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Guide and Walkthrough by joe042293

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 08/19/2006

               _______ _______ _______ _______  ______ _ _______ 
              (_______|_______|_______|_______)/ _____) (_______)
               _______ _  _  _ _     _ _____  ( (____ | |_______ 
              |  ___  | ||_|| | |   | |  ___)  \____ \| |  ___  |
              | |   | | |   | | |   | | |_____ _____) ) | |   | |
              |_|   |_|_|   |_|_|   |_|_______|______/|_|_|   |_|

CREATED 19/08/06
CONTACT ME AT joe_042293@hotmail.com

+============== 0 - Contents ==============+

0......................... Contents

1......................... Version History

2......................... Introduction

3......................... Walkthrough *incomplete*

4......................... Word List *coming soon*

4a........................ Verbs *coming soon*
4b........................ Nouns *coming soon*
4c........................ Other *coming soon*

5......................... Secrets & Things of Interest *coming soon*

6......................... Closing Thoughts

6a........................ Legal
6b........................ Thanks

+=========== 1 - Version History ===========+

V1.0 - 15/08/05


Closing Thoughts
Half of the main walkthrough

Coming Soon:

Rest of main walkthrough
Word List
Secrets & Things of Interest

+============ 2 - Introduction ============+

Hello, and welcome to my FIRST EVER general walkthough! Yay!

Right, well yeah. It's my second actual FAQ because I did an in-depth one in
2005 on the "Driving Games" section of a great game on PS2 called Stuntman.
Coincidentially, I completed the first version of that FAQ almost exactly
one year ago (1 year, 4 days). Spooky. Arrrggghhh!!!

Anyway. Amnesia, or Thomas M. Disch's Amnesia if you like saying the full name,
is a text adventure game made by Cognetics Corporation, written by the writer
Thomas M. Disch, and programmed by Charles Kreitzberg and Kevin Bentley using
the King Edward Adventure game authoring system. The game was acquired and
produced by Don Daglow and published by EA in 1986 for the Commodore 64,
Apple II and PC.

It's a very immersive game in my opinion, and has the ironic and rich writing
style of Thomas Disch. It's also, I think, one of the first ever sim games, in
that you can run rampant through New York, begging, eating and sleeping.

Well, this FAQ contains a walkthrough for the game, and will have a word list
and Secrets section very soon.

I'm never any good at ending intros. I always say "get to it!" and sound older
than I actually am...

Itchy. Tasty. That'll do.

+============ 3 - Walkthrough ============+

+=ROOM 1502=+

Follow the instructions that came with the game and the on-screen instructions
until you find yourself faced with the prompt:

What YOU do is...

At which point you should type in "get up".

At this point, you'll be asked a few questions about your appearance. Whatever
you type in, the appearance will be the opposite. So pick what you like. :)

When you're done, you'll be given a brief description of the room.

Now, your first job will be to find clothes. So that's what we'll do.

Take the bible and the key by typing "take key" followed by "take bible".

At this point type "wear sheet" and you will wear the sheet on your bed.

Now you can either enter the bathroom or leave the room. In the bathroom is a
shower, toilet and sink, all of which you can use if you like. There is also a
towel if you would prefer to wear it. If not, just leave the room.

When you try to, the phone will ring. Answer it. Choose what you want to say,
it doesn't matter. After a while you'll be asked if you want to give the
bellboy a tip; if you want, you can, again, it doesn't really matter. When
you're done, leave the room.


From here, keep heading east towards the elevators by typing "east" or just
"e". When you reach them, type "UP". Read the little event and ignore the
bellboy's warning; type "UP" again and you'll enter the elevator.


In here, just type "PRESS PH".


Enter the health club.


Here, type "ENTER GUYS" and then enter the sauna. Read this long scene. When
promptes about what you're repeating, type anything. When the jailer asks you
the words, type anything, but typing "FOOD PLEASE" gives a slightly different
outcome. Then type what you want until you come to in the massage room.

When the man leaves, open the satchel and say "YES" when prompted.

+=ROOM 1502=+

Get undressed then wear the tux. Try to leave then answer the phone. Reply
as you wish to the man and then leave the room.


Say what you want then leave.


Try to leave and say no three times, then yes once. You'll wake up and
hallucinate. Eventually you can get up and leave.


Don't hang around here too long or you'll have to give up your ring to the
bellboy. Just watch the TV and then leave.


Out here you'll be asked a question; if you get it wrong you cannot continue.
Just use the street indexer that came with the game and you'll be fine. At
this point you had better save the game, so just type "SAVE GAME" and follow
the instructions. Also, make a note of the street you are on.

From here you must roam around until you find a tenement. Make note of where
it is. Enter it then enter the hall and the room on the left; go north twice
and watch the scene, then go south again and sleep here. Whenever the game
says that you are tired, return here to sleep. You should save here too. You 
can also sleep on the grass at Central Park.

When you leave, you will eventually come across a boy who will give you some
equipment to clean windscreens. You now have two ways to make money; begging
and cleaning cars. The former is easier but pays worse and can get you into
trouble with the police. You need money to ride the subway and eat. When
you are hungry, just roam around until you find a place to eat.

When you have eaten and are not tired, examine the macthbook in your inventory
and go to that address. Try to enter the club then talk to the person here.


Now you should go back to the hotel you first woke up at. Enter it and ask the
receptionist about the vault. Enter it and use the clues from the letter and
the bible you picked up earlier to work out the password.

If you can't figure it out, it's "WITH GOD". Take the disk here and leave.
Eat, find the tenement, sleep and save.


+============ 4 - Word List ============+


+============ 5 - Secrets & Things of Interest ============+


+========= 6 - Closing Thoughts =========+

+=+=+=+ LEGAL +=+=+=+

Amnesia is a registered trademark of Cognetics Corporation and Electronic Arts.

Copyright 2006 Joseph O''Donnell

No part of this guide may be edited, displayed or copied, except for private
use, without the authour's permission. If you would like a copy of this guide
on your website, contact me at joe_042293@hotmail.com.

Websites allowed to host this guide:


+=+=+=+ THANKS +=+=+=+

Special thanks go to:

Cognetics Corporation and Electronic Arts for making and publishing this
amazing game!
http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for the ASCII title!
Babelfish by Alta Vista for the little bit at the bottom of this FAQ!
CjayC for maintaining gamefaqs.com!
And you for reading!


Yeah, well bye!

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