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Game Script by Apathetic Aardvark

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/22/05

                       Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne
                             Apathetic Aardvark
                                Game Script

Free domain, as long as this is left entirely as is with my name attached.
Blizzard Entertainment is the creator of the story inside, with minor
narrative notes from myself.

Introduction Movie

Illidan was banished by his brother, Furion Stormrage, who is known as
Malfurion Stormrage in this game.  He's out on a coast somewhere, in a large

Illidan: Betrayer.  In truth, it was I who was betrayed.  Still I am hunted,
still I am hated.  Now my blind eyes see what others cannot.  That sometimes
the hand of fate must be forced.

Underneath the water, several creatures swim up to the surface and slither near
him.  They carry large tridents and are scaled.  They stop before Illidan.

Illidan: Now go forth, unleash the tides of doom upon all those who would
oppose us.

Begin Sentinel Campaign

Chapter One: Rise of the Naga

Though the demonlord, Archimonde, and the Burning Legion were finally defeated
at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, much of Ashenvale Forest remains tainted by foul,
demonic energies.  The combined efforts of the Druids and the Sentinels have
brought a tenuous peace to the northlands, but dark creatures still lurk within
the shadowed woods.  In this perilous time, Maiev Shadowsong, the warden who
once guarded Illidan's barrow prison, has come forth to hunt her dangerous prey
and chain him once again beneath the cold earth.

She arrives to the eastern edge of the Ashenvale.  Much of the land is still
corrupted or burning.

Maiev: These tracks are fresh, but they split off into opposite directions.
Illidan must be getting help from someone.

Watcher: Your orders, mistress?

Maiev: You Watchers split up into two parties.  Scour the woods.  Find what you
can.  We'll meet you further up the coast.  Remember sisters, if you find
Illidan, do not attempt to take him without the rest of us.  He is far too
dangerous to tackle alone.

Watcher: Yes, mistress.

Half of the Watchers run off one way.

Maiev: The rest of you, follow me.

Maiev's forces quickly see small villages reeking of destruction.

Archer: The bodies have been mutilated, do you suppose demons did this?

Maiev: Illidan's stench hangs heavily over this place, but those tracks were
not made by any demons I know of.  Be wary, my sisters, there's no telling what
horrors Illidan has called to his side.

Before long, Maiev runs into some sea creatures sinking boats near another

Archer: There, mistress!  Those must be the creatures we're after.

Naga: Wretched night elves, you are no match for the naga!

Maiev: Naga?  Many craven races have tempted our wrath over the centuries.
None have survived!

Naga: Wretched woman.  We will retake the surface world and put an end to your
vile race once and for all.

The Naga are beaten down by Maiev's forces, but not before the boats are sunk
and the village left in runes.

Maiev: These poor folk were slain just like the others, Illidan has much to
answer for.  He'll wish he were still chained in his cell when I get through
with him.

Naisha: But these wrecks...  Why would they destroy ships?

Maiev: I don't know.  Wait, he may have taken to the sea.  Hurry, sisters!  The
port of Nendis lies to the north.  Perhaps there we can find a ship and set
sail after Illidan.

Before long, Maiev reaches the port, but Illidan and the Naga are already
there.  Illidan quickly boards a boat and sails off.

Naga: Quickly, you fools!  The ships must be burned.  The master doesn't wish
to be followed.

Maiev: I cannot allow Illidan to escape again!  We must slay those naga before
they burn the ships.

Naga: You are too late, little warden.  The master has already set sail for
distant shores.  However, he wished to thank you for the hospitality you
provided during his imprisonment.  He asked us to repay you... in kind.

Maiev: You're certainly welcome to try, monster!

Maiev's forces slay the naga before the boats are sunk.  The port, however, is
not as lucky.  It's burning to the ground.

Naisha: Mistress, do you believe we can defeat Illidan even if we find him?
[Note: this is the spoken line, the typed line of the story is done
incorrectly, stating "...do you believe we can we defeat Illidan..."

Maiev: Illidan has grown powerful: of that, there is no doubt.  He consumed the
energies of the Skull of Gul'dan.  Now he is neither night elf nor demon, but
something more.

Archer: Mistress, why would the naga harbor so much hatred for us?

Maiev: We must trust time to reveal all things.  Now hurry.  Illidan has a
considerable lead on us.  We must capture him before he causes any more harm.

Maiev's forces hop into a pair of boats and set sail.

Chapter Two: The Broken Isles

The next day, Maiev's boats run into a mysterious chain of islands.  The
island's house many ruins.

Naisha: Mistress, we followed Illidan's course due east as you asked, but these
strange islands do not appear on any of our maps.

Maiev: I suspected as much.  These islands must have been formed only recently.

Naisha: What makes you say that?

Maiev: The ruins all around us, Naisha... I recognize them.  This was once the
great city of Suramar, built before our civilization was blasted beneath the
sea ten thousand years ago.

Naisha: But how could... Are you suggesting that these islands were somehow
raised from the seafloor.

Maiev: Perhaps, though there are few powers left in the world capable of
raising islands from the deeps.  Regardless, it's a mystery we'll have to solve
later.  We'd best head inland and set up a base camp.  Once we're situated,
we'll pick up Illidan's trail.  Here, sisters.  Let's establish a base so we
can continue our hunt for Illidan.

During the mission, a strange orc named Drak'thul sends Maiev on a task to
destroy some pits which constantly force dead orcs to fight each other.  He
doesn't say why, or how it got there, but a player may wish to do this.  As
this is one of a few bonus missions which has real relevance to the story, I'll
go into it.  Once Maiev returns to Drak'thul, after ending the fighting, he
tells the story.

Drak'thul: Thank you, stranger.  Now, hear my tale.  Nearly twenty years ago,
the great warlock Gul'dan raised these islands from the deeps.  He sought to
unearth an ancient vault that held the remains of the Dark Titan.

Maiev: Sargeras!  You speak of the Legion's creator!

Drak'thul: The same.  After Sargeras' defeat, ages ago, his remains were locked
away in an undersea tomb.  Gul'dan believed that opening the tomb would grant
him the Dark Titan's power.  For his pride, he and the rest of our clan were
torn to shreds by crazed demons.  I have wandered these isles ever since,
haunted by the ghosts of my slaughtered comrades.

Maiev: Your tale is as intriguing as it is dire, Drak'thul.  It's a shame your
ghosts lie silent.  You deserve far worse than their company for what you set
loose in this place.

Illidan, meanwhile, finds the Tomb of Sargeras.

Illidan: At last!  The Tomb of Sargeras is found!  You, my trusted servants,
must remain here and guard the entrance.  If that wretched warden managed to
reach this island, she'll certainly try to follow us.

Maiev, Naisha, and the rest of her hunters are just behind.

Naisha: Illidan!  I knew we'd find him!  We'll have to fight our way through
the naga's defenses in order to follow him!

Maiev: We locked Illidan beneath the earth long ago.  I intend to do so again.

Illidan turns into his demon form and busts a hole into the tomb.  Maiev and
her forces deal with the naga guards as quickly as they can.

Maiev: Now quickly, my sisters!  Illidan must be stopped at all costs!

Chapter Three; The Tomb of Sargeras

Moments later, Maiev's forces enter the tomb.

Naisha: I have a bad feeling about this, mistress.  It's too quiet.  It feels
as if we're walking into a trap.

Maiev: Still, we must press on, Naisha.  If Illidan finds whatever it is he's
seeking, he could... wait!  Look there!  Strange... these are orcish runes!
They were written by Gul'dan when he first opened this tomb twenty years ago.

Naisha: What do they say?

Maiev: Apparently, he logged his journey through the Tomb's depths.  These
runes must depict that history.

There is a flashback.  Gul'dan is in the Tomb with seven shaman's.

Gul'dan: Quickly, you fools, fan out and search every primary passageway!  We
must reach the chamber of the eye before the tomb's guardians awaken!

Something roars in the distance, the shaman's start to run.  Gul'dan kills one
of them.

Gul'dan: Spineless cowards!  I said move!

The shaman's split up in different directions, Gul'dan goes straight ahead.

Gul'dan: Now, Sargares.  I will claim whatever's left of your power, and bring
this wretched world to its knees!

End flashback.

Maiev: There's no telling what Gul'dan and his lackeys awoke in this foul
place.  We must be cautious.

Maiev journeys ahead and runs into another set of glyphs.

Maiev: There, more of Gul'dan's glyphs!  Interesting.  They continue the
warlock's tale.


Gul'dan: Blasted, feeble-minded weaklings!  They're all likely dead by now!
Still, I must press on.  My power alone should be enough to--

There is loud laughter.

Gul'dan:  That laughter... Is that you, Sargeras?  You seek to mock me?  We'll
see who laughs last, demon, when I claim your burning eye for my own!

End flashback.

Naisha: Again, he references this mysterious 'eye'.  What could it be?

Maiev: An artifact, no doubt.  It must have contained tremendous demonic power
to lure Gul'dan here as it did.

Maiev continues along the trail.  She notices of Azshara, a queen of ages past
who allied with Sargeras.

Maiev: Strange, it's a statue of Azshara, the great queen of old; she led our
people to ruin by consorting with Sargeras and his Burning Legion.  Only... I
don't recall her ever having a tail.

Questions solve themselves quickly, in this tomb, however.  Not more than a few
turns away a Naga leader stands.

Lady Vashj: You've come far enough, little warden.  Your vaunted night elf
justice has no jurisdiction here.

Maiev: What would you know of us or our justice, naga witch?

Lady Vashj: Why, my dear, we naga were once night elves!  We were Azshara's
chosen, the highborne, banished beneath the cruel seas when the Well of
Eternity imploded around us!  Cursed, transformed...  we have waited ten
thousand years to retake our rightful place in the world.  And now, with Lord
Illidan's help, we shall.

Maiev: Not while I draw breath!

Lady Vashj: Your courage is commendable, but it shall avail you nothing.

Vashj runs off, leaving several naga for Maiev to deal with . She defeats them
and before long runs into another set of glyphs in front of a huge gate.

Naisha: Look, mistress, more of Gul'dan's glyphs.

