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FAQ by Rising2Fenix

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 05/25/03

The Sims - Superstar Expansion pack
By Maxis and EA Games

Superstar FAQ
By Rising2Fenix
Version 2.0 - May 25th 2003

Copyright: Under the United States and International copyright laws, this 
FAQ has been copyrighted to myself, Rising2Fenix and it's contributors.  Any 
act attempting to plagerize this work or display it without granted 
permission will result in legal action.  If you do wish to display this guide 
on your own FAQ site, contact me first.  Once permission is granted, it may 
only be allowed for personal use and should not be sold or redistributed.  
This guide is DOWNLOADABLE from the GameFAQs site.  Take note, I am constantly 
looking around at FAQ sites throughout the web, so be forewarned.  I better 
not find this FAQ on a site I haven't approved it for.

This FAQ is to help out people who just got this game and looking for some 
kind of direction, but has some general tips anyone can use. This guide 
doesn't cover the original Sims game or any other expansion.  Sorry it's 
so sloppy, I'm trying to put this out quickly after seeing so many people 
with the same repeat questions on the message board.  I'll be sure to add 
many more updates and get this thing organized.  In the meantime, I hope 
that many Sims SS fans will find this guide useful.  Come back later for 
those updates.  There is indeed an official guide released by Prima Guides 
for this expansion pack as well as for all previous expansions.  I haven't 
been able to read through it myself, but it no doubt has details on game 
mechanics for those of you who prefer gaming by numbers.  Most of the 
information in this guide is based on my own experience with the game 
while taking 5 sims up the Fame ladder and from what I've seen or read 
on the message boards of various sim sites.

I. Meager beginnings.

So you just installed this fresh expansion pack and have high hopes of 
becoming a star of Studio Town.  The journey will be rough and filled 
with challanges, but you're ready.  You'll meet a lot of people along 
the way.  Some will help you climb the Fame ladder while others will 
shun you.  But, it's a little matter.  A new face has come into the 
spotlight, and that face is yours.

I. 1. Square One

Pick or create a sim to be the next star.  For this early version of this 
FAQ, I won't bother to go into the game basics since I want to get this 
up as soon as possible, so if you are unable to do this, consult the 
FAQs of previous Sims expansion packs.  When your sim arrives at it's 
home, you'll be told about a new tabloid releashed in town.  This 
tabloid will be delivered by Nancy the Paper Girl along with your 
newspaper when she arrives at 9 AM everyday.

Check out the tabloid if you want.  Five options will pop up.  "Bring In, 
Find Agent, Read, Recycle and Who's Hot."  Choose "Read" if you want to 
increase your Fun level.  Looking at "Who's Hot" will also increase Fun.  
Go ahead and take a look at Who's Hot.  Ten names will pop onto your screen.  
Under my advice, jot down these names somewhere, whether it be on a scratch 
sheet of paper, a dry erase board or a new Notepad document.  The list will 
change on a regular basis so be ready to update your own list.  As of right 
now, this list of 10 names is your window to fame.

I. 2. "Don't quit your day job"

At least don't quit your job just yet and expect to dive into Studio Town 
right away.  No doubt you want to get down to buisness.  But be patient.  
You aren't ready to find an agent yet.  Click on your Job Button.  This 
will display your current skills in Cooking, Charisma, Mechanical, Body, 
Logic, and Creativity.  If you made a new character, all skills will be 
empty. If your character currently has a job, job details will be listed 
with this button.  If you want to be famous, you'll have to quit your day 
job.  Sure, this is no problem if you're Unemployed, but if you're at 
the top of the ladder already, this is more of a sacrifice.  And forget 
it if your sim was in the Entertainment buisness and is already a 
"Superstar."  You'll still have to quit.  The same goes if you're in 
the Music or Fashion career path.  This is because this Job button will 
be the same button to view your Fame status once you find an agent. 
Besides, it's not too difficult if you decide you want your old job back.  
Just wait for the the paper to come or use the computer to sign up for your 
old job once again.  Since you still have your skill points and family 
friends, you'll be climbing the ladder to the top of your choosen path 
rather quickly.  So really, it's not that much of a sacrifice.  And when 
you see how much money you can make as a star, you may not ever want to 
return to your old job.  

Right now, you're concerns are on your skills.  If you started with a new 
character, I advise getting a steady job from the newspaper until you are 
able to build up your Creativity and Charisma skill points.  Body points 
help as well but are optional at least for now.  If you already have a job, 
keep it until Creativity and Charisma are at a decent level.  Five skill 
points are adequate, while at full 10 is ideal.

While working on your skills, take a look around Studio Town if you want.  
Actually I recommend it.  It'll cost 50 simoleans each time you call a cab 
from your home.  On the plus side, if you aren't trying to become a star, 
you can take an infinite number of trips.  During these trips you can try 
meeting new stars and people, which is a good thing.

Once you have a good amount of skill points, brace yourself and leave your 
life as a "regular" person behind.  Finally, it's time to leave that 
tiresome job of yours!  Click on the tabloid and choose "Find Agent."  
There's only ONE agent in all of Studio Town, and her name is Lana.  Once 
you accept your call to fame, click your Job button once again.  Instead 
of "Job" the heading will now be "Fame."

l Fame
lX X X X X
l:) 0.0

Next to all this will be your skills.  The capital X's represent large stars.  
As of now, they should all be empty, but you'll color them in soon enough.  
Beneath the Fame Stars is a title.  Right now it reads as "Nobody."  Click on 
the words "Nobody."  A description and two pictures will come up.  On the left 
side of the description is a blue colored stage.  This is the Karaoke Bar.  
To the right of the description is a wooden stage.  This is the Open Mic.  
These are the objects you'll utilize to gain your Fame Stars.  From now on, 
when you gain another level, click on the title and check out the picture that 
comes up.  Whatever picture is next to the description is the next object you 
should use to increase your Fame level.  Indeed, you don't HAVE to use this 
featured object, but this is the one object which will grant the most points.

Under the title there will be a smiley face with three little stars over it's 
head.  Next to the smiley guy is a number.  Click on this number to get a 
description of Starpower.  Remember, Starpower IS NOT the same as number of 
friends.  Right now, you don't have to worry about this.  I'll talk about 
Starpower later on.

Here's a list of each level, it's title, the position's in-game description 
and the Starpower you'll need to move onto the next:

0 Stars - Nobody: 

1/2 Fame star - Stepping Stone: Most dogs get treated better than this... and 
your earning power is about as exciting as your lowly star power... Channel 
your bitterness and frustrations into your work, so someday... YOU'LL be 
on top.

1 Fame star - Insider: It's time to leave your delusions behind.  This isn't 
magic... this ISN'T glamour... THIS IS A SYSTEM, and you had better start 
learning to work it if you want to see the big bucks and your name in lights.  
Get creative... of they will tell you to get lost.

1.5 Fame stars - Name Dropper: You've arrived... At the understanding that 
being a star is HARD work!  Pump up your body and presentation skills, as you 
pump palms around Studio Town.  Nobody said this would easy.  (This is not 
a typo on my part, that's really how it reads.)

2 Fame stars - Studio Fly: (Need 2 Starpower): People are talking.  Your fan 
mail is growing!  Sure, you're only B-list, but people recognize you on the 
street, plus it SORT OF feels good to see yourself in the tabloids!  In fact, 
maybe you should look for NEW ways to get famous.  Sure it's great to "be 
discovered," but can you afford to wait?

2.5 Fame stars - Sell Out: (Need 4 Starpower): You thought it couldn't happen 
to you... You were going to make a masterpiece, stick to your friends, and 
change the system... from the "inside."  Think again.  Studio Town is nothing 
more than an unstoppable, unregulated, unthinking, UNFEELING money-making 
machine.  You can't fight it... you can only RIDE it, so hang on!

3 Fame stars - Trendsetter: (Need 7 Starpower): Those ridiculous pants you 
wore last week are hugging every hipster's waist this week!  You're an 
underground smash just WAITING to break out, if only you knew the right 
people!  Seperate from the herd, by MAKING yourself heard, by everyone in 
Studio Town.

3.5 Fame stars - Player: (Need 11 Starpower): This is the point at which your 
fans start getting... obsessive.  Just go with it.  The more they squawk, the 
more famous you become.  Fan the flames by dropping names, and making sure you 
get lots of "face time" in Studio Town.  Fame... it's the only game in town... 
STUDIO Town that is!

4 Fame stars - Talk of the Town: (Need 14 Starpower): 15 minutes of fame... 
HA!  Magazines, billboards, talk shows... your face is everywhere!  But nobody 
told you it would be so much work! Plus it seems the more money you earn, the 
more money you burn... Keep your name is lights, or you might find just 
yourself... a fading star.

4.5 Fame stars - Celebrity: (Need 18 Starpower): They say the candle that 
burns twice as bright burns half as long... and your star has been VERY bright 
lately.  This is the DEFINING moment of your career... will you claw your way 
to the top to become a TRUE superstar... or just another HAS-BEEN, born to 
litter the tabloids in a pseudo-celebrity limbo?  The choice is up to you.

