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Guide and Walkthrough by JMagtalas

Version: Final | Updated: 11/27/2001

SHEEP RAIDER (a.k.a. SHEEP, DOG 'n' WOLF) Walkthrough
FINAL copy ***
November 2001
by johnjohn Magtalas



12.  TIME-CLOCK LOCATIONS (and how to get them)
  a.  LEVELS (including walkthrough) 
  b.  BONUS
  c.  TIPS



This is my very first attempt in creating a FAQ.  More than scratching 
an itch that doesn't seem to go away, my primary purpose is to 
characterize the role of Daffy Duck and serve as a guide to those who 
are seemingly stumped in some of the challenging levels.  Also, I would 
like to disseminate to gamers out there just how wonderful Sheep Raider 
is. Bottomline:  I have this need to share my gaming experience; 
interact with others that have been equally enthralled by Sheep Raider 
as well.    


* This document Copyright 2001 by johnjohn Magtalas (a.k.a. poetrain) 
* All characters are copyright, and TM by Warner Brothers.  
Developed/published by Infogrames.  All rights reserved.


* Say "No!" to plagiarism!  It is a writer's most deadly sin.
* Do give credit where it is due.
* There are two types of criticisms.  If you don't have anything nice 
to say, shut your trap.  
* Need something?  Courtesy will get you a reply.
* Use this guide in whatever way it may help you EXCEPT for financial 


The following sites have been given the go signal to host this FAQ:

* GameFAQs.com
* GameSpot.com
* Neoseeker.com
* Psxcodez.com
* Cheatcc.com
* Gamesteronline.com


-112701-  Okay, so I broke mine promise.  I've included here the 
"official (to quote Richard Ryley)" solution to Level 14 (where you get 
to use most of the available gizmos) plus, another way to go about 
Level 13 (without having to drag along the doodled rock or making do 
without the inflatable sheep) courtesy of Paul Livesey.  Thing is, they 
both deserve full credit for these additional level guides, so the 
reason for the new and FINAL version.  Besides, there was this minor 
flaw that got mine goat at the very beginning of the revised copy (if 
you saw the 2nd version, you know what I mean).  Now that "it" has been 
remedied, I would have to say, "(T)hat's all f-f-folks!"

-111901-  As it is oft said, "There is (almost always) room for 
improvement."  After noticing some irregularities (mostly on spacing, a 
few grammatical errors and misspells), I immediately got to work.  
Funny how such booboos seem to glare brightly and stare at you right in 
the face when you've forwarded what is supposed to be a clean copy.  
Anyways, also added additional ways on how to tackle a level with the 
same enriching results...plus, the THUMBS UP entry on the contents.  That 
about covers everything.  Closing this one out with three stars (as it 
is when the final copy is finally submitted...).  To put it another 
way...Period.  Amen to that.
-111301-  All regular levels completed.  All time-clocks uncovered 
(with assistance from the experts).  Special stages revealed and 
solved.  Bonus items unlocked.  Most probably won't be updating this 
anymore unless I get some very good suggestions on how I can further 
improve on this FAQ... 


Sheep Raider is a spin-off from a Looney Tunes episode starring Ralph 
the Wolf, Sam the Sheepdog and a flock of sheep, where the first two 
characters outwit each other.  The former trying his best to steal a 
sheep and the latter making sure that the flock remains intact (I 
particularly remember with glee that they have a gentlemen's agreement:  
to continue their cop-and-robber session another time when the bundy-
clock signals the end of another working day).  This simple storyline 
may be the reason why it is considered an underrated game.  It seems 
pretty childish at first glance but, as you play along, you'll get to 
realize that it's a surprise package. Some have compared it to Metal 
Gear Solid (probably because of the similarity of the Sam-Meter to the 
Codec and the camera angle/movement among other things).  For me, 
there's also an element of Spider-man (panning/dollying at the intro of 
each level) and Dance Dance Revolution (yes, there is a dancing stage, 
albeit a simple one, in one level) in it.  The graphics, sound and 
occasional bugs in camera execution may leave you wanting but, the 
gameplay rules.  The puzzles will test your skills and patience to the 
hilt.  And once solved, you'll find yourself smiling with satisfaction 
and laughing your brains out from the humor on each level's end. 


  a.  Daffy Duck - serves as the Master of Ceremonies during the 
Game(show entitled, "Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf").  He also takes on different 
roles as your guide throughout the game's length.
  b.  Ralph Wolf - said to be a cousin of Wily E. Coyote.  A necessary 
evil (otherwise, you won't be playing this very cute yet, challenging 
game).  His primary objective is to steal a single sheep from Sam's 
flock in every level.
  c.  Sam Sheepdog - Guardian of the fleece.  Doggie-two-shoes.  Your 
(as Ralph) sworn enemy.  Avoid him like the plague or suffer his head 
bonks and fierce upper-cut blows! 
  d.  Sheep - reason for your (Ralph's) existence.  You need all 
seventeen (?) of them to finish.
  e.  Road Runner - makes cameo appearances on the training mode and 
final stage of the game.  Beep!  Beep!
  f.  Porky Pig - makes a brief appearance as a Farmer.
  g.  Bull - neither friend nor enemy.  Can be a real bull, tho.
  h.  Sharks and Piranhas - Some of the deeps' occupational hazards.
  i.  Dragon - Now, what's an ancient character doing here?
  j.  Sherman/Gossamer - Big, bad, red monster.  Shaped like a heart 
but, has none of it (he'll either shock or smash you).
  k.  Crocodile - neither enemy nor friend (you'll manage).
  l.  Elmer Fudd - don't mess with him during rabbit season.   
  m.  Robot - serves as Ralph's right hand in those hard-to-reach 
  n.  Bees - neither enemy nor friend (again, you'll manage).
  o.  Ghosts - Beware!  Sheep-worshippers.
  p.  Marvin the Martian - being from Mars that drops by the Earth to 
make your (Ralph's) life miserable or exciting (depending from your 
  q.  K-9 - Marvin's sidekick
  r.  Instant Martians - Marvin's creations.  Looks more like green 
chickens.  Catch 'em...if you can!

08.  ACME GADGETS (descriptions taken directly from the game)...

  a.  Rocket - helps you fly
  b.  Dynamite - comes in handy for clearing passages... 
  c.  Lettuce - sheep love lettuce...
  d.  Elastic - (attach) one end (to) take a flying leap and bounce 
back up; (tie) it between two trees, it becomes a catapult
  e.  Lady Sheep - perfume for female sheep that no male sheep can 
  f.  Fan - moves air around; spreads smells around; can propel a small 
  g.  Magic Flute - (play) it next to someone (and) hypnotize them (to) 
follow you anywhere...
  h.  Defusable Mine - ...put it in a spot you want to protect 
  i.  Hair Dryer - it gives off hot air
  j.  Metal Detector - very useful in detecting traps or metal objects 
buried in the ground
  k.  Sheep Costume - lets you disguise yourself as a sheep
  l.  Umbrella - comes in handy as an emergency parachute; can...make you 
twist around
  m.  Magical Chronometer - to be used when you are really very late
  n.  Seed - (helps create) a giant tree
  o.  Remote Control - to play with your friend, the robot!; activate 
instant martian vacuum cleaner
  p.  Rabbit Costume - used as a Bugs Bunny disguise
  q.  Honey Pot - contains a bee's favorite snack
  r.  Fishing Rod - for catching sheep...
  s.  Magnet - used to attract metallic objects
  t.  Ghost Vacuum Cleaner - the ideal ghost cleaner...
  u.  Inflatable Sheep - perfect replica of a real sheep...
  v.  Ghost Costume - helps disguise you as a ghost...
  w.  (Key) - is very handy for opening locks...
  x.  (Golden Coin) - will appeal to certain pirates
  y.  Instant Martian Vacuum Cleaner - sucks up all instant martians 
within a 1 meter radius


  *See-saw - helps project objects to a more suitable location
  *Boulder - push in the right position for best result; at times, 
works hand-in-hand with the see-saw
  *Letterbox - order ACME items from here
  *Bush - keeps your mobility "invisible" to Sam's eyes
  *Rock 1 & 2 - use one for cover; another one (with doodle) for 
measuring the exact distance to a goal
  *Button - opens gates that will lead you to another area
  *Elevator - helps you reach higher ground
  *Catapult - fastest way to travel great distances
  *Ice Block - helps create openings on its own (weight) and with the 
help of mines
  *Turrets - automatically fires upon sight of wolf; won't work if 
you're inside a shaded area
  *Metal Elbows - align properly with its pair and control the flight 
of a cannon ball
  *Cannon - creates situations
  *Cannon Ball - helps create openings on its own (weight)


X button - ACCEPT/VALIDATE (general); ACTION (read, talk, order, take, 
put, activate) 

L2 button - ROTATE LEFT (wolf facing camera)

R2 button - ROTATE RIGHT (wolf facing camera)

L1 button - SHOW INVENTORY SLOTS (quick inventory)


R1 button - STEALTH (tip-toe)

SQUARE button - JUMP (press x2 [at the highest point of initial jump] 
to perform a double jump or make a flying leap)

CIRCLE button- RUN 





Pressing the start button takes you to the options screen where you can 
customize the game to your liking.  Menu includes:  SOUND options (you 
can take control of the mode [STEREO/mono]; sfx; voice; music; sub-
titles), CONTROLLER SETTING (3 pre-set and one fully customizable), 
SCREEN CENTERING and lastly, AUTOMATIC SAVE (YES/no) function.