Maiev: Yes, Gul'dan's script seems to grow more desperate.  It reads that he


Gul'dan: Ambushed... by the guardians... I am... dying.  If my servants... had
not abandoned me, I could have claimed the Eye and--  Damn you, Sargeras!  I
won't be beaten like this!  I am Gul'dan!  I am darkness incarnate!  It cannot
end... like this.

End flashback

Maiev: This is as far as he got.  The runes simply trail off.  I cannot imagine
what horrors Gul'dan faced in his final moments.

Maiev knocks down the massive gate.  Illidan, Vashj and several naga are on the
otherside.  There is a glowing green object floating in front of Illidan.

Illidan: Hahaha.  So, Warden Shadowsong, you've made it at last.  I knew you

Maiev: You have much to pay for, Illidan.  I'm taking you back to your cell.

Illidan: Naivete does not suit you.  When I consumed the power of Gul'dan's
skull, I inherited his memories, especially those of this place... and the dark
prize he coveted.

Maiev: Yes, the power of Sargeras.  You would claim it as your own!

Illidan: That power is beyond my reach, little warden.  But this... the Eye of
Sargeras, contains all the power I'll need to rid this wretched world of my
enemies once and for all.  Ironic, that you should be its first victim.

Maiev: You're insane!

Illidan: Isolation can do that to the mind.  Now, after all the long centuries
you kept me chained in darkness, it is only fitting that I bury you in turn.

The Eye of Sargeras causes the tomb to begin to collapse under the water.  The
night elves are trapped inside of this great hall.

Maiev: Damn!  I must reach Shan'do Stormrage and warn him of his brother's
treachery.  My power will allow me to escape, but I fear there is no way out
for the rest of you.

Naisha: Go, mistress!  The goddess will light our path to the hereafter.

Maiev: I will not forget you, my sisters.  You will be avenged.  I swear it!

Maiev uses her blink skill to bypass the blocked door.

Maiev: Now, I've got to find a way out before this cursed tomb is drowned by
the seas!

Maiev blinks her way back to the entrance, dodging several crowds of monsters
which have just recently appeared.

Chapter Four: Wrath of the Betrayer

A few hours later, Maiev makes it back to her base, bruised and battered from
the combat.

Huntress: What happened, mistress?  Where are Naisha and the others?

Maiev: They are lost, Illidan claimed the Eye of Sargeras and used its power to
bury our sisters alive!  Now he intends to finish the rest of us off!  We have
no choice but to sail back to Kalimdor and warn Shan'do Stormrage of what his
brother intends.

Huntress: It's too late, mistress!  Illidan's forces have arrived!

Maiev: We cannot escape, but perhaps we can send for reinforcements.  Summon
the runner!  She must reach the shoreline and sail back to Kalimdor.  With any
luck, Shan'do Stormrage will reach us before we're overrun!  Be swift, sister!

The runner exits the base and is immediately put into a net by some naga.  As a
narrative note, I would like to point out the runner is about the slowest unit
in the entire night elf army, if not the game.

Huntress: The Runner is in trouble!  Protect her!

Maiev: Tor ilisar'thera'nal!

Maiev, a few archers, and druids of the claw go to aid the runner and kill off
the naga.  They are however separated from their base.

The runner eventually reaches a boat, along with the rest of Maiev's small
force.  Maiev clears the way of naga, knocks down some gates, and several other
small tasks to allow the boat free passage to sea.

Maiev: Elune grant that she reaches Shan'do Stormrage in time.  If not, Illidan
may never be stopped.

Interlude: Unfinished Business

Malfurion and Tyrande are in the moonglade discussing the aftermath of the
Burning Legion.  Much of the ground around them is still corrupted.

Malfurion: Nordrassil's [The World Tree] roots seem to be healing well.  I wish
I could say the same for Felwood.  I fear the Legion's corruption may scar the
glade permanently.

Tyrande: Your druids will think of something.  Perhaps Ysera or Alexstrasza
could lend their--

A druid of the claw escorts the runner from Maiev's camp to Malfurion and

Druid of the Claw: Your pardon, Shan'do Stormrage, Priestess Tyrande, but she
insisted that she be allowed to see you.

Tyrande: Who are you, girl?  What is so urgent?

Runner: I am a servant of the Warden, Maiev Shadowsong, she who pledged to hunt
down the betrayer, Illidan.

Malfurion: Illidan?  Explain yourself!

Runner: Your pardon, Shan'do, but your brother has raised a dark army from the
sea and stolen a powerful demonic artifact!  Even now, my mistress battles him
on the broken isles!  She requires immediate reinforcements!

Tyrande: I will go.  I will lead the Sentinels myself.

Malfurion: No, my love.  The druids and I can handle--

Tyrande: I am the one who set him free.  The responsibility is mine.

Malfurion: Then we shall both go.  If this girl's tale is true, Maiev will need
all the help she can get.

Chapter Five: Balancing the Scales

The next day, Malfurion and Tyrande arrive near Maiev's settlement with a small
force.  Maiev is still holding out against constant naga attacks.  Tyrande's
owl scouts search the area.  One of them spots her base.

Maiev: Hold your ground, my warriors!  Goddess willing, Shan'do Stormrage will

Back at the shore, the bulk of Malfurion's forces have made it off the boats.

Malfurion: We've landed safely, but a few of our ships may have run ground on
the outlying islands.  I hate to leave any of our forces behind, but we simply
have no time to wait.

Tyrande: My owls have already scouted ahead of us and found Maiev's location.
She and her forces are under attack, but we'll need to pass through the jungle
to reach her.

Malfurion: Perhaps force of nature will speed our way.

Malfurion removes several trees blocking the way with force of nature, bring
several treants to life.

Tyrande: We'd best make haste.  I doubt Maiev's forces can hold out much

Malfurion and Tyrande fight their way through some clumps of enemies and a
basic naga base before reaching Maiev.  Her goldmines have collapsed and most
of her army has fallen.

Maiev: Elune be praised!  I knew you would come, Shan'do Stormrage!

Malfurion: I'm glad we reached you in time, Maiev.

Maiev: Priestess Tyrande, I'm surprised you came in person.  Are you here to
absolve your guilty conscience?

Tyrande: I did what I had to do, Maiev.  You are in no position to judge me.

Maiev: What you did was murder my Watchers and set the Betrayer free!  It is
you who should be locked in a cage.

Malfurion: Stop this, both of you!  We're not out of danger yet.  Maiev, what's
the situation here?

Maiev: There are no resources left in this area, Shan'do.  We'll need to find a
gold mine if we're to marshal more troops for an assault on Illidan's compound.

Malfurion: Very well.  Let's get moving, then.

Eventually, they mount enough forces to attack Illidan's base.

Illidan: Tyrande!  What are you doing here?  This battle does not concern you.

Tyrande: I was wrong to set you free, Illidan.  I can see that now.  You've
become a monster.  Raw power is no substitute for true strength, Illidan.  That
is why I chose your brother over you.

Before long, Illidan's naga fall, but there is no sign of him.

Maiev: Victory is ours!  It has been an honor to fight at your side, Shan'do.

Malfurion: This battle is far from over, Maiev.  Illidan has yet to be
accounted for, and I've seen no sign of Tyrande, either.

Tyrande is somewhere else in the forest, chasing down Illidan and a few naga

Tyrande: Show yourself, Illidan!  It's over!

Illidan: Not yet, my little priestess.  A pity you couldn't see things my way.
Now you, and the whole world, will understand just what I'm capable of!  Ash

Some naga throw a net over Tyrande trapping her.  Maiev and Malfurion arrive
moments later.

Illidan: Brother!  What are you doing here?

Malfurion: I've come to stop you, Illidan.  Instead of banishing you, I should
have returned you to your cage when I had the chance!  I was weak then, but no

Illidan: I have sworn allegiance to a new master, brother.  I have a great task
to perform in his service.  I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to stand in my

Tyrande breaks free of the net and casts starfall.  Illidan gets out just in
time, but his naga forces are slaughtered by it.  Malfurion, Tyrande, and Maiev
make it to shore just in time to watch Illidan sail off in a boat.

Malfurion: Don't worry, my love.  We'll find Illidan wherever he runs.  We'll
find him.

Chapter Six: Shards of the Alliance

Three days later, in Western Lordaeron, Malfurion and company make landfall in
the Silverpine Forest, formerly of the Elven kingdom.  The woods are in bad
shape, the ground still corrupted.

Maiev: Our forces will be ready to move out soon, although we still know next
to nothing about this strange land Illidan has run to.

Malfurion: This land is called Lordaeron, Maiev.  It is the homeland of the
Alliance that aided us at the Battle of Mount Hyjal.  I was told that its
kingdoms, both human and elven, were consumed by the undead Scourge.  These
forests have suffered grievously.  I must leave you both for a time.  I will
enter the woods and attempt to commune with the land itself.

Maiev: While you're gone, we'll set out and try to pick up Illidan's trail.

Malfurion: I expect you both to stay focused on your task.  You can settle your
personal dispute after we've found my brother.

Maiev: Of course, Shan'do.  We'd best get moving.

Shan'do wanders off, Tyrande and Maiev continue until they reach the outskirts
of an encampment.

Tyrande: This was an Alliance encampment.  The attack must have come recently.

Blood Elven Swordsman: Strangers, milord!  They don't appear to be undead,

Kael'thas: Ishnu-alah, night elves.  I am Prince Kael'thas.  I must admit, I'm
surprised to see your kind there.  But, whatever your business, I fear you will
find only death and shadow in this cursed land.

Maiev: Ishnu-dal-dieb, Kael'thas.  I am Maiev Shadowsong, and this is Tyrande
Whisperwind.  We are hunting a powerful demon that arrived here recently.

Kael'thas: Curious, I don't know about any demon, but something's riled the
undead based at Dalaran.  They've been hounding us day and night.  We were
about to abandon this post and seek refuge on the other side of the River

Tyrande: Hmmmm.  Then we shall lend you our aid, young Kael.

Maiev: Wait, we have no time for this.

Tyrande: Perhaps once your people are safe, you will help us hunt the demon we

Kael'thas: It would be an honor, milady.

