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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Berserker

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                ---      ---  ---    ---  ---       ---     -----
               |   |\   |   ||   |\ |   ||   |     /   |   //   /
               |   | \  |   ||   || |   ||   |    /|   |  //   /
               |   | |  |   ||   || |   ||   |   | |   | //   /
               |   | |  |   ||   || |   ||   |   | |   |//   /
               |   |----|   ||   || |   ||   |   | |   |/   / 
               |   |    |   ||   || |   ||   |   | |       | 
               |   |----|   ||   || |   ||   |   | |        \  
               |   | |  |   ||   || |   ||   |   | |   |\    \  
               |   | |  |   ||    \/    ||   |---- |   | \    \  
               |   | |  |   ||          ||        ||   |  \    \  
               |   | |  |   ||          ||        ||   ||\ \    \
               |---| |  |---||\--------/||--------||---|| \ \----\
                \---\|   \---\\\------///--------/-/---/   \-\---/
    System:     Gamecube, PS2, X-box
    Written by: Berserker93 (aka. Berserker or Kevin)
    Started:    June 29, 2003
    Email:      berserker_kev@yahoo.com
    This document (c) 2003 Kevin Hall
    Hulk interactive game (c) 2003 Universal Interactive Inc.
    The Incredible Hulk character (c) 2003 Marvel Characters Inc.
    Version History
    Version 1.0 - (July 17, 2003) Walkthrough is complete.  FAQ is complete for 
    the most part...still have some areas that I need to add.  If anybody can give 
    me the X-box controller setup for the X-box version, that would be very much 
    appreciated.  Please list it similar to the Gamecube and PS2 controller setup.  
    My email is berserker_kev@yahoo.com.
    Version 1.1 – (September 13, 2003) Finally got around to adding the X-box 
    controller setup.  I still have a few more additions to make to this FAQ 
    before I am completely finished.
    Version 1.2 – (June 1, 2004) Revised the FAQ a bit, added some helpful advice 
    to the SECRETS section, another site to the Copyright section.
    Version 1.3 – (August 5, 2005) Page is now setup to 79 characters per line, 
    title was centered and Contact Info is now at the bottom.  This is probably 
    the final update for this guide.
    Section I:   Introduction
    Section II:  Basic Controls
    Section III: Collectibles/Items
    Section IV:  Move List
    Section V:   Walkthrough
    Section VI:  Secrets
    Section VII: Copyright
    The Hulk is one of my most favorite comic book characters ever.  I remember 
    watching the 80's series when I was younger and collecting a few of his 
    comics.  But enough about that, lets get to the game.  The Hulk (GC, PS2, X-
    box) has got to be the best Hulk game ever made!  Finally we have a worthy 
    successor to The Incredible Hulk (Genesis, SNES).  The Hulk is the first game 
    that gives you the impression that you actually are the Hulk.  From smashing 
    down doorways to making your own door, The Hulk involves a path of endless 
    destruction from the beginning to the end.
    I hope this FAQ will answer any questions that you might have about The Hulk.  
    I have tried to make the FAQ as detailed as possible.  I have stayed away from 
    anything dealing with the storyline or cutscenes to avoid spoilers, but I 
    cannot guarantee that this FAQ is totally spoiler-free.  So be sure to use the 
    FAQ as a last resort if you are playing through for the first time.  
    This is my second FAQ so I am still a novice at writing FAQs so please forgive 
    me if it is not perfect. :)  Any comments, suggestions, questions,...etc. are 
    always welcome.  Email me at (berserker_kev@yahoo.com).  If you find any 
    errors in this FAQ, then please email me about it.
    Controls for Hulk (Gamecube)
    (default controller setup)
    Analog:   Moves Hulk
    D-pad:    Moves Hulk
    C Stick:  Change target (when targeting)
    Start:    Pauses game, and displays pause menu
    L:        Free Look/First Person View
    R:        Lock-on/targeting
    Y:        Gamma (G)
    A:        Jump (J)
    B:        Attack/Punch (P)
    X:        Grab (GR)
    Z:        N/A
    Controls for Hulk (PS2)
    (default controller setup)
    Left analog:  Moves Hulk
    D-pad:        Moves Hulk
    Right analog: Change target (when targeting)
    Start:        Pauses game, and displays pause menu
    L1:           Free Look/First Person View
    R1:           Lock-on/Targeting
    Triangle:     Gamma (G)
    X:            Jump (J)
    Square:       Attack/Punch (P)
    Circle:       Grab (GR)
    L2:           N/A
    R2:           N/A
    (thanks to Matt31098 (GameFAQs message boards) for the control setup info. for 
    the PS2 version.)
    Controls for Hulk (X-box)
    (default controller setup)
    Left analog:  Moves Hulk
    D-pad:        Moves Hulk
    Right analog: Change target (when targeting)
    Start:        Pauses game, and displays pause menu
    L:            Free Look/First Person View
    R:            Lock-on/Targeting
    Y:            Gamma (G)
    A:            Jump (J)
    X:            Attack/Punch (P)
    B:            Grab (GR)
    Black:        N/A
    White:        N/A
    (thanks to mc1287 (GameFAQs message boards) for the control setup info for the 
    X-box version.)
    Picking up Objects
    There are many items throughout the levels that Hulk can grab and use as 
    weapons.  The objects range from club-type objects (such as pipes, tank 
    cannons, slender rocks, columns...etc.) to heavier objects (such as boulders, 
    cars, crates, boxes...etc.)  Club-type objects and heavy objects can be swung 
    (see move list for Hulk) or thrown at enemies.
    Actual Combat
    While the player plays as the Hulk he or she will have many different moves 
    and combos at their disposal.  The moves range from punches, overhead smashes, 
    sonic claps, charged attacks, and grabs...just to name a few.
    Jumping Attacks
    Hulk has a few attacks that can be done in the air.  These attacks can be 
    really useful when the going gets tough on the ground.  They range from ground 
    punches to a ground stomp.  Both attacks can be charged for greater damage.  
    Hulk's normal jump can also cause damage to any enemy or breakable object.
    Destruction of the environment
    Each stage has tons of background objects that can be destroyed from doors to 
    rail carts.  Some of the objects, once destroyed, can be used as weapons.
    Rage Mode
    When Hulk gets really angry by filling his rage meter, he can unleash some 
    devastating attacks that can clear the whole area.  He has the ability to do a 
    Super Sonic Clap and a Super Overhead Smash once the rage bar is full.  His 
    normal attacks take off more damage during rage mode also.
    Filling the Rage Meter
    Hulk's rage meter can be increased by him being attacked or by collecting Red 
    orbs that are dropped by enemies throughout each level.
    Punching Rockets
    If an enemy fires a rocket at Hulk, he can actually punch the rocket back at 
    the enemy.  In order to do so, the punch has to be timed precisely so it will 
    hit the rocket right before hitting Hulk.  The rocket will tumble back toward 
    the enemy.
