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FAQ/Walkthrough by thebadman16v

Version: final | Updated: 05/01/06

Hogs of war.

This game guide is for the experienced game player with a decent understanding
of the game.
If not there are tips to help you get to grips with certain aspects of the game.
This guide is designed to help you complete all 25 levels of the game with all
the available
medals/promotion points. In order to achieve this you need to learn the
capabilities of each
type of weapon and field strategy as well as manipulating the games engine by
advantage of numerous glitches.
Typically the plot of the game is to use your pigs to defeat the opposition’s
pigs and
upgrading your pigs. As you progress through the game the opposition also
becomes stronger
and the mission targets become more challenging.

As you complete the levels in the game you will be rewarded with points in the
form of
golden medal resembling objects, you need these to promote your pigs. When you
promote your pigs you are given the selection of four routes which each
individual pig can
take to get to the final ranking position but it is up to you which route they
take. The routes
are as follows.
Heavy weapons, Engineer, espionage and medic.
The more points you receive from missions and the more you can upgrade your

With the exception of the games first mission you will use five pigs at all
times. It is
recommended to have three engineers, one heavy weapons specialist and one
espionage pig.
Obviously it is up to you about what you promote your pigs to but bare it in
mind that this
game guide is specific and totally reliant upon the choices I have recommended
to you.
Alternatively it can be a good idea to substitute an engineer for a medic but
that’s entirely up
to you.

Those of you who have completed the game before will know that on the mission
Convention it is only possible to get one of the bonus medals. Now a lot of
people seem to
have the idea that because of the lack of this medal you will only be able to
promote four of
your pigs to Hero’s. This is not the case.
The extra medal you need to be able to promote all your pigs to Hero’s can be
obtained on
mission 23 Hero’s Warship. The instructions for getting this can be found in
the Level guide
further down the page. It may come as a nice surprise to you all to know that
by obtaining this
extra medal and completing the last level, you get to start the game from new
with 260
something medals.

Health: 50
Artillery: Bayonet, rifle, grenade.
All your pigs will start the game at this level. It is at this point in the
game where you can
choose how to promote your pigs. (See recommendations above)

Low and behold the four routes.

Heavy weapons pigs are able to use long range weapons like bazookas and mortars.
Unfortunately they aren’t as good as they sound and they aren’t particularly
useful at the
beginning of the game.

Gunner- 75 HP
Trotter, Pistol, Bazooka.
Typically gunners aren’t much better than a grunt, except with an extra 25 HP
and a bazooka
replacing the grenades. Nothing too special.

Bombardier - 90 HP
Trotter, Pistol, Mortar X3, Bazooka
I was wholly disappointed with the bombardier range. Identical to the lower
rank gunners but
with 15 extra HP and 3 mortars, which are the most difficult weapon in the game
to use.

Pyrotechnician -120 HP
Trotter, Pistol, Flamethrower X3, Mortar X3, Bazooka, Airburst X1
The addition of the airburst makes the Pyrotech more exciting and the
flamethrower is
excellent for destroying tanks, gun emplacements and shelters but you will
rarely get to use
them to their full advantage.

Engineers are the most useful pigs in the game and although can only really
function at close
range they can do by far the most amount of damage in any one turn and are
always a good
choice. Even a low ranked engineer can cause more physical damage to enemy
defences than
a top ranking hero.

Sapper - 80 HP
Trotter, Shotgun, Mine X3, TNT
Three of the best weapons in the game at your disposal. Using mine and
combinations you can waste the enemy before they even get a shot back at you.
Ideal for
attacking 2 pigs at once.

Engineer -100 HP
Trotter, Shotgun, Shrapnel Grenade X3, Mine X3, TNT X2, Suicide
The addition of more TNT is useful for whittling away the increasing amount of
HP the
enemy pigs seem to have.

120 HP
Trotter, Super Shotgun, Shrapnel Grenade X3, Mine X3, TNT X3, Suicide
You will find that the mines run down a lot quicker in the later stages of the
game but the
super shotgun makes up for this and are a very tactical weapon and if used
properly can cause
massive damage to enemy pigs.

Sniper pigs. These pigs don’t show up on the map which more often than not
makes it harder
for you rather than the enemy but the cool weapons from this rank of pig soon
make up for

Scout- 75 HP
Knife, Rifle, Poison Gas, Pick Pocket, Hide
These weapons generally suck but the poison gas can be very effective when used
on multiple
enemy pigs.

