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FAQ/Walkthrough by prplsmilie

Updated: 04/04/07

Game: Dreamfall-The Longest Journey
Platform: Xbox
Version: 1.00

About this guide
This walkthrough will guide you through the game Dreamfall, sequel to the
Longest Journey. You can use a guide to get you through the whole game or just
if you're stuck on a certain bit. This guide contains spoilers as I often give
you a short summary of the cutscenes that happen so I'd advise you not to read
too far ahead. I'm sorry if it seems a bit long winded, I have an eye for 
detail and like to give exact directions of what to do and where to go. It
covers the whole game and is organised as chapters that are in the game. This 
is my first guide so please forgive me if i do anything wrond, I'm sorry.

Copyright information
This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. This guide may not be used for profit. If you wish to feature 
my guide on your website, or any other media, email me first asking for 
permission, my email address can be found at the bottom of this guide.

You will see an opening movie with Brian Westhouse who you may remember from
The Longest Journey though if you don't he was someone April met in Arcadia.
You hear a bit about a journal and a journey until he is interrupted by a Monk.
Follow the Monk, though you have the opportunity to look around and get used 
to the controls etc. Follow him through the corridor and into a ritual or 
prayer room, whatever you want to call it.

There are few things you can do in here though you can listen to the two monks
who are having a whispered conversation by clicking your analouge stick and 
they will be talking about how Brian is the perfect candidate for what they 
are doing until they become rightfully suspicious (the walls have ears?).
After a while (this does not depend on what you do, just keep yourself
amused) you will be told they are ready so step onto the'stage' to then get 
another scence. Brian will be in an unknown area with a stranger who seems
quite mad with Brian and they will have a discussion which is quite 
annoying as the stranger is cryptic and Brian doesnt seem to have any idea
about whats going on. Oh, well. The scene will end with Brian being taken
by what the stranger called 'the undreaming.

Chapter 1
In this scene you will meet Zoe Castillo who is apparently in a coma and 
talking to us by an out-of-body experience of some sort. Her father is sitting
by her side and she seems quite concerned about him, for now though shes going
to show us why shes in a coma.

You will see Zoe on her bed watching TV until she is rudely interrupted by 
some weird image thing (or program whatever) in which Zoe is instructed to 
find and save somebody, though she just assumes its a viral add or something
(what a strange future). Zoe will now be told by her purple gorilla thing,
Wonkers, she has a message and Zoe now realises her phone is ringing and
gets up.

Go over to a chair on the other side of the room and pick up Zoes phone, she 
will realise shes late for the gym. Get dressed by opening the closet and go 
downstairs although if you want you can talk to Wonkers who you may feel 
sorry for when Zoe says she doesnt have time to play (poor thing).
Leave the room and go downstairs where you will meet Zoes dad, Gabriel,talk
to him to find out he is leaving Bombay, if you want talk to him a little
more to find out about Zoe and her lack of direction in life.

Leave the house and walk through the arch to Zoes right to get a scene of
an airship flying over Zoes head. You now have the freedom to explore
Casablanca. Follow the path down the stairs and talk to the people if you
like, otherwise go talk to Olivia who will beckon you into the shop with
secretive news, follow her into the shop. Once more, you will see the weird
programme/advert thing. Once its over Olivia will come out and youll talk 
about the advert before getting onto her news. Apparently she has a device for
your phone which will make you invisible to the Syndicate which she will give
to you later as she has an important call.

Leave the shop and follow the path to the Central Plaza where a friend of Zoes
will run up to you and tell you to get to the gym or the instructor, Jama, 
will not be happy. Follow her into the next screen where you will see a taxi
and set of stairs leading up to a door. Head up to the door and enter the gym.
Head over to Jama and answer however you want to her, it wont make a 
difference because either way youll end up fighting her.

Here is the combat system:
A-Light attacks
X-Heavy attacks
B-Block attacks

Beating her doesnt matter because you can continue either way though youre 
given the chanve to fight her as many times as you want. Quit or continue, it
wont make a difference. Once you are ready, try to leave the gym and you will 
get the video of the little girl again though this time youll hear the name 
April Ryan and Zoe will comment on how freaky its getting. Once outside youre
phone will ring, its Reza and he wants to meet you at Moco Loco now. Its back
in the fountain Plaza to your left and you will see Reza sitting on his own.
Hes on his phone but talk to him anyway,if you want invite him to the party 
though he says hes a bit busy. Youll get asked to do a favour and be however
you want to be, positive or hesitant, either way hell tell you to get it from
Helena Chang at the Jiva Corporation inside the Seshadri Building.

Head back to the taxi and get in, it will take you downtown to the Shesadri 
Building. Head up the stairs and push the elevator button which will take
you to a room where a blonde woman is behind the desk using the computer. A 
woman will appear on the screen behind the desk so ask about it to get a 
fight or distract her and plead with her to look for the package so she
enters a room to the right, then lock her in by using the control panel.
Use the computer on the desk to open the doors and, in the process, set off
an alarm. Go through the newly opened doors to see a man doing something
with a door and the woman from the screen, though hell run off when hes sees

The door wont move and the circuitry wont work, the woman will point up so 
climb the box to the left of the door and then to the top where you can 
crawl to the panel and press it twice for Zoe to open the doors, now climb
back down and open the doors. Follow her to the elevator to find it doesnt
work, shell do something to fix it so push the call button when it turns
green and get in. Youll recieve Rezas package.Youll be given the option of
asking about Rezas package or the way she reacted to Zoes last name. Pick
one, it doesnt really matter. If you ask about the package shell say its
none of your business and if you ask about the way she reacted to the 
name Castillo, she will explain she once knew a Castillo though not one
related to Zoe, apparently.