5 Fame stars - Superstar: The world... is your OYSTER!  Who said it was lonely 
at the top?  You've got more friends and fans than you know what to do with!  
Sure, you've burned some bridges on the way, but that's the mark of a true 
artist, nay... A GENIOUS!  No wonder they worship the ground you walk on!  You 
DESERVE IT!  HOW SWEET IT IS!!!  But... will it last?

When you're ready, go to the nearest phone and call a cab to go to Studio Town.  
Normally it would cost 50 simoleons to visit it as a tourist, but as long as 
you're in the Biz, your traveling expenses are already paid.  Important note, 
you are allowed only one trip to Studio Town a day if you have Fame as your 
career.  Just think of your Fame career as your new job.  If you miss two work 
days in a row, you'll be back in the Unemployment line.

II. Roll back the red carpet

When you first arrive at Studio Town, what should you do?    Unfortunately 
you're not famous enough to share the set with a big star.  You'll have to 
start out small.  If you try to use a high fame object, you'll be shooed away.  
It's all about Fame stars.  As you gain more Fame Stars, you gain access to 
more objects in Studio Town.  There's a list in the instruction booklet that 
came with the game of what you can use at what point of the game, but for 
those of you who somehow missed it:

"The Genious Loci Karaoke Stage"
Sing - No stars required

"Talent Potentiometer Open Mic Stage"
Entertain - No Stars required

"Flawless Photo Shoot"
Print Ad - 1/2 of a star
Swimwear - 2 Stars
Winterwear - 2 Stars

"Cacophonator 16R5 Sound Enhancement Booth"
Jingle - 1 Star
Rock Ballad - 3 Stars
Pop Ballad - 3 Stars
Dance Anthem - 3 Stars

"Actionworks TV Studio Set"
Commercial - 1.5 Stars
Inheritance scene - 2.5 Stars
Emergency scene - 2.5 Stars

"Walk of Fame Runway"(requires a partner)
Walk - 3.5 Stars

"The Music Video Generation Stage"
Video shoot - 4 Stars

"Director's Turf Sound Stage" (Requires a partner)
Fight Scene - 4.5 Stars
Death Scene - 4.5 Stars

You probably thought you would choose only one career out of Acting, Music or 
Fashion and then stick to that one career.  The fact is it's best to take part
in all three careers and use whatever object you have to in order to gain the 
necessary Fame stars.  Once you become a Superstar with a full 5 stars, then 
it's up to you if you want to stick with one specific career.

II. 1. Destination Stardom

There are eight large lots in Studio Town, each with it's own resources and 
functions.  If you ask me, all the lots that came with the game basically suck.  
The sooner you can build your own, the better.  Anyways, here's a quick 
run-down of each lot.  Don't e-mail me if I forget to mention something.  I'm 
only making mention of objects I see as noteworthy.  Skip this all if you just 
want a direct answer to where you want to go.

81 Sunrise Boulevard
KWLW Studios - Home of the daytime drama "As The Heart Beats."  KWLW is known 
for launching the careers of many of today's hottest stars.  Self-guided tours 
offered daily.

Lot offers:
Shopping - Posters
*TV Studio Set
1 food table and eating area
2 public bathroom stalls
1 celebrity only restroom

82 Sunrise Boulevard
Fairchild Film Studios - Here lies the last bastion of the golden age of film.  
This mammoth structure contains the primary studios and corporate headquarters 
of the biggest name in film today.

Lot offers:
*Open Mic
*TV Studio Set
*Movie Set
1 trailer
1 food table and outdoor eating area
3 public bathroom stalls
2 steam baths
4 spa tubs
1 hot tub
1 oxygen bar
1 chess table
1 shower
1 TV and viewing room
2 large indoor seating areas
Swimming pool

My notes: This is actually a pretty decent lot that came with the game.  It 
has a lot to offer and is a good place for doing commercials.  However, doing 
movies is much more difficult since there is so much to keep other sims 
distracted.  There is also a major problem of sims getting stuck upstairs.

83 Sunrise Boulevard
Meeker Studios - The newest film company in town, Meeker Studios is still 
developing their star roster.  They may not have indoor restrooms, but they 
have outdoor ones!

Lot offers:
*Open Mic
*Movie Set
1 trailer
1 skydive booth
1 computer
1 food table and large outdoor seating area
4 portable bathrooms

My notes:  Don't ask me what the heck that description was about.  Once you 
gain 4.5 Stars, this is a good place to make movies.  There's not much to 
keep other sims distracted aside from the skydiving and computer so finding 
a partner will be relatively easy.  The only thing this lot is really missing 
is a spa to increase Hygiene and Comfort.  Delete the Skydiving, put in a 
few steam baths, spa tubs and a few SHOWERS and this lot is just about 
perfect.  And hey, an espresso bar couldn't hurt either.

84 Studio Town Drive
Midlock Multiplex - The Midlock record label is the talk of the town, the best 
of the best in sound production.  Midlock also owns and operates the trendy 
"Midlock Mahi" sushi bar on their corporate lot.  Remember... 
"Midlock Makes Music!"

Lot offers:
*Karaoke Bar
*2 Recording Booths
2 sushi bars and small indoor seating area
1 basketball hoop
2 seperate public restrooms with 3 stalls each
2 steam baths
1 chess table
1 trailer

My notes: Come here when you need to record jingles or make record albums.  
This lot won't be able to fill your Needs extremely well so bring your sim 
in a good mood.  The sushi isn't all that filling so don't come hungry.

85 Studio Town Drive
Studio Town Center - Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Aphorodite Spa or, 
for more lively diversions, check out the Suki Nori Sushi Bar where the 
Karaoke party never ends!

Lot offers:
*Open Mic
TV with theater-like viewing area
2 smoothie counters, one on each floor
1 sushi bar with medium indoor seating
1 food table with medium indoor seating
Shopping- 2 Clothing racks and 4 poster displays
Swimming Pool
3 public bathroom stalls
1 oxygen bar
1 pinball machine
2 steam baths
2 spa tubs
1 hot tub
1 massage table
2 massage chairs

My notes: The sheer size of this lot gives it a lot of resources to offer.  
There's food at every corner and a small spa to keep you comfy and clean.  
A good lot if you're starting out with 0 stars.  However, consider 
customizing this place as your own by putting the second floor to better use.

86 Studio Town Drive
Buckingham Galleries - Fine art and fashion, pillaged from the far corners of 
SimCity, an housed on-site at Mr. Buckingham's private design studio.  "Anyone 
can be an artist," says Buckingham... "I'm living proof."

Lot offers:
*Photo Shoot
*Fashion Runway
1 Sushi Bar with large outdoor seating area
2 public bathroom stalls
1 computer
Shopping - 2 clothing racks

My notes: This place is small, but it really the best fashion lot.  Just don't 
expect for this lot to fill up your Needs other than Bladder and your need to 
shop for you girls out there.  It's good since there's not much to do, so 
getting a partner will be easy when you want to use the runway.  Just use the 
Fame objects here and then leave once your Needs start to drop.  The runway 
will especially take a toll on Comfort and there are no spa objects on the lot.

87 Studio Town Drive
Music for the Eyes Inc. - Nearly all of Studio Town's music videos are 
produced within these hallowed halls.  It's not so much that Music for 
the Eyes Inc. is the only game in town, but that they are the best at 
what they do: making you look good, regardless of how you sound.

Lot offers:
*2 Music Video sets
2 food tables with small indoor seating area
3 public bathroom stalls
2 massage chairs
1 computer downstairs
5 computers upstairs

My notes:  Let me just start by saying: I hate this place.  But as the 
description says, it's the only lot you can go to if you want to make 
music videos.  It's a basic lack of planning that screws this lot up.  
All the food is on the first floor while the restrooms are on the second 
floor.  There's only one set of stairs to the small bathroom.  If you 
don't want you sim to wet it's pants after having a meal, put some 
portable bathrooms and a small sink on the first floor.

88 Studio Town Drive
Cameron's Lounge - Hep cats and cool canaries know the joint is jumping 
at Cameron's Lounge.  If you've got your boots on, come beat the chops 
with the jacks and jills or earn some gravy gammin on the main kick.

Lot offers:
*Open Mic
1 Shrimp Cart
3 public bathroom stalls
8 slot machines
2 pool tables
2 dart boards
2 pinball machines
1 TV

My notes:  Ignore the cheesy description straight out of the 1920's or 
perhaps present day's The Big Easy.  This place isn't too bad if you're 
just starting out.  It has both Karaoke bar and Open Mic stage, which is 
good if you have no Fame stars.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have much of 
anything else to fill draining Needs other than Fun.  For food, it only 
has a shrimp cart, which on it's own doesn't fill a sim's hunger needs 
very well.  Get your first half star here if you want but go somewhere 
else to take care of your Needs.

89 Studio Town Drive
The Gast District - How about a little taste of Europe, without having 
to go any further than Studio Town?  Chic shopping, round-the-clock 
fashion shows, and a spa that never closes.  Ciao!

