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FAQ/Walkthrough by Erpy

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/07/02

            |     *   *   *   **   *    ***   **   ****     |
            |     *  *    *   * *  *   *      *    *        |
            |     * *     *   *  * *   *  **       ****     |
            |     *  *    *   *   **   *   *          *     |
            |     *   *   *   *    *    ***        ****     |
            |                                               |
            |                                               |
            |     **     *   *   ****   ****   *****        |
            |    *  *    *   *   *      *        *          |
            |    *  *    *   *   ****   ****     *          |
            |    *  *    *   *   *         *     *          |
            |     ****    ***    ****   ****     *          |
            |                                               |
            |                                               |
            |                    _____                      |
            |                      |                        |
            |                      |                        |
            |                      |                        |
            |                      |                        |
            |                    -----                      |
            |                                               |
            |                                               |
            |            *   *    ***      *                |
            |            *   *   *        * *               |
            |            *   *   *  **   *   *              |
            |             * *    *   *   *****              |
            |              *      ***    *   *              |
            |                                               |

                              Version 1.2
                                By Erpy

                              Contact me at


1) Introduction

2) Game info

3) Maps

4) Solution

      - Getting the mirror

      - Getting the chest

      - Getting the shield

      - Random hazards

5) Object list

6) Point list

7) Easter eggs

8) Credits / Thanks


Welcome to the KQ1VGA-FAQ. This FAQ is dedicated to the VGA-version of King's 
Quest 1: Quest for the Crown. King's Quest 1 was originally made in 1984 and was 
remade by Sierra in 1990. King's Quest 1 was the first game Sierra remade and 
unlike the other games Sierra renewed, KQ1 was never remade into VGA with a 
point&click system. Even though this version was done by fans, it looks quite 
professional and it's hard to tell that it's not a game Sierra created in their 
"good old days".

This document contains all the information you need to successfully complete the 
game with maximum score. Since there are no significant changes in gameplay 
between King's Quest 1 VGA and Sierra's EGA remake of King's Quest 1, it is also 
possible to complete the Sierra's own remake of the game. Since Sierra's EGA-
remake has a system where you need to type phrases, you'll need to decide what 
to type yourself.


                                   Game info

King's Quest 1 VGA came out in august 2001 and is a fan-made remake of the 16-
color remake Sierra made in 1990. The game was made with a freeware utility 
called Adventure Game Studio. (a util that can be used to create your own 
adventure games) The game features a point&click system and is similar in style 
to Sierra's point&click games like King's Quest 5.
The game is not available in stores. It can be downloaded from Tierra's website.

Certain features mentioned in this FAQ (foreign language support and the use of 
the keypad) are only in version 3.0 of the game.



Especially to new players, the land of Daventry can be quite overwhelming. There 
are many spots where the only thing you can do is watching the scenery. Another 
thing to note is that the map of Daventry loops around. If Graham keeps going in 
one direction, he'll eventually end up where he started. To avoid frustration 
when looking for a certain spot, it would be wise to draw a map of the area or 
just use the map below.

A line marked with ==== or + cannot be crossed.
The castle of Daventry actually consists of three screens, but it would have 
been hard to keep the rectangular shape of the map intact if I would have 
squeezed another screen in.

Even though the river screens are not marked as impassible, it may not be 
possible to travel across them completely.