Enter Training Zone.  Follow Daffy as he shows you the commands.  In 
order to proceed, you have to locate him by following his instructions 
regarding the rotation of camera and the first person mode.  You know 
you've succeeded as soon as a FMV follows.  Follow him using the jump 
button and its variants.  Remember to take his tips by heart.
Proceed to the racing track.  He'll give you some instructions on how 
to win the race (against time).  To increase speed, press the run 
button continuously at intervals.  No prolonged pressing of the circle 
button otherwise, you'll just find Ralph Wolf breaking incessantly.  
Don't worry about the gaps between "precipiceses (as Daffy puts it)." 
You won't fall (just like in the cartoon show) so long as you work on 
your tapping techniques.  Avoid bumping the signposts, cactus and 
boulders as these will slow down the clock.  Also, don't follow Road 
Runner.  You'll end up banging on a panoramic dead-end.  Take the other 
half of the crossroad in order to cross the finish line.
Tag along  to the next area.  Daffy will teach you how to use the 
objects in the background (it's a primer on one's observation skills).  
Jump on the see-saw to activate the boulder and get you to the higher 
plain.  Jump on the next see-saw for the boulder to activate the switch 
that opens the gate.  Enter the next area and jump from the cliff.
Daffy will then instruct you on how to use the inventory.  Listen 
closely.  Go to the blue mailbox and order the rocket.  Take and 
activate.  Fly through the cliffs taking care not to bump them too 
often (check the bump meter regularly - the gauge goes up every time 
you touch a scenery) or you'll explode.  You also have to check on your 
battery meter to see if you have enough fuel.  Just keep it steady.  
You might want to accelerate if you don't see obstacles around you.  Go 
easy on the directional buttons.  Press them only when absolutely 
necessary.  No need to press it simultaneously with the speed button.  
Eject when you're directly above Daffy.  He'll give you some more 
pointers.  Proceed to your goal and the next challenge. 

LEVEL 01  
Daffy will still be here but, won't be nagging you much anymore.  To 
have an idea what step to take next, rely on the map as it will show 
you objects available to you.  You can also ask for advice from the 
duck. Once in the open area, cross the bridge.  Hint:  always read the 
posts with "?" for additional clues.  Target the sheep behind Sam.  
Remember Daffy's words:  use the stealth move and watch out for Sam 
using the Sam-Meter (Green, within Sam's area; Orange:  close to Sam's 
area -- he can hear you so take silent steps; Red:  get out of there!).  
You can start running towards (Farmer) Porky Pig with your prized-catch 
as soon as the meter turns green.  Take all the available lettuce and 
lay them neatly on the bridge's opposite points.  Make sure that you 
see a lettuce icon (matters not whether it's blue or red) on the lower 
part of your screen before putting another one to ensure that the sheep 
gets to see it.  Carry and put the sheep near the bridge.  Let it go 
all the way to the other end first before crossing the bridge yourself.  
Proceed to the letterbox to order the explosives by jumping from one 
"mini-cliff" to another.  Put the dynamite on the rocks blocking the 
passage to the goal.  Bear in mind to stay as far away as possible 
(you'll be given 10 secs) if you don't want to be burnt to a crisp.  
Boom!  Fetch the sheep and proceed to the next level.

Order fan.  Push the boulder to meet Daffy.  Get fan.  Take some more 
pointers from the duck.  If you're a beginner, I suggest that you 
practice with the bush move.  Go outside and make use of your new found 
skill.  While having the bush hides you from Sam, he's still very 
sensitive with movement within his surroundings so be extra careful.  
Stop moving when he's about to look in your direction.  Also, don't 
release the stealth button for whatever reason.  He'll still catch you 
once you release it even if you're inside a bush.  Tip-toe your way to 
the other side.  Jump your way to the lettuce patch above and harvest.  
Order and take the sheep perfume.  Go back down and position yourself 
near the fence opening.  Place the sheep perfume and turn on the fan.  
A sheep will go bouncing in your direction.  Turn off the fan, take the 
perfume and carry the sheep near the button.  Step on the elevating 
platform and let the sheep take care of the rest.  Step down and put a 
couple of lettuce near the platform.  Go down and put the sheep on the 
elevator while you step on the button.  Ensure that it faces the 
direction where you placed the lettuce so it steps out.  Go up using 
the conventional way (jumping).   Carry the sheep and put him on one 
end of the see-saw (facing the boulder, not under it).  Proceed to the 
goal and push boulder.  The sheep will end up catapulted dead center of 
the circle.  Follow him there and proceed to next level. 

Learn and earn another skill from Daffy.  Remember what they say, 
practice makes perfect so go practicing in on that rock-hiding ability.  
It's a little tricky so I suggest that beginners allow themselves to be 
put in the scrutiny of Daffy's duck-eyes.
Order the dynamite and rocket.  They will land on both ends of one see-
saw.  No problem.  Just climb one of the "mini-cliffs" near the other 
see-saw and jump down then cross the other end using this see-saw as a 
bridge.  Go to the scene where you'll find a boulder.  Push it down and 
let it slide so it knocks down the items you ordered.  Get out of there 
quickly though if you don't want to be squashed like a bug (as it will 
return to its original position).  Get the rocket and explosive.  Go 
near the edge of the cliff and survey your surroundings first before 
putting on the rocket so you won't go crazy flying around in circles in 
search of your target.  As soon as you see a foggy silhouette of where 
the sheep are, that's your cue.  Eject towards the right side 
(landmarks include a couple of buttons, letterbox and see-saw/boulder 
combo), away from Sam's area.  Take lettuce from the patch and go grab 
that sheep.  Use your newfound skill.  Tip-toe/hide to the farthest row 
of rocks.  Bribe your target with a lettuce (no need to line it up, 
just hold on to it and let the sheep follow you).  Take note of your 
sheep icon so that your catch doesn't get left behind.  Position your 
sheep on the nearest button.  Run quickly to the elevating ramp to 
reach the second floor.  Order the elastic band.  To get it, land on 
one end of the see-saw.  Go down and position the sheep near the edge 
of the cliff.  Stretch the band (tie it in between the two trees first) 
and drop to hurl the poor creature to the other side.  Afterwards, it's 
your turn (sorry, you can't do it together with your sheep). Grab the 
sheep and go for the goal.  To the next level, you go...     

Daffy, as the Enchanting Forest Elf, will introduce you to the magic 
flute.  Avoid the bull by jumping your way (or as suggested by Richard 
Ryley - thanks, BTW, following the path without disturbing the pile of 
fallen leaves) to the letterbox.  Order the magic flute. Grab it 
immediately and run.  Swim across the other side, avoiding the sharks 
by surfacing or diving as the case may be.   Once on the other side, 
hide in the bush and cross the other end.  Be careful, tho, that the 
sheep don't start munching on your cover.  If they do, move away from 
the specific culprit to avoid blowing your cover.  Just make sure Sam 
isn't looking your way when you do so.   In an area in between Sam and 
a button (parallel to it), there are steps leading to a cliff.  Climb 
them to reach the mailbox on top.  Order the fan.  Go down and 
stealthily retrieve it near Sam's area.  Proceed to Sam's area by 
staying close near the cliff walls (Sam's side).  As soon as you see 
the Sam-Meter, activate your magic flute.  Make sure he's not looking 
in your direction while you're using it (prior to the hypnotic spell) 
or you're going to get it.  Just as well, make sure he's within hearing 
shot of the music.  Lead him to the button.  As soon as the boulder 
smacks him (ah, sweet revenge!), stop playing the flute, get it out of 
your hands (by pressing L1) and run.  Grab the sheep nearest the body 
of water.  Jump to your destination.  You only have a limited time 
before Sam gets back to his senses.  Now, you wouldn't want him to 
catch up with you holding your catch, wouldja?  Jump on the raft 
together with the sheep and use the fan to move it.  Take a close look 
at the sheep.  There are instances when out of its curiosity (or 
stupidity) it would jump off the raft to meet its doom down the deep.  
Your best bet would be to position the sheep close to you and at the 
same time, block its view.  On reaching your starting point, grab the 
sheep and take it to dry ground.  Jump your way (or sneak without 
touching the leaves) to the goal or the bull will use its horns on you. 