Lot offers:
*Photo Shoot
*Fashion Runway
1 sushi bar
1 smoothie counter
3 public bathroom stalls
1 scuba tank
1 hot tub
2 spa baths
2 steam baths
Shopping- 2 shopping areas.  One area only has one rack of high fashion.  
The other has 2 racks downstairs and 3 racks upstairs

My notes:  Yet another lot I hate.  For fashion opportunities, it's either 
Gast or Buckingham.  This lot makes Europe look bad.  It has an extremely 
poor layout despite the large lot area.  For one, both the sushi bar and 
smoothie counter are on the second floor.  The three bathroom stalls are 
in one corner of the lot on the first floor. It's the same way with the 
clothing racks.  The three racks on the second floor have no purpose since 
the cashiers are all downstairs anyway.  You'll also notice this place 
appears to be one large building, however the second floor has no walkway 
to connect the "food court" and spa, which means your sim will have to 
take a long walk if they want to go from one second story area to the 
other.  Worst yet, this lot won't be too great with filling your Needs, 
especially Hunger.  You'll have to eat quite a bit of Sushi and drink a 
couple of smoothies if you want to fill your hunger.  Then you'll have 
to run to the bathroom... downstairs on the opposite side.  It will also 
be more difficult to use the runway than the Buckingham since there's a 
bit more to do and your potential partners will be in seperate rooms 
entirely.  For me, this was the first lot I bulldozed.

A quick review of each Lot:

*Karaoke: 84, 85, 88
*Open Mic: 82, 83, 85, 88
*Photo Shoot: 86, 89
*Recording Studio: 84
*TV Studio: 81, 82
*Fashion Runway: 86, 89
*Music Video Set: 87
*Movie Studio: 82, 83

II. 2. Gaining your stars

I suggest going to "Studio Town Center" on 85 Studio Town Drive or 
"Cameron's Lounge" on 88 Studio Town Drive".  For now, you'll only be 
able to use the Karaoke Stage and Open Mic Stage.  Cameron's Lounge and 
Studio Town Center have both.  (You can try going elsewhere, just make 
sure they have something you can use.)  When you first arrive as a Nobody 
in Fame Status, Lana will welcome you.  You can get advice from her if 
you "Ask About" Fame, Fans, Name Dropping or Awards. Dozens of strangers 
will be wandering around the lot.  Remember to say hello to as many as 
you can. The Paparazzo will also be around.  If you can get his attention 
you can gain Fame points as well.  Look for him and pose for a picture or 
create a publicity stunt.  If your skills are maxed out, you'll instantly 
gain your first half star and become a Stepping Stone.  

If not, go to the Karaoke or Open Mic stage and perform.  Hopefully your 
Charisma and Creativity Skills are high enough to please the gathering 
crowds, that is if you CAN gather a crowd.  Wait until there are at 
least 6 people on the lot.  The more, the better.  Pause the game and 
look around the lot to make sure there are people close by who aren't 
getting ready to do something such as start a meal or go onto a computer.  
Now, sing or entertain.  People should start walking in.  Thanks to Lsky2 
on the Sims site BBS for these two tricks:  If you're using the open mic, 
you can click on your sim after a few short seconds and choose "Entertain" 
once again.  This will keep your sim on stage and allow more people to 
come and listen.  For both Karaoke and Open Mic you can also click on 
people you've already greeted and ask them to listen.  

Each time you use a Fame object, you'll see a little star symbol flash 
over your head.  This star symbol will either have a GREEN PLUS or a 
RED MINUS.  A green plus means you've gained Fame points.  If you perform 
exceptionally well, you'll see two green pluses and gain extra Fame 
points along with a bit of extra cash.  When you get enough Fame points, 
you'll gain half a star.  If you get a red minus, you will lose Fame 
points.  If your Fame score gets too low, you may lose half a star. But 
worry about it too much.  You cannot lose Fame points until you earn 2 
full stars, and even then you can only lose points if you fail the 
mini-game, which I'll explain later.  

Anyway, if you perform well, you'll gain Fame points to your next star 
and get paid in tips from the crowd, roughly 10 simoleons a person.  
If you still do not go up a star level, keep performing Karoake, 
entertaining at Open Mic or posing for the paparazzo.  If you get 
stuck at this level, it can only mean your skills are not yet high 
enough.  The higher your skills are, the more Fame points you'll 
gain from each performance.

If your sim doesn't want to sing or entertain, take a look at their 
Needs and their Mood Rating.  Look at the button picturing the comedic 
and tragic face.  Pressing this button will display Needs.  Above and 
below this button there are 5 pegs to show your "Mood Rating."  You 
need at least 3 green pegs or you may fail the attempt.  Failing an 
attempt may cause a decrease in Fame points and even a loss of a Fame 
Star level when you get to the higher Fame levels.  Be sure to fulfill 
your sim's needs when they fall more than halfway.

II. 3. "I'm a sim with needs, baby."

If you want to gain your stars, you'll have to meet your sim's Needs 
to keep him in Studio Town. Don't worry, as long as they're here your 
sim cannot starve to death or fall asleep in the street.  However if 
your Needs are down into the bright red and your overall mood is bad, 
your sim will no longer be able to perform.  You have 8 basic Needs: 
Hunger, Comfort, Hygiene, Bladder, Energy, Fun, Social and Room.  
For a description of each, click on the words above each bar.  I'll 
only make note of how to fill these Needs while in Studio Town.

How to fill hunger?  Eat!  Studio Town has food for you to eat 
everywhere and on every lot!  Sushi bars, smoothie stands and all 
other fast food will only fill this guage by a small amount.  The 
best way to fill the guage is by looking for a buffet table.  Buffet 
tables offer salads if you click on one end of the table, entrees if 
you click in the middle of the table, and desserts at to other end of 
the table.  Desserts do not fill the guage by much.  Salads fill a sim 
up by a decent amount, but if your sim is very hungry entrees are the 
best.  Whenever you eat, you bladder gauge will do down.  One final 
note, be sure to eat while other people are around.  That way you can 
also build relationships and fill your social needs while you eat.

As long as you're on your feet, this guage will go down.  Certain 
activities will cause this guage to decrease even faster.  Using the 
fashion runway especially is hard on this bar.  To bring this guage 
back slowly, sit down in a chair or sofa.  Each chair has a certain 
Comfort value and will fill the guage relative to that value.  For 
example, massage chairs will fill the guage faster than an office 
chair.  The best place to fill this guage is in the spa.  Steam baths, 
showers, bathtubs, spa tubs, hot tubs and massage tables will all 
fill this guage.

This guage goes down rather slowly unless you crap your pants or take a 
mud bath in a spa tub.  Using the portable toilets will also slightly 
drop Hygiene scores.  Washing your hands will fill this bar a small 
amount, but it will never completely fill the guage.  Steam baths and 
Hot tubs will fill this guage very slowly and will also not be able to 
fill it un completely.  The best way is to use a normal bath or shower.  
Showers are available only on certain lots unless you add some yourself.  
Taking a shower will fill the guage completely.  Too bad no one is clean 
until they're zestfully clean.

Using the potty is the best way.  Of course the only other option is to 
wait until it drops all the way down and allow your sim to soil their 
shorts.  The Bladder will be to quickest bar to decrease and the quickest 
to fill.  It'll slowly go down on it's own and will go down even faster 
when you eat or drink.  Make sure to keep an eye on this guage especially.  
If you sim can't make it to the proper facilities in time, they'll go 
whether they're ready or not.  If they aren't ready, they'll drop their 
Hygiene score to the lowest level.  Celebrity trailers also could as a 
bathroom, but you need at least 2 Fame Stars to use them. 

Energy is the hardest to fill of all.  Certain activities such as runway 
modeling will cause this to go down faster.  Basically you aren't supposed 
to be able to fill this bar at all while in Studio Town.  You're really 
just supposed to wait until it depletes and then go home to sleep.  You 
can try putting an Espresso bar run by Travelin' Joe onto a Studio lot, 
but on it's own it doesn't fill up Energy all that much.  The only other 
way is to download a hacked object from a third party site.  Heh heh heh.  
A full Energy bar will normally last about 12 hours.

One of the easiest guages to fill, but most times to one easily overlooked.  
All work and no play makes a sim annoyingly whine outloud while waving one 
arm over it's head.  I hate when they do that.  There's plenty of fun stuff 
to do in Studio Town.  Throw darts at a dart board, play with some slot 
machines, pinball games or chess sets to fill up you Fun Needs.  Or how 
above testing out the Skydive Machine or Scuba Tank?  Each costs 100 
simoleons for each use, so save to use these unless your Fun is down to 
a pathetic level.  Playing with water fountains, dancing to a stereos or 
watching TV and playing on a computer also work.  The Oxygen Bar is great 
if you want to build relationship points with three other people at once.  
Supposedly you can also "play in" the celebrity trailer with a second 
person, but I've never gotten it to work.  Try it and you'll see why.

