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Guide and Walkthrough by Greenmouse

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/16/2001

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------------------The Art of Ninja Combat-----------------------

---------Budo for Pc/Dos----------
-------Version 1.1  3-19-01-------
-----By Greg Blachut A.K.A.-------
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(1)- Introduction

(2)- Story

(3)- Game controls

(4)- Gameplay
 4.1- Stars
 4.2- Villians
 4.3- Walkthrough

(5)- Version History

(6)- Copyright notice

(Note: This document looks best in wordpad, font courier, size 10)

(1)- Introduction

Budo- Art of Ninja Combat, a really old game.  This game was 
made in 1993.  Its graphics are kind of stupid, but I have found
that this is one of those games you can never forget, though.  It
runs in both Windows and Dos, but you have to install in Dos.  
If you ever see this game at like a garage sale, I suggest you buy
it.  It's still cool.  The sound, though, sounds like a gameboy.  It's
also pretty enhanced for its time because most of the evil guys 
are never in the same spot, which I will explain later. 

(2)- Story

The story is that when you were little, this kind of Ninja guy 
came to your house and with your parents permision took you 
away.  He trained you to be a ninja.  Now it's 20 years later and 
the town is overrun with evil Ninja guys.  You have been chosen 
to go through the nine different levels and rescue your town.  
It's a pretty cool plot if you think about it.

(3)- Game controls  

Left/Right arrows-  Run to the left/right

Ctrl key-  Jump

Down Arrow-  Duck

Down arrow+ctrl-  Drop from a platorm

Up arrow-  throw a magic star

Alt-  attack

Space bar-  heal (only if you have magic)

Enter-  Throw stars everywhere


(4)- Gameplay
  4.1- Stars
You can collect stars everywhere and each color is different:

Red will increase magic greatly
yellow will increase magic slightly
Pink will give you an extra life
Green will heal you

  4.2- Villians

--What Their name is--
Looks- what they look like
Weapon- what weapon they use
Hits to die- How many times you have to hit them with your
Levels in- What levels there in.
Killing Stratagies- What I have found is the best way to kill
Diffuculties: How diffucult they are (One * is Least, Six * is

Looks-Red guy.
Weapon- Club
Hits to die- 2
Levels in- 1,2,3
Killing Stratagies- hit them once, move away while they try to
hurt you, then hit them again 
Diffuculties: **

Looks-Brown thing.
Weapon- Jumps at you, if you touch him you die
Hits to die- 1
Levels in- 1,2,3,4
Killing Stratagies- Hit them once before they jump at you
Diffuculties: ***

Looks- Blue guy
Weapon- arrow
hits to die- 2
Levels in- 1,2,3
Killing Stratagies- Duck while they shoot arrows, then hit 
Diffuculties: *

--Skeleton Giants--
Looks- Giant guy
Weapon-Giant Sword
Hits to die- 4
Levels in- 4
Killing Stratagies- Hit them, move away, hit them again, Etc. 
Diffuculties: *****

Looks- Black thing
Weapon- Dives at you
Hits to die- 1
Levels in- 4
Killing Stratagies- Wait until they dive, then jump and hit 
Diffuculties: **

  4.3- Walkthrough
(Note: When I say kill someone, you can either use magic stars
or use your sword. It is best that you hit some body, move 
away, then hit them again.  During anytime you can use your 
magic to  heal yourself by pressing [Space Bar])

