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Putt-Putt, the lovable little purple convertible car always helps his friends. Mr. Firebirds time machine has accidentally taken Putt-Putts lunch box, calculator, history report and his best pal Pep, the dog and scattered them through time. Help Putt-Putt find Pep and his school supplies and return them safely to the present and close the time portal.The best fun learning, quality screen time available for your children. A rich, colorful adventure travelling through time including the Age of the Dinosaur, Medieval Age, the Old West and even into the future.This junior adventure game plays differently each time you play and includes several mini games including: Jumble Picture Puzzle game, Watch and Copy Simon game and Shooing the Crows Away. With read-along text sub-titles. You now have the option to turn on (or off) text that matches each line of dialogue. Perfect for the hearing-impaired, early reading and learning English. Listen Think ExploreEncourages teamwork and critical thinkingFosters listening and memory skillsReinforces good social skillsPromotes pattern recognitionEach experience for your child lets them explore different ways to play, again and again Interactive touch screen reveals hundreds of hidden surprises! Challenging puzzles, Fun mini gamesFantastic new friends Encourages creativity, helps teach spatial relations and sharpens problem-solving skills Feature-film quality animation and original music enhance the power of a child's imaginationIntegrated with Apples GameCenter with exclusive in-game achievements

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