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FAQ/Walkthrough by mimi alkane

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/13/04

	        The Quick Walkthrough and CG Guide to:
           	   "Idols Galore" - English version
                          by mimi_alkane

ver 1.00

This walkthrough is not authorized, endorsed or associated in any way
with Sekilala. (phew..)This walkthrough is not to be reproduced either 
partially or fully on any website other than gamefaqs.com without 
the permission of its author.  (it's mine...all mine!)

If you have any corrections, additional information or comments, 
please email me at mimi_alkane@yahoo.com



1. Intro
2. Walkthrough
3. Miscellanous



You play Kuro, a yakuza-type guy who's hired by the president of a talent
agency to keep a manager and her two talents from jumping ship to 
another agency. There're 4 girls available (in order of cup size):

An idol who was a model. Falls for Kuro, but has difficulty admitting it.
Strong willed but likes to be dominated.

She's your assistant and she frequently hits you for no apparent reason :)
Kyoka show her love through her punches and also likes exhibitionism.

An idol with an innocent face (and the childlike brains to go with it) but
really large boobs. Eager to please and cute.

The experienced manager and ex-idol. Has even larger boobs than Megumi and
enjoys giving blowjobs.



In this game, most of the choices are on how you plan to increase the
popularity of the idols 'under' you ;) 
There's usually a choice between:

a) a shameless appeal to male lust
b) underhanded tactic against the rival agency


a) a shameless appeal to male lust
b) an even MORE shameless appeal to male lust

There are eight choices like this, and in between, there will be one
important choice which determines which ending you get. After completing
all these choices, it's h-scenes all the way. No matter who you choose,
you'll be treated to h-scenes with all the girls after finishing the nine
choices. If you chose correctly, then you'll get more h-scenes and a good
ending. If you chose wrongly, then you'll get the bad ending after those
4 scenes. I'm not going to list the correct choices because it's really
simple. To get any girl's good ending, just choose her at the 5th choice
and choose the FIRST option at all the rest. Some of the 2nd options
are also okay, but most of them are bad choices (see list below).

After getting all 4 good endings, you'll notice there's quite 
a lot of CG still missing - yup, it's the harem route :) To unlock the
harem route, you must first finish all 4 good endings. Then just start a
new game and choose the FIRST option for all the choices, choose ANY girl
at the 5th choice BUT make sure you choose 'I'll do Kyoka' or you'll
end up getting the normal route.

List of Choices
G=good, B=bad, O=ok

Operation Sexy Costumes		(G)
-Kuro makes see-thru costumes for the idols
Operation Swimsuit Autographs	(O)
-Everyone wears swimsuits...even Kuro (no, you don't get to see Kuro)

Operation Locker Room Peeping	 (G)
-Kuro peeks on the idols in their underwear
Operation Scouting Rivals	 (B)
-Kuro sleeps with a talent from the rival agency

Operation Fake Nudity		(G)
-Kuro uses Photoshop to setup his own adult website
Operation Seducing The Producer	(B)
-Kuro tries to use Kyoka to seduce a producer. Funny.

Operation Sexy Talk Show	(G)
-Kuro gets the idols interviewed by an ex-porn director.
Operation Sekilala Photo Album	(O)
-Kuro documents a day in the idols' life. Choosing this will get you an
 extra scene with Kuro and Megumi where she answers all sorts of
 embarassing questions.

"Megumi's costume is the best."
"I like Aya's costume."
"Let's go with Kyoka's idea."
"Wait. Let's respect Yumiko and have the judges decide."
-just choose whichever girl you like.

Operation Soaked & See-through	(G)
-Kuro makes rain appear during an interview.
Operation Scandal Hoax		(B)
-Kuro tries to alter a photo of a rival talent to create a scandal.

Operation Sexy Drama		(G)
-Kuro uses the wet T-shirt trick again.
Operation Naked Commercial	(O)
-Kuro gets the idols a job where they have to appear 'nude'.

Operation Exposing Panties
-The idols' panties 'acidentally' get exposed.
Operation Fake Scandal
-Another of Kuro's bad ideas about a wig and embezzlement.

Operation Titties		(G)
-Kuro 'accidentally' exposes the girls during a photo shoot.
Operation Costume-play		(O)
-Kuro organises a photo shoot with costumes decided by fans.

10 (Harem)
"I'll go straight home."  --> normal route with girl you chose	
"I'll do Kyoka."	  --> harem route

After getting the Harem ending, there will be an extra scene which you can
access in the Others Scenes section. It's about another of Kuro's stupid 
plans. It didn't appear in the game itself and I don't know why it's even 
in the omake section. Anybody has any idea??



Hmm...what can I say? My prayer for more h-games with Harem routes was
answered! This game was pretty fun, but a lot of repetition and a lack of
good art made it mediocre. I mean there are so many scenes where the game
talks about interesting h-stuff but there's nothing being shown! Arrgh!

Am currently working on a Brave Soul faq, hope to finish it soon....

Thanks to Sekilala for making this game and also to the hardworking pirates
of Malaysia for getting me this game really fast!


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