This one's a real bummer.  You get to play the flute again but, Sam has 
gotten wise.  He has worn a couple of corks in his ears to prevent 
being hypnotized anew (but, you'd still have to get this done and over 
with).  Moreover, he has planted mines for you.  As soon as he knocks 
you back to your original position, hide behind the rock and wait for 
the instant when he first turns his back on you.  Don't bother about 
the mines at this point as you won't need them here.  Tip-toe your way 
to the entrance, keeping a close, safe distance from Sam.  Make sure 
you get to hide behind the rock on the other end before he turns 
towards your location.  In any case he spots you on the last second, 
you still have an opportunity to escape him by running as fast as you 
can (just avoid stepping on the mines or it's back to square one).  
Grab a sheep and move forward.  Veer away from the four mines you'll 
initially encounter.  Put down the sheep near frozen Daffy and disable 
the two mines ahead.  When disabling the mines, proceed with caution.  
Wait until the signal (light wave) goes off before getting anywhere 
near it.  Soon as it disappears stay close to it and press the action 
button.  Now, pay attention to the series of actions that you would 
have to repeat in order to defuse it (your cue to begin is the flashing 
red light).  It's a real practice on your eye-and-ear coordination.  
The activity is quite time consuming so you have to have a lot of 
patience.  Disable the other pair on the steps leading to the see-saw.  
Locate the steps on the cliff and go up.  Order the dryer (optional, 
you may or may not want to release the duck from his frozen state...if 
you're new to the game and not familiar in disabling the mines, do 
rescue him for an in-depth lecture in defusing).  Take the lettuce and 
move ahead to find another see-saw.  Line the lettuce on it starting at 
the edge near the icy lake (as far as you can without tilting over) 
towards the edge near the boulder.    Jump down (and defrost Drill 
Sergeant Duffy).  Retrieve your sheep and put him on one end of the 
lower see-saw (have it face the open area not the other edge of the 
see-saw).  Go back up and push the boulder.  If you were able to 
arrange the lettuce (and position the sheep correctly - facing the 
lettuce upon landing)  properly, the sheep won't fall when it hits the 
spot.  It'll proceed to the other end safely.  Grab the sheep and slide 
down the slope ahead (mind your directional buttons to stay on course).  
Put down the sheep (away from the button so it won't disturb you while 
you set the catapult).  Climb the walkway to the catapult, carry the 
rock and put it on the catapult.  Set the catapult until the rock 
swishes right into target when you release it.  In lieu of the rock, 
put the sheep on the catapult.  Step on the button to hurl the sheep 
right inside the goal.  Next, put yourself on the catapult while 
carrying the rock.  Drop the rock so that it triggers the button and 
voila, you just joined your sheep.  Off to the next round! 

You're on your own on this one.  No duck to assist you.  Order the 
metal detector.  It's going to drop in a pit.  Ignore it for the 
meantime.  Roll the boulder near the edge (about 3/4 of the way) of the 
first guideline.  This should be enough for you to double jump on the 
next letterbox that contains the sheep costume.  The order will fall on 
a higher place, still.  If you're having difficulty reaching the 
mailbox, simply adjust the boulder until you find a more suitable 
position.  It's going to be frustrating, having to go through it for a 
number of times but, with the right timing, you'll land near the 
mailbox.  Go down and push the boulder all the way through the first 
marking.  Align the boulder facing the sheep costume box going to the 
second guideline.  Jump to the apex of the snowball and double jump to 
get your order.  Revert your attention back to the metal detector.  Go 
down the pit and retrieve it.  Skate all the way (no turning back). 
Enter the opposite end.  Defuse and take the mine, place it near the 
transparent wall and push the block towards it to create an opening.  
Go to the right of your screen and defuse another mine.  Take it and 
proceed to the middle section of the maze.  Plant it near the 
transparent wall blocking the passage.  Go back and get the ice block 
you used to make the first opening.  Slide it towards the mid-part to 
destroy the blockade.  Push the block.  It will rest on the button.  
Ignore it for now.  Instead, proceed to the left side.  Defuse the next 
bomb you will encounter and use it to destroy the wall blocking 
entrance on the leftmost side (using the same procedure, by sliding the 
block).  Backtrack the block after blasting the final hindrance.  Down, 
right, up, right, down, right, (watch out for the mine before 
proceeding) down, left, up.  These actions will result in the block 
finally resting on the button that opens the gate. Double jump on the 
blocks to reach the egress.  Drop down and proceed to the minefield 
area.  Activate the mine detector, making sure that you change course 
as soon as the indicator lights up.  Upon reaching the other end, 
deactivate the mine detector and get into your sheep camouflage.  Don't 
give a thought about Sam's threat.  In all probability, he'll see you 
joining the flock and will walk towards you.  Don't panic.  He'll just 
bring you closer and this will give you a better chance to be heard by 
one of the sheep when you bleat.  Proceed to the post where Sam left 
his note as you ordinarily would, i.e, make sure you and the sheep 
that's following you are not moving when he's looking straight at your 
direction.  When you're no longer in Sam's view, bleat a second time to 
make the sheep stay put.  Carry it and retrace your footprints (slowly) 
so as not to step on any mines.  Go inside the cave bearing the message 
from "an Admiring Spectator."  Rest the sheep on the block and push.  
Cross the other side using the ledge on the right side.  Push the other 
block towards the center so that it creates a "loop" around the 
transparent wall in the middle.  Fetch the sheep using this created 
walkway (via the ledge, not the icy bridge as it is too slippery) and 
enter the opening where you can see the gate.  Put the sheep near the 
gate and proceed to the inner area.  Don your sheep costume and bleat 
to call the sheep's attention.  Step on the button to invite the sheep 
inside.  Bring the sheep down with you and place him on the left 
(screen) button.  Push the block to activate the right button.  This 
opens both gates.  Proceed to the second block and push it.  Carry the 
sheep and place it on top of that ice block.  Push the ice block then, 
hurry and step on the button so that it goes inside the area near the 
goal.  Jump to the goal area and carry your sheep inside the target.

Have yourself sucked so that you reach the next island.  Proceed close 
to what looks like a frozen fall and allow yourself to be carried by 
the water pressure to the upper area.  Avoid getting sucked by either 
of the holes facing you.  While they won't kill you, it kills plenty of 
time by placing you several steps backward.  Go directly to the boulder 
and cover the center hole.  Go further to order the umbrella.  Jump 
back to the boulder area and look for the signpost indicating the 
overhead path to Sam's area.  Use the umbrella (twisting it from time 
to time) in traveling from one geyser to another.  To make sure you 
have enough room to maneuver, proceed to the next pressure when you are 
at a high point from your current position.  Don't panic when you're 
slowly falling down.  Just move Ralph close to the pressure and he'll 
float again.  Quickly jump your way forward, to your left (allow 
yourself to be sucked in) to prevent Sam from catching you.  When you 
reappear, jump forward.  As soon as you are on a safe distance, face 
Sam's area.  There will be a couple of sucking holes.  Take the left 
one and find yourself inside Sheep Paradise.  Grab one and take the 
farthest hole (near the cliff and ice wall) from where you appeared.  
This will take you away from the prying eyes of Sam.  Put down your 
sheep and take the right side of the crossroad where you will find the 
letterbox containing the dryer.  Order and follow it.  Take dryer and 
push the boulder to cover the sucking hole on the whole and at the same 
time reveal a hole that will take you back to your sheep.  Drop 
yourselves (yes, including your sheep) in the icy water (trust me!).  
This is where Daffy, as the Crane Operator will come to your rescue.  
Squirm from the ice block and use the dryer to melt the ice covering 
the sheep.  Take lettuce from the patch and arrange them neatly on the 
left passageway.  Place them as close as possible to the water 
pressure.  Go back, carry your sheep and place him near the lined up 
lettuce.  Have enough time allowance for yourself to reach the other 
passageway (sucking holes and boulder section).  Coordinate your 
boulder push with the sheep's pattern as it eats its way to the target.  
When you've covered the last hole, fetch the sheep and carry him all 
the way to the goal. 

