Review by dolphinbomb

Reviewed: 06/07/04

Addicting gameplay? Infinite replay value? Sounds perfect...

And it is. To put it simply, this game is awesome. Infinite replay value, addicting gameplay, and just a touch of wackiness to balance the game out.

Story: Not much of one. You pick your class, race, gender, and alignment, then head into the Dungeons of Doom to find the infamous Amulet Of Yendor!

Graphics (9/10): Simple, but that's just fine. Simplicity in itself is a blessing (I really couldn't care less about graphics, unless they're REALLY good, or REALLY bad). While a bit archaic, they're detailed enough to show you the action going on in the game, as well as giving you the ability to distinguish between just about every creature or person in the game.

Sound (N/A): None to speak of, but this game doesn't really need them.

Controls (8/10): The controls will use up just about every key on your keyboard. While it does take a while to get the hang of, you'll realize that just about every key is crucial to your success, whether it be for kicking down a door, enhancing your weapon proficiency, reading a scroll, or even wiping your face, pretty much every key has a purpose.

Gameplay (10/10): This is where the game really shines. You have a game based loosely off the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, and the wacky side thrown in. While you have a serious side to the game, with vicious monsters, and powerful weapons, conflicts between the Gods, etc. You also have a more lighthearted counterpart. For example, robbing a shop (no easy task, mind you) Will result in the Keystone Kops chasing after you, throwing cream pies and whipping you with rubber hoses. Eating a yellow mold or drinking certain potions will cause you to hallucinate (The NetHack equivalent of being on an LSD trip). The results of Hallucination can be quite humorous. "Tripping" will cause monsters to shapeshift (I killed a Godzilla and a One eyed, One horned, flying purple people eater once), as well as make you see and hear interesting things (I heard a quarterback calling the play, as well as Ebeneezer Scrooge).

Replay Value (10/10): Infinite. Every new game, the dungeon is almost completely random. Every once in awhile, you will stumble upon a "bones" file, which was a level in which one of your previous characters died. On a bones level, you can fight their ghost, and get any equipment they may have had at their time of death. Some levels, however, are predetermined. These include any level that may have a bearing to the story. All of these are identical in each game. Lastly, each class of player has their own quest area, these of which are also preprogrammed.

Final Note: The best thing about this game, besides the addicting quality and the near-infinite replay value, is that it's FREE. That's right. FREE. The authors even give you the source code if you'd like to toy around with it. Don't waste any time. Go out and get this game. NOW.

Final Score: 9/10

Rating: 9

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