1. James Anhalt Additional Programming
  2. Robert Bridenbecker Additional Programming
  3. Brian Fitzgerald Additional Programming
  4. Tony Tribelli Additional Programming
  5. Aaron Chan Additional Cinematic Artists
  6. Harley D. Huggins II Additional Cinematic Artists
  7. Matthew Mead Additional Cinematic Artists
  8. Seth Thompson Additional Cinematic Artists
  9. Zach Callahan Additional Map Design
  10. Ed Hanes Additional Map Design
  11. Kris Zimmerman Salter Additional VO Casting
  12. Tracy W. Bush Additional Voice Direction
  13. Tami Donner Harrison Additional Voice Direction
  14. Samwise Didier Art Director
  15. Dave Berggren Artists
  16. Samwise Didier Artists
  17. Allen Dilling Artists
  18. Trevor Jacobs Artists
  19. Rob McNaughton Artists
  20. Micky Neilson Artists
  21. Matt Oursbourn Artists
  22. Ted Park Artists
  23. Tom Cadwell Associate Designer
  24. Scott Mercer Associate Designer
  25. Frank Gilson Associate Producer
  26. Glenn Stafford Audio Director
  27. Gloria Soto Audio Manager
  28. Matthew Versluys Programming
  29. Dave Hale Campaign Design & Layout
  30. Michael Heiberg Campaign Design & Layout
  31. Scott Mercer Campaign Design & Layout
  32. Matt Morris Campaign Design & Layout
  33. Rob Pardo Campaign Design & Layout
  34. Dean Shipley Campaign Design & Layout
  35. Tim Campbell Campaign Lead Designer
  36. John Chalfant Cinematic Artists
  37. Jeff Chamberlain Cinematic Artists
  38. Ben Dai Cinematic Artists
  39. Ryan Duncan Cinematic Artists
  40. Steeg Haskell Cinematic Artists
  41. Sheng Jin Cinematic Artists
  42. Jeramiah Johnson Cinematic Artists
  43. Jared Keller Cinematic Artists
  44. Jon Lanz Cinematic Artists
  45. James McCoy Cinematic Artists
  46. Dennis Price Cinematic Artists
  47. Mark Skelton Cinematic Artists
  48. Patrick Thomas Cinematic Artists
  49. Ru Weerasuriya Cinematic Artists
  50. Jason Wen Cinematic Artists
  51. Kenson Yu Cinematic Artists
  52. Nicholas S. Carpenter Cinematic Director
  53. Nicholas S. Carpenter Cinematic Editor
  54. Joeyray Hall Cinematic Editor
  55. Matt Samia Cinematic Executive Producer
  56. Steve Salani Cinematic Music Recorded by
  57. Nicholas S. Carpenter Cinematic Script Writers
  58. Chris Metzen Cinematic Script Writers
  59. John Burnett Cinematic Technical Artists & Tools Development
  60. Joe Frayne Cinematic Technical Artists & Tools Development
  61. Steeg Haskell Cinematic Technical Artists & Tools Development
  62. Jared Keller Cinematic Technical Artists & Tools Development
  63. Jon Lanz Cinematic Technical Artists & Tools Development
  64. Hung Le Cinematic Technical Artists & Tools Development
  65. Nelson Wang Cinematic Technical Artists & Tools Development
  66. Mike Morhaime Executive Producer
  67. Rob Pardo Lead Designer
  68. Rob McNaughton Lead Technical Artist
  69. Rob Barris Macintosh Programming
  70. John Mikros Macintosh Programming
  71. John Stiles Macintosh Programming
  72. Victor Crews Music
  73. Derek Duke Music
  74. Jason Hayes Music
  75. Tom Calderaro Orchestrator
  76. Elizabeth Hollywood Outside Voice Casting Assistant
  77. Dean E. Fronk Outside Voice Casting by
  78. Donald Paul Pemrick Outside Voice Casting by
  79. Chris Sigaty Producer
  80. Andy Bond Programming
  81. Carl Chimes Programming
  82. Alan Dabiri Programming
  83. Bob Fitch Programming
  84. Monte Krol Programming
  85. Dave Lawrence Programming
  86. Graham Madarasz Programming
  87. Jay Patel Programming
  88. Frank Pearce Programming
  89. Andrea Pessino Programming
  90. Brett Wood Programming
  91. Dori Amarilio Recording Engineer/Music Mixer
  92. Micky Neilson Script & Text Editing
  93. Gil Shif Script & Text Editing
  94. Evelyn Smith Script & Text Editing
  95. Ru Weerasuriya Script & Text Editing
  96. Tracy W. Bush Sound Design
  97. David Farmer Sound Design
  98. Brian Farr Sound Design
  99. Tami Donner Harrison Sound Design
  100. Paul Menichini Sound Design
  101. Glenn Stafford Sound Design
  102. Frank Pearce Team Lead
  103. Kevin Beardslee Voice Acting
  104. Fredrick Bloggs Voice Acting
  105. Michael Bradberry Voice Acting
  106. Tracy W. Bush Voice Acting
  107. Piera Coppola Voice Acting
  108. Jackson Daniels Voice Acting
  109. Samwise Didier Voice Acting
  110. Derek Duke Voice Acting
  111. Alex Dumas Voice Acting
  112. Justin Gross Voice Acting
  113. Kyle Harrison Voice Acting
  114. Tami Donner Harrison Voice Acting
  115. Jay Hathaway Voice Acting
  116. Jason Hayes Voice Acting
  117. Eric Henze Voice Acting
  118. Harley Huggins Voice Acting
  119. Thomas Jung Voice Acting
  120. Matthew King Voice Acting
  121. Monte Krol Voice Acting
  122. Carrie Gordon Lowrey Voice Acting
  123. Michael McConnohie Voice Acting
  124. Rob McNaughton Voice Acting
  125. Chris Metzen Voice Acting
  126. Lani Minella Voice Acting
  127. Micky Neilson Voice Acting
  128. Bill Roper Voice Acting
  129. Lisa Schoner Voice Acting
  130. Glenn Stafford Voice Acting
  131. Ted Whitney Voice Acting
  132. Chris Metzen Voice Direction
  133. Micky Neilson Voice Direction
  134. Tami Donner Harrison Voice Editing
  135. Chris Metzen Writer & Creative Director


Data and credits for this game contributed by a0me, Blk_Mage_Ctype, ccurcillo, necropenguin, and Shadow..

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