Sims need simulated human contact.  Hugging, kisses and conversing with 
other sims is the only way to raise this value.  Doing group activities 
such as eating together or playing at the oxygen bar together will 
automatically allow your sims to talk with other doing the same activity.  
Sims sharing the same spa whether in Steam Baths, Spa tubs or Massage 
Tables will all converse with each other until they are done.  If more 
than one person is sharing a hot tub, the bathing sims will talk back 
and forth.  Social is not filled by: talking to Lana or other NPCs such 
as food vendors or shop cashiers, asking for an autograph from Marilyn 
Monroe, Avril Lavigne or Christina Aguilera, berating your Obsessed Fan, 
or talking with directors/producers/photgraphers.  In order to raise social, 
the person you are talking to CANNOT be an NPC or a "Non-Playable Character."  
They must be an Anybody or Somebody of Studio Town.  This guage will deplete 
rather slowly, so as long as you talk to someone every now and then, you 
should be fine.

Unfortunately, you have very little control of Room.  Room indicates the 
room value and will fluctuate as you go from one room to another.  Rooms 
that are spacious, well-lit and have a great deal of decorations will 
have high values.  Messes such as trash, dirty dishes, spills and broken 
objects will decrease the room value.  Studio Lots that have seating areas 
and food tables will normally end up having a pile up of dirty dishes if 
you stay long enough.  Unfortunately, there's only one cleaning lady and 
she'll be too busy cleaning the toilets as soon as someone uses them.  
Avoid staying in rooms (outdoors is included at "room.") that have a 
great deal of trash or that are dark without much light.  You can help 
the room values by decorating the lots yourself, adding plenty of 
pictures (found in Decorative of all 5 categories) and shrubbery 
(found in Build Mode).  A bit of mood music can help too by adding wall 
speakers (Found in Food, Shops or Misc and then Electronics while in 
Studio Town's Buy Mode).

By filling your Needs, a sim can stayin Studio Town for longer a longer 
period of time, thus giving you more opportunities to meet new people 
and get more Star points.  When your Energy is at a sliver or your Needs 
are too low to fill in town, Go Home and rest up by using a nearby 
telephone booth.  Coming home, you'll notice the time is still the 
same at your home as when you left.  After resting, invite some friends 
over for breakfast or whatever and then get ready to do it all over 
again the next day. 

II. 4. Steppin' up

You've gained your first half of a star.  Congrats on becoming a measly 
little Stepping Stone.  You now have a choice.  You can either go back 
and sing more Karaoke or use the next available object.  Karaoke will 
grant you a small amount of money and a low amount of Fame points.  If 
you want to gain a full star, check your Fame button and click on the 
words "Stepping Stone."  A picture of a photo shoot should come up.  
That's right, half of a star grants you Prints Ads on a Photo Shoot.  
You're about to advertise some products.  Make sure you're looking good 
with Body Skill points.  

Your first time in front of a camera and your doing an ad for
... hemorrhoidal cream. Okay, maybe not.  It's actually an ad for 
some game that I've never seen before in my life.  Lots 86 and 89 
both have Fashion opportunities.  Lot 86 has the Photo shoot on the 
second floor.  Obviouosly, one ad won't be enough.  You'll need quite 
a few advertisements to get the attention of those who matter in this 
town.  It may take 4 or even more Print Ads to gain enough Fame points 
for you next star level.  After each successfull shoot you'll be paid 
up to 65 simoleons.

Remember to keep an eye on your Needs.  You need a mood rating of at 
least 3 for a good ad.  If your needs get too low to fulfill while in 
Studio Town, don't be ashamed about having to get back home.  Just be 
sure to keep greeting people you see on the lots you visit and try to 
talk to them as much as you can.  Remember when you get home you can 
always call some new friends over and build up a relationship with them.  
You can also consider building up your skills if you have not maxed out 
Creativity, Charisma and Body.  But if all goes well, you'll become an 
Insider in no time.

II. 5. "Jingle all da' vay!"  Just like Arnold said.

After becoming an Insider, you'll be able to do Jingles at a Recording 
Studio.  The Midlock Multiplex on lot 84 has two recording booths and 
is a good place to earn your next star. Actually, it's the only place 
until you build a lot of your own.  

Recording a Jingle is the same as printing an ad.  You must have decent 
skill points and be in a good mood with most of your Needs met.  Each 
jingle will slowly wear down your Energy, Comfort and Fun.  Sing about 
a bald guy that makes kitchen floors spotless a few times and gain more 
star points.  It can take up to 5 jingles in all to gain enough Fame 
points, but you don't have to do them all at once.  You'll probably have 
to sit down on a comfy couch after the first 3 or 4 in order to refill 
your Comfort.  Remember, you need at least 3 pegs on your mood rating.  
It's actually pretty normal if an audition doesn't go well.  Just try 
again until you get it.  Better your chances by watching that your Needs 
aren't too low and by having high skills.  Refill your Needs with objects 
on the Studio lot or go home, rest, raise your Creativity, Charisma and 
Body skills and then try again.  Each successful jingle nabs you about 
70 simoleons or lower.

II. 6. Kickin' arse and droppin' names.

After gaining a full star level and a half as a Name Dropper, you'll gain 
the ability to do commercials on the TV stages.  Since you'll be going in 
front of the camera, you'll need to be charming and be looking good.  Build 
up your Creativity, Charisma and Body if you haven't already.  Just as the 
description of this level tells you, you'll need to start building 
relationships if you haven't been doing so already.

The TV set has a man in a full body cast.  Hopefully someone isn't actually 
in there.  TV studios can be found on lots 81 and 82.  I suggest Fairchild 
on lot 82.  Come in a good mood, preferably with all Needs maxed out.  Greet 
a few people as you come onto the lot and go straight for the TV Studio Set.  
Do as many commercials as you can before your Needs get too bad.  Commercials 
will wear down Energy, Comfort and Fun and you'll need to once again keep 
your mood rating at 3 pegs or higher.  You should be able to gain another 
level here on one trip.  It takes about 4 commercials or more for the 
necessary amount of Fame points.  Each successful commercial puts about 
90 simloeons or less in your pocket.

If you just can't seem to get that star, don't worry about it.  Grab 
something to eat, take some time at the spa and talk to some people 
before you leave to go home and rest.  Then just come back the next 
day in your best mood and do commercials until that next half a star 
comes.  If you've done a dozen commercials while in a good mood but 
still can't seem to raise a level, it can only mean your skills are 
not yet high enough.  Otherwise, don't give up.

III. Know how to be a star

So, you've gained at least 2 stars and think you're pretty good, don't 
ya?  Well, it's far from over and your career is about to get a little 
bit tougher.  As a Studio Fly, you'll start to need Starpower if you 
want others to take you seriously.  Photographers, directors and 
producers will now expect you to live up to your reputation and start 
making demands that you'll have to meet.  But don't be threatened.  
You're Studio Town's newest golden child, destined to become a star!  
But before you can become a star, you'll have to learn how to act like 
one first.  This section will discuss some of the more important concepts 
you'll need to understand.

III. 1. "Choose a sequence of three... NOW!!!"

On your path to stardom, you'll eventually have to play this mini-game.  
The Photo Shoot: Print Ad, Recording Studio: Song Jingle and the 
TV Set: Commercial were dependent on you Skill scores and took no effort 
on your part.  But if you want to be a star, you'll have to work for 
it from this point on.

Once you hit 2 Stars or the Studio Fly level, you'll gain access to 
the Photo Shoot: Model.  You can model either Swimwear or Winterwear.  
It doesn't matter which you choose, the minigame will be the same with 
both.  Talk to the photographer when no one else is using the Photo 
Shoot and a message will appear, prompting you to choose a sequence of 
three.  Try not to allow the window to be left open for too long or it 
will automatically chose the first choice for you.  The choices will be 
Energetic (A), Seductive (B) and Artistic (C).  So what is a young model 
to do?

The photographer is thinking of a certain pattern.  You're goal is to 
guess this pattern.  You'll only be given three chances.  Since you 
should be more than able to find the pattern by a process of elimination, 
if you only guess two correctly, you will lose a small amount of Fame 
points.  If you only guess one correctly, you'll lose even more Fame points.  
Not only that, but the next time you play, the pattern will change.

But fear not, it's actually much easier than you think.  And once you get 
the hang of it, you'll be raking in big bucks!  You're feeling a bit sexy, 
so for this game let's choose Seductive (B) then Seductive (B) then 
Seductive (B).

Now watch the photographer.  Bubbles will appear with either a picture of 
your head or a picture of your head crossed out.  (If the bubbles appear 
as empty, this is a minor glitch.  Try clicking the right mouse button or 
switching the angle of view the alleviate the problem.)  If you get a red 
X, then the photographer does not like what they see, otherwise, your doing 
fine.  In this example, let's say Andy Warhol gives you: 1) Red X, 
2) No Red X, 3) Red X, in that order.  This means your first and third 
choices were not what he was looking for.  Your second choice, however 
was absolutely perfect! So you know the second choice of the desired 
pattern is Seductive and not Energetic or Artistic.  For this shoot, 
choose Seductive as your second choice but something else for your first 
and third.


With one correct answer, you're feeling excited.  How about trying Energetic?  
So choose Energetic then Seductive then Energetic.


This time, Mr. Warhol gives: 1) No Red X, 2) No Red X, and then Red X.  Now, 
only your third shot is wrong.