    Controls for Bruce Banner (Gamecube)
    (default controller setup)
    Analog:   Moves Bruce
    D-pad:    Moves Bruce
    C Stick:  Change target (when targeting)
    Start:    Pauses the game, and displays pause menu
    L:        Free Look/First Person View
    R:        Lock-on/targeting
    Y:        Grab/release crate (G)
    A:        Crouch (J)
    B:        Attack/Punch (P)
    X:        Grab enemy/Stealth attack (GR)
    Z:        N/A
    Controls for Bruce Banner (PS2)
    (default controller setup)
    Left analog:  Moves Bruce
    D-pad:        Moves Bruce
    Right analog: Change target (when targeting)
    Start:        Pauses game, and displays pause menu
    L1:           Free Look/First Person View
    R1:           Lock-on/Targeting
    Triangle:     Grab/release crate (G)
    X:            Crouch (J)
    Square:       Attack/Punch (P)
    Circle:       Grab enemy/Stealth attack (GR)
    L2:           N/A
    R2:           N/A
    (thanks to Matt31098 (GameFAQs message boards) for the control setup info for 
    the PS2 version.)
    Controls for Bruce Banner (X-box)
    (default controller setup)
    Left analog:  Moves Bruce
    D-pad:        Moves Bruce
    Right analog: Change target (when targeting)
    Start:        Pauses game, and displays pause menu
    L:            Free Look/First Person View
    R:            Lock-on/Targeting
    Y:            Grab/release crate (G)
    A:            Crouch (J)
    X:            Attack/Punch (P)
    B:            Grab enemy/Stealth attack (GR)
    Black:        N/A
    White:        N/A
    (thanks to mc1287 (GameFAQs message boards) for the control setup info for the 
    X-box version.)
    For Bruce Banner, it is better to sneak by an enemy rather than actually 
    engaging in combat.  If enemies manage to surround Bruce, things can get very 
    ugly.  Soldiers with guns are practically impossible to take out with Bruce.  
    It is best to avoid combat altogether by sneaking and hiding behind objects or 
    perform stealth attacks while playing as Bruce.
    As Bruce, the player will run across many puzzles throughout the sneaking 
    missions.  The puzzles require Bruce to match up a series of numbers and 
    letters, which are shown at the bottom of the screen, so that it will 
    correspond with the top portion.  The puzzles eventually get longer as you 
    progress through the game.  Bruce will always have twenty seconds to solve 
    each one and will have a chance to try again if you fail.
    Hand to hand Combat
    If Bruce gets involved in a fight with enemies he will have a very limited 
    amount of moves at his disposal.  The moves range from a simple three hit 
    combo to a grab...that is it.
    Stealth Attacks
    If Bruce manages to sneak up behind an enemy he can perform a stealth attack 
    that immediately knocks the enemy unconscious.  Stealth attacks should only be 
    done on a single enemy that is alone or far from the other enemies so that 
    Bruce will not be noticed.
    Red Orb
    Helps to fill Hulk's rage meter.  Red Orbs are only available to the Hulk by 
    defeating enemies.  They can also be found by smashing certain objects.
    Green Orb
    Replenishes Hulk's or Bruce Banner's health.  Green Orbs are left by enemies 
    that have been defeated.  Sometimes they will be available to pick up in 
    various areas of a stage without having to beat an enemy.  They may also be 
    hidden behind an object.
    Blue Orb
    Adds one continue to the player's stock of continues.  Blue Orbs are usually 
    hidden behind objects or can be found by smashing a certain object as the Hulk 
    or moving a crate with Bruce.
    Section IV:  MOVE LIST
    Move List for Hulk
    P  = Punch (B, Square, X on default controller)
    G  = Gamma (Y, Triangle, Y on default controller)
    GR = Grab (X, Circle, B on default controller)
    J  = Jump (A, X, A on default controller)
    B  = Back
    F  = Forward
    *  = button tap can be charged for greater damage
    Hand to hand combat
    Left Hook:               P*
    Right Hook Combo:        P, P*
    Backhand Combo:          P, P, P*
    Gut Punch Combo:         P, P, delay, P
    Right Jab Combo:         P, P, delay, P, P
    Overhead Smash Combo:    P, P, delay, P, P, P
    Overhead Smash:          P+G
    Sonic Clap:              G*
    Two-Handed Upper Combo:  P, G
    Punt Kick Combo:         P, P, G
    Hammer Fist Combo:       P, P, G, P
    Rising Upper:            (while targeting) B, G
    Dash/Shoulder Ram:       F, F
    Dashing Punch:           F, F, P or (while targeting) F, P
    Jumping Attacks
    Gamma Crusher:           (during a jump) P*
    Gamma Stomp:             (during a jump) G*
    (all moves are performed after a grab (GR))
    Against Small Enemies:
    Toss:                   GR
    Combo Throw:            P, P, P
    Gamma Slam:             G
    Jumping Throw:          (during a jump) GR
    Against Large Enemies:
    Toss:                   GR
    Backbreaker:            G
    Slam:                   P
    Double Slam:            P* (must hold P for double slam)
    Against Hulk Dogs:
    Knee Strike:            GR
    Pole/Club-Type Weapons
    Pick up Weapon:         GR
    Throw Weapon:           GR
    Downward Swing:         P
    Upward Swing Combo:     P, P
    Baseball Swing Combo:   P, P, G
    Battering Ram:          (during targeting) F, P
    Overhead Smash:         G
    Heavy Objects
    Pick up Object:         GR
    Throw Object:           GR
    Smash:                  P
    Swing:                  G
    Rage Attacks
    (the following moves can only be performed when Hulk's rage bar is full and 
    will deplete the rage bar completely)
    Super Sonic Clap:       G+GR
    Super Overhead Smash:   P+G
    Move List for Bruce Banner
    P  = Punch (B, Square, X on default controller)
    G  = Gamma (Y, Triangle, Y on default controller)
    GR = Grab (X, Circle, B on default controller)
    J  = Crouch (A, X, A on default controller)
    B  = Back
    F  = Forward
    *  = button tap can be charged for greater damage
    Hand-to-hand Combat
    Left Hook:              P
    Right Hook Combo:       P, P
    Uppercut Combo:         P, P, P
    Grab Enemy:             GR
    Stealth and Evasive Moves
    Crouch:                 J (crouch button for Bruce)
    Diveroll:               F, J or F, F
    Stealth attack:         (sneak up on enemy) GR
    Crate Controls
    Climb Crate/Clamber:    (when next to crate) F
    Grab Crate:             GR
    Push Crate:             (after grabbing crate) F
    Pull Crate:             (after grabbing crate) B
    Release Crate:          (after grabbing crate) GR
    Section V:  WALKTHROUGH
    Stage 1 - INNER TORMENT
    The first stage is just basically a melee between Hulk and General Ryker's 
    army.  Use this stage to get the feel of the game.  Targeting and throwing an 
    object at the helicopters is the best way to take them out.  Don't feel bad 
    about wrecking stuff...be sure to trash the whole place! (including Bruce's 
    In order to beat the stage Hulk will have to keep taking out enemies until a 
    helicopter eventually drops a tank in front of the gas station.  When the tank 
    is dropped, you will have to destroy it by either punching the rockets back at 
    it, or throwing objects at it.  After the tank is destroyed another cutscene 
    will start.
