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    Survive or Die FAQ by RCiarlini

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 05/03/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Priston Tale
    PC Version
    Survive or Die In-Depth Guide v1.02
    by Rodrigo Ishizaka Ciarlini
    This document is Copyright 2004 Rodrigo Ishizaka Ciarlini
    This guide should not be altered in any form, nor it should be used for 
    anything other than private and personal use. It's free and should be 
    redistributed only with my express written permission.
    Anyone interested in using this guide for anything other than just reading 
    should contact me, Rodrigo Ishizaka Ciarlini <rodishici@netscape.net>, by 
    Priston Tale is Copyright @ 2000-2004 TRIGLOW PICTURES Ltd. All rights Reserved
    -= INDEX =-
    UPDATE INFO.............................. 0.0
    INTRODUCTION............................. 1.0
    SOD BASICS............................... 2.0
    SOD RULES................................ 3.0
    IN-DEPTH SOD............................. 4.0
         SoD Duration........................ 4.1
         SoD Monsters........................ 4.2
         SoD Ranking......................... 4.3
    SOD STRATEGIES........................... 5.0
         Solo Strategies..................... 5.1
         Strategies With Extra People Around. 5.2
         Party Strategies.................... 5.3
    EXTRAS................................... 6.0
         Terminology Dictionary.............. 6.1
         Hints and tips...................... 6.2
         Links to useful sites............... 6.3
         Special Thanks...................... 6.4
    -= 0.0: UPDATE INFO =-
    2004-03-27  v0.9 released.
    2004-04-02  v1.0 - Updated with the now complete list of monsters, along with 
    some new info.
    2004-04-05  v1.01 - Minor fixes
    2004-05-03  v1.02 - Forgot to add Hulk in Bloody Rose round - now fixed :P
    -= 1.0: INTRODUCTION =-
       This FAQ will be mostly based on my experience of Survival or Die in 
       Thailand Priston Tale. It's currently on version 2.9.0, so no Tier 3 Skills.
       In Korean version, there are extra monsters in there, and there might be 
       some further differences. As CaringAngelEX pointed me out, Minigue Silver 
       appear in Round 5, and that's only one of the news there.
    -= 2.0: SOD BASICS =-
       Survive or Die (aka SoD) is an event held at Navisko. But unless admins have 
       it open, it'll be always closed, as it is in EPT so far. In TPT, it's open 
       only during specific times, mostly from 6:00~18:00 by GMT (+0), but seems to 
       be open all day in weekends.
       If it isn't open, be it permanently or temporarily, you won't be able to 
       take part of it, and the SoD NPC will probably tell some random phrase.
       If it's open, then you need to talk to the SoD NPC (the guy on Booma or 
       Hobgoblin costume on top of the stairs) as soon as the day dawns (either 
       empty or with only one step in the time bar) and he'll expain the rules, 
       then you need to click Ok, and a window with a entrance will be shown, and 
       you need to click Ok and pay for it. Once that's done, you're in. The value 
       will be (300 gold x character level), so if your character is at level 50, 
       you'll pay 15000 to enter. The minimum level required to enter is 10, but 
       since there's little you can do if you cannot solo at a hellspawn in Oasis, 
       I wouldn't recomend to go, unless you want to see it just out of curiosity 
       or steal loot from the other characters.
       You cannot go in, even if that's done if it's already full. Also, there's a 
       limit of 500 total character levels, which means that people can enter as 
       long as that limit isn't exceeded.
    -= 3.0: SOD RULES =-
       The basic rule is pretty simple: either survive or die. One you're in, those 
       are basically the two ways to go out. When you're in SoD, you'll be in a big 
       arena which you won't be able to exit easily. Ether Cores of any type won't 
       work (altough it'll be wasted if you use it), nor a Union Core can bring you 
       into SoD. Aside from dying or surviving, another way to exit is to quit the 
       game. This hint might be handy if you need to go away from keyboard, since 
       staying in there without doing a thing will mostly probably result in death 
       in later rounds.
       The basic purpose of SoD is to score points. Each monster you kill, you'll 
       get some points, and tougher the monster is, more points it'll give. If you 
       survive until the end, those points will be converted in gold. Also, you 
       keep any item monsters drop and you pick-up, so you may end up with a nice 
       upgrade and/or more money from its sale as well. Each monster will award an 
       ammount of points equal to 10% of monster XP (total, not discounted even if 
       you have more than 10 levels of difference to the monster, so, if you kill a 
       Rabie, even at level 62 you'll get 11 points as everyone else would).
