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FAQ/Walkthrough by f4r13_ch1ck13

Version: 0.25 | Updated: 04/22/06

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey


Please note the Dreamfall, all of it's characters and situations are copyright
to Aspyr Media and Funcom.

(Main Cast descriptions come directly from the Dreamfall website)

This Guide was written solely by me, no other help was given.

Table of Contents:

I. Cast of Characters
  A. Main Cast

     1. Zoe Castillo
     2. April Ryan
     3. Kian Alvane

  B. Supporting Cast
     1. Reza Temiz
     2. Olivia De Marco
     3. Benrime Salmin
     4. Chawan
     5. Brynn
     6. Na'ane

II. Chapter Guide

    1. Prologue
    2. Chapter One - One
    3. Chapter Two - 201
    4. Chapter Three - Winter
    5. Chapter Four - (?)

I. Cast

A. Main Cast -

Zoe Castillo: Seeker. Nomad. Dreamer.
Twenty years old, Zoe lives with her father Gabriel in Casablanca.
She has recently taken time out from her bioengineering degree to figure out
what she wants to do with her life.
But now she is about to get involved in a conspiracy that will take her on a
dangerous journey across this world – and others – and for the first time in
her life, she will have to take a chance and commit herself to something...

April Ryan: Rebel. Emissary. Chosen.
Ten years ago, April Ryan went on a journey that changed the course of history.
A decade later, the innocent girl has grown into a disillusioned woman, trapped
in a world that was never her home.
April believes that she has finally laid her past life behind her, but she is
about to discover that destiny has a way of catching up with you...

Kian Alvane: Solider. Apostle. Assassin.
Kian serves his mistresses without question. His mission is the destruction of
those lives deemed unworthy by those he worships.
Now he is about to embark on a journey that will turn his world upside down,
challenge his faith, and make him question the things he has always held to be
self-evident and true...

B. Supporting Cast -

Reza Temiz: Reza is Zoe’s ex-boyfriend and best friend for life.
He is older than her, and has a job as an investigative reporter under the
penname "Jericho".
He's deeply involved with a conspiracy involving the government and a key
He has information that could change the entire world forever.

Olivia De Marco: Olivia is Zoe’s other best friend.
She's a hacker, and a computer genius. She helps Zoe hack and break into a
hundred places.
Without her, Zoe would have never made it out of Casablanca.

Benrime Salmin: TLJ fans will recognize her as the kind innkeeper who helps
April out a great deal in the first game.
Her role hasn't changed much in this game; she is a key helper to the rebels
fighting against the Azadi.

Chawan: Chawan is a member of April's army; he doesn't seem to be human but is
very smart and strong.

Brynn: Brynn is a member of April's army that she rescued while he was still
relatively young.
He has grown up with April, and all of the signs point to him being in love
with her. Or at least, that's the  way he acts.

Na’Ane: Na'Ane isn't human; she's a magical being that only recently joined the
April comments that fighting without her would be next to impossible.


II. Chapters
                                                   - ~ * ~ -

 Prologue -

Here we open up to a cut scene of Brian Westhouse writing in a journal, fans of
the original game will recognize him instantly :)

Listen carefully to what he says, as it’s bound to come up later in the game.

The first moment we are allowed to play, we're playing as Brian.
A monk comes to get him, and this is the game's first example of "following".
Get used to it, because you will have to do it a million times in the game.
You have some time though, so take a moment and get acquainted with the room.

If you don't touch the controller after Brian has finished speaking, you'll
notice that his bed is highlighted with a "photo corners" kind of rectangle.
In the bottom right of your screen there is an eye with a green "A" above it.
This symbolizes that the only action you can do here is look. Go ahead and
click the A key.


Now, when you're done looking go outside the room and follow the monk to the
meditation chambers.
Small cut scene shows monks praying around a dais. Walk into the room and
explore a bit.
There isn't much to do, and the only way to progress with the game is to wait
for the monk you followed to get up and speak to you.
I'm not sure if it happens after a certain amount of time, or just after a
certain action.