As they escort Kael's troops towards the river, Multiple attacks come from
basic undead units, which are no match for them.  Maiev quickly questions
Tyrande's order to help these people.

Maiev: We are wasting our time here, Tyrande.  We should be looking for

Tyrande: These people need our help, Maiev!  Their brethren aided us against
the Legion.  We will honor that debt now.

Kael'thas: Sadly, I have only a few warriors left.  The Scourge has pressed us
hard these last few months.

Maiev: Kael, where are your high elven brethren?  Do they not fight the undead
as you do?

Kael'thas: The Scourge devoured our ancient homeland of Quel'Thalas.  The once
proud bloodline of my people is nearly spent.  The few of us that remain now
call ourselves blood elves, in homage to our murdered people.

Tyrande: I grieve for your people, Kael.  But you must not allow rage and
despair to poison your heart.  You may lead your people to a brighter future.

Before long, there is a fork in the road.  Fortunately, Kael knows which path
leads to what.

Kael'thas: We stand at a crossroads, my friends.  There is a shorter path to
our destination, but it will take us perilously close to an undead bastion.
The other route is safer, but it will take us longer to cross the river.

Maiev: Both routes will be dangerous, nonetheless.  Let us choose quickly and
be on our way.

Either way, Kael's wagons will eventually make it to a bridge near the river,
inside of a small village.

Kael'thas: Ah, Pyrewood Village.  The River Arevass lies just beyond.

Maiev: Something doesn't feel right.

Tyrande: Yes.  Perhaps we should keep the caravan moving?

Several undead come out from the village and attack.

Kael'thas: Damn!  They were waiting for us!  Protect the caravan at all costs!

Tyrande: Their numbers are limitless!  They just keep coming.

Maiev: We've driven them back, but the second wave is advancing!

Kael'thas: We've run out of time!  The caravan will not survive another

Tyrande: Kael, get your caravan moving across the river!  I will stay behind
and hold the bridge!

Maiev: That's very noble of you, Priestess, but you're no match for a force
that vast!

Tyrande: The goddess is my shield, warden.  Elune will grant me the strength.

Kael's caravans and Maiev get across the river, Tyrande stands on the middle of
the bridge and casts starfall, slaughtering several undead near her.

Kael'thas: It's working!  She's holding them back!

Tyrande: Merciful goddess!

The starfall is too powerful, it slowly destroys the bridge Tyrande is on.
Before long, it collapses and she flies down the river.

Kael'thas: We must hurry to save her!  That current will take her straight into
the heart of the undead lands!

Maiev: No, Kael.  Tyrande is a soldier; she knew the risks she took.  We have a
greater mission to accomplish now, and our time grows short.  Your people are
now safe.  You will uphold your end of the bargain and help me hunt the demon I

Interlude: Malfurion's Vision

In the Silverpine Forest, Malfurion communes with the spirits of the wild.

Malfurion: This forest has suffered as much as Ashenvale.  The vile blight of
the Scourge has deadened countless acres of trees.  If only the druids could--

The entire world shakes.

Malfurion: Aaarrrgggh!  The earth... is being... torn apart.  The pain is...
excruciating!  Ancient spirits of the forest, I implore you, show me what is
hidden from my sight!  Show me what troubles this earth.

A few wisps pop out and surround Malfurion.  They show him a barren iceland.

Malfurion: I see the frozen land of Northrend, the very roof of the world.  The
land itself is being split asunder!   How can this be?  What could cause such

The spirits spin again, they show Malfurion the city of Dalaran.  Illidan is
there with the Eye of Sargeras.

Illidan: It's working!  Nothing can withstand the power of the eye!  Soon now,
my master's enemies will be undone, and I can claim my just reward.

The spirits stop showing Malfurion images.

Malfurion: Thank you, great spirits.  I know what must be done.  I promise you,
this treachery will not go unpunished!

Chapter Seven: The Ruins of Dalaran

That evening, Maiev and Kael have set up bases just outside of Dalaran,
Malfurion rushes to this base.

Malfurion: Maiev!  We've got to move quickly.  Illidan is weaving a spell that
is splitting apart the roof of the world!  We must... wait... where is Tyrande?

Maiev: I am sorry, Shan'do, but the priestess has fallen.  We aided a band of
Alliance warriors against the undead.  The priestess fought valiantly, but I
saw her torn apart with my own eyes.

Malfurion: Torn apart?  Tyrande, my heart... I should have been there.

Maiev: You can still avenger her, Shan'do.  Let us attack Illidan together!  He
is the reason we even came to this forsaken place.  He is the reason for your
loss.  Shan'do, this is Prince Kael'thas, the ally I spoke of.

Kael'thas: Greetings, great druid.  My scouts have confirmed that this Illidan
and his vile snakes are based at the ruined city of Dalaran.  They are using a
gem-like artifact to perform some strange ritual.

Maiev: They must be using the Eye of Sargeras!  But why would they strike at
the roof of the world?

Malfurion: It doesn't matter.  They won't live long enough to finish their
spell.  Illidan must be stopped once and for all!

Malfurion and Maiev bring their forces to the Eye of Sargeras and defeat the
naga summoners and others there.  The spell is broken.  Illidan is trapped in
the summoning area, Maiev and Malfurion stand above.

Illidan: No!  The spell is not done!  It is not done!

Malfurion: It is over, brother.  Your vile schemes end here.

Maiev: Illidan Stormrage, for recklessly endangering countless lives and
threatening the very balance of the world, I hereby sentence you to death!

Malfurion: Too much blood has been spilled on your account, Illidan.  Even now
I can feel the lands of Northrend reeling from the spell you cast.
Imprisonment will not be enough this time.

Maiev: I will execute you myself.

Maiev blinks into the area with Illidan.  Malfurion traps him in entangling

Illidan: Fools!  Can you not see?  The spell we channeled was meant to strike
at the undead, our common enemy!  My mission was to destroy the Lich King's
stronghold of Icecrown!

Malfurion: At no heed to the cost?  Because of you, Tyrande is dead!

Illidan: What?

Kael'thas: Your pardon, Lord Stormrage, but the priestess may still be alive!
She was swept downriver, but it's premature to simply assume that--

Maiev: Silence, Kael!

Malfurion: You told me she was torn apart!  You lied to me!

Maiev: The Betrayer's capture was our primary concern, Shan'do.  I needed your
help.  I knew you would go to her and we would lose our chance!  I...

Malfurion: Just who is the betrayer now, woman?  I must go to her immediately.

Illidan: Believe me, brother, despite all our differences, you know that I
would never lead Tyrande to harm.  Let me help you.  My naga can scour the
river for us!  Let me do this, at least.

Malfurion: Very well.

Maiev: What?  After all he's done, you would trust this traitor to...

Malfurion removes the entangling roots from Illidan and places them around

Malfurion: Silence!  I will deal with you later.  Let's go, brother.

Chapter Eight: The Brothers Stormrage

An hour later, on the banks of the Arevass River, Malfurion and Illidan
feverishly search for Tyrande.

Illidan: Prince Kael'thas said he last saw Tyrande being swept down this river.
If she is alive, my naga will find her.

Malfurion: They had best return with good news, brother.  The very sight of
them makes my stomach turn.  Where did you ever find such loathsome creatures?

Illidan: Believe me, brother, you do not want to know.

Naga Myrmidon: Lord Illidan, we have found your missing priestess.  She and her
warriors fight on against the undead, but I doubt they can hold out much

The scene shifts to Tyrande.  She has a minimal amount of troops and a couple
ancient protectors helping her hold a small area of the river.

Tyrande: Come forth, you mindless wretches, and taste the wrath of the
Sentinels!  Elune's light shall never falter!

Naga Myrmidon: You'd best hurry if you're to save her!

Just then, a fleet of undead air units flies over the river.  They fly past
Malfurion and Illidan.

Illidan: An undead strike force!  But they're completely ignoring us!  What

Malfurion: Tyrande!

Illidan: Their flying horrors fill the sky!  It would be folly to send your
flyers against them!

Malfurion: We cannot depend on them now!  Illidan, you must hold the undead
here and prevent them from assaulting Tyrande's encampment.  I will journey
downriver and...

Illidan: No, brother.  The naga and I can reach her faster!  I will go.

Malfurion: What you say is true, but I risk much by trusting you, Illidan.

Illidan: I swear on my life that I will bring her back, my brother.

Malfurion: I... believe you.  Ande'thoras-ethil, brother.

Illidan's naga fight their way through the undead to reach Tyrande, while
Malfurion lends support from the other side of the river.  Tyrande holds out
for a considerable amount of time, until Illidan finally reaches her.

Tyrande: Illidan!  What trickery is this?  Have you come to finish me off

Illidan: No, Tyrande.  You must believe me.  I've come to save you!

Tyrande: Save me?

Illidan makes a portal.

Back at Malfurion's base, he paces restlessly.

Malfurion: Where could they be?  He should have brought her back by now!

Illidan: Hurry!  This is our last chance!

Tyrande and Illidan go through the portal.  Another portal opens just in front
of Malfurion.

Tyrande: You... risked your life for me.  I don't understand.

Illidan: Whatever I may be, whatever I may become in this world; know that I
will always look out for you, Tyrande.

Malfurion: Tyrande!

Tyrande: I knew you would not forsake me!

Malfurion: I thought I'd lost you forever, my love.  If not for Illidan's aid,
I may well have.

Illidan: We have had much strife between us, my brother.  I have known only
ages of hate for you.  But, for my part, I wish it to end.  From this day
forward, let there be peace between us.

Finale: A Parting of Ways

Moments later, in Malfurion's base, Illidan prepares to depart.

Malfurion: You have brought much suffering to the world, Illidan.  For that,
you can never be forgiven.  However, you saved the life of my love.  For that I
will let you go.  But, should you ever threaten my people again...

Illidan: I understand, brother.  Lordship over this world was never my aim...
only power... only the magic.  I've lingered here too long.  I must go.  By
aiding you, I have betrayed my new master.  If I am not careful, his wrath will
be my end.

Illidan opens a portal.