    After the cutscene you will be in control of Bruce Banner.  For this stage, 
    Bruce cannot transform into the Hulk(run out of health), or it is "Game Over".  
    Go straight ahead and go up the stairs to the left.  Proceed through the door 
    on right.  In the next area, Bruce will have to sneak by some guards by 
    crouching and walking below the glass window.  Before going by the room, make 
    sure that all the guards have gone in and closed the door to the side.  After 
    sneaking by them, head toward the elevator and press the button to activate 
    In the next room you will have to do the exact same thing over again.  Sneak 
    by the guards and go towards the door around the corner.  There will be a 
    puzzle waiting for you next to the elevator.  Solve the puzzle and go through 
    the door.
    In this room you will need to find a place to hide from the guards.  The best 
    place to hide is where the green arrow is pointing, which is behind the 
    crates.  The are many other places to hide, but that is your decision.  
    Anyway, wherever you decide to hide, wait until the guards exit the room.  
    They will exit through the doorway that you came in.  After they leave, go to 
    the left side of the room.  There is a "Universal Code Input" computer against 
    the far wall if you want to enter a cheat (see SECRETS).  Grab the set of 
    crates that are against the wall and pull them away from the wall.  Go through 
    the vent that was behind the crates.
    Now Bruce will be in a room with a desk and windows on the left wall.  If you 
    go towards the windows a cutscene will play.  You will need to open the 
    elevator door.  Activate both levers on each side of the elevator door, and 
    then press the green switch to open the doors.
    When the doors open, go over to the computer with the blue screen and activate 
    it.  Bruce will have to solve another puzzle and this will open the doors that 
    lead to Professor Crawford's lab.  Go through the doors and a cutscene will 
    Stage 3 – BETRAYAL
    After the cutscene, you will be in control of Hulk.  Soldiers will eventually 
    start coming out of the door to the left...chunk them off the building or plow 
    right through them.  Go toward the broken area on the side of the building 
    (there will be a green marker there) and jump to the area below.
    Break down the glass windows and go forward, knocking out any soldiers that 
    get in your way.  Keep moving until you see a broken area on the side of the 
    building (with a green marker) once again, and do another jump.
    Once inside the next building, go down the left pathway, or you can easily 
    make your own pathway on the right side.  Either way, go toward the broken 
    glass window that is guarded by two soldiers.  Jump through the window and 
    Hulk will land on the next building.
    Once he lands, soldiers will be all over him.  Go toward the windows in front 
    of you and trash them. Then jump to the area below.  Once you land, go forward 
    and attack the soldiers and then break the glass windows on the right side and 
    jump to the next area.  A helicopter will start to drop more soldiers.  If you 
    want, you can grab the soldiers and target the helicopter and throw soldiers 
    at it. ^_^  Go forward and jump between the two columns to get to the next 
    In this room soldiers will come out of the elevators on the side wall.  Jump 
    through the broken window at the end of the room to reach the next building.
    Once Hulk lands, pound through the glass windows and soldiers.  On the left is 
    a section where you can jump, so jump to the next building.
    When Hulk lands, pound through the glass windows once again, and make your way 
    to the area ahead where you can jump to the next building.
    The next building's room has a couple of cars that you can throw at the 
    soldiers.  After you've had your fun, jump through the open area in the side 
    wall.  The columns can be broken, and Hulk can use a chunk of the column 
    debris as a weapon.
    The next room has a car and a few other objects that Hulk can attack soldiers 
    with.  Jump through the open space in the wall.
    Stage 4 – BENEATH THE CITY
    Grab one of the rocks to your left, and follow Ravage down into the sewers.  
    Destroy the metal door that eventually closes and go straight.  A cutscene 
    will play, and you will be introduced to a new enemy...the Hulk dogs.  
    Overhead smash the ground if they start to gang up on you.  After the Hulk 
    dogs are beaten soldiers will pour into the room.  The soldiers seem to be 
    never-ending so you can bash through the metal door with the green marker in 
    front of it anytime you want to and proceed forward.  
    After bashing down the first door another door will close.  Destroy it and go 
    further into the sewers until you approach another metal door.  You know what 
    to do. :)  The combo that ends with the overhead smash works wonders in the 
    next area (as well as others) and the Super Overhead Smash is a godsend.  Once 
    you destroy the metal door keep following the path deeper into the sewers.  
    You will eventually run into new kinds of soldiers with shock shields.  Throw 
    objects that are off to side at the soldiers and they will fall in no time.  
    These soldiers cannot be physically touched while their shield is up.  The 
    Sonic Clap and Overhead Smash only knock them back, so you must throw or swing 
    an object at them.  Once they have been disposed of, follow the path deeper 
    into the sewers.
    Jump into the next area and more soldiers will ambush Hulk.  Fight them off 
    and break through the metal door on the right side.  Break through the next 
    door and fight off the soldiers.  Break down even another door and you will 
    enter an area where soldiers with Rocket Launchers will be trying to hit Hulk.  
    You will have to throw something at them or Sonic Clap at them in order to 
    take them out.  Take out the shock shield soldiers and beat down the next 
    three metal doors along the path.  Eventually, some soldiers and a Hulk dog 
    will ambush you.  Dispose of them and drop down the hole in the middle of the 
    room.  In this room you MUST beat the soldiers to go further.  After the 
    soldiers in the room are disposed of, a wall to the side will blast open.  Go 
    through the wall and take out all the soldiers.  I would recommend ignoring 
    the first few and dispose of the soldiers with rocket launchers first.
    Pummel the next metal door until it breaks.  Be careful, some rockets may 
    greet you as soon as the door is broken down.  Go into the room and go wild!  
    Your main priority should be to take out the soldiers with rocket launchers 
    first, then go after the rest.  Keep trashing the enemies until a cutscene 
    Stage 5 – END OF THE LINE
    Oooo...this stage is fun.  Look at all the metal objects just begging to be 
    destroyed. :)
    A Hulk dog will eventually break through one of the doors that leads to the 
    warehouse on the left.  The dog will be joined by soldiers; dispose of the 
    enemies and make your way into the warehouse.  
    Inside the warehouse you will have to deal with more soldiers and several 
    Break through one or both of the metal doors and go into the next room.  The 
    metal beams that hold the warehouse up can be knocked out and used as weapons 
    in this room.  Break through one of the doors in this room and go outside.
    There is plenty of stuff outside that can be used as weapons.  The metal 
    towers can be destroyed and the debris can be used as weapons along with the 
    many barrels and boxes.  Make your way to the next warehouse and go through 
    the metal doors Hulk-style.  
    Go outside and dispose of the enemies and go into the next warehouse.  Break 
    through one (or trash both) of the metal doors.  
    Dispose of the dogs and soldiers outside.  Once again, use weapons to dispose 
    of the shock shield soldiers.  There is a drop-off to the left where Hulk can 
    jump down to a lower area.  After the jump the stage is over.
    Boss battle – Half-Life
    After the cutscene, Half-Life will appear.  Whatever you do, DO NOT touch him.  