       SoD consists in 7 rounds, plus an extra 8th round if someone is currently 
       with 50000 points or more by the end of 7th round. A window will pop-up when 
       each new round begins.
       As soon as round 1 begins, you may try killing monsters to sum up points. 
       The current ammount you have will be shown every time you kill a monster.
       Monsters will award regular XP, so this is a valid method for levelling up, 
       altough not a very good one since you either can kill everything and will be 
       just losing time in the first rounds, or you'll be unable to kill a thing at 
       later rounds and will be just running at that time, or worst, die and lose 
       what you'd usually do in a regular death.
       You may party up within SoD as you'd do in any other place, but this won't 
       affect your score, just XP and other party benefits.
       Also, you can use Monster Crystals as well, but you won't award any points 
       for its kills, just the usual 50% XP.
       Finally, but worth mention, is that monsters won't drop any potions. So, 
       pack up at Merchant first, or you may regret later.
    -= 4.0: IN-DEPTH SOD =-
       Knowing SoD better is a good way to increase your score and success rate.
    4.1: SoD Duration
       First basic of knowing SoD is how much it lasts. If you don't clock it, the 
       round 7 will end when it's already night. If you go thru round 8, it'll end 
       just some seconds before dawn.
       An interesting thing I noticed is that round duration is not equal nor 
       fixed. The info below can be a bit off, but it's kind of (in 
       minutes:seconds) :
    - Round 1: From 0:00 to 1:25~1:40
    - Round 2: Ends at 3:05~3:20 (of course, it begins when the previous round end 
    - Round 3: Ends at 4:40~4:50
    - Round 4: Ends at 7:10 (from here the endtime will be fixed)
    - Round 5: Ends at 9:30
    - Round 6: Ends at 11:55
    - Round 7: Ends at 14:20
    - Round 8: Ends at 17:00
       A good way to keep track of it is use a stopwatch as soon as Round 1 begins. 
       You can also program your music player with musics that have that duration 
       (a bit misleading for the first 3 rounds, but those are easy rounds anyway) 
       and put it to play as soon as it begins, so each track ending will means 
       that the round is ending too.
    4.2: SoD Monsters
       Well, this is, obvisiouly important. If you can know beforehand what you'll 
       face, you can prepare better for each round, or plainly avoid SoD until you 
       know you can take care of those.
       As soon as a round begins, monsters will spawn non-stop. There's a maximum 
       ammount of 35 them at a single time (total monsters, not per each type), but 
       as you kill them, more appear. After the round ends, all its monsters will 
       instantly die (but not summing points for anyone, of course), so there'll be 
       no left-overs for the next round.
       Just for info completion sake, as mostly will already figure this even 
       before entering SoD, each new round will bring tougher monsters. Each round 
       will bring a new batch of monsters, but there are only 3 variants, and 
       simply observing which monsters came on Round 1, you can tell what will come 
       on the next rounds. I'll list them in a way that you'll know that if 
       monsters of the first group (first line of the Round 1 listings) came on 
       round 1 (Doral, Imp and Minigue), on round 2 will have monsters from the 
       first group (first line of the Round 2 listings) again (Plant, Skeleton and 
       Anyway, here's the list:
    - Round 1: [Doral, Imp, Minigue],
               [North Goblin, Egan, Rabie],
               [Hobgoblin, Imp, Mutant Plant]
    - Round 2: [Plant, Skeleton, Mephit],
               [Bee Dog, Corrupt, Mutant Rabbit],
               [Planty, Skeleton, Mephit]
    - Round 3: [Scorpion, Cockrice, Zombie],
               [Devilish Tree, Zombie, Mephit],
               [Ghoul, Cockrice, Scorpion]
    - Round 4: [Mutant Tree, Cyclops, Skeleton Archer, Decoy],
               [Bargon, Leech, Skeleton Archer, Cyclops],
               [Mighty Goblin, Skeleton Archer, Cyclops, Decoy]
    - Round 5: [Crypt, Buma, Bargon, Mighty Goblin],
               [Skeleton Warrior, Buma, Decoy, Sandlam, Bargon],
               [Griven, Bargon, Buma, Cyclops Knight]
    - Round 6: [Griven, Skeleton Ranger, Bargon, Head Cutter, Sandlam],
               [Avelisk-S, Skeleton Ranger, Titan, Mighty Goblin],
               [Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Ranger, Titan, Bargon]
    - Round 7: [Slaughter, Figon, Stone Giant, Sliver],
               [Dawlin, Head Cutter, Avelisk Lord, Web],
               [Skeleton Knight, Web, Illusion Knight, Naz]
    - Round 8: [Hellsing, Mummy, Dawlin, Web, Head Cutter, King Hopy],
               [Bloody Rose, Hulk, Illusion Knight, Naz, King Hopy]
               [Vermum Actarun, Figon, Avelisk-S, Avelisk-L]
    4.3: SoD Ranking
       It's possible that ranking on SoD is enabled at PT website. If so, you can 
       see a lot of info on how well people do in SoD.
