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Reviewed: 06/11/14

Hentai Romance Game

Japanese Visual Novel game with text and images, colour and all japanese text. It is the first of the Blue game that were released in the Blue Box set, including True Blue, Triangle Blue, and Innocent Blue. It is playable but has text that appears across the screen so that it may be difficult for western players to appreciate it.The story is powerful and well told and an anime was released in two episodes that gives the complete story.

The story starts out with a high school girl and her next door neighbor a boy who like her. The story evolves thru some other events that include a PE teacher from their school, and involves graphics acts of various kinds. Visual Novels are for mature players and should not be attempted by juveniles. This would be rated XXX if there were western ratings for such games.

The format is decent and the art work is well done. The main characters are appealing and visually pleasing and the overall impact of the game is a good one. The lower rating is because it is an early title in the series and the later ones were much more developed and better.

There will be branching choices the player must make as the game advances that affect the events that happen and the endings. There are good and bad endings. It will be necessary to use a text translation program like Atlas to translate the text for western players. Japanese players will not have any problem with it and most may have played this or heard of it. It is a popular series in Japan and very well known as both the games and the anime versions.

The genre of Visual Novels is a very popular one and the games most of them involve various interactive choices that engage the player. There is also spoken audio dialog usually acted out by professional Voice actors and the dialog at times is very good. In this game it is decent and has all of the impact and drama to make the game exiting. It is not a VA game for beginners and there re others like the Sakura Family that are translated into english and much easier to start with.

This game is one for collectors and those who enjoy the genre and are interested to see a important game that was part of the development of the VN literature in Japan. Many more modern games have full animations in them for key plot points and offer a much more visually pleasing experience that True Blue but this game is worthy of review and of being considered if you are interested in VNs as recreation and entertainment.

Rating: 7

Product Release: True Blue (JP, 09/13/02)

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