Adventure gamers - Relax! There are no puzzles to solve here. Take your time
and look at the environment and ponder what is going on.

Action gamers - The game is slow now, but it will pick up, have patience.

After the monk speaks to you, he tells you to get up on the dais. Do so.
Watch the cut scene and if you're like me, you'll say out loud "BRIAN!!" -
Because I love him.
A loading screen and another cut scene and you're in a strange place.
It looks like Brian is standing barefoot on ice, and yet there is a fire with
another guy standing around it...weird.
Listen carefully to their cryptic conversation, and feel sorry for Brian who
seems lost and confused...
Again if you're like me, you'll say "NOO! RUN BRIAN! RUN!"

                                                    - ~ * ~ -

 Chapter One - One

Here we meet Zoe, our main heroine. Listen carefully to the dialogue and watch
the cut scene.
This is the first background information we get about the story of the game, so
it's quite important.

We start off actually playing with Zoe on her bed watching TV.
The newscasters mention that there's been a surge in Static which is causing
computer systems to fail.
Then, Zoe receives her first vision from the little girl. Wonkers will then hop
on the bed and tell her that there is a message, your first task of the game?
Answer her phone. Walk over to the chair and wait for it to be highlighted, and
then notice there are two little symbols.
One is an eye with a blue "X", and the other is a phone with a green "A".
If you hit A, you'll pick up the phone and read the message. If you hit X,
she'll describe the phone.

You're going to be late to the gym no matter what, so take a moment to explore
Zoe’s room.
Talk to Wonkers, the purple gorilla. He's adorable, but Zoe neglects him.

This is the first opportunity you have to use the focus field.
Click your left trigger and you'll see an eye appear in the top center of the
screen and a blue light towards where ever Zoe is looking.
Look around at all of the objects, and she'll comment on them, it’s a chance to
learn a little about Zoe.
You can get dressed before or after going downstairs.

When you do go downstairs, you'll find your Dad in the kitchen.
Zoe will automatically start to talk to him.
You learn that he's going on a business trip to Bombay and that Zoe feels

Get dressed if you haven't done so already and head out the door.
Casablanca can be a bit confusing at first, but with exploring it isn't hard to
find your way around.
Once outside your apartment head out through the blue arch, turn right and head
out the other arch.
There's a little scene, and then turn left and keep going straight.
Along the way there are two people you can talk to, I recommend talking to
both, just to get acquainted with Zoe’s life.
(Adventure gamers will agree with me, that this is an important element to the

The first person you run into is Carlita. Talk to her about the party.
Then, straight in front of you, in the doorway is Olivia.

Olivia is a VERY important person to the game, talk to her and learn more about
her and just what she can do for you.
If you choose to talk to her, which I recommend you do, walk up the beaded
curtain and click the A button.
Walk forward and Zoe gets another vision, a little more in-depth. "Find April,
Save April" - she couldn't mean April Ryan, could she?
Olivia comes out and you talk to her about the vision, she suggests it may be
the Static, but we know better, don't we?
Liv also informs you that she has new software that makes your phone invisible
to the "Eye in the Sky".
This is in reference to the EYE, which is the government, ultimately.

Olivia has to take a phone call, so now you have to book it to the gym. Go
outside the shop and head down the street.

** A quick note **

You can access text messages, conversation recalls and journal entries from
your mobile.
Whenever you see a symbol flashing on your screen (like a phone or a piece of
paper with a pencil) it means that you either just got texted or you've written
a new journal entry.
Use the arrows up top to select what you want to look at.

    -- On the messages Screen:

To read a message, highlight the envelope so that it is pulsing
and white, then push the down arrow, then click the left arrow until you see a
rectangle highlight the message. Then, click the A key to read the message.