       You can see people with the top 100 highest scores, average scores, monster 
       kills, percentage of kills. And with clan enabled you can also see the top 
       100 clans in highest points and accumulated points, and you can see the 
       "clan heroes" (either all the clan members that were in the highest score or 
       the top 5 people with more accumulated points).
       Highest Scores is pretty simple, it shows the highest score attained in 
       ammount of points for each character (so, no character will be listed twice).
       Average Scores will show the average points of all your successful SoDs.
       Monster Kills is simply how many monsters you killed at in a given SoD and 
       works pretty much like Highest Scores.
       Percentage of Kills is a comparative between a character and everyone else 
       who was in that SoD. If one goes alone, it'll get a 100% score, but if I go 
       in together with 4 more people and kill 150 monsters while the total sum of 
       all the rest was 50, I'll score 300%. Based on that, the list will display 
       only the best score for each character, like in Highest Scores.
       Highest Clan Score will simply give the best sum of points in a single SoD 
       for a clan (you need to have at least 3 clan members surviving to get a 
       score). If 10 characters of the same clan go in and each score 30000 points, 
       total score will be 300000. Only the best score for each clan will be listed.
       Finally, Accumulated Points will show how many points all the clan members 
       have accumulated so far. Those will take in account only points scored for 
       someone who was in the clan when went in SoD, so if someone leaves or join 
       the clan, it won't lose or gain points.
       The cool thing is that there are some options to filter around. The default 
       is to include characters from all classes, levels and servers, but you can 
       filter it in a way so you can see only the scores for lv6X Atalantas that 
       play in a particular server. But in clan rankings you can only filter by 
       server. All the rankings are monthly, and you can see how it was in each 
       month. Of course, at each new month, the rankings will begin from the zero.
    -= 5.0: SOD STRATEGIES =-
       Aside from the rules enforced by SoD itself, usually there are no rules into 
       it. That means no one will avoid KSing and anyone will try to get a good 
       item if in ground. So, unless you happen to be alone, you'll need to take 
       the extra people in consideration.
       I don't know that much detail about tier 3 Skills since I'm not into KPT, so 
       I'll only mention a thing or two about it and won't go into detailed info.
    5.1: Solo Strategies
       But let's begin the easy and most improbably way. If you happen to be all 
       alone, then you can use your usual solo strategies.
       SoD is just like a big hellspawn, and by big, I mean one you won't see in 
       any other place. So, no matter how well you play or how high level you are, 
       usually the best scorers are the classes with ability to cause area damage. 
       As far as tier 2 Skills go, the best ones are Pikemen and Knights, followed 
       by Magicians, Archers and Priestesses; of course, classes like Atalanta, 
       Fighter and Mechanician have quite limited scores due the lack to cause 
       decent area damage. With tier 3 Skills, things so far are showing that best 
       classes for SoD now are Archers and Magicians, but with new skills, everyone 
       can do better scores, specially Atalantas.
       Pikemen and Knights tend to do the same thing, gather the most number of 
       manageable monsters around them then being to spam their area Skills 
       (usually, in tier 2, Tornado for Pikemen and Brandish for Knights). If 
       there's just few monsters, then do regular attacks to save mana.
       Magicians and Archers just try to gather the monsters in a pack and do their 
       best at some distance (with Watornado/Fireball and Arrow of Rage, 
       respectively). With Watornado, Magicians actually don't need monsters to be 
       in a so tight pack, so they can hit more monsters at a time by running in a 
       straight line and stopping to cast some Watornados in pursuers.
       Priestesses works a bit like Magicians and Archers, except they just need to 
       gather as many monsters as they have bolts in Divine Lightning. Avoid 
       casting DL with less monsters than your maximum for optimal use of 
       mana/stamina. Also, Holy Reflection may help, specially in round 4 and 6, 
       where there are ranged undeads.