Sniper - 90 HP
Knife, Sniper Rifle, Poison Gas, Suicide, Pick Pocket X2, Hide
The sniper rifle is a great addition to the pigs. Easy to use and devastating
to the enemy when
used on them.

Spy - 120 HP
Knife, Cattle Prod, Sniper Rifle, Poison Gas, TNT, Pick Pocket X3, Hide
The stash of TNT makes the sniper pigs dangerous at both close and short range.

Used to cure other pigs. I don’t usually use these as the only time you really
need to heal is on
the last few levels of the game and your hero’s will all have curing equipment.

Orderly - 60 HP
Knife, Rifle, Grenade X3, Healing Hands X3
With the ability to inflict only 30 HP damage at any one time and the low HP
you will find
this pig dies too easily and has to be stood next to the ally in order to heal
them. However you
can use the healing hands three times in one turn if you wish so they do have
this one

Medic - 80 HP
Knife, Rifle, Medicine Dart X3, Grenade X3, Medicine Ball X3, Healing Hands X3
The medicine darts works like the rifle and the medicine ball works like a
typical grenade.

Surgeon - 120 HP
Knife, Rifle, Rifle Burst X3, Medicine Dart X3, Tranquiliser X1, Grenade
X3, Medicine Ball X3, Healing Hands X3
More healing equipment than you will ever need, at least you wont die in a

All paths lead to the final two ranks….who can swim WITHOUT loosing health.

Knife, Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Medicine Dart X3, Cluster Grenade,
Poison Gas, Bazooka, Airburst, TNT, Jetpack, Hide
The jetpack is very handy later in the game and a good range of weaponry makes
these pigs
too good to be true. I missed the lack of mines with these pigs though.

HERO – 150HP
Sword, Heavy Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Medicine Dart, Cluster Grenade,
Poison Gas, Bazooka, Airburst, TNT, Jetpack, Self Heal, Hide, Special
Ops, Airstrike.
More weaponry than you will ever need and the ability to swim. The airstrikes
prove quite
useful later in the game so make the most of them.

There is another rank of pig which you will encounter. Legends. We don’t get to
take charge
of these ourselves, the proof of their existence is on the final level. They
just seem like
uprated Hero’s with a few extra attacks.

BAYONET: Not recommended. You have to be stood next to the opposition for it to
damage and even though is a foolproof weapon it does little damage to the
Maximum damage: 10
Range: poor
User friendly: good

RIFLE: More practical than the bayonet and does more damage. Requires manual
aiming but
isn’t difficult to use. Very useful in the early stages of the game but becomes
primitive during
later stages of the game.
Maximum damage: 20
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

SWORD: Your hero’s have this weapon later, this would have been more useful in
the early
stages in the game but I dare say you will find a more damaging and exciting
weapon that you
would prefer to use.
Maximum damage: 25
Range: poor
User friendly: good

GRENADE: You will be using these alot in the early stages of the game so
practice using
them beforehand. Can be difficult to get a direct hit but are very rewarding
when used
Maximum damage: 30
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

TROTTER: About on par with the Bayonet, not really recommended for major
Maximum damage: 15
Range: poor
User friendly: good

PISTOL: The pistol is pretty much identical to the rifle in terms of range and
ease of use.
Nothing much of an exciting weapon and you will rarely use it later in the game.
Maximum damage: 20
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

BAZOOKA: The bazooka is difficult to use and even more difficult to hit targets
with but if
used properly can be very effective and can cause major devastation to the
oppositions team.
Maximum damage: 40
Range: good
User friendly: poor

KNIFE: Same as the trotter. Easy to use but generally a lame weapon.
Maximum damage: 15
Range: poor
User friendly: good

POISON GAS: Now here is a decent weapon. Fires similarly to a grenade and if
properly can be used to hit multiple enemy targets. Once an enemy pig is
infected he will
loose 10 health at the beginning of his turn and can cause an enemy to die and
miss a turn. Very useful.
Maximum damage: 15 initially and 10 per turn.
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

SHOTGUN: Another decent weapon but generally does more damage at close range.
Definitely a preferred weapon towards the beginning of the game.
Maximum damage: 30
Range: Poor
User friendly: Average

MINES: These beauties are the key to success in the game. Use them the same way
as you
would TNT. 2 mines can be planted per turn or 1 mine planted and another weapon
Ideal for attacking two pigs at once.
Maximum damage: 20 per mine
Range: Poor
User friendly: Good

RIFLE BURST: The more advanced medics use these. Three shots from a rifle.
These are
only really beneficial if the pig you intend to kill is on a flat surface.
Maximum damage: 15 Per shot
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

HEALING HANDS: You will find that you use these more than you think you would.
Healing hands can be used three times in one turn if necessary and you still
have chance to
have a shot at the enemy if you have the time.
Heals: 20
Range: Poor
User friendly: Good

PICK POCKET: Sniper pigs possess this ability. It allows you to steal weaponry
from other
pigs (including your own) can be used multiple times in a one turn. Try
stealing from your
enemies just before you kill them.