    -- On the journal screen:

Reading journals is easy, just highlight the piece of paper and
click the A button.

To exit the mobile click "B" or highlight the white circle at the top of the
screen and click.


There's a short walk until a loading screen, then you're in the center
Walk towards the fountain and have a look around. Aaralyn, a friend runs up to
you while on a jog and reminds you to go to the gym.

Have a look around if you like, and then go towards the giant screen, down the
alley way in-between the screen and the sushi place.
Keep walking until you get to the loading screen. Walk forward through the

Look at the little robot trashcan!! He's so CUTE! You'll see a can station and
then to the right of that, a staircase.
Go up the stairs, there's a set of blue doors, go through them.
You're now inside the gym, head towards the woman in the green.
That's Jama, she's your instructor. Either dialogue option is okay.
Even while she's talking to you, she never stops that tai chi, a little rude
don't you think?
You go right into karate lessons, so be careful. If you have the game set to
tutorial, it will show you how to do all of the attacks.
But just in case, I'll tell you.

** In attack mode:

A - Light attacks, do these rapidly so the enemy won't have a chance to hit you.

X - Heavy attacks that do a lot of damage, but take a long time to do.

B - Blocking only seems to work against Jama. No one else.

**Please note**

Attacks are the same with Zoe’s karate, April's staff and Kian's sword.


You can keep playing against Jama as many times as you want, it never changes.
I'm not sure what happens if you lose against Jama, there isn't much of an
excuse to lose against her.
So...don't. Walk towards the staircase and you'll get another vision.
This one is even more in-depth - So you ARE supposed to find April Ryan! Wow!
Who could have seen that one coming?

You get a call from Reza, your ex boyfriend and best friend, as soon as you
He asks you to meet him at Mocha Loco, if you were paying attention earlier,
you would know that it's in the main marketplace.
So go back the way you came from and you'll see Reza sitting in a small enclave.
You can invite him to the party or not, I feel bad for choosing not to...so
invite him, besides he's cute for a computer guy.

For the next dialogue option, you can choose either one, it doesn't matter.
The response barely changes.
Reza will ask you to do a favor for him, you're going to do it anyway otherwise
the game won't progress, so go ahead and agree.
He wants you to go Downtown to the Seshadri Building and locate Helena Chang.
Do you remember that taxi stand down by the gym?
Go there to hop on and go downtown.
As you arrive at the building walk forward and call the elevator.
It will take you to the right floor.
Watch the pretty cut scene.
You're now at the Jiva Corporation and there's a blond woman at the front desk.
Go talk to her. Doesn’t she seem a little odd for a secretary?

Tell her you have an appointment. She'll freak out a little and be rude to you.
Then, a woman appears on a screen, she looks in trouble.
You can either distract her by asking about her blonde hair, then reason with
She'll see you trying to sneak into the other room and attack you.
Or you can ask her about the woman, she'll then attack you, or try to leave.
She'll see the screen and attack you. So any way you cut it, you've got a fight
ahead of you.

Don't worry, this bimbo is no trouble.
She'll hit you twice and then block, so just use big attacks on her.
Use the computer to open up the door and run through it.
Don't worry about the alarm, or that man.

He just runs right past you.
The lady is the same lady from the screen!
You've got to rescue her!

Try pushing on the door; she'll try to help you from the inside.
She then points upwards, telling you to climb on top of the door.
Look at the thing next to the door, Zoe comments that she can climb up it.

Do so. Then climb up the next level so you're on top of the door.
Crawl towards the panel, open it, and then use the switch.
Climb back down to the floor and then open the door.
Follow the woman, the elevator is jammed, so she leaves to open it.
Push the call button when she says to and go inside the elevator.
Once outside she'll introduce herself as Helena Chang.
She'll give you the package and tell you to give it to Jericho immediately.

You have two dialogue options, you can either ask her about what is in the
package or you can ask her why she jumped at the sound of your name.

