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Reviewed: 12/23/02 | Updated: 12/23/02

What an X-treme Change........

After you brought this game and get yourself starting on this game, take concern of my two advices that I need to tell you: Firstly, like Bobo the Clown said, it's extremely stupid, secondly, prepare to face the game which has one of the most, if not, nearly one of the most H-scene game that I've ever played so far, and it's not good in storyline and scene, and it's stupid. But of course, not all of them......Some of the H-scene were good, only a few of them, of course, if you really played them you'll know why I would choose not to play that game in the first place....*cries.....

When you are in a chemistry room where your bossy chemistry president ask you to take some chemicals (probably for some experimental purposes) out of the cabinet, you were naughty and accidentally spilled the chemicals in you, causing you to have a chemical effect after you were done with the things you need to do for chemistry club. When you got home, you turned into a woman......yeah, what an extreme change.

You were shocked, but you were enjoying being as a woman! being doing those ''things'' to yourself straight after you've changed into a woman, I don't see any interesting point to the next story but only knew ''I can see many H-scene after he became a ''she''. *clicks clicks, see? I knew it!'' I don't want to talk more on story anymore, scared that I'll spoil it immediately......(overall it's a below averaged story. but doesn't mean all of this game's storyline is bad, some of them were quite good, which one? figure it out yourself.)

But overall, What you can know is, Multiple endings depends on which decision after you met one of the three teachers, and led yourself into different endings. So it has a little of gameplay in it. Not much, but you'll ''enjoy'' it. or maybe not.......

Sound is best to be turned off, and let yourself listen to other soundtracks, preferably Mp3's. It'll make you feel better.

After you finish the game, unsatisfied with the ending you got? Replay it, and try various endings, and I can see only the best ending, and the triggered scene to have the best ending, had the best scene (as well as had the most normal scene) that I can see from this game. Other endings screwed up the whole game, and I never see those H-scene in my life ever (that's until I've played it)! Probably Peach Princess (the company) tried some new things inside it huh? But sadly, they need to improve it.

What I can think of the Artwork and Graphic is: Graphic is good, but Artwork may need some refinement. Not all the artworks pleased me, and the proportion of the human body doesn't seem to be right for me. Character designs were ok, and the design of the characters were quite fine. Overall it scored pretty quite a marks from it.

I rather prefer healthier, a more normal H-scene, rather than seeing those ''screwed-up'' H-scene

Overall, It's below average, the only good point is the CG and some of the storyline is good in some sense, others were pretty down to the bottom. Hope they can fix those problems in X-Change 2

Not satisfied with me? Try and play it, if you still think this game is good and disagreed with me, I rather suggest you play True Love '95, you'll get better results of collecting Anime games. Try not to e-mail me and flame me, because whatever games you've played, try to have YOUR own opinion. (But your purchase of X-Change can be kept into your game library, so don't be sad or angry, this game is not entirely bad, dude)

Well, it's likely you'll brace yourself, and prepare to face quite a lot of cons. of the game~ it's not for teasing you, but it's an advice for you. Again, play it at your own risk. 4 marks is a pretty appropriate marks that I can give for this game....Any questions?

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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