TNT: Excellent weapon although rare in supply. Plant the TNT at the feet of
your enemy and
get as far away as possible to avoid injury. Typically mine and TNT
combinations are the key
of success to winning the game.
Maximum damage: 50
Range: Poor
User friendly: Good.

SHRAPNEL GRENADE: Interesting weapon which only really benefits your team if the
enemies are on flat ground in close range so that the shrapnel causes
additional damage.
Maximum damage: 30 plus 15 for shrapnel.
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

SUICIDE: Don’t ever use this. You wont get your survival bonus for a start. Can
be useful on
multiplayer but that’s about all.
Maximum damage: 50
Range: poor
User friendly: Good (but don’t use it)

SNIPER RIFLE: Very handy weapon to have. Good range, easy enough to use and
plenty of damage.
Maximum damage: 40
Range: good
User friendly: good

SUPER TNT: A more powerful variation of the TNT but does twice the damage.
Handy for
getting rid of vehicles and stationary guns.
Maximum damage: 100+
Range: Poor
User friendly: Good.

CLUSTER GRENADE: A grenade with all the properties of a normal grenade but
after the
initial explosion the grenade disperses an additional 5 fragments which cause
about 10HP per
direct hit. Works well where the enemy is in a ditch or trench.
Maximum damage: 30 plus 10 per cluster
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

ROCKET LAUNCHER: Basic rocket launcher. It’s pretty easy to use and aims
similarly to
the rifle. Good for causing plenty of damage.
Maximum damage: 50
Range: Average
User friendly: Good

SPECIAL OPS: For Hero pigs only. Transports them to any given location on the
map. Use
the jetpack first though.

AIRSTRIKE: An attack is launched from the air causing mass destruction. Works
well on a
group of enemies. Usually when used on a single pig it can take about 80
health…usually. It’s
different all the time.
Maximum damage: Variable.
Range: Good
User friendly: Good

AIRBURST: Works the same way as the bazooka but has a secondary attack. Useful
attacking bunched together groups of enemy pigs.
Maximum damage: 40 + 20 for ever cluster direct hit.
Range: Good
User friendly: poor

HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE GRENADE: Works the same way as a regular grenade but a lot more
damaging. It’s a shame more of these aren’t available in the game.
Maximum damage: 60
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

MEDICINE DART: There is a cool little trick you can use with this rifle. To
heal yourself
just aim it strait up and fire, it will then come back down and heal your pig.
You will use this
a lot later in the game.
Heals: 40
Range: Average
User friendly: Average

MEDICINE BALLS: Has the opposite effect of a grenade. Very useful on the later
Heals: 30
Range: Average
User friendly: Average


There are various vehicles in the game such as tanks and something on level 15
called a
Duck. More often than not these can be used to your advantage but do also put
your team at a
disadvantage if you are for example trying to destroy several tanks whilst
being whooped by
several enemies at the same time. TNT works surprisingly well, as do airbursts,
grenades and rocket launchers. Airstrikes are ideal but aren’t an option till
the later levels of
the game. It sometimes pays to hide inside the vehicle and let the enemy
destroy it for you
whilst you attack them.

These come in the forms of big metal artilleries with 200 health and pillboxes
usually with
100 health. Pillboxes usually only fire machine guns. Typically if a pig is out
of range the
enemy will hop out and take a shot at you leaving you the opportunity to blow
him up and
occupy his pillbox.
The metal artilleries are slightly more tricky and have a wide range of
weaponry that can turn
your team into mashed potato if your not careful. Fire shells, long distance
shells, 1000lb
shells, mine shells. Needless to say you need to keep your distance from these
monsters and
bombard them with airbursts or bazookas from a safe distance.
One tip I have for you, if you place a pig on top of either a pillbox or
artillery just about
where the pig would hop out of the machine. The enemy can now not get out of
the machine
and will keep skipping turns for no apparent reason. The only trick to this
strategy is to find
the equipment to get on top of it in the first place and not get blown off by
other enemy pigs.