-- Daventry --

|        |        | Troll  |  Bend  |  Tree  |  Witch |  Dark  | Walnut |
|  Bowl  | River  |        |   in   |  with  |        |        |        |
|        |        | Bridge |  River |  birds |  House | Forest |  Tree  |
|  Lake  |        | Clover |        |  Cave  |  Dark  |        | Door   |
|   +    | Cliffs |        |  Lake  |        |        |  Lake  |  in    |
|  Elf   |        | Patch  |        |Entrance| Forest |        |Mountain|
| Carrot | Carrot | Fairy  |  Goat  |  Goat  |        |        |  Big   |
|        |        |  God-  |        |        |  Well  |  Wolf  |        |
|Garden  |Garden  | mother |  Pen   |  Pen   |        |        |  Oak   |
|        |        |        |        |  Log   |        |  Lake  |  Rock  |
| Castle | Castle |  Lake  | Spring |   +    |  Lake  |   +    |(dagger)|
|        |        |        |        | Stump  |        | Pebbles|        |
| River  |        + Troll  | Stone  |  Big   | Cottage| Cottage| Gloomy |
|   +    | Hole   +        |        |        |        |        |        |
|Mushroom|        + Bridge | Bridge |  Lake  |  Front |  Back  |Clearing|
|        |  Fork  |        | Troll  | Meadow | Swampy |  Rock  |Gloomy  |
|  River |   in   |  Gnome |        |  with  |        |  with  |        |
|        |  River |        | Bridge | flowers|  Lake  |  hole  |Clearing|

It would be wise for most players to avoid the screens marked as wolf, dark 
forest or gloomy clearing unless you're prepared for a quick escape.

-- Cave below the well --

A line marked with : means it cannot be crossed until a certain event has taken 
place. If the player takes a different approach, a big boulder will prevent 
Graham from leaving/entering the dragon's lair through the western exit.

                           |        |
                           |  Well  |
                           |        |
                           | Inside |
                           |        |
                           |  Well  |
|  Cave  |        :Dragon's| Bottom |
|        |  Cave  :        |   of   |
|Entrance|        :  Lair  |  Well  |

-- Cloudland --

The screen marked with * can be the clover patch, the meadow with the 
wildflowers or the screen with the magic bowl. It depends on where the player 
plants the magic beans.

If the player reaches Cloudland by opening the door in the mountain and walking 
through the cave, the left-most screens of the map below will not be accessible. 
(and Graham will fall through the clouds and die when he tries to reach the 
screen marked "Top Beanstalk")

|  Top   | Cloud- | Cloud- |        |  Cave  |        |
| Bean-  |        |        |  Giant |        |Walkway |
| stalk  |  land  |  land  |        |  Exit  |        |
| Bean-  |        | Cloud- | Cloud- | Sling- |  |        |
|        |        |        |        |        |  |Walkway |
| stalk  |        |  land  |  land  |  shot  |  |        |
----------        ----------------------------  ------------
| Bean-  |                                        |        |
|        |                      ------------------|Walkway |
| stalk  |                      |  Door  |        |        |
----------                      |   in   |  Cave  ----------
|        |                      |Mountain|        |
|   *    |                      -------------------
|        |

-- Land of the leprechauns --

A line marked with \ is one-way. Once you enter the screen marked "cave", you 
cannot get back to the screen with the hole. (wall is too slick to climb back 

A line marked with / is one-way as well. (more or less) You can only go across 
with the help of the mushroom. Since that item disappears after use, you can't 
get back through the hole.

Also note that Graham cannot walk back into the rat's den as long as the 
leprechaun guards aren't dealt with.
                                             |        |
                                             |  Hole  |
                                             |        |
                                             |        |
                                             |  Cave  |
                                             |        |
|  Rock  /  Small | Throne |        |  Rat's |        |
|  with  /        |        | Guards |        |  Cave  |
|  hole  /  hole  |  room  |        |  Lair  |        |



As stated in the introduction of the game, your quest is to find the three 
legendary treasures of Daventry. A lot of problems you will face have multiple 
solutions. Certain solutions will award more points than others will, while 
certain solutions even lower your score.

Unlike the original AGI version, KQ1VGA won't allow you to get the treasures in 
random order. You will have to find both the chest and the mirror before you get 
access to the place where the shield is hidden.

                            ----- Finding the mirror -----

- So where is the magic mirror?

According to the story in the manual, the sorcerer who took the magic mirror hid 
the treasure in his lair with one of his beasts to guard it. It seems the 
sorcerer's lair is an underground cavern and its entrance is easy to find, but 
the room where the mirror is kept is blocked off by a rock. You'll have to find 
another way in there. Are there any other places where you might be able to go 

- I found an old well and I am at the bottom. Now what?

Click the hand-icon on the water to continue exploring.

- How do you get the chest at the bottom?

