Review by Jeff Paine

Reviewed: 06/19/06

What an awkward DDR game...

It's DDR, nothing new, etc, etc. Except this time, there's no dance pad. You need to buy a USB converter and use a console dance pad.

As for the songs: it's all Konami originals. Which isn't so bad, but this is an old game, so it's old Konami originals. You know, the ones you've heard a million times before.

The interface has to be the stupidest thing mankind ever conceived. There's a bunch of groups of songs, which wouldn't be so bad, but the songs in each group have absolutely no relation to each other whatsoever. Plus, there's one more group that you can select than can fit on the screen, but there's no indication that you can even scroll down to see that group, so you might not even know it exists.

The graphics are nothing special. PS1 quality, same as pre-5th Mix games. But it's in 640x480, so they're sharper than PS1 graphics. I did have some graphics glitches, though, but it's nothing that hindered the gameplay. Just some of the graphics were blurry and blocky, but not the arrows or anything else important.

This DDR game has a ton of characters. Well, most of them are downloadable, but all the downloadable and unlockable characters are completely original, so that's a plus. There downloadable characters some in packs of two (one male and one female of a similar style) and there was a bonus character released (to replace one of the males) but the download's gone now... I'm sure you could still find him floating around on the internet somewhere, though.

There's also an internet ranking, but it's probably closed by now.

One more glaring problem: if you press too many keys, your keyboard's cache will fill up, causing you to miss a step. So that can screw you up.

Overall, this is a painfully average DDR game. Get one of the newer mixes instead. If you're looking for something else made by Konami of Hawaii, pick up one of the Ultramixes (or DDR Universe coming out soon)

Rating: 6

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