Climb the vines.  Order and take the seed and magical chronometer. 
Teleport and plant the seed near the lettuce patch.  Go back to the 
present time and climb the tree.  Harvest the lettuce.  Go down.  Time 
travel anew and pick the seed.  Transfer it on the other patch of fresh 
soil (near the position of the see-saw in present time) and enter time 
warp.  Climb the tree, jump to the edge of the see-saw to move the 
boulder and hurl you across the other side of the river.  Use the 
magical chronometer and push the boulders (past) so that they would act 
as your cover in the present where they would end up as rocks 
strategically positioned for you to snare a sheep.  The first time you 
attempt to do this, a dragon will appear.  Lead it with you in the time 
warp.  When it reappears in present-day, it will try to attack a sheep 
but, Sam, quick on his toes, would prevent this from happening (he's 
not too bad, after all).  Also, as you are pushing, watch out for the 
flying blobs of lava.  A hit and it will drive you wild!  Don't forget 
to push (all the way) a fifth boulder located at the other end.  Return 
to the present.  Proceed stealthily to the farthest rock and tempt a 
sheep with lettuce all the way to a safe side.  Carry and put him on 
one edge of the see-saw.  Dive and swim across to where the tree is.  
Time travel to secure the seed.  First of two encounters with 
Sherman/Gossamer...run!  He'll probably get you once.  Just squirm to 
free yourself.  Make sure that you grab that seed before going back to 
the present.  Sherman/Gossamer will be so obsessed in stomping you 
he'll travel with you.  Cross the bridge and jump in the river when 
nearing the opposite end. Sherman/Gossamer's color is enough to whet 
the bull's appetite...Get off the water.  Do a final return to the past.  
Plant the seed and back to the present.  Climb the tree to reach the 
boulder and push.  Your sheep will land near the goal (where the bull 
is chasing Sherman/Gossamer.  Haha!).  Go down, cross the river, and 
carry your prize to the inner circle.  

Defuse mine and take.  Ignore the counter mines as they have plenty of 
time before they explode.  Jump from step to step until you reach the 
mailbox containing the elastic.  When you're timing your step to the 
regular mine, you may just jump on the step with the counter mine to 
reset the clock.  Watch out for the last step as the counter mine there 
only has a second in it.  Order and grab the elastic.  Climb the vine.  
Proceed to the middle tree (where there's a protruding walkway) and 
cling to it.  Bungee jump and grip your way to the mailbox to avoid the 
crocodile's snap.  Once you order (you'll be prompted, glue your eyes 
on the upper left corner), you'll automatically let go and return to 
your original position.  Take up and proceed to the tree with the mine 
and defuse it.  Cling to and bungee jump to get your remote control. 
Proceed to Daffy's location.  Grab the robot (look for the note from 
the Admiring Spectator) and put it on the see-saw.  Go to the higher 
portion and jump on the other end of the see-saw to catapult him near 
the elevator.  Use your remote control and place him on the platform.  
Activate switch.  This will lead the robot to the mailbox.  Order and 
take your Rabbit Costume.  Bring the robot down.  Wear your disguise 
and proceed to Sam's area.  However, doing so will bring out the devil 
in Daffy.  He will turn the sign to declare rabbit season.  You'll get 
hit for certain.  As soon as you recover, turn the sign, plant a mine 
near it and assume the identity of Bugs once again.  Sure, Elmer won't 
recognize the duck with his Robin Hood costume but, watch and wait when 
Daffy attempts to trick you again.  Wham!  Hope you like your duck 
well-done.  Haha!  Enter Sam's area as Bugs and stay behind him.  Get-
off your costume.  Activate your robot and proceed to take some 
lettuce.  This will alert Sam and confuse him for several moments.  
Before he totally recovers, deactivate your robot, free your hands of 
the remote, grab a sheep and position it behind where Sam stays.  Dress 
up as Bugs and proceed to the vine area.  Climb.  Cling to the tree, 
bungee jump and carry your sheep.  Proceed to the goal and next stage. 

I consider this level the biggest pain.  Nope, not discouraging you in 
any way.  But as they say, "Forewarned is forearmed."  What starts out 
as an easy level turns out to be a nightmare for your two thumbs...Order 
and take the honey pot.  Remember to stay in the shadows to avoid the 
auto-fire turrets.  Locate and fire the cannon to force the bees to 
move to the next hive.  Arrange the elbows as follows: align the 
closest (lower) metal elbow with the one positioned on the upper right 
side of your screen.  Move down that second elbow toward the middle of 
the cross mark guide (in alignment with the firing range of the 
cannon).  Fire the cannon a second time to disturb the bees once more 
and have them settle in the hive behind Sam (the elbow positions should 
lead the cannon ball to its designated target).  This done, proceed to 
the see-saw area.  Lay down the honey pot on one end (right side) and 
jump on the other part to break it near Sam's area.  Position two more 
elbows:  move forward the elbow located in between two rocks and let it 
rest on the button to open the gate.  Enter the gate and fetch the 
elbow on the other end.  Push it well beyond the gate you just opened.  
Push down the elbow resting on the button just in front of one rock.  
Go back to the cannon area and fire.  This shot should target the third 
hive.  The bees would then vent their anger towards Sam since he's so 
sweet.  This opens an opportunity for you to grab a sheep of your 
choice.  Cross the bridge.  To open the secret door, step on one button 
and have your sheep step on the other.  Run all the way (solo) to the 
goal.  This is Sherman/Gossamer's second coming (and what I meant 
earlier).  Run towards him and time your jump with his.  This should 
prevent him from shocking you out from his range.  When you're close 
enough, he'll try to smash you.  Run around him in circles and make 
sure he gets into a stationary position (let him follow you with his 
eyes) in order for you to give him a headache.  If he does not stay put 
(as in he keeps up with you in circles), you're simply wasting your 
breath.  Break the cycle and try again (TIP:  relax and train your 
hand/thumb muscles and let the movement flow freely.  If you move 
deliberately, the tendency is for the hand muscles to stiffen resulting 
in Ralph's breaking in spurts.  Believe me, this is going to take a lot 
of practice; ANOTHER TIP:  you might want to run counter-clockwise.  I 
found it a lot faster to plant his feet firm on the ground).  In case 
Sherman/Gossamer succeeds in smashing you, stay away from his kick or 
at least, find a position where he can kick you towards a safe landing 
spot.  When you manage to knock him down, get the sheep and put it 
directly on top of the button (rather than wait for it to have the 
initiative to step on it).  This will save you mounds of time (since 
Sherman/Gossamer will wake up soon enough) in cooling and bringing the 
rotating wheel closer.  As soon as it cools, jump on the right 
platform.  Wait for it to go down before making another jump to the 
right.  Continue doing so until this action aligns the gem to the torch 
thereby creating a bright atmosphere in a particular section.  Carry 
the sheep to an area near the next button making sure that it is not 
thrown off the boundary when Sherman/Gossamer jumps.  Follow the same 
procedure for the next two wheels.  However, do take note that your 
time limit shortens (first takes 30 seconds for Sherman/Gossamer to 
regain consciousness, second time is pegged at 20 and third at 15).  
When you have hurdled the last wheel, Sherman/Gossamer will fall down 
and serve as a bridge that will connect you to the goal.       

Order magnet and fishing rod.  Take magnet.  Proceed to cannon area and 
target the croc.  The best bet to hit him in one shot is to position 
the bottom area of the target on top of the horizon dividing the blue 
background (castle wall) and brown background (area where Daffy is 
situated).  The cross-hair need not exactly touch the croc itself.  
Just ascertain that the targets are aligned.  Fire cannon.  When you 
score a direct hit, use the croc's tummy as a trampoline to reach the 
duck's area.  Take the fishing rod.  Daffy will give you instructions 
on how to use combine/dissociate function.  Go back to starting point 
and take the loose cannon ball.  Position it just below the area near 
the button (front, not side) located at the top area.  Find the steps 
and climb.  Run along the ledge until you reach the button.  Combine 
the fishing rod and magnet.  Activate and press the down directional 
button to lower the magnet and attract the cannon ball.  Reel it in 
(using up) and deactivate (the view is rather awkward but it'll work).  
The ball should land close to the button.  If not, retry until it does.  
Carry it and put it on top of the button to permanently hold open the 
gate.  Drop down and enter.  Climb until the block before the ledge and 
proceed to the far end.  Activate magnetic rod and magnetize the mine 
until it explodes.  Jump down and take lettuce.  Replace the magnet 
with the lettuce.  Run to Sam's area making use of the ledge as your 
walkway.  Position yourself parallel to the sheep just behind Sam's 
right side.  Lower the bait and lead him towards the button located at 
Sam's left side (right screen).  As soon as it helps open the gates, 
lure the other sheep (turn left, near the ledge's dead end) close to 
the gate below.  When it's in position, enter the other side.  Drop 
down (make sure your feet touches ground) and take the sheep.  Don't 
carry your sheep all the way.  The "mini-bridge" (composed of two 
different-colored slabs) can't hold that much weight.  Instead, put the 
sheep on the corner.  Go to the other side and take out your lettuce to 
let him cross to your side.  Bring it near, carry and put it on the 
platform.  Use the treadmill closer to the upper gate to activate the 
elevator.  Order remote control.  Place a piece of lettuce on the 
second treadmill (off-center, gearing towards the left side).  Carry 
the sheep and put it on the treadmill to create a carrot-on-a-stick 
effect that will raise the second platform.  Make sure you're on that 
ride.  Take the remote control and robot and jump down.  Place your 
metal pal on the treadmill and remove the sheep.  Activate your robot 
to lower the platform.  Together with your sheep, step on the elevator.  
Activate robot once more to take you to the upper floor. Enter other 
area together with your sheep and leave it there for the meantime.  Go 
back to the previous area and fetch your robot using the fishing line-
magnet combo.  Put the robot on the treadmill and step on the "moving 
bridge".  Let him take you to the opposite side to leave a lettuce 
trail.  With the robot's help, return to the other side.  Put the sheep 
on the platform and use the treadmill to take the sheep across (yes, if 
you have to do something right, you have to do it yourself).  In case 
you're wondering, you cannot use the robot to transport you and your 
sheep at the same time as he takes little steps.  This translates to 
slower travel time.  In effect, this makes your sheep impatient - 
enough for it to take the faster route into the deep abyss....  Return 
the platform, board it and let your robot do the "driving" for you.  
Use the treadmill to help your robot cross this time.  Before 
proceeding to the next area, you might want to position the slab to the 
center area, close to the button that will activate the final elevator 
leading to your goal.  While this is not absolutely necessary, it will 
make your life easier when it's time for you to position your robot 
near that button. Step on the platform together with your sheep and let 
the robot run the contraption.  Let him lower the platform so that it 
aligns with the second platform.  Carry your sheep and take the step to 
the second slab.  Activate the robot once more and let him take you to 
the topmost area so that the 2nd and 3rd slabs meet.  Again, carry your 
sheep with you.  Control the robot to move you closer to the next area.  
Enter and place your sheep on the platform inside.  Command your robot 
to return to the previous area.  Magnetize it and position it near the 
button (if you aligned the slab, there would be more than enough space 
for him to land; however, all is not lost if you did not.  Just make 
sure he lands safely on the same block as where the button is.  Join 
your sheep on the platform and have the robot step on the button.  
Carry your sheep all the way to the goal.  Level 12, up next.       

