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Take a deep breath. Feel a spell coming over you? You're about to embark on a lighthearted magical adventure! Only you can help the aging Baron Baldric wield the wolf-magic of his ancestors to save the Rimm Village from certain destruction! You quest is deceptively simple: remove the vile shadow cast over the land by riddling the infested Lazarine Towers of dark forces and monsters.
But this is no easy fairy tale! You'll meet slithering creatures, face poison traps, bomb monster generators, and travel by teleport! The Baron can wield a magic staff like nobody's business! And he can still kick a little bootie when he has to! So, tell the Baron to put those retirement plans on hold, and rev up for the challenge of your life!
Enjoy a game in which manual dexterity isn't everything! Use your wits to solve puzzles and your imagination to cast spells. The Baron will win your heart with his lively animations and mannerisms.

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