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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ecchifan

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/12/04


By Ecchifan

Idols Galore! is copyrighted by Sekilala, and distributed by G-Collections.
com.  All rights reserved.  For more information on this game, please visit


1. Introduction

2. Walkthrough--general information, detailed walkthrough.

3. Contact info


Version 2.0	10-12-04

Version History:

2.0 published on 10-12-04  Minor corrections in guide; thanks to Liteloo for
                           the notice.

1.0 published on 10-05-04  Complete walkthrough published.  

Idols Galore! is a part-Sims-part-adventure game where you, as Kuro Miyabi, is
hired by the president of a talent agency to prevent a manager from leaving
the firm with the agency's two superstars for a rival agency.  The characters
in this story include:

Kuro Miyabi--this is your character.  You're in the business of fixing failing
companies and shops for your clients, using any means necessary.  It's a dirty
job, but some body's gotta do it.

Kyoka Aoi--your new assistant.  You met her when she was a waitress at your
last job, reviving a restaurant.  After having an affair with her, this 
cheerful, energetic, but violent gal left her old job, and followed you.

Yumiko Akane--your rival at the talent agency.  This beautiful former idol is
serious about her work as manager for her two talents.  Your mission is to
prevent her from leaving the firm with the talents.

Megumi Tsukikusa--a popular idol singer at the agency.  She's shy, hardworking,
and dedicated to her fans.

Aya Rindo--a supermodel at the agency.  She's willful, proud, but sensitive to


1. General Information

Idols Galore! is part-Sims in the sense that you have to make a lot of 
decisions on what jobs to accept as manager of Aya and Megumi.  Other decisions
involve influencing (sabotaging) rivals, or attempting to enhance your own
credibility as manager.  Regardless, these decisions are usually presented as
sets of two choices.  Unfortunately, you're usually not given much information
before presentation of these choices.  Shortly after making your choices, the
game will let you know if your decision was a success or failure.  In some rare
instances, both choices will lead to success.  The important thing to note here
is that if you fail too many times, you will end up with the bad ending.  So my
detailed walkthrough, as outlined in the next subsection, will highlight ONLY
the successful management decisions.  

2. Detailed Walkthrough

Please make the following choices:

a) sexy costumes [KEY DECISION]

b) locker room peeping

c) fake nudity

d) sexy talk show


   --Megumi's [leads to Megumi's path]
   --Aya's [leads to Aya's path]
   --Kyoka's [leads to Kyoka's path]
   --let the judges decide [leads to Yumiko's path]

f) soaked & see-through

g) sexy drama

h) exposing panties



Please note that for decision (a), if you DON'T choose sexy costumes, you'll go
to the general bad ending no matter what else you choose.  By saving your game
before making decision (e), you could simply reload the game at this point to
go through each girl's route.  Once you unlocked all four gals' endings, you
could reload at decision (i), make either choice.  Eventually you'll get a NEW
set of choices:

  --go straight home [continue on normal path]
  --I'll do Kyoka [leads to Harem route]

The Harem route will eventually lead you to the story's true ending (and 
reveal which gal you end up with).  Also, you need to go through the Harem
route in order to unlock all CGs and scenes.

[Version 2.0 notes: for decisions (d), (g), and (i), I listed one choice for
each decision rather than the original two for version 1.0 because for some 
reason the mix and match approach could still lead to a bad ending.  By making
these specific choices, you WILL be able to go back to decision (e), reload,
and reach each girl's path.  Credit goes to Liteloo for pointing out the 


Please direct all comments, questions, corrections, etc. to Ecchifan via 
email: ecchifan999@yahoo.com

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