    If you touch him, you will take damage so weapons and a few other moves are 
    the only other alternatives.  The Sonic Clap can be good for chipping away at 
    his life meter when he is far away.  Whenever the rage meter builds up, hit 
    him with the Super Overhead Smash.  If he starts to chase after Hulk it is 
    best to jump away from him.  He can be easily beaten by grabbing objects and 
    hurling them at him.  Don't worry, the objects will regenerate eventually.
    The fastest way to beat him is to punch the generators on all four sides and 
    then knock him into one of the generators.  If you manage to line him up with 
    a generator, then throw something or swing something at him and make him fly 
    back into it.  The generators take about 25 percent of his life.  His life 
    meter has to be taken down twice.
    Stage 7 - INFILTRATION
    Yep, another Bruce Banner mission.  As soon as you begin the stage, run over 
    to the left side and get behind the first truck.  Stay there until all 3 
    guards pass by.  Run between the trucks and go toward the search towers until 
    you find a metal fence with Hulk dogs behind it.
    Push the smaller crate over to the stack of crates and get on top of the stack 
    of crates.  NOTE: For some reason, it is difficult to get Bruce Banner to 
    climb on top of the shed that is behind the fence.  You will need to press and 
    hold in the direction of the crate and move the analog down-right in order to 
    get on top of the shed behind the fence.  
    Crouch and move along the shed and jump off on the other side.  Quietly hug 
    the wall while crouching and make your way to the crates that are stacked next 
    to the other shed.  Use the smaller crates to get on top of the shed.  Jump 
    over the gate and hide on the right side of the truck to avoid detection by 
    the guards.  Once the guards start to walk away, go over to the right.  There 
    is a blue orb (continue) behind the two crates against the right wall.  Near 
    the left wall is a lever that will shut down some of the searchlights.  Pull 
    the lever and run back to the right of the previous truck, because the guards 
    will be coming shortly.
    Go down the area where the two guards were at and turn left.  Avoid the search 
    light and push the smaller crate over to the larger crate.  Use both of the 
    crates to climb on top of the metal shed.  Drop to the other side and go 
    Go down the left path while avoiding the guards and search lights.  There will 
    be a green arrow next to a metal shed.  There is a large stack of crates and a 
    smaller crate on the right side.  Grab the stack of crates and pull it over to 
    the metal shed.  Position the stack of crates in front of the shed.  Now pull 
    the smaller crate over to the stack of crates.  Once situated, climb up the 
    crates and get on top of the shed.  Hop off the shed and push the lever on the 
    other side of the fence.  This will open the gate on the other side.
    Go through the gate in front of you, and make your way to the gate on the 
    other side that you just opened.  The search light on the left side is now 
    off, so the only worry is the soldiers.  Sneak by the search light on the 
    other side and go through the gate.  There is a blue orb on the right side, 
    and a lever on the left.  Push the lever and it will open the door to the 
    building.  The searchlight on the right side is now off also.  
    Go through the front door of the building.  There is a "Universal Code Input" 
    computer on the right side of the open doorway.  Go through the open doorway.  
    Crouch and stay against the left wall and position yourself behind a crate so 
    the guard on the right will not see Bruce.  The guard on the left will not see 
    Bruce as long as you stay near the left wall.  Wait until the guard on the 
    right is moving, and then move to the next two crates while crouching.  Once 
    the guard on the right moves again, crouch and move against the wall until you 
    get to the computer around the corner.  Solve the puzzle and watch the 
    Stage 8 – FACILITIES
    The machine-gun turret can be taken out easily by throwing a crate at it.  
    Soldiers will join the machine-gun turret soon.  You can also take out your 
    anger on that last puzzle now if you want to. :)
    Go down the area on left side of the room.  Smash through the wall and go down 
    the right side when the path splits.  Destroy another wall.  Destroy two more 
    walls after that, along with a few enemies, and you will eventually reach a 
    room with a generator in it.  Throw crates at the generator to destroy it.  
    After the generator is destroyed, the force field will be down.  Head back the 
    way you previously came from and go down the left side this time.
    Take out the enemies and destroy the next two walls in Hulk's path.  Destroy 
    and jump through the window in the next room.  Soldiers and Hulk dogs will 
    attack once you drop to the room below.  Destroy the parapets to keep the 
    above soldiers from picking you off from a distance.
    Once you've had your fun in this room, move on through the open doorway to the 
    next room.  There are two Hulk dogs in this room, along with many soldiers 
    that will join them eventually.  Grab a pole off the wall and hit a few 
    homeruns.  Go through the next doorway and many more enemies will attack.  Get 
    a chunk of meat off the hangers and let them have it!
    Bash down the doorway on the sidewall.  Go through it and turn left.  Knock 
    down three more walls along the way and tackle the enemies.  Destroy the 
    generator in the next room and go back the way you came.  The force field is 
    now gone.  The path to the left leads to a room with a few computer terminals.  
    The terminal against the left wall holds a blue orb.
    Go down the path where the force field previously was.  Destroy the wall and 
    fight off the soldiers in this room.  The third terminal on the right contains 
    a blue orb.  Jump down to the area in front of you.
    Destroy the wall on the left side and go straight.  Destroy the next four 
    walls in Hulk's path.  Now you will enter a room with a new kind of 
    enemy...gamma guards.  Try to attack them before they attack you.  If the 
    gamma guards are grabbed by Hulk, different moves can be performed than with 
    normal soldiers.  Throw something at the machine-gun turrets to dispose of 
    them.  See that big square in the middle of the floor?  Once all the enemies 
    have been taken out, use Hulk's gamma stomp and destroy it.  Drop down the 
    hole to finish the level.
    Stage 9 – SUBSTRUCTURE
    Hulk dogs will be let out of their cages one at a time to challenge Hulk at 
    the beginning of this area.  Tackle them and then redesign that small doorway.  
    Go down the path and destroy the next three walls along the way until you come 
    to a room with four gamma guards.  Show them who the true "Green Goliath" is!  
    You can't go straight because of a force field, so go to the area to the 
    right.  Smash down a few walls and gamma guards along the way, and you will 
    eventually enter a HUGE room.  Take out the machine-gun turrets with a weapon 
    of your choice.  Destroy the generator to get rid of the force field that was 
    blocking your previous path.  Prepare to dispose of some gamma goons once the 
    generator is disposed of.  The area to the left has a force field blocking the 
    way, so go back the way you came, and take the other path.  There will be 
    plenty of Hulk-wannabes on the way back.
    There are a few green orbs down the new path along with some more gamma guards 
    and soldiers.  Take them out and continue down the path.  Destroy two walls 
    and you'll be in another huge room with four generators.  Grab something 
    (machine guns, gamma creeps, pieces of helicopters...etc.) and destroy the 
    four generators along with the many enemies that will be trying to stop you.  
    Destroy the small doorway on the right side of the room and enter.  Take down 
    the 2 walls along the way and enter the next room.  The path on the right only 
    leads you back to an area where a force field once stood, so drop to the area 
    below.  Take out the gamma guards and other puny humans that try to hurt Hulk 
    (sorry couldn't resist...).  Beat down the metal doors on the right and this 
    level is finished.