Call a taxi to hea back to the marketplace, we're off to Rezas apartment
to make sure hes okay and give him back the package. To get there go 
through the street between the fruit and veg stands and the sushi bar,
head up both flights of stairs and once you reach a red door go through
it. Take time to look at the mailboxes and hear Zoe say Reza lives in
apartment 8. So go up the stairs and go right, a cat will be standing 
outside his apartment and the door is cracked open. 

Go in and on the floor will be a womans body with a strange machine 
attached to her,you will see the video again before it changes to show
Eye Commandos coming up to Rezas. No matter what you do the Eye
Commandos will find and stun you, though if you really want the options
they are:
1. Stay and wait to be found
2. Try and make a break for it
3. Hide behind the bathroom door

You will wake up in an interrogtion room and be given the option to make
him angry by counteracting or cooperate. You might as well tell the truth,
they already know it. Eventually, youll be given the option to plead or 
reason, yet again, it doesnt matter so pick one. I chose plead.

Chapter 2-Lost
Zoe will be standing on the terrace, on the phone to Reza and then to her 
Dad, unfortunately for her, neither are available. Go talk to Wonkers, 
the purple gorrilla thingy, and youll hear a message from Reza. There is 
a notebook in Rezas apartment that has a lot of information and you need 
to get it and give it to his editor. By the way, Lucia is Rezas wottilla,
the pink version of Wonkers.

Head over to Olivias shop and after you tell her everything that has 
happened, she will upgrade your phone with a hack to open the seal on 
Rezas door and the software she told you about the other day which will
make your phone invisible. Once youve done all this head back over to 
Rezas apartment.

Theres a seal on Rezas door which you need your mobile to open, so open
your inventory by pressing up on the D pad and up again to use the mobile
and A to begin the hack. If you fail youll have to wait a few seconds
before you can try again. If youve forgotten how it works you just have
to match the symbol on the bottom with one in the grid above.

Once youve opened the door go inside and watch Lucia get fried by a 
spider robot sitting on the carpet. You now have two ways to take out the
spider robot so you can get to Lucia.
1. Press and hold the Left back trigger to sneak round to the bathroom 
   (which is next to the spider) and avoid the broken glass and toppled 
   chairs. There is a panel next to the sink, turn it on and music begins
   playing, stay where you are and watch the spider enter the shower. 
   Close the door behind it and the water will turn on and fry the spider.
2. Go to the back of the spider, be very careful, and look at the logo
   on top of it. Head back to Olivias and ask for software needed to hack
   in to it and get another mobile upgrade, now go back to the spider and
   use the mobie to fry it.

Now youve gotten rid of the spider bot, head over to Lucia and take out 
the watilla parts. Head over to Olivias and give her the parts by 
selecting them from inventory and pressing X when near Liv to find they 
are completely destroyed. You will get a new power source but you need to 
find your own brain, anyway, you may recall Zoe owns a Wottilla so head 
back home and take the brain out of Wonkers by pressing X.

Once youre back in Rezas apartment, put the brain and power supply into 
Lucia by selecting them from your inventory. Talk to her and Zoe will
tell her the password which Luci will recognise and she will then open the
safe for you, which is in a secret panel in the floor. Two strange women,
twins will then attack you before leaving. Once all this is over, pick up
the notebook and take it to Olivia so she can decript it. Once you step
outside you will see the cat again, but head to Olivias anyway. Olivia 
will only be able to decript the last entry in the notebook, youll get:
'Venice', 'Newport', 'The fringe', 'Charlie'. Zoe decides to go to 
Newport, so go home and collect Zoes backpack from the closet. You will 
then see Zoe on a futuristic train, heading to Newport.

Now you get another scene, likely in Arcadia, of April and some other 
rebels preparing for an attack of sorts, Na'ane will cast a spell which
creates a toxic cloud. You now have to fight, block and attack until you
have fought two of them and you will see another scene.

Chapter 3-201
You will be standing at the taxi stop in Venice, in heavy rain presumably
at night. Head down the alley behind you to find the crossroads from the
last game. You want to go to the fringe where, if you remember, Charlie
was a bartender in the last game. Go right and right again, follow the 
path until you arrive at the fringe. Use the intercom which Charlie will 
answer and he will let you in once you mention Jericho.

The receptionist will tell you to go past the bar to Charlie and you will 
find him at the very back of the room sitting at a table.Talk to him and 
choose whatever you feel like when youre given the option, hell tell you
about the border house and how it is now a hotel called Victory Hotel, talk
to him a little more if you want but its not necessary. To get there head 
back to the crossroads and when youre at the clock go right and follow the 
path, when it forks go diagonally. Talk to the Chinese guy if you want, but 
go up the stairs and cross the bridge.

Go right and follow the path and then take the first left, turn right when you
can and you may recognise this area if you played the first game. The victory
hotel is on the opposite side, ignore the front door and head to the 
scaffolding to the left, climb on to it and use it to get into the canal, 
follow the canal and climb the ladder.

There is a padlock on the fence but you cant hack it, use your phone to call
Olivia and she will tell you to find a lockpick. Head back over to the Chinese
guy and hear about how he cant sell you drugs but he has everything else,
ask him about a lockpick and he has one but he needs something more than
money, plead with him and itll turn out he wants a mobile cloak so call Olivia
and have her transfer one over, talk to him again and hell give you a lock-

Head back to the gate and get ready for a tough puzzle. There are four circles
each has two shapes above and below them. You have to align the shapes so they
match each other, you can move them by spinning the circles, the top shapes 
dont move. Its a good idea to get the shapes you need in the left and right 
sides of the circles so you can then just spin it to get them in place. Yes, I
know, its incredibly confusing by once youve done it youll understand.

Step through the gate to see a guard dog sleeping and find out it is used to 
the train, basically only move when a train is going by because it wont hear 
you over the train. If you wake the dog up run back to the ladder and climb
down. The back door is locked so go to the shed instead and take the axe. 