Well, you've tried both Energetic and Seductive.  The only choice could be 
Artistic!  Try it one more time, this time Energetic, Seductive and then 
Artistic.  Andy loves it and the camera forgives you.  Congrats, baby.  
You're hot.  Now, you'll have to do it all over again...

The TV Set Soap Opera (Inheritance or Emergency scene), as well as the 
Recording Studio Albums (Rock, Pop or Dance Anthem) will all have the same 
mini-game with three chances.

However, once you become a Player and try to use the Fashion Runway, the 
Music Video Set or the Movie Set, you'll only have two chances to guess 
the pattern correctly.  Since it's no longer a sure thing, you can get 
away with only guessing 2 correctly; but only finding 1 answer correctly 
will still cause your Fame points to fall.  Hey, no one ever said becoming 
a Superstar would be easy.

III. 2. "A little help from my friends..."

 To make it in the buisness, you'll need the proper connections and need to 
make powerful friends already in the buisness.  But hey, you won't get this 
kind of power by practicing Astrology, you'll have to kiss up to anybody 
who is Somebody.

In this town, there are two kinds of people: Somebodys and Anybodys.  Click 
on your Relationship Button and then click on the smaller STAR pictured 
button.  This will display all the Famous People you know.  These Famous 
People will all have "Somebody" as a last name.  All Somebodys are looking 
to make it in the buisness and have Fame Stars, just as you do.  This means 
befriending them will gain you StarPower as well.  This also means they can 
all appear in the Tabloid's Who's Hot List sooner or later.  Who knows, one 
of these Somebodys might become a Superstar one day.

If a person is not a "Somebody" in Studio Town, then they are an "Anybody."  
These are all your future fans.  They are tourists; they are spectators; 
they are visitors.  You'll probably see them outside of your home coming 
off of a tour bus and taking pictures.  When they arrive onto a lot in 
Studio Town, they'll also come in a Tour bus.  Anybodys do not have Fame 
stars and thus cannot raise your star power if you become their friend.  
You might say it's not even worth talking to them.  You heartless punk.  
Don't you care about your fans?  Well you soon will.  When you reach 2.5 
stars, the obsessed fan will no doubt show up.  Until you pay attention 
to your fans and start thanking the little people, he'll pester you to no 
end.  See the Obsessed Fan section for more info.  In short, make friends 
with Anybodys as well as Somebodys and remember them when you become famous.

III. 2. A. Gaining Starpower

When you first come to Studio Town, it's a good idea to Greet everyone you 
see.  But be careful.  If you're a pathetic Stepping Stone, a Superstar 
won't appreciate a Star Kiss.  And a lowly fan will think you're mistaking 
them for someone else if you try to shake their hand.  For a good idea of 
who the stars are in Studio Town, check out to see who the public has it's 
eyes on.  Check out the "Who's Hot" section of the tabloid.  My advice, 
use a scratch sheet of paper, a dry erase board or a new Notepad document 
and take a note of these names.  But hey, no one can stay in the spotlight 
forever.  The list will change on a regular basis, so be ready to update 
the list each time the tabloid comes.  These 10 names are the Somebodys 
with the highest current Starpower in Studio Town.  These are the ones 
you'll want to get to know when you become famous.  

The number one position is the Superstar of the town.  If you see them 
around, they'll have a yellow rotating star over their head.  This person 
normally knows how to deal with fans and will probably be willing to give 
you an autograph and maybe a hug if you see them without getting too 
irritated.  They may be famous enough for you to be able to mention a movie 
they were just in by "Complimenting Star Quality."  Wave to them if you're 
under 2.5 stars, but give them a Star Kiss when you become a Sell Out.  
They'll arrive in style with a PINK limo onto a lot.

Positions 2-6 are are bit bitter not to be number 1.  These positions will 
be willing to give an autograph, but may be annoyed if you ask for anything 
else.  Some won't mind if you try to hug them but some may not be so 
friendly.  If you "Compliment Star Quality" they may think you're misquoting 
them and become offended.  Star kiss them if you're at least a Sell Out, 
otherwise just wave in their noble presence.  These people will most-likely 
come in a WHITE limo.

Positions 7 to 10 are struggling wannabees just like you are!  Shake their 
hand when you see them  and they'll be your buddy.  Talk about the Biz or 
yourself to start up a conversation.  They'll be honored to be recognized 
from the Tabloid when you "Ask" or become flattered when you call them a 
star by "Complimenting Star Quality."  These somebodys arrive in an 
ordinary BLACK limo.

When you meet a Somebody, try to build up a decent relationship with them.  
Somebodys not mentioned in the tabloid or the lower positions of the Hot 
list will be quite receptive and be much easier to talk to than higher stars.  
The ones you should befriend will come in either a black limo or a white sedan.

If you're ambitious you can try befriending higher stars, yet very few 
conversation options will be open.  Not to mention with upper level celebs, 
most open options will yield a NEGATIVE response.  Lastly, if you do talk 
to a upper level star enough to get the relationship score into the 80s or 
so, they will not become your friend.  I've tried building both Daily and 
Lifetime scores up to 100 with a #1 Superstar and still did not gain their 
friendship.  In short, it's a waste of time and energy.  If you want the #1 
Somebody as your friend the easier way is to make friends with a lower level 
Somebody and hope they someday make it into the number 1 spot.

Anyway, build a relationship up to about 10 or 20 on the daily bar while 
you're in Studio Town.  Then, when you're ready, Go Home.  If it's not too 
late or early in the day, go to your phone and call up a neighbor.  They 
should be under the "Somebody" listing.  "Invite them over" to your home.  
When they arrive, make sure they settle themselves.  Have something ready 
for them to eat and be sure to eat with them at the table.  Allow them to 
use the bathroom and get cleaned up.  Now you can try talking to them.  
Talk to them about four times, any more and they'll become annoyed.  Then 
choose a group activity such as watching TV, playing pool or playing chess.  
Monitor the conversation.  If you mention something the other person doesn't 
like, click on your own sim and "Change the topic."  After the group 
activity, talk to them some more.  Choose different conversation options 
to keep things fresh.  Then do another group activity.  When the option 
to Invite them to Old Town/Downtown comes up (that is if you have the 
Unleashed and Hot Date Expansion packs) invite to go somewhere with them.  
Then continue building the relationship on a date.  This process may take 
more than one day.  All invited guests will leave your home around 1 AM.  
But hey, you can only visit Studio Town once a day, so inviting friends is 
the perfect way to spent your time at Home.

III. 2. B. Obsession is 9/10s of the law.

A new character appears once you hit 2.5 stars as a Sell Out.  Just as the 
Living Large Expansion gave the Tragic Clown, Superstar gives us the 
Obsessed Fan.  The Tragic Clown showed up if you had a Tragic Clown 
painting and your Comfort level got too low.  The Obsessed Fan is much 
the same way in that he shows up if you have low relationship scores with 
Anybodys.  He'll take pictures of your home, dig through your trash, 
follow you around, leave black roses on your property and... STEAL your 
hard earned but unprotected trophies!  (Be sure to keep your precious 
trophies safe.  There's a Zeddy-Lock Celebrity Security Door in Build 
Mode.  You can go in and out, as well as your butler and your famous 
friends, but it'll keep the obsessed fan out.)

Getting rid of the Obsessed Fan?  Sure, they're are plenty of ways.  You 
can press "Ctrl + Shift + C" and type in "move_objects on."  Then you can 
go into Buy/Build Mode and delete him.  Yet until a Superstar patch is 
released, the move-objects cheat is rather unstable.  Besides that, 
he'll no doubt reappear about an hour later.  You can try "Berating" 
him or telling him to "Go Away!" and he MIGHT leave.  Or he might stick 
around for the attention.  If you have hired a Butler for your home, the 
Butler will make short work of the Obsessed Fan with a swift smack up-side 
the head.  You go Al!  Calling the police will also scare him off but 
you'll be scolded for not having a true emergency.  Another option is the 
Voodoo Doll.  This came with Living large and is under the Misc. objects 
in Buy Mode.  Use the Voodoo Doll on the obsessed fan and he'll be gone 
in a poof.  If you're in Studio Town, it is possible to ask Lana to Shoo 
him away for you, that is if you can get her off her cell phone long 
enough to pay attention to your request.  While on Vacation, ask the 
director to shoo him away.  But, these are all TEMPORARY solutions and 
the Gabe Kaplan look-a-like will return.

The only way to get rid of the Obsessed fan for good is to pay attention 
to your fans, that is "Anybodys".  While in Studio Town, listen to them 
when they pop into your queue and give them an autograph.  Then attempt 
to strike up a conversation with them.  Your relationship points must 
increase.  When you gain a total of 126 points, the obsessed fan will be 
satisfied.  126 points total means for example having 100 with one Anybody 
and 26 with a second Anybody.  Maybe you can try 63 with two fans.  Or how 
about 9 relationship points with 14 fans?  Not that difficult when it's put 
that way.  Remember to maintain these relationships... Unless you LIKED 
having a stalker.