    Stage 10 – SAVIOR
    Boss battle – Madman
    When the battle begins, immediately run up and jump punch Madman.  The first 
    requirement in this boss battle is to save Betty.  Take out the four computer 
    consoles to save her.  The best way to take them out is to do the combo that 
    ends with the Overhead Smash, so it will keep the nearby enemies from ganging 
    up on you.
    After the consoles are taken our, Hulk must deal with Madman.  If Madman 
    starts to stomp the ground, be sure to dodge the fireballs by running around 
    him.  If he charges and tries to ram Hulk, try jumping away from him or you 
    could grab a nearby gamma guard (Hulk is invincible while lifting a heavy 
    enemy).  A well timed Sonic Clap will stun Madman so you can grab or combo 
    him.  If the rage meter is full, combo Madman a bit, and then let him have it 
    with a Super Overhead Smash.  Be on the lookout for incoming rockets from 
    enemies during this boss battle; the rockets from the enemies will also hit 
    Madman if he is in the way.  There is no real special way for draining 
    Madman's life bar in large chunks, so normal hand-to-hand or enemy-throwing 
    combat is the only way.  Also, be sure to stay away from him when he gets up 
    from a knockdown; he cannot be hit during his overhead smash.
    Stage 11 – CHEMICAL EFFECT
    Now you're in control of Bruce Banner again.  He cannot turn into the Hulk for 
    this mission because of a gamma suppressing drug...heh, figures.  Be sure to 
    put your thinking cap on...this mission has many requirements to be met and 
    with each requirement is a puzzle.  It's still not too bad though, so don't 
    Anyway, now that I've got your attention...after the cutscene, head to the 
    right until you come across a big door.  Use the control panel on the left 
    side to open it.    The room on the other side will eventually lead you to a 
    room that has a blue orb inside and a "Universal Code Input" computer.  The 
    room to the right is the next room that must be entered.  Again, use the 
    control panel to open the door.  Once inside, get on the elevator and press 
    the switch to go up to the next floor.
    Get off the elevator.  There is a "Universal Code Input" computer against the 
    far wall.  Go through the door on the left side to continue with the mission.  
    In this area you have a choice of right or left.  There is something to pick 
    up in both areas so the choice is yours.  I will start with the left area 
    Weave through the scientist and the soldiers and go left.  In the next hallway 
    there will be 2 soldiers and 2 scientists.  The room to the right has a blue 
    orb inside.  Go to the room in front of Bruce and get the first chemical.  If 
    the scientists spot Bruce, do not fear; the scientists are incredibly easy.  
    Once punch combo or one grab will dispose of them.  Go around the left side 
    (Bruce's right) and stay behind the machinery so the scientists will not 
    notice.  Activate the panel with the green arrow.  Solve the puzzle and grab 
    the chemical.  Exit the room and go to the area on the right side.
    In this area, there will be 3 scientists and one soldier standing guard by a 
    room.  Sneak by the scientists and the guard and go into the room.  Once 
    inside, stay to the right side (Bruce's left) of the room and sneak behind the 
    machinery to avoid detection.  Go over to the computer panel with the green 
    arrow.  Activate the panel.  Solve the puzzle and get the chemical.  Exit the 
    room, and then go back to the elevator.
    Get on the elevator, activate it with the panel, and Bruce will automatically 
    go to the third floor.  The suppressant starts to take effect once you begin 
    on the third floor.  While slightly annoying, it shouldn't be much of a 
    burden.  Let the soldiers walk out of the hallway and then go down the hall.  
    Go through the sets of sliding doors.  In the next room, try to stay away from 
    the tank as much as possible.  The tank will generate a force field that will 
    push Bruce back and cause damage and may possibly alert the scientists and 
    soldiers in the area.  If the scientists or soldiers manage to spot Bruce, run 
    around the tank a few times and they will eventually forget about him.  It is 
    also advised that you exit the room after being spotted and re-enter.  Go to 
    the panel with the green arrow.  The panel is in the back on the left side of 
    the room.  Insert both chemicals, and then solve the puzzle.  Grab the new 
    chemical and enter the room on the right.
    There are no guards or scientists in this room so rejoice.  Go to the computer 
    panel with the green arrow.  Insert the chemical, and solve the puzzle (you 
    should be a pro at this by now).  Grab the antidote and go through the doorway 
    on the left.  Pay no attention to General Ryker's warnings; he's just trying 
    to unnerve you.  Sneak past the guards and go down the hallway.  Eventually, 
    you will enter a real big room.  This is actually the room with the elevator.  
    There is a blue orb to the right and a "Universal Code Input" Computer next to 
    the stairs.  Go up the stairs and get on the elevator.
    Stage 12 – SPEARPOINT
    Get rid of the guards and beat down the door to the left.  Go into the hall 
    and dispose of the shock shield soldiers.  The pipes on the wall can be hit 
    and used as weapons.  Continue down the hallway and destroy the sliding doors 
    on the right.  Enter the room and destroy the doors on the other side.  Go out 
    into the hallway and take down the enemies.  Continue down the hallway.  There 
    will be a door to the left that holds a few terminals and enemies.  The door 
    in front is the way to go.  Take down the door, beat the enemies, and get on 
    the elevator.
    On the elevator you will encounter a new kind of enemy.  These robots can be 
    easily disposed of with a few combos or a few slams.  If one of them begins to 
    shoot out a beam, grab the other, cause Hulk is invincible during a grapple 
    (the actual lift animation) or when performing a grapple move.  If you manage 
    to knock them off the elevator they will just fly back on, so concentrate on 
    draining their energy with throws and combos.  After about 4 robots, the 
    elevator will stop and more enemies will welcome Hulk.
    Go to the left and beat down the door when it closes.  Go into the hallway and 
    turn right.  Dispose of the shock shield soldiers along the way.  Destroy both 
    pairs of sliding doors and get rid of the enemies in the next room.  There is 
    a blue orb in the terminal next to the door that you came through.  Once the 
    enemies are taken care of, destroy the next two pairs of sliding doors.  This 
    room can get ugly.  If the robots start to gang up, grab one and do the double 
    slam or throw it at another robot.  If the rage bar is full, do a Super 
    Overhead Smash.  After disposing of them, go through the next two sliding 
    Go down the hall and take out the shock shield soldiers along the way.  Grab a 
    pipe from the wall if you need it.  When the hallway splits, go left and 
    dispose of the next batch of soldiers.  Make another right and take down the 
    door.  Beat the soldiers and robots and get on the elevator.  After plenty of 
    robots (you should be a pro at robot-pounding by now), get off and bash the 
    next group of enemies.  Go to the left and destroy the door that closes.  Go 
    towards the group of enemies in the next room and something special will 
    happen, which will get rid of a majority of them for you.  Defeat the rest of 
    the soldiers and prepare for some more robots.  Grab the chemical tanks on the 
    side of the room and use them as weapons or simply start throwing them.  One 
    of the chemical tanks has a blue orb inside.  After what seems like countless 
    robots, they will eventually stop coming and the stage will end.
    A little word of advice for this stage...you do not have to take out every 
    enemy to proceed, so keep that in mind when the going gets tough. ;)
    Pound through the steel door and exit the room.  There are three tanks out 
    here so grab a piece of the door or an explosive crate off to the side and 
    start chunking stuff like mad.  The rockets can be punched back at the tanks, 
    but with three tanks firing at about the same time, I would not recommend it.  