       Fighters, Mechanicians and Atalantas don't have much to do. Just keep 
       attacking a single enemy until it's dead, as you'd do in any other place. 
       The difference is that monsters will crowd the place. With a Fighter, you 
       can try using Roar if things begin to become nasty, while an Atalanta can 
       Shield Strike. Other than that, you may try attack Skills for monsters you 
       want dead quickly.
       Now, for the desperation time... as far as I know, no single character can 
       handle all the monsters alone at later rounds (at least, not smoothly), so 
       you may decide that it's time to save your skin and keep your current 
       points, so... RUN! It's a common measure for people who can't take the heat 
       (sometimes, literally) of a given round just to run around until the round 
       is over. Usually, the best way is just run around the place, trying to be 
       close to the wall for a longer course and keeping all monsters in a single 
       place (running after you). You don't need to run all the time, tough. You 
       can take small stops so the monsters can close a bit, so you won't risk 
       monsters staying in one place and, when you complete one lap, he's right in 
       front of you, while the rest is coming from behind.
       But you don't need to just run when you cannot fight the whole mob. Since 
       rangers are usually going to hit you sooner or later and they tend to stop 
       since they try to attack you from far when you're within reach, sometimes 
       they are alone in a place when you already have some distance from the rest, 
       so you can try to employ your best damage attack on it to try to kill it at 
       once, or at least weaken it for the next stop. It's common Fighters running 
       on Round 7 stop to do an Impact on a lone Web, so it won't bother anymore 
       and will give extra points.
       Also, for those with ranged area attacks, it could be handy to cast this 
       attack when you have some distance from the monsters, so you can slowly kill 
       the closed monsters. A Priestess excels at this since they don't need to aim 
       nor turn around to attack with their Divine Lightning, altough a Magician or 
       Archer won't be bad either.
    5.2: Strategy With Extra People Around
       This isn't very different from fighting solo. You still need to employ your 
       best area attacks to do well, but other people will be trying this too.
       At the first rounds, since even low levels usually can handle the monsters, 
       you won't be able to gather monsters as you please, so Archers, Knights and 
       Pikemen will either avoid doing area attacks or simply avoid doing it too 
       much, since there's no need anyway. Even classes with more MP like Magicians 
       and Priestesses may decide using their area skills a lot isn't worth the 
       trouble, altough Priestesses have a slightly better time with this since DL 
       is auto-target, so they can hit monsters on different directions, a common 
       scenario when there's a lot of people. The rest can do as usual, the 
       difference is that monsters won't gang up on you so much, and you might get 
       At later rounds (usually from 4th), low level people are more likely to die 
       (due Skeleton Archers) or run. This will leave serious players with more 
       monsters to kill, but running people can be troubleful since you can be 
       fighting a pack and the someone lures another group onto you from another 
       direction, so keep warned if you cannot tank that round very well. Some 
       people that are too annoyed by low level people presence may try to gather a 
       group of ranged monsters and lure in the way of the low level character, so 
       she'd end up killed.
       As for higher level people, even without a party, Fighters and Mechanicians 
       will tend to tank monsters, even if not exactly for other people, but they 
       end up doing this since monsters usually keep coming in a higher rate than 
       they can kill. Tankers like that usually don't mind much to be KSed a bit, 
       since the monster being attack will probably die by their hand and the rest 
       will be weakened, so they'll need fewer hits to die, plus you end up losing 
       less potions. Pikemen and Knight might be bugged by this since they usually 
       want to be surrounded by many enemies, but consider you'd need to do less 
       special attacks to kill part of the monsters. As for ranged characters, they 
       can enjoy the benefit of not being pursued and make their attacks non-stop.
       If you need to run at some points, the basic is the same from solo, but 
       you'll need to take extra care. First, the monsters won't be all after you, 
       which can be good and bad at same time.
       The good point is that if you are caught by ranged mobs, at least there'll 
       be less attacking you.
       The bad side is that the mob flow will be disrupted. You cannot conduct them 
       in your pace. You may run into another group, or people who are running in a 
       oposite direction can bring monsters over you. Either way, you may find it's 
       better to take a detour, or you can also try to get past thru it, if the mob 
       is already doing some attacks, since those probably won't hit you and the 
       passage can be harmless.
       You can try to follow the flow and change your running direction to match 
       the rest, so monsters may end up in a single pack and will be easier to 
    5.3: Party Strategies
       Actually, there's nothing much to tell about this. If you follow the solo 
       and "strategy with extra people around" hints and also do the usual party 
       formation, chances are the things will go smoothly.