Climb back down the ladder into the alleyway and go right where Zoe will see
light coming from a boarded window. Take the bar out of the bins wheel and 
push it underneath the window. Climb it and use the axe to break the boards
on the window, climb through. You need to collect some stuff here so get the 
axe handle off the floor to your right, take the rag on the desk to the left, 
sniff the cans to find petrol in the red can.

Combine the axe handle with the rag by selecting one from your inventory,
pressing right on the D pad, the icon with the screw if youre watching the
screen, and hten selecting the other. Dip your newly made torch in the 
petrol and set it alight by heading to the heater, which is to the right of 
the window, turning it on by pressing the red button and sticking the torch 

Now go up the stairs and follow the hallway, through the door and youll come
to a room which has a blood stain on the floor. Follow the stain into a room
with all of the monitors and youll see the video with the little girl once
again as well as Rezas lighter. Use your mobile to hack into the monitors and 
you will unlock a door at the top of a flight of stairs.

Leave the room and head up the stairs to the newly unlocked door. There is a 
man in an orange shirt watching TV in the other room so go over to him. You
might have to fight him but if you want to avoid a fight follow these 
directions when talking:
1. Vacancies
2. Lie
3. Calm
4. Manager
Youll be free to look around for a short while otherwise you have to fight him
but I preferred to fight him because it was less hassle and gives you more 
time to explore, do what you wish. 

Head upstairs and follow the turn right to see a woman lying on a bed with 
another machine attached to her, the same one from Rezas apartment. Now go 
down the hallway and you will reach room 201, its locked so continue down the
hallway until you reach a bathroom to the right, go in and take the handle off
the window. Leave the bathroom and go past the stairs into the nearby room,
if the guy catches you just fight him. Anyway, use the handle on the window in
this room, open the window and climb outside. Climb up the nearby ladder and 
head through the window.

Leave the room and youll see a guy entering another, if you sees you youll 
have to fight him, otherwise as soon as you enter the hallway be holding the
L trigger adn after you see him go further down, enter the room he came from
and take his towel from next to the window. Go back out into the hallway and
follow it, you will get to a window and an old radiator which, if you look out
the window, you will see is above the room the little girl was pointing at, 
room 201. Youll need something longer than a towel to get down there so go back
through the hallway until you se the guys room on the right to find a sheet, 
when I got back he was sleeping on it so I had to fight him but he also 
attracted the guy in the orange shirt because I hadnt fought him yet. 

Combine the sheet and towel, once you have them, and use them to climb down by
attaching them to the radiator. Youll end up on a rusty walkway of sorts so 
follow it round to Aprils room and climb in. Open Aprils closet and take the
photo from the bottom of the closet. Marcus will walk in, he was in the first
game for those of you who dont remember him, and demand to know who you are.
Be nice to him, courteous, and say you dont know Vinnie and then explain youre
looking for your friend whos a reporter, he will agree to help you. After all
that he'll kick you out the hotel. Go back to the Fringe.

Show the photo you found to Charlie and then push on for more information. Zoe 
will mention Marcus and you will hear a bit about how Charlie knows him too. 
He will go call Emma and tell you to get something to eat, once Emma joins
the group you will be filled in on what happened in and since The Longest 
Journey. Charlie will allow you to use a VIP room upstairs so you can make
some phone calls so head up the stairs near the reception desk, enter the room
at the end of the hallway and use your mobile.

Marcus will show up with the twins from earlier and Zoe will be knocked out,
after this one of the twins will hook Zoe up to the machine everybody else
seems to be using.

Chapter 4-Winter
Zoe will be in the place from all the videos where the little girl usually is,
with the house and everything. Walk forward to get a scence with the little
girl who will tell Zoe, yet again, to find and save April before sending her
through a hole in the ice she creates.

Now youll awaken in what looks like an underground cave inhabited by strange
creatures that look a bit like trolls, you need to get past them and if they 
see you they will attack you so look around youll find two small, white 
pebbles-one behind Zoe and to the left and the other in front of her near a 
tall rock. Look at them in your inventory to find out how they are good for 
throwing. Sneak up to troll number 1, making sure you dont have anything 
blocking you and the troll, such as a rock, use the focus field and use one of 
the pebbles on the troll. Zoe will throw the pebble and the troll wll be 
distracted, giving you time to sneak past using the L trigger. Now climb onto 
the ledge and walk to the other side across the landing and wait until troll 
number 2 is at the very edge, next to the water, and do the same you did with 
the other troll, creep to the glowing egg thing and take it from the pole and 
creep to the bridge. Or you can just fight them, whatever you want to do, but 
make sure you take the glowing egg.

Follow the bridge until you see a set of stairs going down, take them and head 
up the others which are next to the giant water wheel. There is a mechanism of
sorts here, a wheel attached to a sloping pillar. Put the egg on the top of 
the pillar nd turn the wheel, listen to the tune it plays because it will be 
important in a bit. The water wheel will start up again so take the egg and
head back down the stairs. Grab n to the water wheel and ride it up to some
scaffolding above.

Head forward and some planks will break, but dont worry because you can just
jump across. Follow it to a ladder and climb up and head into the cave which
seems to be a dead end though if you have the egg you will get three glowing
symbols. You need to recreate the tune you heard when you reactivated the
water wheel and heres how you do it:
First symbol
Second symbol
First symbol
Third symbol
A doorway will appear so go through it to end up in a place that looks a 
little more inhabited. The door is locked from the outside but press A two 
more times to have Zoe kick it in. Head through this room and up the stairs.