1.	If you ask about the information she’ll tell you that it is none of your
business and then run off.
2.	If you ask about your name, she’ll tell you that she knew a Castillo once
but it wasn’t Zoe’s father. Ooh, spooky!

After she runs off, call a taxi and head home.
If you choose to open the package (it’s your choice), you’ll see that it’s a
data cube and that’s encrypted.
Don’t bother going to Olivia, she’s closed the shop for the day and you don’t
have anything at home that could decipher the information…so best just give it
to Reza.

To get to his apartment go to the main market place.
His apartment building is through a blue archway, which is attached to a blue
building (which is the sushi stand) and is in-between the sushi and fruit
Go through the archway, up the stairs to a building with a red door.
This is his apartment.
Go inside and have Zoe look at the mailbox.
She’ll say that he’s in apartment 8, which is up the stairs, to the right.
You’ll know his apartment because it looks like it’s been broken into.

There’s a mini cut scene.
Go inside his apartment and you’ll find a dead body with this flower thing
attached to her face.
Make a note of this, because this is a KEY element of the game.
Then, Zoe gets another vision. The same girl is pleading with Zoe to find April
However, at the end of this vision there are EYE commandos storming the
((Also, note that the word ‘LIVE’ is flashing at the bottom right corner of the
TV screen, tee hee)).
There isn’t much point in running because they catch you every time; the game
won’t proceed without it.

So, you can stand there, or run out to greet them.
They’ll shoot you, (it’s just a stun gun) and then you’ll wake up to find
yourself in an interrogation chamber. Eek!

You have several dialogue choices, which have different reactions from the
interrogator. The first choice you have to make is whether or not to cooperate
or counteract.

1.	Cooperate and the guy won’t yell at you.
2.	The guy will get angry and yell at you.

Then, the next choice you have to make is to lie or tell the truth.

1.	You can try to lie, but they ALREADY KNOW the truth, so you just get into
more trouble.
2.	Tell them what they already know, and what they want to hear.

Then, plead with them or reason with them.

1.	Tell them that you had nothing to do with it…etc.
2.	(Can’t remember what Zoe says)

The last choice, it doesn’t really matter what you say.
I recommend though telling them the truth and being cooperative. Just makes
things easier.


We cut, and then open back to Zoe, on her terrace making a few calls on her
She’s trying to reach Reza, but his phone is switched off.
Then she tries to call her father, but he’s also unavailable.
Poor Zoe.

Go back inside to receive an odd message from Wonkers.

((-- Side note, isn’t somehow COMPLETELY ADORABLE when Wonkers is talking about
Zoe getting “*** faced”? -- ))

Ah, so now leave your apartment and you can either go to Olivia’s now or later.
I recommend now just to remove a step.
When you go, you tell her about your night…etc, and after a while she gives you
some software that can hack into the EYE’s system and take the seal off of
Reza’s door (which you don’t know is there yet…)

Run over to Reza’s apartment, and sure enough…there is a seal. Walk up to it,
take out your mobile and use it.



To open your inventory, press the up arrow on the controller.
Then use the side arrows to scroll through objects, to select an object to use
push up again.

To make a call on your mobile, select it then if there is a Sun above the
mobile push the up arrow yet again, then Zoe will call whoever she needs to

To combine objects, select an object then click the right arrow and select
another object to combine. If it is a valid combination it will work, if not,
then it won’t.


Hacking is a very easy little mini game, though it doesn’t make a whole lot of
Match up all of the symbols within a certain amount of time.
Note that if you don’t do certain symbols quickly enough you’ll have to do them

Once the door is open, go inside and walk forward until…

A mini cut scene. Lucia will run towards you and then, is fried by the Spider.

There are two ways to get rid of the Spider, the first one I found the easiest
and the second one I attempted once and didn’t like it.