       Of course, since there are so many monsters, tankers may consider to stop 
       attacking and just use potions, since they'd still get the XP and would risk 
       less (because you won't need to wait the attack to end before using a 
       potion). Some in more extreme situations just use potions non-stop, since 
       not doing it would mean death.
       If monsters are accumulating and getting around the tankers, then the best 
       place to be is one of the corners. There it'll be easier for avoiding 
       monsters getting around the tankers and ranged characters can do their work 
       If things begin to turn bad, you can always run as well.
       As a party, altough, you can use some colective strategy (altough even 
       caring people outside the party can do those as well). First, you should 
       agree in a single direction to run. Also, there's the option for one 
       character keep luring most of the monsters away while the rest deal with 
       single monsters or small groups in another part of the arena.
       When running, tankers can also be nice and run behind the rest or in the 
       inner part of the "track", so they could tank a few hits. Ranged characters 
       can also work with tankers so the later do small stops while the former do 
       some ranged attacks. This way, you could end up with some extra kills.
       Finally, if everyone do their best one shot at that Web or Figon astray from 
       the pack, it would end up killed, and that would end up helping a lot.
    -= 6.0: EXTRAS
       This section will be used for things like the dictionary, which isn't fitted 
       to other sections. Altough things here are more optional in benefit than 
       other sections, it's still recomended that you take a time to read this.
    6.1: Terminology Dictionary
       Just for reference about some terms used in FAQ that are a bit particular to 
       online games or PT.
       DL - Divine Lightning
       EPT - English Priston Tale.
       FB - Fireball
       GMT - If you don't know what this is, you skipped your geography class and 
       should be studying, not fooling around in an online game. I refuse to 
       explain this in a FAQ. :P
       Hellspawn - A place where spawns a lot of monsters at a fast rate.
       KPT - Korean Priston Tale.
       KS - 1. Kill steal. Act of killing a monster which is currently being 
       handled by another character/party, either by being already attacked, 
       attacking someone else or simply is in an area handled by another 
       Kser - Kill stealer. Someone who KSes.
       NPC - Character controlled by computer. Usually said referring to those 
       computer characters who buy/sell itens.
       TPT - Thailand Priston Tale.
       WT - Watornado
    6.2: Hints and tips
       Just general hints and tips that might be useful.
    - Try to buy a lot of healing and stamina potions. SoD isn't your regular 
    spawn, where you don't need to use so many of them and can choose to go back to 
    the city anytime you want.
    - If you can, try to gather some mana potions before coming here. Unless you 
    absolutely has no attack skills worth mention, you'll want to spam some of 
    those, plus depleting your mana quickly. Unless you're a Magician with decent 
    Agony level, of course.
    - Again, avoid coming into SoD if you don't have the ability to keep attacking 
    at most of the round and don't want to loot or know how it is firsthand. At a 
    regular spawn for your level, you'd probably get more XP (since you can 
    actually keep killing monsters), money (since you don't need to pay for an 
    entrance fee and you'd also get items to drop) and risk less (since it would be 
    easier to not get killed, so no loss of XP or gold). And you'd not annoy people 
    who are there to actually try it more seriously.
    - Don't be greedy. If you cannot take on the monsters, run. You usually have 
    more to lose than to win on times like this.
    - Unless you want to party, I'd advise to not go much into it if you don't have 
    decent area damage skills. With the time and resources wasted, you'd probably 
    get more at a regular spawn over the same time. But if you intend to party, 
    then it's ok, because at least XP will be fast and it's not hard to party in 
    SoD if you have a decent level.
    - If you don't have mana potions and depend too much on attack skills, try to 
    wait for MP to regen a bit when the round is near the end or has just began. 
    When the round is near end, chances are some attacks will be wasted in monsters 
    that will vanish before you can kill them, and in the beginning monsters are 
    still spawning (for area damage skills, that's it). Also, try to do some 
    regular attacks while waiting for the bar to fill up, you may end up killing 
    some monsters and earning extra points.
    - Try to gather some itens, even if they're not good enough for selling to 
    another players for a large sum or work as upgrade for you. With a good ammount 
    of them, you can make an extra money, or at least recover some money in case of 
    dying in SoD.
    - If there are too many people waiting to enter SoD, try to keep around where 
    the NPC will appear and act fast, so you can ensure your participation. But 
    don't forget to sell any previous loot and restock on potions.