Illidan: Farewell, brother... Tyrande.  I doubt our paths will cross again.
En'shu falah-nah.

Illidan goes through the portal, Maiev and her Watchers run into the area.

Maiev: Fools!  Have you no sense of justice?

Tyrande: Maiev, Illidan has atoned for his crimes!  He is no longer a threat

Maiev runs by Tyrande and runs into the portal.  Her forces follow her.

Malfurion: It's no use, Tyrande.  She has become vengeance itself, bound
forever to the hunt.  I only pray that in her zeal, she doesn't cause even more
havoc than Illidan.

The portal finally closes, leaving Malfurion and Tyrande.

Tyrande: Now, let's go home, beloved.  We've earned our rest.

End Sentinel Campaign.

This campaign unlocks the bonus campaign, which is mainly to explore several of
the "tavern" heroes and a new orc hero.  It is the only thing resembling an orc
campaign in the game.  It is unfortunately barren of any real story, tedious,
and annoyingly long filled with great boredom.  Because of this, I will not be
covering that campaign in this script.

Begin Alliance Campaign.

Chapter One: Misconceptions

Grand Marshal Garithos' leads the humans who survived Dalaran.  They have
rebuilt the area into one of the last bastions of the alliance.  They are
waiting for Kael'thas to arrive, but he is late.

Garithos: You are late, Prince Kael'thas.  I thought you elves prided
yourselves on punctuality.

Kael'thas: It could not be helped, Lord Garithos.  We ran into a group of night
elves from across the sea and--

Garithos: I am not interested in your fanciful excuses!  You elves are here to
serve the Alliance: thus, you will obey my commands to the letter!  Is that

Kael'thas: Yes, Lord Garithos.

Garithos: Now, the undead have begun a new offensive to retake Dalaran.  Their
primary strike force marched south through Silverpine, but we managed to halt
its advance at the base of the mountains.

Kael'thas: My men are ready to fight, milord!  When shall we leave for the

Garithos: We will be leaving immediately.  But, your people will be staying
here.  Our scouts report that a second strike force may be heading this way
from the east.  I need you to repair the outlying observatories so that we can
monitor that region.

Kael'thas: But, milord, we are warriors, not--

Garithos: You have your orders, Prince Kael'thas.  I trust your elven ears
heard them clearly enough.  Move out!

Garithos and his knights rush off to the front lines.

Kael'thas: Insolent son of a... Let's get this over with!

Kael'thas and his forces repair the first observatory and head to the shore so
they can sail over to the second and third ones.  A small undead force attacks
them there, but they are dealt with easily enough.  The shipyard, however, has
burnt to the ground.

Kael'thas: Damn.  We'll have to find a way across the lake to reach the
outlying goldmine.

Lady Vashj and her naga swim in.  Behind the last few are some boats.

Kael'thas: Naga!  You fought for the demon Illidan!

Lady Vashj: We are on our own now, good prince.  I am called Lady Vashj.  My
brethren and I come in peace, to offer you our aid.

Kael'thas: You have nothing I need, witch.

Lady Vashj: Is that so?  I thought you might require boats to reach the
observatories you seek.

Kael'thas: And you would give these freely?  Why should I trust you, my lady?

Lady Vashj: Our two races share a common ancestry, Kael.  Now, against the
undead, we share a common peril.  These boats are merely a gesture of goodwill.

Kael'thas: Then I accept your offer.  Thank you.

With these boats, Kael is able to sail over and repair the final two
observatories.  Just as he completes the last one, Lord Garithos rides over to

Kael'thas: Hail, Lord Garithos.  The observatories have been repaired as you
requested.  We were just about to--

Garithos: I received ill news from the front line.  Is it true you've consorted
with the vile naga?

Kael'thas: Well, yes, milord.  They helped us cross the lake.  I assure you
they pose no threat to us or to--

Garithos: They are inhuman and must be crushed like any other enemy!  Be
careful where you place your loyalties, blood elf.  I will not tolerate treason
in my ranks.  Now I must return to the front.  You will remain here and wait
for further orders.

Chapter Two: A Dark Covenant

The next day, at Kael's small encampment, his elves ready themselves to move
out.  One of Garithos' emissary's arrives with orders.

Emissary: Greetings, Prince Kael.  I bring word from Grand Marshal Garithos.

Kael'thas: What news from the front?

Emissary: Apparently the observatories you repaired detected a large undead
force massing nearby.  Lord Garithos has commanded that you crush the undead
before they can march on Dalaran.

Kael'thas: That doesn't sound too difficult.

Emissary: Unfortunately, your forces may be a little thinned.  You see, Lord
Garithos has also ordered that all foot soldiers, cavalry and support teams
report to the front lines immediately.  You men, move out!

Kael'thas: This is preposterous!  Am I to assault the undead with nothing but
sticks and harsh language?

Emissary: The grand marshal has great confidence in your... abilities.  Be

The emissary leaves with the bulk of Kael's army.

Kael'thas: Garithos... I'm starting to hate that man.

With no men to guard Kael's outlying camps, they all fall quickly, and Kael is
left in the middle of the lake with a small force to defend it.

Spell Breaker: Prince Kael, they've take over our outlying bases.  We're
completely surrounded!

Kael'thas: Those bases are lost.  We'll just have to improvise.

Vashj's naga again arrive.

Lady Vashj: Ishnu-dal-dieb, Prince Kael.  We've come to join your fight against
the vile dead.

Kael'thas: Greetings, Lady Vashj.  I would welcome your aid gladly, but the
commander I serve does not approve of your kind.

Lady Vashj: I do not see him here, sharing your peril.  Let me bolster your
forces with my own.  If not, you and your brethren will surely fall.

Kael'thas: What you say is true.  But... I... I accept your offer, Vashj.

Lady Vashj: Good.  Let's get to it, then.

With Vashj's aid, Kael and his troops are able to drive the undead out of the

Kael'thas: You have my thanks, Lady.  This victory would not have been possible
without your aid, though I fear I may have doomed myself by accepting it.

Lady Vashj: The human you serve trusts no race but his own.  His sense of honor
runs no deeper than his tolerance.

Kael'thas: It is loyalty and duty that bind me to him and to this... failing
Alliance.  But now those tenets seem as distant as our ruined homeland.  All I
know is that my brethren and I hunger for something more.

Lady Vashj: Then perhaps, young Kael, it is time to find a new path... to power
and glory.

Kael'thas: I can't explain it exactly, but ever since our homeland was
destroyed, my brethren and I have felt empty... almost drained of our spirit.
There is a hunger now that has... hardened our hearts.

Lady Vashj: I know this hunger, Kael.  Like us, your people are addicted to
magic!  It flowed through your veins for ever ten thousand years.  And now,
with the corruption of your land and the Sunwell that empowered you...

Kael'thas: We have been cut off from our power, from our birthright!  Without a
new source of magic, my people will surely die.

Lady Vashj: There are other fronts of power in this world, Kael.  Demons, for

Kael'thas: You speak of madness, my lady.  We will never be that desperate.

Lady Vashj: Your aversion is understandable.  But still--

Spell Breaker: Prince Kael!  Grand Marshal Garithos has arrived.  He's brought
a full battalion with him.

Kael'thas: Damn.  Vashj, you'd best leave.  I cannot guarantee your people's

The naga head back towards the water as Garithos moves in.  His troops spot the
retreating naga.

Knight: Naga warriors!

Garithos: Forget about them!  So, Kael, you've shown your true colors at last.
I knew you were in league with those serpents.  Now I have all the proof I need
to execute every traitorous one of you!

Kael'thas: Please, milord, spare my men!  It was my decision to--

Garithos: Save your breath.  I never trusted you vainglorious elves.  It was a
mistake to accept you into the Alliance in the first place.  Now, at long last,
you'll be dealt with appropriately.  Take them away!

Garithos and his men take Kael away, back towards Dalaran.  Vashj watches from
some tall weeds.

Chapter Three: The Dungeons of Dalaran

Kael and his men are being held in the magical prisons underneath of Dalaran.
They've been held for two days, awaiting their execution.

Kael'thas: How could I have let this happen to my brethren?  Locked in these
cells, our thirst for magic will devour us.

Guard Marcus: It'll all be over soon, traitor.  Lord Garithos plans to execute
the lot of you at dawn.

Guard Trogdar: Sunrise can't get here fast enough.  These elves give me the

Guard Marcus: Don't worry.  This prison was built by the Kirin Tor to keep
their pets from getting loose.  The elves' magic is useless inside those
enchanted cells.

Lady Vashj slithers up from some green water in the prison.  She kills both
guards with forked lightning and breaks the door to Kael's cell.

Lady Vashj: Greetings, Kael.  I assume we're not too late.

Kael'thas: On the contrary, Vashj.  Your timing is impeccable.  Once again, I
am in your debt.  But even if we free my brethren, there is nowhere to run.
Garithos' forces outnumber us ten to one.

Lady Vashj: You stand at a dangerous crossroads.  You can either stay here and
be slaughtered by human hands... or choose a darker path... to freedom.

Kael'thas: What is this darker path?

Lady Vashj: In the city above us stands a portal, a gateway that leads to other

Kael'thas: Yes, I know it.  The lich, Kel'Thuzad, opened it to bring Archimonde

Lady Vashj: Yes.  My master, Illidan, awaits us on the other side of that
portal!  Lead your people to him, and he will forge you a new destiny.  He will
sate your people's burning hunger.

Kael'thas: Side with a rogue demon... or lead my people to their certain
deaths.  There is no choice here, Vashj.  We'll have to free my lieutenants
first.  They'll be able to rally the others while we assault the exit.

Lady Vashj: As you will.

Vashj and Kael traverse the dungeon.  Many of the Kirin Tor's pets roam freely,
along with several of Garithos' men.

Guard Seth: The blasted elves are free!  We can't take 'em alone!

Guard Troy: We don't have to.  We can loose these creatures on 'em!

Many of these creatures are extremely powerful, but Kael's troops rally to push
on through them.  Eventually, Kael is but two gates away from the end of the
prison.  One of them opens and the Jailor comes forth.

Jailor Kassan: You've gone as far as you're going to go, Prince Kael.  Make it
easy on yourself.