1.	This method doesn’t require you to leave and come back; instead all you have
to do is sneak around the bot and lure it into the shower.
2.	You have to sneak close to the bot, make note of its logo and report to
Olivia for software.

-- To lure the bot into the shower
        Sneak towards the window and be careful NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING.
Do not run into any chairs or tables and DO NOT walk over any broken glass.
Make a loop in-between two fallen chairs and sneak into the bathroom.
Then, click on the audio/water control panel to turn on music.
The bot reacts to sound first, so it will come running to investigate the sound.
Don’t move until the bot is in the shower, then close the door and the water
will turn on.
The spider is fried and we are back in business.

The other method is also simple but you have to run over half of Casablanca.
Go to Olivia, she’ll give you software and then go back, get close enough to
the bot to hack into it and then fry it.

Investigate Lucia, and steal her Watilla parts to see if Liv can fix them.
Run back to Olivia, and learn that both parts are completely destroyed.
She can give you a power source, but you have to steal the brain out of a
working Watilla…in other words you have to steal Wonkers’ brain.

Go home and go up to him, use the hand key (it will be “X”) and take his brain.
Run back to Reza’s apartment and put Lucia back together.
If you talk to her a second time, Zoe will say the password and Lucia will run
away to open the safe.
(Isn’t she adorable when she runs?). Take back Wonkers’ brain and then take the
notebook. Dun Dun!

You’re attacked again, great. Not to worry though, the twins don’t harm you yet.
Pick the notebook back up and run to Olivia’s.
You’ll see the same cat you saw the day before, but ignore it for now and go to


She tells you that only one entry can be hacked at the moment.
An entry that tells you to go to a place called Venice, Newport and to meet
someone named Charlie at the Fringe.
TLJ fans may squeal with excitement now, as I did.
Go home and collect your backpack, first I would put poor Wonkers back
together, but it’s optional.
As soon as Zoe grabs her backpack, we’re treated with a cool cut scene of her
traveling and then we open back up to a winter landscape…this doesn’t look like

Next we come face to face with APRIL!
Yay! This is our first opportunity to play her; while it is short it’s a taste
of what is to come.
After the cut scene is over and the battle begins kill the unoccupied Azadi.
They’re pushovers; just keep using big attacks, as they’ll try to block your
little ones.
Another cut scene after the battle has ended and we learn that April and her
companions are traveling to Marcuria.

- ~ * ~ -

Chapter Two – 201

We arrive in Newport, where it is night time and cold and wet and rainy. Oh boy.
Newport is nothing like it was in the original game, kiddos so prepare.
First thing you must do is find the place called “The Fringe”.
Go straight through the alley you’re facing and you’ll find yourself at the
crossroads, remember the clock?
The Fringe is actually really easy to find, even without being able to tell
where everything is in this new Newport.
Go straight down the stairs and turn to the right. Turn right again into the
closest alley way and you’ll be at the Fringe.
Push the call button on the intercom to talk to Charlie and head inside.
The Fringe café is no longer a café, but rather a trendy night spot for the
rich and famous.
Charlie is where the mean hostess says he is, so run over there and talk to him.
Run through all of the dialogue options and then head over to the Border House.
To get to the Border House…or Victory Hotel, go straight towards the clock and
turn right.
Continue down that path, turn to the left and then go across the diagonal
thingy and head towards the staircase.

You’ll be called over by a Chinese guy who will want to sell you stuff.
Go and talk to him, you’ll need to know him later. Once you’re done, go up the
stairs and hit the loading screen.
Go straight down the stairs and turn to the right, take the path on the far
side and then turn left down the alley that has the neon martini glass sign.
Go straight and then turn right at the first alley.

Recognize the tree? Head to the far side and go down the scaffolding on the
left side.
Walk through the broken gate and hit the loading screen.
Once out, go up the ladder and make Zoe notice the padlock.
(This looks like an Ipod).
Call Olivia on your mobile and she’ll tell you that you need a lock pick.