Now you are in what looks to be a tavern, walk in and Brynn will point you out
to Benrime who will say you are a shifter and tell you to go visit Minstrum
Magda, but first go find Blind Bob as he will know where she is. As you leave 
the Journyman Inn youll find Blind Bob to the left sitting on a stool. Talk 
to him to hear all about why hes blind and not cold etc. and when given the
option ask for help. Agree to give him a favour in exchange for how to find
Blind Bob and he'll ask for mulled wine with Mrs. Mullins mixed spices.

Go back to the inn and talk to Benrime about getting the mulled wine, only 
thing is shes out of Mrs. Mullins mixed spices and she hasnt received her 
delivery yet, so she'll tell you where to get the spices. The road to your
right is blocked off so head past Blind Bob through the arch and into a place
which appears to be a campsite. Head up and take the first right to get to 
the market.

The spice merchant is th first on the left so go ask him about spice and he 
will tell you he doesnt have any because his delivery is delayed. The only
thing you can really do is go pick them up for him, theyre are back near
the Journeyman Inn, the road thats blocked off so head backup there. Talk to 
the man with the beard as instructed, hes not that nice but he'll eventually
give you the spices. 

Head back to the spice merchant and give him the spices by selecting them 
from your inventory. You now have Benrimes spices, so take them back to her. 
Put them into the pot on the counter like she says and take an empty bottle 
from the surface behind you and use it to collect the wine. Head back to 
Blind Bob (there is a lot of going back and forth on this level) and give him
the Mulled Wine. Once you hear about how the sky is green, talk to him again 
and ask about Magda to learn that Crazy Clara may know where Magda is because
he doesnt.

Head back to the market, go past the spice merchant and go through the arch to
the left, follow the path and you'll find a woman at the beginning of the 
bridge. Talk to her and she'll mention a baby at first, then you can decide 
what to ask her, if you ask about Magda you'll just hear more about her baby,
its a pet apparently and the guards have it caged up somewhere but you offer 
to find it for her.

It is back in the market place, if you look aroun you'll see a huge creature 
walking in circles with something attached to its back, there is a small alley
way near it so head down there and you will see a cage with a rabbit like
creature in it, this is Claras pet. Open the cage and it will run off and 
scare the massive creature. Head back to Clara and her pet will follow you so
go talk to her to see her cuddling it, she will now tell you about soup and 
using her super detective skills Zoe will realise she Magda is the soup lady
in the market.

Go back to the market, again, and speak to the lady at the soup stall, shes
the one next to the spice merchant, ask if shes Minstrum Magda and she'll be 
wary so tell her that Benrime sent you and she will reveal herself as Magda,
though she says she cannot help you get back home she will answer any
questions and point you in the right direction. Ask what you will, it doesnt
make any difference as the outcome of events. 

When you say goodbye a boy will call you, its Brynn from the inn when you 
first arrived in the tavern, he will tell you that he knows how to get in 
touch with April but Zoe has her doubts. If you listen, you'll notice he only
promises not to drag her into her basement but leaves the res unsaid...hmmm
whats he up to? Follow him and he'll stop next to a small alley and Zoe will 
follow him in, only to be knocked out.
You will have a bag over you're head and end up listening to a conversation in
which Brynn says your a spy but nobody else does though they are wary. You 
will then be talking to April and you manage to convince her that you're not a
spy and you are from Stark by talking about Charlie and Emma and the Fringe.
Lucky you. You learn a bit about being a shifter and they will help you to go
home after you learn about how April wants to stay in Arcadia blah, blah, 

We are now in Sadir, another part of Arcadia, and in a palace or something,
you get control of man, who you will soon learn is Kian, and you now have to 
fight until there is no-one left to fight, so go ahead. I had to fight 3. Once
all the fights are over, talk to a man with red hair who is in front of you to
your left. You'll learn your name is Kian, as I've already stated, and you
are talking to his master, Garmon. You will be interrupted by a little girl 
who tells you that you have been summoned by The Six. Follow her.

She will stop at some tall, black and gold double doors which have soldiers
either side, go in. There are, unsurprisingly, six children (I think) and 
they give you a mission to go to Marcuria and convert somebody called Scorpion
I think convert means kill. Head back out once the scene is over talk to 
Garmon again to hear his opinion on The Six and the religion. And by theway I 
was right because convert does mean kill, what a strange world.

Chapter 5-Alchera
You'll wake up in the VIP room and end up talking to Charlie, he has been 
watching you all night so you can't have gone to Arcadia, or could you?
Pick either dreams or real and Zoe will eventually get up and go. Walk forward
and you will get a call from Olivia, shes decripted some notes and Reza is
investigating Wati Corp, likely a very big company, like Microsoft today, we
are off to Japan! 

Before that though, we get to check out what April is up to in Marcuria. April
and her friend, Chawan, are talking about the Azadi and they notice that the
scaffolding will help them get up the tower. Leave the room to meet Brynn and 
hear him whine about how April cant go without him and feeling sorry for Zoe.
Leave the inn and head over to the tower, the place with all the tents. There 
is scaffolding next to it so head overand sneak behind it, towards the guard,
and press B to break his neck. Dont get seen or youll have to fight a very 
tough battle.

Now climb the scaffolding to reach a balcony, find the door that is slightly
ajar and use the focus field to listen to the two people inside, press A to
hear Aprils opinion of him and X to listen to what they say. They are on about
the tower and promising to finish it as well as, presumably, talking about
Kian and the Scorpion.

April talks about following him so do so by heading over to the front of the 
tower, now follow him to the Inn and talk to Benrime in the kitchen to find 
out she hasnt seen anything. Head into the basement and follow through to see
the prophet leave through a portal, similar to the one Zoe came through, and
April will follow him.