Kael'thas: You served the Kirin Tor well, Kassan, but the old order has passed
away.  My people and I are leaving this damned prison one way or another.

Jailor Kassan: It's a shame to see a good wizard gone bad.  Do what you have to
do, lad.

During this level, there was a chance to open a secret level.  The dialogue at
the end of this level changes slightly if you did.  The following dialogue
assumes you did.  Also, the next level is the secret level I just mentioned.

Kael defeats the Jailor and the rest of his forces.  The path to freedom is

Kael'thas: My brethren are assembled, Vashj.  Now all we need to do is reach
this portal of yours and--

Lady Vashj: Hold, good prince.  We will need to keep the portal open long
enough to usher everyone through.  But Garithos' forces will likely attack it
before we can make our escape.

Kael'thas: Then I will hold him at bay.  I'll buy you all the time you'll need.

Secret Level: The Crossing

Moments later, Kael and his forces bust out of the prison and run through the
streets of Dalaran.  The portal is closer to them than Garithos' forces are.
Still there will be an inevitable conflict.

Kael'thas: Quickly, my brethren, take your positions.  Garithos' forces will be
here any moment.

Lady Vashj: We have reached the portal, Kael.  Now we'll attempt to open it!

Engineer: Prince Kael, the other engineers and I helped to build Dalaran's
original defenses.  We could salvage materials from these ruins and construct
whatever defensive towers you need.

Kael'thas: Glad to hear it.  You'd best get moving.

Meanwhile, north just a bit, Garithos discovers what Kael is up to.

Garithos: Blasted elves.  I knew they'd try something like this.  Forget about
those damned towers, I want that portal destroyed!  Those traitors aren't going
anywhere.  Use these explosives on the portal!  Whoever destroys the portal
will be a hero!

Vashj opens the portal to full intensity.  We've done it.  The portal is open.
Let the exodus begin!

Kael'thas: Well done, Vashj.  If we build more strategic towers, we should be
able to hold off Garithos' forces long enough for our people to get through.

Lady Vashj: You'd better be right.  If the portal falls, none of us will

Garithos sends waves of troops to get towards the portal.  Kael and his towers
hold them all of.  Before long, all of his troops have made it through the

Lady Vashj: Kael, everyone is through!  Fall back and we'll close the portal
behind us!

Kael'thas: All right, men!  Pull back!  Back to the portal!

Lady Vashj: Now, young prince, we take one final step... towards destiny.

Vashj and Kael go through the portal and close it behind themselves.
Completing this bonus unlocks the Pandaran Brewmaster hero for the upcoming
mission.  It has no interaction with the story, but...

Interlude: The Dusts of Outland

Vashj and Kael arrive on the other side of the portal.  The world is barren of
most everything, just a chunk of rock.

Kael'thas: What is this desolate place, Vashj?

Lady Vashj: This shattered world is called Outland, young prince.  It is all
that remains of Draenor, the former homeland of the orcish Horde.

Kael has a flashback to the second war between orcs and humans.

Kael'thas: Amazing, I remember when Khadgar led the Alliance Expedition here,
years ago.  He almost succeeded in wiping the orcs out for good.  In an attempt
to escape, Ner'zhul opened a number of massive dimensional gateways, but all
they succeeded in doing was tearing their planet apart.

Vashj: Yes.  And now, amongst the ruins of this dead world, we have come to
find the master.

Kael'thas: Illidan... why here?  What could possibly interest him in this
barren wasteland?

Vashj: That I do not know.  Regardless, we should seek him out quickly.

Kael'thas: Agreed.  Actually, I am anxious to meet him again.  If he can cure
my people of their hunger for magic, I will gladly pledge myself to his

Chapter Four: The Search for Illidan

After three days of searching, Kael and Vashj come to the realization that they
are lost.  They set up a basic camp and journey alone onto some higher ground,
so they can better scout the area.

Kael'thas: This place is unnerving.  We've marched for three days and seen no
signs of life.  Still, I can't shake the feeling that we're not alone out here.

Lady Vashj: We aren't.  I caught the scent just as the wind shifted...

They walk just a bit further and see a night elf base.

Lady Vashj: Night elves!  What could they be doing here?

Kael'thas: The warden, Maiev, swore to capture Illidan at any cost.  She must
have brought her warriors here to hunt him!

They turn and face another direction, a strange wheeled cage is moving slowly,
with Maiev and a few watchers standing near it.

Kael'thas: There!  Illidan lies chained in that cage!  The night elves must be
taking him to their stronghold.

Lady Vashj: Then we must rescue him before they reach safety!

For the next considerable amount of time, Vashj and Kael will struggle to make
the wagon go towards their camp, while the relentless Maiev will attempt to
make it go towards hers.  Anyway, eventually, Kael will reach the cage and
realize that Illidan is not conscious, nor will the lock be easy to pick.  He
decides they'll need to take care of such things in the safety of their base.
The player can not control the army in this level, only the heroes, making it
very fun to play.  Eventually, Vashj and Kael will get Illidan back to their
base, and she'll shatter his cage with a forked lightning spell.

Illidan: Lady Vashj, your rescue was most timely.  The thought of spending
another ten thousand years in Maiev's prison was not a pleasant one.

Lady Vashj: We could not forsake you, Lord Illidan.  But you owe your freedom
to them.

Illidan: Who are they, Vashj?  The young elf looks familiar, but...

Lady Vashj: They call themselves the blood elves, my lord.  They are the last
mortal descendents of the Highborne who served you long ago.  This is Prince
Kael'thas.  He and his brethren have come to bask in your wisdom, and pledge
themselves to your will.

Interlude: Illidan's Task

Hours later, at Illidan's main base.

Illidan: You were right to come to me, Kael.  I share the pain of your
addiction, your hunger for magic.

Kael'thas: Can you help us, Lord Illidan?  Can you cure us?

Illidan: There is no cure, young on.  But there are ways to feed the hunger.
Follow me and I will grant your people more magic than they can imagine.

Kael'thas: So be it, Lord Illidan, my fellow blood elves and I humbly pledge
ourselves to your service.

Illidan: Then arise, young Kael.  you shall be my right hand and the harbinger
of my wrath.

Kael'thas: What of your plans, master?

Illidan: Many months after the Legion's defeat at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, I
was visited by one of the last great demonlords, Kil'jaeden.

Illidan has a flashback.  He's wandering around in a forest when Kil'jaeden
appears.  Kil'jaeden is easily as tall as the tallest trees of the forest,
towering over Illidan.

Kil'jaeden: Illidan, in the past you have been both friend and foe to the
Burning Legion.  But, by consuming the Skull of Gul'dan, you sealed our defeat
in this world.  I come to offer you a second chance to serve us.

Illidan: What would you have me do, great one?

Kil'jaeden: My creation, the Lich King, has betrayed me.  He dared to break the
pact that binds him to my will, but his spirit still lies trapped inside the
Frozen Throne of Icecrown.  Destroy it for me, and I will grant you your
heart's desire.

Illidan: It shall be done, great one.  It shall be done.

The scene shifts back to the present.

Illidan: At Dalaran, I attempted to use the Eye of Sargeras to melt away the
polar icecaps surrounding the Icecrown Glacier.  If the spell had succeeded,
the Lich King would have been vanquished forever.

Lady Vashj: But the cursed night elves intervened.

Illidan: And the spell went awry.  Given my failure, I fled to this desolate
place to evade Kil'jaeden's wrath.  Now, if I am to remain here in exile, we
will need to ensure that Kil'jaeden's agents have been cleansed from the land.

Chapter Five: Gates of the Abyss

Two days later, in the barren plains of Outland, Illidan and Kael prepare to
attack demon gates.

Illidan: Long ago, after Draenor's explosion, a brutal Pit Lord named
Magtheridon rallied the surviving orcs and took control of Outland.  Since
then, his forces have grown strong.

Kael'thas: How, master?  If most of the orcs were killed when this world
exploded, how has he bolstered his ranks?

Illidan: By using the very portals that tore the planet apart.  Many of
Ner'zhul's dimensional gates still stand, young prince.  Magtheridon lures
scores of hapless demons through them daily.

Kael'thas: Then we must seal them permanently.

Illidan: Yes.  We will seek out each of the gates and I will close them myself.
Once they have been sealed, we will move against Magtheridon's Black Citadel,
and claim outland as our own.

There are four gates in all, each one taking Illidan three minutes to close.
While he does so, scores of demons pour through them.  Kael, Vashj and their
respective forces fight to keep Illidan alive while he seals them.  Once the
final one has been closed, Illidan prepares for phase two.

Kael'thas: We've done it, master!  The dimensional gates are all sealed.
There's no way for Magtheridon to call reinforcements now.

Illidan: True, but his standing forces are still considerable.  Assaulting his
Black Citadel will not be easy, Kael.

Kael'thas: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Chapter Six: Lord of Outland

Later that day, Illidan and his forces ready up for their final target, the
Black Citadel.  Magtheridon sits in a massive chamber with several other demons
and orcs alike.

Fel Orc Warlock: Our enemies draw near, Lord Magtheridon.

Magtheridon: These upstarts are tiresome gnats, nothing more.  The might of
Magtheridon cannot be denied.  I am the Lord of Outland!  Those who dispute my
rule will soon regret their folly!

Outside of the Citadel, Kael and Illidan arrive at the front gates.  They are
well guarded by heavy siege weaponry which is killing Kael's army off rather

Illidan: Magtheridon has grown strong over the years, but he has had few real
foes to contend with.  He has become decadent and complacent.  The boisterous
cur cannot match our cunning or our willing.

Kael'thas: This will be a glorious battle, master.  Though Magtheridon's forces
vastly outnumber ours, your warriors are prepared to fight to the end.

Illidan: I am pleased by your people's zeal, young Kael.  Their spirits and
powers have been honed in this harsh wilderness.  Their courage alone may be
enough to...

Lady Vashj: Lord Illidan, new arrivals come to greet you.

A pack of Draenei arrive.  They are a species indigenous to this planet.  They
fought unsuccessfully against the orcs and the demons.  They are able to
remained invisible at all times when they are not attacking, giving Illidan a
huge strategical edge for assaulting the Citadel.