It's part of the scenery. Don't waste your breath on it.

- How do I get the magic mirror without getting toasted?

There are four ways to get it:

1) If you have magical protection, just ignore the dragon.

2) The dragon can only burn what he can see.

3) The dragon's armor doesn't cover his throat. Now if you only had a weapon...

4) Breathing fire all the time tends to make your throat dry...

The last method doesn't only give you the largest amount of points; it also 
opens up an alternate exit.

- So I suppose I'll have to throw some water at him? I can't untie the bucket, 

You can cut the rope. Check the rocks in a clearing near the castle for the 
required item.

- I managed to push a rock west of the castle away, but it crushed me.

Try to push it from the other side.

                            ----- Finding the chest -----

- Where can I find the magic chest?

The story says the witch flew off into the clouds with the chest. You'll need to 
find some way to get up there. One of the inhabitants of Daventry can help you 
in getting there. He lives on an island surrounded by a river.

- How can I get past the troll guarding the bridges?

There are two ways to get past him:

1) Do as he says and pay him with something valuable. You'll lose the points you 
got for the treasure and the next time you try to get to the island, the troll 
will be back for more.

2) Find someone who really hates trolls and let him do the dirty work. (Learn 
your fairytales)

- Ummmm....I gave the mirror to the troll. He accepted it and left. Does that 
mean I can no longer win the game?

It means that the troll was smarter than you were and yes, you're stuck now. 
Restore or restart.

- Someone who hates trolls?

There should be a goat pen west of the well. The inhabitant might be willing to 
do you a little favor.

- The goat won't come with me.

The goat's through is rather empty. If you have some veggies, he'll be happy to 
help you out.

- Veggies?

Take a look at the map. There are two squares marked as "carrot garden".

- Ummm...I just killed the goat.

Hope you have some treasure left to bribe the troll with.

- Hey, the goat just left me!

1) The goat can't swim. Don't try to swim across any lakes.

2) Don't enter dark or scary places.

3) Don't give the carrot away while the goat isn't looking.

4) Don't go back into the pen. There's nothing you need there.

5) Get that magic ring off your finger.

- The gnome gave me a key. Now what?

Find something to unlock. Take a look at the map.

- Any tips on navigating the winding walkway inside the cavern?

Don't just click the walk cursor on the exit and hope Graham will do all the 
work himself. At certain points (at the third screen) you might want to use the 
keypad instead of the mouse to get through the tunnel. Make sure you keep the 
red dot on the walk cursor on the walkway. And be careful when near those dark 
tunnels. Somebody lives here and he's greedy.

- What's the gnome's name anyway?

There's a spinning wheel, a pile of straw and a pile of gold nearby. The gnome 
is another fairytale-character.

- I guessed "Rumplestiltskin" and he says I'm close, but not quite right.

There's a note in the gingerbread house that has a clue on the gnome's real 
name. Sometimes it's wise to think backwards.

- Do you mean.....

Yes, his real name is Nikstlitselpmur. What a name, huh?

(If you are running a translated version of the game, then nikstlitselpmur isn't 
gonna work.)

- Does the old "Ifnkovhgroghprm" still work?

Yes, but did you really figure that one out yourself?

- What am I supposed to do with the beans?

Plant them in fertile soil. There are three spots in Daventry where they can 

- Where can I plant them?

Clover and wildflowers just love fertile soil. There's also a third place east 
of the nut tree.

- I keep falling off the beanstalk. This is getting frustrating.

Don't get embarrassed, even one of the creators cursed the beanstalk every now 
and then. Save your game often and keep the red dot of the walk cursor on the 
beanstalk. Try to keep Graham's entire body on the beanstalk, not just his 

- There's a giant guarding the chest. How do I get rid of that Goliath?

There are four ways to deal with him.

1) There's an item hidden in Cloudland that'll allow you to play David. Search 
the trees in the area carefully.

2) The giant is rather lazy and won't keep looking for you for very long. If you 
can avoid him for long enough time, he'll eventually get tired. After 30 seconds 
or so, he'll get tired and after 20 second more, he'll take a nap.