Playing with Mines.
As you may have noticed two mines can be used in on turn. More often than not
you can plant
a mine on 1 pig and use TNT on another, causing 70 HP of damage in 1 turn. This
works well
early in the game but as the pigs get stronger it seems less effective.
Alternative weapons to
TNT can also be used.

Playing with the shotgun.
Instead of simply blasting a pig once with a shotgun why not place a mine
behind the target
pig so that you can shoot the enemy pig onto the mine and cause some serious

Playing with water.
The majority of levels have water on them; It is usually a good idea to try and
knock your
enemies far into the water. You can use a variety of weapons such as grenades,
TNT, mines,
shotgun, and super shotgun. Needless to say the further you knock them into the
water the
better. Try experimenting with the laws of physics and position your mines and
TNT to blow
your enemies into the water. Top ranking pigs are not affected by water

Playing with minefields.
Some of the levels have minefields which you may use to your advantage. The
shotguns and
explosives are ideal for knocking your unsuspecting enemies into the middle of
mine fields.

Out of bounds.
If a pig leaves the map it explodes regardless of remaining health. Try and
blow your enemy
off the edges of the map if it’s convenient to do so. TNT, mines and the super
shotgun are
advised only.

Positions of advantage.
Generally the higher up you are the safer you are, as you will come to learn.
Try to knock
enemies off ledges and hills from great heights and they will suffer damage
from the fall as
well as damage you have caused to them, it may not be much but now you have the
of advantage. If you have super TNT you can probably blow them off the screen
if you plan it

Spaced out.
Also try to keep your pigs at a safe distance from other pigs including your
own; the
reasoning for this will become apparent later in the game.

Playing with houses
If its at all possible after laying mines or TNT you are given time to escape,
sometimes its
possible to hop into a nearby hut or shelter during those few seconds. Make the
most of this
opportunity if it arises. Mash tents can be handy if you can divert any
attention away from
them whilst your pig is recovering.

Playing with Gas.
As you will learn by playing if a pig is infected with gas it will loose 10HP
every time it is
due to take its turn. If it dies as a result of the gas then it misses the
turn. To put this into
practice. Use the gas on a pig with 16-25 hp and wait until it’s due to take
its turn.

The key to winning this game as I have already stated is your team’s offensive
You need to cause as much damage as possible in as few turns as possible.
Before you start
randomly attacking pigs take a look around the field and plan the quickest and
most time
efficient method of nuking your enemy. Try to deal with the more dangerous pigs
first such as
snipers or heavy weapons pigs. Mine and TNT combinations work wonders in the
early stages
of the game and make sure to take advantage of map features such as water,
ledges, map
boundaries and use the time given to your pig to make it as difficult as
possible for your
enemy to retaliate. Keep your distance from your enemy if you can help it.
Don’t leave
weapons pickups or health boxes lying about as your enemy will have them. Make
attack count and don’t waste turns. It is essential to get your survival bonus
at all costs
because later you will need all the promotion points you can get. A good
strategy to use in
this game is to try and stitch the enemy pigs up so that they can be killed in
just two attacks.
Later in the game this isn’t as easy but it is always worthwhile to consider
what weapons your
pigs have available to them and plot how to exterminate each and every pig in
the most time
and turn efficient method possible. For example, the third level of the game
can be completed
perfectly in just three turns with a bit of luck and precision.

Game guide.
As you can probably appreciate, it can be quite difficult to write a
walkthrough for a game
which is driven by randomised artificial intelligence; no two battles will ever
be the same. I
can not stress enough how important it is to gain all the promotion points
available on ALL
levels especially as specific instructions in this guide work under the
assumption that you
have gained all the possible promotion points. This simple guide is here to aid
you to the best
of its ability in order to help you complete each and every level without
missing any of the
promotion points.

Here we go.

Target score: Level complete & Survival bonus.

This level is so easy you shouldn’t need any help what-so-ever. Aim to kill
each enemy in just
two turns. A direct hit with a grenade and a well aimed rifle shot is enough to
take care of
each enemy pig. Use the nearby health pickups if any of your pigs run below 30
health. One
of the weapons crates contains TNT and can be used to waste a pig in one turn.
If you are
good you can win this battle in five turns.

Note: Promote your first two pigs to engineers.

Target score: Level complete & Survival bonus.

