Review by vanillagigglez

Reviewed: 06/03/04

Superstar in the making!

Can you believe it? The Sims are famous! This expansion pack has got to be rated as one of the best, EVER!
What do people say, sequels aren't as good as the original? Well, they obviously haven't played the Sims Superstar!

This game has many more features than the previous expansion packs that makes it individual and unique. For example, you can actually call a cab and go to Studio Town! Studio town is a cool new town on the edge of Sim City where your Sims can go to get famous or to meet the famous. Tonnes of new objects to give your budding Sim a chance for stardom! You can meet the Paparazzi and get photo shoots. Star in a film or go on a catwalk! Whilst in Studio town, think about making your own star place. You may get somewhere!

Tonnes of new NPC's as well! You can call the Butler for 500 a day and he'll hire and fire staff, look after the kids and even make meals! There are even superstars like Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Monroe and you can get their autograph! Cool!

What about the obsessed fan? Uh oh! He follows you everywhere, you better have a 2 story house! He rummages in your garbage and leaves you black roses! He will steal your trophies if he has a chance!

Loads of cool music! You'll be singing and humming along. When you go to studio town and record a jingle for an ad, you'll be singing along. Ok, ok, I admit. At least I sung along!

Live with other people? Brothers and Sisters, Moms and Dads, Husbands and Wives or even room-mates! Whoever you live with, you've gotta hide the game. i once came back and my brother had played on the Sims Superstar. He'd made 7 houses and made them all Superstars! Do you want a fabulous game like this being played on? Just hide it!

The graphics are cool, cooler than before! You've gotta admit, they have style and know how to use it. Also, think about the new clothes and faces. You can chose all sorts and buy new ones in Studio Town!

So, you convinced yet?! BUY THE GAME! If you're not convinced, there is something wrong with you!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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