AnimationMatt Campbell
AnimationTony Gaddis
AnimationSam Kennedy
AnimationJosh Paraventi
ArtChris Bruce
ArtCurtis Cannell
ArtPaul Grimshaw
ArtRadomir Kucharski
ArtMike May
ArtJason Price
ArtGil Rodriguez
ArtBrian Stevens
ArtFrank Torrealba
ArtEric J. Turman
ArtJim Welch
Dialog and WritingJeffy Branion
Dialog and WritingKris Jackson
Dialog and WritingRich Lambert
Dialog and WritingJohn Whitmore
Director of DevelopmentJohn Whitmore
EngineerRay Pyle
Game DesignKris Jackson
Game DesignJohn Whitmore
Lead ArtistEric J. Turman
Lead DesignerScott Maclean
Lead Environment ArtistCurtis Cannell
Lead ProgrammerMike Milliger
Level DesignMike Clopper
Level DesignCayle George
Level DesignLarry Herring
Level DesignKris Jackson
Level DesignScott Maclean
Level DesignPeter Marks
Level DesignTyler Munden
Level DesignLeol Phelps
Level DesignJosh Tyrell
Mixing and Co-ProducingDory Amarillio
MusicInon Zur
Music ConsultantJulie Sessing
Music ContractorDebbie Datz
Orchestration and CopyingPaul Taylor
ProducerRich Lambert
ProducerBob Settles
ProgrammingStefan Berg
ProgrammingKaty Berg
ProgrammingTill Brenner
ProgrammingEric Dybsand
ProgrammingBrendan Jackson
ProgrammingRichard Lyle
ProgrammingMike Milliger
ProgrammingRyan Mitchell
ProgrammingJon Olick
ProgrammingMike Ramsey
ProgrammingJeff Sass
ProgrammingTim Sorrels
ProgrammingAndy Taylor
ProgrammingDon Wells
ProgrammingMark Zlamal
Voice (ARVN 1)Joseph Hieu
Voice (ARVN 2)Vien Hong
Voice (Aussie 1)Andre Sogliuzzo
Voice (Aussie 2)Michael Gough
Voice (Aussie 3)Andy Milder
Voice (Black Marine 1)Daryl Brown
Voice (Black Marine 1)Svon
Voice (Black Marine 2)Catero Colbert
Voice (Black Marine 2)Phil LaMarr
Voice (Black Marine 3)Keith Ferguson
Voice (Black Marine 3)Brad Sanders
Voice (Captain Van Bao)Keone Young
Voice (Dandridge)Tucker Smallwood
Voice (Dean Shephard)Phil LaMarr
Voice (Female Villager 1)Elyse Dinh
Voice (Female Villager 2)Phi Nguyen
Voice (Greaser)Khary Payton
Voice (Green Beret 1)Armando Valdez-Kennedy
Voice (Green Beret 2)Ogie Banks III
Voice (Greenawalt)Andy Milder
Voice (Harlan)Andre Sogliuzzo
Voice (Hodges)Sean Astin
Voice (Hoss)Michael McMillian
Voice (Jamie Shephard)Ogie Banks III
Voice (Male Villager)Long Nguyen
Voice (McFadden)Justin Gross
Voice (Narrator)Edward Hermann
Voice (NVA 1)Long Nguyen
Voice (NVA 1)Phuong Vo
Voice (NVA 2)Joseph Hieu
Voice (Pilot 1)Michael Gough
Voice (Pilot 2)Tom Keegan
Voice (Pilot)Joey Camen
Voice (Pilot)Keith Ferguson
Voice (Roland Shephard)George Stanford Brown
Voice (Schiffer)Michael Gough
Voice (Smooth)Brad Sanders
Voice (Spooky)Bingo Dinh
Voice (Sturgess)David Pizzuto
Voice (Viet Cong 1)Ken Nguyen
Voice (Viet Cong 1)Long Nguyen
Voice (Viet Cong 2)Bingo Dinh
Voice (White Marine 1)Steven Jay Blum
Voice (White Marine 1)Michael Gough
Voice (White Marine 2)Joey Camen
Voice (White Marine 2)Andy Milder
Voice (White Marine 3)Justin Gross
Voice (White Marine 3)Wayne Pere
Voice (Zeus)Armando Valdez-Kennedy
Voice (Zook)Andy Milder


Data and credits for this game contributed by Scottie theNerd and odino.

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