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Hurtling through the turn, you lock-on to the lead car and fire. In less than a second, your Falcon missile slams into the target and explodes in a ball of fire. You smile to yourself--he was a good assassin, but a lousy driver. Instantly, your radar detects a terminator bearing down on your exhaust. You swerve, but it's too late. Another small mistake ends a brief career on the Death Track--yours.
In the Hot Seat
Race through hairpin curves and over monster jumps on 10 tracks in 10 cities. 3D solid graphics, true up and down motion and realistic explosions.
Muscle Cars That Pack A Punch.
It's a jet fighter on wheels. Soup it up with a custom trans, airfoils, super-charged engine, then arm it to the teeth.
They've never been to the DMV.
America's most wanted are on the circuit, with a colorful rap sheet and plenty of ways to knock you out.
Payload Equals Payback.
Take your blood money to the armory and restock your arsenal with missiles, mines, and ram spikes.

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