Ideally in this mission and all missions onwards you need to stitch up all the
enemy pigs so
that you can kill each of them in just two turns, if that makes sense. Use your
first engineer to
place a mine on the first grunt you see and plant TNT on any of the gunners.
Typically you
can use the water to your advantage in this level by blowing your opposition
into it if at all
possible. For your second turn use your other engineer to place a mine on the
same grunt and
use the TNT on the other gunner. The enemy pigs will now all have low enough
health to be
finished off by your grunts. If you are good you can finish this level in just
three turns.

Note: Promote your third pig to espionage and the fourth to heavy weapons.

Target score: Level complete & Survival bonus.

This mission can be more challenging due to the increased number of enemy pigs.
You are up
against three grunts and one gunner. Place a mine on the first grunt and TNT on
the gunner
and jump into the tent whilst the three second timer runs down. Use your second
engineer to
mine another grunt and use TNT on the untouched grunt. The enemy defence will
by now be
pretty battered and the gunner should have only 25 health. Use the poison gas
on him with
you’re espionage pig and use your fourth turn as the gunner to finish off
either of the grunts
with 30 health, doesn’t matter which. Use the grunt to kill off the other grunt
with 30 HP and
the gunner should die after this turn from the gas. If for some reason either
of the grunts
survived you can finish them off with your engineer on the next turn.

Note: Promote your fifth pig to an engineer or a medic, your choice.

Target score: Level complete & Survival bonus.

In this mission you are up against three gunners and two grunts and you have
both water and
minefields to experiment with. Place a mine on the grunt and TNT on the gunner
(with a bit
of luck you can kill the grunt by blowing it into the minefield and try blowing
the gunner into
the water) and with your next turn do the same with your second engineer on the
other grunt
and gunner. Try to position your pigs away from the waters edge. Use the gas on
the gunner
with 25 health with your third pig and use your fourth pig to finish off the
remaining grunt.
Depending on how well you followed these instructions you should now be able to
finish off
the remaining pigs with your engineer. If not then quickly finish them off
ASAP. Either way
you should get a survival bonus with no problems.

Note: Promote your first pig again.

Target score: Level complete & Survival bonus.

Now this is more like it. You are up against an orderly (Medic) one engineer,
two gunners and
an espionage pig. The water seems to work against you rather than for you in
this level as the
majority of your team (engineers) rely on close range combat. However the
mission shouldn’t
prove too much of a problem. Using your first pig, jump as far into the water
as possible to
where the medic and two gunners are. Place a mine on the medic and TNT (try and
blow them
into the water) the gunner and then jump into the nearest hut. Cross the island
with your
second pig and place a mine on the medic again and then use the TNT on the
other gunner
before hopping into the other hut. If you are good all three of them will be
dead already. Send
your espionage pig over and use the gas on either gunner if they are still
alive, otherwise
concentrate your attacks on the engineer. Once he is dead the espionage pig
will reveal
himself on the corner of the map, he is a pain in the ass to concentrate on
killing him as fast as
possible cause he is a pain in the ass.

Note: You should now have enough promotion points to give your Second, Third,
Fourth and
fifth pigs all promotions. Excellent.

Target score: Level complete & Survival bonus.

This is not a simple mission at all. You are up against two bombardiers who use
mortars and
two snipers capable of inflicting 40 damage every turn. For this you need to
find a narrow
area over the mine field and walk your first pig across the minefield. He will
get hurt but will
provide you with a path across for your next pigs, if you can remember where
you stepped.
You need to send an engineer pig across the top and blow the two bombardiers
off the top
down into the minefields below. This usually kills them if you do a good job of
it. The two
snipers need killing pretty quickly as well; in fact you can use a pretty
similar strategy by
making good use of the minefield.

Target score: Level complete & Survival bonus.

This mission can be a bit of a nuisance. You are up against a medic, a sniper
pig, a
bombardier and two grunts in the pillboxes. Use this starting strategy to give
you an
advantage. Use your first pig to plant a mine on the medic and use TNT on the
Make note of the nearby water. Use your second pig to get across to the
pillboxes and get the
weapons crate and use the super TNT on either of the pillboxes and quickly get
into the hut.
And use your third pig to finish off the bombardier. The medic is low priority
as it doesn’t
have any devastating weapons so don’t worry too much about him. Now finish off
the grunt
and then the sniper (if you can find him) then concentrate on the last grunt in
the pillbox. Just
use TNT to trash the pillbox and then kill him as quickly as possible.

Note: Promote your first pig.

Target score: Level complete & Survival bonus.