    The tanks will only take about three hits if you throw stuff.  The towers 
    along the sides in this area can be destroyed if you feel so inclined to do 
    Go straight ahead after the tanks are disposed of.  Another tank will block 
    Hulk's path, so get rid of it.  Go left and two more tanks will be waiting.  
    Run by them or dispose of them and continue along the path.  Three more tanks 
    will be blocking the way soon enough.  Either run or fight.  Continue along 
    the path, and some robots will interrupt your progress.  Further ahead are 
    three tanks, and the steel door that needs to be destroyed to proceed to the 
    next stage.  Either take out all of the enemies and be a true hero or bash 
    down the door and live to fight another day.  The robots seem to keep coming, 
    so I would recommend bashing down the door after disposing of the tanks.
    Stage 14 – GUARDIAN
    Boss battle – Flux
    To beat Flux, destroy the three power cells on the side of the room and throw 
    him into the core.  When destroying the power cells it is best to do a quick 
    three hit combo on each, and by that time Flux will throw a grenade up under 
    you.  When you run away, the grenade will damage the power cell further.  Run 
    to the next power cell and repeat.  Eventually the force field will be gone.  
    Grab Flux and throw him into the core to take about 25% of his life.  After he 
    is thrown in, he will throw a grenade and jump to the floor above.  Flux will 
    drop grenades around the area.  To avoid them, stay moving and jump over any 
    grenades that land in front of you.  Grab the green orbs that appear to 
    replenish your health.  After his life has been taken down once, he will 
    become a bit faster, but the same strategy still works.
    A new enemy will break through the door at the beginning of the stage.  This 
    is probably the most annoying normal enemy in the game.  The shots from this 
    gamma guard's gun can hit Hulk about five times if he takes all the blast.  
    That can take about 25% of Hulk's life.  ALWAYS take out gamma guards with 
    guns first when they are in a group of enemies.
    There will be some soldiers that will join the gamma guard soon enough.  Go 
    through the doorway that the gamma guard smashed through.  Smash the fuse box 
    to get rid of the force field, and smash through the metal door.  Fight off 
    the Hulk dogs and soldiers.  Punch through the wall on the right side of the 
    area ahead.
    Jump to the floor below.  Knock down the fence to the side and jump to the 
    area below.  By this time, gamma guards, Hulk dogs, and soldiers will be over 
    you.  Fight them off and smash through the steel door.  Go through and beat 
    the gamma guard to a bloody pulp.  Smash the next metal door and enter the 
    room with two Hulk dogs.  To get rid of the force field, grab a crate or 
    something else lying around, target the fuse box above the force field, and 
    throw the object at the fuse box.  Now, punch through the metal door.
    In the next room, fight off the enemies, then smash the fuse box on the right 
    wall to get rid of the force field.  Destroy the metal door and go through.  
    Destroy the two fuse boxes on the side wall and take care of the Hulk dogs.  
    There is a section of the wall on the right side that can be destroyed.  
    Destroy it, and go into the next area.  Defeat the gamma guards and smash the 
    metal door.  In the next room, pound through the gamma guards and soldiers, 
    then smash the walls to the left.  Jump to the floor below.  
    Two gamma guards with guns will be waiting for you.  Beat them and jump to the 
    area below.  Eventually, helicopters will start to come out of the big hole 
    ahead.  Take care of the enemies that will swamp you.  Grab an enemy or object 
    off to the side and throw it at the helicopter.  The helicopter should be 
    destroyed after hitting it twice.  Destroy the towers on the four sides of the 
    area as well.  After about 3 helicopters, the hanger will open up.  Jump 
    through the hangers and prepare for some more gamma creeps.
    Grab an object off to the side and start swinging or throwing.  After the 
    numbers have dwindled, go through the doorway in front of you.  Go down the 
    hallway and into the next room.  Jump to the floor below and destroy the fuse 
    boxes on the right and left walls.  Go down the hall a bit and take out the 
    next two fuse boxes.  Go into the room at the end of the hall.  Beat down the 
    overwhelming amounts of enemies.  Eventually a cutscene will start and some 
    gamma guards will come through the steel doors off to the side.  There are 
    about four gamma guards with guns that come out.  To finish the level, go 
    through the doorway.  
    Stage 16 – WITHOUT ETHICS
    The metal cylinders along the wall throughout this level can be knocked down 
    and used as weapons.  Go down the hall and defeat the soldiers and the gamma 
    guard.  Turn left, and then make another left, then a right.  Fight off the 
    soldiers and gamma guards once again.  Make the doorway off to the side bigger 
    (think like Hulk) and go through.
    In the next area there is a doorway in the back, but a force field blocks the 
    path.  Turn left.  Go right and bash through the doorway.  Proceed into the 
    hallway, while fighting Hulk dogs and soldiers with rocket launchers.  Go 
    right and tear down the small doorway.  Go straight ahead and smash the next 
    doorway.  Go into the room ahead.  Grab a chemical tank off to the side and 
    fight off the gamma goons.  I find it best to swing the chemical tank 
    horizontally at the enemies in this room and the ones that follow in the next 
    few rooms.  Go down the hallway on the left.  Before you even make it into the 
    next room, you will hear the sounds of test tubes breaking open.  Dispose of 
    the gamma guards to get rid of the force field that is blocking the next 
    hallway.  About three soldiers will come down the hall after the force field 
    is gone.
    Go through the hallway.  Go into the next room and fight off the gamma creeps.  
    Go down the hallway to the left.  Defeat the gamma guards in the next room and 
    break down the doorway in the area ahead.  Go inside the next room.  Punch all 
    four extensions on the generator so that the light on each extension turns 
    red.  Hulk dogs, gamma guards, and soldiers will be all over you while doing 
    this, but it is best to focus on the generator.  
    After the generator is down, go into the hallway to the right.  Eventually you 
    will come to a split.  Take the left path.  Go down the hall and turn left.  
    Enter the next room and destroy the small doorway against the back wall.  Go 
    down the new path and turn right.  Enemies will literally drown the room in 
    this hall.  If the enemies start to overwhelm you, then just jump down the 
    hall until it ends.  A cutscene will start once the end is reached.
    This part can get hard if you try to fight off every Hulk dog around you.  The 
    only thing that really needs to be destroyed is the rocket launcher turrets.  
    Go toward the cliff and destroy the crag on the side of the cliff (it has a 
    green arrow pointing to it).  Jump to the next level, take care of the turret, 
    and then jump up again through the right side.  Destroy the next crag on the 
    left.  Jump to the next area and destroy the turret.  Jump to the next area 
    above you and destroy the next crag on the left.  Take out the turret and go 
    into the back hallway.  Turn right and fight off the swarm of gamma guards.  
    Jump by them if you're real weak in health.  Continue down the hall to finish 
    the level.
    Stage 17 – RESOLVE
    After the cutscene, crouch and go through the narrow hole in front of Bruce.  