3) If you're having trouble avoiding the big guy, some magical protection will 
keep you safe. But unless you're able to climb the beanstalk or walkway in 
record time, its power will run out too soon.

4) The giant can't kill what he can't see. But again your protection might 
vanish too soon.

- I don't have anything to shoot.

Ha ha, that's most unfortunate for you. There's some ammo near one of the lakes 
in Daventry. I hope you enjoy climbing beanstalks.

- I got the chest. Don't tell me I have to climb the beanstalk again.

Even if you got up there by climbing the beanstalk, you can go down through the 
cavern with the walkway. The choice is yours. The door at the bottom can be 
opened from the inside.

- What the heck? I used the walkway to get down and for some reason my 
chest/mirror/treasure is missing.

Hmmmm...I'm afraid your treasure just ran away with a dwarf attached to it. It's 
really hard to outrun the dwarf on the twisting walkway, but if your magic ring 
still has power left you might want to use it here. (And no, you can't get your 
treasures back)

                            ----- Finding the shield -----

- So, where exactly is the shield?

According to the story, a dwarf hid the shield in some hole in the ground. 
Before you go there, it might be a good idea to explore Daventry a bit and visit 
places you haven't been to yet.

- There's a gingerbread house in the dark forest, but whenever I try to get 
inside, a witch catches me.

Again, remember your fairytales. That house looks tasty. Remember Hans and 
Gretel's first reaction?

Also, IF there's someone home, you might want to come back later unless you have 
magical protection.

- I'm in the gingerbread house. Anything interesting here?

One object is in plain sight. The other isn't hard to find either. Just take a 
careful look at your surroundings.

- The witch arrives home and "kills" me.

Hide in the other room and then do what Gretel did. Be quick, but be careful 

- How can I help the starving woodcutter and his wife?

This is an ideal location to waste points by giving them treasures or certain 
food items. There's only one item that will TRULY help them. It can be found 
somewhere in the fields of Daventry.

- Are you talking about that empty bowl?

It's still empty? The instructions to filling it are included. Just take a 
careful look at it.

- Now how about the shield?

Rivers surround the place where you need to go. Don't worry though, you can 
hitch a ride with someone/something. Explore Daventry a bit more.

- I found a big condor flying around near the entrance to the dragon's cave. How 
can I get him to fly me across the river?

Timing is the key here. He'll fly rather low at a certain point. There's a mark 
on the ground where you're supposed to stand, but it's easy to overlook. Jump at 
the correct moment and you'll have your ride.

- Hey, there's the hole. Should I go down?

Not yet. Explore the surrounding area first. Once you're down there, you won't 
be able to get back up.

- OK, I went down the hole and now I'm in a cavern. There's a big rat guarding 
the door.

There are two ways to get past him. If you talk to him, you'll learn that he'll 
be happy to let you pass if you pay him for it. Anything valuable will do. Don't 
give him something that's TOO valuable. (Like a certain chest or mirror for 
example.) As an alternative, you might also be able to bribe him with something 
that tastes good. Now what kind of food would a rodent enjoy eating?

- I got past the rat, but behind the door are some leprechauns who catch me.

There are two ways to get past the leprechaun guards:

1) See the pillar in that room? The leprechauns pretty much worship four-leaf 
clovers. They won't harm you if you have one. There's a clover patch somewhere 
in Daventry.

2) Leprechauns like music a lot. Do you have anything you could use to play a 
little tune? (be quick when using this method, you won't have much time before 
the leprechauns walk up to you)

- Wow, I now have the shield. How do I get out of here? The walls beneath the 
hole are too steep and the hole in the wall in the room next to the throne room 
is too small for me to fit through.

Remember how you were told to explore the area around the hole before jumping 
in? Hope you followed that advice. Your only ticket out of here was growing west 
of the hole. And don't waste time after using it.

- I'm outside. Am I supposed to return to the castle now?

Didn't the game already tell you that?

                            ----- Random hazards -----

There are a number of dangerous creatures lurking in certain parts of Daventry. 
There is no real way to get rid of them. The best thing you can do is avoid the 
areas where they hang around or quickly run away when you are attacked.