You are once again Zoe and you are in Wati city, where WATIcorp is stationed.
The ticket machine is out of order so we'll have to find another way. Use your
mobile to buy some gum from the machine next to the ticket machine and you 
will get a free sticker! Oh the joys of childhood. Talk to a man who seems
rather annoyed and lonely, if you ask about the museum you'll hear that his 
fiance is late and probably not coming. He tells you about a ticket office 
but its closed so go to the bin and press A twice to receive two ticket 
halves. Combine them with the sticker to get a whole ticket. Use the ticket on
the machine next to the cable car and get in to head to the museum.

Once the ride is over you will get a call from Olivia and receive the name of
Rezas contact. Head into the museum and watch the little boy get yelled at by
the guard and see his grandma apologize. Head to the back of the room and 
touch the panel next to the door, an alarm will be set off the guard will have
a go at you, go do the same with the exibit the boy, Hiro is looking at and 
set off another alarm only to get told off again. Walk over to the kid and try 
to talk to him, he stays silent so give him some gum, he becomes a lot more 

He activates the giant bunny thing and distracts the guard in the process 
which means we can now go and hack into the back door. Head into the room and
then into the locker room right ahead of you, use the open locker to change 
into what looks like a cleaners uniform. Go back to the vent you saw the bot 
go through and wait for it to come back, once it has quickly go through the
vent. Head down the tunnel and you will meet a woman waiting for an elevator,
she asks if youre new so say you are.

You both get into the elevator and end up in an awkward situation, I dont 
think she likes Zoe very much but you'll end up in a new corridor eventually.
Step into the hallway to be stopped by a robot who tells you not to venture
from the waiting area. Well we are going to ignore that. Follow it around the 
corner but dont get caught, if it turns to face you or whatver hide in an 
alcove or behind a plant or machine. If you do get caught you'll end up back
at the starting point. After following the thing around the corner, take the 
first left and go through the doors at the end to find yourself in an office.

There is a man in the second row of desks here so go and talk to him, he is 
Rezas contact and Zoe wants the truth from him. You'll learn about the dreamer
and that WATIcorp is one of the causes of the static, you'll also learn that
the dreamer is pretty much a brainwashing plot. Horray. After a lot more 
dialogue he'll send you through a door and tell you to get to level -58 in
half an hour, wich Zoe can apparently do, but you dont have to because once
you get past level one you'll magically appear on -56, lucky us, once the 
lights turn green head through the door. There will be a scene with another 
one of those spiders and some long corridors. Damien will tell you what to do 
through a flashback so listen to him.

Be careful of the spider, though I think avoiding it is a pretty obvious thing
to do, and follow it down the hall because this one wont hear you. Head to the
right, from the starting point, and keep going until you see an identation to
your right, though you'll probably just be able to see the green square that
lights up saying you can use it if you stay to the right because it is very 
slight. If you see the spider coming use one of the small doorways that are
placed round the room, thats what they're there for. Use your mobile on it to
upload Damiens software, now you can get into all the offices but the core 

Head back and go into the first door you see, it should be the one you saw in 
your most recent flashback, it has blue swirly things on-I dont know what they
are. Head inside and you'll see this huge creature, wow that thing is big.
Take a capsule from the right to see another flashback, now combine the worm
and the capsule and we're headed to the medlab. Head right and take the first
doors you come to, they have green things on the doors. Put the worm in the
small capsule to the left and then head to the other side of the room and scan
yourself using the large tube.

So now, after yet again another flashback, we're off to the security room, 
head right and take the second door you come to, it has orange shields on it.
As you can see, it has its very own laser grid so we need a security spider to
unlock it, head to the left and take the first door you come to, it has red 
symbols on it. There are a number of spiders in here so pick one, I ended up
with the middle one and I dont really know if you get a choice.  

You are now a spider, head into the security room where you will find the 
other spider has taken up residence, head over to it and press A to send out a
shockwave which kills it. Get on the panel and press A to deactive the 
security grid, if you press A and it doesnt work move forward a bit, you have
to be in a good position for this to work.

When you are Zoe again head back to the security office and find a data key in
the guys jacket pocket which is on the chair. Head right and take the first 
door, its the only one you haven't been in yet, and use the Datakey on it. Go
in and use the panel to your right to open the large doors which lead to the 
huge creature, step thorough and you'll be allowed in after having some weird
smoke poured on you.

This bit is incredibly annoying, you have to get down the stairs and insert 
the worm without being seen by either of the scientists. You want to go when
the female is looking at something to the left so she can't see you and when
you can't see the male scientist, there you go, doesn't sound very hard does
it? Well, it is. Once you manage to get down the stairs, you'll see something
in the wall, a little black tube, insert the worm into this and watch it swim
into the creature and then a scene about Gilmore, their boss. So they are 
behind the static...but Gilmore doesn't seem to care.

We are now April again and she is climbing down the same scaffolding Zoe 
broke. Head down the steps and follow the path to see Prophet rowing a boat 
across the lake, we're going to follow him. Once the scene is over, keep going
to see one of the troll things hum a tune and open a door, a door we need to 
get through. You won't be able to get through first time round so wait until
another comes, but hide behind the steps first because if it sees you it will 
run off. You want to try getting through once the door has opened, unless the
creature goes through, you won't go through so there is no point scaring it
off, you get as many goes as you need so don't worry if you don't get through.

Once you're through you'll see the creature you followed o through another,
you don't know the combination so you cant get through. Hide behind the alter,
wait for another creature to appear and use the focus field to watch it type
in the code to get the combination, head over to the door, watch April use
the combination and go through.

Go down the stairs and you'll see a statue embeded in the wall and holding a
disc, you need to turn it so that the thing that looks like number 8 is at
the top, I had to do it three times. Continue down the stairs and you'll come 
to a large room with a troll guard in it, don't get caught because if you do 
he'll send a huge beast after you which you can fight but you'll probably 
lose. So just go back to the stair and wait for it to go, use all the rubble
to hide from it. 