    You see those Hulk dogs to the right?  You will have to sneak by them.  Crouch 
    and move toward them, and stay against the trolley on the left.  Be sure to 
    stay against the left side until you sneak by all the dogs.  Now, on the other 
    side, you will need to sneak past a few more dogs and crawl through the small 
    hole to the side.  Crouch and sneak past the remaining dogs.  Be sure to stay 
    on their left side.  In the next room, there is a small hole that Bruce will 
    have to go through.
    Turn left and go down the hallway.  Make a right turn and go through the 
    narrow hole in the pile of rocks.  Crouch and sneak behind the rock column on 
    the right side.  Debris will fall from the top floor and rocks will take out 
    the soldiers in your path.  Now run through the hall and go into the next 
    room.  If you go over to the tank on the left, a cutscene will play.  Go 
    through the hall on the left side.  When debris starts to fall, BACK OFF!  
    Continue down the hall.  Once you reach the next room, a Hulk dog and two 
    soldiers will be fighting.  There can be three total outcomes in this fight.  
    Either the dog will win, or one soldier will win, or perhaps, both soldiers 
    will win.  If the dog wins, it will eventually fall asleep and can be easily 
    snuck past.  If the soldiers win, Bruce will, most likely, get spotted when 
    trying to go into the hallway.  If this happens, run down the hall as quickly 
    as possible and try to lose the soldiers.  Either way, go into the hallway 
    (beware the collapsing ceiling) and into the next room.  Go into the next 
    hallway (again, beware the collapsing ceiling) and follow it until you reach a 
    room with a few Hulk dogs.  Crouch and sneak past the Hulk dogs.  I always go 
    around the right side.  Go into the next hall.  Crouch and go through the 
    small hole in the rocks.
    In the next room, activate each of the switches that were previously punched 
    in.  The power will be back on.  Go down the hallway on the right.  Go through 
    the tiny hole on the side of the wall.  A green arrow will point to it.  Go up 
    to the rocks that are blocking the way ahead of you.  See all those Hulk dogs 
    outside?  Well, you have to fight them all off with only Bruce Banner...nah, 
    just playing.  Wait until they leave and then crawl through the hole in the 
    rocks.  Wait until the Hulk dogs carry their battle to the opposite end of the 
    crates and then make a run for dear life to the trolley door.
    Stage 18 – ONE AND ALL
    Follow the trail and go into the room on the left.
    Boss battle – Ravage
    The key to beating Ravage is to outsmart him.  Do not try to run into him and 
    start pounding away; he will counter and really take off some damage if you do 
    that.  He is a real sucker for the Gamma Stomp.  You can easily wait until he 
    comes toward you, and then jump and do a Gamma Stomp.  A charged Gamma Stomp 
    is useful also.  After doing a charged Gamma Stomp, run away from Ravage and 
    let him chase you.  The falling debris that results from a charged Gamma Stomp 
    may hit him while he chases you.  Grabbing rocks and swinging them or throwing 
    them at him is useful also.  He can be stunned with a sonic clap and hit 
    afterward.  Be sure to dodge his charge moves (air punch and sliding punch) 
    and beat him to a pulp once he misses.  After he has been knocked down, get 
    away from him; he will try to do an overhead smash once he gets up and he is 
    invincible during this move.  As usual, a Super Overhead Smash once the rage 
    meter builds up, is a definite must (especially for round two).
    After his life has been taken down once, gamma guards will come and join the 
    fight for the second round.  The unfortunate thing is, these gamma guards are 
    the type with guns.  It is best to concentrate on getting rid of the gamma 
    guards first.  The guards can be disposed of by tossing them off the side (on 
    the sides of the teleporter).  Don't even try to toss Ravage off the side; he 
    will just jump back up and continue the fight...nice try though.   Ravage can 
    also accidentally hit the guards and vice versa.  The gamma guards leave green 
    orbs if they are beaten normally (without being tossed off).
    Stage 19 – RECKONING
    Go over to each of the two columns and pull the switch on the front of each 
    one.  Once the door is open, go through the corridor.  RETREAT once you hear 
    Bruce talking.  Gamma guards will come down the corridor after you.  Go back 
    into the room with the two switches and hide behind the right column.  Once 
    the gamma guards come in, sneak behind them and go back into the corridor.  
    Run to the door at the end of the corridor.  The door will open automatically 
    and a cutscene will start.
    Boss battle – Madman and Half-Life
    This battle can be a real pain.  Be sure to concentrate all your attacks on 
    Madman.  Gamma stomps will bring rocks down from the ceiling for Hulk to use.  
    Madman falls easy prey to a jump punch, and the falling debris that results 
    from a jump punch might hit him.  Slender rocks work nicely to keep both of 
    them away.  Once 50%-75% of Madman's life has been taken, he will leave the 
    battle.  Be sure to grab the green orbs that he leaves behind.
    Half-Life, by himself, is not a problem at all.  Just gamma stomp the ground, 
    get some rocks and swing or throw them at him.  Try to make him run through 
    the debris and the rocks might hit him.
    After the battle, destroy all four columns in the room.  Punch down the door 
    behind you, and go back to the first room where Bruce teleported in.  Destroy 
    the two columns in this room.  Two gamma guards will teleport in eventually.  
    After the columns have been destroyed, go back to the room where you fought 
    Madman and Half-Life.  Gamma guards will come at you continuously throughout 
    the rest of the level.  Now destroy the door in front of you.  Go through the 
    hallway and the next door.  Destroy the machine-gun turret in the next room; 
    it will blast you as soon as you come through the door.  There is another 
    machine-gun turret on the other side.  Dispose of the 4 gamma guards and 
    destroy all the columns in this room.  There are seven columns total.  The 
    doorway on the right leads to a collection of gamma orbs if your health is 
    running low.  Go to the doorway on the left.  Go down the hallway and into the 
    next room.  Destroy all four columns while avoiding or fighting the gamma 
    After all the columns have been destroyed go back down the hallway and through 
    the newly opened front doorway.  This will lead to the next stage.
    Stage 20 – MIND GAMES
    Boss battle – The Leader
    When the battle starts, you will be in control of Bruce Banner.  In order to 
    get the gamma orb back, all 4 switches on the four columns must be activated.  
    The Leader will be constantly teleporting and trying to hit Bruce Banner 
    during this entire process.  The first thing to do is to run over to one of 
    the switches and wait.  When the Leader teleports next to you, run to the 
    switch across from the one you're currently at.  Pull the switch.  Now, wait 
    for the Leader to teleport next to you.  Run to another switch and activate 
    it.  Wait for him to teleport again.  Now run to the next switch.  If you keep 
    up this pattern the Leader will not even touch you.  After all the switches 
    are activated, run over to the gamma orb and a cutscene will play.
    Now you're back in control of Hulk.  The Leader will float around the area 
    shooting a beam at you.  He also has an attack that he will use at close 
    range, where he will affect the Hulk's mind and eventually push him back.  The 
    best way to hit him is to run at him at an angle, and he will miss with his 
    beam shot.  Use this chance to combo or jump punch him.  He will teleport 
    after being hit.  Run up to him again at an angle and hit him when he misses.  
