Wishing how to do it?

  1. Ok ive been playing nethack for about a year or so but never bothered using a wish, and now that i want to i cant figure out what the comand line is can some1 help me out?

    User Info: jackripper36

    jackripper36 - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In normal mode, the only definite way to obtain a wish is to 'z'ap a wand of wishing, which will give you a wish if there are any charges left in the wand, but other things that have a slim chance of giving you wishes include 'q'uaffing (blessed gives you a better chance) smoky potions, '#rub' bing a (blessed) magic lamp, '#sit' ting on thrones, 'q'uaffing from fountains (Be careful when drinking from fountains, just in case you didn't know already). In wizard mode it's easier, simply press Ctrl-w.
    If you are granted a wish, just type the name of the object that you want. You can specify BCU, rust/fireproof, no. of stackable items, and no. of plusses on weapons or armour. Too high a number of items or plusses in one wish will result in zilch. If the item can't stack, you only get one.

    User Info: loudwhitenoise

    loudwhitenoise - 11 years ago 1   0

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