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FAQ by Davzz

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/01/2006
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Copyright (c) 2002 Davzz. (Contact info at bottom of Faq)

Do not sell this Faq or edit it by removing my name from it.
Do not post it on any other website without my permission. 
Do not incorporate any part of this FAQ into your own guide
without obtaining my express written permission.

X-Change (c) and all related materials translated by Peach
Princess and belongs to Crowd.


 1.  History
 2.  Walkthrough 

 3.  Hex Editing

 4.  Misc

 5.  Contact info


Version 1.1
(The only real update here is really a global e-mail address 
change, if you've sent an e-mail to the old address between this 
update and the last update, it probably went poof)
(My crappy very first FAQ, this was quite a blast from the past,
looking back of it, I don't know why I tried to made sense of
the nonsensical choices of this game.)


Version 1.0


This walkthrough includes path to get all endings and 
reasonings behind the choices. 

Reasonings behind the choices are given so that you can learn the 
skill in playing h-games. 

To put it simply, the way to get a best ending in a h-game is to 
have a knowledge of cause and effect. (using this method, I 
got the best ending in my first try through this game, pretty good eh?) 

This faq also has optimal saving point locations and also how to get all the 
CG in as few replays as possible.

Effects of choices

1."about teachers"
"morning's dream"
"just sleep"

This is a "choose choice until it loops, then choose another,
then go back to the old choices until you progress" kind of 
choice, and I'll be listing them as (repeat choice)s. These 
make no difference in the route you will take in the game.

2."lower shelf"
"middle shelf"
"higher shelf"

Repeat choice

3."wash beaker"
"wash test tube"
"wash flask"

Repeat choice.

4."It's a trick!"
"It's a mistake"
"Examine further."

Repeat choice (Bored? Don't worry, last one... for now) 
H-scene with... yourself.

5."Enough for today" (Better stop in case someone walks in)
"One more time" (It would be a shame to waste the oppurtunity)

One more time gives you a h-scene with Natsumi, enough for
today just progresses with the plot. Regardless of your
choice, no change in endings.

6."look around"
"think about situation

repeat choice (not again)

7."Talk to Nurse Matsunaga" (Nurses should know about sickness)

-> H-scene with her. To Bad End # 6 (on the other hand,
do you trust a nurse with a horny streak?)
" ''  '' Miyagi sensei" (He understands you well)

" ''  '' Mr Terada" (He's your PE teacher, might as well explain to him)

-> H-scene with him. To Bad End # 5 (He's also a dirty old pervert 
and he doesn't like you and vice versa)

If you choose Nurse Matsunaga or Mr Terada, regardless of your 
other choices, you will get an ending with them, choose Miyagi-sensei
to progress through the game.

8."Restrain yourself" (She's helping you find a cure, better not try it)
"Go for it" (Can't resist...)

-> To Bad End #3 (You could at least show a bit of self-control...)

If you chose "Go for it", you'll get a h-scene, however, you will not 
get to choose what medicine to drink (only green) in a later choice
and will get bad end #3, choose "Restrain yourself" to continue

9."Look around the bus"
"Get off the bus"

Repeat choice.

10."letter with picture of sea"
"  ''    ''    ''    '' penguin"
"pink letter"

Repeat choice

11."agree to model" (Miyagi sensei has been really kind to you...)

--> To Bad End #4 (on the other hand, you have to pose nude, and
even since this isn't the unreal pure and holy world that most games 
are set in...)

"apologize" (You're really curious about the letter, and Miyagi 
sensei will understand)

12."go to sister's room" (Better do what she says or 
she might try something)

-> h-scene and go to B.

"don't go to sister's room" (Better not, you have a bad 
feeling about this)

-> Skip the next choice. H-scene with Natsumi

13."cry out for help" (I can't let him have his way...)

-> To bad end #7 (since you are a stepchild, you're more likely 
to be misunderstood...)

"give up and endure" (can't blow the whole thing up and make it worse)

-> H-scene with Seiji

14."go to art room" (you should repay Miyagi sensei 
for his kindness...)

-> To Bad End #4 (same as above)

"Go to chemistry room" (you really want to be cured, and you 
can repay his kindness if it's not done yet anyway.)

15."Look at green medicine"
" ''  '' red      ''   "

repeat choice

16."Drink green medicine" (Well, she said they are both the same...)

-> Bad end #3 (It looks like melon syrup in dirty water, geez. 
Considering Satoh's personality you should know she's 
up to something...)

" ''   red      ''   " (It smells and looks better)

If you did not restrain yourself earlier, you will only 
have the green medicine to drink.

17."choose Satoh-san"

-> To good ending #2

"don't choose Satoh-san"

-> h-scene with Asuka. To true ending #1 (This is the ending that 
X-change 2 continues on, so if you have only want to watch one 
ending, watch this one)

This isn't a trick question, choose the girl you want.

Be sure to wait for the credits to end and click on the 
Peach Princess/Crowd banner for an epilogue for these two endings.

Getting 100% CG, in as few replays as possible and optimal save points

Choice 5: 

Choose "one more time". Save the game after h-scene with Natsumi for 2 
CG that is not in the CG gallery (explaining to Asuka and your parents.)

