Review by Cmot Dribbler

Reviewed: 08/28/03

Game over 15 years in the making

Gameplay: 10
This is what makes this game so great, the gameplay is near perfect, its simple using just they keyboard and easy to manage, yet complex, with multiple different commands and subcommands that you can use. You are a single char thrust into the dungeon using the arrow keys to move and attack, and the various keyboard keys to do a huge variety of actions, from wielding a sword, to reading a tome of lost knowledge, to rubbing a magic lamp, to wiping cream pie out of your face, and more, the multitude of varying tasks are phenomena. Its easy to learn, and work with, and fun to use and play with. The vastness of the game continues with over 60 randomly created levels to delve through, over 200 weapons and armours, over 60 spells to use on the over 300 monsters, as you fight as one of 15 different classes, 4 different races, 3 different loyalties. that just create a wonderfully diverse game.

Graphics 8
The graphics are a bit outdated, but have been updated well over the years, you can still choose to use the old ASCII format in which you are simply shown as a @ and wander around room made with |__| simple boxes, to the new graphics pack. The graphics pack is well designed and each creature and character are well done in simple gif form and due to the shear variety, it is done well enough that they all can be easily desearned.

Sound N/A
No sound, perfect for playing in class or work and not have to worry about drawing attention to yourself

Story 8
Simple DnD story, you have decided, to test you might in a huge dungeon to serve your god, you must retrieve the amulet from evils clutches, you must travel through mines, dungeons, citys, castles, plains, and even the lowest reaches of hell. And back.

Replayability 10
Best part of the game is that you can do it over and over and it never gets old ive been playing it for over 10 years now, and probably still will for the next 10 years. the huge variety and large plerethora of different options and tweaks make it a great game

Rent or buy N/A
Its FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You hear me FREE, just go to their website and download it FREE no charges no donations, totally completely FREE!!!! how can you pass it up

Overall 9
Great game, huge playablitly, even huger replayabiltiy, fun, time consuming and addictive as hell. if you love any RPGS get this one now.

Rating: 9

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