Go left and you'll see another statue straight ahead of you, now you want the
thing that looks live an envelope to be at the top so turn it once (or more if
you need to, I dont know if the positioning changes for each game). Go back to
the crossroads and go right to find another statue, turn it so that the symbol
that looks like a sun is on top (three times for me). Go left to reach a dead
end, hear April comment on how the wall doesn't look entirely stable, press A
when near it to break it down and April will fall through.

From where you fell through, go left to come to a crossroads, go straight on
and at the fork go right to come to the last statue, you now want the last 
symbol, the one that looks a bit like an arrow, to be at the top (turn it 3
times). A gate will open to reveal a sarcophagus. Go back to the fork and this
time, instead of turning right, keep going forward and follow the path to find
the sarcophogus-there is something glowing inside it as well as giving off a
ticking sound. Get April to open it to reveal a glowing egg, take it and head
back to the crossroads. Go left to find a gate with small glowing lights, use
the egg on it.

Follow the path to come to a balcony, you will see the Prophet send some large
beasts to patrol the area, go down the left staircase to encourage the beast 
to follow you but don't let it catch you, once its following you head back up
the stairs and go down the other side. Head up the next set of stairs, the 
will break off but April will catch the other side and climb up, leaving the
beast behind. 

Continue up these stairs to reach another balcony and go to the gap in the 
edge, jump down. Jump down again and you will be behind another beast but it
won't know you're here yet. Turn away from it and creep dow to the next
sarcophogus and go right. You will see a scene with a very strange thing that
looks a bit like pool and April says its like trapped dreams, watch the scene
and when its over you'll be Zoe again.

You have another scene with the scientists and an alarm will be set off. Head
back to the decontamination chamber and wait for it to decontaminate you, 
leave the core room and go left to get a scene where some soldiers come from
the elevators to do their job, whatever it is. Keep going left to the elevator
and use the alcoves to hide from the soldiers, just like you did with the 
spider. The elevator will stop and some soldiers will shoot at you but luckily
the doors will close before they have the chance and you'll see another scene 
with the little girl.

Chapter 6-Morpheus
The elevator will stop at another floor so go through the doors and you'll 
find yourself in a place that looks like an indoor jungle, its really very
pretty. Head over the bridge and follow the path to find a huge-and I mean
huge-man sitting at a desk or machinery, hes green too. Make your dialogue
choices and he'll soon recognize you and he will explain a lot, he knows who
you are and everything.

The twins will eventually show up and you have to escape them now, otherwise
they will knock you out. Run the way Zoe is facing and then follow the path
to the left, now go into the shed or whatever it is and go out the other side.
You will have lost the twins but you still need to get out of WATIcorp so go 
to the end of the roof and climb the small vent, the twins will reappear so 
climb onto the roof and then jump onto the flying machine. You will fall into
a dumpster and end up ringing Damien. Make your choice and we're going to 
stay at Damiens for the night.

You are April again and discussing what you have seen with Na'ane. Once you 
have control leave the room and head to the inn to talk to Benrime, she will 
tell you to talk to the White Dragon and Brian Westhouse will walk in, if you
don't remember him this will be very confusing. Be open then ask for his help,
he knows where to find the White Dragon, shes in the Dark Peoples library. 

The path to the right is now un-blocked so you can visit old town, go on then,
go. You are in the magical version of the market in Marcuria but there is
nothing important to do here right now so go right which will take you to the
harbour. Talk the person in the long black cloak who is standing next to a 
large, black ship thatt looks like a giant seed pod, he is a one of the Dark 
People, a Shadowguide, he will not let you because he is only here to trade 
and collect. 

They are looking for rare books so head back into the Ghetto market and talk 
to the man selling potions, herbs and curiously shaped cookies. Its Roper 
Klacks, an alchemist ho used to be evil and April had trapped him in a 
calculator in The Longest Journey. Ask him about his new found career as an 
author and then book when you get the chance and he will give you the book. It
is the only copy which should interest the Dark People. Return to the harbour 
and give the book to the Shadowguide who will let you on his Shadow Ship and 
take you to their city.

We see a scene where Zoe and Damien are sitting together in Damiens
apartment, Zoe has told Damien everything and you learn that Alvin Peats may
still be alive after several hundred years, and he was probably the guy Zoe
met. Damien will try to find out some information tomorrow.

Back in Marcuria, Kian has arrived and is amazed by the tower. After a talk 
with the guard head inside the tower, you will end up talking to the woman 
April spied on and she now wants you to kill the Scorpion, just as the six 
did. Vamon will appear and he doesn't seem very happy that Kian is here,
once Kian has left we learn why he does not like kian very much. I think its
because Kian is better than him and is becoming more powerful as well as Kian
not having the right family, a real nice guy that Vamon.

Chapter 7-Destiny
April as arrived at the Dark Peoples city and apparently they do know who you
are, the Shadowguide didn't though and they don't know why hmmm... Anyway, the
White Dragon is in the library so follow the Dark Person there and you'll see
some pretty nice sites along the way, I really like this city.

He will stop in the library-it is really impressive, wow-so talk to him and he
will go and fetch the White Dragon. As you wait, our old friend Crow will 
appear, don't you miss him? He seems quite mad and is obsessed with the last
8 years though he still cant resist a hug, isn't it sweet? Just as we're about
to find out whats new with him, the White Dragon will appear in human form,
she looks really different. Something is hunting her the poor thing. Ask for 
answers and she will open up a portal for you into the guardians realm, 
horray, April and Crow will go through.

You now have another scene between Zoe and Damien where they reveal their 
true feelings for each other, how sweet. And boring.

We are now in the guardians realm which is very nice looking and crow 
comments on how its changed, he will wait here while you go to find the 
guardian. Go across the bridge which looks like a giant tree root then up the
steps to take you to the top of the middle pillar where you will find Gordon.