Also, a funny thing.
Zoe will notice that there is a back door and says that that this is probably
how Reza got in.
What she fails to notice is that there is a blood hand print on the door.
Although it looks more like a chicken than a hand print.
Maybe its some kind of crazy post-collapse chicken gang graffitti?

Head down the ladder and back to the Chinese man.
He’ll give you a lock pick…if you give him software.
So call Olivia, she’ll give you a program and then talk to the Chinese guy
again, presto…a new lock pick.
Go back over to the hotel, climb up the ladder and use the lock pick.
In the puzzle you need to pair up the symbols in each little circle.

** Lock Pick Puzzle **

I will be making a diagram of it if anyone has any trouble. If you're stuck on
it now, then e-mail me and I'll give you a hand.

Now, open the gate and prepare to be sneaky.
Sneak inside and Zoe will tell you that there is a sleeping guard dog.
She also says that it must be used to the trains because it’s sleeping right
through all of the racket.

Well, you have to sneak through the yard over to that little shed ONLY when the
trains or going.
Also, you HAVE to sneak, if you walk the dog will wake up and it will eat
you…or try to eat you.
If this happens RUN outside and climb down the ladder.
It will reset your health and you can try again.

When you get to the shed, get the axe and sneak back.
Don’t bother with the other door…it doesn’t work.

Go down the ladder and then walk over to the dumpster where Zoe notices that
there is a window with light shining out of it.
Remove the metal bar from the wheel and push the dumpster underneath the window.
Climb up, and break open the boards.
Climb inside, pick up the axe handle and the old rag, combine the two to make a
Sniff all of the cans and find the one with the gasoline in it.
Dip the rag inside and walk over to the heater.
Light the torch using the heater (how that works, I don’t know) and then walk
down the hall way.

** Please Note**

There are no baddies on this floor; you don’t have to worry about bad guys
until you get upstairs.

There is blood on the floor, uh oh. Better go and see where the trail leads to.
There is even more inside and…Reza’s lighter.
Then Zoe gets a vision and a message to telling her to go to room 201. Sound


To get the door open, us your mobile on the console, pick the lock the same way
you picked the EYE seal.
Go upstairs and into the kitchen.
Let yourself get caught by the lovely man in the orange Hawaiian shirt.
This is one of the few times in the game where it is VERY important to choose
the right dialogue options.

If you choose the wrong ones, you’ll have to fight this guy and he’s hard to
beat. So, sweet talk him and outsmart him. I’ll tell you how.

In this order choose these dialogue options:

1.	Vacancies
2.	Lie
3.	Calm
4.	Manager

Now, you’ll be allowed a SHORT amount of time to look around, so you have to be
You’ll probably have to do this more than once, so take your time the first
time to look around at all of the things you’re meant to see.
Then let yourself get caught, die and start over.
Then, skip through everything (B key) and then RUN.
Run straight to the bathroom, ignore the creepy girl and take the window handle.

Then run into the room underneath the stairs and use the window handle on the
window, climb out and then climb up the ladder.

The ladder breaks off as soon as you get up, so you have no choice but to climb
into the next window.
Be careful on this floor because there is a man, and he’s NOT a zombie-thing.
If you get caught by him, you’ll have to fight him.
He is possible to beat, but he’s not easy.
Go into the bathroom and take the towel.
Then sneak down the hallway until you get to a window and a radiator.

Look at both.

That’s a long drop, eh?

You need something to add to your towel, what about a sheet that the man was
sleeping on?
Now, if you spend enough time at the window, the man will be gone when you go
back for his sheet, but it’s hard to tell…so when you go back, prepare for a

When you get the sheet run back to the window and combine the two together in
your inventory, then tie them both to the radiator and climb down.
Once down there, open the window to room 201 and climb inside.
It’s April’s room!!
Yay! Open up the wardrobe and pick up the photo.
It’s a photo of Charlie, April and Emma from ten years ago.
Now, Marcus enters the room. (Yes, the very same Marcus).

