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Reviewed: 02/14/05

Vietnam isn't pretty...

Man, after all these WWII games coming out, and showing us how games can put you IN the war, we've loved them and want as much as we can get(at least me). After WWII games started getting old, although Call of Duty doesn't, we need a new war to play in. Vietnam is the next war to put us in, so lets start killin' VC's!

I found out that the makers of MoH:AA was making this game called Men of Valor...about Vietnam; and when I saw the pictures, I couldn't wait. I thought to myself, "Finally! A FPS Vietnam game that looks decent!" is below decent. Pffft.


The game starts off with a nice(and I must say bad-***) movie of American troops walking in the jungle then being ambushed by Viet Cong. The movie was done nicely...getting you the feel of this war. The menu is sub-par...blah blah..who really cares, thats not the game itself. Theres a training mode and its done nicely teaching you what you need to know.


You play as an African-American in the war, not knowing much about whats going on. Before each mission you see a letter either from your character written to someone(usually family) or from family to you. It lets you feel that you're a man with a family back home..and that you dont wanna be there. Along the way you fight with a squad and your leader...and it gets good, like a Vietnam movie. You'll have to see for yourself...if you play it.


This is where it all comes down to...and it's not that bad...but then it is. First off, the AI suck horribly...I mean, they take cover and shoot...but thats about it. They dont do do the work basically. Your allies are just...there.

Theres one thing that bugged the HELL out of me, and that was when your allies would move...they would flicker...or something...not running smoothly...and that just plain sucks.

Theres no quicksaves during gameplay...just checkpoints. I did have a problem with running out of ammo...but you just take enemy weapons if necessary...and search fallin foes for supplies. Theres a bleeding system where if you're hit, you have to bandage yourself, or you'll lose MORE health. That keeps it real I suppose.

Oh yeah, this game is rated Mature for a reason, cause they cuss alot more than any other war game out. And theres of course some blood...but nothing major. You NEED these things in war games to make them feel real. And they did that part right.


The game looks OK...but nothing great. Guns look pretty good...although I prefer Battlefield:Vietnam's models over these. The soldiers look like the real thing back in the 60's...they did a good job. And the jungles are FULL of plants and grass and bushes and stuff to make it feel like a jungle. You can lay down and not be seen, its that good. Explosions could have been better too...


The sound of the weapons are accurate but the music...if there was music, I dont remember...was ok. The soldiers cussing adds to the fighting, making it better.

Lasting Appeal:

Well...theres not much appeal to have with this game. I say borrow it, if someone has it, and play it...but if you want a good war game, look elsewhere.

A Vietnam War game that wasn't what I wanted it to be...damnit...

We can wait...I'm sure someone will do it right...

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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