once you make it to the machine gun, you'll receive the Japanese Canteen.
Note: making it to the gun undetected is what counts.  What you do about the
Japs themselves is up to you (but that gun IS conveniently pointed at them
already :) ).

-Blow up the supply cache along the river.
-Location: Lunga River - River Camps

From the checkpoint, follow your squad along the river and clear out the small
camp straight ahead.  Keep following the river as it bends to the right.
You'll come up to another small camp just to your right, and a larger camp just
downstream with a machine gun tower facing you.  Take out the machine gunner in
the tower and the enemies in the small camp.  In the small camp, there is one
hut that is raised up higher than the other ones that has open walls.  It's the
hut that has 2 crates with open lids and ammo shells inside them.  Drop a
satchel charge (weapon slot #4) in the hut to blow it up and complete the

-Rescue the POW's from their prison cell.
-Location: Kokumbona Village B - Starting

From the checkpoint, continue on through a grassy, winding path until you come
up to a machine gun nest.  There are 2 machine guns and palms covering the top
to camoflauge them slightly.  Fight your way past the machine gun nest and
you'll come to a village.  clear out any enemies in this first section of
village.  The village continues on to the right from where you entered, but
instead, follow the skinny path that continues away from the village straight
ahead from where you entered.  At first glance, it looks like the path in
question is blocked by a large rock, but you can go around it.  At first it
seems like you're going nowhere until you hear calls for help.  Kill any Japs
around and look for the trench that leads down into the bunker.  Shoot the
padlock on the prison cell to release the POW's (prisoners of war) and you get
the Busted Padlock.

-Destroy the radio station in the cave.
-Location: Village - Jungle Valley

Follow the winding path after the checkpoint until you see a small Jap squad of
about 3 soldiers.  Kill them and look to the left.  If you don't already see a
cave, Willy will point it out and make a comment about checking it out.  Go in
and clear out any Japs inside.  In the large area with the Jap bunks and
crates, look for the radio sitting on one of the crates.  Shoot the radio to
destroy it and complete the objective.

-Destroy all of the trench machine gun towers.
-Location: Kokumbona Village C - Starting AND Village - Beach

From the start of Kokumbona Village C - Starting, follow the winding path until
you reach the first of 2 trench systems.  There are also 2 machine gun towers.
The one on the right can be destroyed by shooting a red barrel at the base of
it, and the left one requires explosives to be planted on it's leg.  After
clearing out this first section, follow the path ahead and out to the rocky
beach to begin Village - Beach.  Clear out the enemies on the beach and work
your way forward until you come up to the second trench system on your left.
There are 3 more machine gun towers in this section.  There are 2 mortar
positions in this area, so don't hang around on the beach for long.  Clear out
all the enemies in the area and destroy the 3 machine gun towers.  The left
tower and middle tower require explosives, but the right one can be destroyed
with the red barrel at its base.  Destroying the 5 towers between the last 2
areas will complete the objective.

GUADALCANAL HERO MOMENT 5 (Life Jacket Dye Marker)
-Take out Mikey and Frank's chase plane.
-Location: Flyboys - Autosave05

The checkpoint picks up right after you destroy the carrier and the destroyer.
You're on your way back to the fleet when in the distance straight ahead, you
see a couple of planes flying towards you and you get a message from Mikey that
he's out of fuel and he's got a Jap on his tail.  Fly straight towards the
oncoming planes and just like he says over the radio, Mikey pulls up and out of
the way.  As soon as he does so, shoot and kill the Jap plane that was behind
him.  This saves Mikey and Frank's life and gets you the Life Jacked Dye

e. Tarawa Hidden Objectives and Hero Moments

-Destroy the Jap gun emplacement with the mortar cannon.
-Location: Tarawa B - Starting

From the checkpoint, work your way to the left, clearing out the enemies as you
go.  After clearing the first 2 structures out, you come to a u-turn.  Just
after the u-turn you'll see a mortar cannon ahead.  Get on it and look ESE.
You'll see a Jap gun emplacement in the distance.  Aim the mortar to about 65
degrees and fire to destroy the gun and complete the objective.

TARAWA HERO MOMENT 1 (Large Meatball Flag)
-Kill the Jap AA gun crew before it destroys the allied plane.
-Location: Tarawa B - Starting

Continuing on from the last objective, look to the NE of the mortar cannon.
You'll see a trench that leads down to another gun emplacement.  Kill all of
the Japs in the trench and you'll receive the Large Meatball Flag. Although the
title of the objective is "kill them before they shoot down the plane," I have
never actually seen them shoot at anything, so as long as you kill them, you'll
complete the objective (it's not timed or anything).

-Blow up the torpedo bunker.
-Location: Tarawa - Emplacements Destroyed

Beginning from the checkpoint, an allied soldier will come up and talk for a
second.  Then, through the gap in the barb wire to the east you'll see a
pillbox to the left and one to the right.  When you enter the area, an allied
plane will bomb the one to the left, so take cover in the deep crater and kill
the Jap in the one to the right.  When the area's clear, go inside the bunker
to your right.  Clear out the Japs inside and Willy and Jimmy will follow you
in and tell you to blow the place up.  Plant explosives on the torpedoes and
get out of there when it blows up to complete the objective.

4. Problems/Other

It should be important to note that as of this update, there are many glitches
in the game regarding hidden objectives.  First, Guadalcanal will only register
3 hidden objectives as being completed.  There is nothing that can be done
about this until a new patch is released.  Second, the medals the game shows
you in the menu are only the ones that have been found up to the newest save in
the saved games list.  So, for example, you have beaten the game and found all
but 1 hidden objective on Makin Atoll.  If you load the checkpoint and go back
to get the missing objective, the menu will now only show whatever has been
completed up to the end of Makin Atoll.  So you will have to finish out the
game if you want all your medals to show.  Because of this fact, this guide
works much better for a single playthrough.

Also, this guide is for the original version of Medal of Honor: Pacific 
Assault.  Any differences between it, and the Director's Edition are not

5. Contact/Legal

Copyright 2005 Justin Smith

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
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