The sorcerer: This spellcaster isn't an immediate threat, as he can't kill you. 
If you allow the sorcerer to get close enough, he'll cast a spell on you that 
will freeze you on the spot. Until the spell wears off (it usually takes about 
20 seconds) you'll be vulnerable to other creatures that might show up. The 
sorcerer doesn't really move very fast, but the invisibility ring won't fool 
him. He appears in the dark forest east of the gingerbread house, the gloomy 
clearing south of the place where you can find the dagger and the gloomy 
clearing north of the walnut tree. Note that the sorcerer won't appear if the 
goat is with you. (maybe he's allergic to goats)

The witch: The witch will swoop down and grab Graham if she can catch him. If 
she gets Graham, she'll take him to her cottage and turn him into a Graham 
cracker. (pretty funny to watch) The witch moves quite fast, but she's rather 
easy to avoid. She won't be able to catch you if you're invisible, but you can 
also click the hand on Graham to make him duck. The witch won't be able to catch 
Graham that way. If she can't get him after three swoops, she'll give up and 
leave. She appears in the dark forest south of her house and comes after you 
even if the goat is with you. If you push her into her cauldron, she won't show 
up in this screen of course.

The ogre: This nasty monster shows up with a mighty roar and crushes your head 
if he can get his hands on it. (that's gotta hurt!)
The ring of invisibility can fool him, but he'll stay around until you leave the 
screen or the spell of the ring wears off. You don't really need to use the ring 
to get away from him though, as he doesn't move very fast. You can encounter him 
in the same spots where you can find the sorcerer. Like the sorcerer, he won't 
show up if the goat is with you. (maybe he's afraid the goat doesn't know the 
difference between ogres and trolls)

The dwarf: This pesky little fellow can't kill you, but he can steal certain 
items from you. If you're lucky he doesn't steal anything or you'll just lose 
some points because a minor treasure was stolen. If not, he'll get away with the 
magic mirror or chest and that's basically the same situation as getting killed 
since it's not possible to finish the game without those items. The ring of 
invisibility can scare him away if you use it, which is a good thing since he 
moves very fast and especially on the walkway, it's nearly impossible to get 
away from him in time. He dwells in the area where you can also meet the 
sorcerer and the ogre and like the other enemies in those areas, he'll keep out 
of your way if you're traveling with the goat. In addition to this, he also 
appears in the dark passageway to Cloudland every now and then. Since he always 
enters the screen from one of the dark tunnels in the second or third screen of 
the cavern, it's wise to walk past these areas while wearing your magic ring.

The wolf: Likely the most dangerous creature. He moves very fast, kills you if 
he gets close and can't be fooled by the ring of invisibility. He'll attack you 
even if the goat is with you. Fortunately, he only appears in the clearing east 
of the well.

                                   Object list

Dagger: This handy item is usually the first item players pick up. Its main use 
is to cut ropes, although it can also be a lethal weapon in the right hands. You 
can't kill most creatures with it, but it can come in handy if you think dragon 
tongue is tasty. Don't click it on a random spot on the screen, because Graham 
might throw the dagger and you'll lose both the dagger and some points. It can 
be found by pushing away the rock in the clearing west of the castle.

Pebbles: If you are bored you can always kill time by tossing pebbles at things. 
Unfortunately, it's very unlikely you'll kill anything else with them unless you 
have a slingshot to shoot them with. If you click the pebbles on a random spot, 
Graham will usually toss a pebble at that spot. Don't worry if you run out of 
pebbles. (You can carry 5 of them at a time) You can always get more at the lake 
two screens west of the castle.

Carrot: These tasty, crispy vegetables are good for your health. That's likely 
what your mom always told you. The game doesn't really go out of its way to make 
that clear to players, as you lose 2 points every time you eat one. (which is 
also the amount of points you get if you pick a new one) Graham is not the only 
one in Daventry who enjoys tasty carrots; goats are quite fond of them too. You 
can always get new carrots from the garden if you eat one or give it away, but 
you can only carry one at a time. The garden is directly north of the castle and 
east of the big oak tree.