He will tell you a bit about how dreams connect the world etc. He doesn't 
know very much except that April does not need to get involved, which I
suppose is good for her. Once the conversation is over head back over to crow 
and April will tell him she found what she was looking for, now go back 
through the shift.

You will then see a seen where Damien injects Zoe with Morpheus and hooks her
up to The Dreamer so she can return to Arcadia. Before we arrive in Arcadia we
will be back in the Winter, so run forward like you did the last time you were
here until the girl shows up and, once again, drops Zoe into a pit.

Chapter 8-Convergence
You are once again Kian at the harbour in Arcadiand some rebels are attacking 
you already, so take them out. You only have to fight two of them as well as
one at a time so its a pretty easy fight. You then talk to a man (or creature)
cowering in the alley. Ask him about the scorpion and he will tell you its 
just a legend. 

A guard will interupt you and tell you they have 'caught a rebel witch' so you
now want to go to Friars Keep. Head into the ghetto and you will see Brynn run
past you, Kian will tell you to watch it. You will then see a scene where we 
find out the supplys have been delayed, Brynn will tell April Zoe has been 

Kian will have found his way to Friars Keep by now and be talking to a man 
with very red nose and eyes. He will let you in and Kian will be soon talking
to Zoe, Kian will believe you are not a witch or spy and will try to convince
the warden to let her go. 

Leave the tower and head down the path to meet April, make your choices though
they will eventually begin an argument about the Azadi. April will decide to 
leave though Kian thinks he knows you from somewhere. Once you have gained
control of April, head up to Friars Keep, the doors are unbreakable so head 
through the small gap in the wall to the right where you will meet Crow. April
will ask for his help in finding Zoe and he agrees, he will find Zoe locked in
a small cell.

They will have a discussion and Zoe will be confused as to how Crow can talk
and crow will tell her to find a way out. Try the door and Zoe will call the
guard who agrees to leave the hatch open for her, look outside to see a heavy
bolt locking the door, now go back and talk to Crow who will tell April what
Zoe told him.  Magic won't work but potions will so head into the Ghetto and 
talk to Roper Klacks again, by the way, there is a quicker way into Old Town
now, rather than going back to the inn and going right, head straight through
the market, past the large creature going in circles round the well and 
through the gate where the Azadi is standing guard.

Talk to him and ask for potions and you will get acid and a smoke bomb, though
he gives them different names. Once you've acquired the potions, head back 
to Friars Keep and talk to Crow who is just where you left him. Select the 
potions from your inventory and give them to him, he will take them to Zoe and
tell her what to do with them.

Use the acid on the bolt locking the door and exit the cell. Move to the left 
a little and watch a scene with the guard. If he catches you, you'll end up
in a fight you can not win-I am not joking, its impossible. Creep over to the
guard and use the smoke bomb on him to knock him out, now take his keys. Go 
and talk to Crow again he'll tell you to check the place and out and report 
back to him with any news.

Use the guards keys to unlock the gate just behind him and head down the 
stairs to hear a guard complain about lunch, they are going to order a 
sandwhich which is very useful for you so return to Crow and tell him the good
news. Now that you're April again, go to the Journeyman Inn and ask Benrime 
for some food, she will give you a sandwich which will get you in.

Return to Friars Keep and go up to the doors this time, speak into the little
tube to the left nd they will let you in believing that you are here to 
deliver a sandwich. They will then let you into the actual prison, head to the
left and open the gates, now use the food elevator to the right of the machine
to send the food up to the second floor.

Once the guard has his sandwich you will be Zoe so head down the stairs and 
watch the guard fall asleep, use your keys on the gate and sneak past him,
go down the stairs and unlock the next gate and down the final set of stairs
to meet April. 

You gain control of April and Zoe will follow you as you move. There is a door
next to where you entered the prison area, open it to find a kitchen but no
staff. Head through the kitchen and use the next door to enter what looks like
a pantry or supply room, use the large box in the centre of the room and Zoe
will help April to push it, now take the rope off a box behind the door and
climb up to the window, use the rope on the hook and climb down.

Follow April up to the bridge and you will find yourself in The Journeyman
Inn arguing with April, Zoe will leave after April refuses to help her and 
Crow will follow her. After a short discussion Crow will become your sidekick.
Ask for a suggestion and he will tell you findingBrian Westhouse is a good 
idea so ask him where he is a he will say the South Gate, head up, towards the
Jouneyman Inn to get a scene.

As Kian, go upstairs to where we all know April and the Rebels have been 
hiding, you will meet one at the bottom of the stairs and once you've taken
him out another will appear, now head upstairs. Enter the room at the end of 
the hallway to find Na'ane, he threatens her and she offers to take him to the
scorpion as long as he lets her friends and the boat go.

After all this you will be Zoe again, continue to the Southgate market and go 
behind the stall furthest to the right to find Brian and Crow. He tells Zoe 
he can't help her to go home but the White Dragon can and Crow has just been
there, but we can't fly so we're going in an Air Ship. You get the chance to 
ask Brian about a few things so do if you want to, when you finish this 
discussion leave the cabin and you will arrive in the Dark Peoples city.

Chapter 9-All that we see or seem...
The White Dragon is expecting you so make your way to the library once again.
The White Dragon is sitting at a desk in the library and she will find you
fascinating and ask to touch you, as well as Brian. She knows a bit about you
and give you a lecture on faith and dreams. She will tell you to find 'her'
and Zoe will dissapear.

Chapter 10-Crossroads
So Zoe is'nt home, she is in a swamp or something, follow the creepy looking
path and once you reach the boat you will see what Zoe thinks is a firework 
light up the sky before dissapearing. Once the short scene is over, continue
along the path going past the houses and onto the narrow walkway, follow this.
Once you get to the very end Zoe will see April.