When Marcus enters, you’ll learn that his mouth hasn’t changed a bit.
I would recommend using these dialogue options:

1.	Courteous
2.	No
3.	Reporter

Follow Marcus down to the front door and head back over to The Fringe.

Talk to the intercom and you’ll go inside the fringe again.


Walk back to where Charlie was before and show him the photograph.
Push him on, don’t back off.
Charlie leaves to go and call Emma.
There is a long cut scene, pay close attention to everything that's being
said...it's important.

After the cut scene is finished head upstairs to make your phone call.
Go into the last room and use your mobile.
You don't have a choice on who to call, so she calls Reza automatically.
Once you're off the phone, Marcus shows up and the twins come with him. Aaah!

                                                           - ~ * ~ -

Chapter Three – Winter

You wake up in the same winter-y landscape or your dreams…and in your
Run towards the house.
There isn’t much else to do in this part, so just run until the little girl
catches up to you.

((God! I jump every time that little girl appears in this part! She’s a lot
like “The Ring” isn’t she?))
Watch the cut scene and you’ll find yourself in an under ground cave filled
with these cave troll things.
You can sneak by them, or you can kill them.
There’s only two, so it’s not too hard.
There is a glowing egg on a stick, take that…you’ll need it later.
Run down the path, then take the stairs going down to the little landing, then
take the stairs going up the platform by the water wheel.
Go over to the controls and put the egg on top of the mechanism.
Then, use the wheel.
A little tune will be played so pay CLOSE attention if you want to solve the
puzzle on your own.

The egg will power the wheel to make the water run.
Once the wheel is turning take the egg and jump on the wheel and ride it up to
the top.
Walk across the little plank and one of them will break.
Zoe will run and jump a la Lara Croft to the other side.

Climb up the massive ladder and head into the cave.
At the end of the cave, three symbols will appear.
Each one plays a musical note, if you can remember the tune, go ahead and solve
the puzzle.

In Case You Can't Remember ---

The symbols going from left to right I’ll call A, B and C.

The tune goes, ABAC.

You come out of the passageway into a cavern of some kind.
There’s a locked door at the top of a couple stairs.
Kick it down.  – You’re not in a cavern at all, you’re in a basement.
Make note of the strange invention on the left.
Head up the stairs and out into….the Journeyman Inn!!

As soon as you walk into the doorway, a cut scene will occur and you start your
first Arcadian quest.
Go outside and talk to Blind Bob, or rather…Theoretically Blind Bob.
He tells you that in order for him to do something for you…you have to do
something for him, of course.

He decides that he wants some mulled wine.
So, head back inside and talk to Benrime.
She tells you that she has red wine she can heat up, but that she's all out of
spices, so guess where you have to go next?
That's right! It's time to get spices!
Go out of the inn and down the stairs, this time walk past blind bob and you'll
be in the main market area, where the tower is, only now it isn't a market

Across from the tower there are a couple of gates and a long sloping hill.
Go down there and you'll be in the south marketplace.
Take a moment to explore the world and make a note of all of the Azadi guards.

Go forward and down the hill.
The very first stall on the left side is the spice merchant.
Talk to him, he's actually really amusing.
Tell him you want Spices.
He'll beat around the bush but finally tell you that he doesn't have any.
He'll explain the deal about the magical ghetto.
Agree to go and run the errand. Here's the kicker, the guy is just behind the
So you have to run all the way back there and talk to him.

When you go back to the tower, you'll see a man in custody for trying to sell
medicine to the magical people.
So, can you notice the beginning of a trend?

In case you want some explaining: The Azadi are people from the Westlands who
came to Marcuria to help in the most recent wars (remember that from TLJ?),
they just never left.
They took over Marcuria and are in the process of kill off all of the magical
It's the Arcadian Holocaust.