Bucket: Useful to carry around liquids. You can fill a bucket with water at 
every lake you come across. Useful if you're thirsty or if you want to splash 
someone. In some cases the other will beat a hasty retreat (dragon, elf) while 
others don't seem to mind. (rats for instance) You can get it from the well 
three screens east and one screen north of the castle. Just cut the rope and 
Graham will take the bucket automatically.

Bowl: This precious, little item is magical. It's kind of strange someone leaves 
it in the middle of the woods. If the magic word inscribed on the bottom is 
spoken, the bowl will automatically fill itself with delicious stew and one only 
needs to say the word again to get a free refill. It can be found in the 
clearing two screens north of the western part of the carrot garden.

Four-leaf clover: It is said four-leaf clovers bring good luck. This certainly 
seems to be the case if others believe this as well. If you ever get cross with 
a bunch of leprechauns, this little good luck charm can mean the difference 
between free passage and a life-long job as potato peeler. It can be found in 
the clover patch northeast of the eastern part of the carrot garden.

Fiddle: According to the game, this is the most treasured thing the woodcutter 
has. (I wonder how he feels about his wife, if that's the case.)
The woodcutter will be happy to give it to you if you do him a little favor as 
well. You can usually play a little tune whenever and wherever you like, but 
unless there are music lovers nearby, you won't get any points for it.

Cheese: Why would a man-eating witch who lives in a house of candy have Swiss 
cheese in her cupboard? Maybe even witches need to watch their health every now 
and then. The piece of cheese is a tasty item to have, but it is not recommended 
eating it yourself. It's a better idea to save it for creatures that are 
hungrier than you are. (and I'm not talking about the woodcutter)

Note: Another item that's found in the gingerbread house. It contains a hint 
that will help you guess the name of the gnome. It remains a mystery why the 
witch would want to bother with such matters. Perhaps she wants to have an 
alternative way of getting to Cloudland in case her broom gets defunct.

Key: This key is the item you get if you don't guess the gnome's name. Finding a 
locked door to use it on shouldn't be too hard. Even though getting the key is 
kind of a "punishment" (point-wise), reaching Cloudland this way is not nearly 
as hard as going there the alternative way.

Beans: These magical beans are your "reward" for guessing the name of the gnome. 
The gnome says it's up to you to find out why they're so special. Gee, what can 
one do with beans? Well, you can eat them, but you'll just condemn yourself to 
roam Daventry for eternity without ever beating the game. (you lose points too, 
but that's a minor issue) The other thing you can do is plant them to summon the 
almighty beanstalk from hell. After dropping down a million and one times, 
you'll be wishing you ate them.

Slingshot: Hidden in one of the trees in Cloudland is this special giant-proof 
slingshot. You can toy around with it whenever you want, but you can beat the 
game without having to use it even once. If you tried tiring out the giant a few 
times but got squashed anyway, you might want to pay him back with this nifty 
little weapon. (and shrug about the fact you get less points for it) Be sure to 
bring some ammo though.

Mushroom: For the biggest part of the game, this little mushroom will simply 
taunt you from its place on the other side of the river. Eventually you'll end 
up on the other side of the river, although it's still easy to miss this item if 
you don't know you can actually leave the screen where you were dropped off by 
the condor. This object is crucial to beating the game, as it will allow you to 
escape the land of the leprechauns. (for a split-second or two)

                            --- Optional treasures ---

Listed below are all the things you can find to get points and bribe certain 

Golden egg: This shiny egg can be found in a nest on a branch of the big oak. It 
may be a little tricky getting to the nest without falling down the tree, but 
since falling down doesn't kill you, you'll get it eventually.

Golden walnut: This thing doesn't look valuable until you actually open it. It 
can be found among the ordinary walnuts at the foot of the walnut tree. Too bad 
there's only one.