Akama: We Draenei have fought the orcs and their demon masters for generations.
Now, at last, we will end their curse forever.  We are yours to command, Lord

Akama runs in and destroys the generator powering the siege weapons which had
been shredding Kael's forces.

Illidan: As I promised, your people shall have their vengeance, Akama.  By
night's end, we will all be drunk with it.  Vashj, Kael; give the final order
to strike.  The hour of wrath has come!

With the combined might of the Humans, Naga, and Draenei, Illidan is able to
reach the throne room of Magtheridon.  With all of his army already defeated,
Magtheridon is in a bad position.  Illidan and crew beat him down rather

Magtheridon.  I do not know you, stranger, but your power is vast.  Are you an
agent of the Legion?  have you been sent here to test me?

Illidan: [Violent Laughter]  I have come to replace you.  You're a relic,
Magtheridon, a ghost of a past age.  The future is mine.  From this moment on,
Outland and all of its denizens will bow to me.  Hear me now, you trembling
mortals!  I am your lord and master!  Illidan reigns supreme.

Finale: Kil'jaeden's Command

Moments later, a harsh storm blows in from a reddish cloud.  It comes straight
at the Black Citadel, where Illidan stands triumphantly.

Kael'thas: What is this, Vashj?  Where did this storm come from?

Lady Vashj: Keep your head down, fool!  Something terrible is drawing near!

The cloud turns into Kil'jaeden.  Even with his feet several stories below
Illidan's, he still towers over the demon hunter.  The planet shakes while he

Kil'jaeden: Foolish little mongrel.  You failed to destroy the Frozen Throne as
I commanded.  And still you thought to hide from me in this forsaken backwater!
I thought you to be more cunning, Illidan.

Illidan: Kil'jaeden!  I was merely set back.  I was attempting to bolster my
forces.  The Lich King will be destroyed, I promise you!

Kil'jaeden: Indeed?  Still, these servitors you've gathered show some promise.
I will give you one last chance, Illidan.  Destroy the Frozen Throne, or face
my eternal wrath!

In a blinding flash of light, Kil'jaeden leaves Outland.

Illidan: Perhaps hiding here was not the most prudent decision.  Still, the
quest lies before us.  Will you follow me into the cold heart of death itself?

Lady Vashj: The naga are yours to command, Lord Illidan.  Where you go, we

Kael'thas: The blood elves are yours, as well, master.  We will drive the
Scourge before us and shatter the Frozen Throne as you command.

End Alliance Campaign.
Begin Scourge Campaign.

Chapter One: King Arthas

At the capital city of Lordaeron, the Dreadlord who were under Archimonde's
command discuss their plans for the Scourge.

Detheroc: It's been months since we last heard from Lord Archimonde.  I grow
tired of watching over these rotting undead!  What are we still doing here?

Balnazzar: We were charged with overseeing this land, Detheroc.  It is our duty
to remain here and ensure that the Scourge is ready for action.

Varimathras: True.  Though, we should have received some kind of orders by now.

Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanas Windrunner, now Dark Archer, watch from a hill nearby.

Sylvanas: The Legion was defeated months ago.  How could they not know?

Kel'Thuzad: Impossible to say.  But the longer they remain in command, the more
they run the Scourge into the ground.

A gate nearby starts to collapse.

Sylvanas: What?  Who could possibly...

Arthas breaks in and approaches the trio of dreadlords.

Arthas: Greetings, dreadlords.  I should thank you for looking after my kingdom
during my absence.  However, I won't be requiring your services any longer.

Varimathras: Prince Arthas!

Balnazzar: This land is ours.  The Scourge belongs to the Legion!

Arthas: Not anymore, demon.  Your masters have been defeated.  The Legion is
undone.  Your deaths will complete the circle.

Detheroc: This isn't over, human.

The dreadlords leave, Arthas' friends come down from the hill to greet him.

Kel'Thuzad: We knew you would return to us, Prince Arthas.

Arthas: I have returned, lich, but you will now address me as King.  This is,
after all, my land.  Now we must secure the kingdom by scouring the last
remnants of humanity from it!

Kel'Thuzad: But, my king, the humans have begun to abandon their villages.
They're feeling to the canyon passes!  If they escape into the mountains, it
will be impossible to hunt them all down.

Arthas: Then we must slaughter them before they escape!  Their deaths will be a
fitting tribute to Ner'zhul!

Before long, Arthas runs into some of Uther's Paladins.  They're a bit ticked
off about things, but that doesn't stop Arthas from slaughtering them all.
Eventually, he reaches a set of woods where one of the furthest villages is,
suddenly, an awful pain comes over him.

Arthas: Aarrghh... The pain is unbearable.  What is happening to me?

Arthas is sent a vision of the Lich King, trapped inside his prison at Ice

The Lich King: Danger draws near!  Power is fading.  Time is running out!

Kel'Thuzad: King Arthas, do you need assistance?

Arthas: No.  The pain has passed, but my powers are diminished.  Something is
terribly wrong here.

Kel'Thuzad: Shall we recall our forces?

Arthas: No, I will finish the hunt.  We'll solve this mystery once our business
is done.

Arthas finishing quelling all of the human villages and villagers.

Arthas: At last, the Alliance is finished!  Once we round up the last
stragglers, we should be--

The pain comes over him again.

Arthas: Aarrghh...  Not again!

The Lich King: It is I, the Lich King.  Danger draws near the Frozen Throne!
You must return to Northrend immediately!  Obey!

Kel'Thuzad: My king, you are not well.

Arthas: Take me back to the capital.  I have a long journey ahead of me.

Interlude: A Kingdom Divided

Sylvanas has snuck off in the middle of the night to meet with the three
dreadlords who had been controlling the Scourge in these parts.

Balnazzar: Lady Sylvanas.  We are pleased that you came.

Sylvanas: How could I not?  For some reason I no longer hear the Lich King's
voice in my head.  My will is mine once again.  You dreadlords seem to know

Varimathras: We've discovered that the Lich King is losing his power!  As it
wanes, so too does his ability to command undead such as you.

Sylvanas: And what of King Arthas?  What about his powers?

Balnazzar: Though his runeblade, Frostmourne, carries powerful enchantments,
Arthas' own powers will fade in time, it is inevitable.

Sylvanas: You seek to overthrow him, and you want my help to do it.

Detheroc: The Legion may be defeated, but we are the Nathrezim!  We'll not let
some upstart human get the best of us!  Arthas must fall!

Balnazzar: The lich, KelThuzad, is far too loyal to betray his master.  But
you on the other hand...

Sylvanas: Hate him.  I have my own reasons for seeking vengeance.  Arthas
murdered my people and turn me into this... monstrosity.  I may take part in
your blood coup, but I will do so in my own way.

Sylvanas runs off.

Balnazzar: I, for one, do not trust her.  Her heart is still elven.  She will
never side with us.

Varimathras: Don't be too hasty.  She has great spirit, but her hatred for
Arthas will ultimately serve our cause.

Detheroc: Agreed.  Well, if that's settled, let the festivities commence.

Chapter Two: The flight from Lordaeron

On the palace grounds, Arthas and Kel'Thuzad make their way to the harbor, so
that Arthas can obey the Lich King's command and go to Northrend.

Kel'Thuzad: So the seizures have been getting worse?

Arthas: Yes.  With my powers drained, I can barely command my own warriors.
The Lich King warned me that if I didn't reach Northrend soon, all could be

Kel'Thuzad: Fear not, my king.  Everything has been prepared for your
departure,  The ships are waiting at the coast and--

Arthas walks through a gate.  It slams behind him.  In front of him are the
three dreadlords and several undead.  Arthas is trapped.

Detheroc: There's been a change of plans, King Arthas.  You're not going

Kel'Thuzad: Assassins!  It's a trap!

Several ghouls rush Arthas, though he shows no hesitation in combating them
all.  While weakened, he's still more than a match for them.

Balnazzar: You should never have returned, human.  Weakened as you are, we have
assumed control over the majority of your warriors.  It seems your reign was
short lived.

Kel'Thuzad: There are too many of them, my king!  Flee, escape from the city.
I'll find my own way out and meet you in the wilderness.

Arthas: All right, lich.  Good luck.

Arthas fights his way through the town, even in his weakened state.  Some of
the undead in the area are still loyal to him, but for the most part, they are
against him.  Eventually, he exits the city and is blocked by a mere four
abominations.  Unfortunately, he has only two necromancers to combat them with.

Arthas: We have no time for this!  We must find our way out quickly!

Two banshees come in.  They each possess one abomination, causing the four
abominations to beat each other to death.

Arthas: You have my thanks, ladies.  But where is your mistress?  Where is

Banshee: She sent us to find you, great king.  We've come to escort you across
the river.  Once we cross it, we'll take refuge in the wilderness.

Interlude: Sylvanas' Farewell

A few minutes later, as Arthas and the banshees go through the woods, they find
a place to rest.

Banshee: This is the place, sisters.  We'll rest here, great king.

Arthas: Why here?  We've got to find Kel'Thuzad before we-- Aarrghh!

Arthas is hit by another degenerating attack, the Lich King again speaks to

The Lich King: You have been deceived!  Come to my side at once!  Obey!

By the time Arthas realizes what's going on, the Banshees have killed all of
his troops.

Arthas: What is happening here?

He gets hit by an arrow.

Arthas: Sylvanas!

Sylvanas: You walked right into this one, Arthas.  It's time to even the

Arthas: Traitor!  What have you done to me?

Sylvanas: It's a special poisoned arrow I made just for you.  The paralysis
you're experiencing now is but a fraction of the agony you've caused me.

Arthas: Finish me, then.

Sylvanas: A quick death... like the one you gave me?  No.  You're going to
suffer as I did. Thanks to my arrow, you can't even run.  Give my regards to
hell, you son of a bitch.

Just then, Kel'Thuzad and a few skeletal mages appear.

Kel'Thuzad: Back, you mindless ones!  You shall not fall today, my king.

Kel'Thuzad's forces defeat the banshees.  Sylvanas heads in retreat.