    The Leader will eventually do a continuous beam attack.  When the Leader 
    teleports very quickly twice in a row, this is a dead giveaway that he is 
    about to perform this attack.  To avoid it, get behind the side of one of the 
    elevators.  The beam will totally miss you.  Wait until he is finished and 
    then run up and hit him.  After finishing his continuous beam attack, the 
    Leader will make multiple images of himself.  One of them is the real Leader 
    and the other three are copies.  The false Leader's will leave behind a green 
    orb after being defeated.  
    After the Leader has been defeated the first time, he will call on gamma guard 
    helpers.  Unfortunately, these are the types with guns.  The same rules still 
    apply to this fight, but the gamma guards must be taken out before going after 
    the Leader.  Try to get the gamma guards to follow you to the opposite end of 
    the screen away from the Leader.  Jump punch and gamma stomp them until they 
    have been defeated.  I would not recommend any ground hits except for the 
    Super Overhead Smash.  If they start to fire, then try to grab one of them.  
    If the Leader accidentally hits a gamma guard with a beam attack it will take 
    about 50% of the gamma guard's life.  After they have been defeated, go after 
    the Leader.  Use the same method that was used in the first fight to hit him.  
    Be careful when he does his continuous beam attack, he will sometimes add 
    three short beam attacks to the end of the attack to trick you.  He does not 
    use his image trick the second time.  More gamma guards will eventually come 
    down the elevators after the others are disposed of.  Just try to beat the 
    guards separately and then go after the Leader.
    Stage 21 – DELIVERANCE
    You will need to punch down the door behind you.  Wait for the debris to fall 
    in front of the door and then knock it down.  Run down the hall.  Do not even 
    pay attention to the gamma guards.  They will not attack, because they are too 
    busy running.  Run into the next area, and go through the door ahead.  Run 
    down the hall and into the next area.  In this room, the ground will start to 
    crumble away as you run by.  As soon as the ground starts to break up, jump 
    forward.  If, for any reason, you jump back to the previous ledge or fall, you 
    will have to continue. Now go through the doorway and go down the hall.  A 
    cutscene will start.
    Boss battle – Madman
    You should be a pro at fighting Madman by now.  The only difference now is 
    that there is little room to run.  The same tactics that worked during the 
    last battle will work here.  He seems to use the ground stomp more often 
    during this battle, so be sure to run around him to avoid it.  Basic combos, 
    gamma stomps, and Super Overhead Smashes work really good for this battle.  
    Rocks that fall from the ceiling seem to take off the most though.
    Congrats!  You have now finished the game.
    Section VI: SECRETS
    To enter each code, you must go to "Options" and then select "Code Input"
    Note: To save the secrets, once they have been entered, you must save your 
    current game.  If you have a specific save that you want the secrets to be on, 
    then load that game before you type in the codes.  If you do not save the 
    codes, then you will have to input them each time you play.
    Saving the Codes to a File
    1. Go to "Options", then choose "Load/Save".  
    2. Load whichever game save you want the secrets to be unlocked on.
    3. Enter the codes.
    4. Go back to "Options" and choose "Load/Save".
    5. Choose "Save".
    Enter "GMMSKIN" on the Code Input menu
    Enter "FLSHWND" on the Code Input menu.
    Unlimited Continues
    Enter "GRNCHTR" on the Code Input menu.
    Double Hulk's Health
    Enter "HLTHDSE" on the Code Input menu.
    Double Enemies Health
    Enter "BRNGITN" on the Code Input menu.
    Half Enemies Health
    Enter "MMMYHLP" on the Code Input menu.
    Reset High Score
    Enter "NMBTHIH" on the Code Input menu.
    Level Select
    Enter "TRUBLVR" on the Code Input menu.
    Full Rage Meter
    Enter "ANGMNGT" on the Code Input menu.
    Wicked Punch
    Enter "FSTOFRY" on the Code Input menu.
    The following codes must be entered during Story Mode at a "Universal Code 
    Input" terminal: (NOTE: These can only be found on Bruce's missions)
    Hulk Transformed Gallery
    Enter "SANFRAN" at a "Universal Code Input" terminal in story mode.
    Hulk VS Hulk dogs Gallery
    Enter "PITBULL" at a "Universal Code Input" terminal in story mode.
    Desert Battle Gallery
    Enter "FIFTEEN" at a "Universal Code Input" terminal in story mode.
    Hulk Movie F/X Movie
    Enter "NANOMED" at a "Universal Code Input" terminal in story mode.
    Unlock Grey Hulk
    Enter "JANITOR" at a "Universal Code Input" terminal in story mode.
    Section VII: COPYRIGHT
    This document Copyright 2002 Kevin Hall
    Hulk interactive game (c) 2003 Universal Interactive Inc.
    The Incredible Hulk character (c) 2003 Marvel Characters Inc.
    This document is for private and personal use only!
    Do not try to sell this document for profit! This is a free document and 
    should remain free.
    Do not try to reproduce this document in any way, shape, or form.
    Do not alter this FAQ in any way!
    If you want to use this document on your site then contact me, 
    (berserker_kev@yahoo.com) and ask for permission.  Do NOT post this FAQ up on 
    your website without permission.  I tend to be a very nice person, but do NOT 
    cross me. ^_~
    This FAQ can be found on the following sites:
    GameFAQs  (www.gamefaqs.com/)
    Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com/)
    Cheat Happens (www.cheathappens.com/)
    Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com/)
    CheatCodes.com (www.cheatcodes.com/)
    Cheats.de (www.cheats.de/)
    SPOnG.com (www.spong.com/)
    IGN FAQs (http://faqs.ign.com)
    Vivendi Universal Hulk Forums (www.vugames.com/forum.do)
    Gamenotover.com (http://gamenotover.com)
    DLH (http://dlh.net)
    World of Gaming (http://www.wogaming.com)
    If you see this FAQ on any site not listed above, then please contact me! 
    - myself for typing out this FAQ, but I love this game so it was kinda fun. 
    - my parents for helping me to get the game.
    - catatonia, smashfan 2nd, spiderman013web, Halo54, Gandalf685, Styxx21, and 
    Self Mutilation for listing the codes for the game on GameFAQs.  I would have 
    never found them otherwise. :)
    - Matt31098 and mc1287 for the controller setup information.
    - the users on the Hulk message boards at GameFAQs (all systems).
    - CjayC at GameFAQs for posting this FAQ and for having such a cool site that 
    all video gamers can enjoy.
    - golbez66 for recommending that I should write FAQs in the first place. ^_^
    - all the sites that posted this FAQ.
    - everybody that has emailed me, I appreciate the comments that I have gotten 
    on this FAQ.
    I can be reached at my email address, which is > berserker_kev@yahoo.com <, so 
    please contact me if you have any questions, comments, etc.  I don't mind 
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    One of my pet peeves is when people just add me to their messenger without 
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    Last but not least, do not send me any viruses or spam mail please.
    My other FAQ(s):
    Advent Rising (Xbox)
    Advent Rising Game Script
    Eve of Extinction [EOE] (PS2)
    Psi-Ops (Xbox)
    Resident Evil 4 Treasure & Money Guide (GC)
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