Pouch with diamonds: This treasure is hidden inside an old stump near the lake. 
(three screens east of the castle) Make sure you click the hand on the right 
part of the stump to get it and take a look inside the stump first. Like the 
walnut, you'll get some additional points for opening this item)

Scepter: By the time you get this, there's nobody left to bribe anymore. Still, 
it gets you some extra points. But unless you make a musical entrance into the 
realm of the leprechauns, the king will simply take it with him.

Magic ring: This ring is one of the most useful items in the game. It's given to 
you by a little elf near the lake north of the western part of the carrot garden 
if you talk to him. Like the other treasures, you can use this item to bribe the 
troll or the rat, but it's not recommended. It's the key to find a certain 
Easter egg in the game and it can save your skin (or your belongings) when 
attacked by nasty creatures. You'll turn invisible whenever you use it and the 
spell remains active until you touch water, jump, fall, enter the gingerbread 
house or until the ring's supply of magic power is drained. You can turn on/turn 
off the ring whenever you want, but be aware of the fact that the total power 
supply of the ring is only enough for a minute of invisibility. (the duration is 
actually dependant on the game speed, but since the speed setting also 
influences your walking speed, you won't get any advantages raising or lowering 
the game speed) Your actions will be slightly limited by invisibility and 
certain creatures who can smell well or have a magical nature won't be fooled, 
but the effect is still useful nevertheless. After the ring's supply of magic 
power is drained, it will vanish. You won't lose any points when the ring 
disappears though.

Protection spell: This isn't really an item, since you don't carry it in your 
inventory, but you DO keep it around for a while. You get it from your fairy 
godmother who resides east of the carrot garden. From the moment it is cast on 
you, you'll have about a minute or so to get near dangerous creatures without 
having to worry about getting killed. The spell will either prevent creatures 
from appearing altogether or will simply ward them off. (this includes the 
dragon, giant and witch while she's in her house) It's much more effective than 
the ring protection-wise, but since you can't turn it on or off to conserve 
power, you'll have to be quick to make use of it. Oh yes, and the game is 
programmed to deactivate the spell as soon as you get near the rat, so don't 
bother trying to make it there.

                            ----- Great treasures ----

In order to beat the game, you MUST have these three items in your inventory. 
(so be careful around dwarves and don't give them away)

Magic mirror: This one is the easiest to get. It's hidden in the caves below the 
well and it's guarded by a big dragon. The magic mirror foretells the future and 
can show things very far away. This treasure actually plays an important role 
throughout the King's Quest series.

Magic chest: I wonder how Daventry's economy will fare with this treasure 
recovered. The biggest challenge in getting it involves getting to Cloudland in 
the first place. Good luck.

Magic shield: The magic shield protects the bearer from all mortal harm, 
although you can still die when falling into the moat. (are those serpents in 
there immortal?) It acts as a protection spell of some sort while you are 
carrying it, but since the game is almost over by the time you get it, it's not 
as useful as it could have been. (in the original KQ, you could get this one 
first and the witch or giant would never be able to kill you) It's kept in the 
throne room of the leprechaun king.

                                   Point list

2 |Move the rock west of the castle
5 |Get the dagger from the hole under the rock
2 |Climb the oak tree
6 |Get the golden egg from the nest in the oak tree
1 |Get a handful of pebbles from the bank of the lake west of the rock & dagger
3 |Talk to the elf near the lake and get the magical ring
2 |Take the bucket either by cutting the rope above the ground, or taking it
  |while it floats in the water
2 |Enter the well either by sitting in the bucket or climbing the rope after
  |lowering it
2 |Fill the bucket with water
4 |Dive to the bottom of the well
1 |Enter the lair of the dragon
3 |Kill the dragon by throwing your dagger at him
5 |Throw water at the dragon
8 |Get the magic mirror
2 |Leave the lair of the dragon through the western exit
2 |Get a carrot
5 |Show the carrot to the goat
4 |Have the goat bump the troll off the bridge
3 |Get a key after failing to guess the gnome's name
2 |Unlock the door in the mountain with the key
9 |Get the beans after guessing the gnome's name
2 |Plant the beans
2 |Reach top the of the beanstalk
2 |Get the slingshot from the hole in the tree in Cloudland
7 |Tire out the giant
3 |Kill the giant by shooting a pebble at him with your slingshot
8 |Get the magical chest
1 |Look inside the stump
3 |Take the pouch from the stump
3 |Open the pouch
3 |Get a walnut from the nuts at the foot of the walnut tree
3 |Open the walnut
3 |Get the magical bowl
1 |Look at the bowl
2 |Say the magic word and fill the bowl (by using it on yourself)
3 |Give the filled bowl to the woodcutter
3 |Take the fiddle
2 |Get the four-leaf clover
2 |Eat a piece of the gingerbread house
2 |Open the cupboard in the gingerbread house
2 |Get the piece of cheese from the cupboard
1 |Get the note from the nightstand of the witch
2 |Read the note
7 |Push the witch into her own cauldron
3 |Jump and grab the condor's talons
1 |Get the mushroom
2 |Give the piece of cheese to the giant rat
3 |Play the fiddle for the leprechauns
8 |Take the magic shield
6 |Take the scepter from the throne of the leprechaun king
3 |Eat the mushroom
3 |Open the front gate of the castle and enter