Not a difficult mission. You are up against one medic and two sniper pigs but
you need to kill
them quickly or enemy reinforcements will drop in and make life more difficult
for your pigs.
Plant TNT on the medic pig and blow him into the water with your first turn and
try to hide
your pig near the waters edge. With your second turn plant a mine on the medic
should finish him off) and plant TNT on the newly revealed sniper pig. Then use
your third
and fourth pigs to whittle away their health and then finish them off with your
engineer. They
may try to hide in the nearby hut or mash tent. Either way this mission is a
piece of cake.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & extra bonus.

This mission may take a few attempts. Use your first two engineers to wreak
havoc on the
four pigs up at the top. Try blowing them off the ledge or even better, off the
map. Then use
your sniper pig to finish off wounded pigs and use the gunner to get the medal
over the
minefield in the farm. The enemy like to use mortars a lot in this level so try
to space your
pigs out if you can. After about your 8th turn another enemy pig will be
parachuted in so
dispatch it quickly but if your quick you wont have to deal with him.

Note: Promote your third pig.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & extra bonus.

One quick glance at the mission situation will get you worried but it’s not
amazingly difficult.
Needless to say you need to find the pathway leading up the mountain and get
rid of the two
pigs in the stationary guns. The wooden panel on the box containing the medal
can also be
blown off using TNT or general explosives. Once that is done go after the pig
who always
appears to be in constant hiding on the hill.

Note: Promote your fourth and fifth pigs.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & extra bonus.

This is quite an interesting mission as you may gather from reading the mission
You are up against 1 pyrotechnic and 4 snipers. There is a route you can take
through the
minefield that will lead you to the medal but you need to use your engineer to
be able to see
it. Once you have the medal it’s just a matter of flattening the enemy as
quickly as possible.
It’s not advised to attempt to get your pyrotechnic out of the complex. Just
use him to launch
attacks from where he is and try to blow the enemy spies into the nearby
minefields. If you
blow the door off the complex a weapons crate containing a jetpack will be
dropped inside
allowing you’re pyrotechnic to get out.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & extra bonus.

You are up against three pyrotechnics and two spies. This is a pretty fun
mission and there are
various methods of winning this battle. You can send your engineers over and
nuke them all
to hell, but this can be a little messy. Or you can play tank wars where you
just attack them
with your tanks. But my favourite method is to steal their own tanks and attack
them with
them. This way they destroy their own attacks whilst attacking you. Once all
their tanks are
destroyed a medal is dropped into the minefield area. Have fun.

Note: Promote your third pig to commander and put him first in command

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & extra bonus.

The five pigs you have to fight in this mission all have the odds in their
favour in this mission.
Each enemy pig has their own gun pillbox. The ranges on these things are quite
You need to take care of the pillboxes one by one and deal with the pig that
pops out
immediately. As you may have noticed there is a lot of water in this level so
try and use that
to your advantage.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & extra bonus.

A fun and easy mission. Send your commando across the minefield to collect the
medal using
the jetpack. Use the rest of your team to simply collect the weapons crates and
launch them
from your base at full power. It’s pretty easy to hit the enemy accurately once
you are in
position. Enjoy.

Note: Promote your fourth pig to commando.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & extra bonus.

In this mission all you need to do is destroy the hardware on the island and
make sure no
damage comes to the shed, so keep your pigs away from it. Fortunately most of
the enemies
in this mission are stood around the minefield so its just a matter of blowing
the scum into it.
There is a spy who will position himself near the edge of the map and can be
blown off the
map and killed with use of a super shotgun. This mission should give you no
major problems.

Note: Promote your first (commando) pig to a hero and set your team up so that
the Hero is
first n command, followed by the commander and then the three engineers.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & two extra bonuses.

Jetpack your commando up to the bridge and occupy one of the guns with your
hero. Do the
same with your commando in the next turn. Now start killing off the ground
troops with the
engineers. When it’s your commando/heros turn use the super TNT on the commando
blow the bridge up with the grunt on but try NOT to kill the grunt though, you
will see why
later. At the end of both turns make sure that your commander and hero are both
stationary guns. Now by the time you have killed all the gunners with your
engineers, both of
the stationary guns should already be pretty battered. Finish them off yourself
and collect
your medals and then finish off the annoying grunt you have been dying to kill.