Sylvanas: This isn't over, Arthas!  I'll never stop hunting you!

Arthas and Kel'Thuzad finish the trip to the harbor.

Kel'Thuzad: The effects of her arrow will wear off in time.  All the
preparations for your journey to Northrend have been made.

Arthas: You have been a loyal friend, Kel'Thuzad.  I don't know what the future
holds, or if I'll even return, but I want you to watch over this land.  See to
it that my legacy endures.

Kel'Thuzad: I shall, King Arthas, I shall.

Chapter Three: The Dark Lady

Two days later, Sylvanas puts her new freedom to better use.

Banshee: You seem troubled, mistress.

Sylvanas: Aren't you, sister?  Only days ago we were the Lich King's slaves.
We existed only to slaughter in his name.  And now we are... free.

Banshee: I don't understand, mistress.  I thought you'd be overjoyed.

Sylvanas: What joy is there in this curse?  We are still undead, sister; still
monstrosities.  What are we if not slaves to this torment?

A portal opens in Sylvanas' base, and Varimathras appears.

Varimathras: Greetings, Lady Sylvanas.  My brothers and I appreciate the role
you played in overthrowing Arthas.  I've come to offer you a formal invitation
to join our new order.

Sylvanas: Varimathras.  My only interest was in seeing Arthas dead.  I have no
time for your petty politics or power mongering.

Varimathras: Careful, milady.  It would be unwise to incur our wrath.  We are
the future of these... Plaguelands.  You can either join us and rule or be cast

Sylvanas: I lived as a slave long enough, dreadlord.  I won't relinquish my
freedom by shackling myself to you fools!

Varimathras: So be it.  Our reply will come soon.

Varimathras enters the portal he came from and disappears. Sylvanas knows this
means she has mere moments to prepare for his attack, and she does.  Before
long she's beating down the walls of the dreadlords base.  Eventually, he is
pinned between her and her banshees.

Sylvanas: Any final words, demon?

Varimathras: Sylvanas, spare my life.  I beg you!  I can be of service... I
swear it!

Sylvanas: Just like a demon.  You'd sell your brethren out just to save your
own skin.  I'm listening.

Varimathras: I know what my brothers' plans are.  I know where their forces are
based.  Just let me serve you, and I'll help you defeat them!

Sylvanas: All right, Varimathras.  I'll let you prove your loyalty to me.  But
be warned, I'm keeping you on a short leash.

Chapter Four: The Return to Northrend

After three weeks of sailing, Arthas' fleet arrives on the ice shores of

Arthas: Northrend.  If feels like a lifetime since I was last here.  Something
out there is threatening the Lich King.  We must reach Icecrown quickly.

Necromancer: My king, we'll need to establish a base here first, but this
island is nearly devoid of resources.

Some elven dragon hawks fly over.

Arthas: What the...  They look like high elves!  What are they doing here?

Blood Elf: Prince Arthas, we are the blood elves!  We have sworn to avenge the
ghosts of Quel'Thalas.  This dead land... will be cleansed!

Arthas: Northrend belongs to the Scourge, elf!  You made a terrible mistake by
coming here.  Slay them!

Nearby, several crypt fiends pop out of the ground.  They are led by a much
larger spider, Anub'arak.

Anub'arak: Onward for the Scourge!  Slay them in Ner'zhul's name!

Arthas: Who the...?

Anub'arak's fiends quickly web the spiders to the earth and the undead pummel

Arthas: Thanks for the assistance, mighty one.

Anub'arak: The Lich King sent me to aid you, death knight.  I am Anub'arak,
ancient king of the Azjol-Nerub.

Arthas: I welcome your aid, Anub'arak, but we have little time for
pleasantries.  We must reach Icecrown immediately!

Arthas takes down a nearby blood elf base, allowing his undead forces access to
resources.  Arthas and Anub'arak take this down time to chat.

Arthas: These elves are pathetic.  It's no wonder we destroyed their homeland
so easily.

Prince Kael teleports in.

Kael'thas: Pity I wasn't there to stop you.  It's been a long time, Arthas.

Arthas: Prince Kael'thas.  I haven't seen you since... You lead these elves?

Kael'thas: This group, at least.  What you faced here was merely a scouting
force.  Defeating Lord Illidan's army will be far more difficult.

Arthas: Illidan?  He's behind this invasion?

Kael'thas: He is.  Our forces are vast, Arthas.  Even now, they march upon the
Icecrown Glacier.  You'll never make it in time to save your precious Lich
King.  Consider this payment for Quel'Thalas... and other insults.

Kael teleports out.  Now, if you have read between the lines in Reign of Chaos
and this scene, you will take note that Kael and Jaina were apparently once a
thing, but Arthas' boyish charm won her over.  Suddenly, another agonizing pain
comes over Arthas.

The Lich King: Make haste!  My enemies draw near!  Our time is almost spent!

Anub'arak: Are you well, death knight?

Arthas: My powers are weakening, but I'll be all right.  He's right.  We'll
never reach the glacier in time!

Anub'arak: There is another route we might take, death knight.  The ancient,
shattered kingdom of Azjol-Nerub lies deep below us.  Though it has fallen on
dark times, it could provide us a direct shortcut to the glacier.

Arthas: We have little choice.  Lead on, Anub'arak.

Arthas and Anub'arak plow through several of Illidan's forces on their way to
the tunnel entrances.  Once there, they defeat several drake-like enemies
guarding it.

Arthas: You're certain we can reach the glacier through these tunnels?

Anub'arak: Nothing is certain, death knight.  The ruins will be perilous, but
it's worth the risk.

Arthas: All right.  Let's go.

Chapter Five: Dreadlord's Fall

Back in the Plaguelands, Sylvanas prepares her next offensive against the
remaining dreadlords.

Sylvanas: You've done well, Varimathras.  You've led us straight to Detheroc's
stronghold.  But tell me, who are those humans?

Varimathras: Detheroc used his telepathy to enslave a top-ranking human
warlord.  I believe his name was Garabon or Gilithos, or something.  Human
names all sound the same to me.  Instead of stamping it out, Detheroc has taken
control of the last pocket of human resistance.  They maintain their own army
within the keep.

Sylvanas: Your brother is more clever than I thought.  His defenses are

Varimathras: Yes, and with this paltry force you've mustered, a direct assault
on his walls would be suicide!

Sylvanas: I have no intention of assaulting the walls.

Varimathras: Then let's go before he---

Sylvanas: My banshees will possess those hapless humans.  We'll use them to
open the gates for us.

Varimathras: You realize we'll have only a short amount of time before he
discovers what we're up to?

Sylvanas: Of course.  If we strike quickly enough, Detheroc will never know
what hit him.

Moments later, as some footman patrol, they run into Sylvanas' banshees.

Footman: To arms!

They possess the footman.

Banshee: Whom do you serve, human?

Footman: The Dark Lady.  I am hers to command.

The footmen return to the bastion held by Detheroc.

Necromancer: The patrol has returned!  Open the gates!

The gates open.  Nearby, Sylvanas waits.

Sylvanas: Ready yourselves.  The moment is upon us!  Now, my warriors...

For about seven minutes, Detheroc's troops will remain asleep unless attacked.
This gives Sylvanas enough time to level one of the two bases before facing
resistance.  She makes the most of the opportunity.  Before long, she's freed
Garithos from the telepathic spell which controlled him and slain Detheroc.

Garithos: The spell has been lifted.  Is the nightmare finally over?

Sylvanas: Stand down, humans.  I have no quarrel with you.

Garithos: What is it you want, elf witch?

Sylvanas: We have a common enemy.  The last dreadlord, Balnazzar, currently
controls the capital city of your kingdom.  If you help me kill him, I'll see
to it that you get your lands back.

Garithos: Why should we trust you?  You're part of the Scourge that drove us
out in the first place!

Sylvanas: Not anymore.  My only interest here is vengeance.

Garithos: Very well.  I'll rally what's left of my forces and meet you outside
the gates.

Garithos exits.

Varimathras: Come now, you have no intention of giving them their lands back.

Sylvanas: Of course not.  The humans are simply a means to an end.

Varimathras: You sound more like one of us with every passing day, my lady.

Sylvanas: Watch it, dreadlord.

Chapter Six: A New Power in Lordaeron

The next day, outside the capital city, Sylvanas prepares her attack.

Varimathras: The capital city is heavily defended.  Balnazzar is no fool, my
lady.  This battle can be won only through attrition.

Garithos: What's the matter, demon?  Are you afraid?

Varimathras: Watch your tongue, human dog.  Your hollow bravado does not

Sylvanas: Stand down, gentlemen!  Save your anger for Balnazzar.  Garithos,
I'll lead my forces in a frontal assault while you attack the city from the

Garithos: An aggressive ploy, milady.  So long as we get our capital back, I'll
stick to whatever strategy you wish.

Sylvanas: Give the order.  Let the attack commence.

It does not take Sylvanas long to reach the heart of Balnazzar's forces.  She's
eager to take claim of the capital city.

Sylvanas: Let's see, I've made one of your brothers my servant, and tore the
other to bloody shreds.  I wonder what your fate holds, Balnazzar?

Before long, she has knocked down the entire base, leaving Balnazzar all alone.

Sylvanas: It's over, Balnazzar.  Varimathras?

Varimathras: Yes, my lady?

Sylvanas: Kill him.

Varimathras: But I... It is forbidden for one of the Nathrezim to kill another.
My defection was one thing, but this...

Sylvanas: I require one last test of your loyalty, dreadlord.  Do it.

Balnazzar: You wouldn't dare!

Varimathras kills Balnazzar.

Garithos: There, your business is done.  Now, I want you wretched animals out
of my city before I...

Sylvanas: Kill him, too.

Varimathras: Gladly.

Varimathras casts rain of fire on Garithos, killing him.  Some ghouls eat the

Sylvanas: The capital city is ours, but we are no longer part of the Scourge.
From here on out, we shall be known as the Forsaken.  We will find our own path
in this world, dreadlord... and slaughter anyone who stands in our way.

