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The cult movie phenomenon batters its way into your home in the most relentless arcade/adventure game of all time! From the nightmare world of the future to the mean streets of Los Angeles, The Terminator takes you right to the very edge... then pushes you over! Play urban commando Kyle Reese and pit your speed, skill and cunning against the most perfect killing machine ever devised. Or take a trip through the dark side and become The Terminator, a ruthless cyborg juggernaut bent on destroying mankind's last hope. It's your choice. One thing is certain... the fate of all humanity rides upon your next move!
Features Include:
- Incredible real-time 3D graphics
- Choice of playing "Kyle Reese" or "The Terminator"
- Spectacular music and digitized sound effects
- The most extensive 3D city model ever created -- battle your way through central Los Angeles!
- More mayhem than you've ever seen packed into one arcade/adventure game!

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