III. 3. A Step in the wrong direction

From this point on, it's possible to lose Fame points if you do not 
perform well.  If you lose enough Fame points, you may drop in Star 
level and be forced to using earlier objects to gain your points back.  
Don't let it get to you, everyone has setbacks.  Remember, you have three 
turns to use for the mini-game, so it's good not to waste them.  If the 
director or photographer tells you something is wrong, try not to choose 
it again.  Make a chart if you have to.  You must get all three answers 
of the sequence by your third try or you'll fail the exercise.  This part 
of your career isn't too hard.  Just do your best with the mini-game and 
don't get on the wrong side of too many people.  

It is very possible to lose friends and drop in Starpower.  Remember to 
keep in contact with all your friends, either talking to them while in 
Studio Town, inviting them to your home for a party or just chatting on 
the phone.  Forget about them and they'll forget about you.  The Daily 
Relationship bar will decrease at set intervals, so you'll have to keep 
refilling it.  Even if it's at 100, you can still lose their friendship 
by ignoring them a few days in a row.  The Lifetime bar will change based 
on the Daily bar, slowly creeping closer to it until it nearly equals it.  
If Daily is low, Lifetime will slowly become low.  If Daily is high, 
Lifetime will slowly raise to high.  You can give the Lifetime bar a 
little kick by hugging, kissing, dancing and complimenting your old friends.  

Aside from all of this, "Chance Cards" are always a possibility.  
Everytime you come home from Studio Town, there's a probability one of 
three chance cards will pop up as you step onto the lot.  One card can 
gain you extra money.  Another card can boost all relationships you 
currently have.  The last card will lower your relationship and take 
friends away.  You'll notice the Hot List will change dramatically with 
these Chance Cards.  Don't even bother trying to avoid them by "Evicting" 
your sim.  It's no big deal really.  If you get that one card, just talk 
to the friends you lost and you'll gain their friendship right back.

III. 4. Nothing like a bit of recognition

As long as you're doing everything right, you won't have to worry about 
losing friends, fans or Fame points.  Make friends, stay grounded with 
your fans, and prove to those directors, producers and cameramen that 
you belong in Studio Town.

If you complete enough exercises in a field, whether it be Fashion, 
Acting or Music, you'll be given a Performance Award.  The award will 
reflect how well you did in the mini-games.  If you've done rather poorly, 
you'll be given a Bronze statue.  If you did average, you can be proud to 
have a Silver.  Show that you are exceptional and you can show off your 
Gold!  When you do gain these awards, they'll be given to you immediately 
after using a Fame object while in Studio Town.  Don't be disappointed if 
you get a Bronze or Silver, you can always win more later.  Actually, I 
suggest waiting until you gain a full 5 stars before trying to win a 
majority of your awards.  By the time you're a Superstar, you'll have 
mastered the three-chance mini-games and can try winning extra awards.  
You could also try with the higher Fame objects, but it may prove a 
little harder.

If you have a great number of friends in the buisness, you'll be given 
the Simmy Award for having high Starpower.  If you have good relationships 
with your fans, they'll cheer you on as you gain the Sim's Choice Award.  
Both the Simmy and Sim's Choice will be given to you by an Award Presenter 
while you are at home.  Be sure to dress nice when they finally come.  
Just as the Performace Awards, I suggest trying to gain these awards after 
becoming a Superstar.

IV. Not quite Famous

So you understand the mini-game, right?  And by now you should have at 
least a few budding relationships with Somebodys as well as Anybodys, 
right?  Well, if you don't, you'll have to learn if you want to get past 
this level.  If you didn't understand my explanation of the mini-game, 
I have no doubt that some in-game experience will clear things up for you.

IV. 1. Flying high

As a Studio Fly, you'll now be able to use the star trailers.  These 
trailers act as a bathroom and a comfy couch, so use them to refill 
your Comfort and empty your Bladder.  If you have a VERY CLOSE 
relationship with someone, invite them in and it can also increase Fun.  
You'll also now be able to go in and out of Celebrity Security doors 
(Grey doors with yellow stars in the center).

If you look at your Fame status, you may see a (Needs 2) besides your 
current Starpower.  Once you gain 2 Starpower, this (Needs 2) will 
disappear.  What this means is you'll need to make at least one friend 
to move past this star.  You could probably now start talking to higher 
celebs.  Some of them might just listen.  Just don't pester them too 
much.  Keep in mind that those at the top of the Hot List prefer to be 
greeted and treated as stars.

The object to use is the Photo Shoot.  If you're nervous about the 
mini-game, do a few more commercials, jingles and print ads.  This 
will give you extra Fame points and give you a good buffer zone is 
you can't get the pattern right.  But really, there's no need to be 
worried.  The mini-game is actually very simple.  Make a tic-tac-toe 
chart like I showed in my example to keep track of what the photographer 
does and doesn't what if you want to be extra sure.  Otherwise, if you're 
confident and ready to go, track down a Photo Shoot and get ready 
to strike a pose you sexy thing.  This time, skip the Print Ads and 
choose Swimwear or Winterwear.  Once again, you'll need a decent amount 
of skill points in Charisma, Creativity and Body if you want your raw 
animal magnetism to shine through.  It takes about 4 or more shoots for the 
Fame points you need.  Maybe try 2 Swimwear and 2 Winterwear.  It 
doesn't matter, really.  Try to guess the correct sequence on your second 
try.  If you get it on your first, kudos!  You get a Fame point bonus.  
Each success gets you about 100 simoleons or less.  If you guess it before 
your third try you'll be paid even more.  Failure to guess all 3 in the 
correct sequence by your third try will result in a loss of Fame points 
and maybe a loss of a Fame Star level.

After about 4, if you still haven't gained your half a star, take a 
break and fill up your Needs. Modeling takes a small drain on just about 
every Need, but nothing too serious.  You'll probably just need a snack 
and some time at the spa.  Then try again.  You won't have to worry about 
keeping three pegs on your mood rating.  As long as you have 1 green peg, 
your sim will be willing.  Don't get anxious if it takes more than 4 or 
even 8 tries.  You'll still be building up your Fame points with each 
successful attempt.  If your Energy is low and is ruining your mood, call 
a cab home, talking to people as you leave.

IV. 2. Still Simmy from the block

Pardon my pop reference.  You're at the halfway point with 2.5 stars as a 
Sell Out.  The Obsessed Fan will start showing up now if you aren't close 
to your fans and you'll need to make another friend on the set for a total 
of 4 Starpower.  If you've been talking to everyone you see since the 
beginning, this shouldn't be too much of a problem.  

It's time to launch into Daytime.  You're about to become the latest star 
in SimCity's most sizzling soap opera.  You can choose either an 
Inheritance Scene or an Emergency Scene.  Both choices will have the same 
mini-game as the modelling shoot, but this time the choices have been 
changed to fit your TV career.  You should be getting a hang of the 
mini-game by now.  If your still a bit uneasy, make a chart.  

There is a theory floating around that the mannerisms, gestures and voices 
the director uses when they are telling you the scene may be clues to what 
the correct pattern truly is.  If this is true, it's very difficult to see 
what all three choices of the pattern are based on slight differences.  
Who knows?  Maybe after a bit of pratice, you may start noticing the 
nuances of your director.

It takes about 4 or 5 successful drama scenes to earn the neccessary Fame 
points.  Don't get discouraged if it's any more than that.  Once again, 
the emphasis is on guessing the correct pattern.  When you guess correctly, 
you'll earn a little over 100 simoleons.  Completing the sequence before 
your third try will gain you even more money and more Fame points.  You 
must guess all three choices the sequence correctly by your third try to 
earn Fame points.  A failure will result in a loss of Fame points and 
maybe a loss in Fame level.  

Each scene will have a slow drain on almost all your Needs, but nothing 
too bad.  After your first few, it might be necessary to sit down and 
boost your Comfort.  Your overall mood rating most have at least 1 peg or
your actor will refuse.  If your mood drops to less than 1 peg, refill your
needs at the spa.  If your Energy is low or you think Studio Town doesn't 
have the needed objects to replenish your mood, go home and try again tomorrow.

IV. 3. My uncle is Dr. Fad!

Hey Trendsetter, how about checking out some of the clothing shops in 
Studio Town?  Wearing that "high fashion" wardrobe just might be what 
you need to talk to the right people and impress your adoring fans.  It 
couldn't hurt, especially since your new Starpower requirement is set at 7.  
Aside from that, your flashy garb will be great for the cover of your 
first hit single.

Forget trying to be an American Idol; you're a SimCity idol.  The object 
of choice is the Recording Studio, this time you'll be recording albums 
rather than silly radio jingles.  You have a choice of Rock, Pop or Dance.  
The actual choice doesn't matter, only a successful pattern does.  Guess 
the correct sequence in as few tries possible.  The sooner you guess 
correctly, the more you'll get paid and the more Fame points you'll earn.  
If you fail to guess the sequence correctly by your third try, you'll 
lose Fame points and may lose a star level.  By now, it shouldn't even 
be an issue.  You understand the mini-game better than high school algebra.

