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Are you hero enough to ride with Gandalf, Aragorn and the other Fellowship characters against the armies of the traitorous wizard Saruman?
Then experience Riders of Rohan, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, the greatest epic fantasy ever written. Riders of Rohan represents the most faithful re-creation of Tolkien's work yet developed for the microcomputer.
Command the elite cavalry of Rohan as the Riders battle to save their land from the wicked forces of darkness. Destiny lies in your hands as you race with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli while they attempt to save the captured Hobbits from a fate worse than death. Rohan's lush green grassland, soft rolling hills, and peaceful meadows blend with enchanting music to form a beautiful, inviting environment... a stark contrast to the clashing swords, thundering horses, and piercing battle cries that fill a land at war.
See Tolkien's world unfold before your eyes in this masterful blend of fantasy role-playing, arcade action, and tactical wargaming. Riders of Rohan is a game that will both challenge and entertain you -- a timeless addition to any software collection!
- Lead the elite cavalry of Rohan as they battle across realistic 3-D terrain using the sophisticated wargame system, or let the computer fight "quick" combat.
- Fight spectacular one-on-one duels with the evil Orcs and Dunlendings.
- Test your reflexes with the fully animated arcade sequences.
- Live out the traditional story line or build your own saga in true Tolkien flavor.
- Converse with characters who bring Tolkien's magical prose to life.
- View dazzling, detailed graphics in MCGA/VGA, EGA and Tandy modes.
- Enjoy easy-to-use mouse or keyboard interface with multiple levels of play.
- Includes a complete illustrated guidebook to the people and places of Middle Earth.

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