Chapter Seven

This chapter is split into three parts.  I'm not really sure why, probably
because the map would have been huge if it were all one level.  Oh well, the
story  through this chapter is rather contiguous.  Also, Arthas does not have
agonizing visions each new level, but he does continue to lose levels, by the
time this chapter ends, he'll be only level 2.

Part One: Into the Shadow Web Caverns

Arthas and Anub'arak have been walking for quite some time to reach the caves
Anub'arak spoke of.

Arthas: We've been walking for hours.  We've got to quicken our pace.  The Lich
King is defenseless without us.

Anub'arak: I left many of my warriors at Icecrown before I came to find you,
death knight.  They will hold the line for as long as they are able.

Arthas: Tell me, where are all your people?  Shouldn't there be nerubians
around here... undead or otherwise?

Anub'arak: I've been wondering about that myself.  SOmething must have driven
them all off.

Dwarf: We did, ye rotting bastards!  We been watching ye all along!

Arthas: Muradin's dwarves! Impossible... Doesn't anyone stay dead anymore?

Dwarf: We've been wandering this forsaken land ever since you killed Muradin
and left us to rot, Arthas.  Our leader, Baelgun, led us into the ruined city
to survive.  But there's no way we're letting you in!

Arthas: We have no time for these games!  Sapphiron, attack!

A giant frost wyrm flies over Arthas and knocks down the gate protected by the
dwarves.  Two of them manage to escape, but the third is frozen to shards.

Arthas: Well done, mighty Sapphiron.  I wish we could take you with us, but the
confines of the dark earth are no place for you.

Anub'arak: The Lich King's time is running short... we must hurry.

Baelgun and his men have set numerous traps and secret passages up in the
tunnels Arthas and Anub'arak enter.  Because of this, the dwarves are able to
hold off for quite a while.  Many Nerubian spiders also attack Arthas, which
puzzles him.  Anub'arak explains there was a great war between the two spider
races.  Despite these troubles, Arthas eventually reaches the end of long

Baelgun: I remember you, evil prince.  You're the one that killed poor Muradin!

Arthas: Get over it already.

Baelgun: I won't let ye through this door, traitor.  The recent quakes have
awakened dark things under the ice... ancient, horrid things.  We've vowed to
keep them locked where they are.

Arthas: We'll take out chances, dwarf.  We're going through that door, one way
or another.

Arthas kills Baelgun and the rest of his dwarfs to get a key, which allows them
to pass into the lower caverns.

Arthas: The air smells awful in here.  Something doesn't feel right.

Anub'arak: If the dwarf's story was true, there's no telling what awaits us in
the darkness.  This stairwell leads into the heart of the old Nerubian empire.
We must be cautious.

Arthas: By all means, you first.

Part Two: The Forgotten Ones

Anub'arak: We have entered the Old Kingdom.  Be wary, death knight.  Whatever
scared the dwarves still lurks down here somewhere.

This area consists of more tricks and traps which test a players' ability to
solve puzzles.  Eventually, hordes of spiders will attack Arthas' men, but he
holds them off.  Then, in a large hall, tentacles pop out of the ground.
Clearly, this is what scared off the dwarves.  But there is more, upon clearly
the hall and entering the main chamber... Anub'arak figures out what it is.

Anub'arak: It cannot be...  A forgotten one.  Look to your defenses, death
knight!  Fight as you've never fought before!

The creature is a huge dome shaped enemy.  It spits out globs at the undead
forces, but is eventually slain by Arthas and his troops.  However, several
dozen other enemies rush in from a nearby door.  Anub'arak spots the stairwell
to the next area.

Anub'arak: We cannot take them all!  Hurry, death knight... up the stairwell!

Part Three: Ascent to the Upper Kingdom

Arthas: We're running out of time, Anub'arak.  How far are we from the exit?

Anub'arak: Not far.  We have entered the Upper Kingdom.  The exit should lead
us to the base of the glacier itself.  However, there are still hidden traps
and pitfalls to account for.

The cave starts to shake and the ceiling begins to collapse.

Arthas: Take cover!

Anub'arak: Arthas!

Arthas wakes up moments later, cut off from the remainder of his forces. He is
all alone and very weak.

Arthas: The entire passage collapsed!  There's no time to dig through this.
I'll have to move quickly and find my own way out!  Hopefully, Anub'arak and
the others survived.

Arthas moves through quite possibly the most annoying and difficult part of the
game.  After tangoing his way across some movable floors, he winds up in a
large hall.  A wall gets knocked down to his north, and out comes Anub'arak.

Arthas: Anub'arak!  You made it!

Anub'arak: I see now why the Lich King chose you as his champion, death knight.
Few men could have survived this labyrinth alone.

It's not over yet, though.  Arthas has mere minutes before the entire cavern
collapses to get out, and there are several monsters between him and the exit.
With Anub'arak's help, though, they are all defeated.

Anub'arak: Now, quickly... head through that door!  The exit to the surface
lies just beyond!

Arthas: It'll be good to see the sun again.

Anub'arak: Remember, Illidan and the true battle still await us in the world
above.  Hopefully, our trek through the dark earth bought us the precious time
we needed.

Interlude: Boiling Point

Several hours later, Arthas and Anub'arak arrive at the base of the glacier.

Arthas: We've made it, Anub'arak.  Our forces are already assembled and

Necromancer: Greetings, King Arthas.  You've arrived just in time.  Illidan's
naga and blood elf forces have take up positions at the base of the glacier

Arthas has another vision.

Arthas: Aarrghh....

The Lich King: Arthas, my champion.  You have come at last.

Arthas: Master?

The Lich King: There is a fracture in my prison, the Frozen Throne, and my
energies are seeping from it.  That is why your powers have diminished.

Arthas: But how?

The Lich King: The runeblade, Frostmourne, was once locked inside the Throne as
well.  I thrust it from the ice so that it would find its way to you... and
then lead you to me.  And so it has.  For now we face a grave danger.  My
creator, the demonlord Kil'jaeden, sent his agents here to destroy me.  If they
should reach the Frozen Throne before you, all will be lost.  The Scourge will
be undone.  Now hurry!  I will grant you all the power I can spare.

The vision ends.

Arthas: I saw another vision of the Lich King.  He has restored my powers!  I
know now what I must do.  It's time to end the game... once and for all.

Chapter Eight: A Symphony of Frost and Flame

Moments later, as Arthas arrives on the fields where the blood elves, naga, and
Illidan have set up bases, a battle is about to erupt.

Arthas: Time's running out, Anub'arak.  We've got to get inside the Throne
Chamber before Illidan does.

Anub'arak: The Throne Chamber lies within the frozen peak of the center of the
valley.  It can only be opened by activating the four enchanted obelisks that
surround it.  Illidan's forces have already entrenched themselves near two of
them.  We'll need to drive them back and reactivate the obelisks ourselves.

In a naga base, Illidan is meditating.  Kael and Vashj come up to him.

Lady Vashj: We're sorry to interrupt your meditation, master, but all our
forces are in place.

Kael'thas: Once the chamber is opened, we will destroy the Frozen Throne as

Illidan: Then the hour has come at last.  After today, the Scourge will meet
its end.  Can you hear me out there, Arthas?  Its end!

Arthas: Illidan has mocked the Scourge long enough.  It's time we put the fear
of death back in him.

The Lich King didn't exactly grant all of Arthas' power back, he'll start the
level at a puny level 2.  However, unlike before, he can gain experience once
again.  Chances are, whether you cheat or not, he'll be level 10 before you're
even close to finishing the level.

Anyway, Arthas and Illidan battle for the obelisks.  The take control of one,
either of them must stand on it for 30 seconds straight.  Whenever one of them
controls all four at the same time, the level ends in victory of defeat for
whomever.  If at anytime Arthas and Illidan meet in battle, they'll have a nice

Illidan: Hello, Arthas.

Arthas: You look different, Illidan.  I guess the Skull of Gul'dan didn't agree
with you.

Arthas can pay a visit to Kael's base, here's the dialogue from the event.

Arthas: Are you still upset that I stole Jaina from you, Kael?

Kael'thas: You've taken everything I ever cared for, Arthas.  Vengeance is all
I have left.

After a considerable amount of time, Arthas will finally take control of all
four obelisks.  The gates to the peak the Lich King is imprisoned in is open.

Arthas: We've done it, Anub'arak.  The Throne Chamber is open!  This is the
hour of the Scourge.

Before Arthas can get there, though, Illidan runs to block the door with

Arthas: The Frozen Throne is mine, demon.  Step aside.  Leave this world and
never return.  If you do, I'll be waiting.

Illidan: I've sworn to destroy it, Arthas, It must be done!

Arthas: Never!

Arthas gets off of his "horse" and brings out Frostmourne.  Illidan stands
twenty or so feet away, his wings spread and his blades ready for action.
Arthas charge and swings the runeblade.  Illidan blocks it with his left blade,
but the force sends him to the ground, he struggles to keep Arthas at bay.  He
manages to get up and swings the other blade at Arthas, who parries out of the
way.  An exchange of swings and blocks takes place.

Illidan goes airborne and gets ready to swing Arthas with one of his blades.
The Death Knight does not wait for it, however, he rushes to get underneath
Illidan and slashes Frostmourne across the demon hunters chest.  Illidan hits
the ground, motionless.  He presumably died from such a strike, but if not,
he's not getting up anytime soon.

Finale - Cinematic

Arthas walks up the icy ramp of the Lich King's "home".  As he walks, he hears
voices of Muradin, Uther, Jaina and various other humans from his past.  After
a minute or so, he reaches the icy prison in which the Lich King is held in.
There is indeed a crack from where the Lich King tossed Frostmourne through

The Lich King: Return the blade...  complete the circle.  Release me... from
this prison!

Arthas charges the prison and slices it with Frostmourne.  The prison shatters,
the Lich King's helmet falls to the ground.  Arthas picks it up and puts it on.
The rest of the cavern begins to collapse.

Arthas/Lich King: Now, we are one.

For the next minute, the cinematic just shows Arthas asleep in icy chair at the
top of the mountain peak.  The camera zooms out, with eerie chant music in the
background.  The peak stands high above the rest of Northrend.

The end credits play.

--The End--

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