    - Sometimes, it happens to some character be struck by SoD bug. Money is paid, 
    character is teleported in kinda like the usual. But will not be targeted by 
    monsters and won't be able to score points. Nor that character will be able to 
    exit SoD when it ends or by coring (logging off is the only way). So, if you 
    get that problem and wants to exit, just quit the game and log in again.
    6.3: Links to useful sites
       There are a lot of useful places on the web to visit for more PT info or 
       options. Some of those places are listed below:
    - Official Priston Tale site ( http://www.pristontale.com/ )
       Here you'll be able to register for an account, download the game, read 
       official announcements, get a lot of info and so on. Try to check this place 
       at least sometimes. Also, an usually neglected section by users is their 
       Guide section, which brings a lot of useful info.
    - Thai Priston Tale site ( http://www.pristontale.in.th/ )
       Because there's no link to TPT in the official PT portal, I'm posting this 
       link here.
    - Valhallan Sentinels ( http://atalanta.arthmoor.com/ )
       Home for this great Atalantas-only clan. You'll find a lot of useful hints 
       in the Strategies Section, and the Trade Section would be a good place to 
       buy or sell Atalanta Spec. equipment.
    - PTProphecy ( http://www.ptprophecy.com/ )
       Probably the biggest community for EPT, but they also have nice TPT foruns 
       where the official language is english, not thai. Apart from the strategy 
       one (which is universal), there's one exclusively for TPT talk and another 
       for TPT item trading.
    - PTXChange ( http://www.pttrade.net/ )
       Another nice place to visit. Similar in content and use as PTProphecy. 
       Altough they have less members, their trade section is more well organized, 
       so you may find this a good place to buy and sell itens.
    - PT Guide ( http://www.ptguide.net/ )
       Very good site for info on the game and all classes. Brings Skills tables 
       for all classes, equipment listing and much more!
    - GameFAQs ( http://www.gamefaqs.com/ )
       A great database for game faqs. Probably the main place where this FAQ will 
       be hosted.
    - NeoSeeker ( http://www.neoseeker.com/ )
       Another place with guides and reviews. Another place where this FAQ will be 
    6.4: Special thanks
       I'd like to thank, first and foremost, Quintana for giving me my current TPT 
       account. Most of the info gathered about this was in TPT, and the account 
       came with a lv18 Priestess with the same name, which I could use as a good 
       starting point. This spared me the trouble to go after a TPT account (at the 
       time, it was closed beta), then go after the 24h play (because registrations 
       in open beta open to foreigners needed an extra step to play also in the 
       curfew time) and go thru 18 levels of non-DL Priestess. This way I just 
       needed to get 5 more levels and begin to DL over and over for fast 
       levelling. I could not have the will to go thru all that trouble by myself, 
       and this FAQ wouldn't be out now.
       I'd also like to thank the cool people at TPT, either the ones who just 
       chatted with me, gave away itens to me (you know, being around in the town 
       to put some money at Warehouse and sudenlly receive a request trade only to 
       know that some Magician wanted to give me a good PRS Dark Moon is nice ^_^), 
       partied with me (even tough I prefer to solo in most occasions, it's nice to 
       party up sometimes, even with lower level people), entered in the Einhejars 
       clan (it is nice to have a clan again after the one I entered before 
       disbanded, and now I get to know how it's to create and manage one), sold me 
       stuff I needed (upgrades are always nice ;)) and interacted with me (helping 
       to keep alive my interest on TPT).
       EPT is also getting some thanks, at least for this FAQ, since they don't SoD 
       yet, I wouldn't see it so soon. But since the servers are lately lagging so 
       much, it made me to spent more time on TPT. :P
       New_Satan get thanks too, because he was the main responsible for most 
       non-Thai TPT players getting into the game.
       DisVirginator, CaringAngelEX, Raptaur and others for helping 
       correcting/adding info on this guide.
       Finally, I'd like to thank those people who went into SoD together with me 
       to really struggle. I won't be able to list everyone I'd like to thank, but 
       I'll list those who were more frequently with me, so don't feel unthanked if 
       not listed, you know you deserve if you deserve. :D This includes Demonio, 
       Rosetto, NanaideaC0m, Moskipi, VanTino, Microbiologist, ^DivinE_HelP^, 
       WITHE-GANDALF, Gon^^, Maximise, Thaysashy and many others. You people really 
       helped me enjoy the SoD more.
    (c) 2004, Rodrigo Ishizaka Ciarlini

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