How do you save data ?

  1. How do you save

    User Info: superalienx300

    superalienx300 - 11 years ago
  2. I'd love to know the answer. The instructions say:

    You may save your progress at any point, whilst on one of the four Islands in LEGO
    Island 2.
    Press the pause button (default button is Esc), and a menu will be displayed.
    Select Save and then choose a slot in which to save your game. The data will then
    be saved so you are able to return to the same point in the game.

    However, this does not work. When you select Save, you can select from seven slots marked "Unused." Then you get a dialog box that says Save: OK or Cancel. You can click OK, but it doesn't save data or allow you to change the name of the Unused slot. If you try to Load the game from the same Unused slot, you just get back to the same spot in the game where you were before.

    Given the fact that the game crashes occasionally, and the fact that it is too long for a child to play from start to finish, I consider this a serious bug.

    User Info: hoffmannr

    hoffmannr - 10 years ago


  1. I just got it working. I can't get it working on my child's profile, but on my profile (with administrative privileges), I can save. This is for PC version, by the way. I'm using Windows XP.

    User Info: hoffmannr

    hoffmannr - 10 years ago 0   0

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