Go back to the Journeyman and talk to the man with the giant red beard.
He'll blabber on about the rebels and the magicals, it offers one side of the
You can either go straigh to the journeyman or back to the spice merchant.
The first way is short, but I'm not certain of the long term effects it has on
the game while the second one is very annoying and takes a really long time.

Your choice. Give the wine to Blind Bob, then talk to him a second time to get
the option to talk about Magda.
He tells you to go and talk to Crazy Clara. Of course.
Head down to the South marketplace (the place where the spice merchant is).

Walk past him and the soup kitchen nun and go through the gateway.

Welcome to Crab Bend.

Keep heading up the pathway until you come to a covered bridge with a very
scary looking woman sitting on it.
This is Crazy Clara.
She tells you that she misses her pet and the only way to get Clara to talk to
you about Magda is to get her pet back.
She "tells" you that the soldiers took her baby.
Head back down to the south market place and head over to where the
dinosaur/horse/cow thing is on a tie and walking around in circles.
There's an alley way, the pet is down there in a cage.
However, if you go when the cow thing isn't blocking the soldier’s view of the
alley, you'll get caught and he'll yell at you.
So follow the cow's butt and then head down the alleyway and let the "baby" out.

Let the pet out of his cage, he'll scare the dinosaur/horse/cow thing and run
Go back up to Crazy Clara and watch the little Pokemon pet thing run into her
(Doesn’t it look like Pikachu?) The scene is so cute.

Clara then "tells" you that the Soup Kitchen lady is Minstrum Magda, so go down
to her and talk to her.
Tell her that the innkeeper sent you.
Her name is Benrime Salmin.
Go through all of the dialogue.
When you're done a guy will call you over.

(It's Brynn from the first time you play April).
Watch the little scene play out.
(( - Notice how he only promises to not drag you into a basement - )).
Follow him, you don't have much of a choice.


Watch the scene. Brynn seems a little overprotective, doesn't he?

Aww, April!

Zoe begs April to help her, but April doesn't.
She still seems to be a bit bitter about how her life turned out.
She tells Zoe that she is a shifter - but she's not - DUN DUN DUN.

Aaagh! Zoe’s gone!

                                               - ~ * ~ -

Chapter Four - ((I wasn't looking while it changed and I don't have another
save to go back and look to see what the chapter title is, so it will come

This is your first opportunity to play as Kian.

Defeat all of your sparring partners, and then talk to your Irish/Viking master.
(Honestly, Kian looks almost African but his master has red hair and a
Scottish/Irish accent!)
They aren't hard to beat, just use a combination of light and heavy attacks -
it's the first believable fighting in the game.
You can go around and talk to the other guys if you feel like having your ego
Go ahead and "look" at them though for a little background information on where
Kian is currently.
Then go and talk to Gorman (your mentor).

In the middle of the conversation a child comes and says that your Mistresses
(the Six) request an audience with you.
Follow the girl out of the war garden and to their throne room.
Go into the room and watch the cut scene.
You’re receiving a mission that will send you to Marcuria and pushes Kian right
into the main plot.
This is a long scene so, listen close.
They tell you that a "Daemon" is the leader of the freedom fighters in Marcuria.
His name is Scorpion and you have to kill him. They call it "converting".
After Kian leaves the Six show their true reasons behind sending Kian to

Go back out to the war garden and talk to Gormon.
He shows his true opinion on The Six and their missions and orders.
It's quite amusing. It also provides an interesting look at Kian's life.


Well, chickadees, this is all that I have to offer you of the game at the
I will continue to update it until it's finished.
One Chapter at a time. I'm currently stuck late into chapter 5 and when I
finally manage to get unstuck I'll post the chapter.

Thanks for reading and I hope that this helps a bit!
Questions, Comments, Compliments or Complaints?
E-mail me at hazel_eyesfor_you2@hotmail.com

~ F43r13_Ch1ck13

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