Order ghost vacuum and inflatable sheep.  Take vacuum.  Pick up 
batteries (a total of five) to operate the vacuum, eventually.  There's 
really no need for you to suck up every ghost you encounter (just a 
waste of time and effort).  Bust only those blocking your progress and 
avoid the rest.  Secure inflatable sheep.  Order ghost costume.  Locate 
and take.  Proceed to the length of the labyrinth where there are three 
ghosts roaming (to the left of the letterbox where you ordered the 
costume). Wear your Halloween outfit.  Be sure to give a blood-curdling 
scream (you'll be prompted to "boo!") when you cross paths with them or 
they'll give you a burst of lightning.  Go all the way to the entrance 
of the party (signpost as your landmark).  A couple of ghosts will 
carry you to a certain location where you'd be required to perform a 
dance number.  If you've played DDR, the moves are somewhat similar.  
Finish all four numbers and they'll leave you be.  Go towards the 
screen to enter Sam's area.  Order and take remote control.  Awaken 
your mech-friend and place him on one end of the see-saw.  Go up (you 
can double jump or take the long route using the upper walkway) and 
jump to hurl the robot inside Sam's area.  Activate robot, have him 
take a lettuce and lure a sheep on the platform.  Avoid the spotlight 
(shade of MGS together with the prominent "ZZZs" on the pair of 
sleeping sheep) or your mechanical arm will get it from Sam.  Step on 
the button, just beside the platform inside.  Again, using the robot, 
lead the sheep to the button on the upper level.  Drop your robot back 
to the ground.  Get the lettuce from the robot.  Proceed to the 
platform and let your robot activate the machine.  Harvest a couple of 
lettuce more and place both of them closer (apart from one another so 
that the sheep won't go back in to fall in love with the inside button) 
to the outside portion of the gate that the sheep opened.  Go inside, 
step on the button and attract the sheep's attention by waving the 
lettuce.  Hide the lettuce and position him at the button so you could 
go to the other side.  Once outside, step on the button to lead it to 
lettuce paradise (its appetite should now lead it to the ones you 
planted near the opening). At the first sign that the sheep is out of 
the covered cave, release the button and jump down.  Fetch the sheep 
with the aid of your trusted sidekick.  Take him outside Sam's area and 
prepare for the worse.  The ghosts would take the sheep and your ghost 
costume away from you.  Afterwards, they'll lock you up and start 
believing that your dinner is actually their god!  Time to summon your 
ever-trusty robot!  Bring him near your cell and have him step on the 
button to lower your cage.  Maneuver it to the ramp and have it step on 
the next button to slightly raise your cell which will also serve as 
its bridge.  Immediately lead him back to the top of the cage after 
stepping on the button across so that he can be elevated to the topmost 
ledge where the key is located.  Take key, lower cage and open.  Go 
outside (use the shaded portion to your advantage) and use the rocks as 
cover (time your move using the ghosts' position in the ghost meter as 
your guide - green is your signal to tip-toe from rock to rock as their 
heads are bowed at this point).  Proceed to the area near the button 
but, don't step on it yet.  Blow up the sheep replica and place it at 
the center of the rotating wall.  Again, time the ghosts' position 
then, press button to rotate!  They won't notice at all that they've 
been taken for a ride!  Go grab your sheep and just stay under the 
shade.  Turn to the left of your screen and straight ahead, all the way 
to the platform.  Don't worry, you're safe from hereon.  Put down your 
sheep and call your robot.  Ride the platform together with your sheep 
and instruct your robot to step on the button.  Be quick about it or 
your sheep will constantly go after it's love interest (the button, 
*sigh*).  Get off the platform and jump to your goal.

Order fan, mine detector and inflatable sheep.  Hit the croc with a 
rock by setting the catapult.  Use its tummy to reach the fan.  Cross 
the river using the crates as stepping stones.  Final destination is 
your item box.  Jump on it and use the fan to bring you close to the 
surface.  Position your crate directly on top of the rising platform (a 
little to the right of the button; manipulate your camera angle to view 
it).  Get the rock and put it on top of the button to hold your item 
box in position.  Carry and load it in the catapult.  Fire!  This will 
give you the mine detector.  Again, reach for the rock and bring it 
with you on the minefield.  Alternate between using your detector and 
dragging your rock (remember your landmarks) until you reach the button 
area.  Once done, place your rock on top of the button to open the 
gate.  Don't get complacent now.  Using your detector, reach for the 
inflatable sheep and head for the gate.  Take the lettuce and blow up 
your fake sheep.  Next, take note of Sam's movements 
consciously/regularly (keeping a low profile during his presence) when 
doing the following actions:  put your inflatable sheep on the button 
to lower the other platform.  Make a trail of lettuce starting from the 
platform that has just been lowered all the way to a point where Sam 
places his sheep.  Take your mirror-image sheep and put it on the other 
platform.  Hide inside the bush and step on the button.  As soon as the 
sheep steps on the platform and Sam isn't looking in your direction, 
slowly release your hold on the button.  This way, you're taking the 
live sheep and replacing it with the paste (and Sam's not even aware of 
it!)  Haha!    Next, plant a trail of lettuce that will entice the 
captured sheep to get out of the platform.  Step on the button to carry 
out your plan.  As soon as it gets out, carry it outside the fence 
area.  When safe, leave it on the button and lay a lettuce within a 
good distance from the button.   This should provide you enough time to 
board the platform and be elevated. Upon reaching the top, leave a 
piece of lettuce each beyond and on the platform.  Go down and stay 
near the platform.  Attract the sheep by leaving another lettuce close 
to the platform.  As it nears you, proceed to step on the button.  It 
would now focus its attention on the trail.  Step out to raise it anew.  
The other lettuce should lead it out of the platform.  Make another 
trail, this time one that will lead to the button.  When done, hide in 
the bush and stay near the spot where the elevator will drop.  Step 
when Sam's busy and you'll automatically be taken up when the sheepdog 
carries the live one.  United at last!  But, it's not over yet!  Jump 
with your sheep to reach the raft.  Use fan to navigate to the other 
side.  Watch out for loose cannon balls!    Jump off the island and use 
your detector to search for gold coins (total of ten).  Collect.  Place 
your sheep near one of the buttons that will activate the jail gate.  
Climb the walkway and head for the jail window.  Enter.  Leave a piece 
of gold coin inside (end of Yosemite Sam's gold rush).  Push boulder 
near the window so you can go out the same way you got in.  Don't 
worry, Yosemite Sam's such a squirt he won't be able to get out of the 
window even if he thinks of using the boulder.  Leave a trail going to 
Sam's ship.  When you're near the entrance, he'll have some harsh words 
for you.  Not to worry, you'll get your just rewards.  Leave a golden 
coin and his eyes will sparkle.  Watch closely as he follows your 
trail.  Proceed to the other button and step on it.  As soon as he gets 
in, release, and slam!  Get your sheep, board his ship and load the 
sheep in the cannon (place him on top of the mini-platform with the 
sheep carving.  Fire!  Watch and be amused on the sequence that 
unfolds.  Maybe it's just my shallow sense of humor but, I almost died 
laughing.  Hahahahaha!
BTW, you might want to try solving this puzzle from another angle.  
I've tried this witty technique mineself and it works just as fine.  
Here's the guide as shared by Paul Livesey (thanks a lot!):
"Firstly you don't ever need to use the inflatable sheep, but you can 
as it saves taking the rock through the minefield. Simply put the 
inflatable sheep on the button and proceed to the area with Sam. Make 
two trails of lettuces one on the right leading to the button and one 
on the left leading to the platform that is lowered when the button is 
pressed.  When the platform is lowered by the sheep pressing the button 
stand on the platform, the other sheep will join you and start to eat 
your disguise. By this time however Sam should just be removing the 
sheep from the button. He always goes for that one first. There you go, 
problem solved."