-----The Village-----
This is where you start out.  First, jump to get the magic star. 
Then, go on the platform.  Kill the assassin.  Go right.  Kill the 
assassin who comes after you.  Then kill the dog.  Jump up and get 
the star.  Then go right and jump on the platform.  Kill the 
assassin and jump up.  Get the stars and continue going right.  
Kill the archer.  Then jump over the ditch with spikes and kill 
the other archer.  Go right and at the edge of the cliff jump to 
get the star.  Then go left and kill the archer.  Go right while 
dodging arrows and kill the next archer.  Three assassins will then
come at you.  Kill them without mercy, go right, across the bridge, 
and get the star.  If you read my intro, you know I stated that 
one reason the game is good was because the guys are never at the 
same place.  This is one of those times.  Sometimes a dog will fall 
and jump at you.  Sometimes it won't.  If it does just kill it off.
If it doesn't, you'll meet him later.  Go right and kill the archers.  
Then jump up and kill the two assassins on the temple.  (If you 
didn't see the dog before, he'll be here.)  Get the stars and go 
right.  Go across the bridge where the arrow is pointing to get 
to the next level.  You passed the first level! Hope you didn't die
too many times, seeing how I did the first time. 

-----The Approach-----
Dumb name for a level.  Anyway, once you start out jump onto the 
platform there. Don't kill anything.  Once there watch out for the
dogs.  They can jump up and hurt you.  Go onto the top of the metal
pyriamid thingie.  Jump again and you'll be standing somewhere.  
Jump again and you'll be able to see a big tree.  Jump onto the 
first branch and kill the assassin.  Jump left to the other branch and
kill the assasin, then jump right onto the next bench.  Kill the archer 
and the assassin.  Jump left and kill the assassin, go left to get the 
star.  Go right and kill the other archer and assassin.  Jump left, 
then right.  Kill the last archer and assasin.  Jump left to get the  
star, then go right.  Run as fast as you can, then at the very last
second jump.  Hopefully with some luck you'll land on the willow 
tree.  Jump right onto the other willow.  Here is another kind of 
vareable.  Sometimes there are some assassins that are on the branch,
sometimes there not.  If they are, jump to the branch and kill 
them.  If not, just jump to the branch.  Jump left, then jump up. 
Jump right, but beware, an assasin falls at you.  Kill him off.  
Jump left.  When you jump up again, an archer and an assassin fall 
down.  Kill the archer, but don't mind the assasin, he is on the 
level under you.  Jump right and get the four stars.  Then run right
and jump at the last second.  You will land on another tree, under a
branch that has an archer on it.  Jump right and kill the assasin,
jump left and kill the archer, and then jump right.  An assasin will
already be there, then an archer falls.  Kill them both and get the
stars.  Run right and jump at the very last second again.  You'll 
land on a bridge.  There will be an archer with his dog.  Kill'em
off and go right.  Another Robin Hood with his Lassie will be 
there, kill them.  Go right, and yet another archer with his dog.
Kill them.  Go right and kill the assasin, then go right and kill
a dog.  Go right and an assasin with his dog will be there.  Kill
them and go right.  Kill the last assasin with his dog and go 
right.  Jump up when you reach a dead end.  Go left and kill an 
archer, then go right and destroy his friend.  Go left, then jump left.
Get the stars and kill the assasin.  Jump left, jump up, and then kill
the archer.  Jump right and kill the archer that falls.  Jump right 
and abolish the archer that falls.  Jump right and kill the assasin.
Jump up and kill the assasins.  Shortly after doing that jump and kill
the archer.  Jump up again and kill the archer.  Lastly, go right and
get ready for the next level.  

Began by killing the assassin that comes running towards you.  Jump 
onto the platform right next to the long one with the dog.  Don't
worry about the assasin to your left, but if you must, kill him.
Anyway, jump right and kill the dog.  
**More to be added**

**More to be added**

**More to be added**

(5)- Version history-

3-19-01 [1.0]- Finsihed ist level, started second.  Got the 
outline done.
3-28-01 [1.1]- Worked more on the walkthrough, finished 

(6)- Copyright Notice

You shall not reproduce this in any way, manual or electrical.
If you want to put this on your site, complain about things, 
or just contact me you should e-mail me @ 
Brainguy310@hotmail.com (my AIM screen name is brainguy310)
The following sites have my permission to use this Faq without 
changing even one word:


If you find this anywhere else, please email me.  This document
is protected by international copyright law. 
Copyright© 2001 Greg Blachut

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