• Crash the game with ''Trickery'' as the reason you died.

    Perform the "duplicate items" glitch, and since it's been fixed, it'll kill your character with "Trickery" as the excuse.

    Contributed By: Raichukid.

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  • Duplicate Items

    Go to stairs of any level (except upstairs level 1), and drop the item(s) you want to duplicate near the stairs. Now take the stairs up/down. Then, alt-tab out of the game and go to your /nethack directory. You will see some files like <name>.0, <name>.1, <name>.2, etc. The number at the end stands for what level you are on. Ignore the one with 0 at the end. Now copy the level that you dropped the items on, and put it somewhere outside the /nethack directory. Now go back up/down the stairs, pick up your item(s) you wish to duplicate, and go back up/down the stairs once more. Then, put the file of the level with your items back into your /nethack folder. Click 'yes' to overwrite. Then, go back up/down the stairs and there are your precious items!!

    Your final score should still be recorded even though you cheated.

    Contributed By: Harkonnen4life.

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  • Loading Games After You Die

    If you have a character, in your /nethack folder you should see something like <name>.NetHack-saved-game. These are your save files. To prevent your character from being erased after death, simply copy the file of your character outside of the /nethack directory. The next time you die, you can just copy the save file back into the Nethack folder and play from where you saved last time.

    Note: This might be a bit frustrating since you have to copy and overwrite every time you save, but it works!!

    Contributed By: Harkonnen4life.

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  • Wizard Mode

    To unlock wizard mode, first create a shortcut to NetHack. Open up the properties, then add " -D" to the end, w/o the quotation marks. Now, enter your name as &quot;wizard&quot; and start a game a normal.
    In wizard mode, you will have the following enhancements:
    Extra Extended commands:
    #conduct will show more info than in a normal game.
    #enhance will allow you to enhance any skill w/o practice.
    #levelchange will allow to change your level to anything from 1 to 30.
    #monopolycontrol will allow you to control monster polymorphs.
    #lightsources show all mobile light sources on the level.
    #seenv shows seen vectors
    #stats shows memory statistics
    #timeout shows the timeout queue (when corpses will rot, etc.)
    #vision shows the vision array
    #wmode shows the wall modes

    New Commands:
    ^E will find all doors and traps.
    ^F will reveal the map.
    ^G will create a monster of your specification.
    ^I will identify all items in your pack.
    ^O will tell the location of all special levels (i.e. the castle).
    ^T will teleport (controlled).
    ^V will level-teleport (controlled).
    ^W will make a wish (You can wish for ANYTHING, including the Amulet of Yendor).
    ^X will diplay character description and attributes.

    You can also:
    Choose whether or not you die.
    Force the gods to be pleased when you pray.
    Kill all monsters in the room by reading a bless genocide scroll and entering &quot;*&quot;.
    Ride anything.
    Control whether a fountain dries or not.

    Contributed By: dolphinbomb.

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