Going thru the sequence, 'm now presenting here three options on how to 
answer this riddle:
First, there's the short, practical way (dismiss most of the 
interactive objects [consider them as mere displays to confuse you] 
you'll encounter).  Here's how:  step on the button to activate the red 
button and stop the train.  Ride and step on the train button to 
facilitate its departure.  Ignore the next station (where Sam is).  
Same goes for the third depot.  (Prepare to) get off on the next area 
(where the letterbox and boulder are).  Order sheep costume.  Press the 
button to alert the train to halt.  As soon as it does, jump on the 
roof of the second carriage, get your ACME item, return to the train 
and step on the button.  Wait for the train to reach Sam's area then, 
alight.  Cross the track, drop down the gap (where the see-saw is 
located) and go up the opposite end.  Wear your camouflage and jump 
your way to the sheep.  Wait for the moment when Sam spots you and 
proceeds to pick you up.  The sheep unintentionally blocks his way so 
he won't be able to get to you immediately.  Seize this opportunity by 
getting close enough for the sheep to hear you bleat.  When it 
responds, jump your way to the goal.  Funny but, Sam won't actually 
follow until both you and your catch are inside the circle.  Though Sam 
still gets to sock you, the more important thing is that it is game 
over for the sheepdog!
(Second):  Initially, I was at a loss on how I should make use of the 
interactive objects around me.  After replaying the game several times 
more, here's what I found out:  that while this method takes a bit 
longer, it has a lot more spunk into it...Upon reaching the station where 
the letterbox is, order the costume and push the boulder near the edge.  
Signal the train to stop.  When it does, hurry up and grab the item and 
push the boulder on the train.  Alight upon reaching Sam's area and 
signal the train to stop. Cross the track, drop down the gap (where the 
see-saw is located) and go up the opposite end.  Wear your camouflage 
and jump your way to the sheep.  Wait for the moment when Sam spots you 
and proceeds to pick you up.  The sheep unintentionally blocks his way 
so he won't be able to get to you immediately.  Seize this opportunity 
by getting close enough for the sheep to hear you bleat.  When it 
responds, jump your way near the see-saw area.  You know you're doing 
quite well when Sam suddenly goes crazy and proceeds to man the goal.  
Carry your sheep and place it on one end of the see-saw.  Wait for the 
train to stop.  As soon as it does, push the boulder down the 
guideline.  Board the train, have it take you to your starting point 
(where Daffy is) and get off.  This time, make use of the catapult.  
Set it until your ammo hits your target, which by the way, is Sam 
Sheepdog himself (hehehe)!  This may take some time since he's circling 
the goal but, you'll get him.  The moment he's down (he'll stay flat 
for about 20 secs), board the catapult and hurl yourself to his 
position.  Roll the boulder and watch the sheep land on the track.  
Race to it and carry it to the goal (most probably just in time for you 
to see Sam stretching himself back to normal - which is too late for 
him!).  As a footnote, you may also opt to ride the train instead of 
utilizing the catapult but, make sure the trip to Sam is a short one or 
else, he'll beat you to your goal (that is, he'll wake up before you 
could do your touchdown)...
Finally, here's what's most probably the "official" way to get by it (a 
complete opposite of the first method).  This one is made possible thru 
the cool and calculated way of Richard Riley:
"First, ride the train to the "hidden area" and get the sheep costume, 
and roll the boulder onto the train.  Take the train to Sam's area and  
jump off.  Set the signal to red so you can unload the boulder, and 
while you are waiting, set the catapult so it flings the rock into the 
pit.  Or even better, onto the ramp leading out of the pit (It'll save 
you that much time).  When the train stops, unload the boulder, and set 
the signal again for the next pass.
Approach Sam from behind, across the tracks.  Put on the sheep costume, 
and approach from as far to the left as you can, near the standing rock 
next to the tracks.  Move forward until you are just in Sam's orange 
are, but he can't see you as he looks back and forth.  Wait until you 
have about 15 seconds left before the train arrives.
Bleat.  Sam will hear you and come after you.  Retreat across the 
tracks and lead him towards the button for the catapult.  The train 
should arrive and stop, cutting off Sam's route back to his sheep.  You 
have to be careful to jump over the button, then climb into the 
catapult.  Sam will press the button and toss you into the pit.
Don't take the costume off.  Climb the ramp out of the pit and call the 
sheep.  Lead it down the pit (note that at one point I saw Sam slip 
around the back of the train.  But he was walking, not charging, and 
was too late to catch me).  Now you can take the costume off and put 
the sheep on the see-saw.  You should only have about ten seconds left 
before the train leaves but, if you hurry you can run up the see-saw, 
double jump up to the ledge, and push the rock off.  Once the rock 
falls off, forget about the sheep.  It is landing on the button and the 
train is leaving, and Sam is coming at you.  IMMEDIATELY jump off the 
ledge into the pit.  Run across the pit and jump onto the ramp, and 
then up to the road section (you can't jump from the pit to the road, 
you have to use the ramp).
Now you're racing the Road Runner.  Take off, full speed dead run for 
all you're worth.  You don't have any time to spare, so don't hit 
anything (I did once and it didn't work).  You want to head for the 
train intersection and take the ramp to the right.  The train will be 
arriving JUST as you get there, and the Road Runner will be blocked.  
By taking the ramp, you jump over the train.  Wave at your sheep (you 
will hear it bleat <G>) as it passes. 
Keep running full steam towards the gate.  Race past the blue button 
and hit the signal switch.  You may now slam into the wall.  <G> The 
train should arrive several seconds later (you actually have enough 
time to hit the switch and stand ready by the tracks) and you can 
unload your sheep.  Shoo the Road Runner off the blue switch if he's 
made it, and put the sheep on it (so he doesn't find the catapult 
Now go to the other catapult nearby.  Set the catapult so you hit the 
center of the target.  Sam is patrolling the goal, now that he has lost 
his sheep, and you should hit him on the head.  If you don't, keep 
Run back and get the sheep, put him on the catapult, and toss him into 
the goal.  Then pick up the rock, get on it yourself, and drop the rock 
on the button.  Sam should just be waking up, but you're all in the 
(FINAL NOTE:  'm sure there are more ways to skin this cat [pun 
intended].  Given these three solutions, quite certain you can mix and 
match something to your liking...)

Mission accomplished!     