Note: Promote your third pig to commando.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & one extra bonus (It says you can
get two in
mission statue but it’s a load of rubbish, a bad glitch)

I like this mission. You are up against four commandos but each one has about
30 health.
They are all hidden inside tents. The idea of this mission is to destroy the
tents as quickly as
possible to prevent their health returning. Quickly jetpack across the
minefield across your
side of the river and get a good vantage point and call an airstrike on the
enemy tents. You
should be able to hit two tents and kill off both the pigs. Next shoot the mash
tent with the pig
still inside. Now send your engineer pig over the river and kill off the 10
health pig and then
hide somewhere out of sight from the last remaining pig. Now send your last
engineer across
and use TNT on the last pig. Now it’s your hero’s turn again so grab the medal
(which should
be right on top of you) and finish off the last pig with your sniper rifle.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & two extra bonuses

What a horrible mission. You are up against five spies who like using gas and
TNT. The map
is also pretty horrible to get to grips with and is made worse by the fact that
the enemies are
not identified on the map and the low timer. Just lay into them with all your
best and most
powerful weapons (airbursts and TNT) and try not to get lost. Eventually a
weapons crate will
be dropped in, use your jetpack to get it and use it to trash the building
containing the two
promotion points. If any of your pigs get low on health then just hide them.

Note: Promote your fourth pig to commando.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & two extra bonuses

You are up against a spy, a surgeon, a commando and a pyrotechnic in the
pillbox. Another
pyrotechnic later drops in on the area on a nearby hilltop.
You need to destroy the military hardware to get your first promotion point and
you need to
kill the pyrotechnic who drops in later on to get the second. The pig in the
pillbox is a
nuisance but if you keep out of the pillboxes range of fire the pig will jump
out and take a
shot at you. You can now get up there and blow him off and occupy the pillbox
yourself. The
hide option works quite well in this level, make good use of it whenever
Send your hero round the pathway and hide him just past the bridge but out of
the line of fire
of the pillbox. The enemy pig will now pop out of his box and throw gas at your
pigs, which
should bounce off the minefield. If he infects more than two pigs then restart
the mission.
Now jetpack your second pig up to the minefield and collect the weapons crate
containing the
airstrike. Use it on the two pigs on the embankment (the spy and the other one)
and take out
the bridge at the same time. If you have done this correctly all three enemy
pigs are now on
the ground near your hero in a box. Plant TNT on one the most dangerous pig
with your third
pig. A commando pig will now pop out of his box. Jetpack your fourth pig onto
the ledge and
collect the rocket launcher and the jetpack and blow the enemy commando into
the area with
the tanks and barrels with the rocket launcher. Start killing off the enemy
pigs with your
engineer APART from the surgeon but keep him away from the pillbox. Call an
airstrike with
your hero attacking the commando and the military hardware. It should kill him
off and
destroy everything and a medal will drop from the sky. Now use your second or
third pig to
jetpack up to the pillbox. Use TNT on the pig and get inside the pillbox. It’s
not essential to
the mission to destroy the pillbox but it certainly makes it easier if the
enemy are not in
control of it. Now start concentrating your efforts on attacking the enemy
pigs. Do NOT kill
the surgeon though. Mash his health down by all means but don’t kill him. Once
pyrotechnic lands on the hilltop quickly finish him off, collect the medal and
finish off the
surgeon. This is not an easy mission

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & two extra bonuses

This mission is a long drawn out battle; however it’s not too difficult once
you know what
you’re doing. All four enemies are surgeons which means they have a poor range
attacks and
limited offensive capabilities. Unfortunately they can heal themselves just as
fast as you can
kill them. In this mission the key to success is to keep your distance, for the
most part
anyway. You can call an airstrike strait away and severely damage them. Make
sure to collect
all crates in the area to prevent the enemy getting them. They are homing
missiles and
medicine balls so enjoy their use, but use them sparingly. You will need a few
spares for the
second wave of surgeon pigs. Now bombard the enemy pigs with long distance
attacks such
as airbursts and bazookas and DESTROY the mash tent. When there is one pig left
heal your
pigs and send them across one at a time to collect the highly explosive
grenades from the drop
point and get back to a safe distance. Once all the pigs are loaded with
grenades, heal them
fully and wait for the enemy reinforcements to arrive. Waste some time if you
need to and the
medals will eventually arrive. Once you have collected them both then send your
army across
and start wasting the enemy as quickly as possible. Heal your pigs when they
have less than
40 health.