As with the modelling and the soap opera, you Needs will decrease twice 
as fast as when you're inactive, but it's not really that much of a problem.  
You only need one green peg on your mood rating for your sim to obey.  
After about three recording sessions, take a rest and refill your Needs 
to boost your mood.  If your Energy is still okay after taking care of 
everything else, drop a few more albums.  It may take about 5 or 6 
successful records, perhaps even more, so don't start thinking you're 
stuck.  Keep building Fame points and that next half a star will be on 
it's way.  This may take more than one trip into town, so when you 
go home to rest up, be sure to invite some people over for lunch 
after your nap.

V. The Celebrity's Burden

Things are about to get a little harder from this point.  If you're 
still uneasy with the mini-game, keep practicing with the modelling 
shoot, daytime drama and record albums.  Actually, it may be a good 
idea to practice even if you have a firm grasp of the mini-game.  Those 
extra Fame points will help in case you run into a bit of bad luck.  
Producers and the directors of Studio Town now see you as a big name 
and won't be so forgiving if you disappoint them.  From now on, the 
mini-game will only grant TWO chances to guess the sequence correctly.  
If you can only guess 1 out of the 3 correctly, your Fame score will 
go down.  You could just not even bother with the new objects and gain 
the rest of your Fame points very slowly and tediously with the three 
chance mini-game... wuss.  But if you ever want to earn the most 
prestigious of awards, you'll have to eventually use all of the Fame 
objects.  And if you ever want to start making real money, the high Fame 
objects are the way to go.

The top 5 of the Hot list are becoming more approachable now that 
they see you becoming one of them.  Actually, some of your old friends 
who were once at the bottom are probably now sharing the list with you 
near the top.  Nonetheless, some may become threatened by your increasing 
success.  Your fans will also be expecting more from you.  If you haven't 
been handing out autographs or giving them a small taste of your fame, 
you should start doing so now.  Increase the relationship with the fans 
you already have, even if you already have enough points to keep the 
obsessed fan away.  Try to get your total score with Anybodys near 200.

Don't forget about your skill points if you haven't yet maxed them out.  
By the end of your Fame career, you'll want your Creativity, Charisma 
and Body to be at 10.  Whenever you aren't in Studio Town, you should 
be spending your time at home either building relationship are building 
your skills.

Before, things were moving rather quickly.  It was merely a trifle to 
gain one star level during one trip to Studio Town.  You'll have to 
move a bit slower now.  Don't worry about getting another Star Level 
as quickly as possible.  Just do what you can to increase your Fame 
score and then spend the rest of your time building up relationships 
with your peers.  Stay calm, stay relaxed.  Don't try to do it all at 
once.  All things will come with time.

V. 1. Don't hate the playa'...

As a "Player," your Starpower requirement is set for 11.  As you build 
up relationships around town, consider padding yourself with extra Fame 
points by practicing the minigames for modelling, the soap opera and 
album recording.  You've been making plenty of good friends, and  you'll 
be needing their help from this point on.  The item you'll want to use is 
the "Walk of Fame" fashion runway, but you won't be able to walk the 
walk on your own, you'll be needing a partner.

Finding a partner can be a challenge within itself.  You could simply 
click on the runway, choose "Model Clothing" and hope someone joins you.  
It'll probably work most of the time.  But, if you're stuck hanging out 
by the clothing rack alone, looking like an idiot as your needs drain away, 
here's a sure-fire method which may come in handy later on.  Studio lots 
without very many distractions are best.  When you arrive on a lot, "Greet" 
as many people as you can and then click on the runway.  If the picture 
falls out of your queue, talk to a couple of more people and click on the 
runway once again.  Try not to waste too much time, you'll want as much 
Energy as you can.  If you still can't get someone to join you, walk/run 
close to the runway and then "Ask" someone to "Come Here."  The "Come 
Here" option will not be available if your relationship points are not high 
with that person or you did not greet them earlier or they are 
already close enough to you.  After calling someone over, click on the 
runway once again.  The picture should appear in the upper left corner 
of the screen and become highlighted in a yellow outline.  Try to use it 
twice in a row.

The fashion show will begin once your partner joins up.  After the 
snobbish designer rambles for a breif moment, it'll be time to choose 
a sequence.  If you've been choosing all A's or all of one single choice 
up until now, it may be to the right time to become a bit more adventerous.  
You only have two shots at this, and you'll need both unless you have 
insane luck.  Instead of A,A,A try out something different like 
C,A,B or B,C,A.  But be forewarned, sometimes the designer will choose 
a pattern of A,A,A or all of one choice for all three turns.  It's up 
to your own judgement what to choose and when.  If you do decide to go 
with something more random, be sure to have some means of keeping track.

You'll notice the designer will bend at the knees to get a closer look 
when a choice is correct.  If you got a perfect show with three correct 
guesses, a special effect will occur.  A perfect show nets you about 
1,000 simoleons and extra Fame points.

If you get none of the choices correct on your first turn, immediately 
click the picture in the upper-left hand corner before the options come 
up once again.  This will end the fashion show.  You will only gain a 
small amount of Fame points, but you won't be paid.  Hey, at least your 
Fame points did not decrease.

If you only get one correct on your first turn, there's still a chance 
so don't give up hope.  If you don't want to risk your Fame points, quit 
the show before the options pop up a second time.  You'll get credit for 
the one answer you got right and gain a small amount of Fame points.  On 
the other hand, if you're willing to finish the show, go ahead and take 
new guesses for the two you missed.  Who knows, you may get it perfect.  
Watch the designer carefully.  On the third outfit, watch if he starts 
to bend down.  If you still only got one answer correct on your second 
try, quit by clicking the picture in the corner before the show finishes.  
You'll lose a good amount of Fame points, but you'll gain a small amount 
back as reward for knowing when to stop.  Hopefully, you predicted 
another answer correctly.  Two out of three answers gives you credit for 
the show and will earn you Fame points and about 500 simoleons.  

If you get two correct on your first turn, things are going well.  You'll 
then only have one more to predict and may get a chance to see the special 
effect which occurs when you have a perfect show.  Take your guess when 
the options pop up once more.  You could probably press "Ultra Speed" 
(The ">>>" symbol below the clock or pressing the number 3 on the keyboard) 
if you don't want to rewatch the show.  If you only got the two correct, 
you'll gain Fame points towards your next star and about 600 simoleons.  
Two out of three ain't bad.

Take a look at your Needs after a couple of turns on the runway.  You'll 
notice major damage to your Energy and Comfort and a significant chunk 
of Fun in the red.  It takes about 4 or 6 successful fashion shows to 
gain the Fame points you need.  You could push your sim to keep going and 
use the runway 4 times, thus completely draining them of everything 
and then just rest it off all at once when you get home.  Keep in mind 
your sim has to be in somewhat of a good mood or else it won't obey your 
order.  The better and more humane way would be to take this level in stages.  
Use the runway 2 times in one visit and then sit down in a 
nearby chair/sofa or spend some time in the spa.  Then do something Fun 
and talk to people on the lot before calling it a day and going home.  
It's one of the reasons I don't like the Fashion career track.  If you're 
like me, you'll prefer the next two levels a lot better.

Note:  Try this at least once.  Click on an empty part of the ground while 
your sim has a "Coutour" outfit on.

V. 2. At least it's not Backstreet

The town is buzzing with your recent success.  Your quite the popular 
sim now that your starpower is nearing 14, or maybe even more by now.  
You're the "Talk of the Town" and the way to show off is by getting into 
a cheesy outfit and floating in mid-air while singing about your one true 
love who just dumped you.  The Music Video Studio set is now available for 
your use.  Before moving ahead, however, you can try protecting your Fame 
points with a few extra record albums, modelling shoots and soap operas, 
just in case the video doesn't go well.  The only Studio Town lot that has 
Music Video equipment is Music for the Eyes Inc. on lot 87.  This lot 
actually has 2 studio sets, so if someone else is using one, the other 
will still be open.  

The Music Video sets will have the same mini-game rules as the fashion 
runway.  Fortunately, they aren't nearly as uncomfortable or exhausting.  
You can choose what type of video you wish to make from Rock, Pop or Dance.  
Since music bands normally break up anyway, you'll be going this alone and 
won't be needing a partner.  Two back-up dancers will pop out of no 
where behind you.  The producer can't see them, only your own sim can.  
It looks like they're still tripping off the Oxygen Bar.  Your choices 
will pop up as soon as you take your place on the set.  The "motivations" 
will be different based on what kind of video you are doing.

You can stick with the same method I suggested with the fashion runway.  
If you get none correct, immediately quit before the options pop up 
once again.  Doing this will stop the video and you will NOT gain any 
Fame points.  If you only get one answer correct, you can either quit 
during your first turn or take a chance of getting a second answer correct 
in your next turn.  If you still get only one correct during your second 
chance, quit before the song is over to regain a small amount of Fame 
points after you suffer an intial lose of points.  As long as you get two 
correct, you're in the clear to gain Fame points and will get paid a 
little around 500 simoleons.  Sorry, this time around there is no special 
effect if you get all three correct, but you will gain extra money and 
fame points for your efforts.  A perfect on your first try should give you 
a little under 1,000 simoleons.