Upon finishing Level 14, a FMV takes place where Daffy starts 
congratulating the Wolf's (yours, take a bow!) accomplishments.  
However, the celebration is interrupted when Marvin the Martian steps 
in and complains that a creature, a Black Sheep, launched by you (yes, 
you!  -- remember the sheep you loaded in and fired from the cannon in 
Level 13?  Well, it has come back to haunt you!) disrupted his 
experiment with his PR minus 200 (an invention that reduces being to 
1/10 its original size) and instant martians thereby causing "utter 
chaos."  As such, he is requiring you to retrieve the last 10 for him...
First one is a breeze.  Just plug your instant martian vacuum cleaner 
into the ground connection, chase the martian until he is near it and 
use the remote to suck him in.
To your right is the low gravity area.  Your mission:  eliminate four 
out-of-this-world creatures.  To your right, are a pair.  The key here 
is not to jump.  Simply follow the path towards them.  No problem with 
the second (follow procedure with the first).  For the third being, 
roll the boulders in such a manner that they create a bridge to cover 
the gap that leads to the martian on top of the platform.  Cross, chase 
and suck.  Proceed to the one with the broken low gravity (white) 
areas.  Simply avoid stepping inside the said areas.  Again, chase and 
suck.  For the lone alien surrounded by the black holes, here's how to 
do it (courtesy of cleese...thanks, dude!):  "...(The) main thing here is 
to press (run) while floating.  This will cause Ralph to do "swimming 
moves" and gives you more control.
- float/swim past the first black holes
- the black holes above the ground form a sort of "landing circuit" 
(i.e. the distance between holes and ground decreases in little steps 
from hole to hole.  The last hole is _below_ ground level)
- get into the "grip zone" of the first (highest) black hole and swim 
(for your life) towards the next (lower) hole
- swim from hole to hole and Ralph will be dragged towards the ground
- the last (lowest) hole is below ground level.  If you get near it, 
Ralph's feet will touch the ground
- get to plateau (where the martian is) and jump (not under but close 
to the black hole above)
- get your feet on the ground again using the black hole, plug in the 
martian cleaner, *ssssuk*, plug it out, swim back to the area featuring 
gravity, !avoid holes! ;), done."
Next break of the rotunda will lead you to an area protected by 
electric walls and where a number of PR minus 200 and its counterpart 
are scattered all over.  First up, miniaturize yourself.  Cross the 
electric barrier and enlarge.  Jump to the other side.  Atomize once 
more and proceed to the section where a martian can be found.  Run 
towards the enlarging gadget inside while avoiding the martian at your 
reduced stage.  Otherwise, it'll succeed in flattening you.  Return to 
normal size, locate the connection and plug vacuum.  Chase and suck.  
Enter the room to the right of your screen and plug the vacuum.  Return 
to previous room and jump on the platform provided near the ground 
socket in order to avoid the electric field.  Proceed to the other room 
and have the martian miniaturize itself.  Use your size to your 
advantage and scare it in going to the other side.  Ready your remote 
and activate to suck.  Do what is necessary to retrieve the vacuum and 
proceed to the next area.  Seven down, three to go...
Upon entering, turn right.  Plug vacuum and use the PR minus 200.  Step 
on the button and proceed to the left of your screen.  Go down, 
activate another button and proceed left anew.  Go down, press on the 
button and make sure that the alien is right behind you (you have to 
make another go at the button).  Head back to where the vacuum and 
enlarger/reducer contraptions are.  Normalize and confuse the martian.  
Chase him near the vacuum and suck.  Shrink yourself before going 
straight ahead.  In the next area, you will find an enlarger on your 
left side and three buttons in triangle formation to your right.  Step 
on the lower left button to activate another field directly above the 
right button and release the field holding the alien.  Somewhere in the 
hallway is another button.  Step on it to allow the alien to move in 
closer to your position.  Step on the topmost button to activate a 
barrier directly aligned to it (be sure to step on this button only 
when you are abnormal in size or get electrocuted) and at the same time 
release the high-voltage gate leading to the socket.  Make sure that 
the alien is cornered near the ground connection.  To do this, play 
with the top button and lure him in to that position.  When secured, 
normalize yourself and step on the right button to access the alien.  
Plant your vacuum, ready your remote and begin the chase.  Suck.  Now, 
you're ready for the last one.  Trek to the area directly in front of 
the entrance.  Jump.  Step on the button without stopping.  Plug in the 
vacuum.  Ready your remote and position yourself close to the button 
then, run as your life depends on it.  There is a mini-space craft 
hovering above you and it's shooting out a laser beam.  Keep a safe 
distance from the ship and run forward without stopping/looking back. 
Step on the buttons to create an opening.  Upon turning, make a dash 
until you see the alien.  Chase it but, don't overtake.  Just make sure 
that you're a few steps behind it, following it all the way (taking 
care not to step on the buttons).  When you do get a glimpse of it 
nearing the vacuum, activate remote to suck that last assignment.  
Don't forget to step on the button to open the barrier to your left.  
Activate final switch ahead of you and deliver the goodies to Marvin...
Feast your eyes on the remaining sequences that will follow...

You just completed Sheep Raider!

Good job!  Well done! 

12.  TIME-CLOCK LOCATIONS (and how to get them)

LEVEL 01. Before proceeding to the open field, check out the area where 
you conversed with Daffy.  There is an ingress somewhere.  Enter if you 
want to use the time-clock for your first bonus.

LEVEL 02. Proceed (jump) to the side where another boulder is located.  
Push this one down to open a secret passage.  Jump down (careful not to 
end up in the water or a piranha will have you for a snack) and see the 
time-clock at your disposal.  Punch in/out to gain a bonus marker.

LEVEL 03. Cling to the nearest tree (on top) and go bungee jumping.  
Hold a lettuce and entice the sheep to go from one button to the other 
to open the gate.  Boing yourself up.  Take up the elastic and go to 
the far edge where another button is located.  Leave a trail of lettuce 
from there (taking note of the lettuce icon to ascertain that the sheep 
follows it) to the first tree.  Cling anew and fetch the sheep.  Put it 
down while you jump down and step on the button.  Again, timing is 
critical.  As soon as he enters the opening, run to the far side where 
the rising platform and boulders are.  In the process the sheep will 
step on the button upstairs and this will trigger the platform to go 
up.  Once up, place the dynamite to expose an opening.  Don't worry 
about getting blown up.  The only way to return the sheep on ground 
level is to either burn to a crisp or get boxed by Sam.  Your dice.  
Step on the button inside to open the gate near Sam's area.  Tie the 
elastic in between the trees to serve as a slingshot with Ralph as the 
shot.  Just stretch yourself away from the cliff and watch Ralph get 
hurled to the area where you started the level.  Get a fresh rocket and 
fly towards the opening.  You'll be flying over cliffs so be careful.  
Eject when you're close to the time-clock.  Use it and move forward.  
There will be an opening that will lead you to the lettuce patch area. 

LEVEL 04.  At long last, after several attempts, I got it!  Search the 
stream.  Midway, there is a gaping hole on the right side.  Continue 
swimming inside.  Surface and run around the spiral walkway.  The time-
clock can be found on top.  Whew!

LEVEL 05.  On the catapult area, pick up the rock all the way to the 
icy body of water.  Go all the way to the last iceberg.  Stay as close 
to the edge as possible and drop the rock (it will turn into an ice 
block).  You'll be carried away together with it.  Wait for it to sail 
across.  Alight as soon as your near the time-clock.  Use it.  Grab the 
rocket and return to the catapult area.  
LEVEL 06.  Right after dropping into the pit, you'll see the time-clock 
through the flooring of the next area.  To get the bonus, defuse the 
mine and take it.  Position it outside the transparent ice wall.  Push 
the block of ice towards the screen.  Next, push it to the left side 
then, away from the screen.  Lastly, push it close to where you planted 
the mine.  The blast will create some more room for you to push it 
further on the solid wall in the middle section of that side.  Next, 
push it towards the screen anew.  Another mine will reappear.  Disable 
it and plant it near the crack on the floor making sure that it is in 
the path of the giant ice cube when you push it away from the screen.  
The explosion will cause the crack to break.  Go down the hole and use 
the time-clock.  

LEVEL 07. Proceed near the crane area.  Somewhere in the left side, 
there is a not too conspicuous opening.  To reach it, use the umbrella 
from the highest point of the icy walkway.
LEVEL 08.  To earn a bonus, go down the cliff (once more).  Travel back 
to the past.  Plant the seed on the opposite side of the cliff (where 
the time-clock is located and return to present-day.  You'll see a full 
grown tree.  Climb and jump to activate the bundy.  When you've 
finished, travel back in time and pick up the seed.  Return and climb.

LEVEL 09.  Proceed to the final step (after the series of mines and 
counter mines) straight ahead.  Side step the last counter mine.  Do a 
double Double jump (this is quite tricky) on the thin plank to reach 
the bonus item.  After using it, allow yourself to fall in the quagmire 
and proceed.
LEVEL 10. To expose the time-clock, slightly push the metal elbow 
nearest you.  Next, push down the second metal elbow all the way to the 
middle of the cross mark.  Then, push it all the way the left side of 
the screen as far as it will go.  Proceed to the cannon and fire.  The 
fired cannon ball will smash some boulders and reveal a passageway 
where the time-clock is located.  Swim across to activate.

LEVEL 11.  Use the magnetic line by bringing the countdown mine close 
to the pile of rocks on the lower level.  The blast will reveal an 
opening containing the bonus.

LEVEL 12.  The time-clock is hidden somewhere near the ghost costume.  
Just take a few more steps straight ahead and turn left (down screen).  
Use the wolf's eye view and feast your eyes on your prize.

LEVEL 13.  You'll find the time-clock on the left side of the inner 
area that Sam is patrolling.  Just check on your timing (pun intended) 
when going for it.

LEVEL 14.  Push the boulder near the edge.  Push it when the train 
comes to a complete stop (of course, you have to push the button 
first).  Jump to its top and on to the head (driver) portion of the 
train.  Once more, jump to the right side.  There is actually a space 
(where the time-clock rests) on what initially seems like a solid wall.
LEVEL B1.  It's somewhere in the bull area (again, thanks cleese!).  
Remember the mailbox where you ordered the fan?  On top of it is an 
opening.  To reach it use the elastic band (starting point would still 
be from the other side).  It's going to take a lot of practice/body 
English maneuvering Ralph to get into it but, it's possible.  After 
operating the time-clock, just climb to get back on track.  Good luck!