You are April talking to some guy and discussing Aprils recent journey to 
Marcuria, April suggests taking the war to Marcuria but the guy doesn't agree.
After this discussion and you have control of April head forward and go up the
ladder. Follow the path to the left and then across the bridge. At the end of
the bridge go the left and down the stairs there. Head down to where the two 
people are talking to meet Kara and get a scence where April and Kara argue
about Benrime.

Once this scence is over continue up the ramp and then down to the left, head
north to meet Na'ane. She will tell you to go meet someone on the left pier 
who may have news of Benrime, continue forward and follow the path to the left
then keep going along the bridges and finally to the end where April will see
someone, but we don't get to find out who it is yet.

You are Kian again so head forward, we too are headed to the west pier. Go to 
the left, down the stairs, into the 'clearing' of sorts, go north and then 
head left. As you go forward you will see the firework for the third time, now
head north to Na'ane, once the short scene is over continue to the west pier.
You will get a very dramatic scence now, first between April and Kian and then
the rest of the Azadi. Dialogue choices don't matter, whatever you chose April
will be stabbed. After that a scene with Chawan and Brynn will ensue and soon 
you will find Zoe is there also, they will send Zoe away and Brynn will then
begin attacking the Azadi, which we don't get to see.

After that there is a scene in which the White Dragon is inside the library,
something is behind her and she turns around and screams.

Chapter 11-Faith
Zoe wakes up, still in Damiens apartment, only Damien isn't there. There is a 
message on the TV or computer screen so head over and watch it. He will tell
you about Russia and then you will get a message from Dad, Zoe will call him 
back to reassure him. Go into the bathroom which is next to the kitchen fridge
and the TV so Zoe can get changed, now leave the apartment.

After a scene of what is presumably a futuristic aeroplane, you will be in 
Russia, outside a factory. The fence is electric and the control panel is 
un-hackable so head through the fence to the right. Head to the car on the
left hand side and a further up, use the lockpick on the access panel and once
you have it opened, use your mobile to hack into it.

The car will suddenly move forward and crash, head over to it and climb on top
of what it crashed into, then the roof of the car. Jump onto the banister 
above, go round the corner and climb the ladder next to the door. You will see
they have one of those flying security things in place, so you will naturally
have to avoid it.

Head to the end, sticking to the right hand side and climb this ladder, go to
the slanted letter 'K' and push it down to break one of the glass windows, you
now have access to the factory. Head back down and climb through the broken
skylight. Follow the path to the right to reach a set of stairs and then 
another ladder, climb down. Go to the other side of the room and Zoe will 
comment on how shes above where the intrusion originated, look at the 
ventilation shaft to the left. 

Turn around and go forward until you come to the second machine sticking out of
the wall, attached to it there should be a control panel or something so open 
it and pull the lever to bring the factory to life. Head over to the newly 
activated control centre and look at the consoles which control the winch. The
one on the left moves it up and down while the one on the right moves it left,
right, up and down. 

We need to move the winch to the vent on the floor that we looked at, so start
with the right console. Here is how I did it: Y, X, X, Y, Y, Y, X. Once you 
have it in the right position go to the left console and lower the winch. Now 
return to the vent and hook it on to the vent, return to the control room and
move the winch up, taking the vent lid with it and giving us a hole to climb

After climbind down the vent you will be in an office which is adjacent to what 
looks like a childs bedroom. Take a key from a drawer in the desk and use it 
to unlock the first locker and gain an access card, use that to go through the
large doors next to the bedroom and then the smaller door to gain access to 
the bedroom. There is a dolls house on a table with a Datacube in, take it and
return to the office. Use the Datacube on the computer in the far corner. You
will get a very emotional and moving scene about who is probably the little
girl from Zoes dreams.

After the scene head throught the door opposite Faiths room by using the 
access card then head up the stairs and through the other door with the access
card to reach the factory floor. Next to the control room is a door with a 
green light above it, use the card reader on the panel next to it, head 
through both doors and outside. Use the card on the panel to the left of the 
fence and climb into the taxi outside.

Chapter 12-Reversal
You are back in Casablanca so head back to Zoes home and once you enter Zoe
will sigh before getting call from her father and once it is over she will
head up to her room and throw herself onto her bed, crying. Helena Chang will
then appear on the balcony and tell you a bit about how Faith ended up an 
experiment of WATIcorp, but its not really that important. She asks for your
help, then for you to help Faith. Shes a bit cryptic and when shes not it 
turns out she doesn't know much. After a long scene Zoe will be hooked up to

Chapter 13-The longest journey
You are back in The Winter, run up to the house and it will split open, keep 
going and Zoe will enter the house and go up the stairs to meet Faith. After a
talk in which Faith thinks Zoe is her sister she will eventually convince her
that everything will be okay and taht she won't have to be aloe anymore. After
a scene where we see Faith playing wth her dolls house and Zoe sitting beside
her Faith will get sleepy and cold before dissapearing.

Another scence will ensue where Peats is destroyed by the twins with the woman
who we saw whilst Zoe was inserting the worm. This is followed by a scene 
where Helena Chang tells Zoe she can't ever wake up.

We see Zoe in her coma once more with her dad by her side, the way the game
began and Reza walks in, Zoe trys to warn her father it is not Reza though
he doesn't hear her. You are now in the same realm Brian visited on his way
to Arcadia talking to the same man, he tells her she is in the story time and 
asks to hear her story. 

After this you will see a TV which is telling you about WATIcorps new release,
Dreamtime followed by  scene in Arcadia where the Azadi tower is surrounded by
a dark cloud and lightning.

If you watch past the credits you will get a scene of Brian climbing a 
mountain during a blizzard and then once he falls down the camera will show
the back of somebodys head. The person turns around and we can see it is 
Cortez, another character from The Longest Journey. He tells us it isn't 
over or whatever before they keep walking.

Copyright 2007 Emma Hardy

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