The producer's directions are a bit hard to follow and this entire 
exercise will take a bit longer since you'll have to wait through the 
entire song.  If you're impatient and just want to get this overwith, 
allow the game to go into "High Speed" by pressing the number 2 on the 
keyboard or by clicking the double arrow symbol ">>" below the game clock.
You should still be able to follow the producer's reactions.  Still, if you 
don't want to take the risk of missing ANYTHING and still wish to run this 
exercise at normal speed, that's fine too.  The first bubble will pop over 
the producer's head when the song is just about halfway finished, so don't 
freak out if you don't see anything for a while.  The second bubble will 
come soon after this.  The producer may bend at the knees as your sim 
suddenly goes into a series of flips and other airborne acrobatics (check 
out the giant swan-looking thing in the Dance video).  The third and final 
bubble will come after the tumbling movements are done and the 
song is just about to end.  But you still should watch the producer 
when in normal speed. By watching his movements you should be able to 
tell what his reaction will be long before the actual bubble comes.

It should take about 5 or 6 Music Videos to get what you need.  Unlike 
the fashion show, you could probably do most of these videos if not all 
of them on one trip, depending on the mood you had when you arrived and 
depending on how quickly you can guess the pattern.  Each video you make 
will wear down a bit of Comfort, Energy and Fun, but you should be fine 
as long as you pace yourself.  Do about 3 or 4 videos and if your mood 
gets too low, refill it using objects around Studio Town or just go 
home, rest and finish up tomorrow.  When you're done filling up air time 
on the music television channels with your "bling bling" backup dancers, 
it's time to launch yourself onto the big screen... and start filling 
their air time with movie trailers instead.

V. 3. "And just like the movies, we've played out our last scene..."

Man, so close, yet so far.  The fans all see it.  As you walk around a 
studio lot, your fans swoon and cheer.  All your famous friends beg you for 
photo opportunities, which you accept... depending on WHO they are.  It's 
clear to everyone in Studio Town.  You're a "Celebrity," baby!  You're on 
your last and final star.  But before you can finish this star, you'll need 
to finish with at least 18 Starpower.  If you got your starpower, demand for 
that big movie deal!  Be sure to bring a friend for motivational support.  
It's time to hit the silver screen!

You'll be using the movie set to make it to the top.  And of course you 
can't make a movie alone, unless you're Eddie Murphy but that's something 
else entirely, so talk a friend into co-starring with you.  Go back and 
re-read the method I suggested for the fashion show if you're having trouble 
getting people to join you.  When you were using the "Walk of Fame", you 
could sometimes just skip greeting everybody, simply click on the runway and 
wait for someone to join you.  Not with the movie set.  For some reason, other 
sims are much more hesitant to take part in a movie.  Ha, they're probably 

Remember, studio lots without very many distractions are ideal.  I 
strongly suggest Meeker Studios on lot 83 over Fairchild on 82.  If 
you are going to use lot 83 as it is, consider my suggestion of turning 
the skydiving room into a small, simple spa with a shower and perhaps taking 
out the Open Mic stage.  If you do happen to lose Fame points or 
drop a Fame star level, the Open Mic stage won't be able to provide 
nearly enough anyway.  

Which reminds me, it may be a good idea to bulk up your Fame points with 
a few more practice sessions of the soap opera, album recording and 
modelling shoot.  The Fame penalty for failing a movie is pretty high, 
but with some extra points to armor up your star, you'll be fine.  Only a 
few practice sessions will be fine.  As a final reminder, check out your 
skills. You won't have a stunt double, so you can use max Body points.  
You may need to ad lib a scene if the writer wants to change a character, 
so you'll be better off having max Creativity.  You'll want your fans to 
keep coming back to watch the YOU again and again in theaters, so you'll 
want max Charisma.  Long rant short, MAX YOUR SKILLS.

When your ready, head for the movie set, greet people on the lot, find 
a partner and begin.  It's possible to choose either a Fight scene or 
Death scene.  The choice doesn't matter, only the sequence does.  As 
your partner spins into wardrobe and receives directions from the director, 
watch the director's motions carefully.  The way he or she moves and the 
tone of voice he uses may help when you decide the sequence.  Once I study 
the gestures a bit more, I'll translate them in with the next update.  When 
your partner is ready, the the three options will pop up.  The three options 
will go by different names depending on what kind of scene you chose.  I 
don't recommend changing speeds here.  The movie take will go by rather 
fast anyway and so will the director's reactions.  

Go ahead and use the same method as with the fashion show and music video 
if it's working well enough for you.  Actually, slight change.  I've found 
you can actually quit the scene at just about any time before the third 
reaction of the second take to save your Fame points.  So if you get 
none correct, you can quit or you can try to get two or even three 
correct during your second chance and still get credit for the scene.  
Same if you only get one correct.  You only need2 correct answers to 
get paid for the scene and earn your Fame points.  Getting two answers 
correctly will acquisition about 800 simoleons and all three correct will 
earn you a few hundred more.  Getting all three perfectly on your first 
try wins you a little over 1000 simoleons.

About 5 or 6 movies scenes will be enough to earn your Fame points and 
complete that final star.  It won't be all that difficult to do as movies 
don't take too much of a drain on your Energy, Comfort and Fun.  Do about 
three or four scenes and take a rest.  Allow your partner to rest as well 
or find a new partner to replace them.  If you're Energy gets too 
low, go on home to rest up.  You can easily come back refreshed the next 
day and become a Superstar.

V. 4. Who said it was "over?"

Congratulations, you've completed the Sims Superstar expansion pack!  
Now cheer "Hooray" as loud as you can and do the dance of joy if you want.  
Then be embarassed when people around you think you've gone crazy.  You 
could quit here and move onto trying to make another person a star. 
Come on, it was hard at times but you know you want to do it again.

It doesn't have to be over for this sim.  Click your job button and 
click onto the word "Superstar."  You'll see a golden statue next to 
the description.  That golden statue is your next goal as a Superstar.  
Make regular visits into Studio Town.  You're at the top, but missing two 
days in a row will still get you fired.  While on your regular visits 
to Studio Town, talk with your old friends and continue making new ones.  
Remember, the Simmy award is given based on total Starpower, so the more 
friends you have, the better chance you'll win the award.  If you 
successfully makes friends with all the Somebodys of Studio Town, 
your starpower will nearly reach 50 whopping points!  Don't forget 
your fans.  Then again, how could you ignore them?  They squeal whenever 
you're around.  If you haven't yet gotten rid of the Obsessed Fan, now 
is the perfect opportunity.  If you make enough friends with Anybodys, 
they just might show their appreciation by showing up with the Sim's 
Choice award.

Ah, and of course it costs money just living the good life!  All those 
spa visits and massages... and what about the butler?  He needs to be 
paid as well!  And that crappy dirty hovel you call a home.  How about 
building a wall here, tearing down a wall there, pushing back the wall
and adding another room?  You need that cash to keep rolling in or you'll
end up rolling in bankruptcy.  Try using some of your old favorite Fame 
objects in Studio Town.  You'll notice now that you're complete with 5 
stars and max skills, they'll bring in much more money than before!  One 
movie scene can bring in almost 2,000 simoleons easily and a quick 
song album at the recording studio can net you over 500!  Being able to
make money like this, why would you want to stop?  And since you've 
experienced what it's like only having TWO chances in the mini-game, three 
chances is a piece of cake!  Keep recording albums, doing modelling 
shoots and daytime dramas flawlessly and you'll be bringing home GOLD 
Performance awards for sure.  Make sure you have a safe location to store 
them all at home.

V. 5. Back at One

You could very well start over with a new person.  The sim you just finished 
up with has a Fame rating of 5, right?  Well, if that sim becomes friends with
people in the neighborhood, then they can start a Fame career with a Starpower
of 5.  And hey, you've got experience now that you know the makings and 
trappings of a Studio Town legend.  You know how to play the mini-game, you
know how to make friends, you know how to keep the Obsessed Fan away, and
much more.  And hey, your new sim may just see a neighborhood buddy walking 
around with a rotating yellow star over their head.

V. 6. The people at Maxis are kind of a bit...

I know I've gone a bit loopy just by typing all this out and constantly 
testing out my sims.  Can you imagine the state of mind the people who 
made this game are in?!  Seriously speaking, Maxis loves placing little 
tidbits of fun throughout these sim games, so keep an eye out for them.  
I've tried not to spoil any surprises, and trust me there are surprises.  
I don't think anyone has seen them all.  You may find your sims or game 
NPCs doing things that you wouldn't expect when they interact with certain 
objects or with certain people.  Test out for yourself what sims do in 
various situations, whether at home or in Studio Town.

How about a love interest for your sim?  How about two?  How about if 
your sim already had a spouse before pursuing dreams of fame and fortune 
but then met someone new and famous?  Have kids, hire a butler to watch 
after them.  Rearrange your house and add new objects such as an open bar 
or the newest computer model.  How about a whole new house for your ever 
growing richer family?  Hey, maybe you could build a bigger and better 
Studio Lot.  Just experiment and have fun.  

(Still more to come: Tips for building Studio Lots, new Item information, 
Frequently Asked Questions, and a few more updates.  Be sure to check 
back for new versions of this FAQ

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