LEVEL B2.  There is an opening just beside Sam's area.  Tip-toe your 
way to this location.  To the right of your (with Ralph facing the) 
screen is where you will see the time-clock.  Seems far-off but, you 
can do a double jump to reach it.

  a.  LEVELS (including walkthrough) 

There are two extra levels in the game.  Even if you haven't completed 
the couple of hidden stages you'd still get to "finish" the game, 
"Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf" (per Daffy) and proceed to Level 15.  However, 
you'd have a number 02 on your "Sheep to Catch" data every time you 
load your game (and that can be pretty annoying).  By purchasing the 
last two bonus items, you'd be let in on the secret on how to access 
said levels.  Since you've reached this part of the FAQ, might as well 
continue reading on to find out...

First, the HIDDEN-AUTUMN (a.k.a. B1) LEVEL.  To reach this part (quoted 
from the game, verbatim) "Go into the autumn hall, here you'll have to 
jump inside the dark side of the black wall.  Then, follow the path 
until you see a level's door."  Now, the walkthrough:
Order and take elastic.  Tie in between the trees.  Catapult yourself 
to the other side and avoid the bull (either by jumping or following 
the path without disturbing the bunch of dried leaves).  Order fan.  
Swim across to your starting point.  Cling to the lone tree (don't 
forget to take the elastic you used earlier) near the edge of the cliff 
and bungee jump to retrieve fan.  Ride the raft and use the fan to 
return to where the bull is.  Side step (or just for the fun of it, you 
can make the bull drop down the fall area.  Do this by running towards 
the tree near the edge of the cliff, cling then drop.  Watch the bull 
fall to his imminent doom) and proceed to the catapult area.  Set the 
catapult so that when you use it to hurl yourself, you'd end up tip-
toeing the ledge of the opening.  Control Ralph towards the left so he 
ends up on the side where the platform and lettuce patch are.  You may 
also get to this part via the water area where the second raft is 
located.  You have to run quickly, tho and jump the steps hurriedly to 
avoid Sam (you might want to pause by going inside the goal first -- it 
is fenced from all sides).  Harvest.  Go down and lure the sheep near 
the button area.  Hide your lettuce and quickly ascend to ride the 
platform.  Wait for the sheep to step on the button in order for you to 
cross the other side.  Cling to the tree and bungee with a lettuce on 
hand.  Entice the sheep to come nearer.  Put lettuce down so the sheep 
stays a while longer before returning to step on the button.  Since 
you'll probably boing upwards while doing this, time your next bungee 
jump so that you'd be able to carry the sheep on your next flight.  
Proceed to the opposite end.  Ride the raft together with your sheep 
and use fan to navigate near the gate.  When you can no longer pass, 
dive and leave your sheep behind.  Surface where you rode the raft and 
look for the elevated walkway to your right.  Follow the path and step 
on the first button to open the gate.  Stay on it until the raft has 
completely entered the opening.  Proceed to the second button and do 
the same.  Although the raft will touch the next gate, it will slightly 
be off mark.  Dive and position the raft.  Go back up using the steps 
and press the last button.  When the raft has crossed safely, dive.  
Keep low as there is an opening underneath the gate.  Surface when you 
have reached the other side.  Carry your sheep.  Tie the elastic once 
more in between the trees and slingshot your sheep to the catapult 
area.  Ditto for you.  Adjust the setting of the catapult so that it 
hits the spot (practice with the rock).  Load your sheep first then, 
zoom.  Follow and you just nailed the first hidden level.    

The other mystery level is the other PAST-PRESENT (a.k.a. B2) LEVEL.  
To access this (quoted from the game, verbatim) "You'll have to enter 
past-present level's door from the other side."  Now, the walkthrough:
Order, take and use the time-travel device.  Go towards the farther 
side and climb the vines.  Jump from step to step until you reach the 
area where the seed is.  Grab, plant it near the first vine area and 
return to the present setting.  Climb and jump to reach the higher 
level.  Go back in time, retrieve the seed, climb the vine and make 
another trip.  Swim across, order the elastic and go back to the past. 
Climb the series of vines to reach the boulder.  Push down and push 
again towards the bridge then, time travel anew.  Cross the bridge and 
retrieve the elastic.  Return to the early ages and retrieve the seed.  
Keep in touch with the present right after.  Swim, surface and use the 
magical chronometer.  Plant and return.  Climb and jump to the higher 
area.  Again, travel back in time, plant the seed and make a quick 
return.  Climb and jump to reach higher ground.  Harvest lettuce.  
Proceed near the rock and tree area.  Go back to the past.  Reverse 
position of the boulder and seed then, return to contemporary times.  
Entice the sheep to go nearer the puddle it is facing by putting a 
piece of lettuce.  Climb, jump and run towards the end of the hallway 
you will encounter.  Cling to the tree, bungee jump and carry your 
sheep all the way to the goal!

  b.  BONUS

Bonus 1:  Picture:  Character Sketch - 1 point 
Bonus 2:  Picture:  Background Sketch - 2 points
Bonus 3:  Picture:  Storyboard - 2 points
Bonus 4:  Picture:  Backgrounds and Characters - 1 point
Bonus 5:  Picture:  Behind the Scenes - 2 points
Bonus 6:  Picture:  Intro Storyboard - 3 points
Bonus 7:  Tip:  To access Hidden-Autumn Level - 3 points
Bonus 8:  Tip:  To access Past-Present Level - 3 points 

  c.  TIPS

* Always survey the area before starting to pinpoint the location of 
items and in order to have a "feel" of the puzzle you'll be solving.
* Always position the camera according to your comfort zone.
* You cannot double-jump or run when carrying your sheep.
* When defusing mines, don't take it immediately after the last action.  
Wait for the "take" prompt before doing so.
* Keep a safe distance from the ice block when pushing it.  Make sure 
you are nowhere near it when it touches a live mine.
* Same goes when greeting a ghost.  Wait for his acknowledgment before 
moving on.
* Forgotten which levels you have already secured the time-clock?  Upon 
entering the level door, you'll be prompted whether level has been 
completed or fully (that's your cue) completed. 


Much as I logged in many hours shaping this up and double-checking the 
material, there might be some lapses (in spelling, grammar or what-
have-you) that could have escaped me and somehow found its way in these 
pages.  You'll also have to forgive me for the touches of side remarks 
and wisecracks in between (at least 'm pretty certain it does not cover 
half the content, haha).  For these, I would have to excuse (Excuses, 
excuses...hehehe) mineself.
Hey, I had a fun time doing this.  Hope this has been comprehensive 
enough in helping you get out of any entanglements you might have 
encountered while playing Sheep Raider.  If you have any questions 
pertaining to the game I'd be more than happy to entertain them.  

Best regards,


I would like to extend mine deepest gratitude to the following 
individuals and organizations who helped shape up this first venture of 
mine in the world of FAQs:

*Warner Brothers (Interactive Entertainment), for bringing to life such 
Looney characters.

*Infogrames team, for developing/publishing such an addicting game 
which fully compliments the zany toons of WB.

*Gamespot.com, for giving me a brief background on Sheep Raider.

*GameFAQs.com, for providing a venue where dreams are built and where 
fellow dreamweavers can share rhapsodies.

*Paul Yuen, for the valuable tips and tricks such as:  checking out the 
bonus items using limited points; pointing out B1 and B2 levels; 
defeating the dragon and Sherman/Gossamer.

*frankieoc, for leading me to the missing time-clock in Level 7 and 
providing a name for the wolf (I doubt it was Wily).

*cleese, for initially showing the way to the time-clocks in Levels 12 
and 14; for his swift response in helping me solve the enigma 
surrounding the solitary alien near the black holes plus, the bonus 
clock locations in Levels 4 and B1 (many thanks from the bottom of mine 

*daphne aguillera, Caleb Lee, Phil Reakes, John Middleton and Chris M 
for their enlightening (re)views of the game.

*Richard Ryley for his kind words, info on Gossamer, extra moves 
(jumping in front of Sam Sheepdog -- call it blind luck but, I still 
think that's pretty cool). Other suggestions such as taking the 
riverbank area in B1 as an alternative to reach the lettuce patch and 
avoiding the leaves [including Level 4] plus, the "official" Level 14 

*Peter Judson/Neoseeker.com, Anja and Chris/Psxcodez.com, 
Dave/Cheatcc.com and Shawn/Gamesteronline.com for politely asking 
permission (I say it's more of sending me an invitation - granted, of 
course) to have this FAQ posted in the respective websites they 
represent.  Their kind gestures have been truly touching...

*Tony Patton (and his daughter) for his (their) inspiring words and 
sharing with me additional sites I can visit.

*Paul Livesey for his kind words and for sharing another hint on Level 
13 (geez, I never thought of that).

*those who took/are taking the time out to get a glimpse/browse through 
this FAQ -- YOU make the difference!
*others I may have inadvertently forgotten (mine apologies) but have in 
their own special way contributed in making this FAQ a possibility.

****************************NOTHING FOLLOWS****************************

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