Note: Promote your second pig to a Hero and promote your fifth pig to commando

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & three extra bonuses

Space your team out as soon as possible. To get the bonuses you have to destroy
the little
yellow sheds, three in total. Ideally in this mission you can hide some of your
pigs inside the
metal structure to heal them once they become quite battered. You are up
against five
commanders in this mission and it’s not easy. First off jetpack your hero into
the chimney of
the metal structure and call an airstrike on the hilltop with the two guard
huts. This should
destroy both huts and reveal some of the opposition and give you a good
advantage. There is
no real fixed strategy for this mission and a bit of luck must be involved to
complete the
mission. I recommend killing off four of the guards and critically injuring the
other whilst you
collect your medals, use medicine darts and self heal to keep your team alive.
Good luck.

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & three extra bonuses

This is a tough mission, then again they all are from here onwards. You are up
against four
pigs to begin with but then two more arrive later. In order to stand a good
chance of winning
then you need to:-
1 Occupy the pillbox until the nearby scout is either dead or unable to occupy
2 Occupy one of the artillerys
3 Disable the other artillery by standing on it with the enemy pig inside.
Now kill off all the other pigs so that the only one still alive is the one
inside the artillery. The
first medal is dropped when the Hero is killed and the other two medals appear
once both the
artilleries are destroyed. Eventually two commandos will drop in and can be
airstriked strait
away. Kill them asap and collect all three medals before preparing your team to
deal with the
final pig in the final artillery. It might take you a few efforts to perfect
this strategy but it’s the
only one that effectively works in this mission.

Note: You can now promote your third pig to a hero

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & five extra bonuses (Only four
bonus points
will appear on the mission status screen)

You are up against four hero’s, but its not as bad as it seems. Jetpack your
first pig cross the
hill to the medal, health and the weapons crate. Pick them up and hide your
pig. Send your
second and third pig across the platforms across the water, spread them  out
and hide them
both. Jetpack your fourth pig up onto the ledge with the pillboxes and hide him
away from
them. Send your fifth pig across to where your second and third pigs are.
Now jetpack your first pig up to the pillboxes and get inside one of them. Now
call an
airstrike on a group of three pigs. Airstrike them another two times with your
second and third
pigs from where they are standing and if you have done it right, three of the
enemy pigss will
be dead but your first pig will badly need healing. Heal him with your fourth
pig and then
attack the last enemy pig so that he is in critical health, eg: below 15.
Eventually he will run
into one of the huts and hide away. Now get several of your pigs up the hill
near the medals
and look at how the three medals are positioned. When the fourth one falls
(when the final
enemy is killed) the four medals will form on the ground to make the shape of a
diamond, like
if you had a sky view of the medals… do you understand? So put a pig where it
looks like the
fourth medal  will fall and get another pig to collect the three medals and
position him next to
the other pig. Now replenish some of your health if you need to and go waste
the final pig but
don’t give him the chance to attack your pigs. When he dies the final medal
will drop your
sky and if you have done it properly will land strait on top of one of your
pigs on the hill and
instantly be collected.

Note: (In the mission status screen only four medals will appear in the bonus
section even
though you picked up five) You can now promote your fourth pig to a hero

Target score: Level complete, Survival bonus & five extra bonuses

This mission has a very short timer, much like the next. To win this you need
to use the same
strategy as in the past mission. Two to three airstrikes can easily wipe out
all seven units but
you need to keep one alive whilst you collect your five medals. To get them you
need to get
each individual pig across to the white pighead on the ground where the enemy
is. Hide your
pigs as you head for it and once all five pigs have collected their medals you
can kill off the
remaining pyrotech.

Note: You can now promote your final pig.

Target score: N/A

Obviously with this being the last level in the game its kind of unimportant as
to where you
get a survival bonus or not. As comfortable news as that may be to you this
last mission can
be either a piece of cake or a terrible nightmare. I have perfected a total of
three strategies
which you may put to use. Any other suggested methods would be greatly

1.	Use special ops to place a pig on top of the pillbox. He will come out and
use the
pistol on you. Now jetpack back up there and use the TNT to blow him into the
puddle of crap to the right hand rear of the pillbox, usually this will kill
mission complete.
2.	Wait for the legends to arrive (yes legends) and use the gas on them all and
them for a while. Then hide your pigs and wait for them to die. This can take a
3.	Go all out with your biggest bestest weapons. Waste these legends like you
never wasted pigs before. If you are good you will win. I have done it many
times so
go for it.

Game complete.
Depending on whether you collected all or all but one of the medals you will be
If you got ALL medals you get to start the game from new with 260 something
If you got ALL but ONE then you get to take back the land from your other pigs
with a new
team called Team lard.

Any suggestions to further improve this guide will be greatly welcomed. My
email address is
thebadman16v@hotmail.co.uk. Thankyou for using my guide.

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