Choice 7:

Save. Choose Nurse, play until end, reload, choose Mr.Terada, repeat.
Choose Miyagi sensei and continue.

Choice 8:

Save and "Go for it" to get the CG, then load. Choose "Restrain yourself"

Choice 11:

Save and "agree to model" for the CG. Load and Choose "apologize"

Choice 12:

Save. "Go to sister's room", load. "Don't go to sister's room" then 
"cry out for help". Reload and choose "give up and endure".

Choice 14:

"Go to art room" gives you the same CG as in Choice 11, so just choose
"Go to chemistry labs".

Choice 16:

Save and drink green medicine. Load and then drink the red one.

Choice 17:

Save and choose one, then load and choose the other.

There you have it, 100% CG!

Step by step walkthrough for each ending.

Ending #1 (True End)

You return to normal and fall in love with Asuka blah blah.

"Enough for today" OR "One more time."
"Talk to Miyagi-sensai."
"Restrain yourself."
"Go to sister's room OR "Don’t go to sister’s room." AND
"Give up and endure."
"Go to chemistry room."
"Red medicine."
"Don’t choose Satoh-san."

Ending #2 (Good End)

You return to normal and fall in love with Satoh blah blah.

"Enough for today" OR "One more time."
"Talk to Miyagi-sensai."
"Restrain yourself."
"Go to sister's room OR "Don’t go to sister’s room." AND
"Give up and endure."
"Go to chemistry room."
"Red medicine."
"Choose Satoh-san."

(Yes, I copied and pasted from above and changed the last 
sentence. I'm a lazy bum.)

Ending #3 (Bad end)

You drink the wrong potion (or only have that potion because
of your lack of self-control) and become a hermaphrodite and
become Satoh's (naughty word) slave. (geez, that devious devil)

"Enough for today" OR "One more time."
"Talk to Miyagi-sensai."
"Restrain yourself." OR "Go for it"
"Go to sister's room OR "Don’t go to sister’s room." AND
"Give up and endure."
"Go to chemistry room."
"Green medicine."

Ending #4 (bad end)

You agree to model but get gang-(the sound that a gun makes 
when it fires)ed by the art students, you decide not to turn 
back because because your feminine side has been awakened 
blah blah something.

"Enough for today" OR "One more time."
"Talk to Miyagi-sensai."
"Restrain yourself." OR "Go for it"
"Agree to model."

If you choose "Apologize', THEN

"Go to sister's room OR "Don’t go to sister’s room." AND
"Give up and endure."
"Go to art room."

Ending #5 (bad end)

Mr Terada (takes advantage of) you and you get caught.
Rumors start to spread and your reputation is ruined, Satoh
stops working on your cure and you end up as his woman.

"Enough for today" OR "One more time."
"Talk to Mr.Terada"

Regardless of your other choices, you will receive this ending
on the 4th day

Ending #6 (bad end)

Nurse and then some other students (take advantage of) you
and you decide not to turn back because your feminine side is
awakened and it's better lalala... you get the idea.

"Enough for today" OR "One more time."
"Talk to Nurse Matsunaga"

Regardless of your other choices, you will recieve this ending
on your 4th day.

Ending #7 (bad end)

You scream. Natsumi walks in on you and Seiji and everybody
misunderstands the situation. Even though you are turned
back into a male, you are still hated because of all the rumors.

"Enough for today" OR "One more time."
Talk to anyone you want
"Restrain yourself." OR "Go for it"
"Don’t go to sister’s room."
"Cry out for help"


Are you a lazy (expletive) who can't even play the game a few times 
just to get all the CG? Well I've got the solution for you! All you
need is a hex editor(I recommend HHD Hex Editor) and some basic 
knowlege of Hex editing!

Open up C:\Windows\Xchange.dat (why does it save the CG data in that folder?)

The CG flags are stored from address 1168 to 11B7, just set the value to 00
(for off) or 01 (for on), so if you wanted 100% CG, just set them all to 01

... or you can just download a cg patch which is very common for 
these kind of games and save yourself the trouble.

4. Misc

Q1: Can I avoid the bus scenes? They're sick!

A: Nope, sorry, these is one of the weak points of this game, 
events that you MUST see each time you play the game.

Q2. Where can I get this game?

A: Peach Princess (www.peachprincess.com) has plenty in stock and can 
probably offer you the best prices, since they're the translators. If 
you're asking for the Japanese version... eh, I don't see why you would 
want that, but try shop.himeya.com.

Q3. Why should I buy this game instead of others?

A: For the interesting gender changing theme of the game, especially if
you're a fan of Ranma 1/2. Also it's the cheapest, and if you are planning
to buy X-change 2 (which according to my sources, is supposed to have fixed
many of the thing people disliked in this X-change game), you might need to
know the characters by playing the first game.

Contact info

You can e-mail me at Davzz666@gmail.com if you have anything to add to the 
faq. Please make sure the e-mail subject is something along the lines of
"[X-change FAQ]" in brackets for easy categorization or it may be deleted 
among the spam.

Faq copyright (c) Davzz 2002. X-Change (c) by Crowd

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