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Reviewed: 10/06/03

Excellent game from Neko Neko Soft.

Mizuiro, which roughly translates into light blue, is a simple, yet unique, bishoujo game by Neko Neko Soft that many fans, and maybe also the none-fans, of the genre will surely enjoy. One might ask what a ''bishoujo'' game is; it is a Japanese adventure game set in first person and focuses mostly on story and the characters and less on gameplay. Others might call it a visual novel, which is probably a better definition, since it is heavily text-based and uses pictures for the scenes. They are also targeted at a male audience, but females might enjoy them, too.

But anyway, let us get back to the game now.


You are Kenji; a normal Japanese high school student. You have been living a normal life with your father since you were small. One day, as a child, your father brings home an orphan girl, Yuki, whom you later you acknowledge as a younger sister and become quite a protective older brother.

After a year with the encounter of your sister, the two of you meet a crying girl in the park. She is Hiyori, your classmate and also your new friend. From here on, the three of you are always together, until two years later when Hiyori disappears from school. And three days after that, you learn that she has moved away...

Years later, your story begins. Your father calls saying he will be away for a while. He is rarely at home due to work, so you and your sister live alone most of the time. After another day at school, you return home to sleep. But suddenly at night, a girl's crying in your room wakes you up, but you see nothing.

Who could that be? Merely an imagination?

Overall story: 9/10. Quite an original and well-written story.


Gameplay isn't that important in a bishoujo game, but Mizuiro does offer a variety of options and choices to advance the story. Each choice has an effect on the story and the characters' reaction.

Overall gameplay: 8/10. Nice replay value.


Ah, where shall I begin? The character art and design is marvelous. Each character has its own unique look and charm that makes them very likeable. And the background art is very good also.

Overall graphics: 10/10.


The music in this game is wonderful. Mostly happy and catchy themes are used for each scene, and it really adds up to the atmosphere.

The voice acting is spectacular. Nothing else is really needed to be said about it.

Overall music/sounds: 9/10 Very nice.

Overall Judgement: 9/10

A great game that all bishoujo fans must not miss.

Rating: 9

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