These actions will actually make you lose points.

-2|Drink water from the bucket
-2|Eat the carrot
-5|Allow goat to walk away by going back into the pen
-2|Eat stew from the magic bowl
-6|Give the golden egg away to the troll/rat/woodcutter
-3|Give pouch to woodcutter/rat
-6|Give opened pouch to troll
-3|Give closed pouch to troll
-3|Give walnut to troll/rat
-6|give walnut to woodcutter
-2|Give the carrot to the woodcutter
-8|Give the mirror away to the troll/rat
-4|Eat the magic beans
-5|Throw your dagger away
-3|Give the ring away to the troll/rat
-8|Give the chest away to the troll/rat
-6|Give the scepter away to the troll/woodcutter
-8|Give the shield away to the troll

                                  Easter eggs

This is a list of Easter eggs and other fun things that don't effect the story. 
Certain Easter eggs might be different or non-existent in translated versions of 
the game.

- Look at the smoke coming from the cauldron in the gingerbread house. The face 
of a monster will appear for a moment. This one also existed in the previous 
version of the game.

- After picking up the magic mirror, click it on yourself while wearing the 
magic ring.

- Click the talk cursor on yourself repeatedly. There's a chance of 1 in 15 that 
Graham gives a reference to KQ5.

- Read the note you found in the gingerbread house repeatedly. There's a chance 
of 1 in 15 that a different message will appear.

- Click the eye on the rock at the base of the tree near the lake two screens 
east of the castle.

- Click the eye on the bush near the stump where you find the pouch.

- Talk to one of the guards outside the castle while wearing the magic ring. You 
can only do this once, but the resulting dialogue will be different depending on 
which guard you talk to.

- Knock on the door in the mountainside. If nothing happens, leave the screen, 
re-enter and knock again. This is the rarest Easter egg in the game and has a 
VERY slight chance of occurring.

- Listen carefully to the sound that plays when you eat the mushroom. Sounds 
familiar? No? Play some more old console games!

- Play the game with the voicepack installed and try to quit the game while 
swimming through the cavern between the well and the dragon's lair. Graham's 
voice will be "watered down" ever so slightly.

                                Credits / Thanks

Well, first the official rant. King's Quest is a trademark of Sierra Online, now 
known as Sierra Entertainment.

Thanks to Anonymous Game Developer 1 and Anonymous Game Developer 2 (i.e: the 
Tierra team) for their fabulous achievement of creating a King's Quest game that 
maintains the feel of the series as they were in the past. You both did a great 

Thanks to Tom Lewandowski for his involvement in the music department. The 
digital score sounds great.

Thanks to Chris Jones for creating the engine.

Thanks to Roberta Williams for designing the original game and Sierra for the KQ 

Another thanks to Sierra for tolerating KQ1VGA despite your capability to shut 
down the project before it was even released.

Thanks to Gamefaqs for putting this up.

Finally, the last official words. Please don't alter this document or put it 
online without my permission. Don't pretend it's yours and don't sell it.

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