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Reviewed: 04/20/05 | Updated: 05/31/05

The Name Is Panther...Pink Panther

The Pink Panther movies have always made laughs, and just plain unnecessary moments. I definitely would be watching the movie again, but the game that came out for the PC, Pink Panther kept me tied up, the adventure-style, and the action twist added in makes the game just really enjoyable. I’ll tell you the truth: this game made me addicted to the end, but despite its little nags, you’ll definitely want to get this.

Ok…1999 there were many big events, Star Wars: Episode I came out, along with the new millennium, though, Pink Panther: Passport To Peril was something that not only was sort of educational in a way, but also an innovative way to play for fun. I, for one…really don’t enjoy educational games…they seem rather focusing on doing math problems, and grammar problems left to right…though Pink Panther fits education through a sly way.

When you were young, did your mom hide vegetables under a food to get you to eat it? Let’s word into Pink Panther style. Education has slid into some tunes, also in a device, which allows you to check out some information. Let me explain Pink Panther: Passport To Peril.

Although, many games have great graphics these days…Pink Panther: Passport To Peril, didn’t lead up the graphics standards for the PC in 1999. Of course, games that had already been released such as Half-Life, has incredible graphics…Pink Panther didn’t quite live up to it. The graphics were cartoon-style with pretty good environments. Though, when you were to move to a different environment…I thought it was unique to show a map right there and then pink footsteps would be made with a little music in the background. The footsteps would get mixed up and go in circles…it was sort of awkward, but at least unique.

In order to move around in Pink Panther, you must click on something. Don’t expect controlling Pink Panther by using the arrow-keys. You have this little hand and when it sparkles, that means you can click on it and approach whatever you clicked on. Pink Panther himself is clickable, but when you click on him, you can search through your inventory, which was cool because it wasn’t something you would have to go through by going through a million different options. It was really easy to play.

The whole game is a unique story…though tedious in some parts. You are assigned to go to “Camp Chiliwawa”, a camp for gifted children across the world. Soon, when you get there, your old time buddy, professor has many inventions around, to hover-boards, to switching the time of day. A small band of “bad guys” come to the camp and act as businessmen, and “checking” out the camp. Soon, they unlock a shaft underground…they turn night to day…a whole bunch of things. Then, in the morning, suddenly the children are all acting negative to the camp, yelled, “I hate camp!” You, Pink Panther must travel to their home countries and get some things very dear to them, thinking it’s homesickness for them. Unique, right? The “bad guys” appear all around the game while you travel across the world!

In the game…it’s basically like a puzzle. Example, one level in England, two football players simultaneously run across the screen, asking for a football they lost. You go to the trash and dig out a box, in the tree lays a football. You go to you inventory and then dig out the box and then you place the box signal on the football when the box has a yellow outline on it. Let go and then Pink will pull out the box and then get the football, you give the football players the football, you get one of the football player’s shirt and so on…it continuously goes on…really cool.

The cool thing is that there are voiceovers! I’m talking for a 1999 game…it really proves that Nintendo needs to get voiceovers other than subtitles to act for the characters. Pink Panther is like a sarcastic, hardworking fellow. Sometimes when he is in a situation, instead of talking it’ll make sort of an echo when he talks, so you know he’s talking in his mind…it’s was a unique change.

The sound was adequate for the time being…but there are some glitches, where I found the voiceovers to be screwed up:

“Hi, hi, you, you, must, must, be, be, Nigel’s, Nigel’s, father, father…”

It was quite annoying, so I had to reboot my computer and then it was fine. One of the worst things in the game is that it cannot process the correct pixels, and the screen will enlarge allowing you to see your shortcuts closer than every before, but then the screen will load and start the game and then everything is fine, then when you quit the game, your screen is normal, as well.

The animations in the game, though rare, are rather thorough. The only animation I spotted was in the beginning. It would’ve been nice to see some more…though…I was so wrapped up in the game that I began to not notice.

The difficulty in Pink Panther is variable. Hard in some spots and easy in some. There are sometimes moments where you will be stumped for some period of time, like when you have to find something that you have to click on. Thank goodness there are hints. That brings me to hints…they are rather in poem-style. They will feature many rhymes, and sometimes they may come to you in a click, some may leave you with drool hanging down your lip.

To wrap it up, if you want to have a good adventure time, or you have children and want to get them an educational game that sets the limit for this genre, then Pink Panther is for you. If you hate games that last about 5 hours, and can sometimes be embarrassing because of the easiness, then I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a great deal, and totally worth your attention, it didn’t appeal to me as much as the movies did, but still…worth your time.

* Unique style of gameplay
* Education is sneaked within the game
* You travel around the world
* Unique storyline
* Easy to go through inventory
* Voiceovers!

* The game is just extremely short
* Will not appeal to a big audience
* Quirky graphics
* Some more animations would have been nice

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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