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Reviewed: 09/06/13

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This is a warning! Youjuu Club 2 has some seriously screwed up stuff in it. If you don’t want to play something with tentacle rape in it, or if you’re just too young for porn games in general, then maybe you should not play this game! Oh, or you can avoid it because of its poor design and broken gameplay mechanics. It’s your call, really.

Youjuu Club and Youjuu Club 2 are both remakes of old X68000 games. It’s basically Qix, but with the gameplay screwed up and shoved full of tentacle porn so that everyone who plays is too shocked to notice how broken the gameplay really is. Don’t get me wrong, I love Qix, and I find the whole tentacle fetish thing to work better as a rude joke than porn. The real problem with this game is that it’s exactly the same thing as the first game, but with different graphics. Why even bother? Youjuu Club was terrible the first two times I played it on the X68000, it was terrible the third time I played it on Windows, and it’s terrible the fourth time around too. The designer of this game simply refuses to change anything other than the graphics. Is there really a point to this thing?

Story- You play as an evil wizard in Youjuu Club 2. He worships a bunch of demons from another dimension. The demons have been locked up for ages and could really use a booty call, consensual or not. It’s your job to use your magic powers, open up a portal to Hell, and le the demons out so that they can rape underage girls with their many tentacles and feast upon their striped panties. What is with the whole striped panty thing? I will never understand.

Presentation- This is Youjuu Club 2’s strong point. What kind of music will accompany your quest to open the portal to hell and start the demon rape party? An epic fantasy soundtrack, of course! The music sounds much better than it did in the X68000 version, now sounding like the kind of thing you would hear in Final Fantasy or Lord of the Rings. Are there awards for best music in a porn game? Youjuu Club 2 would be a contender for that category.

Graphics look bright and vibrant. Sprites have a lot of animation to them and are very colorful. The images that you play for (you know, the ones of children and teenagers getting shoved full of tentacles) are all high resolution and are sure to put a scar on your soul long after you stop playing. Ever wonder what it looks like when a little girl gets so many tentacles in her nether region that it looks like it’s about to tear? Well, you’ll get to see what it looks like right here! The depravity and sexual violence of Youjuu Club 2 knows no boundries!

Gameplay- Youjuu Club 2, like the other games in the series, is a Qix style outline puzzle game. You cut out pieces of a picture until you’ve claimed 80%. Normally, Qix games have 1-3 really big enemies that you have to deal with, but in the Youjuu Club series, you have many little guys harassing you. They are always faster than you, smart, and like to rebound off of everything. You can get items that do stuff like stop time or bad stuff like reverse your controls, but they mean nothing in the long run.

So, with the odds stacked against you, what is a wizard that worships demon rapists to do? Ther is a strategy to Youjuu Club. It’s an exploit against the AI that works on every difficulty and makes every level boil down to whether or not you can pull it off. If you can bisect the screen by making long, thin lines and eventually claim a large swath by reaching the other side, you can destroy most of the enemies in one fell swoop, leaving only one to two enemies alive. This is much more manageable and turns the game easy. If you choose to ignore this trick, the game becomes hard and monotonous. If you use it, it because easy and monotonous. It’s like picking between getting stung by hornets or wasps! In the end, you’re still getting stung and at the end of the day, Youjuu Club 2 is still a broken game.

Okay, so let’s just assume that you’re the kind of guy who loves seeing little girls nearly raped to death by tentacles. Would you still want to play this game?

Cool Fact- The remakes of Youjuu Club and Youjuu Club 2 were released more than ten years after the originals. It’s really nice that D. O. was trying to bring the older games in their library back to life, but they really could have tuned up the gameplay while they were at it!

Also Try- Sex and horror is a winning combination. The juxtaposition of life and death, ecstasy and terror, eros and thanatos, is something that can make a good horror movie and a good horror game. Try the arcade game Fantasia, which uses sexual horror as a form of comedy and is a much better Qix game than any Youjuu Club game will ever be. On the visual novel side, there’s Song of Saya and Divi-Dead. Both of them are in English and execute the whole “sexual horror” game perfectly. All three of these games do everything that the Youjuu Club series is trying to do, but better.

Rating: 4

Product Release: Youjuu Club 2 (D.O. Classics Vol. 3) (JP, 08/30/02)

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