Review by BWoodhouse

Reviewed: 01/14/08

Pleasure the body. Punish the soul.

Long ago, some forgotten professional reviewer bemoaned the notion of a restrained hentai game. H-games should be outrageously grotesque and push the limits of good taste, he opined. Cum should fly freely across the screen. Orgies should abound. Discipline: The Record of a Crusade works towards that ideal by presenting stunning levels of repellent perversion. Where else can you watch a young lady savor a steaming bowl of rice topped with globs of semen?

It's these odd, explicit details that stand out. Discipline begins like a typical harem story for Takuro Hayami. Transferring into an exclusive boarding school, he finds himself with alluring new roommates. The mercenary tomboy, the childish cheerleader, and the laconic genius always wear skimpy, skin-tight clothing (or less). From the start, it's clear this just wants a little action from the new guy on campus. In contrast, there's the virginal Saori Otokawa: valedictorian, natural leader, and possible saint. Her only vice is promoting her Bible study group a little too furiously. When this group is together, the atmosphere is laid back, and there's no trouble in sight.

But Discipline comes from the same developer as Bible Black, a hentai franchise featuring rape and demon worship, so it's definitely not a normal dating simulation. Here, there's a constant undercurrent of conflict between the angel Otokawa and the school's devil Leona Morimoto. This girl comes from privilege; her family owns the academy, seemingly along with the entirety of Japan. She uses the people around her as playthings for her malicious whims, often by threatening, restraining, or drugging her victims. And Hayami has become her favorite toy, meaning he has to satisfy her entire curvaceous clique. It wouldn't be such torture (for you or him), except the erotic events turn from normal to kinky in an instant. Oral leads to gulping down a golden stream of piss. In the afterglow of an orgasm, Hayami might be compelled to lick up his of spooge. After anal sex, brown could fly. There's even an uncomfortable sequence with a deranged mid-op tranny. Every character, even the guys, are voiced in Japanese, but Leona's merciless cackling needs no translation; it always punctuates her disgusting orders. Her acute enjoyment of human suffering serves as great motivation for bringing her group down.

However, as Discipline explores atypical levels of smut, it limits experiences in other important ways. The game does include over twenty female characters, some extremely minor, but Hayami gets to blanket nearly all of them with his thick white stuff. That's good. And even though the events unfold over a short couple of weeks, there are almost forty text-based choices to make, which gives the illusion of relatively complex control. But all those potential possibilities lead to a paltry five endings, with only a single joyful, true conclusion. With so many girls, it would have been a pleasure to have more than one escape route from Leona's web. Moreover, the key decisions have little to do with the struggle against Leona. Hayami can readily acquiesce to her every demand, yet still defeat her in the end. That shouldn't qualify as a crusade.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Discipline: The Record of a Crusade (US, 12/18/07)

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